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Castle Doomsday 2 - Doomsday's Dungeons by Data

Aims 8 9 10 10
Cuqui 8 9 10 9
dantheraider 10 10 8 10
Dimpfelmoser 8 8 10 10
Doug E 10 9 9 10
Drew 8 8 8 8
Duncan 9 9 10 10
Engelchen Lara 10 9 10 10
eTux 9 10 10 10
G.Croft 8 9 10 10
Gerty 7 9 10 10
Ivan 8 7 10 10
Jay 8 9 10 10
John 9 9 10 10
Jorge22 10 9 10 10
Jose 7 9 9 9
Kristina 8 8 9 9
Leandro 8 9 10 10
Litepulsar 8 8 10 10
Loupar 8 8 10 10
Ludwig 10 10 10 10
Magnus 8 8 10 9
MichaelP 7 9 10 10
Mman 8 9 10 10
Momster 7 8 10 10
MountainDewNut 9 10 10 10
Navi 10 10 10 10
Orbit Dream 6 8 10 10
Phil 9 8 9 9
RaiderGirl 9 10 10 10
rtrger 9 10 10 9
Ryan 8 9 10 10
Samu 8 9 9 9
Sash 7 7 8 9
Scottie 9 9 10 10
Staticon 10 10 10 10
TombRaiderFan 10 10 10 9
Torry 9 9 10 10
Treeble 7 10 10 10
TrueRaider 8 10 10 10
release date: 13-Jul-2002
# of downloads: 133

average rating: 9.21
review count: 40
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file size: 23.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a short level (my gaming time was 44 min) whose strongest part is the spooky atmosphere and the castle environment, which contains many custom textures, great lighting and well thought out room geometry. Gameplay involves mostly basic jumps to perform, few traps to avoid, finding couple of items and a one tile puzzle where you need to jump on top of specific marks on the floor. The ending contains a dragon, who at first seemed like a boss enemy but turned out to be there just to scare Lara, since the game ended abruptly without a final fight. Overall, it is a great classic level, which is worth playing solely due to its unique environment and atmosphere." - Samu (23-Sep-2021)
"While following the same scary castle theme very closely, this level mostly fixes what visual issues the first had; there's an actual sky this time (and a pretty cool one), plus the texture alignment is solid throughout. The lighting is a further iterative improvement, and the geometry is more experimental while feeling like the same theme. Enemies and objects are also visually modified to fit the theme, as opposed to the original versions that the first level used. The gameplay still isn't especially difficult, but the structure is a bit more adventurous and non-linear, with a hub area and tasks that can be done in any order. There are potentially things to miss like the first, but now any backtracking is much more minimal. One room is oddly structured, as a pretty simple move can get you stuck on a tile at the bottom with no way back up, when you are supposed to do something else first; even at the time the drop required was hardly that obscure, so it seems a bit of an issue (especially as another door or simply making the tile fatal before the needed action could easily fix it). There's also a "death" pit you can survive the fall into. Despite those issues, the pacing is overall tighter and more varied than the first level. It also has more small storytelling aspects, including a callback to other Tomb Raider games, it does end oddly abruptly though, especially as the "boss" is barely a thing. A nice improvement over the first level, if not a major leap." - Mman (13-Nov-2020)
"All too often, playing these old levels can be something of a chore, but in this instance it was pure pleasure. The Doomsday series still impresses with its wonderful textures, spooky atmosphere (and sound files) and well devised gameplay and I remember being blown away when I originally played them. If you haven’t spent any time in Castle Domesday, I really urge you to pay a visit – it’s a unique experience." - Jay (04-Apr-2019)
"Onto the second Doomsday installment and again the overall atmosphere and construction is just as well done as the opening section. It probably even usurps that one as I thought it was that little bit more spookier. Custom sounds and voiceovers are used brilliantly to enhance the feeling, while the textures are masterfully crafted and at times unsettling (like the portrait of Lord Doomsday) and the retextured ghostly enemies were nifty touches. Lighting is fairly dark overall, as befits the environment, but it's not done to an irritating degree. The overall gameplay is straightforward, linear and easy to follow, meaning that it will definitely be achievable for everyone and may not tax experienced players a whole lot (plus it's rather a surprisingly short level) but the overall layout and atmosphere are the main selling points here. Very nicely done." - Ryan (18-Jan-2019)
