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Alcazar Raider 2 by Smallmoon

alan 5 7 7 7
Boris 10 9 10 9
CC 9 8 8 8
Chronicles5 9 8 9 10
Dimpfelmoser 10 8 9 9
Engelchen Lara 10 8 9 10
eRIC 9 8 9 10
eTux 7 7 8 8
Fairy Godfather 9 9 9 9
Freeman Porter 10 9 9 10
G.Croft 9 9 9 9
Gerty 7 8 9 9
Jay 8 7 8 9
Jerry 8 7 7 8
John 8 9 10 10
Jorge22 9 8 9 9
Jose 6 7 7 9
Kristina 9 9 10 10
Lorena 9 9 9 9
Loupar 8 8 8 9
Magnus 9 10 10 9
MichaelP 9 8 10 10
Miguel 9 9 10 9
Nomad 9 9 9 9
Obig 9 8 9 10
Orbit Dream 9 7 7 9
Phil 9 8 8 9
RaiderGirl 9 8 10 10
Ryan 8 8 8 9
Sash 9 9 9 9
Torry 7 8 8 7
Treeble 8 7 7 8
Tune Razor 7 7 8 9
release date: 13-Oct-2001
# of downloads: 69

average rating: 8.58
review count: 33
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file size: 18.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Oriental

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Reviewer's comments
"Kinda boring, to be honest. Too much backtracking, tedious shimmying and climbing... I guess the only fun parts were some traps and jumps." - alan (08-Mar-2023)
"This is definitely among the more complex single custom levels out there. It's very well crafted, but there's also rather a lot of backtracking to perform once you pull a switch, which gets ever so slightly tiring after a while. I also found the repetitive ninja and dog attacks rather annoying, but at least they are easy enough to dispose of as plenty of Revolver and Shotgun ammo is available. The Oriental surroundings are very attractive to the eye though, and the various temple and fountain areas are a visual treat. The gameplay, aside from the aforementioned backtracking, is enjoyable stuff, with some enjoyable gymnastic sequences, a slightly enigmatic torch puzzle (I say enigmatic because it's easy to overlook the trigger tile underneath the wall torch if you light yours another way), a couple of good flipmaps and challenging timed runs." - Ryan (10-Dec-2018)
"Just make sure you remember where each temple area is and the route to get there and you'll be fine. It's an enjoyable level, but occasionally a bit confusing and there is undoubtedly quite a lot of running about between the three main areas. The oriental textures are most pleasing and the disparate sections are neatly tied together as the game progresses. The gameplay is a good mix, with some puzzles and quite tight timed runs. Enemies are ninjas and dogs, which is perhaps a bit boring, but overall I found this old level to have stood the test of time very well. Recommended." - Jay (10-Sep-2016)
"This adventure takes place in a big chinese castle or a fortress. I may be biased since I love asian type of levels (tomb raider 2 being my first tr game) but the architectures and general map design are done masterfully. It felt like I was strolling around a realistic building with its rooms, gardens, rooftops and all. A good detail was how the 'keep out' sign was changed to chinese letters. The gameplay is long (it took me 2.30 hours to finish) and consists of many diverse tasks, you will have to walk all around the building, open many doors and backtrack a lot. There are some HARD timed runs and switches in obscure places - not to mention the crawlspaces. The one in the underground made me think I missed something and was stuck forever. I liked the varying traps, golden lavas and boulders and the placement of the enemies, the dogs kept surprising me coming around the corners. The level has a downside though: the switch behind a ladder, in a point where you will probably not look around. If you miss it you can run around for a lot of time!" - Nomad (26-Aug-2016)
"This level is huge,there are no two ways about it.Certainly one of the biggest single-level adventures ever released,the 110 net minutes are constantly filled with a huge variety of tasks and challenges - and it's clear that the lessons learned from this builders previous three levels have been heeded well.Lighting is atmospheric;textures are well used within the limited nature of what was then available;and cameras are helpful. Architecture is generally impressive,although a little rough to begin with (a small building exterior containing a huge interior,TARDIS like).Nonetheless,the Temples themselves have been very well crafted and help to create an intriguing oriental atmosphere. Enemies are the irritating black Ninja's,and they attack predictably and somewhat tiresomly;while objects are rather underused, resulting in many rooms having a distinctly bare quality.Gameplay loses 1 point for a serious flaw involving a hard to spot hang-lever which,if not activated,is impossible to reach again without re-loading an earlier savegame.Other than that,it's an early (2001) Masterpiece in level-building history: an extrenely well designed,constantly absorbing and challenging adventure which will appeal to all. Smallmoon has not built again,but he undoubtedly went out on a high!" - Orbit Dream (01-Nov-2010)
