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Underwater Temple by Alberico

Akcy 6 7 6 7
Chris 5 5 10 9
Dimpfelmoser 6 6 9 9
Engelchen Lara 9 8 9 9
eTux 6 6 8 9
Fairy Godfather 8 7 7 8
G.Croft 7 6 6 6
Gerty 7 5 7 6
Gill 8 7 8 8
Jay 7 7 8 9
Jerry 6 6 9 8
JesseG 7 8 7 7
Jose 6 7 8 9
Kristina 7 7 8 8
Mario 8 7 9 9
MichaelP 8 6 9 7
Minox 7 7 7 7
Momster 9 8 9 8
Navi 9 9 10 10
Necro 7 8 6 7
Obig 7 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 6 6 9 9
Phil 8 7 9 8
RaiderGirl 8 7 8 8
Roberto 9 10 10 9
Ryan 7 7 9 9
Sash 6 6 7 7
Scottie 9 8 10 9
The Aussie Adventurer 7 7 7 9
Torry 9 10 9 8
Treeble 8 7 8 8
vienna 7 7 8 8
release date: 18-Nov-2001
# of downloads: 74

average rating: 7.66
review count: 32
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file size: 15.93 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Aside from the giant stargate that Lara activates at the end, this is a Catacombs style level through and through. Both the visuals and the gameplay are pretty straightforward, with not many highlights but not that many issues either. The only functional issue I encountered was encountering several illegal slopes. Besides that I don't have much to critique except some beetles which are mildly irritating, and perhaps a camouflaged pushable block, but thankfully that is used at a time where Lara is trapped in that area, which will increase the likelihood of the player seeking it out. The most interesting moment for me is the timed target practice. Even with that the game is pretty easygoing and I am marking the difficulty as such. The only other hazard to worry about is some dart traps that Lara can crawl under, as well as some crocodiles. Sadly we never get to find out where the stargate is taking Lara next. 31 minutes." - JesseG (11-Apr-2022)
"This is a most acceptable catacomb style level with, as you would probably guess from the title, a fair old bit of swimming involved. It's mainly straightforward in terms of gameplay, but entertaining enough for the 45 minutes it lasts, the most fun part being a timed target shoot. Enemies aren't a major feature, just the odd scorpion, crocodile and those pesky voracious beetles. It's nicely made and quite atmospheric. Well worth a look." - Jay (21-Oct-2016)
"This was a solid Catacombs level from the early days. Lara needs to find two Stargate Keys and to do so, she must pull switches, do a lot of swimming and do a timed target shooting exercise. Nothing extraordinary (although the Stargate was a nice touch), but it is well worth playing." - Ryan (03-Sep-2016)
"Levels architecture and textures are very nice and the final travel by stargate also. The flames underwater are strange. Five shootable targets was nice. I liked levels atmosphere. There were also some elevators. Recommendable!" - vienna (29-Aug-2016)
"There is certain backtracking if you miss the moveable block or an UW switch, but usually the gameplay is not bad, even when there are too many switches to pull. I liked the architecture and the texturization; also there are some special effects like the last travel through the final stargate, very cool. Nothing hidden in the shatterable vases, the secrets were easy to find. I missed some more flares and some puzzles, but the level is solid and worth to play anyway." - Jose (06-Mar-2016)
"Inspired by the movie Stargate, the author has built up a level, Lara must find two stars to open the Stargate. I find it a bit strange to have of the flames under water. Correct level, fairly easy." - Minox (18-Nov-2014)
"This level is leant against the film Stargate. Lara has found an underwater temple. There is a stargate, which would be activatet by two stars. This level does not bear his name too wrong. coz one must dive many routes. To look Baywatch is a good preparation for this level. This is a very good and cleanly built level with suitable sound. Opponents are bats, crocodiles and small little beetles. Result: Absolutely recommendable and suitable for everybody." - Scottie (19-Apr-2009)
"One rewarding feature of the review system is bringing our attention to some of the older and less spectacular levels that we might otherwise never try. Underwater Temple is a prime example of this, as I was intrigued by Jerry's recent review and decided to give it a whirl myself. I very much liked what I say, not too confusing or difficult, not too easy either. I'm also grateful to the earlier reviewers who warned me of the hidden push block and the underwater ceiling lever. For some reason, however, the timed sequence with the targets caused me no problem whatsoever. When I landed on the timed trap door, I simply stepped back onto the stable ledge and shot the targets at leisure. The doors opened when I finished, even though by that time the trap door had fallen down. Not the way the builder intended, I'm sure, but it worked for me. A nice little level, even though it's showing its age. Recommended." - Phil (16-Feb-2009)
