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Return for the Amulet 3 - The Chase by sleeper

alan 5 5 5 5
CC 4 5 3 4
Dimpfelmoser 6 5 6 5
Gerty 6 5 5 5
Jay 5 6 5 5
Jose 2 5 5 7
Kristina 4 5 5 6
LePerk 3 5 3 6
manarch2 2 4 4 4
MichaelP 6 6 7 6
Momster 5 6 6 5
Navi 6 5 6 6
Orbit Dream 4 6 4 4
Phil 8 8 8 8
RaiderGirl 6 6 6 6
Ryan 4 5 5 5
Sash 6 7 6 7
Tombaholic 6 7 6 6
Torry 2 5 8 9
Treeble 6 6 6 6
release date: 26-Feb-2001
# of downloads: 61

average rating: 5.40
review count: 20
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file size: 99.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Ship

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A pleasant change of scenery from the darker atmosphere of parts 1 and 2 but I'm afraid there's otherwise not a great deal of improvement from those earlier sections. If this was meant to be a ship environment, you could have fooled me as I've seen better recreations. I think the gameplay has actually downgraded a bit from last time out, as there's barely any exciting parts to lift the tedium of performing extensive backtracking or pulling the next lever (aside from a couple of fairly enjoyable timed runs on foot and on a bike). The design is a bit better than the previous parts, although nothing terribly impressive and there's a few too many guards for my personal taste. Anyway, onwards and upwards (I hope) to episode 4..." - Ryan (16-Apr-2018)
"Lara goes from a dark egyptian setting to a base-like level, only with guards as enemies and a few turrets to avoid. It requires some skill to do some things, like jumping over the door that blocks the passageway to the stairs. I thought that had been a mistake of the author but you can jump sideways over it. Also with a turret that you have to avoid its fire in a closed corridor. There's a brief ride on the bike at the end, though getting through the block was a bit tricky." - alan (23-Nov-2017)
"A welcome change of setting in the series, from the dark Egypt levels to a rather bright ship area, but still this game doesn't stand very well. In short, the few timed runs are the only interesting tasks in this level, although one is not hinted by cameras at all and thus nearly impossible without the walkthrough. The bike one at the end was very tight and quite challenging, I really enjoyed that one. The other use of the bike (drive it one square ahead to activate a flipmap) is more than obscure though and totally unintuitive; the rest of the level consists of the endless use of levers and looking for what the levers did, because cameras are often in absence in this level - all in all quite an ordeal to get through. The areas are rather bland in their design, with flat lighting, boring and monotonous texturing and somewhat odd atmosphere, not a quite believable ship setting created here. Enemies are quite in abundance here and this level feels more like a plain shooter than a decent level. Found four secrets (the sentry gun one is cool) in 25 minutes." - manarch2 (09-Oct-2015)
"Ah, a change of scene from parts 1 and 2. This one is set on a ship - ostensibly. I have to say it looks more like a floating base than anything remotely maritime and it is full of guards. It's really not very well made; the previous settomb textures did partially disguise the builder's lack of experience with the level editor, something that the austere textures here entirely fail to do and it's very buggy. On the plus side, it's a much lighter level so, if the flare bug did show its ugly head again, I failed to notice. Gameplay wise, I fear I'm not finding it any more enjoyable as it progresses, but I did quite like the short timed motorbike ride at the end. If you're a ship level fan, I'd look elsewhere." - Jay (22-Jun-2015)
"This time the author got better dividing the wall panels and aplying textures, so the ship has a good look, but few more if you've played the previous levels. Apart of the ladder you can't climb, the revolver ammo you can't pick up in the control room (reload), and the lot of paper walls, paper ceilings and paper floors, the gameplay is, as usual, very bad. You will run all around the rooms of the ship shooting soldiers and pulling levers; there are also a couple of timed runs, but it seems that the author's intention when building the level was players get stucked often. Many times there are not cameras when you pull a lever to trigger something very far, at the other side of the ship so you are forced to re-explore the same areas with a lot of backtracking; a normal player never can figure out that the trigger for a timed block is on a crate when the triggered block is very far, there's not a camera and you can't see it; and the cherry of the cake was the trigger in the small room with the bike: a normal player would never think about drop inside a small room (only three tiles) where the exit door is closed and he/she can't take the bike outside. Conclusion: better play it reading the walkthrough." - Jose (14-May-2015)
