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Aldwych 2 by hteS

alan 3 5 6 5
CC 6 7 7 7
Dimpfelmoser 6 6 7 7
eTux 6 6 7 5
Gerty 5 6 7 8
Grayboy 7 7 6 5
Jay 5 5 8 7
Jerry 6 6 8 7
Jose 1 6 6 5
Kristina 5 6 6 6
MichaelP 4 5 8 9
Nomad 6 7 8 7
Phil 6 7 7 6
RaiderGirl 6 7 8 8
Ryan 5 6 8 6
Sash 8 8 8 8
Sheevah 9 8 9 9
sonnyd83 7 7 7 7
Sys 7 8 8 7
Torry 8 9 8 6
Treeble 5 7 8 6
Whistle 6 7 6 7
release date: 04-Nov-2001
# of downloads: 65

average rating: 6.61
review count: 22
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file size: 24.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is another of those levels that have a good start and then turn into a boring exercise of endless monkeyswinging, shimmying and everything we hate in custom levels (yeah, there are some mazes too). I lost it in the dark area with the car where you had to drive it past some ramps. No matter what I did it always ended up crashing. I mean, I was able to get past it once, but then I died and forgot to save and was forced to start from the beginning of the ramps, and from there on I was unable to get to the other side because the car simply refused to land on the second ramp. I had to get past that section with the DOZY cheat until I reached the end of the level. Maybe if those last areas had been deleted, the experience would've been a lot more enjoyable. What I did like was Lara's outfit. She kinda looks like Claire Redfield from the classic Resident Evil 2." - alan (23-Mar-2023)
"Another example of a game that starts off well but leaves a bad lasting impression. It begins quite nicely in a well constructed Tube station with at least some form of enjoyable gameplay, and I loved Lara's cool outfit. But from then on it didn't keep up its promise. Once Lara progresses further, the dark atmosphere takes its toll and before long it becomes annoying. The gameplay also becomes more repetitive with far too many guards to shoot and keys to pickup, as well as quite a bit of onerous backtracking. It gets worse in the jeep section as it's virtually pitch-black and the headlights are out, so by this time I wanted to get it over with. Sorry, but it ended up not working for me (although I was able to outwit one of the sentry guns by focusing it on a previous position of Lara and then sneaking past it)." - Ryan (14-Dec-2018)
"This is a level that does some things right, some things wrong. The setting and the atmosphere is okay as the subway setting is realistic and the level design is generally good. Gameplay has its good sides but could be better because most of the level the objective is to look for keys, backtrack open the door and repeat. I can't say I liked the latter part of the level that takes place underground. It is like it was rushed as there were unrealistic even surreal places that feels like the level suddenly changed authors. There also was a horrific jeep ride because you can not see where you are going and keep driving off the platforms to Lara's death. There is also a very pointless maze in the last part before you find the ruby. Overall I found this an above average level with some boring parts." - Nomad (26-Sep-2016)
"I thought I was really going to enjoy this level. It certainly started well enough with an interesting flyby of a very well constructed Aldwych type station and Lara wearing a spiffy new outfit. Unfortunately, from then on it rather headed downhill. The station may be beautifully rendered, but it's far too dark and the gameplay largely consists of shooting guards and relieving them of their keys. Boring as that soon becomes, it's still a lot better than the latter part of the game with its even darker areas and ineffective jeep. What a shame, it had such potential and we don't see all that many Aldwych levels." - Jay (21-Sep-2016)
"It's a pain that a very good design with a great architecture and texturization was ruined with a very bad gameplay. I think if you need to cheat to get a necessary item (revolver), then it's not a good level. Also the invisible keyhole to use one of the keys was a very bad detail too. Evenmore, you often left behind closed doors with their respective keyholes, and when you get some key/s you need to go back long distances and try the key you got in all the keyholes you let behind until you find the correct one with unnecessary backtracking, 'cause all the keyholes are identical. But the worst was the final caves area: the totally black (yes, totally black!) rooms absolutely ruined the gameplay; in the cave with red lights I needed to dismount a lot of times to throw flares along the way, go back to the jeep and continue; and so on multiple times. Good design but not a level for my taste." - Jose (25-Feb-2016)
