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The last Saga 3 - Volcano by Tomo

Aims 9 9 9 10
bERT 7 8 7 8
CC 9 9 10 10
Chronicles5 10 10 10 10
Dimpfelmoser 8 9 8 9
DJ Full 8 8 9 9
eRIC 9 10 10 10
eTux 10 10 10 9
Freeman Porter 9 10 9 9
G.Croft 9 9 8 8
Gerty 8 9 9 9
gfd 7 8 8 9
illyaine 10 10 10 10
Jay 9 9 10 9
JesseG 8 10 9 10
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 8 9 10 8
Kristina 10 10 10 10
Leandro 9 10 10 9
Lorax 9 9 10 10
Loupar 9 10 10 9
Magnus 8 8 8 9
manarch2 7 8 9 8
MichaelP 9 10 9 9
Miguel 8 9 9 10
Mman 8 9 9 9
Momster 9 10 9 8
Navi 9 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 8 9 9 9
Phil 9 10 10 9
RaiderGirl 9 10 10 9
Ryan 9 9 10 10
Samu 10 10 10 10
Sash 8 10 10 9
Sheevah 9 8 8 7
Sherry 9 8 9 9
SilentViper 10 10 10 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
Treeble 9 9 10 9
Yasin 8 10 10 10
release date: 18-Jan-2002
# of downloads: 166

average rating: 9.13
review count: 40
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file size: 34.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This one is a big step up and still hold up well today, this is Tomo's first level I'd call legitimately great. Great level design and use of space, despite feeling kind of small this is a substantial adventure. Tomo manages to create a great atmosphere where it feels like the meteor will strike any moment, Well worth a play." - Lorax (03-Aug-2023)
"Time (the passage of twenty years,no less) has been VERY kind to this adventure. The construction is first-class;the atmosphere (especially in the outdoor first-half of the game) is excellent;and gameplay is generally pitched extremely well. I can easily overlook the historical falsehood of humans co-existing with Dinosaurs in the Jurassic era (and even constructing temples with elaborate traps and mechanical devices!) because - creativity. What I find less forgivable is gameplay which (although splendid for much of the time - particularly in the initial outdoor area) ultimately becomes all about backtracking through crawlspaces;timed underwater mazes (with the added infuriation of an un-killable crocodile),and the concluding addition of several indestructible and health-sapping enemies.It was really quite striking how much less enjoyable the game became for me,once the volcano had been entered. Up to that point,it was a thought-provoking;beautifully executed (what a view from the mountainside!);ingeniously assembled adventure. Nonetheless,the construction was first class all the way through;with evocative texturing;atmospheric lighting;excellent use of sounds and music; re-modelled enemies (quite a novelty back in the day);and an always interesting course for progression. It has never ceased to surprise me just how much can be crammed into a single- level adventure - this felt like two sequential levels - and how a storyline can be developed without the use of voice-work or sophisticated cut-scenes. For its time,this was an undoubted triumph; and (despite my aforementioned reservations) is still highly recommendable today." - Orbit Dream (14-Nov-2021)
"The third part of this series is absolutely atmospheric, especially with all those small cutscenes, the reshaped enemies and the views of the titular volcano it was really ahead of its time. The builder certainly set new standards back then. Today, it is still a very nice to play level, with a fluent progression (not very confusing actually), but it is a bit less inspired in terms of puzzles and platforming, also a bit repetitive in some of the passages you have to do more than once. There are some nice traps and the boss 'fight' actually has its charm, as well as the use of the torch (still not a fan of those fires). The texturing and especially lighting are pretty good too, and this is really one of the best levels released in the very early days, almost 20 years old by now. Spent 35 minutes in here and found all three secrets that also registered." - manarch2 (05-Nov-2021)
"Wonderful, ths level is a huge improvement from the prequels. The audio, cutscenes and atmosphere really sell you on the idea of traveling to a prehistoric era. Probably the most iconic moment is scaling the side of a large volcano. The lighting is much better and the warm colors are a great choice for this level. Plenty of obstacles to run from including the hammer enemy, crocdiles, spikes, and of course a t-rex. The lowest point for me was the water maze, thankfully not as large as the one in TR4 but the lack of camera cues made it more frustrating than it should have been. Some other switches lacked crucial camera cues as well, so don't be afraid to use the walkthrough if you're not sure where to go. Overall I recommend this great jungle level. 1 hour 1 minute." - JesseG (31-Oct-2020)
"This level is absolutely heaving with atmosphere and, having not played it since it was released, I had really forgotten how enjoyable the action is. The gorge setting is extremely well created and the enemies appropriate (well OK the hammer god may be a bit of a stretch)and effectively placed. There's plenty of enjoyable exploring, plus (aaaargh) an underwater maze I definitely needed help from the walkthrough to negotiate. Overall, it's a high octane game that should definitely get the adrenalin rushing through your system. Highly recommended." - Jay (30-Sep-2017)