"The third level in this series is even more disappointing than the previous two.Once again,it has the words 'speed built' positively shouting at you from first moment to last.The texturing is simple and often scrappy;lighting is generally non-existent;enemies,although copious,are placed carelessly and often appear out of thin air;fly- by's continue to zoom through walls;and the atmosphere is sorely lacking.This level is clearly supposed to take place on a ship,but it rarely feels like it;and the shipboard ambience is entirely missing.Gameplay is very much a hit or miss thing (mostly miss),with many 'puzzles' depending upon random actions being performed (driving a bike one square forward to a closed door causes a wall to be lowered elsewhere in the level.Why?).It's all very unsatisfying;and the sixty minutes of playing time slouch by in general frustration. To be charitable,there are several far poorer ship adventures out there;but they tend to be over quite quickly,whereas this one far outstays its welcome." - Orbit Dream (17-Feb-2015)
"The series is getting better as it goes along. This one is a ship level (working vessel, as opposed to a sunken derelict) that took me a little less than an hour to complete. It's reminiscent of a ship level by Leroy Perkins that I played not long ago, but it's not as complicated and it seems to flow a bit more easily. Lots of SAS roaming about, and there's a nice concluding bit with a sentry gun and a timed drive on the motorbike. Holds up well for its age." - Phil (01-Apr-2014)
"Right about when I was beginning to think oh! good we are out of the Egyptian levels the bugs appeared. This level is buggy as hell. Not only because of the paper thin walls all over the place but there are bugs that prevent the player to complete it. For example I couldn't get the bike in the ship well I am glad some wrote about it otherwise it looks nothing like ship. Then I thought maybe it opens from the inside while getting the bike and it was then when a miracle happened. The barrier disappeared and I was able to continue I thought the jump switch should have opened the door to the bike so I checked the other reviews. I am glad others had this bug too or I might have searched forever for another solution. SAS guards and some beds inside the ship a poor mouse frozen outside a door. There are no puzzles or items to collect just levers. I didn't enjoy it at all." - Kristina (04-Jul-2003)
"This time we're in a base type setup. Some textures work very well but unfortunately they're mixed with textures that don't so the whole thing doesn't look great. You're finding floor switches negotiating a maze offices and what looks like the inside of a ship with water below! This level didn't do it for me at all I couldn't wait to get to the end and promptly forgot what I did. Obviously it made a huge impression on me NOT. So I'll just skip on to the next level." - CC (06-Jun-2003)
"I don't get this level at all this maybe because I haven't played the first two levels. The textures are wallpaper on the gameplay is linear there are bugs and missing textures. But on the plus side you get to kill a lot of SAS guys and its well lit." - LePerk (01-Jun-2003)
"Now this one got me in nerves. Why are there so many switches to activate and so few cameras showing what you just opened? The raising block at the main deck of the "ship" was the last thing I discovered (you have 30 seconds to run from the red box to the opposite side and climb the raising block to activate the jump switch). There are a lot of running to do around this "ship" and mostly you never know what to do next. There are secrets you actually MUST find (the lasersight and the revolver) but they're very simple to get. I just think they shouldn't be marked as secrets being them a MUST and not an extra reward. There is a door hidden behind a grate and you can cross it. I missed it many times before actually discovering Lara could walk through it. And while we're on this point there are still many thin walls and a lot of missing tiles again. In the final rooms there's a VERY hard timed door which requires a lot of practice! Flyby cameras are pointless and there are climbable walls Lara can't climb. Took me 50 minutes." - Treeble (05-Apr-2003)
"I got stuck quite a few times in this level. Not because I didn't know what to do but for the bugs in it. What I liked are those trigger tiles that means they do reset and that is better than no reset at all and the only thing you can do is rely on a saved game. Wafer-thin walls and levers that floated in the air after using them strange. 23-08-2002" - Gerty (13-Oct-2002)
"The third part is more like a base level. Lara must actually only find the exit whereby she uses her bike twice. At the beginning gameplay is a bit slow. Lara has to deal only with SAS. At the end it is a little exciting though. The textures were not always processed well. But light effects were ok. Cameras and sound did not show much but in the correct moments. There are four secrets to be found. Lara has to shoot lots of pendulums. Have not seen that in another level yet. There is one bug. Lara uses a water surface as a trampoline. Better save before that one as you will have to reload a savegame. I would hope the fourth part is better." - Navi (08-Sep-2002)
