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Caves of Amun by Will Gell

alan 7 7 8 7
Andi Croft 9 7 8 5
bERT 8 7 7 7
CC 7 7 7 7
Cuqui 9 8 9 8
David 8 5 8 9
Dimpfelmoser 8 8 8 7
eRIC 9 7 10 8
Gerty 8 7 9 7
Jay 8 7 8 7
Jerry 7 5 8 7
Jose 7 6 8 7
Kristina 7 7 8 8
Mehrbod 7 7 7 7
MichaelP 8 7 9 7
Miguel 8 5 8 7
Momster 9 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 8 4 8 6
Phil 8 7 8 7
RaiderGirl 9 7 8 8
Ryan 8 7 8 7
Sash 8 8 8 7
Scottie 8 7 7 5
TombRaiderFan 9 7 8 6
Treeble 8 6 9 9
TrueRaider 8 6 6 6
release date: 03-Feb-2001
# of downloads: 111

average rating: 7.44
review count: 26
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file size: 19.33 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Starting the adventure, baffled with the environment around you. The dark atmosphere occupies the player for pointless tasks. On the bright side, this game contains some neat puzzles and nice tile puzzle which will intrigue the player into the adventure. I personally used TR4 cheats to have flares unlimited... Couldn't finish the game without them... Thanks!" - Mehrbod (06-Jul-2019)
"This is another older level that holds up rather competently compared to most out there. It's an engaging 45 minute raid through some very gloomy cave areas and also a few lava rooms. It's too dark in places and the cave setting is rather bland, but then again you can't expect caves to hold much eye candy. At least it's atmospheric and the gameplay will keep you occupied. You get a few neat trigger tile puzzles, a symbol puzzle and a really well thought out area near the end that has you collecting various puzzle items by completing different tasks, access to which is afforded to by different timed runs. Enemies are just a few dogs and bats near the end, so don't be lulled into a false sense of security. A very fun raid." - Ryan (05-Nov-2018)
"At first I thought this level would be very difficult but the more I played I was starting to like it. The puzzles are OK, the timed runs and the quest for the Ba and Ra cartouches. I cheated only to get some flares, because it would have been annoying to use the binoculars or the pistols all the time. There are few pick-ups and enemies, you'll find some dogs and bats near the end. 45 minutes and found 0 secrets :p" - alan (06-Oct-2017)
"What a treat this must have been on its release. Even all these years later, it's an enjoyable romp through caves large and small, with a good variety of tasks, involving interesting puzzles and timed runs. Nothing seems hard to achieve now, but I dare say I might have felt differently in 2001. It's perhaps not the prettiest of levels, although competently made, but I suppose that's the problem with caves - not much opulence. This would make an absolutely marvellous level for a newish player looking for something a bit more challenging than most of the early stuff. Just a word of warning. By the end of the (just over an hour) you may be feeling totally relaxed at the lack of enemies - just in time to get mobbed by two packs of dogs and several bats!" - Jay (05-May-2015)
"With 21 previous reviews, all of which make some reference to the pervasive darkness here, one might wonder why I bothered to download and play this level at all. Since Will Gell was one of only a few builders during the early years who provided walkthroughs for his levels, I imagine I played it soon after I was introduced to this site. And in those days I liked everything, so when I later started reviewing levels I threw out 9s and 10s so profusely that Michael finally asked me politely if I would try to be a little more discriminating. As most of you know, I soon became so discriminating that I've become known in these parts as the Chief Hater of Dark Levels. Caves of Amun stands near the top of the list in that department. Still, I was able to appreciate the care with which the gameplay has been laid out, and after all, we need to remember that we're playing in a cave. Unlimited flares saw me through, and I finished in just over an hour. Not much eye candy here, even if the surroundings had been adequately lighted, but still a fun level that holds up fairly well after nearly 13 years." - Phil (25-Apr-2015)
"Your goal in this very dark caves is to get access to the room with the pit and 4 receptacles and later find 4 cartouches to open the exit door. There are variety of tasks and very few switches, 'cause they are substituted by flipmaps or pad tiles. There are very few enemies, and the continuous darkness makes the gameplay more slow. The flares I found were not enough for me. The best were the appropriate musics and the useful cameras in the correct places. Recommended." - Jose (24-Apr-2015)
"This level has, actually, everything what a good level must have. He has good riddles, informative Flyby's, good Gameplay and a good sound. There is only one thing which is absent. And this is the atmosphere. The level is so dark about wide distances which makes it very often generally no fun. I already play with brighter monitor settings, but, nevertheless, it was still too dark. Moreover, I have found no Flares. Now such a thing must not really be. The level builder could maybe have distributed a few torches in the level. Then one could have taken that and would have seen also more. With me the play fun kept within narrow bounds. Maybe it changes if I play the complete series one after the other. We will see." - Scottie (19-Feb-2010)
"This level was built in the very early days of the level editor, and its look and style shows its age. But that doesn't mean this level is bad, just a little out of date maybe. Gameplay-wise it is very straightforward, with some symbol puzzle to solve, several timed runs and traps to master and looking for puzzle items, but all tasks are rather easy, even the timed ones. No weapons or medipacks to be found, indeed you don't need any. But some flares would have come in handy as the lighting is a very dark in some places." - Jerry (19-Jul-2009)