"Wow, what an impressive level. So many of these older levels are mediocre at best, but this one really stands. Great atmosphere right from the get go and nice use of audio to fit the setting. Some of the cut scenes are well done too, particularly the one showing the meteorite hurtling towards the volcano. The gameplay is varied with a good mixture of puzzles, agility tests and timed runs. I didn't find it too dark either. A brilliant hour long level and highly recommended." - Ryan (21-Nov-2016)
"Condensed to 20x20x20 before 20x20x20, but very very very unusual as the builder doesn't waste space and differs this place from an ordinary jungle level with help of his own lighting scheme and mesosoic filling. Some enemies hit slopes but it only helps and secrets are simple but also not that needed... That's it, I think." - DJ Full (03-Jul-2016)
"The first level in the series that's entirely original in concept; Lara travels back to prehistory, and there's a small bit of storyline as you see the meteorite that killed the Dinosaurs fall, and get something from it later. The setting is executed well with you first exploring a valley full of natives (apparently they exist with the Dinosaurs here), before entering the temple inside a volcano that looks over said valley (which creates a nice sense of progression). The theme is well executed with gloomy lighting that creates an almost apocalyptic atmosphere, which fits the context of the setting well. The temple isn't quite a visually interesting as the valley area, but it stills looks good.
The gameplay includes quite a bit of somewhat challenging exploration, with various hidden crawlspaces and similar to look out for, there are also a couple of near-invisible push-blocks, but they manage to not be too irritating here. It's also varies things with sections like the climb up the Volcano and some traps. On the bad side, quite a bit of the gameplay is a bit vague; there are multiple switches that give no real clue what they do, and there were parts later on where I stumbled across doors that had opened with no real clue what had opened them. If you're through (and use items when you find them) it'll work out though. A good level and a big step-up from the first two levels." - Mman (26-Jan-2011)
"Very cool this creation from this good builder; a bit dark for my taste but full of action and with a lot of tasks to do. You're in a volcanic area in the jungle full of prehistoric beasts and many dangers. Half lineal gameplay, sometimes it's no easy to know what to do. Simple but nice puzzles, well textured, I only found the revolveras extra weapon (poor) and no ammo. Good atmosphere with some camera-animations and three secrets (I could find) to look for. A level very enjoyable." - Jose (04-Aug-2009)
"I do know I'm very late with this one, but it's still quite the classic level. Back in the day, Tomo would always bring lots of novelties with every new release of his, I can only wonder what he'd be achieving these days. The atmosphere in this level is just brilliant, it's very unique and while you don't really see quite a lot of fire as you'd expect, you do get some nice glimpses to what appears to simulate volcanic eruptions. Inside the volcano, you quest for four stones to ultimately find the serpent stones to reach the end of the level. These quests are rather simple, with the exception of one that takes place in an underwater maze (you're rewarded with the stone of Faith for completing that task, lol). I also came across the door bug in an earlier room. All in all, this is another Tomo adventure and as such you just cannot miss it. 55 minutes, 2 secrets. 10/08" - Treeble (30-Oct-2008)
"To me, this one just misses being a great level. It has stirring gameplay, challenging puzzles, well placed enemies and traps, and scenic surroundings. However, it was a little too dark and spooky for my tastes, and therefore not as much fun as the denouement offered by the builder in the fourth segment. Actually, this can't really be called a series, as the levels are so unlike (except maybe the first two) that there's no sense of continuity as you work your way along. But the quality of the levels increases dramatically from the second through the fourth. If you like jungle levels, this third installment is definitely for you. Highly recommended." - Phil (28-Mar-2007)
"This is one step back from The Last Saga 4 but then of course it is. Lara is surrounded by pre-history (well not so much in view of some artefacts and devices but that's another story) and this is Tomo's pre-history in a way - very nice pre-history in fact. The ambiance is dark stormy creepy our heroine finds herself inside a volcano and must fight several raptors pteranodons and a very dumb T-Rex (luckily for I believe it can't be killed) plus a bunch of South Pacific natives and a hammergod not forgetting the fish in the underwater labyrinth. Thus the plot seems thick enough and it is so in fact. Sometimes Lara gets a little lost but it doesn't take long before she finds every solution since the game is fairly straightforward. A lot of fog fire and brimstone and some very neat puzzles along the way. Most of you have probably played this already but in case you haven't I strongly recommend that you do. The sense of adventuring is strong and I doubt you can get bored. (November 17 2004)" - Jorge22 (18-Nov-2004)
"This level is top good. I think there is nothing bad in this level and lighting is amazing." - Samu (13-Jul-2004)
