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The Last Crusade by Piega

alan 8 9 10 9
Boris 10 10 10 10
Brad 10 10 10 10
Brat352 10 10 10 10
CC 9 9 10 10
Chronicles5 9 10 10 9
Cuqui 9 9 9 9
David 8 8 8 8
Dick 8 10 10 10
Dimpfelmoser 9 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
Drakan 10 10 10 10
Drew 9 9 8 8
Engelchen Lara 10 10 10 10
eTux 8 9 9 10
Fairy Godfather 10 10 10 10
Freeman Porter 10 10 10 10
G.Croft 9 9 8 9
Gerty 10 10 10 10
gfd 6 6 10 10
Hendrik 10 10 10 10
Ivan 10 8 10 9
Jan 10 10 10 10
JesseG 9 9 10 9
JimmyBeon 10 10 10 10
Jose 7 9 10 10
Josi 10 9 10 8
Juan Carlos 10 10 9 9
Kristina 10 10 10 10
Leandro 10 10 10 9
LePerk 7 9 9 10
Linden 3 3 4 9
Lorena 10 10 9 10
Loupar 10 10 10 10
Ludwig 10 9 10 10
Magnus 10 9 10 10
Martin 9 9 9 9
MD 9 9 10 9
MichaelP 9 9 10 10
Miguel 8 9 10 9
Miss Kroft 10 10 10 10
Miya 9 8 8 9
Mman 9 10 10 10
Nicky 10 10 10 10
Nomad 10 10 10 10
Obig 9 9 10 9
Percys 10 10 10 10
Petaludas 9 9 10 9
Phil 10 10 10 10
QRS 10 10 10 10
RaiderGirl 10 10 10 10
Relic Hunter 10 10 10 10
rjb 10 9 10 10
rtrger 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Samu 9 10 10 10
Sash 10 10 10 10
Scottie 10 9 10 9
Seemeister 8 10 10 10
SilentViper 10 9 8 10
Staticon 9 10 10 9
Sys 9 10 10 10
Tammta 8 8 8 6
Tombaholic 10 10 10 9
Tombraidergirl 10 10 10 10
TRDigger 10 9 10 10
Treeble 10 9 10 10
tuxraider 8 7 8 7
Vinci 10 10 10 10
Whistle 9 10 10 10
Xxenofex 10 10 10 10
release date: 07-Nov-2001
# of downloads: 215

average rating: 9.46
review count: 71
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file size: 55.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Rome/Greece

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Reviewer's comments
"This level is a masterpiece, another builder that inspired me over the years and I came back to play this level recently to feel the majesty of it once more. Piega, is legendary for what he achieved with this back in the day. How he was able to build with the old TRLE editor is stuff of legend. If there is any builder who captured Core Design's original work, then ramped it up to 11 and made it brilliant it was him. From his town design with cleverly crafted interconnected corridors and levels, the verticality of his atmospheric areas, the mirror room library with its fantastical approach to traversing, to the underground lair with the 4 dragon faces, everything just... special. I cant not give this level a full 10s across the board, I love this level set." - JimmyBeon (01-Apr-2024)
"Really old level, but it's pretty good even for modern standards. It's also pretty hard, not for everyone.


  • The first impression lasts for a while: it's a wide area where you have to search for items. You find something new all the time if you keep looking, the "getting lost" dread seems to be lower than in similar levels, it's fun to explore and discover things. Some fun puzzles. Texturing and architecture is pretty good even for modern standards.
  • This must have been a masterpiece at its time, and it still manages to impress today, 22 years later. Of course there's not anything breathtaking. It's simply surprisingly well done.
  • The level is split into multiple sub-levels, but actually it's a single big level. You can revisit almost all parts of the level later.
  • I thought the gameplay flowed extremely well in the beginning. But later it gets harder. With such a large and open level, most players will reach a point where they have to check the WT to make progress. But in general, I found that I was less bad than in levels with similar gameplay, even if they're simpler.
  • Hard parts: dealing with the wide area, needing patience, needing to be familiar with TRLE gameplay details, some tricky non-obvious jumps, a timed platforms run, a long dive, two places with wraiths that annoy and hurt you, getting through moving knives or similar timed obstacles that reduce your HP.
  • Later parts of the gameplay I even found irritating. The cave with the ropes in "The Golden Skull" sub-level was when I started to find it really tiring. (But it got a bit better again later.)
  • It just ends when you pick up the Golden Skull in an area where you can't get back to the rest of the level. I found this a bit disappointing.


  • You can jump over the rails in one of the side areas near the tower-like structure in the "The Golden Skull" sub-level. You're probably not supposed to be able to, and you can get stuck forever.
  • You can lose your torch. Although the level builder seemed to attempt to prevent this, it can happen. Just be careful.
  • In one place, I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to glitch the torch through a gap (using a trick by drawing your guns). It almost seemed so, but in the end I did it without. Maybe it was a secret? Confusing.
  • I think I could trigger the bell before I was supposed to. Didn't seem to be a problem.
  • There are some intentionally missing or very badly chosen climbing textures. That was unnecessary.
  • The crowbar didn't work on all crowbar-openable doors. In some cases it was because I was on the wrong side of the door. In other cases, it was probably an inconsistency.
  • Getting one of the tridents requires you to take fall damage and then fire damage. Also there wasn't a medipack there. Mean, maybe even a game stopper for some players.

CONCLUSION: Pretty good, for experienced and patient players only. Probably gets slightly less enjoyable later, but not bad enough to not recommend it.

" - tuxraider (27-Jul-2023)
"Yes, it's a very long and complex level that won't be suitable for those looking for something casual. This level will have you entering from one level to another more than once, which makes it more complicated. But overall I think it was fun (as long as you have a walkthrough at hand xd), at least it doesn't contain tedious gameplay, and the pickups are enough to keep you alive. Except maybe I think I abused of the medipacks, because I needed one so badly in the last level but I had run out, so don't make the same mistake as me and save them. I liked the various cameras used, and I saw many interesting and unique things in this level that I don't think I'd seen before (like the rock falling and creating a hole in the floor). So yeah it's good but know that you'll spend more than an hour in here that's for sure." - alan (01-Apr-2023)
"WHAT AN UNBELIEVABLE TRLE! The roman-church bell theme is amazing, the mirror hall was SUPERB, the secrets were places big and not only rooms i grab things(u could also be in danger), the tr4 bike theme in the bonus level which was playing all the time , even if u die was on point, the connection between the areas were adding many hours of exploration which was so satisfying, the golden skull level with the monster-eyes decoration was so imposing. Some notifications i want to add:brilliant torch puzzle, brilliant 'rocks raises water level' puzzle, the 2 spirit chase is indeed quite anxious and they make u miss items like trident, the lever-torch fall onto crocks was orgasmic. Overall 10/10 worth playing, its not so hard completing it, u should just explore and remember places cause in times the next step is shown in front you. *BUG: In the last area where u meet the first demigod in the stairs if u use explosive grenade gun instantly, the bell is activated, u kill him ,go to the top , grab the skull and u just go towards the finish corridor(no need for exploring,jumps and moving things) and also when u press the last switch for bonus level the music stop instantly,pure silence" - Petaludas (30-Mar-2020)
"The main theme here is a Roman city heavily in the style of the first part of TR5, although the third map mixes things up for an original feeling hellish-theme. For such an old set it's very visually ambitious with some huge scale areas and interesting framing of set-piece reveals (like a tight corridor that literally opens in a huge room), the lighting also sticks out, as areas frequently have compositions that make the most out of certain texture themes and give them a striking and original feel. There's also some interesting geometry, like some extremely sloped walkable areas and a corridor that's uneven in a way that almost looks like it space-warped or something. It's also a notable leap over Piega's already great looking earlier maps. A couple of the city areas feel a little simpler than the rest, but it doesn't offset how great it generally looks (especially considering it's age). There's also a good use of objects, although a couple of unedited ones like the Demigods don't entirely fit in, but not enough to be offensively out of place.
