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Rommel's Treasure 5 - Necropolis of Seth by Pouco2

Bex 10 10 10 10
CC 9 9 10 10
Chronicles5 10 9 8 9
Dimpfelmoser 9 9 10 9
Dougsan 8 9 10 10
Drew 8 9 8 9
eRIC 9 9 8 10
Freeman Porter 9 9 10 10
G.Croft 9 9 10 10
Gef87 10 10 10 10
Gerty 8 9 10 9
Jay 8 8 9 9
Kristina 9 9 10 10
MichaelP 8 9 10 10
Momster 10 9 10 10
Monika 8 8 7 9
Phil 9 9 8 8
RaiderGirl 9 9 10 9
Roylion15 9 9 10 10
Ryan 9 9 10 9
Sheevah 9 8 10 10
Tombaholic 9 10 10 9
Treeble 9 9 10 9
release date: 16-Jun-2002
# of downloads: 100

average rating: 9.22
review count: 23
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file size: 81.98 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Another series I'd started playing so long ago that I barely remember what it was about. From the level titles on the selection menu I seem to recall a few 'base' levels, but what we get here is a more traditional raiding in a rather dark and moody dungeon. While the style is always a bit dark, I loved the general aesthetics, coupled with the many skull textures and plenty of blood rivers scattered about. Gameplay is also great fun, with lots of varied tasks as you search for the two keys to release (?) Seth and make your way escape. I loved how the first level is laid out in a way that you keep retracing your steps back to the initial area, albeit from different points. The only thing I wasn't particularly keen of were the battles against several riding tinmen, those took a while but only because I'm stubborn and always stick to pistols only (the author gives you plenty of revolver ammo to go around). Worth playing for the atmosphere alone, everything else is an added bonus. 75 minutes, 5 secrets. 05/20" - Treeble (02-Jun-2020)
"I've made it to the conclusion of this series and it's a pretty tense finale at that. Nothing of the gameplay is particularly difficult (provided you keep your eyes peeled or use a flare to locate sneakily hidden pushblocks and openings) but some of the jump and trap sequences are pretty exhilarating and might take a few attempts. The enemies may seem a little overwhelming at first (particularly the horsemen) but revolver ammo is plentiful so disposing of them shouldn't be too frustrating, although having to avoid Seth proved pretty tricky. The macabre textures are a nice addition in this setting and music/cameras are very well used. As mentioned, nothing too difficult and very enjoyable overall." - Ryan (14-Jan-2019)
"And so I reach the end of this rather enjoyable series. The settings are imposing in a somewhat gloomy way and the action is fast paced and entertaining, although I was occasionally all too glad to dip into the walkthrough - be sure to flare round a lot as there are plenty of push blocks which can easily be missed otherwise. Definitely a fitting finale to the saga. Recommended." - Jay (23-Nov-2018)
"This has been on my play list like forever and I finally made time to have another go at it. It was the only one of the series I didn't finish. I played the whole series in one go as I forgot most of it and this way the whole story would make sense. I really liked what I saw in here. It is mainly about exploring and finding nicely hidden push blocks. Enemies there are some, but you find enough ammo to slay them pretty easy. A level of the"old school" but in no way"old fashioned". Far from it. Enemies were places very well and fighting them was no walk in the park. Textures are very well done and fitting to the story. What did me in was the long earthquake at the end, that did spoil it but I found the finishing trigger while dodging the final boss and trying not to get too queasy from all the rumbling that was going around me." - Gerty (18-Feb-2012)
"I have to say that Rommel 4 was the high point of this series for me. This two-part fifth installment while as challenging and enjoyable as the others had a constant red-tinged atmosphere that grew wearying after a while. One of the memorable events came early on however when those skeleton wraiths started weaving and bobbing around Lara. Thanks to Michael and his walkthrough I learned I could discourage them without killing them by simply firing a few rounds in their direction. I played the entire series in sequence and while it's not among my five all-time favorites it definitely ranks up there in the second tier. Highly recommended." - Phil (22-Dec-2003)
