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The Lost Diamond by Thor

alan 4 2 4 4
Blue43 3 3 4 4
Catherin 4 3 5 4
CC 3 2 4 4
Daffy 5 5 4 6
David 4 2 2 5
Dimpfelmoser 3 0 4 3
Gerty 4 3 6 6
griffabee 4 2 2 4
Jay 3 3 4 6
Jose 2 3 2 4
Kristina 3 2 3 7
Magnus 4 3 2 4
Mehrbod 5 3 3 4
MichaelP 3 3 5 5
Orbit Dream 3 2 4 4
RaiderGirl 5 3 4 5
Ruediger 4 2 3 2
Ryan 2 3 4 4
Sash 5 2 5 6
Torry 6 2 4 4
Treeble 4 3 4 5
Yonatan 6 5 5 5
release date: 06-Feb-2001
# of downloads: 51

average rating: 3.72
review count: 23
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file size: 14.21 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Well, I found the lost diamond. It was lit by a nice ethereal blue. I didn't get to take it home with me though. I had to put it somewhere else to be nice and lost to get out." - griffabee (18-Feb-2021)
"Nothing very special about this game to be mentioned, except some wall climbing, running, jumping, avoiding harsh rolling ball traps, and the quest for Portal Guardian. Also, it is worth noting that this game had boxy atmosphere and too large rooms. Some places were too dark. Thanks!" - Mehrbod (07-Jul-2019)
"Short, very very short and not really one for an involved play. The textures are used fairly well for what they are, and I enjoyed performing a high dive into a water pool only to crumple on the bottom, but there's not much else to the ten minute duration with a few boulders and a couple of items to find, which pretty much sums up the rest of the gameplay." - Ryan (02-Feb-2018)
"No much to do in this short level except look for three items and avoid some spiked balls. The rooms are empty of objects and all the surfaces textured the same way. When I got the head for the portal guardian, I jumped to the pool at the bottom of the room, but no water there so I had to go down the way I came. Not a single enemy to shoot except the mummies at the end, I never used the grenade gun. The author placed some shadows here and there, but still not a good atmosphere. Finally Lara will need to use the diamond to escape from the temple." - Jose (13-Nov-2017)
"A level that uses Angkor Wat textures. There are some spike balls to avoid. The only enemies you'll find will be 4 mummies near the end. I found the grenade launcher and crossbow, only that this one didn't have explosive ammo. Lara finds the lost diamond but she uses it to open a door, so she doesn't take it home. After I found the head for the ornate handle, I made a swan dive to the water but surprisingly Lara died as if the pool was empty. Lighting is only pitch dark in some places. The level ended in a nocturnal area with greenery, columns and stones; then it crashed to the desktop. Not recommended." - alan (10-Oct-2017)
"Another very short (15 minutes) level with simple tasks - a portal guardian and gem to retrieve and a few boulders to avoid. No enemies, apart from a couple of mummies right at the end which you can simply run past (damn I forgot to check whether the crossbow I found had any explosive ammo - at least I could have had fun blowing them up) and just as you reach a slightly interesting outdoor area, the game ends. Although obviously a debut effort, it does display quite nice use of the Angkor Wat textures from time to time." - Jay (11-May-2015)
"The screenshots on the info page looked inviting with some Angkor Wat textures so I thought I give this one a try, but it isn't as nice as I expected. The rooms are very large and boxy and there is not much to do at all. The game play is limited to picking up a few items, a fair amount of boulder traps and a lot of climbing into high areas. My biggest grief is that the long jump after a long climb down into the pool ends deadly because the water doesn't act as water. This must be an editor bug as I have seen this once or twice in levels before. The texturing is a little repetitive and monotonous in a lot of areas with a couple of stretched ones in between. The lighting is not too bad at all and it is clear that builder tried to give this a more interesting look by mixing well-lit areas with very dark corners. A playable, quick and easy romp for in between, as long as you don't expect too much. (12 minutes, 0 secrets)" - Blue43 (25-May-2011)
"Here is beginner's level in which they find, stretched texture or often identical in all room and simplistic gameplay. Contrary to other beginners the author in nevertheless made by efforts of decoration by putting some objects by ci thereabouts. I think that there is the potential of creativity at this constructor and that he can only improve, I encourage him to continue." - Daffy (13-Aug-2009)
"This is a short and easy level. Your task is to find the 'Portal Guardian' and of course the 'Lost Diamond' ('Horseman's Gem'). While fulfilling this quest you dodge rolling balls and climb seemingly never-ending walls. What I didn't like were some pitch black areas and I was missing the flares. Anyway it is a nicely done level and you notice that the level has a lot of potential. 20-04-05" - Tinka (20-Apr-2005)