The first two levels here are heavily linked, with complex layouts and multiple ways to go, it can get overwhelming if you aren't careful, but it's fine to work out as long as keep track of the potential points of interest. Despite it's age it's probably one of the most successful sets at giving me a "metroidvania" style feel to it's level linking, with you unlocking the tools to gradually unravel more of both levels. The third level is more stand-alone (although you still have to go there a couple of times), but it balances that out with more difficult individual challenges. There's also secret hunt (that's possible to do for almost the whole set) as a major extra challenge to open an action-heavy bonus section, and it's worth doing in itself as the secrets have interesting extra content and areas inside them. In particular the torch puzzles in the set are very well done, and quite ambitious in their execution even today. There is some forced damage, a couple of unintended shortcuts (though with the non-linearity I'm not sure you can actually break/forever miss anything doing them) and a seemingly bugged lever that held me up a while that DJ- Full's review also mentioned, but these issues don't take too much away overall. Given the title is seemingly an Indiana Jones reference the only real homage to the film in this seemed to be a library with a floor you break through, but it's something I guess (and one of the bigger puzzles). For most this set would be a magnum- opus, but Piega managed to top it in almost every way with the Sanctuaries set, nevertheless it's still a masterpiece and very ahead of it's time in some ways given how early it come out." - Mman (25-Jul-2019)
"A classic level tomb raider but made by PiƩga enhances the quality. Architecture, Textures, lighting, gameplay, everything is perfect for what I look for in one level. The objects are very well placed and I love the statue of Poseidon who has not aged. excellentissime" - Drakan (19-Nov-2018)
"Well, what can i say? Piega strikes again. I was kinda afraid of disappointment because of the fame of these levels but there was nothing to fear. What an atmospheric, creative and logical levels these were! It made me feel like I was playing a new Tomb Raider game from the classics. I had a very entertaining time exploring the outside areas with the accompanying bell sounds, it involved everything great about tomb raiding from rooftop hopping to thinking/puzzle solving (awesome torch puzzle too) to secret libraries and sewers all beautifully detailed and designed. The transition between the levels was all handled perfectly, you can even get from level to level via secrets. The levels had plenty of those moments where you ask 'how can I get up there?' and then say 'oooh, so I have finally arrived at this spot now!' after a hard work of exploration. It is a shame I couldn't find how to get to the second secret trident so I could not see what was behind the promising double statue door. I must also praise the idea of the rocks elevating the water levels. I guess I have to stop before I turn this review into a eulogy. There were some slightly bad issues in the levels, the first one being the weird door in the last level which I closed due to a bug it seems and it made me waste an hour around the lava room. Second I couldn't fit the enemies to the levels besides the crocs and of course the templar undead. The last bell also didn't ring the first time I tried even though I don't remember using any explosives but when I loaded it did ring. These things didn't stop me enjoying it. Every true trfan has to play these levels!" - Nomad (06-Oct-2016)
"Undoubtedly one of the best games I have ever played. Piega's unique talent for architecture is present, along with logical puzzles and great visuals. A definite must play." - Ryan (13-Mar-2016)
"Since the first rooms Piega showcased symptomes of great skill, but playing this release after his older ones is like witnessing a bacteria evolve into a mushroom. It's one of very few which welcome you shocked with complexity, exhaust you with solving, but leave you willing for greater comprehension - right after it ends, you may think "wait, did I really get it all?" and relaunch for another run, faster and more aware of what you're doing. Some parts of city exploration are exactly as I remembered them from the first try, but for instance some enjoyable corner shimmying to one of the secret buttons I had clear and great memories from doesn't exist at all! While it's odd for memories to surpass their respective locations, then it's totally weird why I completely forgot about the last level with its natural caves, scary faces, flooded shallows and the final pyramid I currently find the most impressive. Could it be I was just too young to fully notice the craft contained in them when attempting the game for the first time? It seems so. I surely wasn't a sufficiently skilled player to notice the shortcut for potential torch gamestopper or the malfunctioning switch in the lava cave which now gave me an hour of trouble. Anyway, timeless architecture and mindmoving yet friendly gameplay peaking at the goal-to-hint glance over the pried star (a puzzle arrangement I'd be proud to achieve myself) raise a question why all the levels aren't so well thought and render it suspicious not to grant this work with a full mark. SUMMARY: Exceptional. After years I rediscovered one of my first played adventures in a completely different way, so if you hesitate between trying it now or later, do both and lose nothing of experience." - DJ Full (17-Jan-2016)
"Few words from me, because I want to say thank to the author. Another classic TRLE adventure which is one of most unforgettable for me. Definitely a one of these which shouldn't be missed. The game is very unique and well designed. Atmosphere is very characteristic, it gave me a lot of inspiration. I really enjoyed when played The Last Crusade years ago, it's still in my heart." - MD (13-Apr-2015)
"Even I was getting tired of me being such a downer as I began my HoF quest. But this set of 3 interconnected roman levels has lifted my spirits. Gameplay was quite substantial and included different kinds of pushblock puzzles, finding bells to shoot, and constructing your own monkeyswings to proceed. Usually levels that take this long to complete have a poor or convoluted structure, but that is not the case here. Unfortunately the levels were designed in such a way that you were forced to backtrack several times, and the time that felt the most unnecessary was going back to the library level purely to get the sun pillar before going back to the last level to use it - and no, you can't get the sun pillar in advance. This wouldn't be so bad if the author hadn't decided to close random doors on return trips for no reason (and you can't reopen them). Think you can use your new-found torch in the mirror hall level? Nope, the gate you opened to get there decided to bunker in for the night. Think you can take that shortcut through the library for the sun pillar? Nope, the door in that ally decided it was time to close shop for the day. Also you get to stand and wait a long time for one of those knights with swords to unlock a moon pushable for you (kind of like waiting for a display case to be unlocked in the store). But these things are just my ranting and when I got over myself, decided to think of the long ways around as scenic routes. On to the objects, which were overall used very decoratively, although the coin slots in the sides of the pillars felt a bit unfitting. There were some useless switches, such as one with a flamethrower behind it which closes a door that you never need to close, and you will pass some flamethrowers that originate from the middle of the air - letting you walk behind them. The places are very atmospheric, and the library and ball room especially stuck me. The texturing also fits the bill, but is hindered by a poorly textured ladder on the side of a fireplace, as well as a huge lack of water textures, sometimes making it hard to tell what is in water and what is not. Despite my nit-picking, I see this is a top-tier release and I'm sure it was an obvious HoF candidate from the start. An excellent play. Finished in 3 hours and 13 minutes." - SSJ6Wolf (30-Apr-2012)
"I wonder just how many levels are there, I have not played. At the first glance I knew that this level is completely unknown to me. Why and how? Who knows. Obviously I missed a lot of good level. But I'm going to make up for it.
"Job offer: A person who knows every corner of the town is searched. The person should be light on his feet, must have experience in jumping and climbing, must be free from giddiness and may have no fear of Blue Beans. Offered will a decent payment and the privilege to be allowed to stay some hours in society of a well-known woman. Interested parties announce themselves please immediately." After I had walked around half an hour and had totally got lost, I had needed 2 rest days and had put this place offer in the local newspaper. Unfortunately, nobody had announced itself. So I had to continue, as usual, alone. There is the nice saying in the fairy tale "And if they have not died, they are still alive today." With me one would have to say "And if he has got lost once again, he still is on the way in search of the Finish-Trigger." Why has the level builder no direction signs distributed in this level? "To the library please go there." "The Tridents can you find here." "To the Mirror Hall please along there." Et cetera. With it would be helped the inclined player very much and he would not have to run constantly completely confused and disoriented to and fro. Do I have the luck that I had well paid attention at school when the teachers absolutely wanted to teach us reading and writing. And imagine, I could even still spare a few brain cells and store a few English words. Since only so I could read and understand the WT. And I had to consult the WT more than once because I had more than once no notion what Piega generally wanted from me.
Because already everything was said about this level, I can be brief: Brilliant level, brilliant Gameplay, excellent lighting and many very interesting rooms. This masterpiece should get an place of honor in every well sorted collection." - Scottie (25-May-2011)
"Piega is the master of the visuals. He can set up awesome structures, or a city, which is very, very non-linear so you will be stuck after five minutes of gaming. You have to run up and down quite a lot to find what to do next, and that's why this game kept me busy for 2 months. I loved the indoor places, they have been lit so nicely, and the texturing is also beautiful. Otherwise, this levelset has some very well thought puzzles and other challenging gameplay elements, so if you like this style of gaming, this one is for you." - rtrger (06-Apr-2010)
"In this levels you'll find one of the best architectures you can see in a custom level; textures are fantastic too and give a very realistic touch to the levels; I liked a lot the cameras too, and sounds are implemented in good places. There are a lot of clever puzzles you can enjoy but the only thing I didn't like was the too much no-lineal gameplay; it's easy that you arrive to a place without the necessary item in many ocassions, so you have to retrace your steps many times through huge areas and run around and around losing a lot of time. Near the end I shooted the last bell and nothing happened so I had to read the walkthrough and saw the bug using the explosive ammo with the demigods, and I had to move again the yellow globe all the way wasting more time. A real challenge for any player." - Jose (12-Jul-2008)
"I knew just in the beginning that this is really gorgeus game and I was right. This game contains wonderful looking houses, streets and some underground areas. Sometimes I was a bit frustrated when exploring the city because it's a huge labyrint but on the other hand it was pretty fun. You must still have a lot of patience to complete the game because getting to know the city will take some time. Exactly I don't have much else to say because everything in the game is done almost perfectly and it offered new surprises all the time when I was playing it. I recommend this very highly." - Samu (02-May-2006)
"O boy.. it took me close to 7 hours to finish this excellent adventure. I got all 12 secrets and the bonus level. I have never seen such complex levels before. After a few minutes I almost gave up because there were so many places to go! :) All tens from me. I have absolutely nothing to complain about here. Piega should have been the level designer for Eidos in the first place if you ask me! 2005/04/21" - QRS (22-Apr-2005)
