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Sintech Heist by Devoid

CC 7 7 9 8
Dimpfelmoser 7 6 9 8
Engelchen Lara 7 8 8 8
Fairy Godfather 8 7 7 7
Gerty 8 7 9 9
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jose 4 5 6 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
Leandro 7 8 8 6
Ludwig 7 7 9 9
MichaelP 7 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 9 6 8 9
Phil 8 8 8 9
RaiderGirl 9 8 9 9
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Sash 7 6 8 7
Sutekh 6 6 7 7
Tombaholic 7 7 8 8
Treeble 7 8 8 8
Tune Razor 7 7 8 8
release date: 29-Apr-2002
# of downloads: 59

average rating: 7.58
review count: 20
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file size: 16.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Not a bad level for its age. The city areas are rather well made and I certainly enjoyed jumping around on the rooftops. There's a bit of an emphasis on mazes, which aren't my favourite thing, but the block puzzle maze is well devised. Be warned however that this is very much a shooter and with only pistols and a bazooka (not as effective as you might wish), taking out all the SAS and dogs does involve a lot of ducking and diving. If you like the genre, it's definitely worth a look." - Jay (25-Jul-2018)
"A fairly entertaining 50 minute base level. Lara starts on the streets, wearing what can only be described as a business suit, just what our heroine needs, when she is trying to break into a high security complex! Then Lara enters an underground maze area and eventually ends up inside the building itself where she retrieves the armour pieces. Not that many puzzles, bar a block puzzle/maze task. No masterpiece, but fun enough." - Ryan (05-Sep-2016)
"Good design and well lightened and textured, but few more. In the place where I got the bazooka, the fire tiles are not marked; there is a nasty hedge maze with some crawlspaces only to pull a switch; I found an unmarked climbable wall somewhere; the only puzzle you can find in the underground maze is not clear and I found no hints, what is supposed to move the grated box? Onto all the gray marked tiles? In this area, again unmarked fiery tiles in the room with metal ledges and also unmarked monkeyswing (trial and error) in the ceiling. In the first outside areas I had to shoot a lot of enemies strategically located in the roofs only with my pistols; later, I found several stashes of revolver ammo but never found the revolver (I think I've misses a secret anywhere), so I had to shoot dozens of SAS and dogs in the offices area only with my pistols, again. What is the sight for? There is certain backtracking in this last area, and the tasks are only about explore the small rooms to pull switches, find items and shoot a lot of enemies. Not a level for my taste and again, I can undertand the very high ratings from another players." - Jose (07-Jul-2016)
"Here's another little gem that plays quite well after ten years. There's a nice little underground maze to solve, you'll engage a mob of dogs and SAS along the way, and a few of the seven secrets seemed a bit on the obvious side. The last part of this hour-long level involved a bit too much of the kick-in-a-door, kill-an-SAS and pull-a-switch routine to suit me, but for most of the way I was immersed in a London-style adventure that provided its share of twists and turns. The lighting is good, too, so I've decided to reward the builder with a higher score in this category. Sutekh, bless her wayward little heart, has provided her typically thorough walkthrough that leaves the player little excuse for getting stuck or lost. The second installment of this series is next on my play list. Recommended." - Phil (13-Apr-2012)
"Well it's a shooter and, for that matter, a good one. The setting is well done, especially the streets part and the building. It's tough at first, mainly because of the numerous SAS, but once you find the Magnum (aka Revolver) it becomes much more easy. The main flaw of this level is its total lack of marking or hints. Be it for climbable walls, monkey swing, traps or even puzzles. There is one movable-block-in-maze puzzle in particular that can only be solved by trial, errors and checking which door has opened or closed. Rather tedious. There are seven secrets, which is a lot considering the size of the level, but only two or three qualifies as such, the other ones being in plain sight. In short, an enjoyable level if you're into shooters. If you aren't, you might as well skip it." - Sutekh (04-Apr-2005)
"I had great fun playing this level but then I love city and office levels. Very well built and textured city and a nice fountain room in the office block. The underground setup with the moveable block was confusing and I had to look up the forum for the answer. And raising that block was clever. Perhaps I was lucky but at no time was I stuck as to what to do next so I got all pieces of armour and gold rose secrets. Lara looks suitably dressed for the city in a black trouser suit. I've already played Sintech 2 and this is a fitting first part for this series which I hope Devoid will add another level to." - CC (09-Oct-2003)
"I liked this level a lot having played the sequel first I wasn't sure if I would have since the second level wasn't as fun for me as this. It's in a city well made and lighted with underground sort of tech areas. There are seven golden roses which count a secrets and I believe the author might have made a mistake in placing the seventh one it was so obvious near the trapdoor and the notes say there are six. Anyway all of them are easy to find I liked the puzzle with many doors floor tiles and mesh block jumping on the roofs of the buildings but not the many SAS guards. At some point I was just about to lose all the health I had in the inventory the ammo given though is plenty. Getting through a burning floor and monkey swing you access the areas with all the items you need two gate cards one disk and you collect the five pieces of the armor. Dogs are also your enemies and a spike ball not hard to avoid. I hope if there is going to be another sequel it will be like this level." - Kristina (20-Mar-2003)
