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Gloomy Waste by Surekill107

alan 5 4 5 5
CC 6 5 7 6
David 6 8 5 7
Dimpfelmoser 5 4 8 7
DJ Full 4 5 6 5
Gerty 3 4 7 7
Jay 5 5 7 7
Jose 5 6 7 5
Kristina 4 5 5 5
Magnus 6 6 5 6
MichaelP 5 3 7 7
Orbit Dream 6 6 8 7
RaiderGirl 5 6 7 6
Ryan 5 6 7 6
Sash 5 7 7 6
Scott 2 2 1 1
Scottie 2 4 6 5
Torry 3 3 8 4
Treeble 5 6 7 6
release date: 15-Jun-2001
# of downloads: 37

average rating: 5.39
review count: 19
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file size: 17.08 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Title says it all: this is a gloomy waste! Just another average city level with the usual tasks: avoiding turrets (many of them), killing SAS's, opening doors, trapdoors... I didn't see anything too impressive or original about this. I did like the one 'puzzle' with levers that opens a trapdoor and you have to make a series of jumps on platforms to reach a jumpswitch, which after being pulled, Lara falls all the way down to a pool. That and the flyby of the final battle with the SAS's. I found 2 secrets." - alan (13-Feb-2020)
"Not really my kind of gameplay in this level, but this is nonetheless a brave attempt to create something a little different in terms of setting and atmosphere. The gameplay barely gives Lara a break as she is set upon by sentry guns that you can't destroy from one direction, and SAS guards from the other. There's also an excruciatingly long crawl and a sequence that requires Lara to be set aflame, all of which contributed to a rather unfair experience, in my opinion. However, the setting is convincingly gloomy (if a bit too dark in places), the textures aren't too bad (although the dark palettes were rather repetitive after a while) and cameras and audio are very well used, especially at the end, so you might want to try it out for these alone." - Ryan (26-Nov-2018)
"Well, it is dark in places, but I've seen far gloomier levels actually. The city environments are quite atmospheric and nicely put together, but gameplay is rather lacking in variety, mainly involving shooting SAS and bats and being shot at by sentry guns. I very much hoped to get revenge as revolver and laser sight were provided, but the opportunity never arose." - Jay (22-Jun-2016)
"Even when this kind of levels were never for my taste, I have to recognize the effort from this author to create something original and challenging. The crawlspace is too long, the architecture is very simple and there are too many machine guns shooting at Lara when she can't do anything to avoid that or to destroy the guns. Many areas are too dark, and I only found a single pack of flares. Texturization is monotonous and repetivive, with predominance of browns and dark colours. The best, cameras and musics creating a cool atmosphere. Could be good for lovers of this style." - Jose (01-Dec-2015)
"I can somewhat relate to the title so I opened this one and stepped into a default city level filled with sentries. At first I thought their count seems to be greater than the number of SASes, but later on it appears not true. Still, they are placed wrong indeed, while too much of inevitable health loss should always be avoided. This also relates to the soldier shooting Lara through the door as it's being opened. Don't leave a player helpless. I don't mind enemy batches, even large and difficult ones, if they only can be killed with pleasure. This is not to do here, even with all firearms including the secret ones collected, and these 30 uzi bullets given before the final fight with six mercenaries especially feel like a government donation to a flooded village. Fortunately for beginner players, the cameras are messed up and each one can be broken from, so all heavies triggering that ending battle can be cancelled. Nonetheless the fight is constructed properly as a single element, with the clear awareness of incoming attack and correct sound accompaniment. Frankly the sound usage is nice in the whole level, which also has a particularly nice moment at the fall preparation puzzle - yet missing that jumpswitch may result in getting permanently stuck, so watch out. SUMMARY: If smaller, fairer and less rich in kick doors, this level would be a quite nice (I mean gloomy) city exploration. In current form, it can be only described as average, and I think many will find it bad compared to what is stacked around. Optional." - DJ Full (28-Apr-2015)
"This is once more one of these moments where one would like to shake either the own head, or that of the level builder. How can one build one small room with four doors where in every corner a Sentry-Gun stands. And behind three of these doors there stands also a Sentry-Gun. And right in the middle is a hole in the ground. There Lara has to go out and through the right door. Which door should be this? There are no hints. And of course the Sentry-Guns shot immediately at Lara. And of course she will be roasted. And of course one needs immediately two Medipacks, although behind the door a water basin is. Such a thing is the absolute play-fun killer and a real No-Go. There still comes which it is partially too dark and which there is not enough Flares. And of course there are another three Sentry-Guns. And of course one must open two doors and, besides, can be fired by two Sentry-Guns. Such a thing can spoil the whole day for one. And the forever long crawl space gives then still the rest. There the SAS-Soldiers are the smallest problem. Clearly, this Town of the Dead-level is built quite substantially, but what helps it in such an irritating and desolate Gameplay? But luckily it has not lasted too long. But, nevertheless, these 25 minutes were the purest waste of time." - Scottie (24-Jun-2009)
"I thought this was a great little level. Fast paced well built textured and lighted. OK so it's just 15 minutes long everything is packed in. Fall-through floor square find the crowbar and floor switches shoot the guards dodge the machine guns. You emerge from a very long crawlspace to come face to face with four machine guns pointing at you and must choose the right door to get away. I actually got stuck in the room with the very high pulldown switch and had to reload and go the other way to get out. When she takes the breast armour guards rush out towards her (very good camerawork in the level too) but they stand there waiting for Lara to shoot and when she does they all shoot at her. After that it's back into the water and exit the level. Actually you don't have to shoot the guards at all just run to the water. There's also some crazy custom music in one room and I found two secrets. A good level to play between the other big ones." - CC (10-Oct-2003)