"An outstanding adventure from Piega! These three impressive levels are set in Rome and will offer four and a half hours of gameplay and twelve secrets to find. This adventure can be quite confusing and should be recommended for the hardcore raiders out there. In this series Lara searches for a golden skull that has been hidden by Lancelot a long time ago. In our search we visit a library in a nice Roman city and there is a mirror hall to visit which was nicely constructed and there were some nice tasks there too such as some good timed platforms. The surroundings of the first two levels are really impressive and beautiful. The Mirror Hall also has a bonus area if you manage to find most of the secrets in The Library that contain buttons which open the doors that allow access and you will also have to find two secret tridents. The bonus area is a fast paced segment of the game but it is very fun especially with the wraiths chasing you while you jump on chandeliers. The Golden Skull takes place in the cave where Lancelot hid the skull and there are some really impressive lava rooms and excellent and hard tasks to do. There are very nicely demonic faces that give you the impression that evil spirits are watching your every action. The rooms in all of the levels were brilliantly constructed and nobody should miss this adventure. If you are up for a challenging series of levels then play these and you will be really impressed with the brilliant work of Rene." - Relic Hunter (23-Aug-2004)
"I notice that some people who've reviewed this level claim to have completed it in 3 or 4 hours or so. Well I'm sorry but the only way they could've have achieved that is to have read the walkthrough every step of the way. And I can't say I blame them because without it you'll be wandering around for solid hours on end wondering what the hell to do and where on earth to go. Of the trilogy of levels on offer here the third is fine and will (when you complete it) give you a genuine sense of satisfaction that few other levels will provide. Unfortunately this is mainly due to the horrible first and second levels which are amongst the most complex and convoluted ever made. Sure these levels have their moments and very impressive they were too but I refuse to believe that people (those who avoided the walkthrough as much as possible) actually gained much enjoyment for running around for days on end desperately trying to remember where a certain place is and what you have to do once you reach there. At least the graphics are nice; amongst the best ever in fact. It even has a sort of 'ending' whereby you obviously know that the mission is about to be completed. Come to think of it these levels look and sound so good that you could have swore they were professional. But professionals don't make such vast maze-like and almost totally empty levels (there are hardly any enemies whatsoever) that will at times have you on the verge of tears. And they certainly don't put a horrible death-trap right at the very end. These levels took me 8 hours (at least 5 of which I spent doing nothing at all but running to and fro time and time again) and I found 8 secrets." - gfd (27-Dec-2003)
"I'm not sure that I can add much to the many positive comments about this excellent game that can be seen in other places. Having played custom levels for just over a year this was the first 'great' one (in all senses of the word) that I tried and it still rates as my number 1. That very first view in the game suggested so strongly that this was going to be a masterpiece and I wasn't disappointed. If anything I think that first of the 3 levels (contrary to many?) is my favourite with its grand vistas and beautiful buildings and magnificent atmosphere. (And I hadn't realised that you could make it yet more realistic by adding in a couple of 'ambient' wave files that Rene provided. When I did that the 'Rome' atmosphere became better still.) At first it seemed that there was only exploring to do - and much of that - and there were many closed gates that confronted you. But when you looked more closely you could discover all sorts of nooks and crannies and as many as 5 secrets just in that first level 'The Library' - though I'd be surprised if anyone found them all the first time through! 'The Mirror Hall' gave us a series of plush interiors and further squares to visit if we could find the requisite 'keys' to unlock things and the search for the crowbar encompassed many puzzles before it was finally seized. The third level 'The Golden Skull' seemed a different type of level altogether far more 'dangerous' for our intrepid adventurer but had yet more fascinating puzzles to solve with some tricky adversaries we had to learn to overcome. There were so many highlights: the magnificent fly-bys (note the 'bell' sound just when you saw a bell in the picture - could it be significant?); the chase around the special library over the bookcases and chandeliers; the way that several puzzles initially seemed to defy resolution yet when you found the answer they were so elegant (the several raising platforms in one room eg linked to pressure pads); the way we had to find a torch light it and then get it back to where it was needed past deadly spikes ninjas etc; the chase around the music room - which you could only find if you looked in the curtains that became a mirror; and that wonderful series of water rooms with their walkways and the marvelous panoramic camera work. And there was so much more. I suppose we could quibble that the secret areas could be logged (erroneously) more than once each (there were supposed to be 11 I think) by visiting another level and then returning or that the final rather crucial bell could be set off prematurely depending upon how you dealt with a certain 'guardian' (an EX XB bolt on the ziggurat at the end in one particular place and unfortunately you could cut out a whole swathe of the game) or that some gates closed to prevent you carrying a torch from one level to another. But these were minor in a game that certainly pushed the boundaries and became an ever greater experience the more it progressed one of very few games that I've played all the way through more than once. Oh and one more highlight was dispatching two guardians simultaneously with just one 'super' grenade!" - rjb (24-Oct-2003)
"Another of the maestro Piega's works! 3 splendid levels The Library The Mirror Hall and The Golden Skull and bonus level in about 10 1/2 hours with 11 secrets found. A lot of game play puzzle resolving and ground is required to be covered which can be overwhelming but with ones faultless memory or a note pad for mud mapping by your side most can be accomplished. The puzzles are not all so difficult but are located such that a thorough revisit of the Byzantine buildings and streets are required often if one seeks to pursuit the golden skull bonus level. Even though it is the best game I have ever played it's almost impossible to complete without a walkthrough. I would have never thought of jumping to a crawl space in that picture in the Hall and struggled to work out the sequence of the 3 trigger pads/trap doors (prior to the crowbar) without help from this magnificent website. The architectural building/piazza environments lighting and graphic details are fantastic. Excellent fixed cameras and flybys. Together with the magnificent sounds of the chiming of bells and chirping swallows one can easily imagine they were walking the streets of Rome during Prima Vera (Spring time). Some memorable moments when exploring the rooftops and enjoying the magnificent views especially of Piazza Del Signore (The Library) are a total delight and then there's the catacombs and those piercing eyes. And what about Lara playing the harp or when a music scroll is placed on a stand in a concert hall and a piano plays what spellbinding music throughout! As with Rene's other masterpiece there aren't that many enemies compared to the size of the game but then again I didn't have time to miss them either. Play and enjoy this magnificent visionary splendor from Rene Brooymans! 22/08/03" - TRDigger (23-Aug-2003)
"The WOW factor in the looks department is sky high. True to form I had to go exploring to see what there was to see apart from gameplay that is and especially up on the roofs. All of Rene's levels are worth the downloads just to see them. The one thing you need before going near this level is an excellent sense of direction - those tiny streets are lovely but a nightmare to figure out. The Library was excellent. Those 'eyes' in Golden Skull were sinister and spooky. Excellent fixed cameras and flybys. The Mirror Hall level is stunningly beautiful and I loved the chandelier hopping. Never in a million years would I have thought of jumping to that picture on the wall. There's a lot of level hopping going on at this stage and to be perfectly honest I couldn't have done it without the walkthrough. So I had to think a long time before scoring gameplay. A level shouldn't be THAT confusing. There's just too many puzzles pickups traps gauntlets and timed-runs to mention. So unless players are determined to do this on their own I'd recommend getting the walkthrough Phil Lambeth wrote." - CC (09-Jun-2003)
"This is a stunning level. The textures and lighting are spectacular you find yourself asking how did he do that? Those faces that open their eyes in the third level is amazing. This is a must play just too see what's possible. There are two drawbacks sometimes it gets a little too dark and green flare light is ugly but this is a minor problem shared with many levels. The other problem is with gameplay Rene is obviously brilliant at creating puzzles a little too brilliant I need a walkthru for must of the level which somewhat ruined it for me having to read breaks up the flow and playability of the level. But I it is a great level nonetheless. The highest praise I can think of for this level is that it inspired me to get straight back into creating my own levels."- LePerk (22-May-2003)
"What can I say after those 48 reviews before me?! Well here's exactly my opinion... ;) This is an absolute classic adventure a real masterpiece and I wanted to play it for a while after hearing so much good things about this little Rome-trilogy . I thought that it will be a nice challenge also: 3 well designed and very complex levels definitely for the HC-raiders - "sounds good to me". I also have to admit that it was just the first "more than one level" adventure for me and it was quite like the exploring of the original episodes' Gold-adventures or the Rome-episode from TR5 for instance: longer and better experience - and it's even harder to forget...I explored everything again and I collected all 11 Secrets too. Naturally it took so much time for me and I felt myself completely lost at the beginning ("OMG where to go?!"). Almost the whole adventure was very over-confused also. After all of this I don't think that I'll repeat my walkie in the near future which is not the best referee for a custom level and finally only therefore I gave just 9 for the gameplay. Plus I missed a bit of more detailed storyline instead of using my own imagination although the text from the Book of Lancelot was very interesting (further back I translated it to Hungarian for Hamster when He played TLC and it wasn't easy at all) for me. But I was satisfied with all of the rests: I didn't mind the very few enemies as I found so much puzzles and areas to explore so I didn't mind that the enemies - very various anyway from red ninjas to giant scorpions - didn't bother me every time and the adventure wasn't boring at all. The atmosphere was simply brilliant thankfully for the various ambients and tunes and I didn't mind the "world-confusions" (Egyptian things in Rome) at this time. And by the way I never got stuck and I also liked the definitely non-linear gameplay and that I just couldn't miss anything as all necessary areas stay reachable from anywhere and anytime and due to this we could write several different walkies for this game... The Library: A completely confused and large area with so much things to do but You just have to start it somewhere... There are also so much pickups here and this is a good point at the start - I like sightseeing and collecting - although I expected a little bit more enemies after finding some weapons (Shotgun Uzis Crossbow) and ammos for them. I think the best part here is the torch-puzzle in the Library itself (brilliant!)