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The Cube by Pedros

CC 5 1 4 5
Dimpfelmoser 1 0 7 6
DJ Full 6 1 5 5
eTux 2 0 4 3
Gerty 1 0 5 5
JoeTheCrazyGamer 2 1 1 2
Jose 1 0 2 6
Kristina 4 1 3 4
Lizard Queen 8 10 7 8
manarch2 2 0 4 3
MichaelP 4 0 6 7
Obig 5 1 5 6
RaiderGirl 3 0 5 5
Ryan 2 0 3 4
Sash 5 0 4 5
Sheevah 2 0 3 3
Torry 5 1 5 5
Treeble 2 2 2 2
Yoav 4 0 4 5
release date: 10-Mar-2002
# of downloads: 54

average rating: 3.29
review count: 19
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file size: 13.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I like mazes and the crazier the better, so I thought I’d give this one a go. What I liked about the level: 1) It’s one big maze! 2) No enemies!! Always a good thing in my books. What I didn’t like: 1) Dropping into a pit with no death and no way out but to reload to a previous savegame is not the best game design imho. The least would be to have a death tile or something. 2) The shortcut to the ending because I didn’t want the level to end so soon, so I played it again purposely avoiding the shortcut. 3) This point is neither good nor bad, but I had to map out the area while playing to help orient and navigate through because the walkthrough was, well not very helpful. Conclusion: This game will not be for everyone but for me, I absolutely loved it." - Lizard Queen (15-Sep-2020)
"Just an Escape room, Not alot of stuff to be said this level is tedious." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (30-Apr-2020)
"If anything, at least this level has made me curious about the movie itself. Otherwise, it's a huge 3D labyrinth filled with doors and buttons so getting stuck is just a matter of seconds, but fortunately there's a walkthrough, which can be a bit cryptic at times with the mid-text updates, so following that closely got me out in about half an hour. Not really engaging or entertaining, but, like I said, I'm curious about the movie now - hopefully it's on Netflix (and that definitely wasn't a thing back when this was built, hooray for decade late reviews). 25 minutes. 04/20" - Treeble (26-Apr-2020)
"Apparently based on a movie series that I have no recollection of ever seeing, this aptly named level has you (and Lara) trapped in a cube-like environment that's not too bad to look at within the self- imposed restrictions, but is very tedious to play. Thankfully with the walkthrough to hand, I made it through this mess of confusion with my sanity barely intact and wondering what the point was. It's somewhat in the vein of a ve2lyr level only with better texturing and lighting, but it's really not to my taste at all." - Ryan (09-Feb-2018)
"Well, I never liked the maze/labyrinth type levels, and this one was not an exception. Run always through the same cubic rooms pressing buttons to open doors is the only gameplay you can find here (well, there's a room with an electrified floor too). Of course, at few minutes from the start I soon downloaded the walkthrough and follow the instructions until the end (thanks Ali and DJ), but even so it's not very easy to finish and for me was a torture and very boring. The best: the texturization." - Jose (16-Jan-2018)
"I thought I'd try out another short level of one of the most prolific builders out there, since before I have only played his latest. But really, it would have been better if I had picked something else, since I found this to be a near-unplayable level which one can only finish with the walkthrough or with a whole lot of luck. The main concept here is to work your way through a large system of ever-repeating cube rooms with buttons that open doors in the same room, or in a far room, or just don't do anything, else than just leaving you confused. If not for a few helpful camera hints and the changed lighting in the various stages I would never have found the exit even with the help of the walkthrough and the maps. Admittedly there are various clever attempts to put the players' thinking cap on, and I kind of liked the psychedelic atmosphere in here, but I'd recommend you to choose any other level of the builder and watch the movie the level is based on, the latter being the thing which I'm doing now." - manarch2 (15-Jul-2013)
1. Oh, no! Everything identical!
2. Wait... Not everything identical - I'll make a map!
3. Hey! This makes sense - I'll follow that map I've just made.
4. OH, NO! I triggered something! It can be everywhere!
5. Whew! It's a shortcut! I'm saved!
6. No, it was definitely too easy. Actually, I have a reference point, so I will bring it on and check that camera hint I was afraid of.
7. NOOO! A whole new storey discovered! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!
8. What's wrong with that door shutting right in front of me? Is it... Oh no, it IS a puzzle! I hate thinking!
9. Sh**, I need to backtrack through two storeys! Don't panic, keep breathing... You won't get lost, You still have the map.
