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The Palace of Hera by Brad Casali

Andi Croft 9 8 9 8
Chris LP 6 5 6 7
Dimpfelmoser 7 7 7 7
Engelchen Lara 7 7 8 7
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Jay 6 7 7 7
JoeTheCrazyGamer 9 9 8 9
Jose 5 5 5 5
Kristina 7 7 7 7
Magnus 7 6 7 6
MichaelP 7 8 7 7
Orbit Dream 5 5 7 5
Phil 8 8 8 8
RaiderGirl 8 8 8 7
Ryan 6 6 7 6
Sash 8 9 8 8
Scottie 6 7 6 5
Tombaholic 8 7 9 9
Torry 8 8 9 7
Treeble 7 7 8 7
release date: 25-Jun-2001
# of downloads: 125

average rating: 7.16
review count: 20
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file size: 17.13 MB
file type: TR4
class: Library

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This small level has some really good puzzles and is of a reasonable length, however a few points I picked up on was a few unmarked ladders and monkey bars which made me run around for a long time but other than that this was a fun level." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (24-Jun-2019)
"This was a bit of a hasty effort, I'm sorry to say. As a whole, it's not badly done and has its moments, but it's obvious that the builder began to lose interest about halfway through, as the textures become more bland, the gameplay less exciting and more unfair and the lighting far too dark. It has its moments in the form of a few enjoyable boulder traps and wraith chases, plus some nice uses of music, but I got pretty fed up of the unmarked ladders, walkthrough walls and long shimmying exercises. A bit of a disappointment." - Ryan (19-Jul-2018)
"I'd keep the walkthrough to hand for this one if I were you - the amount of unmarked climbing textures and impossible to spot walkthrough walls is very confusing at times. It has some quite good parts, but it's very dark in places and seems a bit lacklustre as it progresses. There are lots of tinmen to shoot and a few simple traps to negotiate, plus a few basic puzzles. It's not bad, but there are better library levels out there." - Jay (29-Jun-2016)
"It seems that this builder started to build with much encouragement but later got more and more bored 'cause there are a lot of defects as you're approaching the end. The unmarked climbable walls, the unmarked monkeyswings and the phantom wall are simply unacceptable in a decent level. There are a lot of bad applied textures in long wall panels 'cause the height of the panels (not divided) usually over the door openings, and also missing textures. Many rooms are simply black and the flares I found were not enough to light all the level. No puzzles here; only shoot some balls and move some globes in a room; I never found a hint to know what wall switches pull in the room with 6 switches. Enemies only horsemen and fire wraiths. No cameras when triggering something, few cd tracks, too huge rooms with no objects and more things I can't remember. No worth to play." - Jose (02-Dec-2015)
"This should be the palace of Hera? However, as a wife of the Zeus she has earned really more. Well, partially this palace looks quite tidy. But paper-thin walls, stretched textures, darkness, a disguised wall opening and missing climbing textures are really not worthy to a goddess. And should one not find in this palace at least an artefact? Instead of this it was a matter only of finding several Horsemen Gem with which one can open several doors. An opening animation of a grid door is very strange. Lara uses in addition a crowbar. Then this grid door goes upwards, like every grid door. But Lara acts in such a way, so whether she opened a normal door. Opponents are the Horsemen and fire ghosts. No, I have liked this level only partly. There the level builder could have made more from it." - Scottie (20-Jun-2009)
"Time marches on and technical standards progress likewise; allowing this level to have a rating far higher than it deserves, in my opinion. It's not bad overall, but the enthusiasm of the builder obviously waned somewhat two-thirds of the way through, as construction errors galore in the latter stages clearly prove. Up to that point the adventure is reasonably gripping and fairly atmospheric, basically involving a run from one large room (containing some sort of standard puzzle) to another; but toward the end it all gets awfully cheaty (non-textured climbable walls and unfair walkthrough walls) and technically disappointing. The pace is fast moving without a doubt, but there are more involving Library levels out there than this." - Orbit Dream (22-May-2005)
"This is another level I played (12/04) for the sole purpose of writing the walkthrough. There were no stuck threads so I figured the level couldn't be overly difficult. I was right although there were some rough spots along the way. However the reviews took care of them adequately so I was able to finish in fairly short order. It's a nice middle of the road level that has some nice touches to it. You get the revolver and laser sight early and they're impossible to miss and they're needed so that several hanging brass balls can be shot not to mention an assorted lineup of tinmen. A pleasant diversion much like the Advent levels we've been enjoying this season. Give it a try if you haven't already played it." - Phil (26-Dec-2004)