"This level had me going for a while, but it's pretty linear once you actually get started. I loved how the buildings crumbled as you were on the move to allow your next step, but my particular favorite aspect of this level is down below, just before getting the relic, there's an obelisk and four receptacles, and four nearby doors with different challenges to retrieve the four cartouches. Though the four of them were piece of cake, they were fun to do. You only kill some dogs and bats in the end, so don't worry about not being able to carry your guns at ready because of flares or something, but if you can make anything out of the possible darkness, then spare your flares - at least I haven't picked up any and I needed one towards the end, but I could see what to do with the pistol flashes. 30 minutes. 01/07" - Treeble (29-Jan-2007)
"This level shows that talented builders can make a good level from what the basic level editor files gives you so without the use of any custom made programs to make new objects and other stuff. I very much enjoyed this one for the basic level that this is. Quite a lot of fun little challenges by which you have to find the eyepieces of Horus Timeless Sands thingie and cartouche pieces. Some timed runs here and there timed pillar jumping and because it is quite dark (but manageable dark) also some good looking around to do. The big room with the four cartouches to be found and placed was as far as architecture is concerned maybe ordinary but looked quite good in my opinion. Towards the end the enemies kick in (dogs and bats) for a final adrenaline rush. No secrets on my counter. Nice little level to play in between." - bERT (26-Nov-2003)
"My score in the 2nd category seems rather paltry but these caves were naturalistically empty so it is no criticism. Indeed I found the atmosphere extremely convincing and claustrophobic. Yes it was dark but it suited the location and the gameplay was reasonably linear so navigation was never much of a problem. Lots of good gameplay; decent puzzles; good progression. And look! What is that? A download of 990 KB. How can this be? So much gameplay so little time consumed in downloading. Those were the days." - Orbit Dream (27-Aug-2003)
"What's the first thing you notice the darkness even on my great monitor this was very dark. I suppose the idea was to hide all those switches you've got to find ok fair enough. I did like the jumping around over the lava and all the other jump rooms to find the eyepiece and hourglass. Very good gameplay throughout and I liked the explosion that blew out parts of the caves to revel new areas. No enemies 'til the end but I was very glad of that as the level is so dark it would be just tooooo much to have to deal with enemies as well. There's some good timed runs in a huge room through a central golden tower more timed runs elsewhere a clever hieroglyph puzzle and all to get 4 cartouches to place on top of this golden tower through the caves and out to Gateway to Menouthis." - CC (19-Aug-2003)
"Very dark and with no flares. I had two choices; one to give the level up or to add flares I chose the second options. My eyes were hurting so please when you create a pitch black levels give plenty of flare. Other than that we travel through caves and explore to find the Timeless Sands cartouche pieces and open a few doors. Dogs and bats will be in our way along with lava rooms and spikes near the end. It's not really my kind of level but it is interesting and for people that like spooky levels. I would say what I always say play the whole series it's worth it." - Kristina (24-Jul-2003)
"I really enjoyed this level! A good beginner level for beginner raiders. The level didn't have much light and was far too dark! I had to use alot of flares! And I didn't find many flares either. I thought the puzzles and gameplay was excellent. Even though there were no enemies the level was still good gameplay and excitement. I loved the puzzle where Lara had to jump on 5 correct squares to open a door - that was fun and a bit tough. Varied flipmaps were used as well and very well used as well. Certain areas were demolished and disarranged to create new areas that allow you to progress. Overall a good novice level and for a player who likes puzzles." - TombRaiderFan (28-Feb-2003)
"With its well built caves and many fun puzzles this is my favorite so far of Will's levels. There aren't many enemies till the end but before that you have some tricky timed doors hieroglyph puzzles climbing and jumping puzzles deadly spikes - all to get the amulet before you make your way further into the caves. All the rooms look really great and Will has captured the 'Tomb of Set' atmosphere really well." - RaiderGirl (21-Jan-2003)
"Gameplay in this level is quite fluent and although there are hardly enemies the atmosphere is so eerie that you feel the need for Lara to keep her guns drawn as much as possible. And in this level that is hardly ever as you need to light a flare almost all the time as it is a bit too dark. The lack of enemies are more than made up by the brilliant way Will puts this level together. There are levers to pull and don't forget the timed runs and the main goal is to get 4 Cartouche so you can get access to the Ankh and that is also what Lara took with her in her backpack. She will encounter enemies dogs and bats. I have to admit as I hate timed runs these ones were not that difficult meaning not frustrating so I could make them after a couple of tries. Found 1 secret. 26-11-2002" - Gerty (26-Nov-2002)
"A level very well done and exciting including eight nice puzzles and lots of timed-doors. Atmosphere is great and the gameplay excellent. However some areas are too dark. But I had much fun jumping and running through the timed-doors. I liked very much the Gold Maze Puzzle the sloping room with spikes and the way to pick up the two Eye of Horus pieces with an earthquake each time revealing new areas to explore. Play it and you'll have a good time!" - Cuqui (26-Nov-2002)
