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Lara Croft and the lost City of Gold 8-9 by sleeper

Bex 8 7 7 8
CC 9 8 9 8
Cuqui 8 8 9 8
Dimpfelmoser 7 8 8 8
eRIC 8 8 9 8
Freeman Porter 9 9 9 9
Gerty 7 8 9 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 5 7 6 6
Kristina 7 8 8 8
Leandro 7 7 7 8
MichaelP 8 8 9 8
Phil 9 8 8 9
RaiderGirl 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Sash 9 8 8 8
Treeble 6 7 7 6
release date: 21-Jan-2002
# of downloads: 49

average rating: 7.87
review count: 17
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file size: 110.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"I have no idea how long ago it was that I dropped this series, but upon booting this up on my weird desire to complete all 2002 levels I remembered why. The first thing you logically run into this level is a closed door and apparently nothing else. I feared it might have required a pickup from a previous level, one from which I obviously no longer have a savegame for, and then I decided to look up the walkthrough. Yay for unmarked climbing walls. And in this level you get a lot of that, I'd say about 15 minutes of my total time was just about climbing and shimmying around corners in unmarked cliff faces, and a few times they're rather glitchy and can have Lara going straight through walls or unable to make certain corners, so you might have to go back and forth a little. I also experienced something rather odd in the sense that textures seem very sloppily applied, but somehow the lighting effects made it look somewhat decent. Besides the aforementioned lenghty and dreadful climbing bits, there were quite a few tasks to do here and at least one massive shootout which drained me from the few medipacks I had on me, but ultimately this was a bit on the tedious side for me. 70 minutes, 4 secrets. 05/20" - Treeble (12-May-2020)
"We've now reached a jungle setting on our journey and I can safely say that I found this the most enjoyable section so far. Still a few badly marked ladders and crudely applied textures in existence, but the overall look is quite attractive and well made. The tasks also have more variation in the form of enjoyable traps, exploration, swimming sequences, uses of elevator platforms (or as we English would say, "lifts") a lever puzzle and some agility, but I didn't much care for the long climbs/shimmies, the mazelike corridor sections, or the tricky rope swing (although I found out it wasn't needed). You should have accumulated enough ammo from your previous travels so the enemies (skeletons, wild boars, SAS and a giant scorpion, the monkeys are friendly) pose a lesser threat. As a side note, I'm not sure whether you can play any of these levels from the title screen. If you can, that might be a good idea as the earlier levels were less enjoyable and this might be a good place to start. The final section awaits now." - Ryan (30-Dec-2018)
"City of Gold 8/8/8/8 Oh dear, we seem to be back to unmarked climbing textures. Ah well. Lara's in the jungle now and, as always with jungle style levels, it can be easy to miss things. It's nicely made and the gameplay is entertaining and contains sufficient variety to please most players. I did find myself requiring assistance from the walkthrough once or twice, but certainly this is a great improvement on earlier levels in this series and, since they can be played independently, this might be a good place to start if you would prefer to skip the earlier bits. I'm rather looking forward to the next section now." - Jay (06-Oct-2017)
"This segment is by far the best in the series so far, and it's evident that the builder has by now assumed full command of the level editor. I played this two-parter over a period of several days, so my memory of the early stages has faded somewhat. However, my overall impression is that this is a very complicated and elaborate raid that brings the player back to the first level after completing the second. We have a jungle setting, and there are some tedious climbing exercises that dulled the action a bit, but on the whole you're treated to a full-sized adventure that took me nearly four hours to complete (although it's possible that I left the computer for extended periods without pausing the game). I'm looking forward to playing the final installment. Recommended." - Phil (16-Oct-2012)
"Two very long jungle levels to explore. I didn't like the gameplay 'cause you can left behind you (the author doesn't force you to pick them up) the items you need and continue playing until you get stucked; there are some interesting tasks though. Architecture is very simple, with very huge rooms and all kind of right-angled passages; textures are not very worked. There are some tedious tasks like very long shimmies or the very tricky jump to the high door in the huge room with the star. Another times you trigger something in a far room and there's not a camera to help you. Lots of openings hidden by foliage, many enemies to shoot, poor musics and stretched textures. A levels with a bad look but playable anyway." - Jose (04-Aug-2009)
"An intermingled and more complicated set of levels where you start in the first proceed to the second and finish up back in the first so I will rate them as a package not individually like the other in the series. Set in the Andes you find yourself doing a lot of climbing rock walls at the beginning on your way to trying to get to the Incan temple once in the temple you need to go in search of a star and then end back out in the mountains. These levels really were a great jump back to the puzzling feel of Bruce's 'Return for the Amulet' series with a nice action element thrown in with some of the meaner baddies and I thoroughly enjoyed them he also upped the difficulty factor putting in some hard to spot things and that gave the level a much better challenging feel whereas the others were a little too easy to get through. I finished these levels in just over 90 minutes with 4 secrets collected and have my fingers crossed that the next ones carry on the same trend this one has set." - Sash (19-Sep-2003)
