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Angkor Wat - Drive that Jeep! by Lil' Kid

alan 4 3 2 1
Anurag 4 2 1 1
Ceamonks890 1 2 2 2
Dimpfelmoser 3 1 4 3
DJ Full 1 0 0 0
eTux 5 1 2 2
Jay 1 2 2 3
Jose 2 2 1 5
Kristina 2 3 8 8
Magnus 2 2 4 4
manarch2 2 1 0 0
MichaelP 3 2 3 1
Mulf 1 0 0 0
Orbit Dream 1 0 0 0
RaiderGirl 4 4 5 5
Ryan 1 0 0 0
Sash 5 1 3 4
Scottie 2 1 3 2
Torry 5 2 5 5
Treeble 4 5 7 7
Yoav 4 3 7 7
release date: 27-Apr-2001
# of downloads: 108

average rating: 2.54
review count: 21
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file size: 17.93 MB
file type: TR4
class: Young Lara

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"In order to clear a path for the jeep, the builder ran a bulldozer through Angkor Wat and didn’t bother to clear up the rubble. Such fun as can be had here is slight, though this little effort may have been greeted with a (slightly) warmer welcome if the builder hadn’t been suffering from a chronic case of indolentia permagna.
The current download is the result of a revision which must have taken place at some point between manarch’s and Ceamonks’s reviews (and therefore can probably not be credited to the builder). In this revised version von Croy and the cutscene triggers associated with him were removed, so you can drive the jeep all the way to the finish trigger unmolested. Since nobody went over the script, however, you get an Adult Lara ponytail on a Young Lara skin, and the jeep keys are, of course, named ‘Load’. One for dedicated motorists only." - Mulf (11-Mar-2022)
"The first level of TR4, only with a jeep added. Young Lara is used but she's got pistols and flares, so when you use a flare or shoot, Lara does weird and funny animations. The original level has been modified so we can drive the jeep through. Sometimes you'll have to get off of it to pull some levers. It's a bit funny, but not great." - alan (05-Apr-2018)
"At least, the author could change a bit more the geometry to adapt the original level to a ride with the jeep. Not well integrated in the level, you can see the jeep doing strange animations often, and at the end there's not a way to avoid the final cutscene to normally finish the level. I think if the author took more work deleting some triggers or cameras the level shouldn't be so annoying. Not worth to play." - Jose (11-Dec-2017)
"Yep, the word buggy comes to mind. Terrible." - Ryan (07-Apr-2016)
"This is a somewhat bizarre attempt to turn Angkor Wat into a race track. OK, that might have worked if it had been better constructed, but it's so buggy that it becomes something of a nightmare to complete, or at least to complete in a happy frame of mind. One for obsessives and desperate reviewers only." - Jay (12-Mar-2016)
"Not a whole lot to say here really, as this is just 'Angkor Wat' with a jeep included for literally no real significant reason, including some slight modifications made to the basic level design in order to better accommodate its inclusion(with Von Croy being noticeably absent once again). And that's practically it. So in conclusion, don't even bother downloading this one as this is simply another worthless release from the early years of custom levels that in retrospect, deserves to be forgotten by the mists of time for its sheer irrelevance in this day and age." - Ceamonks890 (27-Nov-2014)
"Don't bother trying out this odd level. It's not worth the download. What you get here is a slightly updated version of Angkor Wat as most of us know it, with a jeep and a few architectural changes (not to the best as they contain missing and streched textures) to set up the driving course. The jeep has some really odd bugs as sometimes you can see Lara running and dying even if she sits in her jeep at the very next second again! Fun came up ever so slightly and meager - not recommended at all. Finished after 5 minutes with a few secrets accidentally found and with using Alt+F4, as the flyby with Von Croy at the two paths never actually ends." - manarch2 (29-Aug-2012)
"All is about driving and collecting non-existing secrets, because the golden skulls vanished, but the triggers for finding them remain. You can't collect the 2nd secret, as there is a bridge across the water the trigger is located in, and the pool it's too shallow for you to swim and too deep for you to crawl into the hole. So the only possible way to get all secrets is to dozy in this place. If you don't wanna cheat, you may be worried VC won't choose the reward path at the end, as you have 7 secrets only. But it's not your fault, so don't worry. And most of all, there is nothing more to worry about in this game - drive upstairs, towards the VC and watch the jeep cunning and rotating like some kind of ridiculous Steampunk machine, until you get bored, because VC can't help his soundless and endless talking and you start to realize you can't interrupt this camera... so you have no other choice than to hit Alt+F4 to force tomb4.exe to shutdown. SUMMARY: Like in all similar cases, I rate only those things that the author has changed. That's why I rated "Psychedelic AW" so high - I think that piece was simply hilarious. Unfortunately, "Drive that Jeep" has nothing to do with that relaxing atmosphere. And so has my rating." - DJ Full (13-Nov-2010)