"I played this level the first time years ago and I replayed it now and it was still fun. When I played it the first time tasks seemed harder to me than they were now (e.g. it's quite easy to trick the burning pillars and do the jump-and-run part without bothering about the timed burners). Aside from one very tight timed run tasks in general are not hard, but they are varied and keep you busy the whole game through (some backtracking included, though). Most of the indoor rooms seem a bit empty due to missing decorative objects, but after all this time it is still a good and entertaining game." - Jerry (11-Mar-2009)
"This is another of the many levels I had shelved along the way because I got stuck at one place or another. Curiously, this time around I went through pretty well and was rather shocked at how early in the level I had been stuck. The thing is this level is always 'branching out', so for every new area you enter, you have a number of exits and even though you only have one path to go at a time, you can't help but wonder when you're going back there. This also means there's quite a fair share of backtracking to be done as you quest for the two hands of Sirius to ultimately claim the amulet of Horus, but generally it's a fun raid. There aren't a lot of enemies and traps, but what can make this raid particularly challenging are the concealed passageways and occasional timed runs. 80 minutes, 2 secrets. 12/08" - Treeble (06-Jan-2009)
"This second part has a good look, but for me was not so good than the first. There are interesting tasks and a nice environment but sometimes when you pull a switch there's not a camera to show you where to go and many times you can miss a switch or a button and the author lets you advance through the level till you get totally stucked so, you'll have to explore carefully all the walls and corners. I didn't like the very tight timed run near the end of the level too. Enemies are only red ninjas, dogs and bats. Not a bad level but gameplay was not good for me." - Jose (01-Jul-2008)
"Another nice older level I'd never gotten around to playing. Even with the walkthrough close by it still took me more than an hour and a half to complete. Nothing really new or fancy here, just a nice pleasant raid with a nasty timed run near the very end. Typical Egyptian level with lots of spikes, boulders, ninjas and jump switches. The surroundings are quite pleasing to the eye, and I found the lighting quite sufficient. Recommended." - Phil (20-Jun-2008)
This level is even better than the previous one was. There are more things to do and completing it is also harder, but for the end I had too much of levers and doors. Once again our goal is to gain the Amulet of Horus, probably Lara lost the previous one or this is another. The environment, the temple, the gardens and the underground locations are all beautiful. The enemies are not so tough, some dogs, ninjas and bats. The author didn't throw ammo away by the handful now like on his previous levels, but we have more than enough of it also this time, so I didn't need to use medipacks. The tasks are mostly challenges that demand skills, there are two timed runs. The second one is especially hard, we have to watch over where we should step. There are three secrets: three red roses. - Obig (18-Jul-2005)
"The second part of Alcazar Raider is better than the first: the settings are best and have more puzzles. The major fault is the fact that Lara has to do too much things and those things are very far one from each other. I've loved the secret roses and the Chinese temples, very well built this time. Worth to play." - Loupar (01-Mar-2005)
"I'll admit to not having been able to finish this game for lack of finding a way to open a gate behind which was obviously the second Hand of Sirius. Silly ol' me dummy dumb dumb (but it had to happen sometime specially without the net and the walkthrough which would have become so handy at this time)! But I'll say I think I've played the game almost to the end (I've placed one Hand) and therefore feel like I can review it. This sequel to the first Alcazar Raider also dates back to 2001 but it looks as if the author took intensive level editing classes between the two. No possible comparison. The textures which were relatively poor and unsophisticated in part 1 became interesting and even creative here. The game was much longer with lots to do plus the usual pools of lava jumps monkey swinging spikes breakable tiles and even a very tight timed run among a couple of others. The atmosphere became much more Chinese if we exclude the Ankh which is logical nevertheless since it provides an ending similar to the first. There are still totally dark spots but nothing terrible (sometimes they do look like an aesthetic choice) and you won't find anything there anyway. One thing that I thought was really well done was the perfect interconnection between every room to the point of Lara finally meeting the ninja we see in the initial flyby that is way before she gets to him on the other side of the initial grates. It isn't truly a hard level but there are a few places (the afore mentioned timed run or the lava room with the jumping the fire and the monkey swinging for example) where any player will certainly have to give it a few tries before succeeding. Very interesting game despite my slight frustration in the end (but I did search thoroughly and even tried to remember to look for what's simple accordingly to the author's style) and the rating will reflect precisely that namely if you compare it with my review of the first game. (July 26 2004)" - Jorge22 (28-Jul-2004)