"Considering that this catacomb-like level was built in the early days of the level editor it was quite a good one. Gameplay could have been more varying as it is mainly searching for switches, and even though there were camera hints it was a bit confusing at times to find out where to go in all those underwater rooms. But the level architecture was authentic, texturing and lighting were well done." - Jerry (12-Feb-2009)
"Some elevator ride and a shooting gallery put some change into the basically lever pulling gameplay. Although it was fluent, and even enjoyable, alas the total lack of puzzles made it somewhat boring. The architecture is okay, as well as texures, not to varied but is suits the enviroment. There were a set of sconces burning under water, odd. Psiko's Stargate is awesome, as always, but in itself won't make a level any better." - Akcy (18-Aug-2007)
"I'm not much of a fan of Stargate but I have seen the movie enough to know what it's about and the extra objects created to represent the Stargate were done expertly. The design of the puzzles and rooms were pretty good but most of them looked the same. Maybe a little more time and effort could have been spent incorportaing more textures to make the environment look more impressive. Judging by the levels I have played so far, the hidden pushable object has been quite common with most designers, especially when used to hide objects or hidden rooms. I was left running around wondering where to go until I lit a flare in a corner which revealed a section of the wall in which you could push. After finding that, the rest of the level was quite enjoyable. I didn't like the current preventing you to surfacing. That could have been done better. Maybe a trapdoor would have worked instead. I was impressed with the find sequence as Lara jumps into the Stargate. It was a nice level but I feel it could have been improved on." - Necro (28-Aug-2006)
"Firstly I didn't realise that I had played this level quite some time ago until I loaded it up but I thought what the heck and gave this adventure another bash this time playing it without any help and I enjoyed it even better the second time around. This level was a lot fun to play and had some interesting moments during your journey which did keep you thinking throughout this adventure. There is lots of swimming involved here while dodging those many crocs finding some well hidden jump-switches which made this adventure even more exciting. Your mission is in search of a key and the 2 missing stargate stars which I didn't seem to have too much problems in finding them but I just took my time exploring every possible place and was eventually rewarded. There is some target shooting involved jumping into a door before the trap-door closes and avoiding some spikes traps in the process but this was a lot of fun but it did take me many tries to succeed. Other then that traps are minimal in this level but you do encounter an area where-by a load of beetles/scarabs appear but after running away from them and jumping up to a higher ledge to my delight when I came back down again they all had disappeared. On the whole the textures were very well done lighting was good but you do encounter some dark areas the game-play was thrilling and I found this level a real pleasure to play. 24/01/2005" - Gill (25-Jan-2005)
"This is the third and last level from this author and I would have to say that this is probably his best one. I still have a few complaints with it but not as many as I had with the other ones. This level starts off more interesting with the flashing lights and the streams of lights that surround the entrance which is quite good. I found that the texturing in this level is of a very good quality and I would have to say the same for the layout too. There was at least some thought process went into having a level with a purpose i.e. having Lara play as if she was a member from Stargate. Gameplay was good except for those pesky scarabs. If there was one enemy that I wish I could take out of a game it would be them. Those things are so damn annoying! Pretty much everything else was about par. It was a quick level and does not take much time to complete so it might be good for a quick tombraiding feast. Enemies were few and far between. Crocs did not put up much of a fight so don't expect anything too difficult from this level however it is a nice level to play for its design. If I had to give this level a grade I would give it a C+ a high pass mark." - The Aussie Adventurer (08-Nov-2004)
"A Catacombs - like level. It is not hard to get the Pergamena for what we came for but to leave with the help of the Star Gate we have to find 2 Star Gate keys. To that end we are to pull levers on land in water and at ceilings find a key after some elevator part then we can use it after some target shooting. We will have weapons: an UZI a Revolver together with a laser sight. There is only one times task in the game which was the target shooting. I've found three secrets. Enemies are some bats crocs and scarabs. There are no added sounds on this level texture goes well with the environment but that's it. However it was a really good adventure with my recommendation to everyone. Find savegames pictures and the walkthrough here: " - Obig (01-Jan-2004)