"I've run out of 7+ levels to play and review, so until the BtB levels are released I'm having to dip into the lesser offerings. Aldwych 2 is a good example of these. It starts off well in a subway setting, but in practically no time I'd manufactured unlimited flares so I could see what I was doing and where I was going. For as long as Lara's activities remained confined to the subway station and train area I had a pretty good time, but the game left me when she found the keys to the Jeep and ventured outward. The lighting got so nil here that I abandoned the Jeep (the headlights don't work) and used the flycheat with lighted flare constantly in hand to continue on. Scottchu has provided one of his rare walkthroughs, and I couldn't have navigated my way through the darkness without it. The level ends with a maddening open-air maze, but the pain was lessened by the fact that I could fly over the barriers. Play it only for the subway segments." - Phil (08-Oct-2015)
"So you begin this level in an abandoned train station in London. This doesn't look quite like the Aldwych I enjoyed from TR3, perhaps it's a different part of the station. There's a much darker section underneath the station which you'll need flares for. Some of the brick textures are vertically orientated, not sure why. The station looks like it's had a mudslide, and the ceiling in the escelator is too low. And there's a wafer thin wall in the control centre. The sound is nothing special - just standard TR4, although at least there are sound cues when certain areas are entered. I'm not keen on the doors - they should open sideways not upwards. Some of the baddies just stand there whilst you shoot other baddies. Also, the dead sas lying on the trapdoor, you can open it without moving him, and there's a baddie inside a box at the bottom. There's a couple of game stoppers - one if you shoot the cannister before the first machine gun, and second if you kill the baddy next to the seond machine gun. On the other hand, there's a train which you can enter which is textured well and has typical train objects in it. The texturing in the level is not too bad, reminds me of a base level more than subway level though, and lighting is ok too. There's plenty of medipacks and ammo to pick up. With regards to gameplay, you need to kill many SAS baddies, kill dogs, collect keys, collect a crowbar and use it as a lever, open some doors, negotiate machine guns, opening trapdoors, pressing switches to lower blocks, a maze of corridors and doors, clinbing poles, and a jeep ride - unfortunately, the part in the cave is in complete darkness with deep ravines and jumps so dozy'd past that as it's practically impossible. There's also a maze which seems out of place and the cut scene at the end of it doesn't show much. The ending comes soon after you collect a magna ruby." - sonnyd83 (13-May-2012)
"The first thing that catches the eye is the rather impressive and authentic look of this level, especially the station area with the train, that reminds to the original Aldwych level, and of course Lara's cute outfit. Gameplay-wise there were a little too many guards for my liking (and some dogs that had no sound and attacked silently from behind) and too much backtracking while looking for all those keys and then for the matching keylocks. But this was okay so far. What put me down was the invisible keylock, the missing revolver and the annoying jeep driving part near the end leading through a much too dark area." - Jerry (14-Jul-2009)
"I'm admittedly not a big fan of TR3-inspired levels, that's why I had not played this level until now. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this level -- only to be disappointed later. The readme is clear on the fact you'll be looking for keys as you proceed, so there's quite a lot of backtracking involved in the first area, which is quite nice and I liked the train (and I have no idea why the end of the world was left just like that). This gameplay formula gets old quickly, but this station is rather small and there aren't that many keys (I think it's a total of 6, but you don't always have to backtrack). However, once you get to the underground area, you face an unbearable darkness and you spend all your flares in a heartbeat. The jeep sequence is rather unfair as you have to drive on these catwalks you can't see, then you enter a hedgy maze for a change of pace. After spending a while looking for the lever and door here you finally get to the magma ruby and then out of this place. On a more positive note, I liked the outfit. Also, take note that the flying butt you'll see beneath the train is actually a key receptacle, and it's essential to get past the sentry gun. 50 minutes, 1 secret. 01/09" - Treeble (06-Jan-2009)
"The butt bug is still there but apart from that it could be a rather nice level to play. There aren't that many train levels around like this one and I did liked the original a lot so I was on my merry way to explore. There is however some backtracking to do and for me it is just one way to prolong gameplay and I think that is a bad idea. In parts is was too dark specially the jeep ride and you have to drive that thing and no lights. Your quest is to gather keys and keys. So I was a bit disappointed at the end as I already stated it could be a nice level as there was potential in what I saw. 12-05-2004" - Gerty (18-May-2004)
