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Not So Dark Jungle by Verios

Akcy 4 5 6 4
alan 4 3 5 4
bERT 4 2 4 4
CC 3 2 5 4
ColeMoles 1 1 2 2
David 5 4 5 5
Dimpfelmoser 4 2 6 4
Drakan 4 4 4 4
Ejecta 4 3 4 3
eRIC 4 4 6 5
Gerty 4 3 5 4
Jay 3 5 5 5
Jose 1 3 4 3
Kristina 5 5 5 5
Magnus 2 2 2 3
manarch2 2 2 4 4
Mehrbod 4 3 3 2
MichaelP 7 5 8 4
Orbit Dream 2 2 3 3
RaiderGirl 6 5 7 5
Ryan 3 4 4 3
Sash 2 3 2 4
The Aussie Adventurer 6 4 6 3
Tombaholic 3 2 3 4
Treeble 4 4 6 6
Yoav 7 7 7 7
release date: 03-Jan-2001
# of downloads: 100

average rating: 3.96
review count: 26
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file size: 16.41 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Not much to say here, a few rooms with some platforming, item pickups and nothing else to do. Definitely reminds me of River of the Sacred Beetle in one area but that level outstretched this one by far. no end trigger either. Download to run around for a few minutes." - ColeMoles (25-Feb-2022)
"I wish I could say that this level was better than the first one, but that would be a lie - while ‘Dark Jungle’ was decent for the time and had a coherent structure, this one isn’t even finished, and the builder admits as such! Unfortunately the setting is ugly overall; maybe it’s just me but I always feel the textures from older games look out of place in the TR4 engine, maybe a little blurry and lower resolution when compared to Lara’s updated model. The absolute bare minimum of gameplay is provided via the temples, with some lever-pulling, traps to avoid and a room full of lava and deadly platforms. A group of skeletons can be dealt with handily using the grenade gun you found moments before, and there are some key items scattered around but nowhere to use them. The most egregious part is the top of the waterfall with all of the missing textures, it’s impossible not to notice them - I am not yet a level builder myself, but I’m fairly certain that the act of placing a texture on a surface is one of the easier things to do in the level editor, so to leave such glaring mistakes in just feels sloppy and lazy. After you’ve seen everything, there is no level trigger, so all that is left to do is exit the game manually, leaving behind the jungle with a bad taste in one’s mouth. Despite all of this, there are still some positive things worth mentioning - the temples and the tree were built okay and I liked the area at the beginning which is clearly inspired by TR3’s Jungle level, with the spiked boulders on a slope behind foliage protecting a secret room full of spikes. I also like the concept of a colossal tree in the center of a body of water, surrounded by waterfalls. I would be surprised if someone else hasn’t used this idea with much more finesse than what is displayed here." - Ejecta (02-Feb-2021)
"Unfinished small level with textures stretched and poorly laid. Few tasks except find the secret and the key in the end that is useless." - Drakan (26-Nov-2018)
"I suppose the builder has lost motivation due to this patchwork debut. It seems nothing is in the place where it is supposed to be. Flat-lit rooms, boxy atmosphere, improper sounds and effects, bad texturing, etc. Not a recommended level. I wish I could see more out of this. Thanks!" - Mehrbod (29-Sep-2018)
"No much to do here except to take a ride around some jungle areas picking up some items you'll never use and look for the secret uzis. Many elongated textures and many textures don't fit; some areas have a good look, but only to explore and no puzzles or interesting tasks. In the lava room where the grenade gun is it was hard to me the last jump to the exit. Definitely, unremarkable and not enjoyable." - Jose (07-Nov-2017)
"The last level by this author, the one who released the first TR4 level. It's not very good, as it doesn't have a finish trigger. Some places are nice, like the big tree in the large lake, the waterfalls and caves in the temple. Enemies are skeletons; and traps are darts, spikey balls, deadly water. You find a trident, a gem and some keys but you never use them. Like Sash wrote in her review, this level reminded me of River Of The Sacred Bettle too; they have some similarities like the place where the level starts, and the big tree. It's a shame that the author had not finished the level, it would have been better, or worse, we don't know." - alan (31-Jul-2017)
"Wow, that was short, or maybe I played an incomplete version. Well, regardless, I will rate this based on what I played. We start in a small jungle area, which wasn't designed too badly and the lone secret was nicely hidden. But the builder's enthusiasm drained a bit, it seems, because the textures were stretched and some were totally missing, which ruined the atmosphere of the jungle environment, for me at least. As it stands, this is simply a reminder of what wasn't, but could have been." - Ryan (09-Aug-2016)
"This starts out quite promisingly, but then runs completely out of steam and therefore has to be viewed, at best, as a demo. Impossible to tell how good it might have been (or not) had it been finished, but all that really remains is the chance to avoid spike balls and blow up a handful of skeletons." - Jay (22-Oct-2014)
"There's admittedly not much to write home about here. It can clearly be seen that this level is a bad example what happens when you want to finish a level quickly and release it prematurely - the large outdoor area and some decently textured really show the potential of this builder, but then it all falls short, not only in terms of gameplay time (about 5 minutes), but also no finish trigger, no way to use the items you've (probably) collected, the untextured areas and some other hastily designed parts. It was somewhat fun to blow up the skeletons with the grenade launcher, but I could play dozens of other levels if I had searched for this. In summary, I cannot recommend this unfinished level." - manarch2 (04-Dec-2013)
