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The Rescue 11 - The Hidden Experiment by MagPlus

Akcy 10 10 10 10
alan 9 9 9 9
Bex 9 9 10 10
CC 9 10 10 10
Cuqui 10 9 10 10
Dimpfelmoser 10 9 8 9
DJ Full 9 10 9 9
Engelchen Lara 10 10 10 10
eRIC 10 10 10 9
eTux 9 10 10 10
Freeman Porter 10 10 9 10
G.Croft 9 10 10 9
Gerty 9 10 9 10
Ivan 10 9 10 9
JesseG 8 9 9 9
Jose 7 9 8 10
Kristina 8 10 9 10
Leandro 9 8 9 9
Magnus 8 8 8 9
MegaGamer 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 9 10 10 10
Mman 9 10 10 10
Momster 8 9 10 10
Monika 8 9 9 9
Mytly 9 10 10 10
Navi 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 10
RaiderGirl 8 9 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Staticon 7 9 9 10
TC14 10 10 10 9
Treeble 9 9 10 10
release date: 22-Jun-2002
# of downloads: 179

average rating: 9.44
review count: 32
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file size: 186.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Alien/Space

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Reviewer's comments
"Now things are getting quite interesting. Lara enters a sci-fi level here and the atmosphere has taken a leap forward with the change, particularly in the lighting. The only thing holding it back visually is the wallpapering in mazes. Gameplay, on the other hand, is more of a mixed bag. I'll start with the things I didn't like as much, including the usual backtracking and mazes and lack of camera cues that have prevailed throughout the series. Some irritating "gotcha" moments include glass panels that are sometimes shootable and sometimes not, purple walls that are sometimes traversable and sometimes not, windows with annoying collision, and those mummy aliens who, for no clear reason, have to be killed in very specific areas in order for you to not die along with them. The parts that I did enjoy include boulder traps, timed target practice runs, and some nice pushblock and switch puzzles, along with combat against a variety of alien creatures. For the most part it was an engaging experience that makes this one of my favorite levels of the series so far. 1 hour 27 minutes." - JesseG (29-Mar-2021)
"I'm happy I'm inching closer to the end of this series, but my timeframe couldn't be worse. Add to that the fact you need savegames from previous level to keep going and I find myself in a weird situation in the sense that I don't really keep them, like ever, but fortunately I've learned that TReditor has saves for each of the levels (scroll past the titles in the walkthrough looking out for the 'ment├ęsek' links), so I was more than happy to pick this up. I'd be lying if I said I remember much from the previous entries, but I do remember they were generally large in scale and perhaps too difficult to fly solo, so I kept the walkthrough open in a secondary tab as I played this. And I'm glad I did. I'd never have spotted the many, many circuit boxes you have to shoot, plus there's a fair share of backtracking that would have me stumped as well. The custom enemies and objects make this feel like a fresh release, despite its age, and visually it still holds up pretty well, with very neatly crafted environments merging ancient underground chambers with a futuristic spaceship/colony. Definitely worth checking out, but as I said, maybe have the walkthrough at hand. I can't even imagine how long it'd have taken me to reach the finish trigger (if ever, even) without it. 95 minutes, 4 secrets." - Treeble (24-May-2020)
"A change from Egypt to a secret alien base. It's quite a nice change and I liked Lara's outfit in this one. I liked many of the tasks involved like shooting the boxes with the revolver, although challenging, it was fun. There are many puzzles to solve, artifacts to find, areas to explore. Enemies have been retextured to fit the setting. Good work." - alan (22-Jul-2018)
"A masterpiece in the Rescue series! Everything was perfect for me. Great puzzles that challenge your brain and fingers, lovely textures and atmosphere and familiar yet unfamiliar enemies. Back to traditional grounds now..." - Ryan (09-Jun-2016)