"This is great stuff absolutely brilliant. It pulls you in from the start and keeps a hold of you right to the end. Well laid out lovely Chinese looking temples courtyards underwater cave areas etc. and the lighting is perfect. Great timed runs especially that one from a room with crates to the next room. I must have done that 20 times at least. There is the smallest amount of backtracking but it's ok. Keep a good look out for switches high and low wall switches some of which are very hard to see on the walls. And some of them you don't see until you go back the way you came (well that's how I found them). Enemies are bats ninjas and dogs some of them made me jump. I found 2 secrets. The third secret: now that I think of it that temple roof was very inviting from the tall pillar where the high switch is on the central structure. I'm off to have a look after writing this. As per usual I did a couple of things the wrong way round. That ledge beside the main temple with the false red door and the switch behind the pillar. Much later in the level a block raises here to let you up to the switch. But I just climbed on the plant in front of it and jumped onto the ledge (well I thought that was what the author intended) and did some stuff way ahead of time. Perhaps that's why I had to do a bit of backtracking! If you haven't played this already and you're sitting there wondering what level to play that won't take too long to download and keep you occupied for a good while get this one. Great." - CC (10-Apr-2003)
"At first I didn't like this level so much but after playing Alcazar Raider 1 I saw how much the authors skills had improved and began to like this level. There are some challenging timed runs off whom one made me have a hard time through the level but was not so bad in the end. There are zounds of those buttons and jump switches mostly well hidden and I have to thank Kristina for helping me to find some I missed! I missed a vital switch after the 2nd set off breakable tiles and got out before activating it so without an early enough savegame was forced to dozy back to it. That's why I slightly decreased my gameplay ratings. I only found 2 of the 3 secrets and they were quite well hidden. I don't know what to say about the lighting cos' on one hand it's fantastic in some rooms and pretty simple in others. A nice try I enjoyed this level the most from all the author's levels but the unnecessarily well hidden jump switch kinda spoiled the gaming experience for me. Give it a try but look carefully for jump switches (especially in tall rooms with climbable walls and pillars)!" - eTux (16-Feb-2003)
"What a good feeling for the eyes ... with a lot of custom textures and objects re-textured and enemies. The ambience is great because of the good light and shadow placing and it gives you a tension which makes the game interesting. The game itself - a chinese location - you have to take it even under water and under earth.... Teeth spikes rolling balls tricky firetraps water-jumps climbing tours and jump switches. And beside there are some dogs. The enemies look quite good in this location. Smashing floors and push objecta give the game that final touch you need for having very good fun. Even Lara in her blue Top is very nice. Some jumps will take you to your end or make you ill ;-)) ... and on one place if you don't see the switch - you cannot come back because the floor does not exist anymore (deadend - one-way-ticket -sorry!). I would not say there is something bad - only a little idea: if someone has so much work put inside a Level would it not have been possible to texture the doors on the small side too? Red doors with the Tut-Level small side in grey look a little bit strange... But if you would like to see good architecture - there is a nice place near the 4 cat-statues. For me it is one of my favorites!" - Miguel (01-Jan-2003)
"This was one of the first levels I tried when I first downloaded the level editor and I had to quit halfway through because the I found the level to be so confusing and had a hard time finding all the switches and buttons etc. Now many levels later I still found it confusing but this time finally managed to make it all the way through to the end. With the difficult timed doors and jumps; fire lava spike and boulder traps; hard to find buttons keys and objects and just the fact that overall the level is very large this is not a beginners level but is very satisfying once finished. The level itself is just beautiful with its oriental design well built caves great lighting and gorgeous temples. There are three secrets to find each with a red rose and plenty of pickups for there aren't very many enemies for the size of the level." - RaiderGirl (29-Dec-2002)
