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The Evil Stone by Bibi Phoque

Blue43 8 8 8 9
CC 8 8 10 9
Dimpfelmoser 10 8 8 9
Dougsan 9 9 8 8
Duncan 10 8 9 8
Engelchen Lara 9 8 10 9
eRIC 9 8 9 10
eTux 9 8 9 9
Fairy Godfather 8 8 8 9
Freeman Porter 9 9 10 9
Gerty 10 9 9 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jerry 9 8 9 9
Jose 8 8 9 9
Kristina 8 8 9 9
Leandro 7 7 8 7
Leeth 9 8 7 7
MichaelP 8 9 10 9
Momster 9 8 9 9
Monika 9 9 9 9
Necro 8 6 7 8
Orbit Dream 8 7 8 9
Phil 9 9 10 9
RaiderGirl 9 8 9 9
Ryan 9 8 9 9
Sash 9 8 9 9
Sheevah 10 8 8 9
Staticon 9 8 9 8
Treeble 8 8 8 7
Whistle 8 8 8 9
Zhyttya 8 9 8 7
release date: 03-Feb-2002
# of downloads: 82

average rating: 8.52
review count: 31
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file size: 33.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This two part raid is definitely one of the better old levels out there. It rattles along at a lively pace and the gameplay is well rounded and interesting. I got interrupted half way through by the Christmas games (which just have to take priority for me), but managed to pick it up again quite readily and part two is in some ways a relief from the jungle areas, which, of necessity, always take a lot of exploring. If you tend to avoid these old levels in favour of the undoubtedly more sophisticated offerings we're treated to nowadays, then have a look at this to remind yourself how good a classic raid can be in competent hands." - Jay (28-Dec-2017)
"Bibi always provided us with very nice levels, and this is no exception. It's split into two very distinct parts, the first level taking place in areas which recreate the jungle atmosphere from TR3 levels, and then the second with a slight Lost City of Tinnos feel to it. It's a pleasant and straight forward raid, and, although at times it branches out and allows you to explore multiple paths at the same time, it's very easy to find your way. I experienced an issue with a persistent fixed camera late into the level, but saving and reloading made it go away. If you're looking for a relaxing cooldown from more demanding releases, this just might do the trick. 60 minutes, 3 secrets. 12/2017" - Treeble (04-Dec-2017)
"Stumbled upon this level while searching for something else, so I decided to give it a shot. I was very pleasantly surprised. This may not be made with the newer tools available, but is an object lesson for builders to create fun gameplay. Traps to avoid (tricky), items to find and a few simple puzzles. Lighting and textures were well done. My only complaint is the lack of enemies, only three giant scorpions and some skeletons. Definitely worth playing." - Ryan (06-Jul-2016)
"If you don't want to read a full paragraph here's the summary: Simple yet perfect. This is what this level is all about. Considering it's age, don't expect a level full of new HD setup of textures, or any customized object what so ever. This level is purely based on the basics of classic TR. And that's what makes it so damn good. The level and puzzle design really makes you travel back in time to the era when you were first playing the classic TR games. Is that simple, but that good! Let's start by speaking of the first level and it's flaws. The first level was rather fast and easy to do when comparing to the second level. Pretty strait forward, never did i got stuck in any way. However it seems that in some areas, mainly the beginning, the sound of the waterfalls seemed a bit out of place. That was not the only thing failing. The lightening could have been a lot better, or we could been provided with more flares, because in some areas the lightening becomes completely absent, making it incredibly hard to explore (with no flares, i had to use many times the pistols to light up the area). However all of these flaws fade once you enter the second level. Here you'll experience the nostalgia from your TR3 and TR4 times. A lot of textures and items used were mainly from TR3 and a lot puzzles were inspired by TR4. I also absolutely loved every single trap on the game. The author gives you the chance to react to every single one of them. You won't die out of nowhere. Now there's this gate, where if you take the path back through the wrong way, the gate will close. In my opinion that took away a bit of the "perfect raiding" that you were experiencing, because it's a bit of a random thing to happen, but it does not take away the level's entertainment. Completely recommend it!" - Zhyttya (18-Nov-2015)
"Now this is a Tomb Raider level. A fully game with a 10/10 of fun and enjoyability. It aged really well and with the textures available at that time it was one of the best i ever saw. It was a straight forward experience but really gratifying! The puzzles were simple but not repetitive, the areas were clean but a bit to dark in some areas. The sound it self was a bit strange (the water had a cut in the audio and it was awkward) but didn't spoil the experience. Other thing that I loved was the cameras, really on point and not that annoying as some I see in current levels (some of current level designers should look at this.. this is a 13 year old level doing stuff better that most of them).. This is a highly recommended level for every time of gamer that loves Tomb raider" - Leeth (18-Nov-2015)