"Honestly, it's been a long (long) time since I've played the first part of this series, so I don't remember much, but I can undoubtedly say that the atmosphere in this level is incredible. Lots of eerie audio tracks help enhance the feeling, coupled with a great spooky castle design plus a few "jumpscares" peppered throughout. As far as gameplay is concerned, it's a pretty linear romp, although you don't always get a clear indication of a new door opening (such was the case in my quest for the vraeus) but as the main hall is sort of a central hub, it's not a big deal as everything is within a short walk. Good stuff. 30 minutes. 03/18" - Treeble (25-Mar-2018)
"I just ascertain that there is quite obviously a series which I have not played yet. Shame on me! How could it happen that I have overlooked the Castle Doomsday series? I have no notion. This level is perfect for a spooky evening! Light out, speakers on full volume and than all hell will be let loose. I have seldom experienced in a level thus an atmospheric spooky atmosphere. It is not only the excellent sound that teaches you the meaning of fear. No, also the very good lighting does a remainder. It is not enough because to screw down just the brightness, because this has merely the affect that the inclined player can not see anything more. Furthermore make good riddles, few opponents and a great Gameplay this level to a real highlight which one should miss by no means." - Scottie (11-Jun-2011)
"This segment of the series made it into the Hall of Fame, but even though all of these levels are atmospheric and fun, I think I had a better time in the first installment. I know for sure that the first one offers more gameplay, as the second one clocked in at nearly a half hour less than the first. Nevertheless, playing this spooky series was a great raiding experience, and while the tasks are not particularly challenging, you're able to immerse yourself in a setting that's surprisingly realistic. The ghost-like enemies provided a nice touch as well. The walkthrough that comes with the download is not attributed, although the phraseology is similar to the one provided by Staticon for the first level. Highlights are the timed run over the lava pool and shooting the bones in the spike room. Highly recommended." - Phil (23-Sep-2010)
"This castle level with a creepy ambience gets a very professional look. Very well textured but a bit dark (ok, it's a terror level). I liked a lot the objects and the surprising enemies (few ammo and medipacks though) and tasks are not very hard. However, there are some defects which could be avoided; there's not a camera to show you the timed run for the library behind the swinging blade, and if you enter into the room with the floating water block before going into the library, you can land onto the pentacle at the bottom and there's no way to go up. Another times you can leave the rooms without pick up the items you are looking for, like the water room with the golden wraeus or the outside cemetery courtyard where you can get the crowbar and go back to the very end of the level without the star. In this courtyard I thought that the waters were poisonous, but it only was blood! Also I was not able to enter into the crawlspace (secret) in the upper floor above the main room. Anyway, a good atmosphere and an entertaining level." - Jose (10-Jun-2010)
"Fabulous work. Well, "fabulous" is not the best word for this level, since it's quite spooky. Too bad that the level ends too abruptly, I'd play with this level for hours. The lighting effects are perfectly used, masterfully done sounds, and not to mention the dismalness that covers the whole level. It's awesome, I love it, fascinating work. Trust me, this level is a must-play!" - rtrger (23-Apr-2010)
"Another level, and a job well done. There could have been a little more camera guiding the player. But it's a job well done. Keep up the great work." - dantheraider (25-Aug-2005)
"The first one was good, this second one is better. Nothing like the portrait of a smiling and blushing bride to keep you feeling watched and creepy the entire time. Gameplay is good, including a really challenging jump series. Enemies are bad and retextured, including red demigods. Great level." - Duncan (14-Feb-2005)
