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The Beach by Chuck Brite

alan 6 5 6 6
Casual Raider 7 5 8 8
Dimpfelmoser 5 6 5 5
Ejecta 5 4 6 6
eRIC 5 6 6 5
eTux 6 6 6 6
Gerty 5 5 6 4
Gill 6 7 8 7
Henk 5 5 4 4
Jay 4 6 6 5
Jbc21 7 8 9 7
Jose 4 6 5 4
Kristina 4 4 4 4
Lizard Queen 7 7 8 7
Mehrbod 6 6 7 6
MichaelP 7 7 9 6
Monika 5 5 6 5
Orbit Dream 4 6 6 4
RaiderGirl 6 7 7 7
Ryan 4 5 5 4
Sakusha 6 6 4 5
Sash 6 6 7 6
Scottie 2 4 3 3
The Aussie Adventurer 4 4 5 4
Torry 6 6 6 4
Treeble 5 7 7 6
TrueRaider 5 6 7 5
Yonatan 6 6 9 9
release date: 07-Jan-2001
# of downloads: 100

average rating: 5.68
review count: 28
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file size: 16.68 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I like the concept enough that I was able to enjoy myself while playing, even if the execution is only as effective as can be expected given its age. I’ll note that the builder did not cause any significant long-term damage to the environment during the making of this, which doesn’t sound like something that should be worthy of praise but good God the bar really is that low these days isn’t it? Anyway, if you hate dark levels then you’ll most likely Alt+F4 after five minutes, but for me personally the lighting (or rather its absence) is probably the best thing going on here, if only from an aesthetics point of view; the builder put a considerable amount of effort into maintaining a certain mood and it shows, seeing as they made the wise choice of keeping the beach in question entirely pitch black (with the exception of the full moon in the background, a nice detail) and the indoor areas small and cramped, so you never feel like the rooms are bigger than they need to be like in other works from this era. I’m uncertain about what the story is, whether the building is supposed to be a warehouse or an abandoned base or what, and sadly there just isn’t that much to do here other than simple exploration and pickup-finding. I also found that the beach itself is a bit of a letdown, since all you end up doing is opening the door to the anticlimactic ending while shooting down all the skellies and crocs that want to get in your way (just like in real life!). However, this is still worth a go and isn’t that much of a waste of time - my piece of advice would be to take good care of the torch once you find it, since it’ll make navigation a hell of a lot easier and you’ll be able to appreciate the scenery more." - Ejecta (25-Oct-2022)
"Coastal level with a difference as you spend a short time on a beach before entering some building then returning on the beach where the biggest thrills take place, that's where you have to spot a few items in this dark place while dealing with enemies. The level is dark but i found enough flares and even a torch. Enough pickups and ammos. Secrets easily found. Some flipmaps are noticed but no puzzles , no great platforming actions either. But overall a satisfying raid." - eRIC (16-May-2022)
"I somehow enjoyed exploring the sand dunes and other parts in addition. Eventually, this debut was an average one, but it could be somehow considered as a good game, depends on the different points of view. Gameplay, objects, and lighting was average, but above all, I must admit that the atmosphere was designed properly. Thanks! Recommended." - Mehrbod (08-Jan-2019)
"I liked the beach even though there wasn't daylight, it's kinda original. Enemies are skeletons, crocodiles and wild pigs. Lara enters to a base. Part of it destroys when an earthquake begins. 2 secrets include a blue gem and a trident. When you get out of the little maze, you arrive to the dark beach. It's extremely dark, but if you found the torch then the search for the items won't be too difficult. I found the uzis, the revolver and more ammo, but it was hard to find the pieces of the head. There is no finish trigger but there's a sign that will let you know about the end of the level." - alan (31-Jul-2017)
"Be warned, this is an incredibly dark level. Don't be caught out by the title; this is not a bright, sunny, atmospheric Coastal level with the sound of waves crashing. Nope, this is a dark (as mentioned) level where you shoot skeletons (quite fun) and find several items needed to progress. The darkness really intrudes on my experience here and as a result I scored it lower than I would have. I was relieved to finish after 35 minutes. It hasn't aged well." - Ryan (15-Sep-2016)
"Not a bad idea, start in the beach, then underground business and back to the beach again to finish the level. It's by night, of course, but there is full moon and the moon always send more light to the earth surface. This is not that case. There is more light in the underground than in the beach. Look for items lying somewhere in a very dark (black) beach is not my idea of a good gameplay (Why don't place them in pedestals or so?). Also prepare yourself to shoot the skeletons into the pits with the shotgun. About the textures, I coudn't see anything, only the small area around Lara when I had the torch or light a flare, but the few I could see was not well worked." - Jose (17-Apr-2015)
