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Searching Sophia by Baddy

CC 9 8 9 8
Dimpfelmoser 8 10 7 7
DJTch7 9 10 10 8
eRIC 6 7 8 8
eTux 6 7 8 9
Fairy Godfather 7 8 8 8
Freeman Porter 7 9 8 8
Gerty 6 8 7 8
Jay 6 8 8 8
Jose 6 7 7 8
Kristina 9 10 9 9
Lady Lara 8 10 7 8
Leandro 6 10 9 8
Leeth 6 7 7 8
MichaelP 7 8 9 9
Miguel 9 9 8 9
Necro 8 7 6 7
Obig 8 8 9 9
Orbit Dream 8 8 10 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
RaiderGirl 8 9 8 9
Ryan 8 8 9 9
Sash 7 8 9 9
Sheevah 7 8 9 8
The Aussie Adventurer 8 9 9 9
Tombaholic 7 10 9 9
Torry 7 10 9 9
Treeble 7 8 8 8
Zhyttya 7 8 7 8
release date: 02-Jun-2002
# of downloads: 55

average rating: 8.13
review count: 29
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file size: 38.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

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Reviewer's comments
"This four parter provides a nice variety of well made environments and has some excellent enemies (and quite a lot of them too). I only wish as much attention had been lavished on the actual gameplay. I confess I almost binned it in the initial jungle section as it mainly involved running around finding levers and very little seemed to be accomplished. I persevered however and it does admittedly perk up a bit as it progresses, but even the train section failed to speak to me as train levels normally do. I just feel that it could have been so much better." - Jay (11-Sep-2018)
"Whoa, that is a lot of levers. And buttons. And switches. Trust me, this will be the thing that sticks in your mind after you liberate Sophia. If the gameplay had been more varied, I may have scored higher for the first category. Luckily everything else made up for it. The variety of settings, from jungle, to train, to base, the brilliant retextured enemies (particularly the dinosaur gunmen (yep, you heard right) and the exhilarating action sequences. Despite the overuse of buttons and switches, I can recommend this to anyone looking for an action packed raid in a variety of settings." - Ryan (27-Aug-2016)
"First level is a "push the lever adventure", the second level is the " push the button adventure", third is pushing boxes and the fourth is a different level where you have switches and one lever to push, then you just have to kill a lot of repetitive enemies! It's good to have action but it is a bit to repetitive. It's always "more of the same" in every section of the game with to many buttons that make things just annoying. The textures and custom enemies where fun and a nice touch but the pig being the most tanky of the game was just ridiculous. It was a simple TRLE, with just a lot of roaming around pushing levers and nothing.. It was fun but it really misses something, and that is a bit of a challenge or diversity" - Leeth (28-Feb-2016)
"So basically if you want a small review for this game i'll let you know with one sentence: first level - levers; second level - buttons; fourth level - switches (third level it's a train level doesn't really count. Now the longer version. What i meant is that each level is purely based on levers, buttons or switches, eventually you'll have to find one key or a few fuses, but ultimately it's just one mechanic that you'll use for the whole levels, and funny factor: the walkthrough seems small but the levels are HUGE. You progress super easily through the levels, but there is a lot of backtracking (not tedious at all). However this game really exceeded my expectations, it was REALLY entertaining due mainly to the enemies, and now that i spoke of them, let me add that their skins are awesome! The first level was boring, it was just lever after lever, with no real challenge or enemies, but all changes once you hit level 2. Last but not least, the Sophia tracking mechanic added some spice to the game play." - Zhyttya (28-Feb-2016)
"Even the most tomb raider fan has to be very patient to finish this adventure. The first level in the jungle has too many switches to pull and no enough stuff (guns, ammo, flares...) to can go through properly. Second level was the worst for me; a real labyrinth of rooms and corridors where you must push hundreds... thousands... millions of buttons! and frecuently you let closed doors at your back and have to retrace your steps a lot of times. Not enough ammo for this level too. The train had another style, more natural and I found a lot of ammo, but I didn't know that I'd need it like air to breath for the last level (the best for me) where I coudn't find any ammo! The best of the levels are the well builded enemies (excessive enemies for my taste) and the variety of textures. There are some good touches though, but generally the gameplay was tedious and bored running from place to place pulling/pushing switches/buttons and killing millions of enemies. If you like shooter levels it's your level, but even so perhaps could be a good idea to cheat the inventory to add some extra ammo." - Jose (12-Aug-2010)
"I breathed the largest sigh of relief when I finally completed this level. Actually it was 4 levels. They were nicely detailed and there was plenty to explore but some parts of the levels were boring. There were a lot of find switch to open door to find another switch puzzles and it got very tedious with the dozens of enemies that came after you, especially when there aren't enough medi-packs and ammo to kill them off (at leased there weren't for me). The first level was nice to explore as it was set in a jungle. The 3rd level was really fun. It was my first customer made train level so it was really great to play something a little different. the last level was pretty straightforward to complete but was made very difficult by the amount of baddies. You got the same 4 after you each time!!! on the whole I got a little fed up but if you're up for a challenge then this one is for you." - Necro (15-Feb-2008)