"This is the second level of the CD trilogy. Lara destroyed the artefact in the 1st part but Lord Doomsday is still alive so she needs to escape these dungeons if she wants to completely destroy him once and for all. This level is very spooky and it's due to the great atmosphere every room of the level looks that of a haunted castle. From the cobwebs around the doorways and windows to the small lava lakes in certain rooms which have been made to look like a river of dead souls (images of red faces on the surface). Even the green sky had faces in it! I enjoyed this level very much lot's of parts that make you jump traps or skeletons jumping out but with the grenade launcher placed at the beginning they were nothing! You also have voice-overs throughout the level of lord doomsday speaking things such as 'kill her!' and a group of skellies appear. That was great too. The eerie background music really added to the atmosphere too. I think this level is really good and I recommend it to everyone it isn't too difficult but can make you jump so it's not for the fainthearted! But if you are brave enough play it!" - Aims (16-May-2004)
"The misunderstood lord Doomsday is back apparently all his powers didn't lay in the scarab Lara stole from him in the previous level. Trying to kill Lara is probably just a desperate crave for attention he should try to find a woman to marry. If he looks anything like the painting in this level he'll probably have a hard time finding one. Anyway this level is better and more atmospheric than the previous the only real downside is that it's much shorter than the previous one. The level can be completed in between 25 and 30 minutes which I found to be very short. Of course this can be forgiven since the level is as good as it is but it would have been even better if it had been longer. Now to the atmosphere. This level is as I said even more atmospheric than the previous. There is blood on the floor scary lights from the window new sounds and I even found four corpses. This is another proof that Doomsday isn't evil - two of the bodies weren't identifiable (probably some old mummies) and the other two were two of Lara's former enemies. Obviously Doomsday just searches for old corpses and takes them to his castle. He probably thinks that it will attract women (well it worked with Lara). The new sounds and new music fits the level excellent and make the level more scary and the texturing is good. The level is a bit dark but there is a torch to be picked up in the beginning (probably a way for the author to say 'stop calling my levels dark and use flares instead!'). I have one small complaint more and that is that you can walk through some objects and stand in the air above others. Not really a big flaw but still annoying. Overall a good level that unfortunately is too short. And maybe Doomsday will find the woman of his dreams in the next level (if there is going to be one)?" - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"This chapter is better than the first and equally solid. I liked the ghost enemies and the final dragon. The puzzles were well imagined but not too hard. Data lets you enjoy the game as it unfolds. The hardest part perhaps must have been a jump which I thought would be unable to make. But I finally made it (as always happens)! I took a look at the walkthrough in the end and found out there were a couple of things I did in the wrong order but that was no problem really. All in all then this is far more original than the first Castle Doomsday in every sense. Just one thing though... The torch. Why did I carry it around like a fool when there was no possible use for it throughout the game - maybe a touch of humour? Very good though... Next stop: Castle Doomsday 3." - Jorge22 (02-May-2003)
"I liked the second part best. The lighting and the atmosphere alone were ingenious. The enemies were basically 'ghosts' - the bear that actually helped my Lara - just great! :) Guess there are good and bad ghosts :) Sound and cameras harmonised well. Puzzles were not so difficult but well designed. Lara had to master a few traps and pick up a few artifacts (stars and pyramid keys). Simply fantastic and an extra 10 from my Lara :)" - Navi (28-Feb-2003)
"Started this level late last night and I quit immediately after hearing the voice of Lord Doomsday it was too creepy. Was worried that I would have a nightmare. Finishing it this afternoon it still is creepy so well done Tina. The other thing that comes to mind is: this is Eye Candy. Gameplay wise this is much easier than Tina's first level that doesn't mean I didn't liked it. No I had a great time. The textures are great the re-textured enemies had me jumping in my chair (I did say creepy). The boulders well I could go on and on. The extra sounds are certainly a huge plus. Little details like the blood splattered walls and floors cobwebs all adding up to a very scary atmosphere. 16-02-2003" - Gerty (16-Feb-2003)