... Worst part? Hmm nothing comes to my mind at the moment... The Mirror Hall: I found it less confused than the first large area was but the way of getting the very necessary Crowbar gets my "worst part" critique: I just don't like mazes or "maze-feelings" although the hard timed runs were good for me. The best part for me here is The Mirror Hall itself with all of its hidden areas and the best puzzle is the filling of the small pool with the boulders where the Revolver was also foundable... The Bonus Part in The Mirror Hall: I count it as another small level and I think it was one of the best parts of the whole game! I used up some medis here and I liked the little "torch-trick" for getting the Trident without burning Lara. I think the Grenade Gun is a good prize here as it's getting very-very useful in the last level... The Golden Skull: At last this isn't as overcomplicated as the previous two areas were. This could've been my favourite but unfortunately I experienced a bug here in the "Stomach of the Evil" (in the big lava-chamber): both two doors were open when I arrived here and this ruined the gameplay here a bit as I didn't need to pull the "fire-lever" for instance and I also could access both areas easily. What a pity. Originally I wanted to give just an 8 for the gameplay because of this bug - I'm very sensitive about this type of bugs - but instead of that I replayed the whole area from here with taking into consideration the statuses of the doors (the left would've been closed originally) and I also realized that the TRO-Online version wasn't the final what's downloadable from Piega's site. Ehh I didn't know about that; whatever... My best part were the final room with the Golden Skull itself and the worst one was the "Stomach" but only because of that "gameplay-bug". I liked the tough enemies here and I soon realized that I shouldn't have been killed one of the last demigods by the Grenade Gun (so I reloaded :P)... Finally the whole adventure compensates all of those few negative things what You can find in the game and it's a "must-play" adventure for all expert and faithful Raiders with so much patience..." - Sys (06-May-2003)
"A revolutionary game - if you think about 2001. In that time such games had no rivals. More than 6 hours - 3 part Level - come back soon-running. The first 2 hours it was boring to run and come back and run and come back. This is the part I found not so professionally done. But places are very good atmosphere light sound and cameras are okay. And even if you want to cancel it during the long journey - you will get the good part in the last 2 hours. You have to fight crocos scorpions baddies great scarabs demis an old Guy with his sword rolling balls teeth spikes spikes coming from the ceiling big knifes - and a lot of traps and jumping shimmying and monkey swinging. You have to collect a lot of things - and if you find all secrets you get the Bonus-Stage. I had a Trident at the Finish and never found the grenade gun. But you have to play it - you will learn patience ;-) I am looking forward to play the other Game from Piega and see how he progressed." - Miguel (31-Mar-2003)
"This level of Piega has the teething troubles on as you have to rush across the level many times because the switch and the door opened by the switch are in the two ends of the level. You can't really get stuck maybe only when you would like to collect all secrets. In this case Lara can reach a bonus level which is too difficult and you can collect only the Grenade gun which is not so great prize worthing the efforts. The ideas the locations the atmosphere and the puzzles are as good as they are. The mirror puzzles deserve your distinct attention. The enemies don't trouble Lara constantly so she has the opportunity to adventure as it pleased her. Therefore Piega made my life harder sometimes but only for the time being as the timed runs are difficult only from the first time if you practice them enough they are only finger-works. Those people who knows Piega's Sanctuary level but still hasn't met this one start it calmly they won't get disappointed. And you can even see the development of Piega's editoring skills which I will praise to the skies for long." - Obig (14-Mar-2003)
"Played Last Crusade when it came out but was stuck in the third level as there was a bug in it yes Lara's butts were floating around. Rene immediately provided another download it did mean that I had to start all over again. That took a while as you can see by the date and when I started I knew this was a big level I forgot how big. Still had a fair amount of running to and fro but at least I knew still what to do and with my notes I had kept the first two levels went without a hitch. The third and bonus one I had never played and I just loved them. As in all other levels of Rene there aren't that many enemies but as you are busy searching you don't miss them. The best eye candy in my opinion is the flyby with the rolling boulder in the library. And there are more amazing flybys. Rene has such an uncanny eye for details that every time Lara went around a corner I was amazed at the textures and the details that went into this level. Puzzles aren't hard as such as I could figure them out but it isn't a walk in the park either. I still haven't found all the secrets and as there is a walktrough now I will replay it again on a later date. 31-02-2003" - Gerty (01-Feb-2003)
"A great level that is very complicated to complete. Some terrific puzzles and images along the way and good use of all the elements which make up a good level. Very enjoyable." - David (23-Dec-2002)
"The first thing that needs to be mentioned about The Last Crusade is the absolute brilliance of the level design. The complexity is staggering and some of the puzzles are so well thought out I had a hard time believing that this was designed by just a regular guy with the level editor. Rene Brooymans should be working for Core Design plain and simple. This little three level wonder (four if you count the bonus level) is better than half of what Core itself has done and is almost long enough to be sold as a game all by itself. He's done a fantastic job with the textures with the variety in room design with the secret system the puzzles and with the music and atmosphere. Rene has provided resplendent locations for lovers of both city and tomb-based levels. That being said a qualifier is necessary here. This level is definitely intended for hardcore Tomb Raider fans; it is not for the faint of heart. That being the case it may alienate some of the more casual Tomb Raider fans out there. These levels get very tough and there are times when you really have to use your brain not to mention your skill in controlling Lara. You will be lead hither and thither and just when you think you are on to something major you learn you are not even half way there. The solution to one puzzle in particular requires a precise knowledge of the level layout and I admit it beat me. I resorted to the use of the corner jump bug something which I never do but I was completely stumped. While the topside Rome levels look great what really impressed me were the underground tomb-like areas in the third level. I was blown away. I know it's a cliche but everything just looked so cool. It's easy to see that Rene has a great eye for design. He would be a great interior decorator. It actually took me back to the old spirit of the TR 1 days when the dark tomb atmosphere prevailed. The one complaint I have about The Last Crusade is that it is a little over the top when it comes to the puzzles. In any action/adventure game puzzle solving should be blended and balanced with pure action elements but Rene has opted to take the route of one mind-racking puzzle after another. I never really felt like I accomplished much in this game because everything I did just led me to another monster mystery to solve. I always had the feeling if one can say this that the level was laughing at me and just toying with me with every little bit of ground I did gain. This complaint notwithstanding The Last Crusade is nothing short of a work of genius. It forced me to become a better Tomb Raider gamer by stretching the bounds both of what Lara can do and how puzzles can be solved. But I gotta tell ya folks this is one custom level I have no interest in playing again. Climbing Mount Everest once in your life is good enough for me. But it's worth it. Don't pass this one up." - Ludwig (05-Oct-2002)
"Well what can I say...frustrating...boring even...the first two levels... the 3rd level was better but still there was this 'what am I supposed to do now' thing going I mean when you had a hard job to get to the button or lever and pull it...nothing seemed to happen sometimes there was music playing but still you didn't know what to do or where to go and because the level(s) were so big it was too frustrating to go and look all of the rooms you have access to. Thank god there was a walkthrough written by the author because the first day went in running around the circles and finding out something to do...yes I found the crowbar by myself but I didnt have nothing to do with it. That is why I rate Gameplay&Puzzles 3 because most of the time you had to have the mind of the author so that you could know what to do next. In Tomb Raider games you always know/knew what to do next...maybe you have to think hard first but there is/was always something telling you what to look for (well maybe not in TR4 'The City Of The Dead' where you had to fix up the motor cycle boost). Maybe somebody likes to run around hours and hours with no meaning but not me. Still this was great looking...rooms were always fine textured and not much repeating of textures...not at all I think I liked exspecially those 'faces' in the golden skull level and how they opened their eyes and stuff like that. But after all I didn't quite like this game and thats why the score is so low. This is just my opinion." - Linden (27-Sep-2002)
"I am absolutely thrilled by this game! And I purposefully say 'game' as the term 'level' is inappropriate due to the total net gaming time of 12 hours alone. The difficulty of TLC lies in the complex way it is built. It is a city and there are many paths houses basements patios and and and...In the beginning you don't know whether the builder himself has kept an overview but time after time you recognize the corners and paths and know where to go. A good memory is key here. There are few enemies but they are placed for effect appearing always when you least expect them. There are many items to find many doors to open and devious traps to master. All comes together in a certain logic and you often smile about the ingenuity of the events linking together. Like the rolling ball falling down from high up and breaking a huge hole into the ground which opens the way into a totally new and spooky and morbid world. The architecture is ingenious - you can see that piega is an artist. He has an eye for small details. I was especially fascinated by the cat heads whose eyes seemed to follow Lara. The 'worlds' take place as said above in a city as well as in fiery and dangerous caves which give you truly the impression that you are the first to explore them since hundreds of years. Piega chose excellent lighting inside and outside and the overwhelming number of objects like arches stairs statues and doors is amazing. You wonder that the editor didn't crash for him :-) There are various background sounds suitable for the occasions. With this game I had - as rarely before - the typical TombRaider feeling in my stomach :-) You walk with such a sense of anticipation through this masterpiece that if somebody said this was the new game by Core/Eidos I would believe it right away. A hint for those who have not played it yet: Do not go into the piano room without the music scroll and do not shoot the demigods with explosive ammo. Due to bug of the editor this can lead to the deactivation of a fliproom and you will be stuck. There is also a Bonus-Level which is really tough and action oriented in comparison to the rather calm flow of the overall game ;-). But what do I say - play for yourself and be amazed. Whoever wants to experience the unity of genious and lunacy should play TLC ;-) Simply fantastic!" - Miss Kroft (01-Sep-2002)
