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The Eye of Horus by Codo

alan 8 8 9 8
Bigfoot 9 10 10 10
Chicken 2 2 4 5
Daffy 9 7 8 10
Dimpfelmoser 7 5 9 8
DJ Full 8 8 8 8
dmdibl 8 7 9 10
Engelchen Lara 7 8 9 9
eTux 6 7 9 8
Freeman Porter 7 6 6 5
Gerty 8 7 7 9
Jay 7 7 9 9
JesseG 7 8 9 7
Jose 7 7 7 9
Kristina 8 7 8 9
Kubsy 8 8 8 7
MichaelP 7 7 9 9
Momster 6 6 7 7
Nina Croft 7 6 8 8
Nomad 7 6 9 9
Orbit Dream 7 6 8 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
QRS 7 7 9 9
RaiderGirl 8 7 7 8
Ruediger 7 7 8 9
Ryan 8 7 8 8
Sash 7 7 7 8
Selene 7 6 8 8
Tombaholic 6 7 9 10
Torry 8 7 7 8
Treeble 8 8 9 9
XETH 10 8 10 10
Zentralfriedhof 8 7 10 9
release date: 25-Sep-2001
# of downloads: 120

average rating: 7.71
review count: 33
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file size: 19.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A nice easy level that uses some of TR2 sounds for Lara and her weapons (pistols and uzis); that was a nice touch, it's good to see different sounds being used in these levels. The gameplay is fun, which your main task will be to find 4 Guardian Keys in the classic style of the four elements, where each room contains one key (and contains its own tasks and challenges). Traps are marked correctly and I think the texturing was decent as well as the lighting, and even though it was a little dark at times, it was no big deal with all the flares provided. Near the end you fight some demigods with all the weapons you'll find along the way before getting the Eye of Horus, go back to the beginning and end the level. It's really good and I had fun here while it lasted." - alan (25-Nov-2022)
"I liked this level a lot. It has a classic feeling and an enjoyable mini-adventure. In addition, I like how TR2 Lara sounds were used because at that time, people were using the default TR4 Lara sounds which became boring for me to listen to (imo). Although one downside was the textures and lighting because I feel like some textures don't fit in some areas and lighting is a little bit flat I some areas. Overall I enjoyed this mini- adventure and I would recommend to people to play this one." - Kubsy (07-Apr-2021)
"A short and sweet Egyptian level. I like the colorful lighting but it tends to be done in a manner that is too flat, and the earth area is too dark for my liking. Texturing tends to be wallpapered, but not in a way that is overly distracting. This level features a nice pyramid tucked away in a cavern, which Lara will go inside and accomplish four elementally-themed tasks to collect pyramid keys and unlock the way to the final chamber and her prize. It flows quite well and features some swimming, spikes, a boulder, filling a sand pit, and getting past a floor tile puzzle. There are also some demigods, crocodiles and little scorpions to contend with along with some rather friendly faces (judging by the story I guess they are supposed to be enemies as well, but you can actually keep the peace with them). It's a bit on the simple side overall, but still worth checking out. 24 minutes." - JesseG (16-Dec-2020)
"For a first level, its a very VERY good level. I never know how some builders can built surprising design with the primitiv old roomedit. Personnaly, everytime I try the editor crash, the tomb4 too and even some time the pc. My own english countryside is poor compare this level. The design of this level is marvelous. The cave and the pyramid are very well build and I can just congratulate Codo. Good gameplay too, not very hard and I liked to free the sas prisonners of the demigods. Very nice level and recommended for everyone, even the beginners can play this adevnture easily. Thanks Codo!!" - Bigfoot (06-May-2020)
"This is another first level from an accomplished and even this one was still very enjoyable to play. For its age, it boasts wonderful, professional scenery (I loved the imposing pyramid) and enjoyable gameplay based on the four elements format, in order to obtain four Guardian Keys to locate the Eye of Horus (which never gets put to use seeing as it's the objective of Lara's quest). A great little gem of a level." - Ryan (23-Oct-2017)
"What a good looking level this is, especially for its age. Again, an assured and accomplished debut level from a builder who would subsequently bring us many excellent levels (and hopefully will continue to do so). The gameplay is pleasant - explore four 'element' rooms off a central hub and find guardian keys. The two pieces of the Eye of Horus seem to have been a souvenir as I never found anywhere to place them. It's straightforward but engaging and I have no hesitation in recommending this to players of all abilities." - Jay (30-Aug-2016)
"What a pleasant surprise this level was. Brilliant textures for its age, impressive architecture and dark but fitting lighting. I liked the detail of the jeep Lara has arrived in standing on top of the hill at the beginning. The level itself is short but pleasing; diving and swimming through grassy caves to arrive at the mini pyramid, and the area around the pyramid are all done very realistic. I liked the inside of the pyramids as well, for example one of the rooms is especially atmospheric, it was like I felt the dusty air that must be beneath the pyramid. Sadly not much gameplay here. There are yet again four elemental paths to enter to get the four guardian keys, each one with small traps. Not much action either and too many pickups (I found 3 revolvers). The builder has also added sounds to inserting keys which was a nice addition. This level would be perfect for beginners in custom levels. Play it if you want a short and entertaining raid." - Nomad (13-Feb-2016)