"The gameplay throughout this two-level set is continually absorbing and entertaining,while never becoming too difficult nor repetetive - which is a difficult compromise to pull off.What let it down somewhat were the areas you weren't supposed to get to,and which you couldn't subsequently leave;particularly as one of these was reached almost at the end of the 80 minute adventure.But an adventure it certainly was;from a fascinating Jungle exploration to a Tinnos-style fortress,via a spectacularly collapsing Incan Temple to a giant lava filled cave - there was never a dull moment.Most of the puzzles were easy to work out,but there was plenty of enjoyable exploration to keep you entertained along the way.Enemies were generally sparse,but well placed;while texturing was beautifully applied and the lighting created the requisite atmosphere (only jeopardised at one moment due to the conspicuous advertising for a french web-hosting site;a problem which has bedevilled many a french-built adventure). This is good,solid stuff for those in the mood for an accomplished raid from many years ago." - Orbit Dream (19-Aug-2013)
"Although listed in the mystery category, this 2-level game is a basically a classic raid where Lara's goal is to find an artifact. The first part is a jungle and waterfall environment, which has a decent atmosphere and the game play consists of lots of climbing and unfortunately also a lot of backtracking. The area is somewhat confusing and it isn't always easy to figure out where to go and what to do next. The enemies are mainly dogs and easily eliminated. There are also quite a few traps like falling boulders. The textures looked ok and the level is well lit for the most part. Part two is the Lost City and I did enjoy that part quite a bit more, because I found the game play more interesting and the whole Tinnos textured area with Lava rooms, statues and the like looked very appealing. There are a couple skeletons to shoot and beetles to evade and so one won't get bored quickly, there are also a few nice spike rollers, cork screw traps, swinging chains and some shootable pots with plenty of pickups. The simple to figure out globe puzzle with symbols was a nice touch. Some secrets were hard to find but with an occasional peek into the walkthrough I did find them all. The textures and lighting looked very well and clean, maybe a little sterile though, as there was not much decoration. All in all it is a nice 2-level set that will keep the player busy for a good hour or more. Not very challenging, so I guess I might be suitable for beginners also. Recommended!" - Blue43 (04-Jan-2011)
"Here's another level that was brought to my attention by a recent review, this one by Jose. Even though it's more than eight years old, The Evil Stone provides a level of entertainment matched by only a few of the more recent releases. It's a two-parter, the first one set in a lush jungle environment and the second in an underground, lava-infested area. The traps and puzzles will be familiar to those who have been playing for several years, but some of these haven't been used much of late and the gameplay is intense and exhilerating from beginning to end. I didn't check my game clock before hitting the finish trigger, but I'm sure I spent at least an hour here. I'm just sorry I hadn't played it before now. High recommendations." - Phil (20-Apr-2010)
"Really a very good work from this author.The first level, in a natural jungle/caves environment was not easy with a lot of exploring and backtracking, I think it was recharged of colourful textures, tasks were simple but a lot of kilometers to run. Second level is a bit better, with a Tinnos like style, a huge temple with many traps, a big lava room, nice textured and better atmosphere, well balanced enemies with enough weapons and ammo, I missed some cameras though. Very enjoyable levels." - Jose (13-Apr-2010)
"I remember I already played this level years ago, but today after such a long time it was still fun to play it one more time. Level design and texturing are not perfect, but the overall atmosphere was very good. In particular I liked the second level, taking place in a broken city. The builder put the focus on exploring the environment, and indeed you better explore it well in order not to overlook a switch or something. Enemies are not so many, only a couple of dogs, bats and some giant scorpions, and thanks to the crossbow that can be found as a secret, not even those few skeletons are hard to handle. A big plus from my side: I needed the help of the walkthrough only twice and all the tasks including the traps are doable." - Jerry (15-Jul-2009)