"Today I managed to finish the masterpiece of masterpieces and I am proud that I could play this wonderful work of levelbuilding including the 11 secrets and the grenade gun from the bonus area. If there were two fantastic events in the past 12 months for me then it was 'Lord of the Rings' in the cinema and this level on my PC. About both you want to talk and discuss afterwards. So where should I start? First the ingenious ideas of the author how he linked the three levels with each other. You jump between them a couple of times but the careful and observant player won't get lost. On two levels (street and roofs) the player is repeatedly confronted with the clever architecture of the first two levels. Through those changes you get the impression that the author must have used a triple texture pallet but actually it all comes down to careful selection. Objects are also set in scene very well every fence every Poseidon figure statues pillars arches supported by perfect lighting. The highlights of the first two levels are definitely the two main rooms. The enormous library (which will be fabulously lighted at the end) and the huge mirror hall with its curtains and chandeliers were very detailed and impressively designed. I have not yet seen anything more beautiful in a custom level. The third level then left me in even increased awe. Through huge lava caves and impressively built lion heads which you could climb into through the eyes the player had to solve tricky but always logical puzzles. Timed sequences were fair as was the overall structure of the game. I encountered a bug twice but not the fault of the author. A coin was found too late and when I wanted to get my well earned reward in the mirror hall I could not do this anymore. The second bug was a bell that wouldn't ring because I had killed a demigod with explosives before. Okay the first bug did cost me about '8 hours' of repetition but I do not regret a single minute. The bonus area is action and fun par excellence. Objective is to get the grenade gun and traps baddies wraiths skeletons and crocodiles make this a difficult task - superb! It is recommended to install the background sounds from TRC (Rome) as described by the author in the readme. This sound definitely supports the great atmosphere. When you pick up the 'Golden Skull' at the end you can feel happy to have completed this masterpiece. For me the author has put custom level building to the next level.!" - Hendrik (27-Aug-2002)
"These 3 levels were the absolute climax! Here everything simply voted top: atmosphere puzzle sound and opponents. I cannot express my enthusiasm at all in words so much I liked the level. This strange atmosphere perfectly illuminated and with the most beautiful texture set fitted out rooms primes with always fitting music and supported very much by very good cameras allow to hit the heart of every real Tomb Raiders quickly. The architecture of the outside world has succeeded so phenomenally Lara can reach here really almost every place. And this she also must if she wants to enjoy the pleasure of the bonus area. Puzzle! What am I saying? The whole 3 levels are a single puzzle! Lara must really search every corner carefully so that she misses really no item. Reflection is demanded if she wants to light for example the torch after long search. The search for the crowbar is worth already almost one level on its own. Here fortunately Piega limits himself not only to the searches of switches. The opponents are initially very rare and easy to deal with but particularly in the 3rd level Lara must mobilize all her moves not to become their victim. The spirits are very well used they care for infernal excitement. The jump combinations are worked out very much but always fair. Except for a few places where Lara falls nevertheless very deeply and loses a lot of energy. Because I estimate such jumps extremely it was to me a special pleasure. Still a word to the Bonuslevel. Here Lara is confronted with a lot of opponents and must be very fast. Rapid jumps are necessary to lose as little as possible energy. Certainly the reward is rather poor however it is a real challenge which one should not avoid. To reach the Bonuslevel however Lara must find 7 switches which only would already be a level which would earn 10 points. Even if to me the running sometimes became too much nevertheless it could not spoil for me the game enjoyment which possessed an extremely high level. These 3 levels are the absolute must for real Tomb Raider for beginner they will be probably too difficult a little bit particularly because of the puzzles." - Xxenofex (13-Aug-2002)
"Wow! What an excellent three leveled series. I needed more than FOUR hours to finish them with the bonus stage. Without the bonus stage I guess you can finish the level in less than three hours and it will be a bit easier - as you won't spend a lot of medikits to recover what those two wraiths will take away from you. I loved the level from the beginning to the end and I was stuck several times - the city make a labyrinth and it's easy to get lost. The texture and lights work is awesome and every place you take a look at you see a beautiful area. I found a few texture bugs but they were so little so they meant nothing and I gave a 9 to the Objects because of the collision of some. However you HAVE to download this level set - it is better than the official TRC Rome levels!" - Treeble (28-Jul-2002)
"This is (until now) the best level I played. I started out on the edge of my chair because I expected an enemy around every corner but when that did not happen I started to enjoy the surroundings. And enjoy myself I did! This is a place where I would like to spend much time if it could be real (without the enemies though). I've been walking around in awe and did not mind at all the time I needed to finally get the crowbar. I particularly liked the brightness of the library level. I could even play during the day so I wasn't very happy about the golden skull level that is very dark and I could only play when it was dark outside. But it was made very well with great puzzles so when I played along I liked it anyway. I ran around a lot in the library it's very confusing for me because my sense of direction is terrible (if I turn around I'm lost) but I didn't mind because it was so beautiful. My net playtime was 9:03 hours real time is much much more and I enjoyed almost every second of it." - Josi (25-Jul-2002)
"There's no real need for yet another review to be added to the mix but I think it's appropriate to echo what everyone has been saying about this extraordinary series of levels. It's been said that I suffer from LRIS (Level Review Inflation Syndrome) partly because I'm pretty easy to impress when it comes to the level editor and partly because the concept of grade inflation back when I was in law school was only a figment of someone's imagination. Nevertheless I would do this work of art less than justice if I were to award it anything less than 10s across the board. Aside from the complexity of the puzzles and the way the levels are intertwined the sheer immensity of the area required to be covered would make The Last Crusade a memorable work. Even with the aid of Piega's walkthrough it seemed that Lara had to run back and forth almost forever to get where she needed to be. Like a bottle of single-malt scotch I savored this one taking a couple of weeks to complete the project and enjoying every minute of it. Maybe there are gamers out there who can instinctively zip through levels like this but I can guarantee you that without the walkthrough I would have been hopelessly stuck in no time. I understand that Piega has a six-parter in the works that is supposed to dwarf The Last Crusade. I'm sure that its release date will be a much-awaited event for everyone who has enjoyed the three titles thus far produced by Piega. May there be many more." - Phil (24-Jul-2002)
"Excellent levels, there are lots of places to go, all are very detailed, you are really drawn into this series. First of all, the first level, from the start it was incredibly detailed, all the buildings had roofs, and most of those roofs were accessible by some means. There were little areas in the starting area that just said 'Come and get me!' Usually there was ammo to be found there. This was different from most city levels, mine usually have balconies etc. but this one looked very real, there were all sorts of ways to get from point a to point b, and the level looked as if you could wander aimlessly through the city without achieving your goal. I liked the arches. The big building took a lot of effort as you can see, but it was well worth it. :) I loved all the rest about this level, but the library was what wowed me. The second level was pretty much like the first, and that complex of apartments was really great, lots of work has been put into this I see. From the start of the level you could see it would be interesting, I liked the use of textures, it gave it a crisp feel. The third level was fun too, it was kind of a cave one, but it started out by sliding you *almost* into a pool of lava which kind of bugged me a bit. I liked how the first room had those dragonheads or such, and the rooms beyond had the perfect texturing to make them look alive, the eyes were quite detailed. The scorpions in this level bothered me a bit, what are they doing in this part of the world? This level had good traps, but I didn't like how the platform above the lava almost slid me down to it again. Very detailed, very fun game, worth the download, check it out! :)" - Chronicles5 (22-Jul-2002)
"Last Crusade is one of the best if not the best Custom Level I can think of. Everything fits. Very good graphics hard but logical riddles a good usage of sound and good placement of baddies. You start in a very nice yard of a city. You have to enter some of the buildings and a cave later on. Your opponents are red ninja a couple of ghosts skeletons a knight and a couple of demigods. There are three levels between which you have to jump a couple of times which can be quite confusing. I played the level twice and had much more fun the second time. This level has a bonus stage which you can enter after finding 7 secrets. This part is really tough; it will cost a lot of medipacks. After solving the riddles you had the feeling you've achieved a lot. This level contains a lot of jumping and climbing involving ropes timed doors and more. A couple of times you have to find a torch to continue. The transportation of the torch was always a bit difficult. This is a really great adventure and everybody should play it. But it's very difficult and has a very complex structure so take your time and if necessary start again like I did. One little tip: Avoid shooting the last demigod with explosive ammo as this might cause the last bell to malfunction." - Tombraidergirl (16-Jul-2002)
"'The last Crusade' one of the prettiest city levels in general. My Lara is still in awe and same goes for me. I am simply missing the words so overpowered I was from it. The textures alone were so pretty and processed with much love also the objects it was simply all in harmony. The atmosphere was so overwhelming! Lara must have full concentration in this level one must notice many things for one returns in the level again and again. 3 levels and 1 bonus level which is the most difficult level. Here many opponents and numerous jumps are to be mastered but one can master it well. Two wraiths make it difficult for Lara. I made myself with Lara a plan and we mastered it nicely. Yes sure it lasted long but it was worthwhile. I was so proud when my Lara got the grenade gun into her hands:). I was with Lara so happy to master the Bonuslevel occasionally I had tears in the eyes with joy :). To the riddles I must say they were very good and for me logically constructed but very tricky. My Lara really was demanded and did fight it to the end. There were numerous puzzle pieces and I was so happy when Lara got finally that 'golden skull' in the hands:). Five tridents of Neptune are to be found the 5th trident being the key to the grenade gun. There were another star 2 writing rolls (music rolls) 4 or 5 knots and a stone chalkboard. It is really pretty when Lara plays the harp :). The Sound was also great. In the Bonuslevel it accompanies you the entire time and as a Lara jumped over the chandeliers in the mirror hall I remembered for the sound was out of TR2. My Lara so was touched :). To the opponents I would like to say: in the beginning many which I did not like that much as I prefer when my Lara has to deal with the riddles sooner. Later the opponents were placed more carefully. Near the end there are six opponents and you have to think how Lara can settle it best to lose not much energy. Therefore best use revolver or explosive arrows and save this ammo extra for the end. Oops that is already again a little novel so all I can say is: for a pro it is a must:)" - Engelchen Lara (12-Jul-2002)