"Not a marvellous level, of course, but for me was very pleasant to play and entertaining. Easy tasks in a nice environment well lightened and textured, no backtracking and enough pickups (perhaps excessive); well balanced enemies (don't shoot the men if you don't want), easy secrets and correct use of cameras and sounds. I found a shortcut in the earth section so I didn't need to fill the pit with sand, but nothing important. Even when there are not good puzzles, for me was worth to play and recommended to all those who want to play a level without complications." - Jose (02-Feb-2016)
"I see something equivalent has happened here to what Phil once said about Clara - the author "skipped her training". It's really hard to believe this is a debut, I found no mistake except some survivable pits, everything else is just classic, polished and without bullshit, the last being the most important. Introduction, descent, hunt for always-working elemental pickups, balanced secrets and well-placed enemies with the concluding ones even using AI the way I've never seen before - I had no idea a troops can counter a demigod, and how often do you learn from a "beginner"? Aside from all of these symptomes of great talent showing here, one also has to notice the level weirdly doesn't feel weird, like the typical atypicalness of the author (un)usually does - if this was BtB, and though very short it could be, then my creator guess would be a blind shot for this one. In this case the most classic release of a portfolio appears the most differing in certain ways, and this is already a sufficient reason why I will recommend you to do the same as I did: play everything else of this builder and leave this one for the last bit." - DJ Full (15-Jan-2016)
"I always consider it a bit of serendipity when I stumble across an unplayed Codo level. This one goes back to the dawn of the Level Editor age, but even today I found it to be a fun raid. It's a bit short, 35 minutes for me with the help of Selene's walkthrough, but it features eye-pleasing environs and engaging gameplay. You visit a quartet of element rooms in an Egyptian environment, seeking a guardian key in each one so you can open the exit door to the great outdoors. At that point the game crashed to the desktop, which I found a bit odd for this seasoned builder to have allowed to happen. Then again, she wasn't quite so seasoned at the time. Anyway, the lighting is good throughout except in a few spots (notably, the area with deep pits covered with breaktiles), and everything moves along quite smoothly. Recommended." - Phil (31-Jan-2014)
"I have played almost all Codo's levels and I was curious to see her debut level. As expected, even the builder that would later be a standard member of the Hall of Fame, tends to make beginner's mistakes in his/her debut level. The overall gameplay is easy to play and packed with many small tasks that you have to complete in any order you like. I don't think that any of us would have to refer to the walkthrough for this level, even though some parts may be tricky at times (back flip from ladders in the Earth chamber, spikes in Air chamber etc). Given the fact that the builder used only the classic objects available at the time, the puzzles are very well thought of and not too hard to figure out. Although, this same fact is also "guilty" for the level being too predictable. The geometry is simple, but that does not have to be a disadvantage at all costs. The space is well used, outdoor area is nice (although there are some glitches and a curious player can reach the edge of the world that was never intended by the builder), and the cave with lake and pyramid is particularly well built. Interior of the pyramid is too simplistic, imo, but nevertheless, interesting and still, the builder has a great talent for using the given space wisely. Enemies range from scorpions and soldiers, to harpies and demigods, and Lara can find more than enough ammo and medipacks to deal with them with no problem. However, the soldiers in my game were just standing there and never attacked Lara, not even when she fired at them. Secrets are easy to find and generous. The overall atmosphere is nice and reliable, thanks to well applied sounds (of Lara's walking across different surfaces), maybe some camera tips are missing, but they are also not essential as the map is not too large and you will probably know exactly where to go at any moment. Lighting is very well applied, given the fact that we have a debut level here, and that debut levels are usually notorious for having badly applied lights, if at all. Textures are well chosen, but they also reveal some beginner mistakes: too many cracks, some textures are distorted and not properly oriented, there are also a couple of missing water textures etc. The overall impression: although this level is very old and built with the initially available wads and textures and with the basic TRLE engine, it surely testifies that its builder had a huge potential and talent for building. Codo later built many Hall of Famers, and corrected all her mistakes made in this level. You can beat this level in 30 or 40 minutes even if you are not very experienced. It is highly recommendable particularly to beginners who are not so eager to twist their minds solving some elaborated contemporary puzzles or breaking their fingers trying to beat some merciless timed run etc. Nice, easy, fluent and well crafted level, that proves that a builder does not have to use custom-made objects or high-res textures in order to produce a good and interesting level." - Nina Croft (02-Sep-2013)
