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Tomo's House Level by Tomo

alan 4 4 9 9
billie2001 3 6 7 8
Boris 6 5 7 9
CC 4 3 7 9
ColeMoles 7 6 9 6
DJ Full 6 4 4 6
Drakan 5 6 6 6
Gerty 5 5 6 7
Jay 5 6 7 9
JesseG 6 6 7 7
John 6 6 7 9
Jose 2 5 4 8
Kristina 6 5 7 7
Lorax 6 5 7 8
MichaelP 6 7 7 9
Nomad 5 5 8 9
Orbit Dream 3 5 8 8
Phil 6 7 7 8
RaiderGirl 6 6 7 9
Ryan 4 5 7 8
Sash 5 5 6 8
SilentViper 7 9 9 9
Torry 6 5 7 9
Treeble 6 7 8 9
release date: 06-Oct-2001
# of downloads: 93

average rating: 6.46
review count: 24
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file size: 28.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Not particularly bad but doesn't do enough to feel more than a simple remix of croft manor. I usually like Tomo's levels but this is probably their worst imo. Still worth a try though if you're a fan of Tomo." - Lorax (09-Mar-2023)
"I think the best about this level were the texturing and lighting. The house looks pretty good (especially the main hall with that shiny floor!), and I liked the new rooms added. However, the gameplay consists mostly of solving a few puzzles to get the racetrack key, and then ride the "quadcar", which was quite fun, and I also liked the new design of said racetrack. And then you have nothing more to do but abandon the level through the main gates. Although I wish that area could've been explored, just because almost all house levels end there." - alan (23-Feb-2023)
"Practically almost no gameplay in this short home level. A couple of switches, find a couple of guns, a globe puzzle which is sheer guesswork (unless I missed a hint) and an assault course with a quad bike which has no purpose at all. The environment is quite polished for his age though. The builder informs us that it is just a training level, like a prologue to a trilogy, but since it is released as a stand-alone, I will rate it as such. Recommended only to players who have never played a classic Tomb Raider game in order to get acquainted with Lara's moves." - billie2001 (09-Aug-2021)
"This is a pretty standard "Lara's Home" level, and the player can leave through the front gate whenever they want, so it is their choice how much to explore. Visuals could use some work, as many textures are warped in a few places and lighting is not varied except in the puzzle room. Unique elements in this home are a sneaky jumpswitch swathed in darkness, a trapdoor to a basement, and a globe puzzle that seems to boil down to trial and error. After doing these tasks and stumbling upon the opened doors (quite a few camera cues are missing) the player can grab a racetrack key, and then search for quad bike keys to take a few laps. 24 minutes." - JesseG (09-May-2021)
"antepenultian level of the mansion of lara. Nothing new, a little stroll following the procedure, otherwise nothing exhalting. Maybe there is an error in the adjustment of the pushers since the door did not open for me, I had to start again without stopping on the different brands." - Drakan (18-Nov-2018)
"This is a very sleek and more attractive version of Lara's Mansion, the polished floors and atmospheric lighting in some of the rooms were quite effective. The gameplay, however is business as usual and not a little dreary. Although I did everything by the book and according to what the walkthrough stated, the majority of the tasks seem optional and I believe you can go straight to the lever that opens the main gates, use it and exit the level in about ten seconds flat. If you do play "legally" the only notable part is a cryptic globe puzzle (unless the hint was similar to the original Lost Library level, but then how the heck should we remember that?) and a brief flipmap sequence. One mainly for the review count." - Ryan (25-Mar-2018)
"What can I say? It's a house level, and a pretty routine house level at that. I began licking my chops when the second part loaded, anticipating a scenic exercise on the motorbike, but there's nothing to do except ride around and look at the sights, so I left very soon after getting there. The house part can be done in 30 minutes or less, and the only detail of note is that pushglobe puzzle near the end. For the most part, however, we've seen it all before. For completists and those wishing to beef up their review count." - Phil (12-Oct-2016)
"This is most definitely a much more attractive version of Lara's original mansion than normal, with its highly polished hall floor and even the packing crates look beautiful. The room interiors have in some cases also been radically altered. Apart from a rather random globe puzzle, the action consists of running around, admiring the scenery, throwing a few switches and finding weaponry for which you have no use whatsoever. You may, if you wish, do all the usual stuff like using the gym or training course, or you could ignore it all completely. Part two offers a quad bike ride around the race track, but there again it's all rather optional. Really only worth a look to see a very nicely reinvented mansion." - Jay (06-Sep-2016)