Searching Sophia is a very nice level. Before entering the base to save Sophia, Lara must use her wits to get pass the jungle first. The basis of puzzles of this first area is mainly lever pulling. However, the scenery, the enemies and layout make the jungle area a nice beginning. The jungle has some nice waterfalls, cool enemies including raptors. When we get to the base, we are confronted by an assortment of enemies which are cool looking. She is also confronted with many more lever finding and pulling. Simplistic as it may sound, it becomes addictive because each area is well thought out and flows fluently. The train ride later is great. There are alot of enemies to kill and more buttons to press, so be prepared for action this time. After the train ride, it's time to search for sophia. This last area is the hardest. There's not much health packs and ammo is scarce. However, not too difficult, we manage to find sophia and not too long later we make it to the helicopter which looks quite good. To sum it up, the gameplay revolves around switch pressing and lever pulling with a couple of trap added in. I do like the look and feel of the levels and also the enemies which gives it some great atmosphere. As a worthy note, the laser gun is a nice addition. On the down side, gameplay can become repetitive because of the constant switch pressing. I also found some missing textures which brought down the look of the game. On a good note, the camera work was excellent. Overall, I recommend anyone to play this level. If I had to give this level a grade, I would give it an A-, a low end high distinction. - The Aussie Adventurer (09-Jul-2005)
"An epic game made of four levels, one straightforward is located in the jungle, the three others are base/lab installations. They are well made, there is a lot to explore, and some innovations are in evidence. Baddy is obviously skilled to make new baddies, but the killing was a bit boring after a while. The setting is quite solidly built and I marvelled at one point of the second level to see the beautiful sky above the glass roof. Too many switches, the levels seems to be interminable, and I was really exhausted at the end, that was not entertainment anymore. I was really fed up searching for Sophia. The 3rd level with the train was short and really fun though." - eRIC (01-Mar-2005)
"What fun that was! 4 1/4 hours of continual entertainment with never a dull moment anywhere; which when you think of it is an extraordinary accomplishment. The Jungle level was my favourite as I thought the atmosphere was quite convincing and much of the environment beautiful. Level 2 was fun with some hilarious enemies and impressive architecture; while Level 3 provided a short sharp contrast on board a speeding Train. Probably the weakest level was #4 which was basically a straight-forward (but still highly entertaining) 'shoot-em up'. The greatest weakness on display throughout all four levels however was the Gameplay. Apart from a box-pushing puzzle on board the Train everything else was 'push button/lever open door' syndrome which is alright in small doses but spread over 4 hours gets a bit predictable after a while. Indeed the amount of button-pushing in the 2nd Level in particular was quite extraordinarily excessive and prevented me from scoring higher for Gameplay overall. But the amount of movement and the rich variety of baddies on offer compensated somewhat; leaving the player feeling exhilarated at the end of each level. The final few minutes of level 4 were also (unintenionally?) comical as Sophia not only pushed Lara around in a somewhat intimate kind of way but was impervious to her bullets. Overall provided your Gameplay tastes are relatively unsophisticated you will have a tremendous time here no doubt of that. This is an epic hugely fun and entertaining endeavour with many visually surprising (and often hilarious) moments. Highly recommended." - Orbit Dream (26-Feb-2004)
"This is a 4 level adventure where we are searching for the incarcerated in a base to set her free at the end. Though a long way to go to that. First we cross the jungle and being attacked by boars crocs dinos and skeletons and there are rolling rocks to dodge. Then we have to cope with a base where we can't pick up the one we are here for yet. Enemies are guards and gunmen here and in the next levels. In level three we find ourselves in a subway carriage to reach the other base to find the captive at last and escape using a chopper. Running up and down in a haste pressing knobs switches and levers gets depressing at times. But what a great idea are those knobs behind electronic panels and glasses and I like the subway carriage too. Making a walkthrough caused a bit of a frustration for the monotony of the level because each hall was hiding a knob or lever to be pushed or pulled. We have to watch out for the ammo a medipacks in the first three levels because we won't have too much at the end with a lot of enemies after us also robots coming in our way with crossfire from automatic weapons. Added sounds are great and the texture is diverse. I recommend this level to everyone. Find walkthrough pics and saves to the level here: " - Obig (18-Jan-2004)