"I've played all the author's later levels, and so was curious to go back and play this early 2001 effort. The looks are great, starts with nice secrets (there are four), and the tasks kept me entertained for the first half hour. Unfortunately the level only lasts about 40 minutes, and the last part falls into a routine Egypt adventure, and here I began to remember how tired I once was of Egypt. The concluding game play is a letdown, the pieces for the Eye of Horus are simply in two rooms to either side of a statue. The appearance, design, and lighting are notable. The author suggests darkness without having to slap shadows over everything, and by comparison shows how bad the lighting is handled in a number of murky recent (2009) releases. There is no ending trigger, so the game crashes to desktop when Lara heads back toward the jeep with her treasure. Worth playing." - dmdibl (04-Aug-2009)
"This level is visually very successful, the author in showing of a nice imagination and throughout Lara's course it is a happiness for eyes. Of the quoting of game by itself nothing to say either, the author to find the good compromise which makes a game for all. It is of very great work, hat to the constructor." - Daffy (29-Jul-2009)
"If you're looking for a perfect little 30 minute adventure to play,this is one of the best out there. The construction is very sound (and even accomplished,at times) with many effective little moments liberally sprinkled throughout the adventure.The run(with tracking camera) ahead of the erupting spikes;the 'indoor Pyramid' near the start;the four loosely-themed elemental quests (an old Custom Level scenario,but it seemed quite fresh here);the Lava chamber. All of which is presented with a slickness which belies its status as a 'first level'.Never particularly difficult,although always entertaining,this is the perfect way to wile away half-an-hour before bed-time." - Orbit Dream (26-Jun-2006)
"This is the first level I've played by Codo and I really liked it. I did discover some glitches and textures missing and it wasn't the hardest level I've ever played, but it was certainly interesting and an absolutely brilliant idea. The scenery was lovely and I have always been a great fan of "element rooms", so that was the part I definetely enjoyed the most. The puzzles were not so hard to figure out and besides, the level was way too short. It can easily be played in less than an hour. Lara have to find four guardian keys and finally the Eye Of Horus, which does not have any function in the level besides being the artefact she's looking for. I found all 4 secrets in this level. The sounds were average Tomb Raiderish and nothing that really caught my ear. Of enemies there were scorpions, crocodiles, some bad guys, a harpy bird and two demigods near the end and the enemies were way too few and far between. They were not very hard to kill either, with the right weapons and techniques. All in all it's a quite good level with beautiful scenery and it's a lot more interesting than most Egyptian style levels in my opinion. It's very well suited for beginners as it is quite easy and not very long, but more experienced players will probably enjoy it as well." - Selene (17-Jan-2006)
"A very easy and short level but very enjoyable. No secrets (at least I could not find any) I liked the idea with the 4 rooms and their element. Strange bug near the end took me right back to desktop. Overall a nice level." - QRS (10-Apr-2005)
"A rather short level, which took me about 20 minutes to get through, but you do so much in that time, it feels so much longer. Definitely among the best debut levels out there - complex architecture, great atmosphere, texturing and lighting - one can only ponder how good first offerings can be if only the builder puts some effort in! Ok, so maybe it's more on the dark side - you have enough flares to handle it! Gameplay is fast paced, and you never really get bored, nor challenged - so it's perfect for players who're starting out with custom levels, or to those who consider themselves eternal beginners, lol. It maybe lacks a longer duration to be out among the top levels, but I certainly was pleasantly surprised by this little gem, when I started playing it - recommended for a short, yet thoroughly enjoyable raid, when you're in for it!" - eTux (18-Feb-2005)
"Nice 'classic' TR level the enemies are not too hard great atmosphere the puzzles are 'medium'. Nice work thanx very much." - Zentralfriedhof (05-Apr-2004)