"I thought I was going to be in snow here must be thinking of something else. It's jungle time again with more runthrough greenery a gorge to make your way around the cliffs and a huge stepped ziggurat. I had a major problem with Lara's hair two ponytails and streaks coming out of them. It didn't affect gameplay though. Very short level dealing with warthogs crocodiles sharks giant scorpion! (in the Andes!) and monkeys no wait a minute they were ok. Andes 2 starts under the ziggurat and you're in a huge room with walkway and different ways to go. A lot more going on here bones to shoot rope swinging lots of SAS and skeletons to shoot switches to find a pillar pushing puzzle. I hadn't a bull's notion where to place that blue gem until I read Raidergirl's review about the big face. I take my hat off to you though Bruce for those lifts and platform raising puzzles where you have to find the pharos knot and pillar and raise the wall in front of the star they had me totally stuck for ages. You must get the pillar and knot before climbing down from the lifts as there's no way back that I know of. I got back to Andes 1 to the part where I had to shoot the metal ball and I had no lasersight. So as other have said DON'T FORGET THE CROWBAR AND THE LASERSIGHT. There's a confusing maze with metalmen and giant bug to deal with plus chains to pull and what was that fire room with the three snake statues about? Andes 2 is the best level so far in the series and the toughest. It's a huge level and can get really confusing. Keep plenty of savegames as you can get completely stuck. I'm ashamed to say how long it took me to do this Andes 2 level. August 2003." - CC (19-Aug-2003)
"Jungles my favorite. In here you travel back and fro from level to the other. Needing the two pieces that make the Portal Guardian at the first door you see will take you for quite an adventure. Later you come across the knot and the pillar a star and blue gems. Right in the beginning you will find the crowbar and don't forget to look for the laser sight and revolver as there is some practice shooting. I found the walkthrough areas a bit confusing and almost at the end there is the flare bug when you arrive at the maze. Lots of climbing and jumping and some nice puzzles as well. Very strange place to hide that receptacle behind that mask. But this is the best so far. Still keep your saved game though or play all 11 levels in one go (I hate keeping saved games). 05-03-2003" - Gerty (09-Mar-2003)
"After spending a short time in the jungles of the first level you go to the second level where your only objective is to get the golden star - but first you need the knot and the pillar plus a lot of time to look around. The level itself isn't huge but it was confusing - I must have looked around for hours before I saw the gem receptacle behind a huge mask on the wall. Once you have the star you head back to the first level only to see your helicopter exploding! I'm not really sure if this had anything to do with the story or not. Anyway after placing the star it's another short journey to collect the Portal Guardian which you'll find the receptacle for when you first start the levels. I was assuming there was something special behind that door but it just led to the end of the levels. Gameplay was interesting with some good puzzles but could be frustrating because some things were too well hidden. Enemies were an interesting mix of sharks crocs wild boars giant scorpions giant beetles bats skeletons soldiers - you name it!" - RaiderGirl (17-Jan-2003)
"This is the best part of the series. These two levels are very entertaining. Not as easy as previous ones. There are some good puzzles (like the one with snakes in the pyramid). The atmosphere is great and you find a variety of enemies well placed. Oh! Don't miss the crowbar at the beginning!!" - Cuqui (06-Dec-2002)
"I had to abandon this the first time around cause when I finally (after 7 hours of net gaming time) came to the room where you have to shoot the brass sphere high above in the rafters I had neither lasersight nor revolver/crossbow. Guess what this time around I still had not found the suitable weapon and I only found the lasersight because it was mentioned in one of the threads. Ok I have learned about dozy in the meantime so I was able to continue but there are a few facts that made the whole thing really irritating. First in the next level you get no less than two revolvers that are impossible to miss I had already collected two grenade guns and I was extremely careful with my health and my 11 big medi packs all of a sudden meant nothing. There are some other things that annoyed me here. This completely pointless detour from the room where you have to place the knot and the pillar the deadly grass the endless shimmying (that was buggy at places) and the climbable walls that are not textured as such. Apart from that it's probably my favourite part of the series with a very believable setting good lighting and a nice storyline. I especially liked area with all the skeletons and SAS guards and the pyramid itself. The seven lever puzzle was neat the enemies were generally placed well and had this been a bit more user friendly it would have been a great adventure. Bruce really should do the beta testing more throughoutly next time." - Dimpfelmoser (05-Nov-2002)