"All through this series Lara has had to deal with a couple of hundred guards trying to stop her getting to Seth in XZone. Well obviously they haven't succeeded because running towards Seth in XZone has transported her into another dimension not earth not sky either more like a sinister looking Obsidian Heights. Look at that sky look at the surroundings look at the textures how can I describe it adequately. I had a look at the other reviews and I've no idea what Quake textures mean. Whatever source Lionel used is unimportant it looks fantastic and it wasn't as dark as I thought it would be. In fact a lot of areas were brightly lit especially the room with glass floors. Enter the floating temple and here again is another sight floating skeletons. Shoot at them and they sink through the floor to regions below those glass pyramid objects. Those mutant ahmets were scary especially when they reared up. Don't throw away the torch after that first single wall torch you'll need it three times. Spike traps that made me jump and clever moveable blocks everywhere as well as reach-in switches and chains. The four horsemen at the end were not too bad to deal with. The trapdoor by the gem receptacle is safe the horsemen for some reason won't go near it. I was lucky in that the second knight dropped the gem I ignored the rest and just ran out to pick it up and ran back to the trapdoor and exited to the second part of the level. A lot of annoying enemies skeletons knights dead knights and a terrific timed run being chased by beetles climbing a structure with fire emitters and through a trapdoor to an amazing sight of cages suspended from this temple structure. And you make you're way across the side slope of the temple under the crates and trigger them to fall. Great sound when they do fall. Very unusual sight. I would not have found the crawlspace to the chain if I hadn't read Monika's walkthrough that was a little too hard to figure out. A very unusual challenging adventure and sounds are essential." - CC (17-Sep-2003)
"Where to begin! The images blew me away. The black arts have been done proud but not in a way to be upsetting to those who aren't practitioners. The many 'Necropolis' of my sci-fi days have been brought to life sitting in their alien sky. The textures are awe inspiring -- I would swear many of the surfaces are really brass and I kept wondering why I couldn't see Lara's reflection. The enemies are in keeping with the surroundings. The first as noted by many are flying skeleton/wraiths and they do set the tone. The battle with the four horsemen can be easy if you refuse to enter into battle but where is the fun in that. I chose to have Lara fight them womano - mano (so to speak) using just the pistols. TOUGH fight but she won using all her skills (she had NO HEALTH PACKS at this time so it was a truly interesting fight). (During the balance of the game I did have Lara use the explosive arrows against the skeletons - they are a pain in the axx - otherwise I limited her to the pistols for the balance of the game.) The puzzles were probably the weakest part of this wonderful game for me. They were fun and some were original (like the pillar with multi sides) but not very challenging. I did like the game ending with a puzzle. This was really neat. I loved playing Rommel's Treasure 5 - The Necropolis of Seth. Bravo!" - Dougsan (23-Feb-2003)
"Part 1 (8/9/10/10 60 min. 3 secrets): I had heard and read a lot about this level and indeed the setting is utterly impressive with the Quake style texturing and the very cool sky graphics. Interestingly I did not find it as dark and spooky as I had anticipated and hardly ever used a flare. Of course all the blood and lava the vaults skeletons (those flying ones are superb) undead tinmen and mutant beasts help to create a sinister atmosphere nonetheless. Progression was also easier than I thought or maybe I was just lucky. Many reach-in switches and movable blocks and a few chains to look out for and a very clear overall structure. The fights with the multiple horsemen was fun and make sure you carry your torch along as you will need it three times. Get and place a gem and acquire an Eternity Key which you carry over to part 2. Special mention to very useful cut scenes and brilliant music (make sure you do download the optional soundtrack file). Part 2 (8/9/10/10 45 min. 2 secrets): This continues the adventure in very much the same spirit and a fight with three tinmen and three skeletons right at the start to acquire and use another gem. Again reach-in switches and movable blocks play a role but the highlights were the timed climbing sequence in the catacombs where knights and beetles roam the tumbling cages (brilliant!) and some fun jumping more towards the end. You need to find the second Eternity Key and use those to awake Seth and then make your escape from him and the level while an earthquake hits the Castle. Great sense for drama as the level drives to this high point and ends the Rommel series - at least for now - will there be more to come?" - Michael (28-Dec-2002)