"The opening flyby looks really good showing a train in an underground station and then goes to Lara. Lara's outfit although it's not bad (well I certainly wouldn't wear it) looks strange in this setting it would be more fitting in an alien/space type level. You see landslides of earth behind ticket barriers you crawl onto and find a water tank with sharks in it! Then there's a labyrinth of corridors and doors an elevator shaft with trapdoor and the location of some guards was a surprise as well as funny one in the toilet (enough said) one pops out of a crate and a dead one under the train! Gameplay is running back and forth to find 4 keys luckily the station areas are not too big or this would have been a pain. It was only when I read the walkthrough that I found out what all that was about the Lara butt and I had to cheat to get the revolver anyway. This is not right people shouldn't have to be totally stuck like that in a level there always should be a way to move on no matter how ridiculous it may seem afterwards. You keep descending levels until you reach a strange cave of red bedrock and the jeep down again through a crater and different coloured caves with a jump over nothingness. I get the impression that the architecture and route were worked out long before the textures were applied and when it was time to apply them hteS only had 5 minutes left to finish it - slap on the same texture square en masse. It's very dark here but the jeep jumps and column hopping were interesting. The green maze was very frustrating so I had to adopt the old 'keep going in the one direction no matter how long it takes' route and eventually got the red gem. I liked all the first part in and around the station I liked the jeep work in the second but not the surroundings." - CC (19-Oct-2003)
"I am so glad this level ended. It started nicely in a dark subway with SAS and a lot of keys to find until the problems started. First it was the butt revolver and invisible keyhole then when you enter the caves the level becomes pitch black and not even flares which are enough can help you find your way. The worst part is that the maze has slopes and gaps so the jeep is absolutely necessary here. I couldn't even navigate on foot in something like that; imagine my frustration having to drive through it. After that another maze comes with greenery this time and a small one inside that maze. Finally I got the gem and sliding down a long slope the level ended. I don't think I could ever play this one again even if someone paid me." - Kristina (27-Aug-2003)
"Hmm I don't like 'ticking' those numbers for the different points of views. I mean I'm not sure in all I'm able to choose only integers and I just can't give a lower number than 7 (or only about 6.85 for instance) for the gameplay even if I completely agree with the other reviews and even if the level has some nasty bugs. So the review will tell a bit more... :) After a very impressive starting I thought I'll enjoy this level highly and I'll give very high ratings for it (9-9-9-8 for instance). But however it just can't be in my 'Top Classics'. I found it a good adventure but I just lost my patience sometimes - I started to be tired although the gameplay wasn't hard - and so I played it with some interrupts... So back to the beginning: a nice flyby and one of my favourite musics from TR5 and to top it all there's nothing from Egypt at last! The atmosphere was quiet impressive and I felt I'm back in Aldwych again as I used the LOOK BUTTON and noticed so much familiar objects - like the ticket-stations for instance - and textures - from TR3 - also. I have to mention that originally I didn't find the secret-passages behind the 'slopy-sandy' area in the starting room; I found them just later as that area was continuously suspicious for me. So I can tell the same advice to You: skip the 'Shark-Secret' at the beginning and return here when You're already feeling Yourself a bit tired of shooting always the same enemies running from here to there with a new key and climbing a lot... During the adventure the whole scene changed a bit in my mind: I started to think that it's rather a mix of both Aldwych and Nevada instead of being only Aldwych. Anyway I liked the way to find the 4 Terrorist's Keys and to see a bit more about the digsite from each floors. Everything was fine just... Well...the bugs the long climbing and crawling the 'red butt' experience the whole way what reminded me the original Aldwych's worst part - running from here to there and then get back to this door with that key...the hellish darkness with the Jeep at the end and so on... And yes I also found the terrorists so repetitive even if they were sometimes in boxes or in a toilet for instance. The very few dogs were good I think the level needs more of them for breaking the "just the same enemy again" feeling. I used only the Pistols and hence I used up 7 Medipacks but I hate blowing humanoid enemies with the Grenade Gun and the amount was too less for the Uzis. I also didn't find the Revolver for the LaserSight. Both two Secrets were good and the large aquarium was really a memorable place and I think there's no way to get into that empty dining room. A hint: at the end don't save and reload after picking up the Magma Ruby or You won't be able to finish the level! Anyway the level has a small background too which is always a positive feature for me...All in all... It's not a bad adventure but things are getting a bit boring after a while and then You can feel only that You have to leave Lara where She is at the moment; so it's a well playable level with some shorter/longer pauses... As I see the Author - El Diablo a.k.a. hteS - should release some more levels in the future; bugfree levels with a creative gameplay like He was really creative in the whole designing (including Lara's weird outfit) I think..." - Sys (26-Apr-2003)