"Seeing there is well over 20 reviews for this already and almost everything has been spoken about I will just tell you my most favourite thing about this level and the thing I liked least. Well without a doubt the architecture and texturing is just stunning but I especially loved the way the secrets were incorporated into this level to almost be a game unto itself with a special secret area where you are rewarded after some of the deadliest action in the entire level with the grenade gun. If I had to pick a least liked aspect I guess it would have to be that there were a little too few enemies but with so much already going on it really didn't figure too much in my overall extreme enjoyment. I usually give my playtime in these reviews but it would be misleading to tell you mine here as although it may have shown in-game somewhere in the 3 to 4 hour range in fact this took me days to get through. I'd tell everyone to drop what they are doing right now and go out and play this but really is there anyone left who hasn't played it!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"I had the pleasure to play this right after 'Center of the World' and I must say those two levels really belong there at the very top of the list even though for very different reasons. What Last Crusade offers is an epic adventure of rather classical TombRaiding. My total net (!) gaming time amounted to almost 4:30 hours and that is with some help from the walkthrough to find all the secrets and also includes the bonus stage. So as usual here are my notes about this level step by step: The Library (40 minutes): After getting an early Secret #1 you immediately notice the awesome texturing and lighting that will carry on throughout these levels creating a very realistic atmosphere. Excellent music as well to support it. Many little touches added such as the books lying around. Lots of exploring to do a few ninjas and skeletons and two tridents to find as well as Secret #2. The Mirror Hall (60 minutes): Very clever part this one. Some nice flips using bridges timed trapdoors (but not too hard) some buttons to press a crucial crowbar to find a quick detour to the Library level for Secret #3 and a coin and a scroll to pick up which then brings you to the Mirror Hall itself. I loved the idea to hide the mirror behind curtains first and the chandelier jumping was fun. Secrets #4 and #5 in quick succession and a very nice effect when you place the scroll near the piano although that wraith was very painful. In this part there were really too many walkthrough curtains and that fall through floor behind the piano was rather unfair but after a few tumbling boulders in a cave and a long swim you make your way back with the revolver this time. The Library (35 minutes): This part is all about the torch and it is smartly designed. Secret#6 to find and a great flyby when the 'door' to the next level is opened. The Golden Skull (25 minutes): My favorite level of this set. Absolutely stunning atmosphere and you feel constantly being watched by those eyes. Down underground you find Secret #7 and there is another torch puzzle to master. I had to smile at the 'poetry' in the Book of Lancelot not quite a rhyme but who cares - LOL. Again some annoying wraiths to maneuver and a bit of climbing and Secret #8 near the end of this part. The Library (45 minutes): Finally Secret#9 which opens the last door to the bonus stage (which actually takes place in the Mirror Hall level but I left it in here anyway). The bonus stage itself is fun more action here then in the other level parts (ninjas boulders skeletons wraiths crocodiles spikes a torch again and a trident) and in the end it yields the grenade gun. Back to the library with a little ambush by ninjas and down underground it goes again for the final bit. The Golden Skull (60 minutes): A fabulous flyby when you open the mouth with the Moon Knot and the Sun Pillar. Then you come across the best lava room I have seen set - awesome. Enemies are a little tougher now with a few demigods and wasps to handle and of course that friendly knight that helps you accomplish your mission. Good and creative use of globes and raising cages and of course here are Secrets #10 and #11 to find although I never used the crossbow ammo. Another Moon Knot and Sun Pillar and a Scroll help you to finally get this Golden Skull and escape into the coliseum. All in all a great adventure and I had a fantastic time. Still also this masterpiece does not get full marks from me due to the above mentioned walkthrough walls/fallthrough floor issue and the often too frustrating exploration elements and due to maybe just a little too few enemies for such a large level. But of course piega has his next one in the making so let's see what this one has to offer." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Absolutely the best level or best game that I have played till now! 3 levels in about 8 hours with 9 secrets and a bonus area. The puzzle is not difficult to resolve but they are disposed in a lot of areas and some similar and then at the beginning of the level it is easy to get lost but given that this areas are often revisited during the game they are easily memorized. The graphic detail the light effects and the geometry of the rooms is fantastic! These levels do reference to the Rome level of TR5 how to structure and texture but believe me better in all the senses! Useless to tell the history because broadly told from the other reviewers. All that remains for me to say is: play and enjoy this gift from Rene Brooymans!" - Boris (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a monumental level and almost perfect in every detail. That said if you have a low tolerance for frustration it might not be your cup of tea. The first two levels which really play as one big level required a lot of running around before the pieces finally fall into place. And the running around is complicated by the brilliant and byzantine layout. Design texturing lighting sound and cameras are all done with an expert touch. Especially memorable are the cut-away scenes with the piano music and the rolling boulder. The snarling faces (one with flaming eyes) were superb as well. The list of great touches is too long to enumerate here and the flaws I noticed are too minor to mention. Playing time the second time around was 3.75 hours (including all 10 secrets and the bonus area). The first time around though be prepared to invest up to 10 hours to finish this magnificent game." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a rather confusing mini-game in the beginning but after a while when you start solving the puzzles you see how well it all fits together. This is not an easy game and I couldn't have done it without help. But it is beautiful; the city and the rooms especially the mirror hall. 7 secrets to be found (in the first two levels an extra three in the third) gives you access to an extra area with more great puzzles! There aren't many enemies but sometimes when they pop up it scares the sh** out of you!" - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"WHOA! I think I haven't played such a beautiful and fun level (or level pack who cares!) since Beneath the Forbidden City and Kingdom of Horus (aka The Rescue 2). This level has everything those levels have: an extremely beautiful design (I mean a PERFECT level design) and superb use of objects and textures; smart and fun puzzles; very good traps. You'll find three levels in The Last Crusade and all of them are very good (especially The Library... whoa! Very good one!). I think only the lighting isn't as perfect as all the other things... but it's really good anyway. I haven't anything else to say just download it it's one of the best levels ever made by a fan. Worth a 10mbs download? ABSOLUTELY!" - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"These levels are so amazing I don't even know where to start and probably everything's been said already anyway. This three level game can be broken down into three sections. The first two levels are basically combined to make one level of exploration. There are a few main areas that you will soon have memorized as well as many smaller areas to search. I spent many hours traveling back and forth between the two levels looking for not only the necessary objects (keys pillars knots crowbar) but the switches necessary to get to those items. The highlights of this area were the great use of trapdoors the coin that falls out of a statues mouth the large mirror room the torch puzzle shooting padlocks and burning ropes to get to new areas and the spiked hallway. The second section was the third level and is the hardest section in the game involving many tricky jumps puzzles blades spiked balls lava hidden passages rope swings and even an undead knight that is part of the puzzle. The highpoints of this section were the room with giant faces with eyes that blaze fire the large lava filled cavern and the push/pull puzzle at the end with the globe and hammer. The third section was actually an exciting bonus level you get access to by finding the necessary seven secrets. I actually found eleven secrets in these levels and finding them was a game all by itself as each one has a complete area of it's own and is not easy to find or get to. Even the pickups were exciting at times as you could often see them through a window and had to figure out how to get to them. Though there were not very many enemies there was a great mix of them which included skeletons demigods ninjas elementals and giant beetles. What really stands out though is how totally stunning the level looks and how well the many areas fit together. The area above ground reminded me of the Rome areas in Chronicles while the areas underground were made up of dark caves and caverns. Each area had it's own distinct look though and was quite remarkable looking. Taking days to finish though my time said 5 hours this series was great fun to play and quite an adventure. It had a little of everything yet nothing was overdone. I can only imagine the time and thought that went into the making of these levels which are truly a work of art. Toby Guard would be proud." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"Wow what a game the longest and hardest mini-game I have ever played these levels are timekillers. The design is very nice big areas to explore sometimes too big it's not easy to remember every corner in these big areas you run around a lot searching for items and solving different puzzles. I liked the puzzle with the torch it was hard to find a way back to burn the rope which releases a boulder to break the library floor and releases a new area to explore. I liked also the fact that all 3 levels belong really together; you often have to skip between the levels. There was one thing annoying in this masterpiece: In the beginning of the 3rd level you have to jump in one of the eyes I tried it 100s of times no chance so I sent someone my savegame (thanks Magnus) to do this nearly impossible jump for me then I could play to the end. My playing time was over 8 hours I ran over 40 km and needed 15 medipacks. I found 7 secrets in the first 2 levels and another 2 in 'The golden skull' (there was one more but after the firetorch-puzzle I couldn't find it anymore). My first 10-points mini game I liked it but now I need a break :) Maybe Piega should bring out a walkthrough. For sure most players can't do it without help" - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"These are maybe the best levels I have ever played! Wonderful textures good lightning great gameplay even a secret level! In Rome Lara has to find 'The golden skull' which is easier said than done because on her way Lara has to kill enemies perform difficult jumps dodge boulders carry several torches (why can't she climb carrying them?!) and much more. Even though these levels are great they're not completely free of bugs. For example you can get to level three without first getting the crowbar (which you'll need later) but the author is working on an updated version so those who download that version will probably not have any problems. The levels took me over three hours (!) to finish and I found nine secrets." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"This is one incredible game. Where do I start looking for secrets in this extraordinary maze of streets squares and buildings? The flyby sequences were beautiful to watch. The boulder released by a burning torch falling through the library floor is one. Even better is a sequence when a music scroll is placed on a stand in a concert hall and a piano plays while the flyby shows the effect; but there is always a downside. Suddenly health is dropping and demons are attacking and secrets can be missed. As shown by the posts of reviewers and BBS correspondents these levels posed lots of questions and the answers were supplied through international co-operation. More Please Rene!" - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)
