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Court of Tamuhnra by Dan Nuttall

alan 7 7 7 7
Andi Croft 8 8 8 9
Cuqui 8 8 8 9
Dimpfelmoser 6 7 9 7
Dougsan 7 7 8 7
Engelchen Lara 7 7 8 7
eRIC 8 8 8 8
eTux 5 6 6 6
Gerty 9 8 8 9
Gonxii 6 7 8 8
Jay 7 8 8 8
Jerry 5 6 6 8
Jose 5 6 6 8
Kristina 8 8 8 9
Magnus 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 4 7 7 7
Momster 9 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 5 6 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 9
RaiderGirl 9 8 8 9
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Sash 8 8 8 9
Sheevah 6 7 7 9
Torry 10 8 8 8
Treeble 6 7 8 8
release date: 03-Mar-2001
# of downloads: 68

average rating: 7.52
review count: 25
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file size: 17.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Although straightforward, generally linear and not too taxing, this older level still manages to be entertaining enough. It has quite an attractive and pleasing look about it and although the rooms are a bit too large, there is at least something to do in those rooms so the space isn't unnecessarily wasted. The skeletons you'll encounter mostly have to be dealt with using the revolver (by shooting off their heads) so you have to be fairly nimble, but the shotgun does turn up eventually. There's a bit too much monkeyswinging and jump switch using for my liking, but it's a strong effort nonetheless." - Ryan (26-Jun-2018)
"A 1 hour raid in an Egyptian setting, straightforward. There aren't a lot of puzzles to talk about, but there's a lot of climbing, that's for sure. Room after room and almost always you had to do the same: find a ladder, a jumpswitch and/or a puzzle item. There is a short underwater maze and some traps. Enemies are demigods, skeletons, harpies and bugs. Cameras are well placed, showing some nice angles. Finished in one hour and 2 minutes." - alan (19-Dec-2017)
"This level for me was realy enjoyable. It is true that in all the rooms you have to do the same things, still it keeps you busy for let's hour or so. Enemies are basically skeletons (which you have to deal with the revolver since there is no explosive ammo) demigods and few harpies. Secrets were rather easy (even for me) Atmosphere, lighting and textures were good. All in all a rather easy and straightforward level to keep you entertained and that's it." - Gonxii (11-Nov-2015)
"The builder has made good use of the cleopal textures here and everything looks very well made and attractive. The gameplay is linear and straightforward, with lots of skeletons to deal with (and since the shotgun doesn't turn up until right at the end, you'll have to shoot their heads off with the revolver, which is always fun), and a few demigods and harpies. It manages to be entertaining enough without being at all difficult and would be ideal for a newish player. Perhaps a slight over reliance on monkey swings and jump switches, but not bad at all." - Jay (17-Jul-2015)
"For me, this level was tedious and bored, 'cause you need to repeat the same tasks almost in all rooms, and it's a long level! It consists about very huge inteconnected rooms with nothing to do except pull a jumpswitch, place an artifact and climb a ladder in a corner or/and use a long monkeyswing (there are some few traps too). Excessive ladders and monkeyswings for my taste. Once in a while you'll get disturbed by some enemies like small scarabs, skeletons, harpies and demigods, but there are always enough guns and ammo to kill them without problems. The shotgun appeared too late, near the end of the level so you must deal with the skeletons shooting the heads with revolver + sight or simply (like I did) avoid them by getting access to the next rooms. There are not cameras when pulling the switches, but they are not really necessary 'cause you'll only leave a single closed door behind each time. The level is very well textured and lights are well worked too, but I was very surprised when I found an elongated texturization in the very last ladder; even so, and 'cause the very big surfaces, texurization makes itself repetitive. If you like puzzles this level is not recommended for you." - Jose (20-May-2015)
"Here's a nice little Egyptian level from the early years that has stood the test of time remarkably well. It's well lighted and has a pleasant geometry with eye-pleasing appointments. The gameplay is linear but not boring in a fairly large map, and the adventure took me an hour and a quarter to complete. The builder provided his own walkthrough, even though he stated rather inaccurately at the beginning that one wasn't needed. (For me, unless it's a follow-your-nose level, a walkthrough - or help from someone on the outside - is almost always necessary.) There are five secrets, most if not all of which are rather obvious, and the enemies are helmeted skeletons. Since our standards were a bit lower at the beginning, I'm surprised that the ratings for this level weren't higher. Recommended." - Phil (28-Jan-2014)
"Although well textured and lit,and containing quite a few visually imaginative touches (the first 'skeleton moment';the humongous plunge),this level is little more than 70 minutes of running and jumping through epic but generally bare rooms,looking for the hang-lever on one side which opens the door far away on the other.Repeat 40 times.Enemies are placed fairly well(although the Demi-gods are tediously predictable);while the camera-work is often (unnecessarily)breathtaking. It entertains reasonably,but is more of a curiosity: the work of a potentially creative builder coming to terms with the Editor,way back in its infancy." - Orbit Dream (07-Aug-2012)
"I liked the look of this egypt level, it was well textured and lighting was ok too, but I missed some more decoration. Apart from some greens and pillars there are no objects used. Gameplay-wise it's only going your straight way, climbing, jumping and monkeyswinging in the first place, with sometimes unnecessarily long ways to run through huge rooms, pulling switches and using the one or other puzzle item. There are some rather tame traps like fire emitters or spikes, and enemies like little beetles, sekeletons and demigods, so nothing too challenging. I needed a little more than 1 hour to finally get hold of a scroll and found 2 secrets on my way." - Jerry (14-Jul-2009)