"I am a bit baffled by this level as it took me ages to finish this level just because I couldn't find one switch. The one behind one of the pillars in the jumping fire pillar room it just didn't make sense to look for a switch there. The one under water with the rolling ball THAT made sense. For the rest it was a level full of jumping some very very hard and some not so hard. Finding keys and buttons and levers. Enemies are only ninjas and dogs and of course those pesky bats (where there any crocs or was that his first Raider level?). What I liked is that although you run around a lot you are never far away from the next task. There are also some timed runs and the one on the block was very very hard to do. Had to call my nephew who helped me out. I know I could have use the fly cheat but I really hate that so my nephew is my fly cheat LOL. This is certainly not for the average Tomb Raider and luckily I have a nephew or else I wouldn't be able to finish it. 04-12-2002" - Gerty (07-Dec-2002)
"One more level that deserves it's place at the top 50. The textures are so colourful the lighting perfect with dark corners and areas just enough to make the right atmosphere or hide something. The player has to collect keys and hands plus push a few buttons and switches to progress. It took two hours to finish this and I wanted more. The ninjas and dogs are often jumping in front of Lara blocking her way. Behind the golden doors and inside the temple is where you have to move one timed door gave me much trouble until I succeed. Blocks with fire timed of course grates underwater boulders everything is very well placed and designed. Even the secrets are well hidden but not impossible to get I got all three of them so they must be easy enough and I can assure you I am lousy at secrets. Going underground you will pass through lava find hidden entrances behind moving blocks climb monkey swing you name it it's in this level. An exceptional level that you can't miss." - Kristina (02-Dec-2002)
"The first time I played this the screen froze somewhere near the end and I was unable to complete the game. This time I managed without any problems. Hurray! I know I shouldn't do this but I rated the atmosphere and textures slightly higher than I would without the Hall of Fame. See this is a level that truly belongs there but nowadays we are used to more spectacular and realistic settings. But taking into account when Alcazar 2 was made nine points for atmosphere are probably justified. The gameplay however is timeless; it's really excellent with a lot of tricky jumps brilliant timed runs very cleverly hidden jump switches (you will be stuck if you miss the penultimate one) breakaway tiles a torch puzzle pushable blocks and a great course that seems non-linear but you have to do things in a given order. There are a couple of areas that you can reach earlier than intended but that doesn't spoil the enjoyment of this action packed adventure. Enemies don't play a major part; it's mostly dogs and ninjas but as they never attack in groups they pose no big threat. I know there are a few secrets around but they are very well hidden cause I found only one. Best of all is the great variety of the tasks and scenarios; you get ice and lava huge underwater caves colourful Asian temples abstract caves picturesque courtyards; thus it stays exciting the whole time through cause you never know what will happen next. Excellent stuff." - Dimpfelmoser (13-Oct-2002)
"This is a really astonishing temple level and very huge. I am really impressed the graphics were excellent the atmosphere simply fantastic. Lara's task is to find the amulet of horus. She must solve numerous riddles all very well thought through and find puzzle-pieces to get to the amulet. She has to dive a lot master tricky jumps pull levers and the most difficult of all the timed sequence very tough. Opponents were dogs and ninjas not too many. One has to think a lot in this game run a lot and climb a lot as well. The lighting effects were very pretty all in nice harmony. Maybe a little too few sounds and some rooms seemed somewhat empty - a pity as more could have been made of them. I found the 3 secrets - not so easy to find those. Nevertheless the level gets a good rating from me for it has all fitted together very well and given me much fun. For many it will be too hard but I recommend it to everybody." - Engelchen Lara (11-Aug-2002)
"Fun to play looks real good puzzles nice lighting what else do you want? Very good level worth the download. I hope you like it I did :)" - Chronicles5 (23-Jul-2002)