10. Whew... made it back on the destination floor! Everything under control again!
11. Ahh, so THIS is how it should be done - around the thing! Heheh, I'm da best!
12. OH, NO! I triggered something! It can be everywhere!
13. Actually, I could have suspected that it could be in one place only...
Made it... whew! Tired...
SOME EXPLANATIONS: Even if there was a little effort put in texturing the game, texture application still exceeds what I consider "average". Concerning lighting, I wanted to rate it as "good", but I can't - Lara appears flat and this is very disturbing in well-shaded environment. Cameras get 2 points, because they are crucial for finding the exit.
ADDITIONAL INFO: So it appears there are actually 2 triggers for the final door. That makes me assume one of them was to be removed, but Pedros forgot to do it. And it seems for the past 8 years, since the day of release, most of players have been following the shortcut instead of the intended way. You guys missed 3/4 of the game! It's more complicated than it seems. With both shortcut and intended way discovered, this level took me over 4 hours to solve - I think about REAL time, the time we know from REAL life, full of things drawing our attention out of the game, filled with breaks taken in a purpose of getting some rest, and so on. But keep in mind I simply wanted to solve every single piece of this maze - I wanted to make certain I visited every possible room. So it's very likely it's my fault I spent too much time inside the Cube.
SUMMARY: I can confirm this is a maze that will give You some satisfaction only if You WANT to solve it, only if You're in proper mood to play something like this, only if Your mind DEMANDS some training. But NOT earlier. And beware: even if You think You are ready to get out of the Cube - accept the fact You WILL be puzzled anyway. For me, it's a very original game. I agree it has not much tomb raiding in it. But is it wrong? I don't think so. There are many levels intended to differ from classic ones, and I can't figure out why some of them are loved, while other are simply underrated, like this one. Can anyone explain this phenomenon?" - DJ Full (24-Jan-2011)
"Having only seen The Cube trilogy lately, I remembered there was a level out there based on its concept and decided to give it a go. And there really is not much point in playing it without having seen the movies (well, actually seeing 1 is more than enough - I recommend the first one) as it will seem like a collection of a bunch of more or less identical rooms through which you most likely will only get through by trial and error anyway... what basically is a most accurate description, but might give you an impression that the author was just lazy, when in fact he was just rebuilding the concept from that movie. That said, this could've been done much more interestingly, as it gets very confusing, despite the author having enough sense to put in a number of cameras to guide you through the 15 or so (possibly less or more, but that's how much it took me) minutes it takes you to reach the white light at the end. But maybe the frustration was intended as a part of 'the cube' experience. In any case - I don't think I can stress enough that this probably won't make much sense to you without having seen the movie(s), so the only occasion I can recommend you to play the level is after you've seen either of the Cube movies and are curious enough to see how successful it is as an adventure of Lara's." - eTux (10-Feb-2007)
"This level is based on the movie The Cube so who has seen it should know what to expect. Find a way out of the Cube which contains many smaller cubes with the same size with or without traps. There are no enemies or puzzles the only task is the same like in the movie: getting out of the cube. The difficulties come from the structure of the Cube itself; you always have to know where you are. I don't advice it for neurasthenics because you can freak out on this level for sure. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (19-Jan-2005)
"Hmm well it's not a usual level. All the rooms look the same with three four switches that open doors climbing up and down trying to find the right way and get to finish the level and yes I saw the movie a few days ago - that's the reason I play this level other one was enough for me. Well can't say that I enjoyed from this too." - Yoav (16-Jun-2004)
"I give up I've been back to this level several times for over a week and I'm actually beginning to recognise a lot of the rooms I've been there so often. They are different i.e. some have lasers in them that kill some have lasers that don't kill some are different colours some have 1 2 3 or 4 switches on the walls some have ladders that go down only or up only some go right through the hole in the floor both ways and some have holes you fall into and can't get out of. But I surrender I can't figure it out. I even drew a map of squares to try and figure it out. I've triggered two cut scenes of doors opening high above. But there are still switches that won't work and at this stage I'm just running around in circles or should I say squares lol. I have a feeling that getting all four doors above opened will just be a case of good luck. I managed to get up to these four doors and got killed with spikes. If anyone even attempted to write a walkthrough the walkthrough would take longer to write than it would take to play the level. Very confusing. Congratulations to everyone who managed it." - CC (27-Apr-2003)
