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Lara's Home on Red Alert by Dennis De Grande

Anurag 1 0 0 0
Bullet Ridden Monkey 0 0 0 3
Catherin 0 0 1 1
CC 0 0 1 1
Ceamonks890 0 0 1 1
Dimpfelmoser 0 0 0 1
DJ Full 1 1 1 5
eTux 0 0 0 2
Gerty 0 0 0 0
Jay 0 0 2 2
JesseG 0 0 1 2
John 0 1 1 2
Jose 0 0 2 3
Kristina 1 1 2 2
Lady Lara 0 0 1 2
Leandro 6 5 6 7
manarch2 0 1 2 2
MichaelP 0 0 2 1
Monika 0 0 0 1
Mulf 0 0 1 1
Orbit Dream 0 0 1 2
RaiderGirl 1 0 1 1
Ryan 0 0 0 0
Sakusha 1 1 2 2
Sash 0 0 0 1
Scottie 1 0 0 1
Torry 0 0 0 2
Treeble 0 0 1 2
TrueRaider 0 0 0 2
Yoav 1 1 1 2
release date: 22-Feb-2002
# of downloads: 105

average rating: 0.90
review count: 30
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file size: 15.16 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Theres some kind of issue with this level because there is a load of lara's butts everywhere, i did manage to pick up a butt and use it on an invisible key hole to get into the house but once your inside there is only 3 or 4 rooms you can see and look around with nothing to do in them with a load of more butts around. the textures and lighting in the rooms were quite nice and theres one music track to enjoy as well, there was a sas guard to kill and a motorbike at the start so i guess thats something but yeah it needs fixing" - John (11-Aug-2021)
"An early attempt at a “Home Sweet Home” level, rudimentary to begin with, but which on top of that went spectacularly awry. It’s about as unplayable as Surrey Public Library, and for the same reasons. Following hints in the early reviews (helpfully compiled by DJ Full into what amounts to a walkthrough), you may identify a butt called ‘Load’ among a buttload of butts and insert it into another butt that would be a keyhole, but you still end up bumping into invisible walls one minute in. The previously available level file was compiled with the Tut1 wad; the current download uses City instead (as the walkthrough recommends), which adds trace amounts of gameplay by replacing some of the butts with two live SAS, a dead one, and a redundant motorbike. It also makes one of the butts inside the mansion run off on its own.
Yet even if the level came with its proper custom wad, it still wouldn’t amount to much more than a test level attesting to the builder’s first experiments with the Editor. The level certainly looks the part: awkward room connections; stretched, squashed, misaligned, randomly placed or missing textures (the .TGA is mixed, and the map resembles any version of the Mansion only vaguely); and lighting mainly serves to highlight the cracks. Still, one point for the latter, and another one for the thrilling cutscene. What’s that? you may well ask. Well, in the Tut1 version, a flyby kicks in when Lara enters through the front doors, hovering back and forth over an immobile Lara for an inordinate amount of time; in the City version, the flyby does the same, but now with Lara being shot at by an SAS who appears in the foreground. Cinematically it’s not quite as effective as the builder presumably hoped, but you can at least see what he was going for." - Mulf (28-Jun-2021)
"I can only guess that the author put everything in place for a short home level, and built it with some kind of corrupted WAD and released it anyway. The result is almost every object looking like Lara's butt. One of those butts seems to be an enemy but I couldn't find a way to combat it. Lara can pick up one of her butts as a key and use it to enter the home, unfortunately that's as far as her adventure goes, as none of the interior doors are able to be opened. Visuals have a lot of functional issues such as paper thin walls and misshapen portals, there is a lot of wallpapering and flat lighting as well. 2 minutes." - JesseG (01-Apr-2021)
"A very unfinished level that might as well be completely unplayable, with most objects(rendered as Lara's butt), either not functional or completely screwed up by sloppy implementation. So save yourself the hassle and just skip it." - Ceamonks890 (19-Mar-2018)
"Woah, I took one look at this and ran screaming for the walkthrough. Nope, not me, it really is that bad. About all you can realistically accomplish is picking up the shotgun and medipack in the house. Woeful." - Jay (21-Jan-2018)
"Another unplayable level full of butts. I finally was able to pick up the "butt key", open the house doors and pick up some items, but nothing more, finding invisible doors and more butts. Don't waste your time downloading this level." - Jose (16-Jan-2018)
"Sorry, but I don't believe that this deserves any points whatsoever. No gameplay, butts everywhere, missing textures, invisible walls and it is a mansion level. Enough said." - Ryan (06-Apr-2016)
"These times are long gone now, but it's kinda funny that with every "butt" level all of us reviewers would say something along the lines of "don't bother" and - yet - we all did anyway. Plus, I think we've had the joke backwards all along, these levels are just too hip for us, eh? Ok, I'll take my lame joke with me back to my hiding place (with another notch on my review count). 5 minutes. 09/14" - Treeble (03-Oct-2015)
"The other reviews say it all,but it's rather fun to have Lara DOZY of her own accord;and the footsteps of the invisible character/ghost inside the loosly-defined 'House' were faintly amusing." - Orbit Dream (29-Nov-2013)