"This was another one of those levels where if you miss something (and that is easy to do with the placement of switches etc) you will be running around here for hours. I was lucky as I had a save just before I vital switch but if I did not there was no way to get to it after the fact. The timed run on the sinking block was a nightmare and really this sort of thing is way too hard for the ordinary raider out there and so as is my way I have decreased the gameplay score in accordance with this. The level took me 1 hour 45 minutes to complete which will give you an indication how long and involved it is." - Torry (12-Jul-2002)
"I really don't think Smallmoon could ever produce a bad level and he certainly hasn't this time. This is an engrossing beautiful and sometimes confusing 95 minutes level that once I started playing I couldn't stop until I got to the end. Starting with a brilliant movie credit beginning this fantastic level is set inside a wonderful Asian temple and far beneath where the player must go on a long journey with quite a bit of back and forth progression opening many doors and using all of Lara's moves to find 3 rose secrets that are actually coloured as a rose 3 keys 2 Hands and at the very end the Amulet of Horus. Apart from the great look of the level with the use of colour there are also plenty of puzzles to accomplish a movable block puzzle a burning torch puzzle changing water to lava and water to ice puzzles 3 totally different timed run puzzles with the last being the hardest and most precise and the first having the player complete it at least 2 times but most likely 3 times and more. I just have 2 small complaints and the first is that although there were camera shots of triggered areas they were more the obvious ones and some that didn't have camera shots were quite tricky to find especially for the last timed run close to the end and the second is if you miss a wall switch (which I did) then you can't get back to it and then progression is halted (although there's now a version with this bug fixed) take a good look around after some breakaway tiles. Otherwise this is another winner!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"From the nice movie style intro this develops to be a fantastic adventure in a wonderfully Chinese environment. The lighting must be one of the best ever and the way the gameplay constantly keeps going and improving is just magic. Initially there is a lot of climbing and crawling in rather empty rooms. Throughout you will have to have a careful eye for hidden movable blocks and levers under water high on walls or in dark corners. There are a few timed runs one very tough to make a torch puzzle 3 red rose secrets to find many windows and look-throughs giving you a glimpse of things to come rolling balls under water and in general a few rather creative and entertaining traps to master. The switch of water to lava and water to ice was neat as was the excursion into the mountain. You will find two hands and finally the amulet and I ended this gripping adventure after 1:40 hours and wanted much more..." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"A great level there are a lot of rooms to explore with texture lights and perfect colors all in Chinese style naturally! After the cinema introduction Lara begins an intense adventure looking for an artifact hiding in a Chinese temple first however she has to find some key and two hands activate a lot of levers hiding in rooms and submerged caves avoid traps activate timed doors and blocks perform stunts over the lava and liquid gold kill ninja and dogs and other. The structure of the level is perfect there is the temple and all around there are courtyards with fountains and golden doors. I have ended the level in 2 hours about finding the 3 secrets to disposition with difficulty over the media." - Boris (21-Jun-2002)
"This is what I call an adventure! Tricky puzzles but not so hard that they are nearly impossible just fun raiding. Some timed doors and a timed fire run for example. Just enough enemies: baddies dogs and bats. It all takes place in a good looking Chinese environment." - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a great level there are a lot of rooms to explore each a little bit different. Lots of nice but not too hard puzzles many different kinds of levers and switches some timed doors and nice textures make this level to one of the best custom levels. Sometimes you have to go a long way back after pushing a lever but it doesn't harm the gameplay which is fantastic. Two hours playing time I found only 2 secrets out of 3 (Red roses). Recommended for rookies and experts." - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"What a wonderful level! Your goal is to find 'The Amulet of Horus' in and around a Chinese temple. With many difficult (but fun) jumps and some well-hidden levers this is a level with medium difficulty. The