"level 1 - A nice break from tombs and this jungle level was nicely executed. There was plenty of gameplay available - not many baddies but this was more of a puzzle level. The idea is to find a key and the path is not always obvious. Sometimes you have to jump across pits and grab ledges that look inaccessible. the jungle was beautifully designed and implemented. very nice!!! Level 2 - not as good looking as the first but the setting was consistent and kept the feel of an abandonded ruins. The gameplay was as good as the first and there were a few more baddies in this level. again, though, it felt a little overwhelming with large areas to explore and sometimes no clear way of knowing where to go next. I did get stuck in some places but it seemed straightforward after reviewing the walkthrough and I felt a little ashamed that I had to use it for something so simple. On the whole a great adventure full of surprises and fun. Definatly one of the best user levels I have played for a while!" - Necro (24-Nov-2008)
"Well, I found the outfit a tad silly, but even if you agree with me on that, don't let this hold you up from downloading and booting up this fast-paced, brilliant adventure! Patagonia - well, the non-animating water wasn't such a good thing here, but I simply *absorbed* the rest of the environment. I've rarely seen such a well constructed, laid out and atmospheric mix of canyons, caves, jungle and lakes. Maybe the textures could've at times been applied better and it's a bit more on the compact side but atmospherically one of the undisputed highlights in the 450+ levels I've played and reviewed up to date. If I wouldn't have thought the second level was somehow an anti-climax comparing to this atmosphere wise, it would've been a perfect score in that category. Hardly 20 minutes spent here, no secrets found (for me), but impressive all the same! If anything else - I would've preferred to find my flare package earlier. The Lost City - as said a bit of an anti-climax atmosphere wise - but not because it was bad, but because it wasn't made up to its potential. With a little bit of work some of the Tinnos alike caverns could've offered some awesome sights! Gameplaywise though lives up to the standards the previous level sets - and is as fast paced and linear as the level before, but has some great challenges and puzzles along the way, that will not have you bored! Found a crossbow quite near the start of this approximately 30 minute level, behind a movable block and could put it to good use well, cause there are quite a lot of nasty enemies here, especially more on the endside! Overall - another level that proves the author's talent, if you have played her other levels, you can surely know you wont be disappointed with this one! " - eTux (04-Feb-2005)
"A true adventure set of two levels. The first is a very mountainous/jungle setting - with some good tracking challenges and a heck of an escape after getting the key. The second is a buried City with a set of adventures worthy of a young Harrison Ford. I loved the rotating blade room with the multiple niche-switches. A fast-paced romp that is a joy to play." - Duncan (24-Feb-2004)
"Visually impressive right from the start gorges mountains rock arches caves wooden bridges. Lara in a very odd outfit like skin tight purple pyjamas the effect of the level is hot jungle so her shorts would have looked a lot better here. I had to start this all over again for a second time because there are so many ways to go and I can across so many closed doors and dead ends I got really fed up. Second time round my luck was in and everything ran smoothly from one area to the next finding a key to open a castle after making your way through the jungle. The castle itself or lost 'city is very like Tinnos in the original game. Some tricky stuff in here swinging chains giant rotating spikes on a circular track descending corkscrews from the ceiling and a nice little globe puzzle (look at the centre block for the clue). I got a bit confused in the lava room and and the surrounding gates slides climbs etc. But it all came together in the end. I had a feeling I was near the end when I saw those two giant scorpions and sure enough soon after you get the crystal or should I say the 'evil stone'." - CC (19-Oct-2003)
"If I could bottle up one builder that I think is quite underrated but that throws out levels that I am utterly smitten with and keep them locked away just working day and night to make me levels it would have to be Miss Phoque. She is simply and purely a wonderful level designer and builder. Patagonia - In short you find yourself in a beautiful jungle environment with rocks waterfalls and temples where you have to go in search of the key to enter the Lost City. Enemies don't play any real major role apart from some giant wasps dogs and crocs as you go exploring but there are some rolling balls spikes and falling debris to look out for. This fab level took me 40 minutes and I found 2 nicely placed secrets. The Lost City - Now we're inside the Lost City which is made up of wonderfully dilapidated temples and a massive lava pool let's go get the Evil Stone! To do that you must battle some skeletons beetles giant scorpions avoid some nice traps like the rolling spiked barrels and corkscrews from the ceiling and complete a timed switch pull which is combined with the corkscrews and work out a cool object pulling puzzle plus more. The level actually ends just before you grab the Evil Stone which took 40 minutes to reach and I only found one secret but know I missed at least one more. Just to reiterate you cannot go wrong when you decide to download one of Bibi's levels and this is no exception." - Sash (24-Sep-2003)