"I liked part 2 even better and thought the puzzles were more diverse. Lara needs to find three keys a Golden Vraeus a Guardian Key and star at the end. The castle itself is very spooky again and the enemies are well placed among them ninjas skeletons harpies and demigods. A lot of the elements were customized - objects enemies - the atmosphere was ingenious and textures and lighting harmonized well. Sound was brilliant. Tina really knows here editor :-) A must-play for those who enjoy adventures in spooky castles ;-)" - Engelchen Lara (16-Feb-2003)
"Tina deserves some sort or award for the atmosphere, and the sheer scale of effort she put in! The attention to every single detail gives me a huge respect for Tina and her levels. The red-eyed evil skeleton was freaky, by it was smiling, which for me spoiled the intended effect, I suppose. Having said that, I didn't enjoy this as much as the first castle doomsday. I prefer levels, which have small, enclosed rooms like this level, but also large rooms to balance out the gameplay and to give you a sense or bearings as half the time I had no idea where I was. Overall though fantastically enjoyable, and I'm hoping for even more horror in the final installment!" - TrueRaider (03-Feb-2003)
"Another beautifully built castle with great use of textures and lighting to make it especially spooky. This like the first is fairly simple with possibly the exception of a jump and grab from a balcony to a rafter and a timed run/hop/jump but even that was manageable with the help of saves and after a few unhealthy falls into the dark abyss below. What I thought was a bit odd though was that you come across a few invisible ninjas and a bear I assume ghosts that seem very out of place in what I imagine is a Scottish or English castle maybe instead the use of wraiths templar knights or even horsemen would have seemed more appropriate. This is still a very enjoyable 40 minute level that culminates with you meeting the giant serpent and its locust swarms in the bowels of the castle. Will you survive it? Of course you will!" - Sash (24-Dec-2002)
"What a great experience! In this adventure the gameplay is exciting. You feel like in a horror film where some enemies are original ghosties. The flyby at the beginning is impressive and the smiling portrait is scary. The atmosphere is brilliant and amazing. Sound effects and music are superb. High quality graphics. The upper floor is wonderful. I really enjoyed Doomsdays Dungeon and I'm waiting for the third part." - Cuqui (15-Nov-2002)
"Doomsday's Dungeons is a total sensory experience that should not be missed by anyone! The sound of Lord Doomsday's voice sent shivers down my spine I could always hear what sounded like monsters in the next room with their claws making scratching noises on the hard stone floor and always had the feeling that something was about to jump out at me I could hear the sound of a skeleton walking around though I only saw him once as he walked ahead of me in a dark hallway then disappeared into a wall the sound of the giant blade as it sliced through the air - overall one of the best soundtracks I've heard for any custom level. Combine this with the look of the level - the dark cobweb filled hallways the moonlight streaming through the windows the blood splattered walls the portrait that surprises you by coming to life the dead bodies floating in the water plus two in the dungeon - one chained to the wall and one impaled on spikes the blood red pentagram tiles the spooky cemetery with the spike filled sepulchre that houses the key to Lara's escape the textures that seemed to have tormented souls trapped in them - and you have one scary level that's just perfect for playing around Halloween or any dark night when you're alone. The enemies fit right in and include ghosts skeletons that rise up at the command of Lord Doomsday a ghost bear that makes a frightful noise as it rushes towards you lizards that you can hear slithering around plus a great dragon appears in a vain attempt to keep you locked in the castle. I'm not sure if they were secrets or not but I found two hidden areas with pickups but otherwise found few other items besides the necessary keys. Aside from a timed area and a few underwater boulders (and try to get that health pack towards the end) gameplay was simple and gave me the opportunity to really enjoy the atmosphere and appreciate all the work that was so obviously put into this." - RaiderGirl (27-Oct-2002)