two things that really stand out in this level are the architecture and the texturing. You just can't help to wonder how much time Smallmoon spent on creating those wonderful environments. I have only found two bugs: When swinging a texture on Lara's shirt disappears and one side of the shotgun is blue when on Lara's back. Otherwise a great level that everyone has to try!" - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"From the great cinematic opening to the final timed run this level flowed from puzzle to puzzle climbs swings pushes and the occasional ninja and unexpected dog and apart from one point is my favourite type. The typical timed fire block puzzle had an ingenious variation which meant doing the whole thing again. One minute from the end a difficult timed run left FG in tears. Stepping on a block opens a gate down a corridor with a ninja inside. I was so desperate at one point that I persuaded the ninja to come back and stand on the block for me but I stared at the gate for ages and it wouldn't open so I went back and shot the ninja. However help arrived from Australia from Queen of Reviewers Sash whose nimble fingers got Lara through the gate and added 17000 to my savegame total. Many thanks Sash and thanks to Smallmoon for a most enjoyable level." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)
"This level was very well made it has a Chinese theme and is superbly constructed and textured there are no bugs the enemies are well placed and retextured. The level is packed with puzzles traps and some cruel time runs which are quite hard lol. I found it a bit confusing there is a lot of backtracking to do and was always getting stuck this level is really massive and will takes ages to complete but it is worth it because it is a really well made level that I think a lot of hard work went into. I've never known so many traps and puzzles in a level and they were all done really well. Lighting and textures are great lots of variety and different colours. I found two secrets which are textured to look like proper roses. All in all a wonderfully made level which has lots to enjoy about but I did find it very confusing at times and that spoiled it a bit for me." - John (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a level without big troubles but has a very nice sequence. Textures and rooms seem lovely Chinese. The only tedious thing is going and coming back too many times from one corner of the map to the other corner." - Lorena (21-Jun-2002)
"Victoire! A top level where I have never been stuck more than 1 minute! Very good progression and gameplay. Good game balance between action and exploration. Beautiful and clever setting with sober and new chinese texturing. Very good lighting. I like the huge underwater cave where you find the crowbar the uzis and one secret the golden room with the movable blocks that opens a door you can't see first in the big pit the puzzle with the torches the sequences with timed doors timed raising blocks timed fire all this stuff is manageable with several attempts. You have to find some keys and two hands of Sirius towards the end of the level to pick up the amulet and you'd better look up to see some jump levers on the walls. Some good flip map effects turning water into fire or ice. Not too many ennemies to disturb your progression in all those narrow streets courtyards temples and caves. 1 hour 55 net gaming almost 3 hours elapsed of very good raiding." - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)
"Visually stunning and expansive this is a great level with some nice touches the red rose secrets and re-dressed ninjas for example. Once into the temple area you have to find your way through the temple itself completing a number of timed runs and locating various door opening levers and switches to continue on your way. In general (read on) the switches are well placed (without being too obvious) so that gameplay is logical and fluid. I was stuck twice in this level once where a crawlway on a darkened wall evaded me for several hours once where a missed switch no longer reachable halted any further progress. Thankfully Sash's review hinted at the problem and having loaded an earlier savegame and replayed a sizeable portion of the level I finally found the second hand of Sirius and completed the level. This bug and the slightly tiresome amount of running from one end of the temple to the other rather spoilt the level for me although the timed runs which usually I hate proved no major problem. How anyone could have completed this level in less than two hours is a mystery to me. It took me 165 minutes net gaming time goodness knows how long elapsed and I still collected only two of the three available secrets! I'd certainly recommend this level but I'd encourage any potential players to keep their eyes open for wall mounted levers at every stage of the level lest they make the same mistake that I did!" - Tune Razor (21-Jun-2002)