"If there had been a rating for nostalgia, this level would get a ten. It was one of the first levels I ever played and I've spent these last few years trying to find it, since I couldn't remember the name of it. I'll miss searching for it. I really liked this level. Not as much as I did when I first played it - there have been too many advances in level building - but the quality still shows. The texturing is nice, some of the camera angles are original, and although it's an easy level, it's still fun. It lasts for thirty minutes, so it's a great level to play between those two big adventures you've been looking forward to." - Magnus (02-Jul-2006)
This is a straightforward, simple, on the looks of Cleopatra's Palaces based level, which took me a little below an hour to finish. Though the constant climbing, monkey swinging and numerous jump switches tend to become tedious, the linearity and simplicity of the level makes it a fairly enjoyable affair, and with using the setting and cameras cleverly shines a little bit here and there - especially in the huge tower, that holds the gem, area. You first get to this part by falling through the tower and so sort of have a glimpse of what's yet to come, and later on when you get here, the cameras are used cleverly to sort of make a demigod appear ot of the foggy distance once you get hold of the gem. Speaking of enemies, you get everything the cleopal wad can throw at you - starting with harpies, beetles - of whom you can thankfully dispose of, the already mentioned demigods and skeletons. The skeletons were a problem for me to some extent as there was no crossbow and I never found the shotgun, but since I had the revolver and lasersight, I thought: 'what the heck' and beheaded all the undead setbacks - till I ran out of ammo, that is, and this is one of the rare levels where I did. Generally this level is nothing overly exciting, but for the nostalgic trip of the old days of level-editing this will work well, at least did for me - and I'd always prefer a solid Egyptian level over a buggy level of an other theme, where the new authors usually try to surpass skills they don't have! Ahem... well - there are some fairly memorable moments along the way, and the level's enjoyable while it lasts, so why not give a go? - eTux (20-Jul-2005)
"We have an interesting and entertaining level which gives an hour's game play. Classic Egyptian so do I need to say more I think not. There is one thing that tires the player and that is the many ladders thus climbing. In the search for knots gems we have pass fires spikes fight with demigods skeletons little beetles and harpies but also spend a lot of time climbing up and down. I believe an elevator in a few places could be a good solution or even raising blocks. We could have more puzzles as well those big areas could hold more than just secrets well hidden if I may add. It was a fun level al together even if I only found two secrets and my fingers ache from pressing down the keyboard keys so much." - Kristina (05-Aug-2003)
"The Court of Tamuhnra was a fun few hours. The textures enemies and story were pretty good but the puzzles for the most part were too easy for me and the flow of the game was somewhat confusing. And the sin of all sins in my opinion there was MUCH TOO MUCH darkness for no apparent reason. Another major drawback for me was a lack of adequate firepower when confronted with enemies (skeletons). I enjoy the pain in the axx skeleton type enemies are but not when I have no way of fighting back. I did enjoy playing The Court of Tamuhnra and recommend it to all who aren't looking for a very challenging level. All five secrets are reasonably easy to find and if you simply avoid the skeletons you can easily complete the level with just the pistols and the available medical packs." - Dougsan (08-Feb-2003)
"Good level with an interesting gameplay. Very well textured it is enjoyable and lighting is good. Big and impressive rooms nice puzzles and enemies well placed. Not too hard but very entertaining. It's a nice adventure fun to play." - Cuqui (07-Feb-2003)
"Being a first level this succeeded well. Lara does not have too much to do she more or less has levers to pull climb much and monkey swing. Thus not difficult easy to play. Puzzles were simple. She must find a scroll and the exit. Textures were standard as was sound. The opponents were skeletons demigods and birds. From time to time a few beetles ;-). The rooms were for my taste somewhat too huge? But otherwise it is a good level. Good for beginners and for in between :-)" - Engelchen Lara (20-Dec-2002)
"I had a very good moment with this level and it was rather long (1 hour 20) to explore all the rooms which are often huge and sometimes impressive. The gameplay and progression are excellent the tasks are not difficult some good traps and almost all the actions you can expect in a level. 5 secrets not hard to find 6 demigods to kill a few harpies and beetles and a lot of skeletons you can not kill them all because you do not have the weapons for in the first part of the game although you can shoot a couple of them in the head with the lasersight. Beginners can have a lot of fun with this level as well as the advanced players." - eRIC (01-Oct-2002)
"This is a really well designed and set out level with loads of great organic large multi leveled rooms one after the other that will keep you busy for about 75 minutes. There isn't much in the way of puzzles here but more in the way of some really nice moves jumping climbing monkey swinging and enemies are placed perfectly especially skeletons to make some of those moves all the more harder. With 5 secrets as well placed throughout which I only found 4 of and some good uses of cameras this is another nice adventure from Dan." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"A level mainly based on the Cleopatra's Palace design. It has huge rooms with simple but fitting textures a number of strong enemies (Demigods Banshees Skeletons Scarabs) and it really is more of a training level as you will be running & climbing around a lot and I mean a lot!. Even following the included walkthrough along (which indeed is not necessary as there are no difficult puzzles in the level) my net gaming time was above 1 hour. So if you wanted to practice your movements with Lara this is a one for you. If you want a difficult level I guess we will have to wait for the next one." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"I have to say that most of these levels bore me. Either too hard or too simple but this one seemed to get it right. Gameplay was smooth and continuous with the odd puzzle making you think and stopping the flow. Simple little tricks were deployed that gave you pause to consider but nothing so damned difficult to solve that you exited without saving. And it went on forever. A classic Tomb Raider level." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"This was a nice level that took me around one hour to get finished. Lara's quest is a scroll and to find it she will have to battle some demigods and lot of skeletons. Through it there were few puzzles and lot of jumping. The initial camera flyby is cool as well very well worked. Nice texturization and a bright environment made the level cool until the last second. I found two secrets and I know that I missed a lot of pickups but I was to lazy to go back to get them :)" - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"This was a massive level that was interesting from start to the finish which took over an hour to get to. There were very few puzzles but there was still plenty to do as I searched for the next well-hidden jump switch or ladder all the time evading skeletons beetles demigods and banshees. At one point I was even attacked by beetles and a demigod at the same time. I'm not sure how many rooms are in this level but each one is beautifully done - I found lush green gardens and sparkling fountains and pools in my travels as well as many multi-leveled rooms to climb and explore. I found myself doing a lot of jumping and monkey swinging to great heights and couldn't resist saving and having great fun with some long dives into pools of water below. I'm not sure how many of the five secrets I found but I did come across a good number of pick-ups some easy to spot and some well hidden in shadows. Except for one puzzle that ended with me on fire many times till I figured out what to do this is a relatively easy level but with the amount of action and exploring it was a lot of fun to play." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a huge level or so it seems. Big rooms where you have to find a lever to pull or a well concealed ladder to climb. Enemies well there are enough of them like skeletons demigods and banshees and some beetles as well. I found out that if you could you better blast the heads off the skeletons as they wouldn't go over the edge by using the shotgun. For the rest Lara's trusted guns could do the work quite nicely. The beetles you could get rid off by jumping over pits that is what I like at least you have a chance to see the room you're in after getting rid off those pests. Found only 4 secrets so more than enough reason to play this one again on a later date. The rooms are very well done although at times a bit dark. There are not that many puzzles in them but the vastness of this level made up for that. Had a great time playing this one. 16-05-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"A typical Egypt level which impresses mainly by its careful texturing. I don't remember any stretched or incorrectly placed textures. Most of the rooms are rather huge especially near the end. The gameplay is very straight and too easy for my taste no real challenge. Lara's main quest is climbing lots of ladders and pulling switches. Now and then you have to fight a demigod or run from a skeleton. And you meet some scarabs. I needed about 1 hour to finish. Visually a very nice and recommendable level." - Sheevah (21-Jun-2002)
"A good catacomb level. The textures and the lightning are great but the puzzles are not so hard. The enemies are sceletons beetles and demon-birds. I have played 1:24 hours for this nice adventure and had found 2 secrets. The guns and the ammunition I had found were enough but not too many. The health packs were too many (I only used 1 5). A nice adventure. I had fun." - Andi Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"Oh well; yes there are a lot of jump switches in this one and quite often you come into a room with a closed door at the far end and then you have to locate the ladder that takes you to some other room upstairs where there is a jump switch that opens the door downstairs which all becomes a bit repetitive. Especially the four huts with the four jump switches are an unnecessary exercise but otherwise it's a rather enjoyable level with a fluent and fast paced gameplay that seems to last longer than your actual net gaming time (which is very close to your elapsed time). Yes it is fairly easy and there aren't any proper puzzles or tricky jumps but there were two occasions when I had to pause briefly to consider my next move. The secrets I found were rather obvious but I never came across the shotgun. Which brings us neatly to the enemy section. I really liked the bit where you are chased by the beetles and bump into an angry demigod and I noticed that some thought had gone into the placement of the skeletons; since you have no explosives you have to rush past them and find some safe ledge from where you can aim at their heads. There is some good camerawork here well done fly bys and a rather professional texturing that results in a convincing tomb atmosphere which fortunately differs from the cleo setting you are used to. Add a spectacular plunge and fairly impressive rooms and you have a rather satisfying hour of tomb raiding." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
"I played this after playing one of Dan's other levels and was not disappointed. Good gaming maybe a bit too much running around but still fun. Not much in the way of actual defense against your enemies you had to be sneaky to take care of them in this one. Some impressive varied scenes but not too much brainwork involved although I did find myself stopping for a deep breath a couple of times to take stock of my situation. At least in this one you could eliminate the beetles which is so often not the case enabling for further exploration and 2 rather tricky fire puzzles." - Momster (21-Jun-2002)