"Place a jeep into an existing map and let the player drive furiously around.Nothing remotely intelligent or creative here (and quite a few graphical bugs);just an extremely lazy attempt to get a level into the Listing." - Orbit Dream (18-Jul-2010)
"Take the Angkor Wat-Level, place a jeep and kick off. There are massive animation mistakes when Lara drives with the jeep. Furthermore she can pull her guns and shoot, what should not really go as Young Lara. I have found no Finish-Trigger. Though von Croy runs repeatedly into car , but he does not die. Playing time is less than 10 minutes. But if you want something good to yourselves, than ignore this level and play something else." - Scottie (15-May-2009)
"Nothing orignal in here, just the jeep is added to the 1st level of TR4; Run over enemies with your jeep & finish the level. I had suggest it isnt worth the download" - Anurag (06-Feb-2006)
"The first level of The Last Revelation game but only now Lara drives the jeep nice and fun to remember this old level." - Yoav (10-May-2004)
"I have nothing to add really. It's what all the other reviewers wrote. The original level slightly modified for Lara to drive the jeep through it. Two levers and I didn't find a finishing trigger. Since no one else mentions this maybe I missed something. It wouldn't alter my rate anyway so I am guessing that's about it." - Kristina (22-Jul-2003)
"Ok it's all my own bloody fault. Unlike Michael who saves the best levels (the lost Valley In London: Big Church/Underground) for him to play last I basically have now to play the gengres I don't like which are adventures starring Young Lara and Mansion levels (Thank God I already played Young Lara's Home); thus I worked my way through four Angkor Wat levels in the last two days and this here belongs definitely to the tedious ones. You get the original Angkor setting slightly modified to fit the needs of a vehicle. There are no jumps to perform with the jeep and you only have to leave it twice to push two levers. Not very exciting. There are some good camera angles though. I don't quite understand that some people gave Psychedelic Angkor Wat zero points for gameplay on the grounds that it was a mere copy of the original level and now award this with five points. To place a jeep in a level that already exists isn't as imaginative as putting colourful lights into it in my view." - Dimpfelmoser (14-Oct-2002)
"Not original but I must say I enjoyed the level. The low ratings are because it's not the author's work but just a modification of the original project. I had fun playing it that's why the high gameplay rating but if you are searching for a good level look somewhere else!" - eTux (02-Sep-2002)
"It is concerning that a young lady of Lara's tender years even knows how to drive a jeep. This is a fun little level that will take you under 10 minutes to complete. I never saw Von Croy at all (although some reviewers did and one even ran him over - sheesh). You will need to leave the jeep on two occasions to open those large rolling doors but that about amounts to the challenge." - Torry (20-Aug-2002)
"This isn't really meant to be a level but more the fact to show the jeep being imported into the Angkor Wat level and although it is practically the original Angkor Wat level there are also a few alterations in the environment purely to make it vehicle friendly. So if you want to see young Lara take the wheel and run down a couple of warthogs then this is the place to see it." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Maybe I just did not get it right but I was constantly annoyed by the cutscenes with VonCroy kicking in and crashing that Jeep. And as I have run through Angkor so many times it did not add too much of a thrill to now drive through it especially when the few alterations to the original level are missing textures. Only for real Jeep lovers..." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This level is the original Angkor Wat rebuilt to have a "road" for the jeep. It isn't really so fun but it is cool to begin driving with young Lara." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"This is the only way to go through the training level - from the comfort of your jeep. It's basically the same as before just a few changes have been made so you can use the jeep through to the end. I had a problem at the beginning with the three rows of spikes so I waited for Von Croy to set them off but he never did he did stand at the switch though. So I just used my jeep and either running over him or driving over that spot did it and then I could get by. I never saw Von Croy again after that. None of the secrets have been added to the level except I heard the chime in the big underwater pool and found the two medipacks but then I couldn't get out of the water because of the way the room was rebuilt so I had to loan an earlier save. The whole level only takes ten minutes so it's worth looking at but there is nothing new to do and you only have to leave the jeep twice to throw a few switches." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"I prefer playing the original level instead of this one. Sure it doesn't have a jeep and Von Croy is such an annoying man but there is no reason to make a level like this. It took me five minutes to complete and it wasn't very fun." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)