"What a level; a testimonial to 'piega' it must have taken him ages to compile this level was definitely not just written. OK a lot of running around particularly to begin with in the first level. You have to think as the puzzles and traps etc vary. In fact I think every one I have come accross is used. Graphics and room design are awesome and again varied. Beware buttons looking like doors. A very brief walk through come story would be helpful as I thought I had come to the end of each level but on and on it went-particularly 'The Golden Skull'." - Whistle (21-Jun-2002)
"Having just played this again for the second time I can now confirm that the gameplay is on the one hand: inspired brilliance and on the other: muddled mess. Along with COTW this level sets the standard for Custom levels. And it sets the standard extremely high. Here the design is superb but playing the game can be very frustrating. The location of the Moon Knot for example is pure farce considering its final placement; the puzzles concerning the torch are non-intuitive and aggravating; the fact that the Mirror Hall gets blocked off at a certain point comes across as though it's a bug. After a 3-month break since the original play my recent replay was still demanding but actually very satisfying this time." - Dick (21-Jun-2002)
"The Last Crusade is certainly by far the most difficult Level which I have ever played. The fundamental architecture of the levels is brilliant. Certainly I had always the paranoid feeling that I had forgotten something however the idea of Rene that one must change between the levelparts is very interesting. I think the first part from is most beautiful for the buildings and the textures. The small inner courts have this Venetian atmosphere. With the 2nd part first of all the 'hall of mirrors' was very beautiful. Atmosphere and textures are more or less the best I have seen in a custom level to date. However the level also has a very big weak spot: Rene allows certainly that one can freely move between the levels however forces the player then to keep to his order. That the doors to mirror-hall closed because one took the torch too early is for me a not comprehensible logic and has cost me a lot of nerves. I cannot understand why Rene inserted this game-braking things if he had paid attention more to the gameplay it would be an absolute top level." - Seemeister (21-Jun-2002)
"I have only one thing to warn a prospective player about this beautiful multi-level. You better be an expert on Tomb Raider because this one is going to have you pulling your hair out! Though I got VERY frustrated playing the Last Crusade I am sooooo glad I finished it. This wonderfully textured deviously clever secrets and puzzles took me over 7 hours to play and I traveled almost 32 000 meters! Yikes! This is not including the bonus level - which I didn't even complete. Well done piega! Good luck fellow Tombies!" - Brat352 (21-Jun-2002)
"The most boring levels I ever played. It took me more than an hour to find the first door to open. Not because I am not able but because it is a huge labyrinth without a real place you distinguish exactly. It is even all lighted without care of make you distinguish all... If you make a roll in a corridor or in a city square you don't understand anymore where you came from and where you were going to. And even if you remember that a square is different you don't know if a room is reachable from this square or from the other ones... Textures are beautiful but apart they are taken from TRChronicles so they are wonderful they are put in the game without 'understanding'... I live in Rome where this game is intended to be set but can you tell how comes I find 'monumental texture' which belong to the Roman Empire in the same popular palace of the 19th century? I mean those textures are not put with some understanding of the game design but only to color ambientations. So you get a not pleasant mix of styles: Greek Statues (the bronze ones) in roman palaces faces Egyptians decorations in roman streets Venetian objects (but those ones I really liked) in roman squares... and Egyptian enemies! Then as I always say I don't like levels which gives you all the weapons in the first ten minutes and I don't like if I find them simply positioned in the floor. I think a weapon must be found in different ways even with a hard puzzle or in a beautiful secret location... I didn't like the fact to run for all the levels without knowing what to do: in some other levels this happens with a huge charisma and you even could like this endless running as it is still challenging... but not in this. I found even some bugs and I was able to go in a not textured ambientation... Finally I think it should be found a different start for the game rather than positioning Lara upon a fountain... Anyhow the puzzles are original enough so I would rate it even 10 but as it is together with the 'gameplay' I cannot rate it more." - Tammta (21-Jun-2002)
"This level is very good the textures are excellent but it's very very big and not caraterized! It's a very big labyrinth! :-/ About 1 hour to play it it's noyous.... :-/" - Miya (21-Jun-2002)
"Well just the best custom level I have played until today (Jan 20 2002). Excellent in almost everything. The game play is even better than many official levels. There are also new and very good ideas for puzzles. If I could I should give an eleven in this category. Secrets were wonderful. There aren't new enemies or objects but every enemy is in perfect place. I liked very much the way the author textured the game but unfortunately there aren't new textures. There are some small rooms without lights and I found some untextured tiles (anyway the level is very professional). Camera work's good but I think level needs more cameras because it is very complex. The map of the level is an artistic work. Congratulations. Of course I recommend this level! Thanks a lot to the author I have played a real professional level it took me many days of entertainment and it was free." - Juan Carlos (21-Jun-2002)
"Excellent game! It has been a long time since I enjoyed a level as I have enjoyed this level. It is as good as an Eidos game and with some ideas even better than Eidos games. To enjoy this game you have to go all the game all the rooms because there are switches and secrets were you don't think. The number of rooms is very big very complex a lot of rooms but in every rooms there is something to do. The idea of one switch in each secret to open a final area is excellent because this makes an important join between secrets to get a final reward. There aren't new textures. The textures are very well worked. The only thing that causes troubles is that there aren't enough cameras many times you move a switch and you don't know what happened. In all game author is very generous and gives you a lot of medipacks but don't misspend them you can need them if you want all secrets. In some rooms Lara looks plane because there aren't lights but it is not too much. I really thank the author for this kind of levels." - Lorena (21-Jun-2002)
"OMG! is all that I can say for these great levels. They are so well designed! Rene has done a fantastic job on creating these levels. They are so realistic and the download time isn't that bad either! There are three levels in this game: The Library, The Mirror Hall, and The Golden Skull. It took me three hours to just get to the Golden Skull and I am still not totally finished. The textures are magnificent. Rene has done a great job of combining all the textures from the previous TR games with the Rome ones. There is no sign of repeating much of the textures. The lighting is the best that I've ever seen. Rene uses great contrast from the outside to rooms within buildings. There is so much things around that you will be overwhelmed on what to do. Everything fits together perfectly. I truly felt as though I was in Rome, even though I have never been there. My graphics card was sure working when I went into all the big rooms. There is just one drawback to this level. The levels are so vast that you sometimes don't even know where to start or where to go. I often had received a key and did not know what to do with it; I was walking around totally lost. Overall, the greatest level that I have ever played. Well Done." - Brad (21-Jun-2002)
"Good level with good atmosphere but the final level was really too short. Also Rene has built a shortcut from level 2 to level 3 which I did not like. In the city enemies were sparse but I liked the puzzle with the knight and the shatter objects. What could be done better: do not build such huge city mazes where you get lost every two minutes. All in all though a great level sometimes better than the Eidos levels." - Silent Viper (21-Jun-2002)
"This level was devilishly addicting just one hell of a ride. I couldn't have done it all by myself it was very hard but it was never boring the puzzles were original. The gameplay was very smooth as was the environment. The use of objects was totally perfect. However the bonus area was hard. I found myself on top of those chandeliers with two stupid wraiths constantly bumping in on me. Anyway this must be about the first custom level that I play that I found interesting enough to finish. A well deserved A+." - Jan (21-Jun-2002)
"After having played (and loved!) 'Catacomb Towers' by the same author my expectations were rather high while starting 'The Last Crusade' - but they were topped by what I found by far. Last Crusade is a masterpiece a true work of art. But let's start with the facts. Last Crusade actually is three levels and we have Lara hunting for the Golden Skull. To find it she has to search the streets and market places of Rome lots of indoor locations some rooftops and - finally - the catacombs. The locations are large and beautifully textured have logical light effects and rich details. Everything's looking very "pro" you never get the impression of 'just' playing a custom level. Only few baddies are coming Lara's way instead she has to solve many puzzles. Yup Last Crusade is an adventure. And it's a hard one. I was drawn in by the perfect atmosphere right from the very start it was just fun to explore these unbelievable large locations. Unfortunately they are THAT large that I got stuck after a while hopelessly. I had explored every location at least twice had thrown every lever had cleaned the scenery from baddies and now I just didn't know what to do. The author helped me out this time and a little later when I was stuck again I got help from the forum. But don't get me wrong - the puzzles are hard but never unfair. Maybe only piega should have added some cameras to show which lever triggers which door. However once you have accepted Last Crusade is VERY difficult more than 10 hrs (net) best tombraiding (in my case 13!!!) are guaranteed. And if you get stuck - and you will - ask the forum for help but for heaven's sake please don't keep the author from his work! :) In case I haven't made it clear yet - 'The Last Crusade' is a masterpiece and a must for every true tombraider. Go and get it!" - Percys (21-Jun-2002)