"One more wonderful and dark level. The textures are mostly red coloured with skull on them and the start is just very surprising. As you make a few steps forward two skeletons are flying with swords and wraiths are below them I had to search the forum as there was no way I could find out by myself that you can shoot them and they disappear. The whole level is very challenging with traps lava rooms spikes and the movable blocks. The enemies are those wraiths mentioned above mutants horsemen which at one point are coming six or more at Lara all at once. In that room there is a weird and annoying bug if you save and reload while some horsemen are off their horses then if you shoot at them by the way they are not moving suddenly they get back on their horses and you have to start all over again. I wasn't pleased as you can imagine. The overall though is impressive especially that timed room to a trapdoor in the ceiling with fires and a climbable surfaces frustrating. The end comes after a lot of sweat and two keys which also gave me a surprise I have misplaced one of them somewhere alas didn't find it but when I went back to a savegame to search previous areas I have visited before as there is no way you can go back once in front of the key holes I looked at my inventory and a miracle has happened I had both. I finished after two hours with the big guy chasing me and with an earthquake that gave me a headache. Not an easy level but it is worth the download." - Kristina (02-Dec-2002)
"What a brilliant ending to Lionel's 'Rommel's Treasure' series! It's totally different from his previous levels yet its atmosphere is just as amazing. This level has an evil dark look that wasn't present in the previous ones and as a result isn't as realistic looking but is one of the scariest levels I've even seen. The puzzles and enemies are different too and include pushable blocks ahmets and tin horsemen instead of buttons soldiers and giant scorpions. One thing it does have in common with the previous levels is that there's a large area to cover usually more than once and you will spend some time looking around wondering just what you're supposed to do next. Having spent the last week getting through this series I can highly recommend all five levels. For the most part they are simple and require only some exploration but there are some tough spots that will take a few reloads to get through. I still have one question though - I found a 'mystery key' in both the second and fourth levels but never found a place to use them. Anyone know where to use them?" - RaiderGirl (16-Sep-2002)
"There are some - very few but some - levels that have inspired a feeling of complete awe in me within 30 seconds of starting to play them. And this is definitely one of them. It's all to do with the look and feel in this case - it's so different from anything I've ever seen before and this could be due to the 'Quake' textures used throughout (my husband noticed this!). From the start you know this is going to be no ordinary walk in the park. It's sinister. It's nasty. It's great! People have already mentioned the flying skeletons and how good they are. In actual fact these were not the highlights for me - what I liked best was the bit with the cages suspended over a very high and very vast nothingness. It was a 'wow' moment just looking at those it's a good job I don't have a weak bladder or my chair would have become quite wet at that point. I find it hard to describe this level other than to just say that it's a complete departure from anything that the author has done before. And possibly a departure from what *anyone* has done before. But it's a real adventure and I can't wait to see what the follow-up is like. First class - so much so that it has the honour of getting my second ever perfect score (my first being Palopique's 'Search for Imhotep'. Download this one today if you know what's good for you." - Bex (26-Aug-2002)
"What a masterpiece! The style is totally changed the graphics are gloomy and look fantastic. The architecture and the whole construction of this game is unique and brilliantly designed. Once again one can see what is possible with this level editor. Lara is in another world the view to the space looks very good. The puzzles are well thought out the room with the knights beetles and the timed trapdoor on the ceiling in the second part was difficult but when done you will recognize what a good construction that is. Also the bridge which you have to rotate twice is very well made. One flaw is the thing with the torch if you don't take it with you in one place it's a dead-end. But if you save wisely this is not a real problem I think. The separate sound-files are a must important for the atmosphere. Hint: If somebody has problems with the horsemen there are always places where they can't follow it's not so hard then to deal with them. This is one of the best custom levels so far with a playing time 2 hours and 30 minutes I have found 4 out of 5 secrets. A must play!" - Freeman Porter (29-Jul-2002)
"I really liked the textures and the new enemies were cool but right from the start I was lost I went forward a bit and flying skeletons came out I not knowing where to go ran away from them trying to find a wraith angel statue (I could tell these were wraiths) not finding one I soon died. :( It was a great level once you found out where to go and how you could avoid those skeletons. I liked this level because it was very different. I've never played this type of level before. I liked how in the installation there was a program to make up the 2nd wad for you though it wasn't necessary. If you like evil demon in the sky type levels this one is good for you and the custom textures added a lot to it. :) Play this one today it's worth it!" - Chronicles5 (23-Jul-2002)