"This was okay for a house level. There is not much to do besides exploring the house and a puzzle which would be unsolvable if the spheres on top of the planets did not appear. It seems Lara is as wrong as the ancient egyptians about astronomy and she has no excuse. But the textures are good and the sights are pleasant, there is a good atmosphere and the floors in the entry room look very nice..all of which make the mansion fun to explore. Can be played for a break." - Nomad (12-Jun-2016)
"I've finished the first level only pulling three switches and "solving" the five moveables puzzle (trial and error). Where is the hint for the moveables puzzle? How can I know that the pool is drained? In the second level I had to look for the quad keys exploring a very huge area, and why? Only to take a short ride. Of course, the environments are nice and well worked with cool textures in the floor of the mansion, but the level was very boring for me." - Jose (09-Feb-2016)
"A 20-minute home level with one pushable, one racetrack and two jumpswitches. Pick up some flares You might run out of, find a Desert Eagle and an HK Gun both You can't make use of, dry a swimming pool and that's all out of ordinary. Everything else is the same or almost the same as in the classic manor. But it is always home, so if You wish for a bit of peace without risking to break Your neck, this level matches what You want. SUMMARY: Rather optional. Can be recommended for its calmness and a nice variation of planet puzzle." - DJ Full (29-Mar-2013)
"I always find it intriguing when an established builder has a go at a House level,as you wonder whether someone with experience and expertise will come up with an interesting concept that other builders have missed. Titak gave it a go and rather mis-fired;Tomo does the same and pretty much achieves the same result. As far as appearence is concerned,you have a faultless recreation.The atmosphere is what you would expect (no Winston,so the whole place seems rather lonely).Gameplay is spartan and what little there is,faltering. A Globe puzzle whch involved sheer guesswork on my part,as all the globes appeared identical;a pool-draining sequence;and a routine (but well-built) Quadbike course are the only things which give the level any point. Attractive polished floors,though." - Orbit Dream (30-Jan-2008)
"Quite a nice house level and a good start to the saga, the level is pretty straight forward with one quite difficult puzzle to solve so you can get into the attic, nice outside, love the racetrack and some very good ideas put in, looking forward to playing other levels of the author." - ColeMoles (07-Jun-2006)
"I have no words anymore to describe a house level. In this one you can actually finish right away so you have two choices either you get the hell out of there because it is another house level or stay and explore. There are two levels rather short with one of them having the quad bike and a nice racetrack with a pool. There are a few changes two keys to find one to enter the racetrack and the other to drive the vehicle some doors are missing and there is a jump switch in the pool. The floor inside the house was nice and shiny but although you can see the furniture's reflection you can't see Lara's. There are no enemies so no challenge the one puzzle it has is the globes. It is worth taking a look at but remember it's a house level don't expect too much." - Kristina (12-Sep-2003)
"This is another twist on the original house level. The lighting is superb and the textures are well done even though I know they are all from the original. I loved the shiny floor in the main hall with reflections. I know it would be almost impossible to give Lara a reflection in the floor too but it would have been cool to see it. I thought it strange that the floor switch in the hall (at the start of the level) opens the main gates and you can just run through and finish. It would have been better to hide this switch behind a final door or perhaps in the second level. There are two levels here in fact the second is the race track which as far as I could see was only for finding the key and driving the quad bike short and sweet like an ass's gallop. Inside the house there's a nice astronomy room puzzle with globes that's simple to do. The house swimming pool was beautifully done and there's a switch down there you just know that the pool needs to be drained. No enemies - so why the guns? Did Tomo intend to carry this into a following part of a series?! A short nice level for beginners." - CC (15-Apr-2003)
"You start off in the main hall with a great shiny effect floor and have to make your way around the house and it's gardens to find keys and levers and solve a pushable planet puzzle to find the key which opens the gate to quad bike track. The house looks like the TR3 one but has many different changes the rooms are very similar but you will notice that a lot of effort has gone into making it a bit different and fresh. You have a different outside assault course and a different gym with different obstacles to complete. Texturing and lighting was very well done! I was impressed. When you get to the quad bike track area you have to find the keys for the quad after that you can ride the track which is really good and original nothing like the TR3 one a bit short though! Overall a nice enjoyable level to play :)" - John (19-Aug-2002)