"I really enjoyed the first offering from Tina (Data) and certainly enjoyed this even more I love spooky levels and Tina has that down to a fine art. Including corpses even some you might recognize *grin* the requisite creepy sounds and music as well as Staticon as Lord Doomsday. The atmosphere is quite authentic and had the required effect (I did jump out of my skin in some places). I felt the cobwebs lighting and textures were excellent very dark and gloomy a bit too much at times though that didn't detract from the wonderful atmosphere and I think that's more my personal taste than any 'fault' with the level. The grenade launcher was too easy a find and the enemies weren't that much of a challenge with that in my possession! Several traps and timed puzzles weren't too hard to complete and would like to see more variation as well as more challenge in Tina's next offering. Not to say I didn't enjoy it I did thoroughly. And wished it had gone on longer than it had! An excellent effort by Tina." - Litepulsar (25-Oct-2002)
"Tina Barrett really outdid herself this time. Doomsday's Dungeons (come on the possessive apostrophe 's' should be there) is one of the best looking levels I've played and is hands down a big improvement over Castle Doomsday the first level in this little adventure. The first thing I noticed when I began to play this level was how the beautiful lighting techniques complement the gorgeous use of textures to create a very convincing overall dungeon atmosphere. The whole appearance of the level is very 'tight' and by that I mean it looks unified and connected; there are no dramatic stylistic departures in any of the areas. But that doesn't mean that every room looks the same--far from it. Tina has done a great job of providing variety of design and appearance in the different areas and yet holding the whole thing together with a common theme. If you prefer Lara's environs to be of the dark scary tomb-like variety you will love this level. I've read in other reviews that some people have complained about the darkness in this level but there is really nothing to complain about. You are in a dungeon for Pete's sake so of course it's not going to be brightly lit but the darkness is not overwhelming. In fact I found very few occasions to use my flares and Tina provides you with a torch right at the start of the level! Talk about a gimme! I thought the use of darkness vs. light areas in this level was just right. Just don't be an idiot and take your torch into an area that you can't get it out of. Tina has added some very cool stylistic touches to this level but I don't want to spoil them for you. I'll let you find them for yourself. I wouldn't say the level is a very difficult one but the challenge level has been raised from what it was in Castle Doomsday. I think Tina must have realized that the first part was a bit too easy so be prepared for a more difficult experience. My only real complaint about the level is that the supply of ammo and medipacks is pretty low so you need to be judicious about your ammo use and don't use medipacks unless you really need to. If there hadn't been a large medipack strategically positioned at the end of the level I probably wouldn't have been able to finish it. Once again the voiceovers of Lord Doomsday pop up from time to time to remind Lara that she is never going to escape from this dungeon. I love the whole voiceover thing. I wish more levels made use of it. There are other great audio cues in the game meant to reinforce the scariness factor. The only problem with the audio that I had was one rather large creature was mute--his roars were not coming through. A minor problem but it does detract from the experience. There are various background noises that occasionally have you looking over your shoulder to make sure nothing is behind you. Another great touch. Tina makes great use of enemies in this game and she doesn't just use the average lock stock and barrel variety. A lot of them have an interesting twist put on them and I would like to know how she did it. Again I don't want to spoil anything for you but one of Lara's first dangerous encounters in TR 1 is back to greet her and this time he doesn't plan on being seen! Don't worry there are also some nice expected skeletons for you to blow up or shoot off of ledges although one of them I encountered wasn't too smart. He preferred trying to run through a wall rather than attack me. Silly skeletons. I realize the author of the level probably isn't responsible for the dorky AI of some of the enemies. The puzzle solving in the game is fairly straightforward. I experienced no major setbacks although I suppose it would be possible to become rather stuck if you miss out on one particular lever. Also there were some pressure pads in an outdoor area the purpose of which I never figured out. But there is no running around forever trying to figure out what to do next in this level for which I am grateful. Overall I very enthusiastically recommend this level. It has great design great puzzles great enemies and great textures and lighting. Did I say the word great? If I did it's because this is one of my favorite custom levels of all time. Go download it!" - Ludwig (21-Oct-2002)