"Dschungel: A really cool jungle waterfall river cave environment with nothing to do but find switches to throw still though a very enjoyable place to play so it didn't bother me at all. Enemies you'll come across are raptors crocs skeletons and retextured ninjas wielding spanners yes an odd assortment to find in one place but this is the world of TR where anything goes. Cameras are used really well in the 40 minutes it lasted but unfortunately I found no secrets. Bei Den Cheats: Before I even say anything else I have to mention the gun toting shorts wearing raptors now I've seen everything. You'll also find the ninjas with spanners guards raptors and crocs in a base setting. Sadly the gameplay was like the first but instead of switches it was buttons and loads of them at least this time I found one secret. This should take about 70 minutes of your time ending when you come to the underground train station. Die U-Bahn: Now we're inside the train racing through a tunnel as shown by a fab flyby that gives the sense of motion. Your goal move down the train find a card go back to the front of the train and use it the usual scenario when it comes to the train levels and it's done about as good as most of them. Guards of kinds are to be found as well as some movable blocks. 20 minutes no secrets. Die Basis: Disembark that train to find yourself in another base with lasers to deactivate levers to pull in mass amount again and a new enemy to add to the usual suspects we have met so far this one is a brilliant robot that is a retextured tinman. To end this level you have to actually release Sophia from a cell wasn't she a hated enemy hmmm anyway release her and make your way a few minutes later to a chopper to end with no secrets after about 40 minutes." - Sash (22-Sep-2003)
"Why would Lara even want to go searching for Sophia? It's not like they're friends or anything. But that's the whole point in these 4 levels. 1-Dschungel. A beautifully created jungle of gorges waterfalls caves and a LOT of switches. It was nice walking out onto wooden bridges across the gorges and up in trees swimming in the rivers jumping up and over rocks and behind the waterfalls. Big scare was the raptors dashing out of the foliage. Took a little while to realise that that cool looking climbing plant could be climbed!!! and up in the tree again Lara jumps another mighty river turns a corner and there sitting snugly in the jungle is a building with a huge waterwheel on entering this cool looking ninja attacks dressed in an outfit with 'cheats' written all over it a sign over the door that says Cheats so no prizes for guessing that the next level is called... 2-Bei den Cheats. Lara was in her usual shorts top and hardwearing boots now she changes into that blackish outfit that she wore at Thames Wharf. A big base with lots of switches and keys to find crawlspaces storage rooms offices tanks one enormous tank with doors to open on the way up and down. From here we take a ride on... 3-Die U-Bahn. Everyone knows what to do on trains by now finding shooting climbing on to the top of the train. This train is good nice textures seats for passengers and seeing the underground zoom past through the windows. This would have been absolutely perfect but for two things - the tunnels had end walls a black nothingness would have been more convincing and Lara's hair did not wave considering the speed and noise of the train it didn't ring true. The train comes to a halt at... 4-Die Basis. Nice little touch with the train not just coming out of the wall but you can see it through the roof of the underground going back a good bit. More offices labs guards and an easy to deal with robot. I laughed at this guy he looked like a headless working model for Buzz Lightyear. Large barrels roll down to squash you. And what's going on here dead raptors. It looks like they are experimenting with raptor meat one room had a row of them hanging up. And when Lara finally finds Sophia she is the usual little bully and bumps and pushes Lara around. I had great fun running around to see what Sophia would do. For example I ran to the opposite side of the big computer room and turned to watch Sophia climb over crates to get to me. I stood on a crate and Sophia stood on the floor beneath and looked up at me like a lost little child. I got her to climb up on the crate and I jumped off and she stood on the crate looking down at me. And from the room above the ramps I jumped down to the floor again but poor Sophia had to run all the way along the ledge and down the stairs. The fun came to an end when we found the helicopter. Great fun highly recommended. If there's a moan at all it's the unbelievable amount of switches." - CC (05-Aug-2003)
"This level series starts in a Jungle - a good ambience maybe too many doors and switches but this is my opinion. Waterfalls rolling balls teeth spikes - then you can get in contact with warthogs dinos skeletons - and a good flyby sequence when 2 skeletons are approaching Lara. Yes crocodiles in the water I forgot to mention. Not so much sounds but those that have been placed fit in well. Textures remind me of TR3. The surprise comes later - and you will find a new plant - then you will know. Newly textured baddies awaiting Lara.... After that you go on in second part. Dinomutation - in the Cheats - this is a technical level. You will get in touch with some oldies you know - switches - only in the script the got other names (Egypt). You will take the Underground - nicely made; remembering Train-Level - here the builder takes us to an Egoshooter-Part. Then comes the 4th part - another time into the Cheats - other Enemies. You have to shoot so much and get less challenges. The Builder had a lot of work - you can see - even if animation of switches are bad - I found Sophia nice. About 3 5 hours to play all." - Miguel (27-Jan-2003)