"'The Eye of Horus' takes us to a pyramid with four tasks to solve inspired by the four elements. The four elements theory was created in the 5th century BC - must be one of those young pyramids then ;-). Beginning with the EARTH room: this one works with a flip room you have to fill with sand. Lots of trapdoors don't make the way to the switch easy. Rather dark but plenty of flares can be picked up along the way. The AIR room starts with a bang: run along the narrow path while spikes shoot up from the floor perfectly catched by a fixed camera - and jump at the last second! You don't have to climb down to the ground as the key you have to collect is at the top of the room but it's recommendable still as there are several items down there to pick up. The FIRE room has some nice transparent textures and an exactly opposite challenge: walk as slowly as you can and only on the edge of the squares because any wrong step might set a square on fire. Huh I was clutching my joypad with sweaty palms there. And finally the WATER room which was the only disappointment to me: you swim down there pull a trigger and shoot a croc before you pick up the 4th key that's really no big deal. However all 4 keys inserted Lara enters a room that has opened outside the pyramid and picks up the two parts of the Eye of Horus without consent of two demigods watching over them and if Lara masters the final challenge - shooting a small scorpion ;-) - she happily walks to the level exit. - Yes this is my kind of level! Never frustrating so that the average player will safely reach the end. User friendly because it's not strictly linear. If you get burnt in the fire room too often you do the air and water bit first and return later with restored confidence. Recommendable for beginners! The overall look has a certain colourful style very well textured and some small but important details (cameras unusual sound-fx) are added. Only small mistakes: an illegal slope outside the pyramid the camera losing track of Lara on the climbing wall in the air room and there was a water texture missing at the door of the water room. Excellent for a rather early custom level maybe too easy for pros though who may not need a second try anywhere." - Rüdiger (18-Oct-2003)
"I really liked the green areas and the caves at the start of this level. You enter the pyramid after placing a hand and you have to go through a number of tasks to get pyramid keys. There is the dark pit with crawlspaces and scorpions the underwater small maze the jumps with spikes room and the a few others. The moving blocks looked very good and the whole level the way its been build makes it hard to believe that is so old. The scorpions a demigod and crocodiles are scattered around to annoy Lara when they can. Every time she was pulling up or shooting with her pistols I was hearing a voice from a past and old Lara maybe from TR3. This is the kind of level that will keep you good company for thirty minutes." - Kristina (29-Aug-2003)
"Probably the best Egyptian level I've played so far. Instead of the usual tut1 atmosphere you play in most Egyptian levels this one is different. Lara must enter a pyramid in order to find the Eye Of Horus but then she will have to deal with the four elements (yet another time). Fire water earth and air. However they're no challenge to our beloved Lara and she will get through it in about 30 minutes. All the sounds were adapted from TR2 and I simply love that. Even if you can't see sand anymore after so many levels I believe you should give this one a try." - Treeble (30-Jan-2003)
"This level was a pleasant break from reality. I played this following Codo's latest effort 'The Flying Temple' and it's interesting to see how she has developed as a level builder. In this first effort attention to detail is already shown as in the little squeaky sounds you get when you place the 4 guardian keys. And getting these keys is what it's all about. Four keys and four areas to get them from all fairly simple maybe the hardest was the area with the harpy. There are some black scorpions which weren't terribly worrisome and some guards. After placing the 4 keys you encounter 2 demigods but not together so no problem there. Definitely worth a look for a good 40 minutes fun." - Momster (08-Dec-2002)
"I really have to say this Level was surely somewhat short but it had a good atmosphere as the different colour effects were used well. Lara has here the task to find the Eye of Horus she has to solve some riddles that are relatively simple to get 4 Guardian Keys. There are 3 secrets to find which are however easy to get. The sounds of Lara herself are somewhat different - I noticed that right away :). The opponents are not many: scorpions crocodiles and at the end a demigod. As said the level is very fluid to play I would recommend it for beginners and for in between." - Engelchen Lara (01-Sep-2002)
"This is a really well produced level with some beautiful rooms such as the underground pyramid one and some nice uses of lighting but what started out as a promising and interesting concept seemed to fall short of my expectations. The goal is to enter a cave where you will find four element based puzzles fire water air and earth each rewarding you with a guardian key that when all four are used will open the way to reaching the Eye of Horus and then back outside where it ends. There are 4 secrets to find along the way as well but they aren't too hard to spot and the 4 puzzles aren't difficult either although very nicely executed. As I said though this is an enjoyable 40 minutes level with some lovely aesthetic qualities but you won't find anything too challenging." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"A visually very impressive level with nice architecture texturing and lighting. Beautiful caves at the beginning and a nice flyby of the pyramid which hosts the four puzzle areas to get the four guardian keys. These each have an element theme (sort of) and are not overly difficult but entertaining in their variety. After that there is a short battle with two demigods two pushable blocks to pull and you reach a room with a nice golden statue and the two eye pieces which you take with you to end the level. Simple gameplay in the 30 minutes level but a 'must see' nevertheless." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This short level of 30 minutes was a fine example of the game. Whilst it was not overly difficult it presented it's own small challenges and the layout was well thought out. The textures were very well done I thought and the search for the 4 keys logical and satisfying. The only real adrenalin rush was when you faced two demigods after placing the 4 guardian keys. Some say this was a 4 element puzzle but I could not see that but I suppose if you use your imagination a bit........" - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"The gameplay in this level centers around solving 4 puzzles beneath a mystical pyramid. Each puzzle has a theme of the four elements - earth water fire and air and are all pretty simple but nicely designed. The level is also quite short at about 1/2 an hour. While the gameplay may be a little lacking the atmosphere and design are really superb. This is a nice level to look at from the turquoise water of the first pool to the stunning gold statue of an Egyptian princess near the end it is beautifully rendered and lighted. Also of note are some good sound effects including Lara's weapons and more. Not a brilliant level due to the simple and short gameplay but enjoyable nonetheless." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"This level consists mainly of four element based puzzles: water earth air and fire. I think the creator did a fine job - the puzzles were clever and interesting and just difficult enough to have me reloading a few times but without being frustrating. There are few enemies here mainly scorpions and crocs but plenty of ammo and weapons lying around plus there are three or four secrets to find. There were a few soldiers but they made no attempt to harm me so I left them alone. Most of the rooms were very attractive and I wish the lighting had been a little better so I could have seen them more clearly. This is a fine level and worth the download." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"Although a short level I quite liked it. The puzzles were not too hard to solve not too many enemies with more than enough ammo. Made it through with the use of only Lara's guns. The rooms the puzzles take you to are nicely textured and the golden statue was a sight for sore eyes. Very nicely done. The minute you start shooting you will hear that the author has done something with the sound great. Looking forwards to a next level. Only problem I encountered on the Mac that a couple of saved games didn't work and getting out of the pyramid it threw me back to my desktop. Second time I tried it worked just fine funny." - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"After really hard and long levels in the last weeks an easy standard one for relaxing gameplay. That game was not bad the author mixed a lot of different puzzles but really easy to play I would say the perfect level for Tomb Raider rookies to begin playing Custom levels. For experts nothing new but good combined gameplay. I played about 35 minutes and have found 2 secrets." - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"Well I have played the level and it is indeed fantastically textured. The pyramids are brilliant and all this put together in only one month - I am speechless. Everything is great about this level maybe a little few enemies but if you know me you are probably not surprised that I think this. :-)" - XETH (21-Jun-2002)
"If this is the winner of the German Screentrix/EIDOS Competition I won't play any other Level from this contest. So many clipping-errors you won't get in a full TR-Gameplay. The quests traps and switches are so obvious and easy to handle that you never will get any thrills or other emotional effects. The gameplay is simple and boring. Only the idea of dealing with quests about the four elements is respectable. For those who enjoy grabbing weapons and flares you may love this level because the revolver could be found at last three times - but you don't need it anyway because the enemies are very kind and if you meet the demigods there's enough room to deal with them without loosing any health. After 30 minutes you will get back to the starting position and suddenly you'll end on your desktop and wonder what's happened. I was relieved that this boring game was over." - Chicken (21-Jun-2002)
"It seems to me that Chicken has also participated in the Eidos Competition and was a bit miffed that he didn't come out on top. This level is rather beautiful. It's almost too cheerful atmosphere wise. I half expected Lara to hum a lighthearted tune (like Norwegian Wood which my mother used to hum when she was cooking) while she was frolicking through this brightly textured tomb. It's Tomb Raiding for beginners with a little glimpse at all the possibilities and it's rather sweet in it's innocence. Easy jumps easy swims and harmless scorpions. No mean tricks no hidden levers no deadly traps; in fact this is the first level where you can see the spiked boulder dropping so far away that you still have time to eat a club sandwich before you have to get out of the way. You get far too many pick ups especially weapons the secrets were a bit too easy to find even for my liking and the tasks are not challenging but still the 25 minutes it takes you to complete this are quite entertaining." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)