"A very good level indeed. The custom sounds and the gloomy atmosphere are a few of its qualities. A painting that comes alive with red eyes was something unique. The player has to find a few keys as well as some puzzle items which are a vraeus a guardian key and a star. The enemies in this level apart from the skeletons are transparent like a bear and the ninjas. I have to admit though that I am not a fan of transparent enemies. Mostly you have to step on floor tiles with a pentagram on in order to open a door or to trigger an action that will help you proceed. Going through burning floors fighting with two demigods crocodiles and harpies this level keeps you on your toes. One area that can be described as more challenging is the one with the timed door and the swinging axe whilst you have to quickly jump on platforms with lava down waiting not animating if you happened to fall. I spent fifty minutes having fun and I say do play this level but in a dark room." - Kristina (19-Oct-2002)
"Well I don't care what the other reviewers think I reckon this was a bottler of a level. A stunning total production from Tina. The attention to detail was humbling. Now admittedly the puzzles were relatively simple but in my book that was not a bad thing. This is one of life's pleasurable experiences not to be marred by frustration and angst. The care taken in the lighting the textures the sound effects the music and background ambience the objects etc. simply make this a wonderful experience and a must level to play. At 40 minutes it is relatively short but a lot happens in that 40 minutes. My ONLY complaint was a very difficult angled jump from the balcony balustrade that had me going for quite some time (I nearly gave up). Other than that I have no criticisms." - Torry (16-Oct-2002)
"This level was one of the best levels I have ever played in the atmosphere department! Throughout the whole level I was spooked! Even the dead objects which were my creation freaked me out with Tina's great placement and environmental skills. I can't wait for the third and final part to this game." - MountainDewNut (24-Sep-2002)
"A good sequel - the familiar voice of Staticon ambience as spooky and dark as before tricky puzzles (e.g. the appearing block on the lava was straight from the first one; pentagram tiles take trial and error; timed poles jumps was neat; the swim out amidst falling cage balls was cool too etc.) and more challenging enemies this time and scarier scenes (I like the invisible ones best and the red-eyed skel portrait at the beginning freaked me out most!) The torch is there just for added light (if you don't get those flares 'coz you're too scared to come near the portrait :)) but other than that I found no use for it. A couple of precise diagonal jumps some nasty poles jumps but the rest don't particularly present any finger-dexterity trouble. This is a compact level. Room wise there are no frills and nothing unnecessary thus the game easily progresses logically. I just find it shorter than the initial release. And in my game the dragon at the near end seemed lazy; it didn't attack me at all!? So when I placed the talisman I was expecting for more. But Lara never did get rid of Doomsday? Nor did she escape or got out of the castle? Did she? Oh well keep it open-ended like that so there'll be room for the next. Will wait for it. Anyway Tina I enjoyed this one too." - Drew Pizza (15-Sep-2002)
"I think this level is better than Castle Doomsday. It's very well done the big hall (even with the portrait) and the cemetery with the faces in the sky.... wow! The gameplay and puzzles are not difficult in fact they're easy. The enemies are original (ghost ninjas skeletons and a Ghost bear) but scarce as in the first level. There are secret places but not 'game secrets'. The atmosphere and the general ambience are great. I've played this level without sound so I rate 10 because I know that this is an important fact in this series of levels; I know without hearing it that it's superb. Finally Tina has made a perfect work too with the lighting and textures." - Loupar (09-Sep-2002)
"Moody-scary-brilliant sound-superb graphics. A few headlines that describe this wonderful level. Sheer skill of the author shows here. The whole thing is set in some sort of castle area and a nasty character tries to trap you at every turn. Nice ghosties very original. The graphics are so good I could feel the cold and dampness all the time I was playing. Best I've played for a long time. Load it up NOW!" - Doug E (01-Sep-2002)