"Rather long but enjoyable divided in four levels. The setting varies but the main areas are always base like except the first part which is jungle. It requires much backtracking something I am not very fond off but I guess I had inspiration playing it as I didn't have much trouble finding the doors and the cameras were very helpful. Lara will be pushing many buttons and I mean many finding plugs key cards and shooting a lot of enemies from guards to some kind of lizard men. The ammo and med packs given not to mention the flares weren't enough so I barely went through the levels with the meds given but I had to add flares. The first part had so many switches and doors I got so frustrated with the blackness and the lack of flares. The skeletons were in the way of pulling a switch there are also trapdoors and raptors wild boars and well hidden areas so keep your eyes open. As you proceed to other levels the scenery changes totally Lara in her cat suit has to shoot even more enemies I had the laser gun desert eagle Uzi and shotgun but not enough ammo and even shoot walls to reveal buttons. The next three levels are very complex with a toxic pool a ride on a moving train moving blocks it's just a very good adventure. Near the end you see Sophia following Lara around like a puppy and even go through wardrobes but she won't attack Lara. The level ends with Lara and Sophia escaping with a helicopter but you won't see them fly in it. I liked these levels and I would recommend them." - Kristina (11-Jan-2003)
"Another one of the levels I started to play and threw it away because I was stuck in the jungle level of all places. This gives me right the opportunity to say that in a 4 level game I would like to play at least the rest but in this one that is not possible stuck as I was in that jungle there is no way to continue with the next (unless can tell me how to do it). So after some tries I made it don't ask me how. Lever galore as one would say. I liked the jungle setting though. The first raptor made me jump how I hate them! That flyby with the skeletons was outstanding (Matthias drew my attention to that). Than there is the next level: Cheats. I'm not fond of a base level and this one was no exception. Buttons to pull baddies to shoot. That new weapon great what a sound. Some textures were quite nice to look at. The U-Bahn. I liked what the author did to create the illusion of a riding train. The thing I didn't like is after shooting every person dead where did the others came from? The last level: The base gives you another lever galore and the amount of enemies I encounter would put it in my book as a shoot-them level. There is luckily more to see and to do like the elevators that work and of course rescuing Sophia. Although like in levels when Lara has to free the other prisoners Sophia is bothering her more than anything else. 18-10-2002" - Gerty (19-Oct-2002)
"Dschungel (50 min. 7/8/9/8): A jungle indeed and the setting works really quite well even though we have of course the all familiar textures here. The waterfall areas are really very nicely done. There are a few boulder and spike traps and rivers with deadly currents. And even though the gameplay is rather linear quite predictable and revolved around some 30+ levers to pull the atmosphere and good camera work keep you entertained. A few skeletons crocodiles and and new custom baddies cross your path as well. Bei den Cheats (80 min. 7/9/8/9): That's what I call a swift change of outfit by Lara. Now in a black catsuit you explore a base area. And again it is the usual suspects: keys plugs discs to find some firetraps airducts to crawl through an elevator a not too challenging timed sequence and some warehouse style exploring. Remember to shoot at things when you think you are stuck. The toxic pool area looked very impressive visually and the boulder that opens a door is nicely set up. There are many many enemies (30 or so custom baddies with custom sounds - loved the raptor man some crocs and raptors) and a new weapon (laser). I found the only secret (the desert eagle) here and of course it is also a 'button frenzy' - I counted around 35 of them! Die U-Bahn (15 min. 6/7/9/9): Short but really impressive train level with a train effect with a difference. You again meet the baddies you already know and make your way from one end of the train to the other and back to use the card for the emergency brake. A few movable blocks smartly placed and two keys to pick up along the way. Die Basis (40 min. 7/9/8/8): Another Base setting and again it is level mania (another 30 or so to pull). You need to get a few cards and plugs for progression. Many enemies again (almost 50 I would say) and the robot (remeshed tinman) is very remarkable. Liked the elevator and the rolling barrels a lot. A the end you finally free Sophia from her cell watch a little TV (nicely done) and make your escape with the helicopter that awaits. All in all very easy and quite repetitive but somehow manages to keep you entertained and engrossed in the play for the 3+ hours it lasts. Recommended for some nice and smooth practice." - Michael (06-Sep-2002)
