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The Fate of Atlantis by Igor

alan 3 4 3 3
Andzia9 2 1 2 2
bERT 2 2 2 2
Boris 4 5 4 6
Catherin 4 4 4 4
CC 4 2 3 3
Dimpfelmoser 2 4 3 3
DJ Full 2 1 0 2
eTux 2 3 3 3
Fairy Godfather 6 6 6 6
Gerty 3 3 3 3
Jay 3 3 3 3
Jose 2 3 3 3
Kristina 3 3 3 3
MichaelP 5 3 4 4
Momster 4 4 4 4
Mulf 3 4 2 2
Orbit Dream 3 4 2 2
RaiderGirl 4 4 3 4
Ryan 3 3 2 3
Sakusha 2 2 1 1
Sash 4 4 4 4
Torry 4 4 5 4
Treeble 4 3 4 4
Yoav 4 4 6 5
release date: 11-Nov-2001
# of downloads: 53

average rating: 3.27
review count: 25
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file size: 14.44 MB
file type: TR4
class: Atlantis

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"So, Atlantis in a base. Well, I didn't see anything Atlantean about it, and thus I think this level shouldn't even be in the Atlantis category just because the author said it's Atlantis. Anyway, it's another average base level with shooter mechanics and the usual opening doors and crawling through ducts. That's all you need to know." - alan (03-Apr-2023)
"A 25-minute shooter with lots of typical beginner’s errors in construction, repetitive gameplay, and too much duct-crawling. Large parts of the map consist of obvious copies of two or three rooms or corridors, so that when you’ve circled back to the room in which you started you may not immediately recognise it as such. It starts out in some sort of prison, with Lara locked in a cell and, as required by convention, a convenient means of escape nearby—in this case, a crawlspace covered with what would usually be a grate for Lara to shatter, but in this case is translucent and proves to be insubstantial; an odd choice that certainly doesn’t help the level gain favours with the plausibility department. Since this segment consists of a string of rooms and corridors which all look very much alike, the place never comes together as whole. The level then transitions very awkwardly to something that may be meant to represent a city square, which is realised very poorly, and the rooms that go off it are mostly mere boxes with cave textures or church textures, or whatever else the builder deemed appropriate. Not a whiff of Atlantis anywhere, as many reviewers have noted.
As is common with shooters, gameplay revolves around finding levers to open the next door (usually a crowbar door, for this level uses the City wad) and killing SAS, who are sometimes placed poorly (e. g. triggered into existence in the room you’re in), at other times quite well. Combat becomes a challenge in the second half of the level, when you have to deal with four or five of them at once. There is space to manoeuvre, but you have to elbow your way into it. The enemy / ammo ratio is fairly well considered (you get the Uzis and the shotgun with sufficient, but not abundant ammo, and later the grenade gun), while medipacks are rather plentiful. Unfortunately the builder thought it was a clever move to insert a booby-trapped lever near the end (which like other, possibly all, levers you don’t actually need to operate for its trigger to work; standing on its tile is sufficient). Still, due to its faster-paced second half, the level may just about pass muster as a shooter if you’re in the mood and keep your expectations low." - Mulf (26-Mar-2022)
"Not very interesting this city level; the rooms and corridors are very dark and you'll only need to pull levers to open doors and shoot a lot of SAS. At least there is enough ammo for the shotgun, the uzis and the grenade gun. The rooms are not very big, but they're nude and empty of objects, you'll also find bad placed doors, paper walls and another minor defects like the flyby running out of the world. Only a easy "puzzle" in the dark room with marked deadly tiles, no much care with the texturization and a poor atmosphere. Playable but not entertaining." - Jose (05-Jan-2018)
"Well, that was a boring 21 minutes. The rooms are unattractive, there are repetitive textures everywhere, long crawlspaces, a long ladder (I foolishly lit a flare before climbing and had to negotiate the damn thing twice. There was also a haywire flyby camera that kept glitching through walls. You can shoot guards and collect the armour pieces, but there's not much else going on." - Ryan (05-Dec-2016)
"Well that's 20 minutes of my life I'll never get back! I have no idea of the significance of the title as this is a base level, pure and simple, involving a great deal of crawling through air ducts, shooting SAS, throwing levers and picking up a load of 'stuff'. So, minimal gameplay and rather unattractive surroundings with plenty of dark areas. There were a couple of pieces of armour to pick up in somewhat more attractive rooms, but overall there honestly isn't much to recommend here." - Jay (28-Sep-2016)
