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Serpentine Gorge by Inchdix

alan 8 7 9 9
CC 10 10 10 10
Chronicles5 10 9 9 10
Cuqui 9 9 10 10
David 9 9 10 10
Dimpfelmoser 8 8 9 10
Drew 9 9 8 8
eRIC 9 8 10 10
EssGee 9 10 9 10
eTux 9 8 8 10
Freeman Porter 10 9 10 9
G.Croft 9 8 10 10
Gerty 8 8 9 10
gfd 8 7 8 9
Ivan 10 9 9 10
janachorider 5 8 7 8
Jorge22 9 10 10 10
Kristina 8 8 10 10
Leandro 8 7 8 9
Loupar 9 9 10 10
Magnus 8 8 8 9
manarch2 8 8 9 9
MichaelP 8 9 9 10
Momster 9 9 10 10
Monika 9 9 9 9
Navi 10 10 10 10
Nomad 9 9 9 9
Petaludas 8 8 9 9
Phil 10 9 10 10
QRS 8 9 10 9
RaiderGirl 10 10 10 10
Roylion15 10 9 10 10
Ryan 9 9 9 10
Samu 8 9 9 9
Sash 8 8 10 9
Tombaholic 9 9 9 10
Tombraidergirl 10 10 10 10
Torry 9 10 10 10
Treeble 8 9 10 10
Xxenofex 9 9 10 9
release date: 21-Jun-2002
# of downloads: 166

average rating: 9.11
review count: 40
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file size: 70.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Contrary to my expectations based on previous experiences, this one managed to pleasantly surprise me. While it's not without its flaws, there were elements that I genuinely enjoyed, injecting a breath of fresh air into the gameplay. One aspect that stood out to me was the diversity in scenery. The transition from the claustrophobic confines of dark caves to the expansive openness of lush green areas was a welcome change, and I liked the Shiva statues placed at some areas (I thought they'd come to life but they only served a decorative purpose, and also to attract those annoying ghosts). It added depth to the level and kept me engaged as I explored each new environment. Regarding the level's complexity, I found it manageable, albeit challenging at times. While it required some strategic thinking and navigation skills, I discovered that a well-crafted walkthrough provided sufficient guidance to overcome any obstacles. This balance allowed me to appreciate the intricacies of the level without becoming overwhelmed by its difficulty. However, my enjoyment was somewhat dampened by the anticlimactic ending. After traversing through various trials and tribulations, the conclusion felt somewhat lackluster as Lara simply entered through a dark passage to end the level. It left me craving a more impactful finale that would have provided a sense of closure and accomplishment. Nevertheless, despite its shortcomings, I can't deny feeling a sense of relief as I completed this levelset. It may not have been a flawless experience, but it offered enough redeeming qualities to make the journey worthwhile. In the end, this game left me with a mixed but overall positive impression, proving that even amidst imperfections, there can be moments of enjoyment to be found." - alan (09-May-2024)
"Well this is the last level of the saga.Of course its great, of course i enjoyed it, of course i recommend it bla,bla!Some points now:It made me hit my desk multiple times at the start of the level cause of the fire jumps, the boulders and the slow walking onto the water for very serious.the 5th freaking gem was difficult.the dam serpents mouth climb.AND the 2 freaking light green blocks ffs were so.....not obvious.Loved it! *tip:if u cant handle the moobable boxes puzzle u can always 'bug' it by crawling repetitively into the corner in order to bypass the box *its weird that all these levels are so old and im one of the very few that just discovered this tr saga site :)ty" - Petaludas (08-Apr-2020)
"So the Hidden Garden serie ends. I again had fun with this level, although it is my least favorite level. I may be spoiled by the awesome levels leading to it of course. While the gameplay is again superb, something with the surroudings put me off a little and I can't put my finger on it. Anyway, the snake area and the waterfall part are alone worth to play this level. And I particulary liked the use of Shiva statues as a wraith repellant, what an awesome idea. All in all, the Hidden Garden is an amazing adventure that reaches its apex with Obisidian Heights, but still ends with a bag. Recommended to everyone!" - Nomad (07-Mar-2020)
"The series ends in Serpentine Gorge, and I found this one much more enjoyable than Obsidian Heights. The gameplay is less reliant on repetition and backtracking and flows in a smoother and easy to follow fashion. There are still a few parts where you have to retrace your steps, but the distances are smaller and your next step is a lot clearer. The textures are impressive and the huge gorge area is breathtaking, while the inside areas are also nicely crafted. Actually, no area is left neglected and the visuals are a shining point. I encountered a buggy unmarked ladder in the serpent's mouth and a crash on returning to the Hidden Garden to place my four Vraeuses, but they were easily remedied with a reload. As a whole, this series shows just what can be done with the old textures in capable hands and the enjoyment factor mostly hasn't diminished either, even after all these years. 5 hours and 10 minutes spent in the whole series." - Ryan (15-Jan-2019)