"This series starts out a bit slow but it's worth playing to get to the third and fourth levels which to me were the best. The first level is set in a very well done environment with lots of trees and waterfalls caves and a river some great boulder and spike traps the occasional dino croc or wild boar and was nice but would have been better with less switches and more puzzles. The second level takes you to some sort of base and Lara's got a new outfit on - the black catsuit. This level is fairly large and often it's hard to know what the button you just pushed did as the door it opened might be in an earlier area. There are also a few vents you can shoot out so keep an eye out for those. I got stuck in the deep pool of water too as I didn't realize that Lara opened one of the underwater doors by hand (thanks Torry!). One thing that makes this series so great is the new enemies and you see one of them right away in this 2nd level. It's a soldier with the body and head of a raptor and a pair of shorts on! When I first saw him I had to just stand there and look at him while he was blasting away at me. The other new enemies include a wrench toting thug and they say things like 'oh yeah' and 'hey man' and they are so fun I almost hated to shoot them. There's also a new robot in the fourth level but they're not too bright so often you can just ignore them. Anyway the third level is set on a train and has you running through it opening doors shooting baddies and moving boxes in your search for the brake card then you get to level four which is the best of all. You'll find working elevators cabinets to search a room filled with TV's that seem to be playing the Tomb Raider movie plus lot's of switches keys and baddies. What makes these levels so great is how well built and textured they are - it's obvious a lot of time and effort went into creating this series. I also loved the new weapon but why didn't the author give us more ammo?! Overall: A visually stunning series with great enemies but needs puzzles other than pushing buttons and switches. I wonder why it's not called 'Searching for Sophia' instead as the objective seems to be freeing her from prison." - RaiderGirl (22-Jul-2002)
"I've read all the reviews that complain about pulling levers and pushing buttons but low and behold the average rating is above 8.0. That means that beyond all the grumbling there must be a really fun series of levels here. I found that to be the case. There's a lot to do in this four-parter; my secretary and I have developed a routine where she comes to my office around quitting time and begs for a 'spot of Tomb Raider' where she looks over my shoulder and nags me like a back-seat driver when I'm making questionable moves. Anyway this particular series took us the better part of two weeks (fifteen minutes here a half hour there) to complete but it was a highly enjoyable adventure switches and buttons notwithstanding. There's a lot of running around to do especially in the Cheats level but I hope we get more offerings from Baddy." - Phil (14-Jul-2002)
"This set of four levels are very strange. The first two levels become somewhat tiresome as all they really are is a hunt for switches to open doors to reveal further switches to open yet more doors and except for one or two neat little exceptions such as the huge room full of water with the underwater fan these were bloody tedious. However then you commence a magnificent set of two levels one on a train and the other in a base where there are mutants and raptor carcasses hanging on an assembly line and robotic defenders and it was simply great. Naturally the object of all this was to rescue Sophia and she is so happy to see Lara she must be a lesbian because she keeps getting in her way when she tries to open doors etc. I knew her and Lara were friends but geez. LOL." - Torry (10-Jul-2002)
"I downloaded this game only because it has 'Sophia' in its name and I am a big fan of Sophia. I knew it would hold some surprises but there were a lot more surprises than I was expecting. The enemies were brand new only in the first level there were the old enemies we know but after the second level the enemies were completely customized and their sounds were also customized! There isn't a story behind these levels but you can imagine it can't you? Dschungel (40 minutes; 7/8/8/8): This is the first level and it's set in a jungle. It's very similar to the South Pacific levels from TR3. Enemies are the old boars raptors skeletons and crocodiles and later when you get to the factory you fight with some wrench workers from 'Cheats'. I enjoyed it a lot and there was one room with a great camera placement and that room was enough for me to give it a nice score. But don't think it's only that one there are some camera fly-bys showing the doors that you've just opened (not always only 2 or 3). By the way one thing that didn't please me was the fact that this is a jungle and there were about 30 or so levers to operate! Quite enjoyable though. Bei Den Cheats (70 minutes; 6/8/8/8): The second level is set inside a building the same style as High Security Compound and the enemies here were surprising! There are raptors the wrench workers a new security soldier and raptors in shorts holding guns! Wow very funny! There are a lot of 'Cheats' textures on the walls and that become a bit boring but the level had so many other nice textures to look that I was ignoring the 'Cheats' ones. Just like the previous most of the puzzles were simply: find button open door find the door push another button... but they were more this time about 100 I would bet! Simply too much for a single level. Also this level made me discover a new bugsie I think with rope swings - THAT'S funny LOL. Die U-Bahn (15 minutes; 7/7/9/8): The shortest level of this game and in my opinion the funniest. The author was very creative to create this underground station using only animated textures. It is very well done and I think it's even better than the train ones. Although that it's always the same thing through the path the level was very fun. No switches! Yes I don't remember any and this is very good as the two previous