"It is a level that I liked for its environment its creativity its personal and new objects. I congratulate the author! Cheers!" - Gef87 (11-Jul-2002)
"I've never played Quake but I have to say that the textures lend themselves superbly to a necropolis. The atmosphere of this level is just outstanding including an excellent audio track (taken from TRC). The architecture is among the best I've ever encountered in a level and one room in particular (a twist on the pyramid climb) is really breathtaking in scale and design. The use of enemies is fantastic beginning with two flying skeletons continuing with two epic battles with multiple horsemen and ending with an encounter with Seth himself. I was glad I found the Uzi before meeting the first two horsemen and make sure you pick up that revolver - you'll be wanting it later. The falling cages (great sound FX here) and the smart use of the rotating room further justify the score in this category. Gameplay through 2 hours is rock solid with a great variety of challenges. Lionel has put out some very good levels before but he really rises to a new plateau here - if this level doesn't finally put him in the top 50 I don't know what could." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"What an adventure! Lara has to get through this hell hole with flying skeletons mutant monsters horsemen falling cages and traps all the way - til the very end. This is a breathtaking level because you are so tensed all the time that you don't have time to breathe. This is really a must play level!" - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"This is now the 5th part of the series totally unlike the previous ones and also totally unlike most levels I played before and all I can say is: Wow! The environment textures and illumination the whole mood in general - everything suits to the title e.g. throughout you see textures with skulls on and flooding red blood. That is exactly what makes the atmosphere. You never forget where you are - Seth is not far away. The whole place is fantastic there are only few places where Lara felt so very 'unwell'. Your enemies are wraiths and skeletons knights ahmets and horsemen and they suit here very well. Most times they use to appear in groups and that means they are a pain I found that almost a bit unfair. Therefore I first intended to rate the Level down for that but on the other hand it is so fantastic that I simply did not have the heart to do that. This level is IMO a milestone in the history of custom level building. It's a must for everyone except for beginners - the difficulty level is rather high." - Sheevah (21-Jun-2002)
"I played the game to the end even though I didn't like it very much. It is much too sinister devil's faces in many places and then wading through blood. It just put me off. The gameplay had some good moments but I thought it stopped the game for quite a while to have to cope with 4 Horsemen at the same time. I found a fairly safe corner but it took ages to get rid of them. Then do not leave the torch - otherwise you get stuck with no chance to get out. It might be very well if there are hints about that in the French 'Read me' part but it is not helpful for the English speaking player. Compared to the other 4 Rommel's Treasure levels (which I liked) this is one I would not touch again." - Monika (21-Jun-2002)
"It is sometimes interesting to know two languages when you play a custom level. In the lisez-moi file the author gives the advices of saving ammos and not throwing the torch anywhere after use (as you must use it three times in level 1). He says also that he does not support any satanic thesis his levels are only an exercise of style nevertheless he gives the counsel that the young or sensitive people should avoid Necropolis of Seth. So is it a hell stuff? In some degree yes especially for the texturing. There are springs of blood running wide skulls and bones pentagrams and other symbols used by satanists in their rituals. The texturing/lighting is actually awesome and the architecture of some rooms is really great. 98% of the textures are not from Eidos/CoreDesign but from another game. And what about the enemies? There are 2 funny flying skeletons from TR5/Ireland which have made an alliance with the spirits of TR4/Catacombs retextured ahmets skeletons some tinmen with a new face and 6 resistant horsemen. At one point Lara is attacked by four of those horsemen my advice is to stop fighting as soon as you have the blue gem because I had no more medipacks at the end of level1. And what about gameplay/puzzles? Rather good if you are stuck the trick is to find movable blocks and some shootable walls (and do not throw the torch in blood or in a deep pit). There is some really good action and many rooms to explore the room map is really excellent and the gameplay very fluent. Just to give you an idea about what kind of game it is Necropolis is halfway between Obsidian Heights and Castle Doomsday. I think that this level will be appreciated by people who like to raid in castles and those who like hell stuff but strangely the atmosphere is not really spooky. The camera work is very good showing often what to do next but there are no great fly-bys. My stats? 4/5 secrets 2 hours 30 of net gaming and a lot of medipacks used." - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)