"What a great level! Of course you would always expect great levels from Tomo. Lara has arrived in the Stone Age to obtain a piece of meteorite that is very powerful. The meteor would have struck at this exact time and it does! You get to see it crashing in from the sky what luck! lol This level was really good original too. You have to travel through the jungles and some temples with enemies consisting of a few tribesman (tr3) pterodactyl's raptors and a T-Rex! Unfortunately he can't be killed but he's easy to avoid (a fairly dumb T-Rex lol). Obviously you will need to pull levers and push switches but thinking about it would they really have been about in the stone age? but hey it's only game! You wouldn't be able to be set alight and extinguish yourself in water and be unscathed in real life would you? Moving on... lol. The puzzles aren't that hard apart from an underwater maze (you made need to consult a walkthrough for that) and a timed swim which I found impossible as you only have 20 seconds. But it is very simple really I took the long way not realising that if I turned left in the tunnel instead of going straight and up down left right etc I can make it in about 10 seconds! lol I didn't like the part where you have to push quite a lot of switches to open a trap door when you had the evil hammergod from TR4's trenches and a pterodactyl on your tail but that was the only bad thing for me. I liked the ending too. Where you use your items to return to the present day with the meteorite. All in all this was a very enjoyable level and I recommend it to everyone. So don't waste time! Download it now!" - Aims (14-May-2004)
"This level looks very nice but it's really starting to show its age now. Firstly there are more than a few clipping errors and other small faults secondly there really needs to be more cameras so the player knows what button/lever does what (talking of which one of the cameras that did show something seemed to show it forever until it finally let me continue). Also for me at least a lot of the cut scenes didn't seem to work. None of this stops the level from being quite a bit of good looking fun. There are even a couple of things in here you probably won't have come across before. All in all an old level where the cracks are beginning to show but fun never the less. This episode took me 1 hour and 30 minutes and I found 2 secrets." - gfd (25-Jan-2004)
"I can see the first two levels were just a warm-up for this very fine clever level. Exciting enemies such as raptors Mr. Hammer T-Rex nasty birds and a tricky water maze that I had to restart several times with a final timed swim that did not prove to be too difficult. Everything about this level was interesting and well thought out. Well done Tomo." - Sherry (19-Aug-2003)
"The initial site of this level set in a tribesmen's village laying at the foot of a gigantic volcano with a deep chasm between them is one of those that has stayed with me and is as clear in my mind as if I had played it yesterday instead of the year and a half that is has actually been. Why is that? Well simply it is just fantastically built and so atmospheric that I felt as though I was actually there. The rest of this sometimes colourful but ever brooding 70 minute level is just as fabulous as you find yourself eventually inside the volcano making your way through some nice puzzles some cool traps prehistoric enemies and a heart pounding meeting with a T-Rex that had me so much on the edge because I was certain before he even came into being with his ground shaking rumbles that when I picked up a meteor splinter from a newly crashed meteor that this would actually bring him on and it did. This is a must play and hopefully it will become a favourite and hold a special place with you like it does for me." - Sash (25-Jul-2003)
"This level is quite 'old' if you'll go by the date I played it and maybe you expect something easy going but nothing is further from the truth as this was quite an adventure. Starting outdoors in a jungle and after completing some tasks you have to find a way down the abyss. That will take some planning as it is rather hard to see where you can jump to and... you have to do this more than once. The hurling meteor gave me quite a fright but what a sight that was. Finding four Stones of Death Friendship Faith and Flames two snake eyes (pink gems) and the Stone of Time is your goal here. Place the Stones in their brackets the minute you find them as that will open some doors. You also will pick up the Skull Key that one is very well hidden as I found out. For enemies there are the natives raptors some flying giant dinos and the Hammerguy will pester you big time. That T-rex made me jump in my chair and the dash I had to make to get past him was thrilling. There is an underwater maze with a timed door that took me some time to master and the four buttons one need to push while corkscrews spikes are coming from the ceiling do add lots of excitement. The ending although short is something you have to see. 05-07-2003" - Gerty (10-Jul-2003)
"This level shows how Tomo has improved as a builder. The whole environment was very suitable. Lara had the difficult task to find the Stone of Time and a meteorite splinter. Many puzzles to solve some not easy. Enemies were flying dinosaurs natives hammergod and T-Rex. And one critique I have that the T-Rex did not fit into that small cave. He just did not have enough room to run around ;) The sequence when the meteor crashes is great. Sound and camera are suitably added textures are not the highlight of the level though ;) But the enemies are. Lara finds three roses. Given that it is an older level it is definitely worth a look. Congratulations Tomo :)" - Navi (10-May-2003)