"Another Level that i hate so much boulders,fire emitters, backtrack,going back and fort.With this,i left clear that i hate the whole hidden garden series,its the worst custom level way im going to play it again nor the NG version either." - janachorider (03-Apr-2014)
"The final 55 minutes of the Hidden Garden series, and definately another visually stunning level. I don't know how the builder manages to create such a unique atmosphere with mainly classic textures only. The texturing as such is rather faultless, while the lighting feels a bit flat at parts, but overall I found myself very pleased in this well created mix between organic landscapes and temples, and the large snake at the end was of course another atmospherical highlight. Gameplaywise this part seemed more enjoyable to me because despite of some heavier backtracks, it's always possible to figure out what to do next without guessing the builder's mind and this time there actually were some decent puzzles to enjoy which the previous level lacked. Overall, this looks and plays like a fine level and it was a worthy conclusion for the levelset (including a short return to Hidden Garden for the finale). The only thing that disturbed the play in the series was that after the return from Firewalk, the hub level revamped completely, so all efforts previously made were wasted and I had to use the level cheat to get to the other levels. Definately one of the best games from the early years and even today, with a NG version provided, it's still interesting to see what can be done with the old editor. Highly recommended." - manarch2 (24-Feb-2014)
"This level is surely planned with care and it has many interesting places to explore like the big outdoor area containing a river. Atmosphere was spiced up with well used audios and gameplay included some interesting ideas and some less good ideas as well. For example the logic of push block puzzle near the end was rather hard to understand in my opinion and if you miss something in this level you may have to do some slightly tedious back tracking. However, this is a top level and I definitely enjoyed it." - Samu (15-Jul-2008)
"The last level of the Hidden Garden series and probably the one that I liked the least of the series. Sure, it looks and plays just as well as the rest of the series, but I feel that there was a little too much backtracking to do here and the areas are somewhat confusing, especially given the fact that from some point on the camera triggers will stop working. There are a few nice touches in the level, however, such as destroying the wraiths in specific Shiva statues, a hallway with a lot (and I mean A LOT) of boulders and a nice serpent room towards the end. On the downside there's a pushable block sequence that goes on for a little too long and at least one unmarked climbable wall. The ending is also a little disappointing, since you go through so much to collect the four vraeus to place them and only get to a dark sliding room that'll end the level -- apparently Jon had planned a new level to conclude the series picking from this point, but never got around to do so. 80 minutes, 1 secret. (Series total: 5h20min, 12 secrets). 05/08" - Treeble (01-May-2008)
"Playing Inch's Hidden garden series is an inspiration. I recommend them to any builder as something to aspire to. When I wrote this review I was unaware that the levels were listed individually. I played the gaame as an entire series and my review is done on that basis, so you find an identical review for each of the levels. Architecture, texturing and lighting are stunning and provide an amazing atmosphere. Inch is the master of not having a straight surface, so you'll always be checking every little corner for something hidden, especially in the cave like areas. The Emerald Lakes level provided me with the greatest difficulty and I particularly enjoyed the Firewalk level. The atmosphere of Obsidian Heights is a must see. Enemies are never overused, but you'll be kept busy figuring out some great puzzles. And even if you get stuck with some of these puzzles you can just walk around and soak up the atmosphere of these picturesque levels. Although now an older release and lacking the bells and whistles of custom objects, you'll marvel at how well these levels stand the test of time and match it with any of the latest releases." - EssGee (10-Mar-2007)
"The final level in this saga. Actually, it pales in comparison to the rest of the levels, IMHO. It is of course a great level! This author can't seem to fail it seems ;) It just lacks the great gameplay as the previous levels have I think. An 8 for gameplay is not bad though, so there is nothing wrong with this level hehe. As usual the atmosphere and arcitecture are the strongest categories in Inchdix's levels and it shows here! Large areas with fine waterfalls and lots of things to do. And of course, there is the snake at the end hehe. I found the lighting extremly good in this level but not the textures. Overall a classic level not to be missed!" - QRS (10-Feb-2007)