"After the weirdest transition I remember, or possibly a lack of any, I'm in some alien lab - alright. This episode was the longest and most extensively utilizing player's memory but all was fair and I enjoyed it despite of not being my favourite - I think there should be faster shortcuts provided after doing the long way once, for instance a simple drop from the catwalks into the cave pool could be allowed instead of the slow descent required around it. But puzzle design is very satisfactory, fooling with new enemies is great and though the underwater challenge was easier to find than the main path, this time I'm glad it was. Chomp chomp." - DJ Full (14-Apr-2016)
"This is a total shift thematically, and abrupt enough that it seems like the author changed their original idea at some point to incorporate it (whether it was intended to be a standalone or if the author just got bored of doing Egypt and wanted a change). Even today it's one of the best sci-fi themes I've seen, and full of impressive architecture and memorable settings (I especially like the giant cave that combines the alien setting with natural waterfalls). It's also full of new objects and the texturing and lighting are great. There are various fun sequences in the gameplay, and it continues to be quite challenging. However, some of the earlier flaws remain, such as a lack of camera hints and some very vague moments (the shootables are also very easy to miss a couple of times). There was also a multi-switch puzzle with seemingly no clues (following a puzzle that had quite a clever clue) that seems to break and get you stuck if you do it an unintended way, and I'm not sure why that's possible. Despite those issues the good outweighs the bad, and the more obtuse moments are confined better and the map is quite interlinked so you're normally not too far away from what you've missed. An excellent level, and even if it had worse gameplay it would be worth playing for the theme execution alone." - Mman (22-Feb-2016)
"What a great level this was! I loved being in an alien world in an Egyptian series. :) First off, Lara's new outfit is really cool. The gameplay and puzzles got really challenging, but it's almost the last level, so I can't complain about that. I loved fighting aliens and some mutant creatures throughout the level. The backround music was enjoyable. (There was this one backround music that kind of scared me, which I liked!) The secrets were well hidden, and the objects were great. The atmosphere, sound, and cameras really added that "outer space" feeling to this level. Again, the lighting and textures were great. Overall, this might be my favorite level in this game so far. Nice job Pascal! Highly recommended!!!!!" - MegaGamer (26-Mar-2014)
"Wow, what a level! The gameplay is mostly excellent, with lots of challenging puzzles and traps, plus a wide variety of enemies. The whole thing is an adrenaline rush, as you have to be on your toes constantly. Even killing enemies in the wrong place can get you killed! The only reason I can't give full marks in the gameplay category is the lack of logic to some of the tasks - for example, near the beginning, how are you supposed to know that you have to shoot the fuse boxes high up above the bridges? Only by looking at the walkthrough. Later on, there's a puzzle with 9 switches, but there's no apparent logic as to which switches should be pulled and which shouldn't. And let me not forget the vast amount of crawling in ducts, which is a real pace-killer. On the other hand, some of the timed tasks are great: deliciously tough, without being too tough.
The level looks beautiful and slightly surreal, with a whole lot of brand new textures. The colours are a little too intense at times, and red is definitely overused. But on the whole, the looks are great, and the matching new objects make for a visual treat. There are a lot of remodelled enemies as well, but the most memorable are the aliens, who fit the creepy, otherworldly atmosphere perfectly. And I must mention Lara's lovely new catsuit, which suits her perfectly.