"You know, I was just looking forward to a nice trip to the seaside and the pretty coastal wad objects and textures. Unfortunately, Lara has decided to visit at night and the builder, for reasons best known to himself, has decided to go with the drab parts of the wad. The gameplay is fairly minimal, consisting of finding a couple of keys, a star and the portal guardian, whilst running the gauntlet of the usual coastal enemies - pigs, skeletons and crocodiles. Twenty minutes of less than lovely raiding. I will at least say the builder did provide a goodly amount of flares." - Jay (08-Dec-2014)
"I really liked this level though it was short. It was dark and well used music made good atmosphere. The gameplay is rather average difficulty with some nice earthquake effects during play." - Casual Raider (19-Jul-2013)
"I hate two things: Mazes and levels which are so dark which one needs a truck full of Flares. This level falls in the second category. I have relatively seldom problems with the brightness, because I play anyhow with brighter settings. But in this level it was far not enough. Such a thing gives absolutely no pleasure. Though one finds some Flarepakete, but it is not amusing to have to use constantly a Flare. And if one wants to use sometimes no Flare because one does not know whether enough exist, one overlooks of course the opponents. And this is also not so really amusing if Lara were bitten suddenly from a crocodile. No, I have not liked this level at all. With a reasonable lighting my rating would have been maybe higher, but how should I award a good rating if I can recognise nothing?" - Scottie (25-May-2010)
"If you enjoy extreme darkness,this is the level for you. It's another adventure from the dawn of 'level-building' time and it's actually rather unusual and original but spoilt by having to constantly light flare after flare for the entire duration of the (pitch-black)game. The skeletons add a bit of a challenge,as most can only be despatched by blasting into pits;and crocs and boars appear when you least want them to. Aside from a few rather dreary interiors the main focal point is the eponymous Beach,and a murky,bleak and barren place it is too. There's little gameplay as such;simply run around collecting various key pick-ups and use them when appropriate. There's no finish trigger either,but you won't be able to miss 'The End' when you see it. Ultimately,this is no more than an early curiosity." - Orbit Dream (08-Feb-2008)
"I would not take the name of this level literally. It might be called the beach, but there's not much of it. This level is set at night, so expect to be using a lot of flares. The author has given enough flares to compensate for it, but it does get a little annoying. Most costal levels I like, however, this one I did not. The level layout just did not play well and artifacts were just placed randomly which meant lara needed to go find them in the dark. The atmosphere was good and so was the sound usage. You get your normal array of enemies for a coastal level such as, skeleton and boars which only just seem to bother you rather than challange you. If I had to give this level a grade, I would give it a D, a fail mark." - The Aussie Adventurer (21-Aug-2006)
"In-between new releases and long set levels, I like to play some short, sweet and older ones from time to time. So I did a search and this one popped up on my hard-drive and decided to give this one a bash, as I fancied a midnight rendezvous on this beach setting. It was not quite what I expected though. This is dark level, but with plenty of supplies of flares at hand and your able to retrieve the torch, this made searching for all those important items a lot easier. Your adventure starts, as you are in search of some keys, a token, the crowbar and a star. And during your quest, in reaching your final destination of the beach, enemies await and are lurking, in trying to stop you in reaching your goal and getting on with your tasks. With wild-boars nibbling at your ankles, crocs crunching your bones and skellies attacking you with swords, but this was no match for our Lara, as she has her shotgun at hand and being her choice of weapon, she can eliminate them fairly easily and quickly. As you reach the shores of this dark and gloomy midnight beach setting, your again greeted by more enemies of the same sort, which suddenly appear out of no where from the darkness and sand dunes, as you are in search of your final treasure, the Portal Guardian, and this is where this little adventure sadly ends. In general, I enjoyed playing this one, textures and layouts was nicely done, with good sound effects of a few ruptures of earthquakes, enemies were well placed and game-play was enjoyable, which made this level very pleasant to be in." - Gill (09-Jun-2006)