"The author has once again made a wonderful level with appealing architecture and good texturing. That's probably one of the strongest points of the level; the look of it. It looks wonderful and the cute snake was really the highlight of the level. The problem with this level is for those of us that haven't played the levels in the Hidden Garden-series as one big adventure (the way it's supposed to be played). I - like many others - couldn't use my previous savegame. Thanks to our wonderful community everybody seems to have got one now (many seem to have got the same savegame). The gameplay in this level is good without being too hard. You have to look around carefully tough since there are a lot of areas that are hard to find. I didn't find any bugs (except that it's possible to get the last secret in an easier way than intended) and I ended the level after about 50 minutes. If this is the last level in the series and you haven't played any of the other levels I suggest that you download them and play them as intended. If it's not the last - play them anyway! I just hope that the author includes a savegame next time (if there will be a 'next time')..." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"Yet another very good level in this series and one that features the biggest snake you'll ever likely to meet (don't worry - it's a statue). A difficult level though and one that may have you thinking it is bugged because a door doesn't seem to open when you think it should. Don't worry though: it'll just be activated from afar. Quite a bit of running around on this level searching for six serpent gems and to be honest the running can get old. Still that doesn't mar this from being a very good level though even if it does feature a somewhat 'unusual' block puzzle. A fitting end to a memorable series - well done Jon! I completed this in 1 hour and found 1 secret. I completed the series as a whole in 8 hours and 45 minutes of most enjoyable raiding and found 10 tasty secrets :)" - gfd (03-Jan-2004)
"This is the level where the Hidden Garden series finally finds all its beauty. I loved the entire section with the cascades and the South Pacific natives down below as well as the Shiva room. Nice use found for the shivas by the way! Some parts can be really tough such as the section after the descending blades and before the block puzzle - I didn't count all of the balls that came rolling downhill but they must have been many! Then after the block puzzle you arrive in a place with blades and eventually you'll have a burning basket standing right in your way. How will you bypass it? No way... unless you simply blast it to pieces with your explosive ammo (hard to figure at least for me)! The serpent room at the end was also very nicely built and I guess I can place it in the 'beauty' section. Two major complaints though... There's a place where you pull a lever that will open a gate somewhere else where you'll get the obligatory second iron key. Shouldn't there have been some kind of an image to show it? Otherwise (as happened to me) you'll simply be running around like a blind bat unaware of what the lever has done. Secondly: a very bad bug. Near the end as I was trying to climb out of the serpent's mouth after getting the last vraeus my Lara stubbornly refused to climb all the way to the top - so my game could well have finished there. Eventually she made it somehow but I considered that to be a very bad building problem for which I'll have to take one point out of the item gameplay & puzzles. If you're playing on a Mac the game nears the end and you'll be left wondering what the hell the vraeus were for. If you're playing on a PC you'll get back to Hidden Garden and finally place the four vraeus before finishing the game. Well no matter this was by far my favorite level of the series and I'd rate it with four tens had it not been for the above mentioned serpent's mouth bug as well as the very important lever with the missing image." - Jorge22 (15-Oct-2003)
"The fifth in the series this one brings us back to earth so to speak after Obsidian Heights' very otherworldly feel. On the hunt for 6 gems Lara finds herself once more in a brilliantly built jungle/temple environment with some fun jumping and moves where she will eventually come face to face near the end with a wonderful statue of the gorge's namesake a serpent. There are some really nice puzzling to be done here with a great movable block puzzle that had me stumped for a while and some nicely executed traps to try and avoid at all times though this is almost a possible feat in this level. If this 90 minute level is indeed the end of this series I am sad to see it go but this was a very worthy way to finish off such a diverse and intriguing set of fun and fabulous levels and although it has been over a year since this was released I'm hoping the addictive nature of the Editor will have Jon's fingers tapping out a new level for us soon if not a whole series!" - Sash (15-Sep-2003)