"As a level builder myself I know very well how hard it is to come up with new gameplay ideas and (after playing more than 120 custom levels) I'm really starting to get the impression that the best puzzle/challenge concepts have already been devised. This level is a case in point. It looks absolutely wonderful; the enemies have been cleverly modified from their originals; the textures are stunning; the lighting is evocative; the music atmospheric; the gameplay is the same old same old. At one point I ran into a room with patterned floor tiles some of which combusted and some of which didn't. Now I'm sure that two years or so ago I would have been stumped here for quite a while but this time I leapt happily over the 'safe' squares with nary a care and exited the room in 15 seconds flat. The remainder of the level (with the exception of a really cunningly hidden dark alcove containing an all important switch) was more of this same thing. Exquisite in appearance but gameplay wise a bit of a disappointment after the magnificence of the previous level. There was also alas evidence of misjudgment: at the very start you are confronted with a mini-army of skeletons advancing upon you. What to do? Run? Trap them somehow? How about using the Grenade Launcher that was sitting on the floor right in front of you and blowing them all up? And why bother with conserving its ammo when there are more grenades on offer than skeletons? Similarly the end of level boss posed absolutely no threat; you ignore the thing and proceed to the end of the level instead. This all sounds a bit harsh but I have to say I enjoyed the level nonetheless; if only for it's beautiful construction. But it just goes to show that it ain't what you do that's important; it's the way that you do it." - Orbit Dream (12-Aug-2002)
"I can't resist the temptation to start with a quote from another review of the level in hand: 'Albeit distinct and notably appropriate baddies pop up at the correct moment they are not greatly troublesome and were dispatched with a fairly simplistic degree of difficulty.' Well I've got to say that's pretty rich coming from someone who had a signature that read: 'If you give me skeletons ... give me something to blow them up with'. But I was kind of disappointed that the first thing you found was the grenade launcher cause shooting the skeletons into the pits in the first part of Doomsday was so much fun. Apart from this there is no big difference between the Castle and the Dungeons and this -in my view- is the main downside of the level. True the atmosphere is brilliant it's totally convincing authentic and even a tad spookier but while it was pretty exciting and new in the first part now it seems like a mere variation of a tested formula. The same with the sound (voice of Lord D) and the tasks (timed run spot-the-tiles-that-are-different puzzle shoot-me-bones puzzle) However the invisible ice bear (FG called it that; it might be an invisible Grizzly bear for all I know but ice bear seems more appropriate) the creepy reptiles Count Dracula pegged to the wall the graveyard it's all excellent stuff and I had so much fun just admiring those cobwebbed hallways running up and down the gloomy staircase and basically I was so spooked out for most of the time that I never thought about the occasional flaw. Only now when I have to write this review I recall that the crowbar was placed rather listlessly the dragon seemed to have been put in as an afterthought and I thought part one had a bit more of a storyline but still this is a great and fantastic adventure. And it took me considerably longer than 45 minutes cause I didn't notice the key on the hot pentagram tile. As till then it had been sufficient just to step on those tiles to make progress I looked rather long for an open door after I'd cooled off in the water." - Dimpfelmoser (11-Aug-2002)
"Very interesting and not usual Tomb Raider level. Very good horror atmosphere and sounds. Game level to be recommended if you wanna try something quality and new!" - Ivan (21-Jul-2002)