While reading some of the other reviews of this level, I came across where Elvis says... 'What human would go to the beach during nighttime?' And I had to laugh because, well, this human does! (lol) Especially when there's a full moon out. There's nothing like it, quite startling actually. And what's surprising about this level is that the atmosphere on the beach is oddly similar. I enjoyed this level not only because of the atmosphere but the gameplay was interesting. For some reason, I didn't get bored, even though it appears to be a fairly straightforward level. What I also liked about it is that if you play the game a certain way, you can avoid a lot of the enemies. I like that kind of 'stealth-like' approach to gameplay. Thank you to the author, it was a fun level. June 22, 2005. - Lizard Queen (27-Jun-2005)
"This level was originally called 'Adventure Place Level' but 'The Beach' seems more explicit than the original name of the level. I was expecting a daytime beach but instead you will get a really dark beach full of skeletons that can only be warded off with a shotgun crocodiles and groups of wild boar. Unless you observe two kinds of textures carefully you may get spiked. After you open the second door with the second gate key don't run like the wind. Instead walk around a texture that's slightly different from the others. Gameplay mainly consists of getting several keys (2 gate keys a Portal Guardian a Golden Star and a Token) and killing enemies. I have enjoyed the horizon and the flipmap (the one where you pick up the gem which provokes an earthquake) where the steam emitters become harmful and you have to crawl your way back. I really liked the way the author placed the objects which were there when you needed them although I finished this level with plenty of ammunition medipacks and flares. It may be a very dark level and I may have consumed a significant amount of flares at an alarming rate but I still had over 30 flares at the end of the level. I have avoided a certain amount of enemies on the beach (the one with the warning sign) so this probably explains why I still have a lot of weapons and ammo at my disposal. I got out of this level with one horseman's gem which can be deemed a souvenir from that beach. There isn't really a finishing trigger but a texture can help you indicate the end of the level." - Sakusha (16-Aug-2004)
"A very short level fifteen minutes in total darkness but with plenty of flares. The rooms are small and textures are missing especially at the beach outside. Skeletons and wild boars plus a crocodile are the enemies and there is a portal guardian and a star to find and place. Also I picked up a gem and a trident I never used. One earthquake and some steam is all that's worth mentioning there wasn't anything else in the level anyway. Maybe if there were some real puzzles and it wasn't that short or that dark it would be a good level. At the moment it's below average." - Kristina (05-Aug-2003)
"I was rather pleased with myself as this is the last today I played of the levels I had put on the bottom of my play-list so I got this one over and done with as well. The beginning is not that bad but the beach well you get warned that it is a dangerous one and also an utterly dark one at that. If the beach hadn't been so dark I could have enjoyed myself more as there is an element of fun trying to blast the skeletons with only a shotgun but not in the dark at least not in my book. 11-01-2003" - Gerty (18-Jan-2003)
"Actually a short level but I spent some time searching on the beach for the Ornate Handle. You meet crocodiles wild boars and skeletons. Some of the skeletons I had to eliminate but others I just was able not to wake up by not getting to close. After doing this and that and picking up things eventually Lara got to the beach. It was a rather spooky beach. And there was no fun there. Only crocodiles and skeletons. But the author had put up a warning that the beach was dangerous and closed. It is not a difficult level so if you look for about 20-25 minutes to pass the time why not play it." - Monika (04-Dec-2002)
"I spent the first half of my 21 minutes here exploring a dark underground bunker with a flavour of the coastal style and a few objects to collect - two sets of keys a token a golden star the crowbar and finally a horseman's gem that was counted as a secret. The next ten minutes were on a large pitch black beach dodging wild boars skeletons and crocs as I searched for the Portal Guardian. There is a torch in a previous room but even it didn't scare off much of the darkness. Having opened the door on the beach it's just a short run to the end which is actually just a wall marked 'The End'. I was really hoping for a bright sunny beach here (which is where I wish I was in real life) so I was a little put off by the darkness the two earthquakes were cool though." - RaiderGirl (25-Nov-2002)
"A bit of a disappointment really as I expected Lara to sport a red swimsuit Baywatch style and do a lot of slo-mo jogging through the sand or at least smoke heaps of marihuana while batteling the drug farmers of Thailand. BTW the film adaptation with Leonardo DiCaprio is utter shite but the book by Alex Garland is one of the most impressive debuts I've ever read. Back to the level at hand. You get an almost pitch black beach with a few items to find and some pits to jump over. That's it basically. The level is so dark that for most of the time you never know if this is the end of the world or just a dimly lit corner. However battling the skeletons with the shotgun provided a bit of excitement in this 20 minutes level. I liked the way the three boars ran off into the dark once you set them free and never came back to pester Lara." - Dimpfelmoser (05-Nov-2002)