"You can palpably sense the builders enthusiasm draining away as you 'play' this incomplete adventure."Closed doors,waterfalls,lava,rolling boulders;what to do with them?? Oh the futility!" It completely fizzles out in a partially textured room, but by then you'll not be wanting to play further anyway(may,indeed,have lost the will to live). Id love to say that it all looks nice,what there is of it; but that would be a blatant fib." - Orbit Dream (05-Mar-2008)
"Too bad this lavel hasn't been finished, it seems the author lost interest and left it as it is. There are untextured places, nowhere to use the few items we picked up, and there's not even an end trigger. It hasn't been bad though, the few existing tasks are quite okay, and the finished areas especially the lake with a tree in it look really good." - Akcy (13-Sep-2007)
"At first sight, a humongous level with lots of things to do. On a second, insider view, not much to do and we're left with a rather unfinished level. I got a trident and a blue gem but never got to use them, and when I grinned when I picked up the Grenade Launcher (been a while since I last had one), I noticed I was trapped in this room. Upon reloading I followed another path and reached a HUGE lake with a big tree in the middle of it, and like bERT, the other reviews told me I had seen all I had to on that treetop. 30 minutes. 01/07" - Treeble (28-Jan-2007)
"Here we have the last level by this author called, Not So Dark Jungle. I don't know exactely why he called it that because there's not too much light in it. The author has us at the top of a huge waterfall looking a big tree in a lake. The overall scenery of the lake is wonderful and the tree in the middle make it look better as well. If there's on thing that this level has going for it, is the gameplay and the atmosphere. The gameplay is fluid, not to difficult and is pleasently paced. The biggest trouble with this level is the boulders that might suprise and kill you. Other than that, there are just some skeletons that can blasted with grenade laucher. Now, there are a few downsides. Namely, the biggest one being the constant missing textures. There were rooms where there were just black backgrounds which made it look totally ugly. The second let down is the fact that there is no finishing trigger to speak of. We are left holding keys, a diamond and an aztec piece and no where to use them. Maybe if there was a finishing trigger I might have recommended this one but I suggest to pass this one and find a better jungle level. This is disappointing finish from one of the earliest level designer. If I had to give this level a grade, I would give it a D, a fail mark." - The Aussie Adventurer (03-Feb-2006)
"It's definitely a jungle and it's not so dark and we have to make our way around through caves with lava and out onto a huge tree that grows out of a lake and there's climbing jungle ladders and dealing with lots of skeletons . . . but that's about it really. Even if you make it onto the big tree there's nothing to do. I have a gem and trident and nowhere to put them. And I find out that there's no end trigger. So this really should have 'demo' attached to the name because it's definitely not finished and by the looks of it it definitely won't be." - CC (23-Oct-2004)
"It's an old level. I hate reviewing old levels. Giving them a fair rating is hard since level building has evolved a lot over the years. Still this level feels uninspired. And it's not even finished. The rooms are big and empty the texturing is bad and the gameplay is close to non-existent. It only lasts for five to ten minutes depending on how much you explore. I almost feel bad for giving this level such a bad rating but when a level isn't fun to play it doesn't matter how old or new it is." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"At first sight this one looked very bleak and without any gameplay. But as you continue it is clear the author was on some track to make a rather good level but obviously got bored with it. On one hand there is some exploration to do through which you find a trident a gem and some keys and all this in some nice 'real life' jungle situations (explore the green textures and you'll see what I mean). And that's the best part of this level in my opinion. On the other hand there's for instance one area with so much textures missing it is clear this level is unfinished. Also some walls were rushed as far as the texturing is concerned. Cameras need some work (fly-by going kind of through walls). With a little more time this would have been an average level. After I thought I had explored everything but could not find anything to use the items for I eventually managed to get on the big branches of that huge three in the water (that was rather well done) and thought I finally found 'it' but alas nothing but branches. Luckily I met the other reviewers in the tree house and they told me there is no finish trigger (though it can be I dreamt that and only read about in the other reviews)." - bERT (29-Jan-2004)
"This one had me baffled for a while. Starting in a jungle area with a poison lake behind Lara I had to look what that building contained. So that was the first spiked boulder that missed Lara and of course I immediately fell into a hole that you never knew was there unless you fall through it. You get into a big lake and luckily you can climb out of it. Even with some funny jumping you can get behind a waterfall but as far as I could see there is nothing there. In most rooms there is nothing apart from getting a trident a gem and a key and those you take with you. The way to progress is finding levers and that it easier said than done as some are very well hidden. I saw loads of textures missing and I wondered what Lara was doing here. But do remember it is a very 'old' level. 05-01-2004" - Gerty (14-Jan-2004)
"After so many intervening levels I still remember playing this one nearly three years ago. And just as then it seems clear this level is unfinished. As it was released only a month after the LE you may want to forgive some of its shortcomings like thin walls and haphazardly applied (or missing) textures. Its greatest sin however is the rather confusing layout of the rooms with multiple paths leading to the same places and nothing to do once you get there. Only worth playing for hardcore LE 'historians'." - Tombaholic (14-Dec-2003)