"I have never seen the movie that this is supposed to be modeled after and don't know if I want to see it after attempting to play this level. I wandered around for almost an hour reloading quite often looking for some clue that would lead me in the right direction. I never found the end though and just don't have the patience to try any more. Maybe I'll try again if I ever watch the movie but for now this is the hardest maze I've seen in any TR level yet." - RaiderGirl (26-Jan-2003)
"I must have left my sanity in here. I was completely lost and as the rooms are so much alike I just kept walking climbing and pushing levers. Do not ask me what I did also don't ask what time it took me to get finally to the end as that was sheer luck if you ask me. 24-01-2003" - Gerty (26-Jan-2003)
"The concept of the film that this level pays tribute to was rather ingenious. Bearing in mind that it was a low budget production the set looked very professional and that was basically because the whole thing was shot in one tiny studio. And yet the audience got a feeling as if the place was huge. They didn't have to muck around with the props a lot they just changed the lighting from time to time. Frankly in order to keep up the suspense you have to have a cast of people who correspond and characters that evolve as the plot unfolds. With TR you have exactly the opposite. Meaning you can have the most spectacular and exotic setting without paying a dime but you have no interacting cast that can push a story forward in an absolutely monotonous environment. So restricting yourself to one room and then copying that over and over again seems really pointless to me. Especially if it's your poor self that has to reconnoiter left right up and down in order to find the damn exit. I gave this quite a few tries and never got very far. Finally I started to take notes. Like I would jot down my exact position when going from one room to the next. I started with 0-0-0 and w2-n1-d1 would mean that I had moved two rooms to the west one room to the north and one room down. You have to concentrate cause if you only once forget to record your position you have to start all over again. The author advises you to save often but that's easier said then done as all the rooms look alike you have to write down where you saved otherwise you are lost again when you reload a savegame. Well despite all my carefully scribbled down notes I completely lost the plot at one stage and e-mailed the author for help (as he advises you in the readme). This is what he wrote back: 'O my god! I am very sorry but I don't remember how to go through this level..... Sorry. The best way is to choose some of my better levels..'. There is nothing to add to this I think." - Dimpfelmoser (01-Jan-2003)
"If you have seen the movie 'Cube' then you can understand exactly what you are going to find here. This level is going to be quite an acquired taste because it is just one big labyrinth of room upon besides under room to form one immense cube and the object is to find your way out which means opening countless doors and trying not to become disoriented by almost identical rooms. I had seen the movie before I converted this and knowing what the layout would be I watched with my mouth open as the converter told me this was made up of 238 rooms each actual in game room being smaller than the Editor room meaning there must be more than 238 almost identical rooms to try and make your way through but I am here to tell you that I finished this in 16 minutes though if you don't find out what triggers the end door to open you may be stuck in that cube forever or till your thumb and index finger find the Alt and F4 key! I really liked this idea and it was executed well but as there are no objects enemies or pick ups I had to give it a zero and this made my overall score slightly lower than my actual enjoyment of the level." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"I really liked the movie but this level is simply tedious and not fun at all and I am glad I skipped a similar idea for building a level last year because by design this will turn out to be boring. I actually missed the chance to throw a shoe into the next room to see whether it is safe now that would have been fun :)." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Well at least this is true to the movie but in Tomb Raider terms it is a rather bland level where I think with a little luck early on will have you outta there in under 20 minutes. (not counting the 128 re-loads lol). I liked the movie but perhaps that had more to do with the fact that Nicole de Boer had a leading role." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"A very strange kind of level. In order to find your way out of this 'cube' you lead Lara through rooms that look all the same only the use of colored lights makes a difference you have to push switches open doors climb ladders up and down ... I felt rather disoriented all the time. The only puzzle challenge was to find out what was triggered by the switch you pushed ;o). And to tell the truth I really don't know what it has to do with Tomb Raider." - Sheevah (21-Jun-2002)
"This looks like one big cube indeed. Lara is surrounded by all these doors and buttons and she is supposed to find the exit by causing the right door to open and proceeding until she comes into a room with some horizontal beams therefore triggering the exit door to open. No objects or enemies; doesn't give many options to recommend this one. The most difficult part if you can call it that it's that you will certainly get lost so if you decide to play it I hope you have a good sense of orientation." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)