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Toy Story (Demo) by GokuZ

CC 4 1 7 7
Ceamonks890 2 3 2 2
Cory 4 2 2 2
Dimpfelmoser 5 2 7 5
eTux 8 8 9 6
Gerty 5 3 7 8
Jay 4 4 3 3
John 7 5 7 7
Jose 3 2 3 2
Kristina 1 1 2 2
Lady Lara 4 5 5 4
Lara_Fox_Croft 6 5 8 5
Leandro 6 7 7 5
manarch2 3 2 5 4
MichaelP 4 3 7 6
Mulf 3 2 4 3
Orbit Dream 4 2 4 4
RaiderGirl 6 4 7 8
Ryan 3 3 2 2
Sakusha 1 3 7 5
Sash 5 2 7 8
Torry 8 7 9 9
Treeble 4 3 6 5
Yoav 6 4 8 6
release date: 01-Feb-2002
# of downloads: 110

average rating: 4.60
review count: 24
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file size: 17.86 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Alas, this is another one of those proof-of-concepts that sounds great on paper. But in terms of execution, it leaves a lot to be desired(with there not being a whole lot to really do, as you find yourself running & climbing over what feels like miles of terrain). Interesting to know that this kind of level design is even possible to do within the editor at all though. Now, if only a talented builder could make a proper levelset out of this concept and craft something wonderful with it." - Ceamonks890 (19-Mar-2018)
"At least it's an innovative idea, play with Lara as a toy in a giant bedroom with giant objects made with architecture blocks. Not much care with the texturization, there are many elongated textures and repetitive in big surfaces too. The gameplay is not very good 'cause you can reach the platform with the jeep without the keys (backtracking) or reach the final crowbar door without the crowbar (backtracking again). Even so it's a short level worth to take a look 'cause the original design." - Jose (15-Jan-2018)
"Not much of a level, this, or even a demo, and more of an attempt at proof of concept. Lara starts out in what appears to be her mansion (or a very stripped-down, minimalist version of it), but soon realises that she’s living in a dollhouse standing on the floor of some unseen person’s bedroom. So far, so intriguing; but it soon transpires that the outsized surroundings do not present ideal conditions for Lara to frolic about in, and are in fact indistinguishable from many a budding level builder’s favourite mistake: the construction of immense rooms filled with emptiness. The slapdash approach to design and some odd texture choices (the lava wallpaper) certainly don’t help. As proof of concept, therefore, it must be regarded as a failure, albeit a valiant one." - Mulf (10-Jan-2018)
"I remember playing this when it first came out and thinking what a great idea for a level, with Lara's mansion being a dolls house in a child's bedroom, and wishing it could have been expanded. OK, this is quite a crude effort looks-wise and the gameplay is minimal, even by demo standards, and never came to anything, but I would really, dearly like to see an accomplished builder do something along these lines with all the resources to hand these days. It could really be something." - Jay (01-Nov-2017)
"I think the author had a good idea here, to shrink Lara down to a tiny size and being dwarfed by huge objects. It needed executed better though. Huge rooms with stretched and out of place textures (unmoving lava textures on the wall), hardly any gameplay apart from a jeep. My version did have a finish trigger however." - Ryan (06-Apr-2016)
"A level with a nice idea to let Lara run through an oversized house (or did Lara shrink? Who knows...) This is probably the only level where I didn't mind streched and wallpapered textures, because they perfectly made sense. Unfortunately, there were other mistakes in this level that were not that forgivable, as wrongly used textures and the lava textures that did not fit in this level in any way. Apart from that, some of the "objects" like the chair or the bedside table looked good and the few jump sessions were quite interesting. Gameplay indeed is let-down by too long ladders and poles and the jeep ride could've been more interesting for me (like jumping over the furniture). All in all a not very well executed level but I'd love to see a better level based on that idea..." - manarch2 (03-Mar-2013)
"G&puzzles: a level quite easy and interesting but too simple. Enemies objets and secrets: nothing except a door, Lara, a key and the jeep. Atmosphere, sound and camera: Atmosphere was good, and I think I'm gonna create a level of this kind. The bedroom was well made :) Lighting and texture: rather horrible =/ A level quite intesting ^^" - Lara_Fox_Croft (01-Dec-2012)
"Well, it starts in a slightly badly textured house but the texturing then becomes awful as the level progresses. The gameplay was good with some nice jumping and a good jeep ride but it was spoilt by two long ladder climbs. All in all, a 10 minute adventure that I cant recommend." - Cory (05-May-2008)
"Not a bad idea for a novelty item (tiny Lara,huge room) and fairly well- made,but the textures are often horribly stretched and the idea wears thin very quickly. The giant furniture is cleverly constructed,progression is occasionally ingenious, but the level needed considerably more pollish in order to pull of the 'gag' effectively." - Orbit Dream (04-May-2008)