I loved this level, but I do wish it had been released as a standalone and not a part of The Rescue, as it really makes no sense in the context of the game (perhaps it could have with some internal or external explanation by the builder), and rather kills the lovely Egyptian theme of the game. But still - it's overall an amazing level, and a must-play." - Mytly (26-Aug-2010)
"Gameplay again is very entertaining, again exploring and new nice re-textured enemies. There are timed runs in this level and the shooting"in time" of fuse boxes did me in, I get all flustered and can't aim properly and although I managed them apart from the last one I was glad I could use a save from vimmers (playing on his computer in a far, far away land). Loved the creepy aliens as the enemy and be aware where you shoot them though LOL. Again I made use of the walkthrough, but it is worth it." - Gerty (24-Jun-2008)
"This time you can see a big effort from the builder, a lot of new textures, new objects, new enemies,... there are some good puzzles and nice traps too. High difficult for me, it's easy get stucked looking for small fuse boxes to shoot or very tricky puzzles like the boulders puzzle or the room with nine boxes, but not impossible. As usual I missed some camera shots (example: when I picked up the first energy crystals I couldn't suppose that the door at the end of east bridge opened, very far from where I was), but this time not many cameras than the previous levels. Ambience is excelent and secrets are very hard to find. At least there are not many dark rooms and you can see something. A proffesional level only for expert players." - Jose (23-Oct-2007)
"And now for something completely different. How did Lara get here? And where is here, exactly? Or is it just a vision? Unfortunately these questions remain unanswered. But the level is great, nice settings and colors, demanding timed tasks, and solutions I never seen before. As the series goes on MagPlus put in more and more camera work, this time reached perfection for my taste; not to give away everything, but enough to guide through. Music is good too." - Akcy (05-Dec-2006)
"A nice change of setting because people might get tired of the Egyptian settings after 10 levels...So a totally alien atmosphere here with great background music and great enemies too. Gameplay is quite flowing and there's a NASTIEST puzzle with pushable blocks in a part that keeps a nightmare for me. Even new features here as not being able to draw explosive weapons in some places timed shooting and great secrets too." - Thibault (12-Jul-2004)
"After her adventures in Egypt Lara decided to go to a very strange laboratory of some sort. Why she's there? I have no idea but hopefully we'll find out. The new look is - although well needed - kind of disappointing. Don't get me wrong though - the level looks great it's just that I've always liked the 'Rescue'-levels Egyptian style. Of course it wouldn't had been much longer before people would have grown tired of seeing a new level that looks like the previous. Back to the new look the texturing is good and so is the lighting. The level has a lot of good-looking areas and there are also new enemies. That's right - new enemies. Although rather being the same enemies in different shells they add to the freshness of the level. I won't spoil it for you by telling you what you will meet. The level is quite challenging at times without being too difficult. You have to have a savegame in order to play this level but if you change some things in the scriptfile you can play the level as a standalone. Though you have to enable DOZY in order to get the crowbar and the lasersight. I finished the level after about 70 minutes and I'm looking forward for the next part. This level has everything that is good in it so it's really worth downloading especially if you're looking for something new." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"That minotaur in level 10 must have hit the ground one hell of a thump because he has sent me into outer space lol. This is fantastic an alien ship Lara in a cool outfit and sinister music. I loved the retexturing here the dogs the switches and levers the gems and the very ugly aliens and the sound they make. Almost immediately comes the most unique instant task I've ever done. You slide down a slope grab a rope there's a glass panel ahead swing to the panel let go the rope shoot the panel holster the guns and grab the entrance. Phew! BTW don't shoot the first two aliens straight away they are of some use after all. You come out on a bridge in a huge cave with an alien construction in the centre. This is the place you constantly come back to after doing tasks elsewhere and here is where you have to target and shoot almost impossible to see fuses. There's an outside area with rocks to climb around - just take a look at that sky! Don't forget to get that star in this outside area cave you should have 7 at the end of these levels. After a good timed run you make you're way up a slope full of traps I got stuck here and had to ask Pascal for help. I loved the way the sprinkler put out the fire on the energy crystals one of four bundles you have to find. I want to thank Pascal for guiding me through that 4 boulders puzzle it was