"Another level that should never be released. Some rooms looked very bad, some rooms managed this level to not be that worse. But if you look for a real challenge or at least enjoyable level, this is nothing for you." - manarch2 (03-Dec-2010)
"The textures are average, I think. Butt I have to agree the lighting is good. I wouldn't give any points for the objects (even for the butt-ons one can press), butt due to the fact the butt level reaches its known maximum in this game, I'm gonna mark this by one point. And, despite of the wafer thin walls and invisible doors, the place still resembles a house, so there you go, Dennis - have one point for the atmosphere. SUMMARY: Nothing butt some parts of Lara." - DJ Full (07-Oct-2010)
"One should handle with a wad of cotton as long as the back of the head of the level builder, until he extinguish voluntarily this level. One cannot let go such a thing with good conscience onto the players. First I have walked around only in the area and was still very much confused by the many Lara-Butts. After I had made finally to solve my look of these many butts, I was confused even more because the front door was closed and remained closed. After I had read the Reviews, I knew that I could pick up one of the butts. Such a thing should happen to me sometimes in the reality. Hey, do not laugh! It's only a dream! The door opened after I had placed the butt. And I saw even more butts! However, after a short walk I have returned from worry about my well-being again in the reality. And now I must recover myself for 3 weeks." - Scottie (08-Jun-2009)
"Well, by now you've read in every other review what this level is about, but using my crystal ball (i.e. fancy builder tools) I can give you an idea what this was supposed to be. You were supposed to kill some SAS guy, who would've left you a key - then you would've hoped on your bike and drove till the house, where, after using the key you would flick some switches, get a grenade gun and a shotgun, killed some more SAS, some ninjas and some mummies, and ultimately drove up the final slope where the level would've ended. True, doesn't sound any more exciting than it is currently too, but a playable version would've been nicer anyway than a Lara's home on butt alert. Try it if you're completely bored, though I would recommend the author's other level if you were undecided between the two." - eTux (03-Nov-2007)
"Such a pity, I had hoped the butt problem was fixed by now and I guess it would have been an ok level. Anyway, nice atmosphere and horizon." - Catherin (02-Aug-2006)
"Another bad level, first it is understandable if we convert it using city wad. I don't know what the author was thinking using butts in place of switches, now we know where his mind is." - Anurag (24-Jul-2005)
"For best results rename tut1.TOM to city.TOM. At least you'll be able to replace four butts with two SAS soldiers a dead SAS soldier and a motorcycle. There are paper-thin walls everywhere and stretched 'Lara's Home' textures. At some point in order to enter Lara's mansion I had to put a butt key (obtained from an SAS soldier) in a butt keyhole. There are butts all over the place two butt switches that didn't trigger anything and some doors are replaced by butts. Therefore the pool a room and a part of the outside area are inaccessible. The flyby and the music were well-triggered but they didn't really have a purpose (even though the flyby triggered an SAS soldier which is shooting at Lara during the flyby). The shotgun the large medipak and the shotgun ammunition seemed useless. I think the title was badly chosen because of the amount of SAS soldiers that I have encountered in this level. It probably should've been called 'Intruder Alert' instead. I wonder how Leandro managed to get the right wad (otherwise I don't see why he gave this level a high score)." - Sakusha (30-Jul-2004)
"I'm sorry to says this - don't waste your time here it's not worth that." - Yoav (17-Apr-2004)
"Well I only played this level to see the butts - I had never seen a level with lots of butts before. The second time through I found a butt-key put it in a butt-keyhole pulled some butt switches and watched some butts walk by me (and I could hear footsteps). Lots of invisible walls and a medpack shotgun and ammo. The first time through I went up to the butt that was on the top of the ramp and lined Lara up with it and pressed action. Well she went into Dozy stance started to move around on her own while appearing to gyrate her hips! However it also froze her controls so I had to restart. The second time I touched the other butts first and came back for this one but there was no butt gyrating this time. She did nothing with that butt if she touched other butts first. I guess it is a jealous butt." - Lady Lara (28-Dec-2003)
"After reading the other reviews how could I NOT play this level? Man I got some serious chuckles from this one; from butt doors to butt secrets to a butt bike you can ride! I don't think I've seen so much SAS from any level I've ever played before. Poor Lara that designer she hired to decorate her house must have had a serious butt fetish. I wonder what it would be like if everyday real-life objects were just butts. It would be a crazy crazy world. I gave lighting and textures a 3 because it seemed the author did relatively okay lighting wise." - Bullet Ridden Monkey (10-Sep-2003)