"Finally I'm doing this third part to the Last Saga series. And what a luscious looking level it is. Deep in a dark jungle during a thunderstorm and a great sunset in the background under an angry sky. Before I had a chance to breathe in swoops a pteranodon and that is a pretty good indication of what's to come. Moveable blocks cleverly hidden (ok they're a bit obvious once you've found one - the face textures) that you 'have' to find to progress later on. Natives that eat raptors! Raptors that try to eat Lara. Loved the meteor hurtling towards and crashing into the mountain. I thought Lara was finished at this stage. There is a fire/torch puzzle I thought was unique - Lara stretches up to them - never seen that before. The hammergod stuff was excellent fun and the underwater maze was frustrating but fun also. You really feel like you've earned those 4 stones by the time you've placed the last one. A really well made TRex room with the meteor embedded in the nest!! No wonder Mamma TRex is ticked off. The descending corkscrew spikes is an excellent room the frozen water and the way you get both red gems is very clever. Excellent level Tomo well done." - CC (10-May-2003)
"I think this is the best of Tomo's Levels. Beautiful original and full of colour and action. Only two faults IMO: more helpful cameras in some parts of the game and more light in general please to admire the superb rooms." - Loupar (23-Mar-2003)
"It took a lot of careful exploration and searching to find everything needed to get through this level but with the great job the author did on the atmosphere and the environment I enjoyed every second of it. If it weren't for the tribesman I almost would had believed I had gone back in time to when the continents were still joined and the planet still looked vaguely similar to when life first formed with the bubbling volcanoes the hot lava and rocks the caves and the dinosaurs roaming about. I liked how the author managed to use looks from many original TR levels without making it look 'thrown together'." - RaiderGirl (08-Dec-2002)
"I'm so glad I finally got up the nerve to play this one. What a fantastic adventure this was from the first dino to the last time I had to hear that Hammer guy (lol). As usual I am playing this long after most of the other reviewers did and trying to get help from the thread was at best a little difficult. If Kristina hadn't YM'd me this morning I'd still be standing on the side of the mountain scratching my head. The trek down to the bottom of the chasm was exciting once I figured it out. The enemies of course dinosaurs and well done re-structured tin men into natives. Not to mention the Hammer guy it's always exciting dealing with an enemy you cannot destroy and the room with many buttons to push was a blood pressure raiser for sure dealing with him and a pterodactyl at the same time. Now that I've finished and think about it gameplay makes sense but during the actual playing it's easy to become confused and the key in the bushes was quite deceptive as well as obtaining the second red gem. Nice touch with the wraith turning the water solid to enable you to collect the gems and a unique ending that you just must experience." - Momster (19-Oct-2002)
"In a word. Fanbloodytastic. This is a level that could go into any production game. What a beauty what a rip snorter. The puzzles are thinkers but not mind numbing the enemies range from tribesmen to wraiths to pterodactyls to raptors and even our old friends the Hammer God and the T Rex make cameo appearances. Lighting was perfect personifying a dark and gloomy atmosphere whilst allowing you to see what was going on. The only down side for me was the underwater maze and the timed door therein. Took me AGES to realise the bloody thing was timed LOL. There were some tricky pushable blocks early that had me wandering around the village for a while and getting down into the lava chasm took a few tries but really this is a superb level. 90 minutes of pure enjoyment." - Torry (05-Oct-2002)
"This is a very special jungle adventure that takes you way back to the dawn of time and even though this kind of setting isn't among my favourites I really couldn't help but feel engrossed by the gloomy atmosphere and the colourful environment. It was a bit crammed at times and the big T. Rex would have called for a huge open area but otherwise everything comes together quite nicely. Gameplay is kinda slow with lots of crawls many deaths and quite a few cleverly hidden things. But trying to outrun the hammergods is a great thrill as is the room with the drills descending from the ceiling. The underwater maze can be a bit of an ordeal especially if you fail to realize that the last lever is a timed one but avoiding the prehistoric reptile adds a bit of excitement to the tedious swimming and searching. As my understanding of it new enemies like the cannibals you get here are really just some retextured baddies from the original wads and I wonder what the raptor has at its very core. A small scorpion if the difficulty of killing them is anything to go by." - Dimpfelmoser (08-Sep-2002)