levels were made basically only over switches. Lara has to find a card to stop the subway and then arrive on the base but to do this she will have to push and pull boxes in tight places. There's only one thing that I didn't like: after you killed everyone in every wagon when you come back a lot of enemies are there! Where did they come from? Die Basis (40 minutes; 8/8/8/8): The final level of this minigame and the hardest. There simply were few medipacks to collect (if there were) and a lot I mean a lot of baddies! I survived with no medipacks. The enemies were terrorists that made the same sounds as the SAS-raptors and the robots plus the same enemies found in the previous levels. When I opened that door and saw Sophia running I was very happy not only the fact I knew that the level wouldn't last more time but I am also a fan of Sophia and I was very happy that she was there - although we couldn't kill her ;). Also there were ceiling sentry guns that were exploded by gas barrels! If you didn't download this level yet you simply don't know the much you are losing. The levels may not be perfect but you have for sure almost 3 hours of pure fun." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"Playing this 4-level game is like watching a movie which has great special effects but the plot is pretty lame. The first part could be called 'The Jungle of a Thousand Switches' while the rest could be titled 'The Base of Countless Buttons and Doors'. In other words the gameplay (with a few notable exceptions) is rather uninspired compared to the rest of this work. Still it did have its moments (the deep pool inside the base inspired by the Offshore Rig in TR2 is one) and despite the monotony of pushing endless buttons and levers it still managed to keep my interest through its 3 1/2 hours. Now to the good stuff. It's obvious that a lot of work went into these levels beginning with some fantastic new enemies: wrench-wielding thugs gun-toting raptor-men and attack robots among them - all worthy of high praise even if their AI didn't always live up to expectations. There's also a new weapon which shoots red laser bolts and was quite effective at eliminating the opposition - I wish I could have found more ammo! Then there is the shortest of the 4 levels which takes place in an underground train. The effect used to create the illusion of the train speeding through the tunnel is simply outstanding. Some other nice touches included rolling barrel traps rope-poles disguised as jungle vines ceiling-mounted gun turrets and cabinets that Lara can open and search for pickups - with the proper animation from TRC. I'm sure that I'm forgetting a lot of others but you will see for yourself. Finally I'll mention the Sophia that Lara rescues from her cell deep inside the base. A retextured Van Croy Sophia dutifully follows her rescuer once she's freed. It's a clever idea but a little annoying as 'Sohpia' is so clingy that she often interferes with targeting the many remaining enemies left to fight. So this is a work with many wonderful and original aspects. If only the gameplay measured up to the rest this would have been a great one indeed." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"A great adventure with a lot of excellent moments that really deserves to be played. In the first level Lara's in a jungle in a nice level. Some jumps puzzles are boring but nothing really bad. Then in the second we have an excellent ala Area 51 level with a great atmosphere. In the third the best of the game Lara's in a subway station in a simple level but funny as Desert Railroad. The forth level is also very good and follows the style of the second. Well this game have good graphics average puzzles and a great atmosphere but easily the best thing about it are the new enemies: we have the SAS-Raptor (what a great surprise this one!) and a lot of new baddies. I also loved to have to rescue Sophia. Certainly a level that deserves to be played." - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a game totally different from the usual custom levels. There are many new things built in by Baddy but the gameplay is still not perfect. I have never seen so many levers and buttons before also the tons of enemies especially in the last level. The enemies were nicely made especially the robot looks very good it is fun to fight against these custom made baddys. But it's a long way until the end and after a while it gets very boring to shoot all the time. From the second half of the last level on I had to fight with the pistols no more ammo left and that was a hard deal. Tip: Save your ammo for the last level you will need it for sure believe me. Finally you will meet Sophia and she is running after Lara until the end. My playing time was about 4 and a half hours and I have found just one secret in this loooong 4-Levels-Game. Everybody should try this work it's worth it but don't expect too many puzzles. I forgot the train level is also good fun. Try it!" - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a series of 4 levels searching for Sophia starting in a jungle where everything is switches doors gates so many of each and if all else fails in a situation go back a little way and shoot something. Into a level called 'Cheats'; the word is everywhere and revolves around a crossroads of corridors which you keep returning to and the other word here is 'buttons' loads of them. Surprisingly the level finishes in an underground station where you take a fascinating train ride to another station dealing with doors switches keys moveable blocks to reach the other end of the train pick up a card and return to the front and into another station. Then into the final level the base a series of rooms this time mainly switches but also not seen by me before cabinets that can be opened and closed by Lara for goodies. After battling ninjas guards and some cute little metal robots Lara finally finds Sophia and leads or is pushed by Sophia to a waiting helicopter and safety." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)