"This is obviously a Japanese child's room (hint: under the jeep Tomb Raider III is written in Katakana an alphabet that is used for foreign-derived words). The author has built a tiny house for her he has hidden the amulet of Horus and the ignition key for the jeep. When he bought Lara the action figure along with a building set a jeep and her artefact he ignored the sign 'gameplay not included'. The lighting is always at R 128 G 128 B 128 the water textures (they are neither transparent nor animated) aren't meant to texture water in this level the flyby is bugged (you trigger it every time you enter or exit Lara's home) I have detected one paper-thin wall and the textures are sometimes repetitive. But I am impressed that someone has created such a room. The author has managed to make two lamps an air vent a huge impenetrable door a large bed and a bookshelf. This author can make a great level." - Sakusha (16-Aug-2004)
"Funny idea for a level - you must see this Lara in big doll rooms when all around is so high the chair the bed the table.... not much to do but this looks very nice and is a little change from other levels." - Yoav (01-Mar-2004)
"I have been meaning to play this level for a long time and kept forgetting to download it. So now I have and I think it is one the most original ideas ever. Hard to rate because you can tell a great deal of work went into creating the perspective of a tiny Lara in a big room but there is not a huge (no pun intended) amount of gameplay here. So I gave it a 5 for objects since the big chair etc were the objects here (except for ankh crowbar and keys and jeep). I never used the ankh so I don't know if I missed something. I also kind of wished that the jeep had a turbo-charger esp going up that 'hill'." - Lady Lara (16-Dec-2003)
"Lara starts in her mansion. No . . . wait a minute it's not the mansion. She can't do anything in here so she must go outside. Outside is a carpet! with a ceiling! Oh my God Lara is a DOLL and she's in a child's bedroom and she just come out of a doll's house! How cool is this! What a great idea. A gigantic bed desk and chair bookshelves and this child loves Lara and Tomb Raider. So to get up there on the bookshelf she climbs the longest pole. Because Lara is tiny everything else is HUGE so it nearly takes forever to run across the floor. I had a quick look in the corner and there's a floor vent I had a horror that a gigantic mouse would appear. Lara finds an amulet and the keys for the toy jeep on the table and she has to find a way to get up on the table and drive the bike off the table. If there is ever a new category for originality this one would get a 10. There are no objects as such because everything is the room i.e. the chair legs are columns with wood textures. The lighting is dark so it must be bedtime soon. I just had an idea when Lara was running across the pillow did this little child realise her hero was exploring her/his bedroom. Great idea GokuZ. Wouldn't it be brilliant to do a whole house but I think that would be a mammoth job. Maybe a series of levels called say the bedroom the kitchen the sittingroom! I'm going now my imagination is running away with me." - CC (17-Sep-2003)
"Ok this looks like a test level and like most of the demos that being released it was never finished. There is the crowbar and Amulet plus a short jeep ride. You start inside the house to continue outside in a huge area with stretched textures. Two ropes some walls to climb and there is the jeep waiting. Drive through a narrow path and that's it something like five-seven minutes. Maybe the project the author had in mind was good but this demo isn't." - Kristina (25-Aug-2003)
"I think the idea is pretty neat and works quite well in the Tomb Raider context. You start this level thinking: 'No not another day in the mansion' but once you step outside things look rather different. As this is a demo I first thought there was no storyline at all but once I found my way around I quite liked the plot. Frankly there is too much empty space and when I used dozy to get to the lamp dangling from the ceiling it seemed I wasn't making any progress at all. That's how huge the area is. You should go there and have a look especially for the king sized bed that looks very real particularly from underneath. The poster on the wall is a nice touch and once you get to the jeep the room seems almost manageable. The textures are a bit repetitive but for once it makes perfect sense when they are stretched. If there were some things to do on the cupboards and giant mice or mites would populate the carpet this could turn into a great adventure." - Dimpfelmoser (23-Aug-2002)
"Wow what an extraordinary idea from this author. Starting in Lara's mansion you think: 'What am I doing here?'. There is nothing to do in the mansion but once you step outside well;...that is another story all together. Lara is the doll and her mansion is a doll house. Climb on everything in sight and you will find the car keys the Amulet of Horus and a crowbar. Now finding the jeep and be careful driving of the table and now go and look for an entrance into the heating duct there you can use the crowbar. Nice touches are added like a huge poster of Tomb Raider III. 08-07-2002" - Gerty (10-Jul-2002)