"This one is more one to play for the looks than for the gameplay. So: (+) very beautiful scenery (though a bit too dark sometimes) but (-) very linear gameplay except for the part where you had to find the extremely cleverly hidden 'shimmy' cliff left of the village to get to the second ibis down deep (tried almost everything to get down there and finally had to go to the help-out-forum). The dino-part in the end was more of a deją-vu (resembled the level from TR3 more than TR1) than surprising. Nevertheless all together still an enjoyable level." - bERT (22-Aug-2002)
"Perfect I thought... Another typical Tomo level! :D From the start it looked simply amazing. There were raptors running around this big cliff with a big river. If you know me I love waterfalls and all that stuff. It looked really cool. :) There was a very detailed village area looking up at a volcano and I thought it looked amazing. I stood there looking for a while and a tribesman snuck up behind me. :D Those guys were well textured and looked perfect for the area I liked them. Most of the level had excellent puzzles in it pushable blocks and fire torches etc. I especially loved the part with the ceiling blades it was tough but fun. The dino's in this level really put it over the top they worked great! :) You will really like this level DOWNLOAD IT NOW! :D" - Chronicles5 (23-Jul-2002)
"It's been a while since I have provided ratings that high but this level earns every bit of them. Very intricate level with a fantastic jungle atmosphere in the beginning and brilliantly opening up as you make your way across and inside the volcano until you reach the top to find the meteorite splinter. The enemies are truly original as Tomo has comverted banshees into flying dinosaurs and tinmen into cannibals. The raptors the T-Rex and the Hammer God are impressive and a few wraiths also keep you on your toes. The horizon fits the scenery very well and you better keep your eyes open for well-hidden movable blocks. Progression is nicely not too linear although in a bit of staged approach: find the two 'Keys of the Guardian' to make your way across to the Volcano then find the stones of flames death faith and friendship to make it to the top and last the two snake eyes and the stone of time to reach the end. On your way are some tricky puzzles particularly the underwater maze and a well hidden skull key and some timed doors. I spent about 1:30 hours found two of the three rose secrets and there is just too much fun to tell it all go see for yourself. " - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"A fun game with a lot of action. You're in the jungle and in caves and you have to fight bushmen dinosaurs (small and BIG) flying dinosaurs crocodiles and a hammer god." - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"An incredible and innovative level! Here Lara is in a very beautiful volcano island and has to a lot of dinosaurs to kill like Raptors T-Rex and pterosaurs too... the only problem with this last one is that they can use some kind of magic like the harpy... Weird but not bad. The volcano is really beautiful the architecture of the entire island superb but the use of textures is a little confused sometimes. And the puzzles could be much better. Anyway a very creative level and worth a download if you have time to it. (26MB? OMG!)" - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"Brillant level from Tomo with many new objects and enemies. There are some aborigines ;) small flying and running dinos and later on the big T-Rex who cannot be killed with the normal pistols there is a revolver to find earlier. Also you meet the hammer-god and some mutant crocodiles. The difficulty is not too easy but also not too hard the underwater maze was a real challenge cause the last door was a timed one so swim fast. I still had one meteor piece at the end of the level so maybe we can await soon the second part. If you want to play something new download this good piece of work." - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"After I had had some troubles installing the level I really hoped that it would live up to my expectations. And it did. This is a fun level where Lara has to find the 'Stone of Time'. In her way are a lot of dinosaurs. Of course she also has to solve puzzles and find keys. The texturing is good and colorful but the items in Lara's inventory look too 'metallic'. This level is worth playing especially if you like dinosaurs." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"I wasn't at first able to download this level because I had some installation problems luckily Tomoko made it easier by putting all files into one zip. This gave me a good opportunity to play the level. When I launched the level I suddenly got a kick can't explain but the first room was breathtaking. This level is made with care and time the environment the textures the lighting all taken care. And it looks great new added CD tracks which gave a whole different atmosphere in some areas. The gameplay is difficult you have to keep your eyes open and also you get annoyed by a some kind of guardian while pressing a lot of switches I really got frustrated because it couldn't get killed. The puzzles were good actually there were not much puzzles where you really have to stand still and let your brain work this is a small minor point. The comet which is about to strike in cutscene one is brilliant loved it and when it smashed into the volcano I just got a big kick out of it. The traps are well done and built spike trap at stone of death and the spinning spikes that stretch down (never seen them used before). All in all this level is a great level which has environment of jungle/mountains/temples the enemies are super! I really shivered while waiting for the big T-Rex to come when suddenly the music stopped and only footsteps can be heard. A level worth to download easy install no fooling around with files Good job Tomoko ( '_' )=b" - Yasin (21-Jun-2002)