"You'll be busy for a while playing this 4 part level. It starts in the jungle later on Lara has to go by train and it ends in the base of 'Cheats' where you finally have to find the heliport to finish the level. Visually the level is quite impressing it can be seen that there is a lot of work in it. You meet some new enemies and find a new laser weapon which is unfortunately not that effective. A bit more ammo and medipacks would have made fighting easier. The gameplay is limited to searching and using objects like connectors and codecards - and not to forget those millions of switches :o))) Well worth downloading." - Sheevah (21-Jun-2002)
"Not bad really not bad. But there are so many things that didn't satisfy through these 4 levels. But I'll start with the good ones. The new look of the enemies was great I loved the mutant-dino-sas guards the guards and especially the robots in the last level. The elevator effects were really great and very realistic just some shaking was missing but that's definitely not the fault of the LD. The jungle and later the base atmosphere was great. There were some nice underwater spike swims that I haven't seen in many levels (but then again I haven't played so many levels too). The subway part was interesting but kinda short. Oh and I also liked that there were the cameras that follow Lara where she goes in the first level but unfortunately many LD's don't think of adding these in their levels. The first level seemed to have alternative ways to complete this level but I'm not sure I think like this because there were some parts I never went to (what I usually don't like at all). And I think that's about all with the good stuff. The bad things are the ZOUNDS of buttons and levers of whom you'll get bored pretty soon. The first level also has boars what I expected the least to meet in a jungle. There are so many enemies out there now why should you choose boars for a jungle? Lara herself was a body from the TR3 Lara and a head from the TR4 Lara and sometimes when swimming you could see some missing meshes on the head. The second level also had a bug in one place that I really doubt was the authors fault but it made me replay this game to that point again but I haven't downrated this level because of that because I said this might not even be the fault of the author. I expected the most from the train/subway level but I'll say that this was a quite badly crafted level. Of course the background sound and the animating textures could have done the trick but since Lara could get outside the train you can see that with the speed the train is going Lara's hair doesn't even move in the wind. And if you use the binoculars flashlight and look either in the front or the back darkness of the tunnels you'll see some very strange textures that could have been at least replaced with transparent ones that don't look so bad. The block 'puzzles' in this level were good enough but the amount of enemies was exaggerated. I just sprinted through the last 2 wagons and inserted the bremse key so I wouldn't have to lose a lot of ammo and medipacks that really were needed in the last level. The last level probably was the best but the same thing with the enemy amount. I ended this game with no medipacks and ammo for any weapon (except for the pistols of course). The robots were my favourite enemies but sometimes they just ran through all the controls and into the walls so it was impossible to deal with them. The items in all level had very strange names like the 'sun talisman' that didn't even look like one. The guns were OK but if there'd been a bit more ammo cause my desert eagle hardly lasted the few last minutes. I liked the lasergun but never got any ammo for the "MEGA-ray" and all the other ones used up pretty fast so not a very effective gun. I liked how you had to eliminate the sentry guns in these levels. Rescuing Sophia was the least thing I expected from this level I thought she was the last boss (even if for some reason you could shoot at her) I think I missed some levels were she 'made up' with her. But that really wasn't that bad sometimes I like to be surprised too. Even though these levels lasted for about 3 hours and had the base feeling I really like I didn't like these levels so much. If you like endless button/lever pressing massacres and bloodbaths you may download this level as you read this." - eTux (21-Jun-2002)