"It's a catacomb level with a very Angkor look about it. There are a lot of problems due mainly I suppose to the age of the level and lack of experience of the author at the time like spike that shoot down instead of up out of the ground. Nevertheless I can see the effort that has gone into it. It's along the lines of climbing a multi-tiered structure to get the guardian head and stand. Nice waterfall rooms ledges up high and one time climbing a lot of block around the walls of a high room where if you feel like it you can dive off and try to land in a small water hole below. Apart from the main excitement is dodging a lot of boulders. For some peculiar reason I really like the tall climbup area that had ladders all around I thought it looked good." - CC (10-Oct-2004)
"Only 35 rooms and mostly very large. The sheer size of the rooms is put to good use with the impressive heights but the texturing is monotonous: floor ceiling walls all look the same. The shadows are badly applied totally dark areas abruptly next to bright ones. Typical first try with quite a few bugs including crashing to the desktop after each death missing sounds and the rare looks-like-water-but-is-air bug that I have only encountered in one other level so far 'Tomb of the Nelomgals'. Enemies are few I remember a couple of mummies appearing out of thin air. The traps are better with a few well placed spiked rolling balls." - Rüdiger (02-Mar-2004)
"What a very curious level. I've just played Catacomb Towers so this suffered somewhat by comparison; but even so it barely constitutes a playable game. Yes the rooms are modeled rather nicely and the texturing is adequate (although carelessly applied); but the gameplay is as straightforward as it's possible for gameplay to be. There is one brilliant moment (mentioned by the other reviewers) involving a water pool. Either this was a happy accident or an absolutely inspired piece of deception but I thought it was hilarious." - Orbit Dream (22-Sep-2002)
"Short painless an easy. No enemies apart from four mummies that appear at the end when you're already out of the room. So the crossbow and the grenade gun seem rather pointless. You start deep down underground and your aim is to see the sunlight again; to get there you have to do an awful lot of climbing up Angkor textures. The only thrill is provided by the spiked boulders that are easily avoided. There is one thing that is really irritating. To get the head of the Portal Guardian you have to climb up inside a tall tower and since there are two squares of water down below I thought I might do a swan dive to get back. Naturally I missed the water on my first two tries. Ok I thought no swan dive just step from the ledge and although I came down in the right spot I died all the same. Somehow the water texture is missing where you need it most. Bummer. I just read the other reviews and everyone complains about the lack of water so I guess I can scrap that but it's really the only thing I can clearly remember." - Dimpfelmoser (18-Aug-2002)
"This level looks quite nice with a spectacular 3-tiered monolith as the main heart of the level but apart from a couple of spike boulder traps some climbing walls and a jumping block room this level is sadly too short and not very difficult. I can tell that this creator has a good eye for creating a beautiful world for Lara to play in he just needs to give her something to play with." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"A small and uneventful level with virtually no challenges some very big rooms which look nice but do not contain a lot to do a few not too scary traps and worst of all a bug with the water pool that ruins what could have been the one fun part of the level: the swan dive from the very top. Good for practice for the inexperienced raider - others go and play elsewhere." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This level has a huge layout with massive rooms but unfortunately very little to do. The object here is to locate the 'Diamond' and use it to get out of the place (so why go in there in the first place?). The level may be completed in 15 minutes but there was one item of interest. After a long jumping session to reach the top of a high chamber and collect an item there is a shallow pool way below which just invites a swan dive. Do this and Lara will break her neck on the concrete floor. Is this a bug? Or maybe a clever ploy to tell the player that the pool is WAY to shallow to dive in from such a height!" - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"A short 10 minutes adventure in a quest for a gem. The level has a bug with water where the water is not water when you go back but you can still go down all the way redoing your steps. There are some boulder and spike traps and I found the Grenade Launcher and the Crossbow but I didn't use even the pistols here!" - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"An 'ok'-level which is not very challenging. Almost no objects were inserted in the level not many enemies the traps were quite easy and some you could just bypass. The rooms were almost empty and the level is short. Despite all the bad things the level was some fun." - Yonatan (21-Jun-2002)