"I certainly hope #4 is better than the last 3 in my opinion they've gotten worse. I'd have to say the highlight of this level was coming up behind the sentry gun and blowing it to pieces. I didn't even think it was a good ship. Lots of bugs in this one getting stuck and not being able to move open doors you couldn't pass through. Puzzles made no sense to me and those thin gray walls started to get on my nerves after a while. Everyone else has pretty much said it all." - Momster (25-Aug-2002)
"Firstly I have to say that you don't need the fly cheat to complete this but you can get stuck in several occasions. Regarding the situation that Ted describes in his review it worked quite different with me. When you come into the room with the sentry gun you have to find the L tile step on it and the go back to the blue door. It will open then; get the motorbike and drive onto the L tile and this will lower the block (it's timed though). This is more of a base- than a ship level in fact hadn't it been for the other reviewers it would have never occurred to me that I was on a ship. And as it is with those base levels you walk down a lot of corridors shoot some guards open the occasional ceiling trapdoor and crawl a bit in between. I can't remember much else and the wafer thin walls and missing textures have already been mentioned." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Aug-2002)
"Of the 'Amulet-series' this would have to be for me the least entertaining. Set aboard a ship the aim is to get off it and onto the dock which although taking me 50 minutes was a little tedious apart from the 4 secrets running around the seemingly all grey environment searching for levers and pressure tiles. There are a couple of bikes but I could only access one and I also had to use the fly cheat twice to keep progressing once because of the lack of that bike and the other time because I couldn't climb some large stairs that a newly opened door wouldn't let me pass. This also could have done with some more cameras for triggered doors and there were maybe a few too many thin walls." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"This level certainly has its moments but there were also a few things that I personally found quite annoying and that led to a bit of a downgraded rating such as illogical puzzles wafer-thin walls by the dozen many places where you hit the 'end of the world' enemies appearing out of nowhere right behind you levers floating in the air after being pulled...but on the positive side you get about 45 minutes of typical City Wad gameplay with two bikes many soldiers to kill and despite repetitive and often stretched texturing the ship atmosphere is quite believable so at least you should give it a try." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"To start with I loved the ship. Was great designing although there could have been some cannon turrets. However other than that this level was total crap. Why? Because there were so many bugs in it (ie; doors that opened the wrong way so that you could not get passed them to the newly revealed passage) that other reviewers resorted to the dozy cheat to finish. Well if you need to cheat due to poor level design the level should NEVER have been released." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"The few bright spots in this level are unfortunately overshadowed by some very annoying flaws. For example a door that opens and at the same time blocks the stairway you're supposed to climb (at least the flycheat is enabled so you can get past this). At another point Lara must find a way to pass a large barrier on the ship'd deck. Here's how I did it: I moved the motorcycle that was trapped behind a door by one square and the barrier mysteriously vanishes. I don't know if this is a bug or just a completely senseless puzzle. It's also the first time I've ever seen a concrete ship!?" - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"It's not often you see a level that actually takes place on a ship so I found this to be very interesting. In my opinion I thought it was a great improvement over the first two level in this series 'Return for the Amulet'. There were no overly dark areas no problems with the flare bug or swimming and the creator was a little more generous with the pickups. Overall this was an easier level and pretty straightforward but it had enough puzzles thrown in to make it interesting and the guards scattered around the ship make sure you don't get bored. It does get a bit repetitive as the same textures are generally used throughout the level and your time is pretty much spend opening doors and killing guards. Still though worth a download." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)