"Though this is a double leveled mansion game and it has some beautiful uses of light and textures with obvious mention to the marbled floor in the foyer it still in the end is just another mansion level with not much more to do than most. There is of course some things to do like draining the pool and a push/pull object puzzle to open the door to the attic but I had been driven mad looking firstly for one specific wall switch and then to find entry to what it triggered that by then I was just frustrated and was not enjoying the level whatsoever. Then came the stunning second level the race track but this is no ordinary race track it felt more like a gorgeous park where I could almost imagine birds singing and couples walking hand in hand but sadly after going for a quick search looking for the buggy's keys and going for an even quicker spin around the track it was over." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"I am not a fan of house levels and this one makes no big difference to me although it has a few treats like the starting flyby the mirror marble floor effect the HK gun (but what for?) yet another 'move-the-planets-to-the-right-spot' puzzle and of course the quad bike (although the open/close door animations ruins it a bit as there is in fact no door J ). A level for mansion fans I guess." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This is another Lara's House level but the graphics inside the mansion are fantastic. The idea is to find the key to open the racetrack and there are sufficient differences from the standard 'home' levels to make this interesting. Once you finally get to the racetrack you need to find the keys for the Quad Bike and that is another involved search LOL. Overall not a bad little take on Lara's Home!" - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"New version of Lara's Mansion very similar to the other versions except for two rooms and little details but graphically better. The floor in the hall has an excellent mirror effect never seen before! There are two keys to find for the first the race key the author offers some help while for the second the Quadbike key there are no hints but it's easy to find. The track for the quadbike is very beautiful with lights and excellent textures. There aren't any enemies but Lara is armed with Desert Eagle and HK-Gun? The level can be completed at once it's enough to go out through the entry gate and then the time of game is personal after the two keys and a pair of turns with the quadbike I went out the gate after 35 minutes." - Boris (21-Jun-2002)
"This is the most unique level that I've seen so far that is set in Lara's House using double level possibility. Lara can use her gym to train her moves she can go outside to the assault course as well and after draining the pool pushing some switches and solving a planet puzzle Lara can go to the race course. This track that unfortunately is very short was fun but it was nice to wander around to find the quad keys. Lara has extra firepower getting the Desert Eagle and the HK Gun but they weren't needed as the level had no enemies. The main hall is also with a nice reflection effect. The level is for all mansion fans but expect something different instead of just another boring remake." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"The first thing you'll notice here is what an exceptional job Tomo did recreating Lara's Mansion - if anything this is even better than the mansion in TR III. The floors are so shiny you can see the rooms reflected in them - what a neat effect! The furnishings in the house are close to original but it looks like some extra touches have been added to make it a little more homey (flower boxes vases etc.) There are no enemies here your objective is to find the items and switches that will allow you to open the doors in the house and ultimately make your way to the racetrack. Although the obstacle course here is not as fun as the original the racetrack is even better! The course is beautiful and well laid out and it even has it's own lake - plus you have to find the keys to the bike (and don't forget to ride the bike into the lake for fun). Just because this is a level featuring Lara's mansion doesn't mean it is boring. It took a while to find all the switches and keys and there is a good puzzle in the treasure room. My only complaint was that I couldn't find a way to get on the roof." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"The eye catcher in this level is the floor. Beautiful shiny wish my floors looked like that :). Although I don't mind a house level there are more of them around some are good some OK and some bad. This one was between OK and bad as gameplay goes. Only thing to do is search for 2 keys so you can get to the racetrack and the second one for quad-bike. Not a big fan of vehicles I don't get that much excited although Tomo made a beautiful racetrack. Annoying was that it took me ages to find the keys as there are no hints what a certain lever does. No enemies so finding the desert eagle and the gun are of no use. 19-06-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"Not too many enemies but nicely reworked SAS guards from TR3. The objects were excellent and the puzzles not too easy but too short." - SilentViper (21-Jun-2002)