tough as there are some slight alterations to the way you normally do a task i.e. using the look button to target while sliding down a slope. I read some time afterwards Pascal asked the forum if he should make it easier. My answer to you Pascal is don't. It is achieveable and I never felt so good about any task before or since. The 9 fuses puzzle was trial and error for me (I didn't understand the clue given) and in the end I figured you only need to shoot 3 of the fuses to raise the bars. Looking at it this time August 2003 I can see the pattern is snake snake bird. Both these puzzles are engraved on my memory for all time. I would not recommend these to beginners until they get to know they're way around a keyboard because you'll be shooting looking unholstering holstering running sprinting jumping targeting - you know what I mean. I liked the lift in the spaceship and the beam that lets you trip up instantly to the control room. Below this beam is a water room with four bridge and sharks huh! Lara places her crystals and gets a beam of red light to climb to the outside of the spaceship/building with a nice little flyby and another great flyby to show how she is transported back to earth. Gameplay would have got a 10 but for two things I'm thinking of the difficulty of some tasks for some people and the backtracking solved only by Tombaholic's walkthrough." - CC (24-Aug-2003)
"Pascal proves that he can not only build temples but also an encounter of the third kind ;-). You really have to think a lot because when Lara makes a mistake she inadvertently dies. Concentration skill and speed are crucial here. The puzzles are cleverly crafted especially the fuse boxes you need to target shoot but be quick as they are timed. And do not shoot those aliens right away - you may regret it! Sound was again ingenious very suitable and the atmosphere just brilliant. Textures perfect as always the architecture dreamlike. Pascal really has a talent to design rooms that do not seem empty. Respect Pascal I am in awe - ok enough of the praise :-))) Would not recommend the level to beginners because of the difficulty level otherwise a top level." - Engelchen Lara (02-Apr-2003)
"What can I say - this is something special. Lara in another world. The graphics and architecture of the whole level are ingenious especially the objects and enemies are great. The puzzles were again very difficult and diverse. Especially the timed target shooting was tough. Especially when you wanted to get a secret as well. Lara found four secrets in total and needs artifacts (four energy crystals) to end the level. One criticism: the camera work could have been better. Other than that fabulous atmosphere and the whole series is just fantastic...:-))) Very highly recommended!" - Navi (31-Mar-2003)
"If you don't find the laser floors rope swings strange reptilian creatures and bird men timed sequences new objects spikes fuse boxes underwater areas clever puzzles sharks boulders shootable windows and tricky jumps exciting enough then maybe you'll be interested to read that there are cool aliens to be found here along with a spooky atmosphere that begins in a space ship and is magnified by the freaky music and textures used. Plus Lara's wearing a cool new outfit in this level that's like nothing I've ever seen before. I spent a lot of time exploring and collecting the objects needed to progress further but there are some tough challenges thrown in to keep it exciting including some that were just too tough in my opinion." - RaiderGirl (08-Dec-2002)
"A challenging level. I didn't have any difficulty to find the two first fuse boxes. I found the small hill in the dark at NE corner and from there you can easily shoot to east and west fuse boxes. But the most difficult for me was the timed shooting to 9 fuse boxes. It was really hard! Beautiful rooms in this level and the gameplay is fantastic. Great job! I'm waiting for the next level." - Cuqui (12-Nov-2002)
"As usual I played this long after everyone else and there wasn't a lot of help out there. In defense of everyone this was a damned difficult level and I know in 3 months if someone needs help I'm going to have a hard time remembering what to do. Thank heavens for the walkthrough which wasn't always terribly helpful either. But on the bright side as always Pascal has created a masterpiece with some unique objects to collect. I'd like to rate gameplay higher than I have but there are too many very difficult puzzles for me to feel comfortable doing that. I think of myself as a fairly experienced player and I think parts of this went a little over the top and I finished feeling somewhat frustrated. This should be fun as well as challenging." - Momster (10-Nov-2002)
"There have been said so many wonderful things about this level and I don't have to repeat them. In general I liked the game and also the challenges. I did mark 'gameplay' down, because I found the 4 boulder puzzle far too difficult for me. After trying for ages with no success I had to rely on a given savegame (thanks to CC). This is absolutely no game for somebody whose reactions are not very fast with focusing and shooting. If you can't solve this puzzle you can't go on (unless you know somebody who has a savegame and will give it to you). I managed the puzzle in the 9 fuses room with no real problems and all the rest too. But without the walkthrough I would have been lost many a times. I liked Lara's outfit. I just wondered how she kept it so clean all the time. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to level XII. (06.10.02)" - Monika (07-Oct-2002)