"This is last one of this series and in a way I am a tad sad that it is finished but I also am very glad that I could play them all in one go as that does give me a better feeling of the overall picture if you know what I mean. This level on its own is great very nice and some hard puzzles. There aren't that many enemies in this level and that suited me fine so I could concentrate on the things that were at hand and also to have a good look around. Getting that all important Vraeus and apart from that some gems for the snake room and you finish in the Hidden Garden. 05-08-2003" - Gerty (15-Aug-2003)
"After doing a bit of monkey swinging past fires jumps over more fire squares on 'blocks' (I found the best way to do this was to backflip from first block to the one behind then sideflip to the right twice quick and easy) use a key and you go down to a lovely underwater area. And onto more lovely rooms with 6-armed shiva statues. Triggering all the rolling balls was scary and fun then onto a block moving puzzle then a swinging blade run to a room with corkscrew blades descending slowly while you pull four switches. And out into a beautiful gorge where the natives are definitely not friendly. The giant serpent room worried me at the start I thought I'd have a battle royal on my hands if those shiva's and serpent came alive (memories of TR3). Phew!!! But the shiva's here are protectors and kill the wraiths that chase you. Both block moving puzzles are very good. You have to find 6 pink gems to put into snake receptacles to finish and of course the vraeus. I really enjoyed this level and the atmosphere of the gorge was terrific. Lighting and textures are perfect. A lovely looking level. You slide from here back to Hidden Garden and find the room in the temple with the two trident statues to use your 4 vraeus and exit the game through a hole ho hum not the most awe-inspiring ending. Highly recommended series of levels." - CC (31-Mar-2003)
"I love levels that grow and expand as you play them and THE HIDDEN GARDEN is a great example. We start in predictably enough a garden with monkeys and a cursory explore reveals some areas to get to but lots of locked doors. However further persistence starts to really open up the level and before long the place is flooded and there are entrances to four further levels available: EMERALD LAKES OBSIDIAN HEIGHTS SERPENTINE GORGE and FIRE WALK. Each of these is different and each is pretty hard to complete. Perhaps the hardest is FIRE WALK for which I needed the walkthrough and I also had to check on progress on some of the others from time to time as well. The use of graphics is brilliant and each place seems real and a lot of care and thought has gone into them. There are several things to kill - bats ahmets and clockwork men mainly with dragonflys in OBSIDIAN HEIGHTS as well oh and several crocs sharks and other assorted nasties including bugs in one area. My one complaint in the whole thing is in FIRE WALK when you have to shoot 5 vases in the correct sequence - how are you supposed to know? I thought at first that the colours of the translucent floor tiles on your way into the area was the key but this seemed not to be the case at all. I hate this kind of random-ness to a level - there should be some clue as to what is going on. Despite this I got over 10 solid hours of gameplay from this and it was great fun. Definitely one of the best level sequences I've played." - David (23-Feb-2003)
"After some script problems I played this level without any problem... thank God. The fifth level of Hidden Garden is really beautiful and original. Here you get the last vraeus to complete the adventure in Hidden Garden and I'm waiting the next installment to play it." - Loupar (08-Dec-2002)
"What a wonderful conclusion to a marvelous series. This collection would be every bit as good a value as Lost Artifact (my favorite of the commercial releases) had I been asked to pay for it; but since it's a labor of love given for the enjoyment of this tightly knit raider community as are all the creations we've been privileged to sample for the past two years the gaming experience was all the more exhilarating. (I almost regret that Angel of Death is nearing release because I fear that shortly thereafter we'll see a decline if not a complete stoppage of quality level editor output.) The only reason I haven't given this spectacular finale tens across the board is because I'd be fussed at but I'm tempted to do so anyway. I'd be hard pressed to say which one of the quintet I've enjoyed the most especially after that teeth-gnashing experience of the first level but each has seemed to top the previous one. That's the mark of a good level designer. This one has a little bit of everything: block puzzles fiery traps beautiful wide open spaces artifacts galore to pick up and place here and there and an assortment of aboriginal combatants who act and sound suspiciously like those blue-hearted warriors in Sanctuaries. One of the secrets I couldn't get to because I'm significantly block-challenged but I didn't allow that to dampen the childlike fun I was having while navigating my way through this enchanting episode. This one's a keeper to be replayed along with the other classics. More from Inchdix please." - Phil (05-Dec-2002)