"This level, adequately to its title, has nothing to do with Atlantis. But it shouldn't be Base/Lab as well. The only suitable title class for this project is Crawlspace, because all we do here during the first 3/5 of the game is crawling - we crawl for pickups, crawl to switches, crawl to doors, crawl into sth, crawl outta sth... Too much crawling! For the remaining 2/5 of the game, we murder lots of SASes. According to my count, there is 33 of them, including 3, 4 and 5 in a row in certain places, where we need to waste a large amount of medikits to survive. After sliding down into the outside, we watch the most annoying flyby ever, uselessly circling around while Lara is being perforated by two thugs. All of this nightmares take place in a city, monotonously dark grey and prevalently boring. SUMMARY: The worst climate I've experienced this month." - DJ Full (14-Nov-2010)
"Easy and boring game. Someone wrote that in game are enemies, breast plate and gauntlet. I didn't meet any enemy and I didn't find any those things. Only finding weapons and using levers. And there's no second part." - Andzia9 (07-Feb-2009)
"I'm not overwhelmed by this level but it's a good, easygoing level. Probably too many levers to pull that open the doors right next to them. A few guards appear as well but you have enough medkits to encounter them. The basic approach of the builder's ideas are really great, he just has to elaborate them. Looking forward to playing another level by this author." - Tinka (22-Oct-2005)
"In order to play this level you may rename newcity.tom to city.tom if you haven't downloaded 'New City'. This level makes me think more of an underwater base than Atlantis even though Lara has to swim at some point. Gameplay mainly consists of killing 20 SAS soldiers pulling switches and opening doors. The fire traps can be avoided by staying away from the corpses. Lara's objective is to obtain the breast plate and the left gauntlet. Since Lara hasn't found all the armor then perhaps there's a sequel. The textures are stretched the fly-by is bugged the water is untextured there are too many medipacks and ammunition the lighting seems uneven (either too dark or too bright) and the secret I found is not really a secret because the secret room contained a switch (along with stashes of ammunition and a few medipacks) that allowed Lara to open a door. I don't see the link between the cathedral room and the level because Atlantis is not known for making stained glass and it is normally a region untouched by Christianity. The level ends abruptly when Lara finds a room with two SAS carcasses and jumps in the pool." - Sakusha (18-Dec-2004)
"Atlantis and its fate as known to us now has nothing to do with this level. Here Lara is yet again locked up in a dark prison cell (at least I suppose it's a prison) and she has to find her way out. The route through the vents and walls is ok and it's looking for floor levers and the ammo room. And of course shooting many guards along the way until Lara comes out into a gloomy city ghetto type place having picked up pieces of armour along the way. It won't take long to get through this and it's mainly a shoot-em-up level." - CC (15-Oct-2004)
"I don't know how many soldiers Lara kills here maybe an army lol and how many levers Lara pulls to open doors here - it was too much for me." - Yoav (08-Mar-2004)
"Extremely linear shooter of the 'one lever one door take out one/two guards' kind. All this in very plain indoor settings. Towards the end there is a not so good burning tile room and eventually you'll find a glove and torso shield and the groups of guards get bigger. Unfortunately also the 'mistakes': not so interesting 'sudden appearances' of guards through walls wafer thin walls and a very bad fly-by. Found one secret but there may be more because one lever was left untouched for being seemingly unreachable. Yes there are water rooms in here but Atlantis it is not I'm afraid." - bERT (02-Feb-2004)
"I have absolutely no idea what any of this has to do with Atlantis; nor where the gameplay went; nor why the textures were so badly mismatched; nor why I only seemed to find 2 pieces of the breastplate; nor why it was possible to crawl through locked grates. (None of this really matters as this was clearly a first effort so it's quite excusable. At least it didn't take place in Egypt). I only care that the fly-by in the Cathedral-style room is without doubt the most unintentionally hilarious I have ever seen. Worth downloading just for that!" - Orbit Dream (22-May-2003)
"Only interesting thing that make you stop and have a think is the burning tiles. For the rest is it a shoot them to smithereens level. More than enough ammo and even weapons and medpacks. The crawling climbing and crawling (again) were tedious so the monkey climb and shimmying were a welcome change. Everything is over the top so are the pulling of levers and I never found Atlantis. 10-01-2003" - Gerty (11-Jan-2003)