"Again a wonderful atmosphere from the author. The levels more or less are in the same style as her previous ones with some traps added. I hate those things coming down from the ceiling and making that awful noise though a key to find and a mask. I believe the setting is great but there are not enough puzzles to go on with such a great setting I would want something more than a puzzle with moving objects and some crocodiles skeletons and dogs. There is a bug and luckily others have encountered it so I knew what to do. Nevertheless a good level to play it took me something less that two hours to complete." - Kristina (04-Jul-2003)
"Bibi where have you been all my life? What a wonder your levels are to behold. 'The Evil Stone' is a true joy to play. Beautifully designed from Lara's stunning new costume (I'm glad to see her in the pleasant old pigtail) to the jungles of Patagonia (a place I have never visited though have promised a number of relatives who migrated there I will make it when next I can fly) and into the very interesting and different temple. The puzzles were not challenging but they were constant and constant is almost as good as challenging imo. This is a fine effort for both novice and expert Raiders. An excellent investment of time (about 90 to 120 minutes depending on skill level) for the fun and rewards. Once again Bibi you have presented a thinking person's game. And once again I am in awe of your talents. Bravo!" - Dougsan (20-May-2003)
"Lara has the task to find a key in part one and it is not an easy one. A lot of running and climbing and jumping across pits as well as traps to avoid. I liked the graphics the textures fitted in very well. Enemies are mainly jackals. In level 2 Lara enters some kind of temple and needs to find a golden mask. Puzzles are more diverse here than before though not too difficult and progression is rather fluent. Some devious traps around though. Atmosphere was great in both levels. Enemies are more skeletons a few bats and three giant scorpions. Sound was added nicely. At the end Lara gets to pick up her precious artifact or does she..??;-) Highly recommended." - Engelchen Lara (13-Feb-2003)
"A well constructed set of two connected levels. You start off in the Patagonian jungle and work your way via caves to find the key to the Lost City. On the way expect to be met by dogs crocs and some nasty traps. You will jump across some deep gorges so don't slip. Find the city key and off you go again. Puzzles to solve as well as working out quite a circuitous route. Meet up with skeletons and more baddies and avoid the rolling spiked cylinder. The graphics and atmosphere created is good and the lighting fits the mood of the moment. The textures are put together to give (for me anyway) new 'wallpapers' etc. Altogether a level well worth playing." - Whistle (06-Dec-2002)
"There are 2 parts (Patagonia and The Lost City) to this level and I liked both. They are levels with a lot of exploring to do. Enemies are dogs crocodiles bats flying giant beetles skeletons beetles (the ones that just nibble away the health of Lara) and near the end a battle with several giant scorpions all at once. The aim of the first level is to get the City Key. You really have to try every corner or so because sometimes you can go on in places where you would never have expected it. But that is what I would consider real raiding. In the second level Lara has to find a Golden Mask and in the end an artifact. I quite liked the puzzle. It looked different but was rather easy to solve. I got 2 shotguns and a crossbow and found 2 secrets. I don't think that it was a really an easy game. Not because there were very difficult jumps or so but you could easily miss a place that was important. 28.11.02" - Monika (28-Nov-2002)
"Another set of levels made just for us explorers. The first was my favorite with its very realistic looking jungle setting and its sort of 'lost world' atmosphere. There are few enemies and only a key to search for but the level itself is large with terrain that is hard to get around sometimes so it takes awhile to explore and get from area to area - especially with a few traps thrown in for excitement. The second level takes place in a lost underground city which I found a little too dark in some areas. A bit more linear but still a large area and much exploring to do especially if you want all the secrets. One item to search for here and that's a mask - you will get the 'evil stone' but not till the very last room. Overall some fun puzzles in this set - pushable globes a room where you must drain some of the lava out corkscrews from the ceiling - and some fun jumps and climbs as well." - RaiderGirl (25-Nov-2002)