"Lara starts in a Palace as the name implies. She has to find four gems and a star. The puzzles are easy among them many switches to pull a lot of climbing a few jumps. The design of the level is well done even though some of the rooms seem huge and empty. The textures are mainly ok and enemies are horsemen and fire wraiths. Suitable for beginners." - Engelchen Lara (16-Feb-2003)
"You start this library level standing near a door where you need the gem and at the end you finally get to use that gem and escape this large building full of traps and enemies. Your first objective is to flood the beginning room which will give you access to the other rooms and in between doing that and finding the last gem there are some switch puzzles raising block puzzles a room with two huge dogs heads on the walls that you have to get around a nasty falling boulder puzzle and lots of tin men. I actually ignored all of them till close to the end - after the row of boulders you get one that drops a gem but I didn't kill the rest and got through ok. I got stuck for a while till I figured out that you had to open that gate with the crowbar but everything else was pretty straightforward." - RaiderGirl (28-Jan-2003)
"I played this for the second time to review it. I remembered the darkness in it and I wasn't very happy the many snake switches with the fire wraiths and the many switches with a lot of horsemen in the same room. The items the player needs are gems and a star to proceed. There are some thin walls and big rooms. The good thing is that you get hints of the puzzles at least for the globe one. It does resemble the library level especially in the room with the raising blocks and lions heads of course the boulders couldn't be missed. Watch out for climbable surfaces not textured as such and walkthrough walls. It's a nice level rather old though." - Kristina (23-Dec-2002)
"This is quite an entertaining level although I found it to be too dark in places. It could very easily be titled the Battle of the Horsemen as indeed you fight off many many of them. Sometimes even three at a time and in an enclosed space this can get quite interesting. I have two complaints though. Climbable surfaces that looked like every other surface and the invisible passage whereby you walk through a wall. If you can live with those two grievances then you will spend an enjoyable 50 minutes in this pleasant level." - Torry (07-Dec-2002)
"It starts out rather promising in an atmospheric Library setting and the first half of this quest is fairly enjoyable. Unfortunately it all falls apart in the area where you have to place the star. From the main room two hallways branch off and in one you need to climb an unmarked wall to get the crowbar and then use it on the gate that opens with the wrong animation. This I could figure out but then I came to the other branch and couldn't make any progress so I assumed there was another one of those climbable walls that isn't textured as such. But in fact there is a walkthrough wall and I only found that by dozying in from the other side. From then on more and more textures are missing and you encounter quite a few paperthin walls. So the end of this 60 minutes adventure seems like a rushed job to me and somewhat spoiled the fun. And I didn't care much for the trial and error lever pushing nor the long and tedious shimmying. Apart from that I really liked the fast paced gameplay where you meet a lot of tinmen (sadly enough without the horse) have to solve an easy push-the-globes-puzzle raise a lot of blocks and shoot one brass sphere. There is one room where you have to push 5 serpent levers (I pushed all of them probably you don't need to) and a fire elemental is set loose every time you do so. I liked the way you could simply drop down into the water to get rid of it (if you are a wimp) or try to make it to the next lever (or even to the third if you are really tough). Pity that the second half was such a let down otherwise this would have been an excellent level." - Dimpfelmoser (01-Nov-2002)
"A library level which makes good use of the WAD - you name it it's there: tinmen (15 of them) fire wraiths swinging chains serpents blue doors etc etc. But it as a fun 45 minutes of raiding with not too much thinking required in rather huge rooms. Did not like the few unmarked climbs (for the crowbar!) and the walkthrough wall but I thought the raising blochs were well used the jackal heads room was well done and the little plantes puzzle was nice and collecting those four gems and one star is a nice quest overall. I don't know why it had to be so dark in many corners but flares were provided enough. The shimmy passages were a little tedious and I still wonder whether there was a real puzzle to the serpents. A few missing textures and thin walls also prevent this from being a truly outstanding level but I would still recommend it to be played for some fun." - Michael (08-Sep-2002)