"It's gloomy all right and with plenty of SAS. There are no real puzzles except pushing levers or switches and trying to take as less damage as possible with all the sentry guns and SAS around. The battle the author warns in the readme is nothing more than five more SAS guards coming all at once at Lara. As soon as you pick up the breast plate the fun begins. There is a cool sound though. I got through in fifteen minutes maybe because I played it for the second time to review it." - Kristina (17-Aug-2003)
"This level is fairly short and takes place in a very small area but with all of the soldiers bats and machine guns it won't be easy. The most annoying part was a long crawl that leads you to the four doors surrounded by machine guns (when you pull up the door on your left is the one you want). I actually enjoyed a few of the areas near the end - at one point you have to pull a jump switch but make sure you have opened all the doors beneath and the 'arena' area where you pick up the breastplate and then get a flyby of the dark areas on all sides of you. It's easy to imagine all kinds of horrible creatures jumping out at you from the darkness. It's only a few soldiers but the camera angle when you shoot them is really cool. Secrets found: 2" - RaiderGirl (12-Feb-2003)
"The title says it all gloomy as in dark and waste as there are some obnoxious sentry guns Lara has to pass. That isn't as easy as it sounds as in between all that racket she has to find the right opening. I am glad I got through it though. The flyby was impressive I'll give you that but this is not my way of having fun. 11-01-2003" - Gerty (18-Jan-2003)
"Actually I almost agree with Ian here. This is my favourite Level from Surekill and though there are many things that I find slightly irritating (the trial and error door opening the long crawlspace the fallthrough floor the health issue the many sentry guns and the guards that pop into existence in the final fly by) I liked the atmosphere the camerawork and the setting of this small city adventure. Especially the fly by that pans over the four sentry guns and then closes in on the squatting Lara is brilliant. Well worth having a look." - Dimpfelmoser (19-Oct-2002)
"Although not a fan of these dark gloomy enemy based city levels I actually found myself quite intrigued by this one and it wasn't because of any great puzzles or wonderful environment but rather the use and placement of the automatic guns and SAS men and also the 3 secrets. This level only took me 25 minutes to play and a lot of that time was coming face to face literally with those guns and men and usually en masse giving quite a nice adrenalin rush as you have to quickly think of either how to take the men out without to much loss of health or how not to be burnt to a crisp by the guns which at one point you actually have to let yourself be set ablaze just to get through. This level is definitely not the best of its kind nor will it stay with the player after you have finished but while it lasts it isn't too bad." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Certainly not quite my kind of level. It does create a dark moody sinister atmosphere very well and has a few nice cameras but you are on the verge of death virtually all the time and in fact have to make a run gulping medipacks to progress through the level. Way too brutal if you ask me with all the soldiers and automatic guns and also a very annoying looong crawlspace. But if you are into the darker type of atmospheres and want to have lots of fighting and action then you may want to try this one out." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Unfortunately I found this level quite ordinary and WAY too dark. Except for one minor puzzle and a lot of killing I did not see a point to this at all. Sorry I usually like these city-based levels but this one left me cold. Especially things like a very lengthy crawlspace with no way out (unless you want to face 4 auto mini guns with flame throwers). Stupid level." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"Although I am not a great fan of levels made with the original City WAD this level was fun for me. Lara's aim is the Breast Plate that is being kept hidden and secured by a lot of SAS. To accomplish her mission Lara will have to get through pure adrenalin moments such as the 4 sentry guns in the small room and the final battle. The texturization and the lighting were good enough to create a nice environment to the level. It worth a download to the City Of The Dead fans." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"Be prepared to take some damage in this machine-gun infested level. Lara must brave the room of four guns (and find the right door) to continue and the level opens up quite nicely through doors and passages and so on until she finally finds the armour and is set upon by many armed guards. I suspect that she's meant to die at the end overwhelmed by numbers but I managed to kill all the guards only to find there's nothing else - apparently - to do." - David (21-Jun-2002)
"A bad clone of the city level. The only thing I find redeeming about this level is it sure is a nice way to slaughter Lara." - Scott (21-Jun-2002)
"A short level which will probably take you about 15 minutes to finish. There are a lot of enemies and turrets and not much to do. In one place you have to make the right choice between four doors (lucky me I chose right the first time) but the gameplay doesn't get much more exciting than that. The readme says: Watch your health because you will need some energy for the 'final fight' but all you have to do is to run to the end before the enemies appear." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"First a confession and a recommendation. I used the unlimited medipack cheat on this; and so should you! I would like to believe that I'd have made it through nonetheless with the help of judicious saving but the lack of worry over life-preservation resulted in a better appreciation of the level itself. It really isn't bad you know. In fact from an enjoyment point of view I found it to be Surekill's best. The old TR feeling of 'So this is where I've ended up!' when you eventually emerge onto a hitherto un-reachable platform; the feeling of trepidation as you venture down a dark passage knowing full well that anything can happen in a Surekill level particularly if it's really nasty; the elegant camera work and the tense music preceding the merciless attacks; and that wonderful plumett that Lara takes from a switch high up on a wall into a deep pit. There are few puzzles here (and the whole gameplay is deeply misogynist) but compared to Gylov's 'Run Lara Run' it's a walk in the park!" - Orbit Dream (21-Jun-2002)