"Lara has the task to find the five armor pieces here. The puzzles are not difficult pull a few levers collect keys and a CD. Enemies are plenty of guards and dogs. Unfortunately I only had Lara's trusted guns as I was blind and did not find the desert eagle only a lot of ammo for it ;-) So I had to be careful with my medipacks. Textures were well chosen and in some rooms the lighting was good. I found five of the six secrets but they were only roses." - Engelchen Lara (18-Feb-2003)
"This was one of the best city levels I've ever seen and very professionally done. Lara is in a small section of a large city where you can explore a small hedge maze jump from rooftop to rooftop and then after a little exploring make your way into the sewers under the city. Then she must make her way into the Sintech building which has the latest in security measures and steal the five pieces of armour. What really stood out for me was the combined use of textures building camera work music lighting sounds skyline etc to make a level that was so realistic especially with all the little touches added - the fire escapes to climb the safes in the vaults the security gates the maintenance shafts and crawlspaces and the well decorated offices and showrooms. This isn't the dark and gloomy city level that you'd expect and shows that you CAN make a level good without making it too dark like a lot of builders seem to like to do. I found seven secrets and plenty of ammo and weapons to get rid of the guards and dobermans (which were nice to see). Even if you don't normally like city levels I think you'll like this one." - RaiderGirl (03-Nov-2002)
"Be prepared folks. It's another city based level. I realize a lot of raiders out there enjoy city based levels but this one suffers from a couple of big problems that leave a very bad taste in your mouth. The level design itself is well done and the use of textures is pretty good. You'll see objects and textures from Tomb Raider 1 2 and 3 and some pretty neat looking building facades. However problem number 1 comes in when the author decided to use mazes and yet not provide the player with a compass. I realize this isn't a huge deal but it's just common sense: mazes are what the compass is for. If you're going to put mazes in your level include the compass. Problem number 2 is that there are a TON of enemies in this level but Lara is not provided with sufficient ammo with which to dispatch them. I had to rely on my pistols throughout most of the level. The enemies are almost all black uniformed guards with machine guns and grenade launchers and many of them occur in pairs. The only weapons you have at your disposal are your pistols ten rockets for the rocket launcher and some darts for the rocket launcher/crossbow combo weapon (I know....what?). Each guard requires TWO rocket hits to be killed so the rockets are gone pretty fast. The darts are totally ineffective. I did find some magnum ammo stashes but never found the magnum. So that leaves you with your pistols. On top of this the vast majority of the combat takes place in small rooms or hallways so Lara cannot do much to avoid being hit. I actually resorted to running in circles around the enemies while firing my pistols. If one is going to put enemies in close quarters one needs to provide Lara with a short range weapon such as the shotgun or a weapon that provides quick take-downs like the revolver. I enjoyed collecting the armor of Horus but the combat and the low supply of ammo and weapons in this level spoiled it for me. I did score atmosphere lighting and textures high because in all fairness they were pretty good." - Ludwig (27-Oct-2002)
"This level is very good starting in a city style place in which I must say I enjoyed the texturization then later inside offices with a gloomy background sound. The lighting is quite simple mostly bright and there was only one puzzle which I didn't understand - the underground pushable block one. The others were quite simple and as my advice keep your eyes open! I've missed the little CD and I went back and forth the map a lot of times for it. The weapons were a Magnum that turns into a Desert Eagle and a Bazooka but I made my way through it only with the pistols - so no real menace from the SAS and dogs. Worth the download even if you only want to see Lara wearing Sophia's clothes... ;)" - Treeble (19-Aug-2002)
"Did someone say 45 minutes? Took me 2 hours. I must be out of sorts today. Well I enjoyed this level I must say. It's built around three sections; a beautifully realised street scene (quite superbly designed); an underground maze of corridors (which exists solely for a really quite tedious block pulling/pushing excersise); and a hi-tech building infiltration-type finale (which is fun and fast moving). Why this level has not done quite as well as it should is a mystery to me as I found myself forgetting quite often that I was playing a custom level and not a professional one (and that's one heck of a compliment). Only the disappointingly dull (and somewhat buggy) block puzzle let it down. Oh and a word of advice Lara darling; that suit has got to go!" - Orbit Dream (14-Jul-2002)
"The heist in this 45 minutes level are the 5 pieces of armour all of which are patrolled behind glass by a group of SAS men that need some serious anger management but if you saw the suit Lara is wearing you can kind of understand where their rage comes from. To get to this booty you have a couple of mazes to get through one with a movable mesh block that had me perplexed but I found solace and a helping hand in the forum. Being a lover of secrets I was excited to know there were 6 secrets to be found in this level it turned out to be 7 though but they were all fairly obvious to find the last two were even right in the path of progression and could not I repeat could not be missed unless you accidentally fell onto two pointed sticks and both your eyes were poked out. Note to author secrets should be secret. This is an enjoyable level but it seems to have flown by quicker than the actual game time shows and when I think about what was accomplished in it not a whole lot springs to mind." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Lara trying to 'steal' the five pieces of armor in a rather unfitting black suit outfit. Sounds exciting? Well it is in a way. Starting in a small but nice city environment with a bit of platforming and a thankfully not so complex hedge maze you make your way into the building to find the armor and escape with the help of a disk and two gate keys. I missed the revolver and had to kill those 25 SAS and 10 dogs all with the guns which can get tough but is doable. Found six golden rose secrets and wondered what it was all about when it was over after a little less than an hour. At least it was not as linear as the previous level by Devoid as you needed to retrace your steps quite a bit and it was nice to look at all in all so check it out yourself." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This level may not knock your socks off but it does make for an enjoyable hour or so of 'urban' style raiding. Lara doing her best Robert Wagner impression - right down to the black boots and suit - must infiltrate a heavily guarded building complex and 'acquire' a set of armour. Gameplay moved along at a nice clip until I missed a key crawlspace which left me wandering around a bit before getting back on track. One close call came toward the middle of the game when Lara was down to her last dram of health before coming across some well-deserved medipaks. Throw in a couple short mazes some roof-top jumping and a moveable crate puzzle and you've pretty much got the picture. A few more challenging skill sequences would have helped round things out a bit. Along the way Lara fairly trips over 7 secrets which are sadly of no use in her mission. Finally the overall atmosphere was very good and textures were well chosen and applied. In the end a nicely done level in the 'pleasant diversion' category." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"It's a pretty interesting level. The graphics may be just average but I've found some quite nice puzzles. The jump puzzles are very fun and the 'use your brain' too. So we have really a good gameplay with some good variety of puzzles traps and so on. This is a decent city level (specially because it isn't so dumb as the ordinary cities levels) and I recommend it for a download." - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"You start in a what looks like a little village. Main enemies are SAS men and dogs. Your goal is to get the data disk. Underway you collect pieces of armor and cards. The secrets in this game are golden roses and they are not that hard to collect. You start by opening a garden maze and collect useful items. Even found a bazooka (?) with normal darts and explosive rockets. Needed those rockets as I came upon some SAS men that just didn't want to die. Probably because they were shooting at Lara behind a fence and just a bit further in the game you just could shoot them without that fence so I was a bit too quick with drawing Lara's guns. Then there is a small underground maze with a block puzzle and after that you are in the main building. I ran out of medpacks (they were in very short supply) and had to play it all over again. There is a bit of climbing swimming and a lot of fighting/shooting to do. For me I liked this level very much apart from all those SAS men there were a bit too many for my taste as I do love to use only (if possible) Lara's trusted guns. 03-05-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"Nothing particularly difficult in the jumping area for Lara but a few good puzzles to make her think. Finding a suit of armour is the object and most of that happens near the end. A pleasant evening's play." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)
"It starts in a beautiful designed outside area and after you mastered a small garden maze and an even smaller underground maze you come into the main building where you have to collect the five pieces of armor plus a couple of access cards and a data disk. Kill the SAS Guards and dogs as you rush along; you have enough revolver ammo to spare. The seven or so secrets are as easy to find as they are unrewarding so I'm really not sure why the author went through the trouble of placing them. My favourite part is the bit where you have to jump over the rooftops and along the houses and the moving mesh block puzzle. Everything else is solid TR standard but since you get a bit of monkeyswinging swimming and crawling in between it never becomes boring. The boulder trap is rather obvious and opening just another door to bump into just another guard becomes a bit tedious after a while but as this won't take you that long all in all it's an entertaining level." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
"This level sees Lara attempting to break into a heavily fortified 'bank' and steal five pieces of armour. The action starts in an outdoor urban area complete with armed guards and guard dogs that had me running around for ages before I finally discovered the switch to open up the rest of the area. From there the level is pretty linear the maze areas thankfully unconvoluted and the next area to investigate well signposted by sound effects or camera cuts. A block pulling exercise in an underground maze area does become somewhat tedious and I also found a bug in this area that allows Lara to become trapped with no means of escape. Once inside the 'bank' there is a fair amount of backtracking and door opening becomes a trifle predictable as yet another armed guard appears on each occasion. With luck you'll have picked up the magnum and will be able to dispatch them with some efficiency. I never did find the rocket launcher though. The five (if I remember correctly) secrets are marked by golden roses as used in TR5 and are fairly easily found though not as unavoidable as in some levels. I like secrets to be in large interesting areas and with plenty of supplemental pick-ups though and the secrets in this level did not cut it for me in that department. In all an enjoyable level to play - enjoyable enough for me to have a second attempt in the hope I'd find the rocket launcher but a little too predictable with too much back-tracking and a frankly boring block pushing exercise." - Tune Razor (21-Jun-2002)