"The Andes Mountans (8/8/9/8 30+25 min. 2 secrets): You start and end in this level with Andes 2 making for an intermezzo in between to get a crucial pick up. It is a really well done jungle/mountain setting with initially some serious climbing to do (a bit tedious) sharks warthogs crocodiles wasps horseman tinmen giant scorpions in the enemies department and good use of sound to support the atmosphere. There were a few missing textures but nothing too bad. I thought the deadly mudpool was a good idea and for once the walk-through foliage made sense and was easy enough to spot. There is a gem and later the portal guardian pieces to collect and I liked the seven serpents levers puzzle. Andes 2 (7/7/9/8 40 min. 1 secret): This is the quest for the star you need in The Andes Mountans and along the way you will also need a gem a knot and a pillar. There are a number of Catacomb influences here with poles to climb and elevators and pushable objects used and the help the entertaining gameplay. Mainly SAS and skeletons to kill and two wraiths are easy to get rid of. There is a rather tricky route to get down which you don't need to bother with at all as you can just drop. I did actually shoot 5 sets of bones - not sure if that should have helped me to a secret or not." - Michael (01-Sep-2002)
"Now this is more like it. Still we have the dreaded walkthrough walls but some of the other things I disliked about the author's previous levels have been changed. For example the texturing is noticeably better and the atmosphere has greatly improved as a result. The gameplay is better too although as other people have said it's easy to get stuck if you don't pick up the crowbar and/or lasersight. The highlight for me though was that there are quite a few puzzles in these levels - the lack of puzzles in the previous levels was a big disappointment for me. Enemies are very varied but pretty well-placed. In short: Not bad at all." - Bex (22-Aug-2002)
"I enjoyed a lot this couple of levels in spite of a mistake: people can be stuck because the lifts in level 9 can be used only once if they come down without the two key pickups the knot and the pillar. I was stuck too because I had no lasersight to solve one shooting puzzle but I think it is my fault because I began the series only at level 4 (shrine) and I did not kill all the SAS in the previous levels so I don't know where the lasersight could be found and I used savegame Editor to end the level. There is a lot of puzzle and gameplay in these jungle levels. Enemies are crocs wild boars SAS skeletons wraiths and a few large scorpions giant beetles and sharks. The textures of the temples are from India and not from the Andes but I liked very much the setting and the atmosphere. I think I have played 2 hours." - eRIC (21-Aug-2002)
"The forth pack of this adventure is only at the Andes mountains Peru. But I still wanna know why the Indian textures or the sharks in lagoons? Anyway even with some 'geographical' problems this adventure is not all that bad. In the first level we have nice graphics and ordinary (but not bad at least) puzzles. In the second level we have some good puzzles and for the first time the author used lighting effects (!!!). I can easily say that Andes 2 is the best level so far on the series and I recommend it to download." - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"This series gets better from level to level and the adventures in the Andes are the best parts until now. In the beginning don't care about the closed door you will get back here in the end of part 9. You have to climb the walls to come to an other area (Important: Don't forget to pick up the crowbar in the water before starting to climb!) Then you will change soon to part 9 where you have to find firstly two pharos knots and finally a star before coming back to level 8. There are lots of miscellaneous puzzles and areas and at the end you will have to climb back to the beginning of level 8 to finish these parts of this series. There is one fault to mention: When you climb down the elevators again without getting the pharos knot there is no way back I had to start from the beginning again also forgetting the crowbar in the beginning can be very frustrating that's why I rated the gameplay not a 10. But anyway these levels are not easy but very recommended!" - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"Considering what a let down the previous three levels were I must say that these are one more time improved. A change of scenery though the player has to walk through 'Andes' mountain and part two. You find yourself in a greenish environment outside with natural all around. The favorite element of the author is present walk through and climbing walls which are your way in and out. These levels are full of them especially at 'Andes Mountain'. The problem is that it's very easy to get stuck if you missed the crowbar or not having the laser-sight. I can't accept that someone didn't think of placing those two items in a place that can't be missed if vital. I was completely helpless when I discovered that I was missing the laser-sight and unfortunately there is no way out of this one. Either you have it or not. The textures are simple but well placed most of the time thin walls are there for one more time but the lighting isn't good enough. As for puzzles you have to find the portal guardian a knot and a pillar but for the first you will enter the second part. Many places to explore but you will have to access some of them by a different route. Play them to continue the series." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)