"There are some new and interesting things in this level like the raptors the T-Rex and that incoming meteorite. First I was afraid I wouldn't make it through this level as there are no weapons to find Lara's life depends on her pistols only. But it was possible indeed I even had some 7 or 8 medipacks in the end. For me the most exciting thing in this level was that area where you expected the T-Rex to appear. You know he MUST be coming but you don't know when and where. I really had some more heart beating while awaiting him and for sure a higher blood pressure too. The only thing in this level I didn't like so much was the texturing. In some places I found it a bit too colorful. But the lighting and sounds are nice throughout especially the sound of a grumbling thunder in the background and the dark and 'doomy' sky textures." - Sheevah (21-Jun-2002)
"Absolutely intense level - you have to download it. No criticism really; and there are some easy and some not so easy hideouts and chasms etc. New really cool enemies like islanders T-Rex raptors and flying dinos and lots of action just how I love it and many others will too." - Silent Viper (21-Jun-2002)
"Tomo's level shows how well textures can be placed (never saw a short or badly placed one nor wallpaper effect) also has a good atmosphere (sky sound objects enemies) - yes indeed a good adventure. Really nicely placed and made exciting. Of course a few errors which didn't stop good gameplay - Lara could make this irish-dance; you can visit the T-Rex a second time but you could not come out. But I can recommend this one because you will see that it was built with a lot of enthusiasm and for that I liked it." - Miguel (21-Jun-2002)
"I am trying to find the right words to describe this level but only magnificent and beautiful comes to mind. Shall I start from the T-Rex the dinosaurs the very good textures yes all of these were more than very good excellent. It's not very hard but not so easy either moving blocks perfectly hidden and with the right lighting can make you search for hours. The puzzles are keys but not ordinary ones the stone of time - philoshoper's stone as we know it -and a lot of hidden crawlspaces that lead you to new areas as good as they can get. The title says Volcano and that's what you will see craters with lava that you will have to climb or fall. The only thing missing was lava running down from the top but let's not get all excited here this is a game not reality. The enemies as mentioned above are dinosaurs crocodiles retextured and our friend with the hammer chasing you around. The end was something so beautiful that made think it's such a pity not to be able to continue playing in that area. As you place the stone the room turns blue with stars I belive I loved it. If you miss this you will be missing one of the greatest custom levels made so far." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)
"It was good to see retextured warriors prehistoric birds and especially the raptors. I like them the way they open their big mouth and the way they gently die in peace. Not much ammo to pickup here but collect all the medipacks that can be found because Mad Hammer is patrolling and he has not taken his pills... And eventually Mister T-rex has showed his face terrible terrific great moment! Very great atmosphere and good texturing in those intricate outside areas and little temples. Enjoyable gameplay and nice puzzles with the movable blocks and the water changed in ice a little underwater maze with a timed door. Tomo is well known now to be a genius for creating new enemies I give him a special award because sometimes he gives some of his animals to other fellow levelbuilders. Great work!" - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a very coooool level. Everybody really has to play this one." - Christoph (21-Jun-2002)
"This is one of the best levels ever made! If you haven't played this one I feel sorry for you. The natives dinosaurs of any type everywhere and the well known Minotaur are the enemies of this level. The puzzles weren't too hard but not too easy. There were excellently camouflaged underwater levers parts that can scare you to death like the spikes poping out from the ceiling the T-Rex whom you could expect to come but it was still a scare when he arrived. The absolutely best use for the minotaur that really could annoy you sometimes but still was excellent. The perfect underwater maze the great camera view when the meteorite fell in the T-Rex cavern the excellent ending that was probably one of the most satisfying at all. Maybe I didn't like some of the textures of lava that would have been nicer if animated but no more problems with textures. Nothing more to say about this level superb from the start till the (beautiful) end." - eTux (21-Jun-2002)