"This beach although there is a moon in the sky is pitch black. Your mission here is to locate a set of keys a golden star the two halves of the Hathor Effigy and they will open various doors to enable you to get to the end of the level. Talking of witch there is no end trigger but the author thankfully scrawled 'The End' on a wall for us! I ended up with an unused Horesman's Gem at the end but even the pesky skeletons did not seem to want it." - Torry (21-Oct-2002)
"If you're looking for a fairly spooky level then the latter half of this 30 minute level which is spent on a pitch black beach full of deadly enemies and pick ups is right for you. The first half spent mainly inside hallways and small rooms is also really nicely done with a couple of room altering tremors skeletons that are taken care of with a shotgun blast near a ledge and some gate openings. I just wish this had been a longer level as I had really started to get into it when it ended but it was still a fun level while it lasted." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Totally different level from what I expected from the name. It starts out in a dark and spooky setting and actually never lights up which although there are many flares provided serves the atmosphere but is annoying in terms of gameplay. There are wild boars and many skeletons to fight which is a pain with only the shotgun and few pits around. I liked the one flip map where the earthquake blocks your way back out and the dark beach in the moonlight is worth taking a look at. Explore it well or the level can easily take you longer than the 25 minutes that it took for me." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"If you were thinking of a peaceful place to rest you were wrong. This is a dark beach with a lot of crocodiles and skeletons. Through the short 15 minutes you will spend a lot of flares to light up the dark rooms but hopefully the author put enough flares on the level. Gameplay is finding keys and pieces to combine and open doors. Maybe a little simple but it was nice while it lasted. I just think it could be a little brighter than what it is..." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"This level starts with an underground exploration of what seems to be a secret (but deserted) base. I couldn't really identify what kind of building this was. After picking up a secret a nice flip-map effect finishes to destroy the abandoned base and Lara ends up chased by a skeleton before reaching the second part of the level: the beach itself. This part is unfortunately quite small (a narrow band of beach). The interest of this part resides in that it takes place at night! And by changing the settings of the sky colors the author managed to create a spooky but so realistic full moon atmosphere. The sun from the Coastal wad appears here as a brilliant moon but is still not shining enough to see all the details of the beach. And then starts the exploration in search of the scepter of Hathor. And believe me it is not so easy as shadows are all over the place accompanied with their army of skeletons crocodiles and wild boars. Architecturally speaking the level is simple but effective. Textures are correct and sometimes missing. The gameplay is mainly based on exploration and search for secrets. But most of all this is the atmosphere that I most liked. More music more cameras a longer gameplay and a few puzzles and that level could be excellent..." - Jbc21 (21-Jun-2002)
"This isn't a hugely flawed level I just didn't enjoy playing it. From the start it is dark all the way through but there are enough flares but every time one ran out I had to light another one! The beach does not look like what I was expecting. I was expecting a large bright sandy beach but this one is dangerous and full of deadly enemies! I found the level to be a long slog through not enjoyable and at the end I was screaming for the end of level trigger!" - TrueRaider (21-Jun-2002)
"The level is one of the better designed and modeled levels I have seen. It was very dark and the dunes which looked quite realistic made me feel like I was in Agrabah. (and the song Arabian Nights came to my mind). The level is simple. It could've taken much less time if only these annoying skeletons (which I wasn't supplied with have anything to kill them with) kept going after me. Still just for the 'feeling' this level is worth a download." - Yonatan (21-Jun-2002)
"This game does not have much adventure in it. First of all the game is way too dark the Beach room is black totally black. So you do not see where you go and where the items are. There are some enemies but they are easily hunted down. Not much excitement." - Henk (21-Jun-2002)
"What human would go to the beach during nighttime? And what's the purpose for going there anyway? Kill some baddies find some items for some easy puzzles and that's all? Not a bad attempt on making a level but not the best also." - eTux (21-Jun-2002)