"Red Alert! Looks like the butt problem hasn't been fixed (August 2003). I picked up a butt/key put it into a butt/keyhole picked up a shotgun and ammo in the kitchen pulled a butt/switch in the huge downstairs bedroom and saw empty rooms beyond invisible butt doors but couldn't pass. Even if the butt problem was fixed this is not an interesting looking house to explore. I give a 1 for the totally useless flyby and triggered music. And I've given a half too much points for the textures because even though they are the bright mansion textures they're not applied very well but they're there none the less. Oh and the doors are those heavy carved Egyptian doors. With that ramp you run up at the beginning and the ramp you see through the invisible door I'd say a bike was involved here somewhere. Perhaps the author drove off on it before the players could catch him! The only grand thing about the level is the author's name! Note to self: Read other people's reviews before I download old levels." - CC (24-Aug-2003)
"Another "House of Butts" level. One of the butts even started moving with Lara on it when I went up to it I presume that was a motorbike. The question is why release a level you know has too many butts in?" - TrueRaider (06-May-2003)
"If an author is prepared to release something as flawed as this the I have no choice but to show my contempt. As has previously been stated the level is full of butts which indicates it's an a***hole of a level." - Torry (22-Jan-2003)
"I picked up a butt key pulled some butt switches got the shotgun a medipack and some ammo but nothing more. It's full of butts and closed doors I assume but you can see behind them. In one room you can see a pool in another there is the grenade gun inside. Still the WAD is missing from the download guessing it's a custom one therefore butts appear when you try to play. The thin walls bug is present and don't bother to convert this one. The date is 19/12/2002 it's still not fixed." - Kristina (20-Dec-2002)
"What's worse than a home level? A home level with lots of butts. I was able to pick up a butt outside and open the first double doors and inside I pushed two butt levers but no butt door opened. So I left it at that. Shall I mention the paperthin walls and the torch in mid air?" - Dimpfelmoser (02-Dec-2002)
"When I converted the tut1.tom that came with this level it was just impossible to finish or in fact really play. There are floating butts in lieu of levers keys enemies the motorbike and god knows what else there are also invisible barriers so that you cannot cross the thresholds of almost all the rooms in the house but as you can see into these rooms it didn't look like I missed much. If however there is an updated fixed version of this level then I will review this again but till that time this is a total waste to download." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"23 rooms and yes it's a butt level - even the mother of all butt levels as the only thing I was able to do was to pick up one of the butts outside and use it against a butt near the double doors to enter the house. In there I could only run against invisible doors and none of the butts could be picked up - so end of story there. What you see are carelessly thrown together Lara's Home textures and you get a short and useless flyby when you enter the house and some music as well but really don't bother unless a fixed version with the full WAD is released." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"I expected to see another Lara's Home level created by a fan: those levels with the same map from TR3 and simple puzzles. Well the puzzles here are simple but the map is very different. It's not very good because it doesn't look much like a house (specially in the outside area) but it isn't all that bad. I had a surprise with the very good lighting of this level... but unfortunately the use of textures is poor. Anyway I think this is a good level even with some problems." - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"Unfortunately I was unable to complete this level and am only sending in a review hoping that the author will see this and make an attempt to fix the many problems that people seem to be having. In the few rooms I am able to get to there are no objects but instead floating butts some of which can be picked up and used. I was able to access a few rooms of the house then could go no further because of some invisible barriers between me and the rest of the house. I tried converting this using every wad with no luck and hope that the author will put a little more work into this." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"TR Slownicles still lives up to its name as this 603 KB download took me more than 15 minutes and I have cable. Haven't been able to download this for ages and finally today I got it. Well don't bother. Butt alert the author hasn't done anything to it since the day he released it. Although I could give it a point for textures or even two points for the best butt ever I really couldn't be bothered as much as the author I would say. 03-07-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"I started the level and met floating butts. One was a hidden key or so. I managed to get into the house just to find floating butts all over the place and glass walls. So I had to give up the game. I tried to use City.Tom and the only difference was that Lara had a motor bike to go to the door entrance. But otherwise no chance of playing the level. A download is a waste of time unless a revised version comes out." - Monika (21-Jun-2002)