"Now what can I say for these levels. I can start with the textures. I forgot myself in the outside areas and I almost felt a shiver in the caves. These levels were built with the idea that Lara was a real person and she had to explore and survive in those areas like they existed or at least the author made me think that's the case. The puzzles have originality and especially the torch puzzle had me squeeze my mind for ideas on how to solve them. It's not the puzzle itself but you can't access it from a door you have to go around and need the right tool for that the crowbar. That's what I liked more in these levels. You don't get frustrated because you can't see what to do next even with the secrets you have to search for a way to get there. The back and forth between the levels has a real meaning you can access some areas if you 'travel' in another level and push a switch for example to open a door or to get the crowbar. Of course that is essential for the game and well hidden. It will certainly have you wonder if you are in the right place even though you have seen in it. Some of the secrets are perfectly hidden but not hard to find you need a good eye to spot the entrance in order to access them. Sometimes the solution is in front of you. The golden skull the last level is the final touch. I can't describe the thrill. The lights are perfect in all the levels simply perfect. Don't miss these levels you won't regret it." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)
"About 6 months ago I finished the same author's level 'Catacomb Towers' and gained a very good impression. But this level is much more excellent and enjoyable! Textures and lights are used well-modulated many puzzles are complex but not too difficult and very amazing the way of linking rooms is admirable. This great work consists of 3 levels; it's very long to go. I had about 5 hours on the statistics screen but my actual playtime was days. I found 11 secrets (7 in the 1st and 2nd level 4 in the 3rd level) and took the grenade gun. For the grenade I used 4 small medipacks. (I am still wondering about why Lara didn't scald! LOL). What allured me awfully was many ways to go ahead above all. (For example we can take the sun pillar in the 3rd level early and then enter the mirror hall to get the moon knot.) I am grateful to the author for his great level and I hope the next too." - Vinci (21-Jun-2002)
"Wow! What can I say about this level that hasn't already been said. According to my stats the game lasted seven hours forty-nine minutes and one second whereas in reality it took me nearly a week and a half to play. I even had to resort to the walkthrough and a couple of questions on the forum to finish it. All I can say is that this is a breathtaking romp of exploration and puzzles. Nearly everywhere I went I got tantalising glimpses of places still to discover. Everything about this level is excellent. Lighting camera work room design and general layout of the whole thing is superb. It is one of the best levels I have played outside of Core Design levels. (It even puts some of those to shame.)" - Staticon (21-Jun-2002)
"What a big level that 'Last Crusade'! (You can also see it at the forum I was NOT the only one which was stuck again and again) My navigation was well examined when I ended this project. Sometimes I almost gave up but I knew from previous levels that this would be worth it and it was! When you start this masterpiece make sure you'll know all moves of Lara because you definitely need them. Memorize the squares you are walking at or just wait until you were there about a hundred times like I had to do. Like in other levels from Rene you have a mission to complete and it is not easy but you want to finish what you've started the minute you begin. The game almost has every switch enemy or puzzle you can imagine all at the right times or places. You'll never get bored because it is so alternate. Nothing looks like each other and every possibility is so well used. You can see that he's done it before. Again a perfect level from a real level master." - Nicky (21-Jun-2002)
"To be honest if I had to choose between playing the original TRC Rome levels with the all the cutscenes or The Last Crusade I think I'd choose these levels I'm reviewing here. They have one of the most original puzzles I've ever seen and completed one of the best hidden secrets of which I found about 9 through all the levels (I liked the placement of secrets that were required to access the bonus stage which I wouldn't call a 'bonus' that I desired to get when I worked so hard on finding the secrets. Some of the secrets in the 'Golden Skull' level were just tooo easy to find but they were not so important as the previous ones) one of the most realistic environments I've ever seen probably one of the best texturing styles that satisfy the eye and the mind (even if I found one untextured triangle in the 'Golden Skull' level Piega he he) and a very nice placement of objects and puzzle items. I couldn't complete this level with few peeks in the walkthrough so I think I can call this one of the difficult levels. But the gameplay was very very messy. After I played the game I read the walkthrough just for curiosity and I was quite sure that I either downloadeded the wrong walkthrough or played a different level. And I saw that in some places it wasn't much help either it said just go there and do that not giving even a direction where to go in this labyrinth. But I didn't like the enemies in level 3 which were the original ones from TR4 and didn't fit much in the nice Rome atmosphere author had made. It isn't impossible to retexture enemies anymore (or at least ask someone to do it for you). This was a 'but' that had to be said. There were some object inconsequences as one of the reviewers said in here but I ignored it on rating this level cause the most of the objects fit fine in this mini-game. Too bad there was not a real story to this I think the author was either too lazy to think of one or what his imagination does in level building - doesn't do well in story writing. If this all would make at least a little more sense than just going half-alive half-dead through Rome to find a skull (that means I'd rated it all 10 if this had a nice story). Oh and another correction would be the MANY Poseidon statues through the levels that were way too much. I'd say this is a must-play if you like the classical Tomb Raider or just TRC - Rome adventures. I think that this is a very good mini-game in the classical Tomb raider style but sometimes I need a little more than Tomb Raider..." - eTux (21-Jun-2002)
"Just what the world is waiting for. Another Crusade review. But since I needed a week to finish this it seems a waste not to review those memorable hours and minutes. Alright it's by no means my favorite level but it surely deserves the top position as it incorporates everything that is fascinating and exiting about TR and Custom Levels. I played this 5 months ago and I can still remember most of it so clearly which shows what a huge impact it had on me (mind you I ran around in it for so long I probably could still draw a map of the place from memory). Also as it was the second Custom Level I've ever played I think it's fair to say that this adventure got me into the whole Level Editor Universe and that can't be rated high enough. Much has been said about this so let me just add two things. What I consider as very ingenious here is how the storyline develops from a very non linear and tedious search for the crowbar then picks up until it becomes quite fluent once you reach the Golden Skull part. A great sense of drama in my view. There are a few other levels that have nearly the same ingredients but they don't get the timing right. The other outstanding thing is that little bonus level with the legendary jump sequence over the chandeliers with a burning torch in hand and an evil spirit in hot pursuit. As I said I was just starting out and this took me the best part of an evening to master but that feeling of accomplishment when I finally reached the water (barely) alive is one of the best TR moments ever and no-one should miss out on that. Well judging from the review count no-one has but just to be on the safe side I mentioned it again. Why not ten for gameplay you might asks? Well if it is true that with every cigarette you shorten your life about ten minutes I will hold Piega responsible if I die a day earlier and that can't be left unpunished." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
"A most enjoyable series of linked levels from Piega. As the author states these are large levels and can be a little intimidating at first but it does give you a lot to explore! The gameplay is good without being too linear. Quite often you can see places you want to take Lara but have take some time to work out how to get there. Puzzles are good too especially the routine in the game with the stake (which you have to light and work out how to get to various locations once light). The placing and number of enemies is about right with a few nice surprises on the way! Objects are used nicely again you can often see the objects you want but have to scratch your head a while to work out how to get them. Secrets are well placed one or two are well hidden - make sure you look around well in each location a nice touch is the addition of a bonus stage if you find all the secrets. This is particularly tricky sequence and you will probably use a lot of medpacks. Lessons learned in earlier stages of the game will help you get the grenade launcher! The game has a nice atmosphere and feels familiar but not enough to make you feel like 'you've been here before'. I liked the use of the cameras throughout the game they often gave you an insight into how large the area you just entered was or gave you subtle hints as to what your objective might be. I especially liked the shots on gaining a secret which showed a series of pink gates opening that gave a clue as to where the bonus stage would be finally found. Lighting and textures were well used throughout the game. Unfortunately I managed to find a bug towards the end of the game (in the final level) which slightly spoilt my enjoyment of the game. It has to be said Piega was most helpful and responded quickly and courteously suggesting a remedy when I contacted him via e-mail. I can understand bugs occur from time to time and few people will probably encounter the one I managed to find. Even official Eidos levels have their flaws. Overall this is one to recommend and is far superior to some of the official levels found in TR games. I look forward to other levels from Piega - Well Done!" - Martin (21-Jun-2002)
"I think it's perfect. Is a complete game and very beautiful. From the first camera with Lara in the middle of the fountain the mirror room the inside of the devil and the final room is totally breathtaking. It's the best but it is almost impossible to complete without the walkthrough even though it don't gives much details." - Loupar (21-Jun-2002)
"100 % Tomb Raider with lots of very hard playing. Every new move and every new search and every new secret which I found was lot of happiness and 'celebration'. For Last Crusade your brain must work 100 miles an hour! Of course lot of papers and maps I made when played these great and excellent levels. Congratulations!" - Ivan (21-Jun-2002)
"Better than Catacomb Towers. This is a great level. At the beginning I was lost and I found this game too difficult but later I thought that it was more and more exciting. There are very beautiful rooms and lighting is perfect. I finished it with all the secrets and I visited the 'bonus level'. It's a very well done game." - Cuqui (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a very cohesive game. I like the clean development and progress. Like other well-acclaimed custom levels - the idea of going back and forth three levels to do tasks and get objects to unfold the plot is well and carefully thought of. It has its own and fair share of 'nasty' (meant in a positive way of course) routine. Take an innocent object like the crowbar - to get it you must be fast and well-coordinated. You can't afford to skip that or you won't get anywhere in the game. Or the torch - it is both a solution and a problem! If you didn't prepare the way for it you can't bring it to its intended place of use. And what about the secrets? Sure you can skip them but that means foregoing a bonus level. Who doesn't want to play any level in a TR? Thus you are forced to search at least the first seven secrets. The puzzles and moves don't particularly present any difficulty or potential stuck point except the bonus! You just gotta be consistent with your actions as far as torches and pedestals are concerned! And I like this kind of consistency in a game. Oh one more - because the three levels are very well interconnected it's possible to go back for a missed task or object in a previous level. I have no problem with that kind of game design." - Drew Pizza (21-Jun-2002)