"Once more a brilliant level. Very fun to play. However my favourite level of Hidden Garden series is Obsidian Heights. In Serpentine Gorge you find some difficulties: the ceiling with screws the swinging blades (a timed run) and this clever puzzle with moving blocks to get a red gem. It took me few hours to find the right way moving these blocks. The snake room is impressive and the waterfalls very nice. Great atmosphere and excellent textures. The whole game is superb. Highly recommended." - Cuqui (03-Dec-2002)
"The final 1:30 hours of the series and while they fade just a tiny little bit behind the magnificence of Obsidian Heights this is still yet another great adventure set in coastal stype textures initially and as it develops with numerous traps that keep you on your toes (jump/climb sequences fire emitters corc screws coming down from the ceiling boulders swinging blades). Enemies are a few natives crocodiles and wraiths. The course is actually fairly linear as you collect three keys and six serpent stones (red gems) and of course the final vraeus. Movable block puzzles lead to the two secrets and the serpent near the end is quite impressive. After making the trip back to the Hidden Garden for the last time placing the four previously acquired vraeus' I ended the series with 15 secrets found and 6:30 hours of net gaming time spent and the whole series definitely ends up on my 'to be played again some time' list. Great fun!" - Michael (27-Oct-2002)
"A very beautifully made level with lots of waterfalls and exploration and a very nice texture mix but as Dimpfelmoser already stated it's hard to come up with something extraordinary after Obsidian Heights. Not that the level is bad it really is amongst the most beautiful levels I played and I was wandering around the whole area to find the Bronze key for hours and I really can't find a flaw about this level but this just didn't get me to stare in awe as Obsidian Heights did." - eTux (13-Oct-2002)
"That is the last part of the Hidden Garden series. It was a masterpiece. Task was to find again the fourth and last golden Vraeus. Which as always was not so simple. When Lara has all four parts she arrives again in the first level and can terminate the levels then. Unfortunately I would be happy to play a sixth part. In Part 5 there were again different mysteries to solve. I thought the sliding puzzle was particularly difficult however well thought out. It was overall designed very well. Above all the serpent which my Lara found most fascinating. Opponents were there again but suitably assigned which fit the atmosphere. The designer co-ordinated everything very well with one another. Exactly like sound and camera. Absolutely all five parts should be played." - Navi (01-Oct-2002)
"It is almost impossible to come up with a follow up to 'Obsidian Heights' that wouldn't feel like an anti-climax and while Serpentine Gorge is a great level in all respects in my view it doesn't have the the atmospheric brilliance or inventive storyline of it's predecessor. You probably shouldn't compare levels like that but since they are all part of the Hidden Garden super level you are bound to make cross references. What I really loved about this series so far is that each level seems to have its own very unique theme whereas 'Serpentine Gorge' is fairly close to the 'Hidden Garden' setting. Appropriately so if this is the final part. And yet and yet some elements like the target shooting or the go-past-all-the-doors-in-a-circle-and-turn-back-at-a-certain-point puzzle were a little too familiar. Maybe I'm just spoiled by all the excellent stuff that Jon has released and one shouldn't expect a close to perfect level each time. There are certainly a great many highlights in this one. I especially liked the second moving block puzzle the boulder traps the room with the big snake and the use of water throughout this quest for the fourth golden thingy. You won't meet many enemies and the few you get are easily to deal with; the secrets though are a different matter altogether a bit more of a challenge. Well what can I say? The Hidden Harden series along with Pascal's Rescue Saga is the most enjoyable Mega level out there and 'Serpentine Gorge' is certainly an enrichment to the batch; it's just not my favourite of the five parts. Besides it was a wee bit short." - Dimpfelmoser (01-Aug-2002)
"Serpentine Gorge is a very nice finish for a great series. You have to do a lot of swimming and climbing. You have to fight crocodiles ghosts and some wild men (the knights where used). There is a ceiling with screws a part with a number of metal boulders; then there is a riddle with movable crates and a passage with swinging blades. It's your goal to find 2 keys and 4 Serpent Stones and then find a large snake statue. There you have to find two more Serpent Stones. After you've used them all of them you'll get the last Vraeus. With this you can return to the hidden garden and finish off this great adventure." - Tombraidergirl (15-Jul-2002)