"I like Caves of Amun a lot it was one of the very first custom levels I have played. And replaying it this time I still enjoyed it and could appreciate better the author's work and discovered new aspects of it. So there is no enemies except at the end. It was a good idea as the player does not know what to expect behind the next corner. The atmosphere is really great when Lara is going down always deeper in the earth until she reaches caves with lava and secret temples. Earthquakes and flip-map rooms several very well balanced timed doors very good jumps a good puzzle with hieroglyphs with the solution in the ceiling of the previous room my favourite task is the timed door after a series of jumps on pillars in one of the 4 little adventures at the end of the level in which Lara must find 4 cartouches. One of my very special levels." - eRIC (12-Oct-2002)
"One of the very first custom levels I played and revisiting it now it is still great fun. Bearing in mind that there are no pick ups (apart from the secrets) and no enemies (save for the last 2 minutes) it's amazing how entertaining this is and that the suspense never slackens. I enjoyed myself immensely but then again I'm a big fan of timed runs and I like a good jump. And here you get a timed jumping sequence. Can you ask for more? The fly bys are beautifully done the rewarding secrets make up for the lack of enemies there are some nice flip maps and the gameplay is pretty fast paced (or is that because I've already played it; I dimly remember being stuck there the first time around because I missed the hyroglyphs at the ceiling). It's very traditional raiding but who is going to complain if it's done in such a professional way?! Highly recommended for the experienced raider as well as for the tomb rookie." - Dimpfelmoser (28-Aug-2002)
"This level has a great dark cave feel and look throughout that I found played at its eerily best with all the lights off although there were hardly any enemies in this level I gave it a high rating in that category for the placement of the secrets as well as a well used earthquake that shakes the place up revealing some crucial pick ups there is a wonderfully executed four part puzzle that will keep you on your toes as well as many other things to do and places to explore look out for the extremely well hidden answer to a fiery puzzle as it will save you from having to hit the reload button over and over again." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Will's third level had me busy from start to end with great gameplay and puzzles and an overall very nice cave-like atmosphere being created. Although I do not like levels being too dark where I have to run around lighting flares all the time to find things in the corners this one is put together very well." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"To be honest this is my least favorite of Will Gell's excellent series of levels. It is way too dark in places and the design is very simple. I found navigating in the small spaces a little frustrating but that is just at the beginning of the level. The gameplay is excellent and a variety of things to do problem is a lack of flares!" - TrueRaider (21-Jun-2002)
"A somewhat linear but nicely thought through level. I found it a *little* annoying to have to keep going from side to side near the start to solve the puzzles but it's ok overall. There's a spiked floor section which seems to have no clues as to how to solve it except by trial and error (I hate that) and very few pickups. It's very dark in a couple of places and there are few enemies along the way - nice to see the jackals at the end though and the bat attack is a nice idea. I liked the new 'eye' floor panels and there are lots of timed doors. A good diverting hour or so's play." - David (21-Jun-2002)
"Will Gell's Cave of Amun takes the Settomb-Wad and tries to make and copy what we had seen there. He makes it on his style - more than 50 minutes your weapons are sleeping and you cannot get a goodie. But you have to jump and run (timed doors) and climb. Textures and light/shadow making the atmosphere. From beginning a little lower in quality comparing to the second part of his level. But from room to room he takes it higher. I liked the camera and sound. Some little error in texturing - but you can see that he learned from the past - I personally like more the 2nd level but it is worth to be played." - Miguel (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a level with good puzzles. The best are the timed-doors and the last room with the 4 objects. But this level is too dark. I can see nothing. I had a lot of flares but this is not fun to run. The textures are fine and the gameplay is good. I couldn't find health-packs guns and ammunition. This level is nice to play but the darkness is bad. I was playing 58 minutes in this level." - Andi Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"Lara must find her way through the caves up and out with many great puzzle adventures along the way. Although I liked this better than the author's first two I found it much too dark even though the atmosphere and story line call for darkness. But it was never a hindrance to the game play. Good use of the earthquake to make you backtrack over previously explored areas the author made good use of the space. No pickups to really speak of other than one extremely loaded room but weapons and health packs weren't necessary until the very end with the dogs from hell. Some excellent timed puzzles which I got through amazingly well to my surprise and delight. Even with the darkness an enjoyable and well-structured level. 1:06 hours for me." - Momster (21-Jun-2002)