"When you start this demo it seems like you are in a mansion level but one that has no doors to enter or exit from except for the front door as soon as you step outside though you realise that what you were actually standing in was a dollhouse and that now you are in an enormous child's bedroom and a child who loves TombRaider. I have to give credit where credit is due this idea could have been executed very badly but I was just blown away at how brilliantly GoKuZ pulled it off not for one second did I feel like I was anywhere other than a child's bedroom or that I was only a couple of inches tall. What you have to do here is find your way to the toy jeep sitting on a table which meant climbing in the walls and over bookshelves dressers and bedside tables and once in it you can go for a spin around the huge floor space till you get bored and then drive to the end inside the ducted heating vent after a ride through the walls. The only thing I wish could have been added were maybe some ahmets retextured as huge rats that could lurk in the wall space but hey I know I'm asking a bit too much. This one room alone took up 70 rooms to build so I can only imagine how many rooms will be needed for a full length game but if this 15 minutes of play and visual astonishment was anything to go by I can only hope he pushes the Editor to its maximum capacity." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"You have to take a look at this one - the idea is really fab. You start in a rather roughly designed main hall of Lara's Mansion but when you step out you realize where you are. In a huge room where you suddenly feel very tiny at the look of that bed door chair desk cupboard ... Really impressive creativity demonstrated here. The objective of this demo is to locate the jeep key and the crowbar and then make your escape with the (Toy)-Jeep after about 15 minutes. Unfortunately the level design suffers from the disappearing horizon issue and many of the textures are very repetitive. The flybys need to be reworked. But hey this is the demo. With a bit more work put into it this could end up to be some winner of a level!" - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This relatively short level is fantastic due to the conceptualisation of the author. The furniture in Lara's room is huge and the challenge becomes negotiating these huge vistas with their mind-boggling drops in safety. The end result is to get out but to do this you will need to find and get to the jeep keys the jeep and the crowbar and each throws it's own challenge your way. A terrific idea and a great little level." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"In the very first room I thought I was playing a wrong level because it is just like the main hall of Lara's mansion. But when you cross the exit door you will see that you were inside a doll house! This demo has a kid's room. The most interesting furniture is the bed. I hope to see a full giant house soon because it's cool to play with a tiny Lara ;)." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"It's a very interesting and creative level. I'm really looking forward to the full version. But the demo has some problems of course. I think the author should use better textures and add lighting to the level. The puzzles aren't bad since this is the kind of 'no brain' level. But it has some nice touches like the bed the 'toy jeep' chase and the 'Lara's doll home'. Very creative!" - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"I have been eagerly anticipating this level since GokuZ first posted screenshots but never expected anything this amazing. This is one of the most original and creative ideas I've seen since the level editor was released. I would like to see a few enemies and some puzzles when the final product is released but I had a great deal of fun just exploring and looking at all the great objects in the bedroom. Besides the bed desk cabinet and night table there some shelves on the wall a large window a heating duct even a door handle on the giant sized door. I love the finishing touches that have been added - toys scattered about a magazine on the desk a pillow and bedspread and a great Tomb Raider poster on the wall. This is one of the few times I've been glad to see a demo and I'm looking forward to the complete level (and hope it's released soon!)" - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"What an original idea! It starts off in a doll house then when you get out you are in a massive bedroom and are 2 inches tall the main purpose is to find the keys for the jeep and then the jeep but this is quite a task obviously as Lara is only 2 inches tall there is a lot of features in this level which really make it realistic like the huge bed book case and table and chair. What a fun and original idea I can't wait for the full version! As just playing this demo was so much fun!" - John (21-Jun-2002)
"One of the most original ideas that have really been made into a level. At the start you can think that you start in Lara's house but soon you find out that it's only a doll house. I highly recommend to play this level even if it only is a demo and has a lot of bugs the lightning is incomplete and I hope the real version will have some better textures coz' you don't want to spoil such a great idea with some bugs and bad textures. I really hope the real version will be released soon cause if the demo is so impressive I can't imagine how good the real version will be..." - eTux (21-Jun-2002)