"Now how the smeg are you supposed to rate such a set of levels? You start in a jungle and I counted twenty levers in the first ten minutes alone. It's just that; you run from lever to door to lever to door. After half an hour of levers and doors I was determined to reward this level with 2 points as far as gameplay is concerned. You get a nice fly by with two attacking skeletons and at that open space near the river you are treated to a really brilliant camera move from a distance; it's not a fixed camera but it moves along with Lara; haven't seen that very often. But neither this nor the few warthogs and crocodiles can break the tedium so you hope things will change for the better when you eventually are transported to the Cheats. A kind of base. Unfortunately things get even more boring only the levers are replaced by buttons. You wouldn't believe it to be possible but there are actually more buttons and doors in the second part than levers and doors in the first. And it goes on for ages. Wait a second there is one spectacular swim down a really big and deep shaft and yes there is a bit of monkey- and rope swinging the compulsory guards and even a timed trapdoor. But you have to be patient and make it to the third part for things to get interesting. In this fairly short intermezzo you find yourself in a moving subway train and as it is with this kind of levels; you have to make your way to one end of the train and back. Opening doors killing the fellow passengers and solving a moving block puzzle in order to get the Card for the Notbremse; which translates as emergency brake. I find this quite funny. Imagine there would be a real emergency; let's say a soon to be reached bridge has collapsed and the train has to stop immediately. First you have to rush to the other end of the train push all those crates away pick up the card and head back to activate the emergency brake. I don't think there would be any survivors. The train effect is beautifully done I enjoyed the little detour over the roof and the way back is quite a thrill. But where do all those warriors come from all of a sudden? Were they hiding in the toilets? So finally you reach the main base and though there are still a few switches and doors the focus here is on the battles. Now generally I'm not a big fan of all that shooting but here it really got my pulse racing and this is because you generally are attacked by three different kinds of enemies while an automatic machine gun is just around the corner. So you really have to get your weapons in the right order. But the best bit and the reason why I finally liked the whole set of levels is the retextured tin man. That is so brilliant; a kind of mutant robot and it reminded me of Robbie from "Robbie Tobi und das FliwatŁt" (don't know if you get that outside of Germany) a puppet TV play for kids. So I have to give 10 for enemies. No question about this. Gameplay as I said for the first part 2 points for the second 2 as well 6 for the third and seven for the last. So it gets five all in all? Wrong! Since the first two hours are so unbelievable boring and dull the last two parts although not particularly remarkable seem like the best level you ever played and I like to think that this is intentional and the concept of this foursome. Rather clever. There is some other good stuff along the way but the mutant robot is basically the reason why you have to have a look at this. And yeah it's a long way till you bump into him but ultimately worth every lever and button." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
"This set of levels is definitely worth downloading. My favorite level was the Subway level mostly because it's the first level I've played with a working train effect. The jungle level is GORGEOUS. I didn't mind all the lever pulling - the shimmering waterfalls and rugged terrain made it worthwhile. And of course I have to say the author did a fantastic job designing the robot. :)" - DJTch7 (21-Jun-2002)
"Before I start in on this: yes yes play this level! It will delight and infuriate you in turn. The first thing you realize when you play this level is: Baddy is a right bastard. The first part looked fine for a jungle level but my god where the hell did all those damn levers come from. Now normally I don't mind some pushing and pulling but even I was getting a bit testy at the sheer number of levers. So much so that once some skeletons got in the act of chasing me across some platform jumps and then on into some darkened spike pits - I was happy nay elated to be chased by those unkillable bastards just to be relieved of the boredom of those interminable levers. And there was a memorable yes even amusing moment to be found in this heart of darkness. For me this occurred just after the 2 darkened spike pits with the door in the middle and just before the water in which you could finally (!) swim. Lara enters a slightly depressed (in terms of elevation) area and is joined by a squealing wart hog and a flailing skeleton. Now for the life of me as I ran around this little green oasis with these fine companions I could not help but be reminded of the 3 stooges all running around helter skelter all making a lot of noise and all getting absolutely nowhere! I actually laughed loud and heartily which I am sure was not the effect intended by the author but was the one achieved by my fevered brain nonetheless. Then out of the jungle and on into the cheats level which was an improvement especially for those who like base levels. Still too many buttons. Loved those raptor-men though and got a real chuckle put of the ninja's who yelled 'Hey man' as I shot them. Hey man indeed. Straight from Lara's kitchen here is a mouth full of lead for you. Then onwards upwards to the subway and this was a real delight - no spoilers here just play this level to experience it. Made me wonder (along with the trailing Sophia in the last level) if d'auteur had played NOLF. And then on to the final episode in which Lara rescues the damsel in distress (who if I remember rightly made a career out of defacing the working poor of London just to test her cosmetics/youth elixirs so who perhaps was better left rotting in the stench of her own decay in that all-too-small confinement cell). One thing - perhaps I missed it in a secret area or under one of those damn moveable boxes but I never did find the weapon counterpart to the laser charges. Pity. Laser-fried lizard-men might have been a real treat." - Lady Lara (21-Jun-2002)