"One more masterpiece from Pascal. I have to admit though I was very surprised when I first 'entered' the level. Been used to Egyptian levels from the author the last I expected was something like a space environment with retextured enemies and different puzzles. Some things though were repeated like the fuse boxes too many of them as well as the combined pieces the energy crystals was a nice touch. The game play is very good don't take me wrong but apart from those elements there isn't much variety in it. The whole scenery can make it up to you just take a good look at it. A lot of jumping around and lets not say too much about the timed sequences those were challenging but the boulder and laser traps were just too much for me it took forever to finally complete it. I will not reveal anything about this level the only way to appreciate it is to play it. Of course don't forget to collect the stars we are still waiting for the next level and our reward for collecting them all although it might take like two or three levels more for it surely no complaints here." - Kristina (18-Sep-2002)
"Wow! This is a complete departure from anything Pascal has previously done. Imagine if you will a setting that is a) not Egyptian and b) rather surreal in an 'alien planet' kind of a way. First of all I have to congratulate Pascal on having the courage to change what was after all a winning formula. Luckily for him I suspect he's onto another winning formula with this change of direction. My only gripe is that right at the start of the level it's very hard to find the first two fuseboxes to shoot and/or to position yourself correctly to target them. But look at me I'm bitching about things before I even tell you how damn good this level truly is! The first thing that struck me as pretty awesome was having to use a move I've never used before - jumping from a rope and then whipping out my pistols in mid-fall to shatter some glass so I could land safely in an alcove (although looking at other reviews some people found a different way to do this - equally hard but different!) All very James Bond type of stuff. The second thing I noticed (and loved) were the 'aliens'. But the absolute highlight for me was the timed shooting of the fuse boxes to prevent four boulders falling and electrifying the floor. Completely brilliant and quite possibly the most inventive shooting puzzle I've ever seen. I loved every nail-biting second of it. In fact for a lover of timed runs/jumps/whatever this level is a dream come true as there are some great ones here. So yes the gameplay is superb (if a little challenging) but what about the atmosphere I hear you ask? Well it's definitely unique and it's certainly engrossing. Whether or not it's authentic is anyone's guess (after all who knows what a spaceship or an alien planet really looks and feels like?) But I'll say this - if there is life on another planet I sure as hell hope that planet looks as wonderful as this." - Bex (10-Sep-2002)
"I'll start with that that I think my gameplay ratings for this level are a bit high since the 4 boulder and later 9 box timed puzzles were ridiculously hard and very very unfair to any Tomb Raider player in my view. Otherwise I can't blame the gameplay it's very entertaining the puzzles are smart it has timed runs in an acceptable difficulty (well mostly) and lots of exploration to do. The gameplay actually doesn't change much from the previous Rescue levels the new additions like the lasers might fool you a bit but it's all the same. Gameplaywise the adventure doesn't change much but the setting atmosphere and other stuff really differ much from what we've seen before. Lara arrives in this base in a new outfit which we propably won't ever know when she changed ;) and I think Lara's outfit could've remained the same as in The rescue levels 7 -10 since it was so nice but I didn't mind because of the new high leg boots. I liked the new objects required for puzzles but again I don't like that objects with a big significance are repeated many times (I'm thinking of the 2 eyes). The enemies are always very threatening the mummy-dogs that are a bit more annoying than dangerous the aliens which are not so hard to dispose of but always give you a nasty surprise if you do it in the wrong place the Small Falcon warriors are very easy to fight but you have to make sure that you shoot at the Ruby in their chest so that they would get any damage. I found 3 secrets (including 2 golden stars) and they were very well hidden but the golden stars were actually found accidentally - the first one during a suicide because I didn't want to do the 9 box timed puzzle again (lol) and the second one because I actually thought that the 3 levers in the underwater area with the sharks was required for a puzzle. This level is the best in the Rescue series so far and many people will like it (or hate it because of the frustrating timed runs) and I don't think I can add anything more the reviewers have said. The series are nearing an end and just because of levels like these will remain very well in my memory for a long time." - eTux (12-Aug-2002)