"Not much to say here it's a short and fairly simple level. Few enemies (some zombies near the end) some falling balls to contend with and a tricky climb and that's about it. There's a bug with a water pool in one area as it's not water when you drop back into it (the structure suggests a high jump down into the pool rather than retracing steps over pillar tops but this results in death." - David (21-Jun-2002)
"Though not bad for a short level there are a few things here that could use some work. I would like to see this creator adding some more puzzles to his level and maybe working on the textures a bit. Some of these were very bland. I found the crossbow near the beginning but never found any ammo although you don't really need to use your weapons at all. As the title says you are after 'the lost diamond' or actually the horseman's gem. In the meantime there are plenty of spiked boulders to dodge and some jumping and climbing to do. I was a little confused at the end - it ended so suddenly even though it looked like there were lots of places still left unexplored. There are some nice water effects here and some interesting rooms. This is good if you're looking for a quick and easy level otherwise keep looking." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"This level does have a lot of potential but falls short on challenges. The rooms are big but there is nothing to do. Right in the beginning I found the grenade gun and a bit further the crossbow. Apart from some mummies there are no enemies. There are however traps boulder traps and even those don't pose a thread. I only died once in this level no that is not true I tried the dive and a jump from the highest top but the bug prevented me to survive as although it looks like there is water you will die on the floor of the pool. That was sloppy. Main goal is to get the effigy and the lost diamond. I hope the next level by this author will have some puzzles in it as I think the author has a good eye for creating. 15-06-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"... And the diamond continues to be lost. Why? Because Lara has to place it in a receptacle to get out of the level. I guess Lara thought this adventure was a complete waste of time. Well at least she got a grenade launcher which she didn't need since the only enemies in this level are four mummies. Maybe she could keep the grenade launcher in her trophy room? Anyway this is a short level that takes less than ten minutes to finish. The texturing is of the classical Angkor Wat-kind and the gameplay is easy. There are a couple of long climbs and some bugs that could have been easily avoided. This is probably a level for beginners because anyone that has completed a demo of a Tomb Raider-game will find this very easy." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"Someone could say that this level reminds the Angkor Wat but it's not so. Only the textures are there to give that feeling otherwise nor the game play which is practically none nor the puzzles which are again none except two items the gem and the portal guardian can make you compare this to the original. The reason I am saying this is because I can't relate it to anything else. It has only huge rooms with a waterfall or two and the crossbow and grenade gun which are useless because the four mummies are so slow that I could play recon labs 3 again what a nightmare that was; and they still couldn't catch me. Anyway at some point after a long climb up I thought I would take the easy way down and perform a dive right what a bad idea or better yet what a great fall. Lara was about to land in water but she died instead. No I am not joking although there was water in a small area right below didn't have any but it looked like it and then while she was walking forward suddenly she began swimming that girl is full of surprises. Now where was I oh yes it did have some traps and a good one was when I tried to avoid a spike ball and I thought ha piece of cake right I turned left and voilà spikes. The other traps with balls coming down are too easy indeed but when you are about to land on the other side performing a complicated backflip jump from a ladder you are thinking oops and start running backwards to avoid the balls that are coming to greet you. Alright I will stop now the babbling because I am sure that you got the idea of how boring this level was so I had to write something to make my review longer. Why? Because I had some time to kill." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)