"When I had play the original TR4 Library level I had found that this was a great adventure with some strange and never seen objects and I really loved its atmosphere that was one of a better times in this game. So I'm particularly interested and curious to play levels which use the same objects and textures. The Palace of Hera is one of them but far from being a perfect one. I am a little bit disappointed. Brad has made a good work with all the Library texture set. More than a few rooms are well built and designed. The gameplay and puzzles are just good enough but not so very inventive (more than one hour to play it). I am also disappointed that the author haven't use some good elements of the Wad like cog blades the horse (a lot of horsemen however) cog wheels stairs elements and unfortunately elements and hidden doors of bookcases (just in a little room). Too many missing elements to make a real interesting level. Some water rooms and flipmaps in the beginning are however well done. I have found some weird aspects that bored me. The last rooms are botched up and in an ultimate one a row of boulders is triggered at the same time. This is unnecessary to place ten lined up boulders to avoid just the first one. So I just want to say that this level is by no means a bad one but it lacks a bit of work and more inventive ideas." - Chris LP (03-Sep-2002)
"When I realised that this was a library level I at first thought here's another level where you open countless blue doors and move countless spherical objects but I was very wrong. This 1 hour level is full of great lighting and nice looking large rooms with plenty to do such as work out how to open two huge animal heads high on walls and enter them flood a room fend off fire spirits while trying to pull multiple levers to open a gate battle many horseless horsemen at last count 15 and so much more. I found that progression was at most times obvious but there were a couple of moments where I was just baffled one of these times was trying to open another gate which seemed impossible as I couldn't find a lever of any kind till finally I found the answer in a quite unorthodox way. All in all this has a lovely blend of action as well as puzzles." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"This level is very interesting. One of the few made with the library wad and it's good enough to have fun. 45 minutes are needed to finish this level collecting lots of horseman's gems and opening doors. There were some bugs that were easily remarkable such as an underwater room with flame emitters! This was funny and at the same time it was strange. Another bug is a normal door that you open with the crowbar and then Lara pushes the air. Very fun. I just would wish a better texturization as it sometimes was good and sometimes terrible - this includes the monkey swing ceiling and climbable walls not textured as such. Worth a download." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"The library wad is put to good use here to create a very nice looking and atmospheric level. Rooms are nicely designed with good texturing and proportion. Gameplay flows along smoothly with puzzles that make you stop and think for a moment but won't have you tearing your hair out in frustration. Net playing time is about 1 hour." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"Although I did have great fun and I made it to the end without any help it is a confusing level. Enemies are horsemen and I mean plural as they do come in threes especially at the end of the level. Also you will encounter some wraiths so beware of some water nearby or else you will catch on fire. There are some nice puzzles in them. The sphere puzzle had me baffled and I just pulled them and voilĂ  suddenly the door opened. Lara kept looking at the ceiling but I didn't get that hint. It took me ages to find the crowbar but the walls you can climb are not obvious at all also the walkthrough wall took me sometime to fall through. You start way up in a building with a closed door and that's where you end having the blue gems with you to open that door. In between you travel from one room to the other. Some levers to pull some gems you need to open doors and even a star. Some doors do open when you step to them and I even had the same bugs Treeble was talking about with using the crowbar. At the end the textures got a bit sloppy and although there was no flare bug (thank you) it was rather dark at some places and I barely made it with the flares you find. 28-06-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"In this level Lara has to battle a lot of horsemen (without horses) run away from a lot of fire spirits and eventually end close to were she started this 40 minutes adventure. It's hard to see which walls can be climbed and in one place Lara had to run through a wall. The texturing at the end wasn't good (floor that looks like water for example) and the level comes as a project-file. Don't forget to walk up to the doors before tearing your hair." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a great library-level. The atmosphere is very nice and the puzzles not so easy. The enemies are only knights but there are coming three and four in the same room. You need the revolver and the lasersight but they are very easy to find. The textures are clean and the gameplay is logical. I was playing 55 minutes in this great level. I had a lot of fun." - Andi Croft (21-Jun-2002)