"I was thoroughly enjoying this level until I got to that rolling boulder puzzle. Lighting and texturing camera work puzzles - all excellent except that Damn Puzzle. I have stated before that I am an eternal beginner and with the added handicap of the hand/eye co-ordination of a brick on sedatives I could not get past it. I tried for the best part of a week but to no avail. Therefore I have had to admit defeat on this one. This is a level for the hardened and dedicated player. I dislike being frustrated to the point of surrender and have marked the gameplay down for that reason only. It would have been lower but all the other puzzles were so good. Sorry." - Staticon (11-Aug-2002)
"I played this very special level when it was released and back then it wasn't listed (don't ask me why) so I couldn't hand in a review; then it was listed all of a sudden but I was on vacation. Then I came back and did an interview with Pascal so now I am a bit biased in my opinion and my memory is kinda foggy about the details. But I will press on regardless as you know I would. As the title suggests this is harshly different from the first ten parts of the series but I really appreciate it when an author doesn't stick to his well tested formula and ventures into some unknown territory. Gameplay wise this leaves nothing to be desired; it is incredibly inventive and has some really great moments. I particularly liked the four boulders that you had to sink in a given time by shooting the fuseboxes also the bit where you have to take out the window pane while sliding down a slope and then quickly tuck your guns away jump and try to get a firm grip on that rope. Another highlight was the shark attack that you had to live through in order to retain the second star of this level and the timed trapdoors that give you just enough time to shoot three fuseboxes and backflip into one secret. You get some really creepy mutants to hinder your progress but clearly this adventure doesn't rely on the enemies. It starts out in a pastel coloured flying saucer and brings you to some strange places along the way. This is where some things don't really come together in my view. Like the sandy pits and caves with the high tech stuff or the grassy area with the space age environment. I really can't put my finger on it (I know I should as a responsible reviewer) I would have to take you there and point out certain corners. But who cares anyway the gameplay is fantastic and the setting is still great; for me the atmosphere just wasn't as convincing and gripping as in Pascal's recent adventures." - Dimpfelmoser (11-Aug-2002)
"Very hard level for me. Very well made and excellent new things for Tomb Raider levels. Nice sound which makes impression and horror parts of playing. Waiting and looking for next level of one of best level maker of Tombs ever!" - Ivan (11-Aug-2002)
"Now this one got really really close to being my first ever custom level that I mark with full scores the only reason for me to 'only' give it a 9 for gameplay was the rather unnecessary crawlspace mazes and the fact that I had to reload simply too many times with those 'shoot the four boxes quicker than the four boulders roll' puzzle. There are too many absolutely brilliant things in this level to mention here so I'll just list some: eerie ambient music supporting a fabulous atmosphere many new objects (loved those control room seats and the 'bullseye trapdoor') a nice slope with traps to climb and those aliens are very spooky with their sounds. Speaking of the aliens these are used smartly as they carry puzzle pieces (serpents) but you need to be wary in terms of when and where you take them from them due to devious laser floor traps. The tinmen are reworked nicely as well and with added dogs crocfishes scorpions sharks and demigods there is good variety in enemies as well. Gameplay is mixed between nice and fluent and rather challenging. Maybe a little too many boxes to shoot. The first two timed runs are a piece of cake the timed sequence with the 9 boxes is manageable as you do not have to shoot all 9 but that sequence with the four boulders... (see above). Eyes of Khepri and Nekhbet will help your progression on the quest to find the four energy crystals for the final room. Secrets are not overly spectacular but still fun to find. I got three of them and would never have found the fourth (actually the second) without the walkthrough. Two hours of excellent gaming for the experienced (!) raider." - Michael (29-Jul-2002)