"There are those levels where 10 minutes into the gameplay you have the feeling that this might be a contestant for next months Top 50 and Necropolis of Seth is certainly one of them. So you can get stuck on two occasions and most likely you will and have to fall back onto a savegame but it somehow goes with the tasks so I let it pass this time. Apparently the textures are imported from another computer game but I have to take your word for it cause I wouldn't know. But it looks great and works very well in the Tomb Raider context. I was pleasantly surprised that Pouco2 has radically changed the theme of his series and presents something totally different here (mind you I enjoyed all of his stuff); gone have the SAS Guard shoot outs of the previous Rommel's Treasure levels and now you get something much more mystical and sinister. Evil nasty! As this is a really big adventure you are bound to find some flaws here and there and I'm not absolutely convinced that the battle with the four horsemen (all at once) was such a brilliant idea especially since there are areas where they can't harm you so it's just a mater of being patient and shooting a lot. I also found it somewhat confusing that the rivers of blood where safe to swim in. But all that aside there are so many great moments magnificent rooms inventive twists in here that it would be stupid to concentrate on the negligible flaws. Right five minutes into the game you get attacked by the flying skeletons and this is worth the download alone. But you won't stop to marvel and be surprised as you make your way deeper and deeper into the Necropolis complete with a spectacular final and some neat secrets. I particularly liked the dropping cages the hop/jump sequence along the outside area near the end the timed trapdoor that you have to reach through a climb the apocalyptic sky and the omnipresent sinister vibe. If you liked Castle Doomsday you're gonna love this." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
"Quake textures and flying skeletons? How novel and exciting can this level get! Actually the flying skeletons are immobile and they seem riding (surfing) on the all too familiar wraiths. So the novelty really ends there. I was expecting like winged ones swinging their swords or something but maybe that's too much to expect and create. I like the idea nonetheless and the author should be given credit for the attempt. Also it's like quake revisited with all those baddies --- especially the four horsemen and the final demigod. However I find cheesy the promotional attempt of TR Online. Forgive me TRO but those signs just defeat the realism of the game. And the exit sign? Where are we? On a parking lot? :) Also the design overlooked (or was it intentional) two areas where gamers' miscues will be severely punished; you'll be stuck for good and will have to reload a prior savegame. These rooms are (if you don't bring the torch) at the 4-horsemen and (if you don't pull the chain) at the mutant room. The timed ceiling trapdoor just won't open on your second pass!" - Drew Pizza (21-Jun-2002)
"The most entertaining level I've played in ages. Fantastic gameplay with an amazing array of enemies. Maybe four horsemen at once was a bit much but challenging nonetheless. Some good puzzles pushable blocks and such and the timed climb wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. If you tend to forget to save often this is the one you had better do it in. Most of the time the flybys were helpful and informative. Nearly 3 hours of playing time for me. I'd love to see more like this one from this author. Great job" - Momster (21-Jun-2002)
"When I began the level I was very surprised by this new textures coming from Quake. Lionel has made a very good job with this big level that is divided in 2 parts due to technical memory limitations of the level editor. Lionel has built the 'wads' with some new objects like these flying skeletons very good! Also a very good ambiance with TR5 audio tracks very well selected. There are some really tough enemies like skeletons knights and horsemen which are each time several to attack you thus sometimes very hard to kill them. I did not meet bugs in these levels and needed more than 2 hours of play to finish it with the 5 secrets. Play it it's very good!" - Roylion15 (21-Jun-2002)