"I was very impressed by the opening flyby and the first five or ten minutes of gameplay with the cool train and station and all the places to explore. Other than finding keys opening doors and killing soldiers there really wasn't that much to do though. I did find two secrets and a cool underwater area with sharks that looks like it's meant to be seen from a great dining room. Anyone know if it's possible to get into that dining room? Then I found the jeep and after pulling a switch opened up an underground area for the jeep that was pitch black. I kept at it for a while but finally gave up. From reading the other reviews it looks like I didn't miss much. The author should have ended the level at the train station. By the way whoever figured out where to use the bronze key is just brilliant!" - RaiderGirl (02-Nov-2002)
"The level started looking quite promising but strangely as for the some more levels the ending part is quite dull. The gameplay itself is no masterpiece since it gets boring after a while to search for another key and then search where it goes and all this again and again as I said not very entertaining. I usually like new and even strange things but Lara's outfit is way too weird for my taste. Not that it's such a bad level since the setting was quite interesting but unfortunately this was the only thing that made the level at least a bit more enjoyable. The end in darkness was my least favorite part since we all know that the jeep has no lights and even the old motorbike would have been a better choice in this level. The start was quite nice but the end spoiled everything I wouldn't even mind if the level ended earlier just that it ended in a place Lara can see something! There are better levels than this out there I'd only recommend this if we had only Egyptian levels at this time so I think you shouldn't look forward to play this." - eTux (14-Jul-2002)
"For the first half this was a fairly well done SAS shooting key finding level with the atmosphere and look of the train station very nicely portrayed but near the end you get thrown into an almost surreal underground world of pitch black and very precarious areas to drive a non headlighted jeep through and then a hedge maze to finish the level in. Quite strange placing these locations together but still the change added variety to it that was quite interesting. Apart from the continual death inducing drops into unseen abyss you will come across with the jeep this isn't a difficult level and it keeps a nice pace although I had a little trouble finding the crowbar lever that separated the 2 distinct areas because of a wonderful camouflage job. The only detrimental thing about this hour long level is that you need to shoot a machine gun to be able to pass it but the revolver which is necessary is nowhere to be found so I had to use the flycheat to get the revolver in my inventory (which showed as a red butt) and once this little fiasco has been overcome you find that you need to use a key on a piece of wall that has no lock and is just a plain old wall so to find it just hit action against the wall near where you find a red butt in the level (this red butt could either be in place of the revolver or the actual lock). In the end this is a memorable and fun level just make sure you take a good nose all around the station as you never know you may find yourself having an unexpected Jaws moment!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"From an excellent starting flyby this adventure at first evolves into a rather neat train station level. Lara's custom outfit is maybe a little strange for my taste and the plenty of SAS became a little repetitive but the architecture is really great with special mention going to the train and the elevator. You will have to find four sets of terrorist keys and a silver and a bronze key and this is where the big issue hits. The lock for the bronze key is actually a red 'butt' and even if you guess that you still need to find the revolver (which I did not) and if you do the animation for it will not work. So this for me is reason enough to significantly rate down gameplay. Another reason is the unnecessary long steam crawl passage and subsequent pole slide and climb and then of course the fact that after 40 minutes you reach a great cave with the Jeep then a really nice flip effect opening up the floor and then the scenery changes and all the remaining 20 minutes I wondered why the level did not end in that cave as the Jeep passage and the hedge maze after it really spoiled whatever fun was left for me. Well I did get my Magma Ruby and I am off to play another level hoping for it to be bugfree." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This level started off with a brilliant vista of an underground station and the memories of Tomb Raider 3, London levels re-surfaced very quickly. The atmosphere was fantastic in this section of the level but afterwards, nearer the end of the level, the atmosphere, textures and gameplay bore no resemblance to Aldwych whatsoever. Particularly annoying was the fact that in the rather lengthy jeep escapade, the headlights did not work and the level was so damn dark, you had no idea of where you were going, except when the jeep blew up because you drove over a cliff. I easily reloaded that section 50 or more times before I safely negotiated it to freedom. Also, one part with an automatic chain gun where you had to insert a key to lower the shields, there was no lock. Lara unlocked a blank wall. (I found that one by pure luck). One hint and one question for the author. HINT: Don't shoot the explosives. QUESTION: How did you get that dead SAS guy underneath the train, LOL? A nice touch." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"This level started off with a brilliant vista of an underground station and the memories of Tomb Raider 3 London levels re-surfaced very quickly. The atmosphere was fantastic in this section of the level but afterwards nearer the end of the level the atmosphere textures and gameplay bore no resemblance to Aldwych whatsoever. Particularly annoying was the fact that in the rather lengthy jeep escapade the headlights did not work and the level was so damn dark you had no idea of where you were going except when the jeep blew up because you drove over a cliff. I easily reloaded that section 50 or more times before I safely negotiated it to freedom. Also one part with an automatic chain gun where you had to insert a key to lower the shields there was no lock. Lara unlocked a blank wall. (I found that one by pure luck). One hint and one question for the author. HINT: Don't shoot the explosives. QUESTION: How did you get that dead SAS guy underneath the train LOL? A nice touch." - Torry "I am not a lover of dark levels which this is in part. Hence I have down marked perhaps more than other reviewers. You start in a lit (well you can see what you are doing) under ground station (hence name of level) with things to find and solve and some baddies on which to take out your frustration. Neat fish tank with large sharks a good feature-remember to use look or you can't see what you are doing. The latter part of the level is a series of underground very dark driveways (You have a Land Rover with no yes no lights). Hence much use of flares and stopping to find your way. The last bit is a series of mazes which have to me too many very frequent changes of camera angle which could get disorientating. The last maze you don't need to bother with as two jumps does it. Don't know what I missed though." - Whistle (21-Jun-2002)
"Compared to all that Egyptian stuff this is a very different kind of level although I find it has not so much to do with Aldwych (except for the station at the start and the train). But that doesn't matter. The difficulty level is rather medium puzzles enemies and level design are good atmosphere and lighting too except for the final jeep part where it was much too dark. The jeep has no front lights and it's frustrating to always crash into the abyss. Oh - and don't be surprised to meet some sharks(!) in the London underground! :o)" - Sheevah (21-Jun-2002)
"Started off well reminded me of TR3 London level. Gameplay and puzzles a bit too easy. A big negative is the lighting be prepared for eye strain and crank up the contrast of your monitor if you are to finish this level." - Grayboy (21-Jun-2002)
"I think there is no revolver involved in this game and the laser sight is a red herring. You definitely don't need one to get past the sentry gun. Just make sure you get shot at where Lara's bum floats and then sneak around at the other side. This starts like your common base level with lot's of doors and SAS guards. You have to run and climb a lot to collect the various keys to open all those gates but you are spared the crawls through air ducts. I reckon we should be grateful for small mercies. The setting is not bad but the tasks are just too tedious to entertain for longer than 20 minutes. Once you get to the jeep there is a distinctive deterioration texture wise and the two parts don't mix at all. Never had less fun driving a car cause you constantly dive bomb into the black nowhere. So if you want to go and experience the Underground in London in a much more pleasant and exiting way I would suggest you embark on a different adventure. Are you asking me on which one? Is that what you're asking me? Do I have to spell it out for you you stupid jerk? Authors name starts with an E; three letter name. Gosh you're hopeless." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)