"It seems that people like changes and surely many will appreciate the modern and futuristic setting of this level. As for me I was not very happy when I began Recue11 because I liked so much the pure Egyptian levels of this series. I was a bit disoriented I was not in my natural element of raiding even if besides the techno-futuristic environment there is also familiar settings like a cave with waterfalls a deep chasm or an underwater cave infested by hungry croco-fishes. In a modern environment the puzzles are not the same than in ancient temples where you don't have to shoot fuses or glasses. After a while though I began to feel the gameplay and enjoyed the level. There are very good puzzles which are all logical I like especially the puzzles involving Egyptian symbols of animals. There is also some great moments in the game with the climbing of the deadly corridor which lead to the room with the two demigods (make sure those bastards drop an essential artefact) the jumps and moves in the cave with the deep chasm the puzzle with 9 buttons and symbols (very logical) the timed puzzle with the nine fuses with different symbols (the solution is on the Apophis tablet you have picked up before in this level). This timed sequence was not so hard but harder was the timed puzzle with the four boulders! I must confess that I am not very good in timed shooting actions and I had really some great difficulties with this sequence and I cried soon for help. (I know it is impossible but if ever you are as incompetent as I am I can send you a savegame after this sequence. This offer is available until August 14th 2002 and it is a courtesy of PDProductions). I give high marks for the enemies: they are all new (retextured?) except the demigods and they are very well used and placed. High marks also for texturing/lighting and sounds/music because everything is done perfectly and there are some new objects textures audio-files. The course of the whole level is really good and clever I have enjoyed the level and behind the new face of the series you can still recognize MagPlus' sign and style. By the way do not forget to backtrack a bit as usual to find some of the secrets. I don't give a perfect score only because I am an old raider who prefers the ancient temples sorry." - eRIC (10-Jul-2002)
"Another really grand adventure from Pascal. Clever puzzles timed shootings difficult jumping. New enemies (scary ones) and new objects. Lara has been trapped in some kind of an alien spaceship and has to find her way out. This is a really hard level but a great deal of fun and a real challenge! A must-play-level as the rest of the Rescue series but I think this is the best one so far." - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"Finally 'The Rescue' series change of place: from Egypt to somewhere with snow and some alien spaceships. A great change actually! I liked it. New types of puzzles graphics traps and of course enemies. After 10 levels playing this great series I get bored of too much 'sand' and 'pyramid'. Now we have something new that really deserves a check out. Loved the new Lara outfit the lighting effects are wonderful and the architecture matches perfectly with the textures. A wonderful job Pascal!" - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"After the installation of Pascal Ducey's newest part 11 from his fantastic 'The Rescue' series you can't believe your eyes. Everything is completely different it's not Egyptian Lara Croft is in a futuristic world with totally new styled objects artifacts enemies switches levers and textures. Lara is also dressed with a new skin-tight overall which suits her very well. Apart from the look of the whole level nothing has really changed it has still the high quality of the 'Rescue' levels the difficulty is really high the motivation also and the puzzles are challenging. In the beginning you have to find first your orientation but once you find your way the gameplay gets fluent just don't overlook the small boxes to shoot which Pascal put in very often in this game. Fascinating is the fact that you always come back to the starting room from an other side after an odyssey so don't worry when at the beginning not all doors are open and accessible. There are some puzzles with a short time limit very hard but doable. For example the room with 4 small boxes you have too shoot with laser sight before the rolling balls roll to them. When one rolling ball is faster the floor is changing to a laser barrier. Also later the room with 9 boxes there is not much time to shoot the right ones which open a door to proceed. So the challenge is high not too much enemies but well built-in in the right places. At the end Lara puts in the 4 energy crystals and I can't wait for the next level. So not the typical 'Rescue' level totally different atmosphere but I liked it very much. Absolutely recommended for players who like a challenging gameplay." - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"Pascal Ducey's Rescue series deserves to be remembered as the quintessential example of what can be accomplished by an amateur with the requisite skill and imagination who's turned loose with the Tomb Raider Level Editor. These levels are a thing of sheer beauty and Pascal has outdone himself with an 11th segment that combines familiar textures with touches that are completely new and refreshing. For example the pair of aliens that pop out fairly early on will cause your bladder to spill over if you're not careful. The colors the music the textures the enemies the puzzles and the obstacle courses are vintage Pascal. Indeed the going would be far too difficult for most of us if not for Tombaholic's life-saving walkthrough. I can't think of a single bad thing to say about this level; hence it receives the highest possible rating from this reviewer." - Phil (21-Jun-2002)