"Not much to do here just crawl swim shimmy monkey swing and kill. You even don't need to activate the levers just step on the tiles they're on and the doors that have to open will do so. The trapdoor that disables you from getting to the lever almost makes you feel something's wrong but that won't leave you wondering for too long either. If you're in a mood for a shooter you might as well play this." - eTux (28-Dec-2002)
"I don't know about Atlantis but Lara's fate in this level is to shoot kill shoot kill many SAS guards and push many levers. That's all no puzzles no challenge no excitement. The textures are mixed and very much stretched. A few pick ups along the way and pieces of the armour after that the end." - Kristina (10-Dec-2002)
"I spent 30 minutes trying to determine the Fate of Atlantis and got pretty darned bored. I did have a little trouble getting started as I did not realize you were supposed to crawl through the grates have never encountered that before so kept searching for a crowbar rebuilding etc. The majority of this level was crawling climbing and killing. There were a few switches to operate but that about wraps it up. I'd venture to say that 80 % of the time you were crawling. My daughter-in-law's Aunt Sr. Ann Michael doesn't spend as much time on her knees as Lara did in this level." - Momster (08-Sep-2002)
"A short easy and linear level with far too many pick ups SAS guards levers doors paperthin walls and not quite enough atmosphere. You basically make your way from lever to lever while killing the enemies in between. The textures are stretched applied carelessly and never amount to a believable setting. True you have to climb crawl shimmy monkeyswing and swim somewhere down the line but it is all so obvious and seems just there because Lara can climb crawl shimmy monkeyswing and swim and not because the storyline or the setting demand it. There is a tentative stab at a burning tile puzzle but apart from that you don't have to think twice about what to do next. Even the never ending supply of guncrazy baddies poses any threat as I finished the game with 5 big medi packs." - Dimpfelmoser (11-Aug-2002)
"There's some good fighting near the end of this 20 minute level as you're attacked often and usually by a large number of guards at once. So if you're into that you may really enjoy this level. Otherwise it's just running around pulling switches crawling through ducts and collecting two pieces armor. I'm not sure what that has to do with Atlantis though. If you're not into fighting then there's plenty of weapons and ammo so you can take care of them quickly." - RaiderGirl (23-Jul-2002)
"First half: pull levers open doors crawl through vents shoot SAS. Second half: collect 2 pieces of armour pull levers shoot SAS. This is a fairly unattractively textured 25 minute level with one desperately bad fly by at the beginning of the second half....and God knows what happened to the other pieces of armour!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"An easygoing 20 minutes level with two parts. The first in a Base area where you can crawl through grates (as you cannot shoot them) have numerous SAS to kill and make your way from lever to lever to open door after door. A lot of crawling through vents as well. Then you end up where you started pull another lever and enter what is supposed to be Atlantis I guess which is introduced with a pretty badly designed fly-by camera. Some more SAS to kill and a few armor pieces to pick up to reach a sudden ending." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This level was actually boring. All you did was crawl through vast ducts killed an ever increasing regiment of SAS until finally arriving at the portal to Atlantis where you had another massive fire fight to step through a door and have the level end. The areas were also way too dark in my opinion." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"A simple and boring level above all in the first part where there are a lot of nearly equal rooms accessible from a duct of air with levers to activate to open blue gate and kill many SAS guards. In the second part you have to find only two pieces of an armor in a lost city killing other SAS guards. I have ended the level in 30 minutes and found a secret." - Boris (21-Jun-2002)
"Are you looking for an Atlantean level? So look somewhere else! This is a simple level not attractive and you don't need to activate the levers to open the doors... just get near the levers." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"Fairly short easy level. Lots of enemies but plenty of ammo available. Not much difficulty no real puzzles." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)