"Patagonia (8/8/10/9 45 min.): Bibi stays true to her style but you can see how much she has matured in building those magnificent environments in which it is so much fun to raid. I guess the outfit of Lara is a matter of taste so I will let that pass but the scenery is just brilliant with the jungle/rocky look the waterfalls etc. Some boulder spike and darts traps but nothing too stressful and quite a linear path if you are observant. I very much liked the earthquake moment after you pick up the City key with the boulders and debris coming down - really felt as if you were there. Enemies are only a few dogs wasps and crocodiles. The Lost City (8/9/10/9 45 min. 2 secrets): This is truly and abandoned underground city maybe even a little too dark and empty. The rather linear path continues with swinging chains various blade traps a few levers two movable blocks and two nice secrets along the way (although I am sure I missed one as the grey door near the receptacle of the Golden Mask never opened for me). Nice twist of the planets puzzle though a little easy to figure out. There are some skeletons bats and beetles to avoid as well as a final battle with a few giant scorpions. I liked the winding screws coming down while you had to hastily activate the five reach in switches. Bottomline another 90 minutes of fun exploring. Very enjoyable!" - Michael (15-Sep-2002)
"A beautiful double-level from Bibi Phoque for me the best work from this author. In the first part you have to work your way through a jungle area very professionally designed structure. A nice puzzle was the door which always closed again if you didn't find another way to reach it. The graphics are ok enemies are fitting to the atmosphere like crocodiles and flying giant bugs. Finally you find the key to open the door to the lost city in part 2. Sadly there is a small bug in the beginning of the second level the door stays closed if you let Lara fall down after pushing a lever. You have to go back after pushing it the regular way through the swinging chains and so on. Then the important door is open otherwise not. From now on fluent gameplay the goal is to find a mask. Very good atmosphere with many statues and beautiful rooms make the level very enjoyable. Enemies are some harmless bats some skeletons and......the annoying small bugs who are crawling after Lara. The puzzles are not very difficult but good also well built in are the secrets in this game they are always in extra rooms with traps like the screws coming from the ceiling. Absolutely recommended for all download and play!" - Freeman Porter (13-Sep-2002)
"I spent about 2 hours in this complicated and intricate double level. Premium gameplay and puzzles although more so in part 2. An immense amount of exploration involved in this but not at all boring you will almost always find something you missed as you re-trace your steps. In the first part Patagonie scenery is primarily jungle-like with some excellent jumping and climbing to be done on your quest to find the key to the Lost City while encountering some dogs bats and a few crocodiles. Part 2 Lost City is a little dark but enough flares are around for you to find. My basic problem with this segment was one area where I encountered what Freeman and I thought to be a bug where you had to return exactly the way you arrived or a door would not open. And that a lot of the areas are so similar that I believed I had been there before along with a second slicing blade trap that led me to believe I had been there also. In part 2 on your quest to find the 'Evil Stone' you will not be bothered unduly by enemies until you move farther into the Lost City. A nasty piece with swarming beetles skeletons a few boulder traps and a well-thought moveable globe puzzle. Without the help of the forum in particular Freeman and Tombie I would not have gotten to the end." - Momster (23-Aug-2002)
"To levels in one nice pack! In the first level (that is not very good) you play in a jungle with bad use of textures and not animated water (argh!). In the second level (a much better level) you play in a lost city just like Lost City of Tinnos (from TR3). The puzzles textures and lighting are ok and the feeling of a lost city makes me remember from the old (and very good...) times from Tomb Raider 1. I liked this adventure (but only because of the second level) and I think it may be worth a download for some people." - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"You want some jungle look old ruins and lots of exploring... this is the level. A bit too dark at a lot of places although there are more than enough flares. I hate to use flares and/or binoculars all the time to have a look what is in that corridor or that corner. The gloomy atmosphere in the rest of the level is OK. Lot of new texture new statues new traps. First level takes you what looks like a ruin in a jungle. Very very well done I admit. You be surprised at some of the jumps you have to make. You need to find the key to enter the city. Pulling levers that are well hidden so look very careful in every corner. Crocs flying beetles and dogs and enough ammo. Second level is an underground city. Also very well textured with some novelties as well. Skeletons bats beetles (the one you can't kill so keep some medipacks handy as you have to find out what to do next) and giant scorpions. Nice new traps luckily not that hard. Gameplay I found fluent as there was not that much backtracking to do. Found 2 secrets and loads of ammo I never used never found the uzi or the grenade launcher. Tip of the day use the binoculars every time you can then you will find the necessary weapons." - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"A fascinating journey through jungle waterfalls and cliffs to find the key to the Lost City in which the journey continues. In the City the way was not always clear but every avenue must be explored so as to get some weapons that will be useful in the last moments of the game. Well worth playing." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)
"A pretty long level I needed 2'20'' to make it through both parts and it was much fun to play. The level was much of my taste for it's really very tomb raider like. You have to explore large areas with caves and temples (or maybe it was a hidden city) everything is very carefully built and designed with non-Egyptian textures. You will even find new objects like e.g. statues I've never seen before in a custom level. You have to look around very carefully to find your further way. I was on the verge of giving up many times when I didn't know how to progress but then - suddenly I noticed a switch or anything that kept me going on. I had this 'AHHH effect' very often. There are not so many enemies just a couple of dogs a few skeletons and near the end you'll meet - - - no I'll stop it now you'd better have a look at this level for yourself. :o)" - Sheevah (21-Jun-2002)
"This is probably Bibi's best level yet. It is another two parter and both parts are great. Part 1 is set in a wooded and mountainous area as you search for the city key. This part took me about two hours of game time as I explored the numerous areas and made death-defying leaps from high ledges. The worst enemies here are the crocodiles. Part 2 is in the underground city where the search for the evil stone begins in earnest. The whole atmosphere of a ruined and abandoned city is wonderfully captured in this level. So many things to see and places to explore once again. Those pesky beetles show up again in this level and made a meal of me several times before I found the way through. Another two hours of sheer enjoyment from this level. The texturing lighting and sounds are all excellent in these levels and I must confess I was sorry to finish it as I was having such a great time. Please make more like this Bibi." - Staticon (21-Jun-2002)
"If you have liked the author's previous works you will fortiori appreciate this double-level. I think it is better and you will recognize his/her style in the first one. It includes beautiful textures and new clothes for Lara and also new statues objects and traps some of them from TR3. The gameplay is very fluent and even if some hardcore players will think it's not difficult these levels can rejoyce all tombraider fans whatever they are 8 or 88 years old. Patagonia: This first one is a kind of jungle level. It is more a level of exploration than a level of action or puzzles. In great outside areas you will see falls caves rocks earthquakes and little temples. Your main goal is to find the key of the lost City. Enemies are Egyptian dogs (!?) crocodiles and giant beetles. Lost city: This second level is quite different. An underground city in ruins hidden among caves and lava pit. The atmosphere is very good and there are more puzzles than in Patagonia; there is even a new and clever puzzle not difficult though. Here you will find a death mask and an artifact at the very end. Enemies are a few bats and some skeletons a deadly swarm of beetles and giant scorpions. I have seen a funny bug here: a skeleton was stuck as he was not able to jump over a pit; so ashamed he committed suicide. For a conclusion I would say that if there were a little more enemies and puzzles it would have been a top level. I have only found two secrets but I think there are more. For almost 2 hours of net gaming I had a lot of fun in playing these levels waiting for the sequel." - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)
"No rest for the wicked! Don't let yourself be lulled into complacency by the fact that Lara sports something that looks very much like the pajamas of my childhood. The level starts fairly harmless but shifts up a gear every now and then and is really jolly good fun to play. I never got stuck for long and the setting is so convincing that you'll have a great time exploring for switches and alternative routes. I can already hear the hardcore Raiders complain: "Too easy too Easy!" but I think that would be missing the point of this fast-paced adventure. Although you often have to decide which way to go the gameplay is pretty straightforward and if you observe carefully you won't have to backtrack very far. If there's a sequel I'm waiting with baited breath. Highly recommended. Oh I found three shotguns but no crossbow. Hmmmm." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)