"This commits the 'Orbit Dream cardinal Gameplay Sin #1' within the very first five minutes. Namely bring the game to a crashing halt and have the player wander around for absolute ages because of an entirely obscure puzzle solution;in this case: our old friend the unmarked pushable block. Get your head around that and you'll have an enjoyable and intriguing time here. The first and last rooms are truly breathtaking; the exploring of a very high standard; likewise the level construction and the flybys; and the ending is beautiful and dreamlike." - Orbit Dream (02-Oct-2003)
"Well this actually took place in the water much less than I had imagined it would but nevertheless was rather enjoyable. The few underwater switches the movable block in the first dry area and a jumpswitch a bit later on were the only things that somehow halt you from progression but are not as bad and don't spoil much if you find them early. What I liked here in the level was the architecture - especially admirable in the water areas - also the way the double doors that guard the 1st stargate key open is imaginative. I only found strange that near where you find the 2nd stargate key the vessels were burning underwater. Anyway - a rather short - 30 minute adventure in the catacomb alike environments - worth a try." - eTux (04-Sep-2003)
"I liked this level even if I played it for the second time. It's still enjoyable. Two hands a scroll with the solution to the stargate which is the hands of course but it's written in Italian. Elevators levers underwater and above spikes and annoying beetles. The only enemies are a few crocodiles and bats. The level ends with Lara passing through the stargate. Give it a try." - Kristina (07-Apr-2003)
"Lara makes a trip through the Stargate and ends up in an underwater temple. Her task is to find 2 stars a key and a scroll. The puzzles are easy pull many levers and dive a lot through small but well though out water mazes. Opponents are crocodiles and little scorpions as well as a couple of beetles ;-). Textures were cleanly processed. Pleased me well. Also the room design. But I found it a little too short. I got through relatively quickly ... at the end she makes the trip through the Stargate. But a good Level - recommended." - Engelchen Lara (23-Dec-2002)
"A beautiful underwater temple. Lara has to task to find two stars in order to activate the star gate. The textures of the individual areas are affectionately set. Lara must overcome many traps swims and a few mysteries to crack. They are however not particularly difficult. My Lara found two golden roses as secrets. The camera guidance and the sound came at the correct time. Opponents were usually crocodiles and beetles. Altogether for me a great level which was also diverse. But unfortunately too brief." - Navi (13-Dec-2002)
"Not wanting to state the obvious but if you don't like swimming then don't play this because you get to do quite a lot of it through this 30 minute level. There are though still quite a lot of non swimming areas and one of these got me so stuck that I gave up on the level for over a month until I read that there was a very well hidden movable block which when found allowed me to go on with the rest of the level and from that point it played smoothly. The aim here is to locate 2 Hands that activate the stargate which transports you to well the end and although not a difficult level besides that block you do have a few close run ins with a handful of crocs and beetles that made my blood run cold and that I could have done without." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"I marvel at how Sash made it through this level in 30 minutes. I spent almost 50 minutes in this catacomb WAD environment which sends you nicely back and forth finding levers and keys above and under water. As part of the Italian stargate project it uses Psiko's Stargates at the beginning and end. What really impressed me was the excellent use of cameras throughout. The small target range was fun as were the 'golden roses' secrets. Enemies are not a big factor although the beetles are annoying as always." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"First off this level is very complex and you will need to keep your eyes open for things that are so easy to miss. Two of the main culprits are a movable block and an underwater switch (which is on the ceiling). I spent half my game time of 1 hour 10 minutes looking for that damn switch sigh. The object is to locate two stars to open the Stargate and whilst the stars are easy to find getting to them isn't. The end sequence as Lara dimension travels is well done and this really is a good level that deserves these scores." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"Expect a lot of water! All this temple was somehow a huge labyrinth to me I got lost a lot of times but after some exploring/swimming you find your location again. One hour of solid gameplay looking for the two hands to activate the stargate at the end of the level. I loved the texturization of the level even if the lighting was not the best." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"The author has been inspired by the film Stargate and Lara starts off at some unknown place and has to find two star keys to be able to get home again. As the title says there is a lot of swimming in this level (but not long 'I'm out of breath' swims which I don't like). She meets crocodiles and scarabs and has to pull a lot of levers in order to find the keys. I found three secrets and it took me 45 minutes to finish." - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"Though the majority of this level retains the basic catacomb style the beginning and the end both have some interesting special effects - the final exit was unlike any I've seen before. Exploration is the key here as you search for the next switch or item as there is often more than one path to choose from. Your objective is to retrieve two hands in order to escape the underwater temple and along the way you'll come across a bat or a scorpion but it's the crocs you have to watch out for. Most of the time you can climb out and shoot them but once or twice you just have to grit your teeth and go for it. It took me 48 minutes to get through it but once you know what to do it would probably only take half that long as it's a fairly easy level (if you don't miss that pushable block or opening in the ceiling). I found two secrets and a scroll and had a lot of fun playing this level. I was left with one unopened underwater door and never figured out how to open it but there's a good chance this contained the third secret." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"The title says it swimming. And swimming I don't mind. Crocodiles and scarabs are a different story. It took me some time to find all the keys just not looking at the right places but got there in the end." - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"Interesting level finding keys to activate the stargate. Quite a lot of swimming involved finding levers & switches to open gates here & there. Careful observation needed (thanks Gunilla) to find some switches & secrets." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)
"Optimal level of the Stargate series. Lara is found again from the StarGate to the inside of a Temple submerged from waters. In order to succeed to activate the StarGate of escape and to be able to continue its adventures it will have to find of manufatti... Therefore the travel begins between the submerged culverts and the acclimatization of this beautiful level a lot very constructed from Alberico. The sensation living the adventure is real and desire to find the escape of the room with the other Stargate is large. A level that draws cue from the architectures of Catacomb in TR 4 but that original is developed in independent way from the level some passages are not simple..but is funny to play.. sure !" - Roberto (21-Jun-2002)
"A very nice level! Especially texturing lighting and special effects of some objects are great!" - Chris (21-Jun-2002)
"Nice level let you spend a couple of hours enjoy it!" - Mario (21-Jun-2002)
"I reckon this is my favourite from Alberico. Courtesy of Sash's review that mentioned the movable block I was able to complete it without being stuck. There is one underwater lever that I had trouble to locate but otherwise the gameplay is very fluent and the long fly bys give you a good idea where to go next. There are too many levers and there is not that much variation as far as the tasks are concerned but swimming with the crocodiles was great the lift to the levers always welcome the setting nicely textured and beautifully build resulting in a course that interacts rather cleverly. If Alberico would go through the trouble of peppering his levels with a few ingenious puzzles challenging jump combinations and the odd trap I'm sure he could come up with something truly exceptional. As it is this leaves you not fully satisfied." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
"This was a fun level. Lara must find 2 keys to open the stargate. Other than the 1st jumpswitch which I had difficulty finding through my own inattention a nice moving level. Lots of swimming but I like to get wet some well hidden underwater levels. Not many pickups but you don't need them as there are only a few crocs and some of those nasty bugs. But for the most part they didn't overwhelm you. Nice use of the elevator and the target area was not difficult which is a good thing as I am no marksman (person). About an hour for me less if I'd have found that jumpswitch right off. Quite enjoyable" - Momster (21-Jun-2002)