"The series runs 1. Hidden Garden - 2. Emerald Lakes - 3. Firewalk - 4. Obsidian Heights - 5. Serpentine Gorge with Hidden Garden being the central hub as you return here often to gain access to the other levels. The order in which these go and the approximate times taken are as follows. You start in Hidden Garden for 75 minutes move on to Emerald Lakes for 90 minutes back to Hidden Garden for 20 minutes then onto Firewalk for 65 minutes back to Hidden Garden again for a quick 5 minutes and onto Obsidian Gorge for 130 minutes. Then a quick backtrack to Hidden Garden for a minute or so and onto Serpentine Gorge the last level for 155 minutes with a final visit to Hidden Garden for 5 minutes to place the 4 Vraeus objects. This ended up for a total game time of 9 hours. Serpentine Gorge: This level is one of the nastiest puzzle based levels I have yet encountered; with one puzzle stumping me on three separate attempts to solve until I finally managed it. This was the puzzle that resulted in the iron key which was essential to proceed. The object here is to locate 6 serpent gems to gain access to the giant cobra effigy and pick up the final Vraeus (A Vraeus was the final object of each of the previous levels). Let me say this level will have you tearing your hair out and I cannot tell you how gratifying it was to finally hear that music that signified Lara had once again bested all comers and arrived at the end of her adventure with her prize." - Torry (10-Jul-2002)
"With every new level in this series it strikes me how they really do hold together as group with common themes and design elements. At the same time though each one has qualities that are uniquely its own so it never becomes formulaic. The author says the level is fairly linear but in fact there are several distinct puzzles to be solved and they can be approached in different order by different players. As with Jon's earlier levels there is a lot to do and explore within a fairly tightly built set of rooms. Parts of many rooms can be seen from different areas giving the whole a really realistic feeling of 'place'. It's the type of level where you probably will find yourself looking for the next move at one or more points but if you are persistent and poke around enough you will eventually figure it out. This fine balance between 'too easy' and 'impossibly arcane' isn't achieved too often in levels. Enemies are not such a factor here other than a few restless natives but some of the traps (which I count as 'enemies') are. Most notably there is the rolling boulder trap which involved a few reloads a couple choice words directed at the author and big sigh of relief upon reaching the top without being squished by yet another wayward sphere. Of course I recognized this classic trap from TR2 and a lot of the level is inspired by parts of TR2/3 which just gives it a really great and classic feel (note the difference between 'inspired by' and 'copied from'). Finally I have to say that Jon whom I once criticized for his use of light (original CF) has really become a master of subtle lighting effects." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"Yet again another brilliant level of the Hidden garden series. This time you have to find six serpent stones to be able to get your hands on the golden vraeun of this level (and it is placed inside a giant snakes belly). Swimming and climbing through an excellent environment with a lot of atmosphere. There aren't many enemies because of the limits of the editor. The puzzling is great though and that's what I appreciate the most in a level." - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"Another episode from the long series of level called 'Hidden Garden'. In this level we have a jungle level with some inner areas that remind me of Coastal Ruins (maybe because of the textures). The graphics are great: wonderful architecture incredible lighting. The puzzles are just like the puzzles of the rest of the levels from the series: very nice and you'll die a lot trying to go through then. This level is definitely quite good and worth a check out." - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"I am so in awe of Jon's level building skills and even more so after playing his latest creation Serpentine Gorge which is part five of the Hidden Garden series. With similar styles and textures each level in the series is closely tied together yet each has it's own separate look. This time it's a jungle style level with some dangerous natives deadly crocs and a giant serpent that is guarding the last golden vraeus. As always the puzzles are clever and exciting and require the perfect blend of exploration and ability. Some require a little work but are never hard enough to be frustrating. I know that when I download one of Jon's levels that I can expect to find great puzzles memorable enemies a stunning environment and a lot of fun and that description fits this level perfectly! If you haven't played this series you don't know what you're missing." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"Serpentine Gorge is the fifth part of the 'Hidden Garden' series and also the final (or maybe not?). The high standards of the other parts was being kept and the whole series is verified as a terrific game. The architecture is again great especially the huge room with the snake looks very impressive. Pushing blocks puzzles rolling balls without end deadly screws coming down from the ceiling swinging blades a few wraiths and some natives are trying to kill Lara on her way to find the 6 snake gems which are necessary to turn off the fire in the snakes mouth. Inside the snake you can finally find the important fourth and last golden vraeus. Now you can go back to the 'hidden garden' put them in and finish this great saga. The two secrets were well hidden but not too hard to find the biggest problems I had with the burning basket case in the swinging blades rooms. Graphically very impressive and all rooms well connected this level is a highlight. A must-have-played play the series from the beginning and you will have a lot of work for a while. The whole saga is worth a 10 from me." - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"Another typical Inchdix Level. Had difficulty in installing the game even with which was the only way for me to play level 4 and now level 5. When installing level 5 it just went back to the desktop telling me the jungle.tr4 was missing. Thanks to the help of a friend I renamed gorge.tr4 in jungle.tr4 and then I could play the game. And now of course I don't have all the Golden Vraeus. The game itself had no bugs as far as I noticed. Just at the end there was again the way to the desktop. The game itself had some interesting aspects. Maybe a few less balls would have been enough. The swinging knifes and the basket with fire took a while to pass. I was really proud of myself when I had solved the puzzle with the blocks to get a red gem (my sixth gem). First when I saw the cannibals I didn't suspect that they where of the hard to kill type. One needs 2 keys to commence into the giant serpent room. The rooms were well done just like Inchdix does it. I found 2 secrets. I quite enjoyed the game and have played it a second time." - Monika (21-Jun-2002)
"The last level of this series although the author is a little undecided I suspect. The general impression was good but not as I thought I am afraid. Because it was rather short or it might be because I've heard a lot about this level its difficulty and I think I was expecting more. Don't get me wrong it is a very good level with a big yellow serpent custom of course it's not going to scare you though it looks rather cute! All that the player has to do apart from finding the well hidden secrets once more is to find six red gems and finish the level. Some of them will be underwater another two are within an area with two blocks puzzles and so on. Not difficult I would say but you need to keep your eyes open. One trap I enjoyed was the black balls coming down while Lara was convinced or was that me it was over in the next run up I had to do a run down to avoid being crashed. Like it didn't happen about ten times. There were also the swinging axes like in the previous level with a fire in the middle that can be passed with a simple run jump although that wasn't the solution the author had in mind. Lara had two problems with the climbing walls-blocks one was at the area with the big waterfall and while trying to climb back up from the bottom with the natives she does a peculiar thing in order to climb aside and jump backwards to the block behind she first has to hang her legs and then she is going into the block and suddenly appears on the side. I couldn't get back up again otherwise. The second problem is near the end after you get the fourth golden vraeus from the serpents mouth if you face it and not climb immediately then you might think you are trapped as she doesn't want to do it with the action key anymore just press the jump and action keys also she couldn't climb out near the mouth I had again to position her with her legs in the air to get her out of there. Another thing that I wouldn't call a problem since it was to my advantage was that the door to enter the serpents room opened while Lara was approaching but there is a bronze key you must find and open that door this is fixed by now so don't get your hopes up. The textures are colourful and give a pleasant atmosphere along with the good lighting. The rooms are very well connected with hidden crawlspaces and the whole level resembles very much to 'Hidden Garden' and 'Emerald lakes'. The blue Shivas in one area are a nice decoration. The second blocks puzzle really had me there for twenty minutes trying to figure out which block goes to which tile it was frustrating testing and moving all the time because if there was a hint I probably missed it or wasn't good enough for all to see. Every move is well thought of and with the cameras one of them had a little glitch at some point often but in the right moment there isn't a way to get lost well not for long anyway. Still apart from the very good work in this level I have to say that my heart stays with the previous levels especially 'Obsidian Heights'." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)