"This is a nice small level easy gameplay if you like jungle levels you will enjoy this." - Yoav (11-Dec-2003)
"So that already was it? A few ideas but no storyline and once you reach the room with the missing textures you can't help but feel that this is where the author finally lost interest and didn't even bother to put in a finishing trigger. The setting is far more spacious than Verios' first jungle level but all in all the rooms are a bit boxy and I thought the big catacomb gates looked out of place. There is not much of a gameplay here is there? Climbing up to the lever that will make the secret accessible is by far the most thrilling task you have to do here. The gang of skeletons pose no threat as you just found the grenade launcher and finding three key pick ups is not very satisfying if there is no place to use them. Some jumps some climbs a few boulder traps and a big lake with nothing to do in it. Unfinished." - Dimpfelmoser (17-Dec-2002)
"I have nothing really to add at least nothing that hasn't already being said. I also found a gem a trident and the keys but no place the put any of them. The secret wasn't that difficult and the level has walkthrough leafs and walls. The traps are easy to pass a spike ball lava pits and darts. The grenade launcher will help you deal with those skeletons and those are the only enemies and only after you get the gem. As the other reviewers wrote this is an incomplete level with missing textures in every room which I am afraid until this day December 7th 2002 the author hasn't bothered to complete." - Kristina (10-Dec-2002)
"Unfinished business. So it has no end trigger and no obvious purpose. Well you can always let your imagination run free. So Lara has won a winner ticket to spend some vacations somewhere in the Pacific jungle. Having an adventurer's soul she did not stay with the others tourists in the camp but she started to explore the surroundings. In her ballad she found a gem a trident and a gate key. 'It's great she said I will bring them back to the Croft manor for my collection of unknown and useless objects'. She was also very happy to find a secret uzis and a grenade gun. In her joy she decided to make some good jumps in a lava room walk on the trees and dive in the big lake just for the fun. She even climbed in places which would be inaccessible for the average tourist after avoiding some boulders and blowing out some skeletons. 'What the heck were they doing here?' she thought. 'Oh it's eight o'clock now all those good exercises has made me hungry I must return to the others for dinner!' This level could have been a good level of exploration and platforming if it was finished." - eRIC (29-Jul-2002)
"Unfortunately this is the unfinished version of the level but somewhere out there the finished version lurks and hopefully one day it will find its way to this list so for the time being I will rate this as a demo. The lay out of the starting area of this level reminded me very much of Theresa's 'River of the Sacred Beetle' with the use of a waterfall leading to a huge tree sadly though this version of the level doesn't stretch far from this area. The game play is fairly haphazard as you search for a trident gem and set of keys none of these used anywhere while interacting with some spiked boulder traps quite a bit of lava and a gang of skeletons. There's not much more to say about this other than I look forward to the full length finished version of this level but as this stands don't expect much because you won't get much!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Maybe there is a more up to date version out there than the one that I played but yet again this level seemed unfinished. It starts off with a great Jungle feeling and one of the first things to accomplish is to find a nicely hidden secret but as you progress through a couple of doors and rooms you suddenly end up in a room where the wall textures are completely missing!? Also it is a bit annoying that you can reach many corners in the grand waterfall area with the tree in the middle but apparently to no avail. Maybe it is just me not getting it? Well play it for yourself and let me know..." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Not a bad level but not a finished level either ... very frustrating. It's all a little frustrating actually. Hidden holes in the ground boulders falling without warning great big areas to explore which do nothing ... but also some fiendishly hidden levers (not sure what some of them do though) some interesting textures (though the level does suffer from repetitive texture strain meaning that you start to lose perspective in some areas) and at least one only partly finished room. I ended up with some keys a gemstone and a trident thing but nowhere to put them ... apparently there isn't anywhere for them as the level is incomplete. Ho hum." - David (21-Jun-2002)
"I enjoyed playing this level but I think it could have been so much better if a little more work had been put into it. I found some keys a gem and a trident as I explored the many out of the way areas but I never found a place to use them. There was a great secret near the beginning which included the uzis but the only enemy seemed to be skeletons so I never used it either. It was fun getting to though. Despite the many missing textures I loved the environment with its large rooms great use of water and places up high that were just begging to be explored. Overall an easy level but I did find myself reloading a few times because of the boulder traps and lava spikes and darts were all used very well. Very entertaining while it lasted and much brighter and more open than the author's last jungle level but unfortunately there is no ending at least none that I could find." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)