"Inchdix has well succeeded in the conclusion the Hidden garden series again he has presented himself with a lot of effort to build something special. It is a highly complicated gameplay and one must certainly pay attention to see where it goes on. Lara tries to find 6 red stones around and the last of the four golden Vraeus'. Again there are some outstanding jump combinations to master and the puzzles are nicely added. The opponents are as always rare however well placed and damage Lara's life energy. Textures light and cameras are used completely well the sound is however rather little used. Although it was a very exciting level I liked the others in the Hidden garden series better." - Xxenofex (21-Jun-2002)
"Once again the author has made a different level in this series but fitting very well the overall setting and purpose. The beginning recalls some parts of the previous levels with fire traps and swimming and then after the level has its own identity. The rest of the level recalls somewhat TR3 with some textures of the jungle south pacific indigenous and crocodiles and very friendly shivah statues. There is even the same shutting-doors puzzle than in the beginning of Mines of RX-Tech. The gameplay once again more is excellent there are some traps that will make the player thinking for a while to get through and some subtle puzzles. In both outside and inside areas Lara must find 6 red gems to pick up her fourth golden vraeus inside the belly of a giant serpent. This is again a beautiful and atmospheric level with a good camera work. I have never been stuck but the second movable blocks puzzle has tested my patience. By the way if you solve the two movable blocks puzzles completely you will find the secrets. Not many enemies but they are rather well placed. Sadly after placing the 4 vraeus Lara has not gone very far in the Hidden garden. I am afraid this time that it's the end of a really great series folks! I hope I'm wrong." - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)
"Of all the Hidden Garden series this is my favorite level and I enjoyed it when played there was a little difficulty when I found a key and needed another:)) and finally I made it to the finish of this nice and beautifully colored level!" - Ivan (21-Jun-2002)
"The end of Jon's Hidden Garden saga! When I snagged the Vraeus here and placed it back at the Hidden Garden you wish more of the same exacting and rigorous gameplay from Jon after sliding. But sadly it might be the last. Or is it? This is the shortest of the series but it's not lacking in challenge and excitement. After having gone through all 5 levels I can only think of one trivial criticism here --- that serpent is not menacing at all. In fact it looks cute :) Seriously thumbs up to this finale! Do I hear an encore?" - Drew Pizza (21-Jun-2002)
"I'm glad I never wrote reviews for the other 4 of this series as I would be hardpressed to pick one over the other. I must say that either I have gotten more familiar with Jon's levels or he has gone easier on us. Like to think it was the former. As always outstanding scenery and mood. Not too many baddies in this one which I'm thankful for as I was able to drink up the atmosphere. This one was rather shorter also too bad cause I could have played for much longer it was that enjoyable. Stimulating puzzle sequences the boulder one was about as good as you could get. The one place I was really stuck was finding the brass key and had to call upon helpful members for that. It was unfortunate though that some earlier persons got an apparent incorrect tom but a minor flaw. Definitely worth a look as all of Inch's are." - Momster (21-Jun-2002)
"Once again this level is very beautiful and also complex: wonderful textures great puzzles especially the puzzle to reach the big snake: brilliant! The objective of this level is to find six red snakes stones. You will have to be very observant. They will give you the access to take the fourth Golden Vraeus. Nevertheless there's some foes in this level coming from pacific level of Tomb Raider 3. They will attack Lara when she is in some parts of the level and they are sometimes hard to kill. Sounds ambiance is great and you will need some keys that are hidden well. When you will find the Vraeus you will have to return in the first level to put the four pieces and solve this puzzle. The adventure is done I think" - Roylion15 (21-Jun-2002)
"If the author of this level went anonymous I would still know Inchdix made it! This is another great Hidden Garden level extremely recommended. Fun to play great atmosphere great usage of objects and textures etc. This level has it all :) A must-play level for all trle fans. I got lost a few times but that's the point right? Inchdix did a very nice job on this one I hope you enjoy it too! Have fun :)" - Chronicles5 (21-Jun-2002)