"Now I almost hate to say it but my gameplay rating of 7 is even a little too high in my opinion and only given because atmosphere lighting and textures really deserve an 11. This adventure is absolutely spectacular to look at. From the opening flyby via the neat special effects (the portrait is hilarious) the ambience and sound effects the voices the cobwebs the bloody textures the wooden railings red mist around - everything is perfect. There is also a variety of well fitting enemies which we all know and love (or hate for that matter) but reworked in a way that they fit the setting except for the skeletons which fit the setting as they are. The bear was great and the dragon an appropriate final enemy though it had some sound issues in my installation (but I did not start from a fresh TRLE install so this may just be me). Ah yes the gameplay - well I found this to be way too basic and linear with actually only a few key pickups (vraeus guardian key rusty key silvery key red key and the star) and some levers here and there. The timed sequence across the pillars was good but sort of the only highlight. Hiding the silver key was fitting the scenery but still rather unfair and I just hate setting Lara on fire to progress even if the water is close. On my second time playing with the walkthrough (which takes less than 45 minutes) I noticed that I actually had found two secrets which never registered as such. Bottomline this adventure is an absolute must for any TR Fan to play and I hope Tina comes up with another sequel and puts a few more puzzles in." - Michael (19-Jul-2002)
"What a great level!! It is really spooky and scary it has a lot of puzzles and traps enemies have been retextured to fit the level like vampire bats and ghosts! It has been superbly structured and textured and was a lot of fun to play! The puzzles weren't really hard so I didn't have to spend a lot of time looking at the walkthrough cameras and atmosphere was great and I loved the outside cemetery area! Nice job there it has a lot of variety in it and that always does it for me. Download now!" - John (19-Jul-2002)
"The author has done a dazzling job with ambiance sound and general amazement but I'm a little disappointed with the gameplay factor compared to the first offering. In contrast this 45 minutes was 'a short stroll through the park'. Albeit distinct and notably appropriate baddies pop up at the correct moment they are not greatly troublesome and were dispatched with a fairly simplistic degree of difficulty. The adventure is rather linear and key items and pickups not terribly difficult to locate. I found the greatest degree of adversity in the last swim through the underwater areas avoiding the traps but even that only required 2 reloads to figure out the pattern. I caught myself more than once going back to pick up that torch and hoping to need it to solve an intricate puzzle or two. Still a very enjoyable offering from Tina and am looking forward to the next installment." - Momster (19-Jul-2002)
"If there was an 11 I would have given that for atmosphere sound lighting and textures - it's brilliant and so spooky I was actually scared when playing! The gameplay was rather easy but with good tricks & traps and enemies - spooky ghostly enemies. The castle looks great with its spiderwebs skulls pentagrams and much more.....I just think the level was too short (45 minutes) I want another one! ;-)" - G.Croft (15-Jul-2002)
"After playing Castle Doomsday I thought that this would be a difficult act to follow. Not only has Lt. Commander Data come up with a superb sequel but she has far surpassed the first offering. Once again I have been lucky enough to play test this excellent level which is filled with tension atmosphere and several of those little moments that may induce underwear changes! I know I provided the voice of Lord Doomsday but after Data processed the sounds the evil one sounds even more evil than last time. Puzzles require a little thought enemies are found in just the right places and there is a hint that there may be a part three. (Oh please please please let there be a part three). For me this is the perfect level. If there is a third part and it improves on this one I will need to score it out of twenty as the current maximum scores are not high enough. Another level from Data that has to be seen to be believed. Play it - NOW!" - Staticon (15-Jul-2002)
"I think this is an improvement from Castle Doomsday since I liked this level better (not that the original level was bad). The level has an entertaining gameplay a good story nice use of enemies and traps brilliant music and a truly amazing atmosphere. It is a bit dark but you're provided with a torch at the start of the level incase you don't want to waste your flares. The level has a lot of memorable things and moments like the sky that looks like a lot of people screaming the picture of the ...err well.. old lady at the main hall the dungeon cells where you see that even Tony (TR3 India) and Bartoli (TR2 he's the dragon) were no match for Lord Doomsday the pentagram puzzle that was not as good as the chess puzzle in Castle Doomsday but still nice also the moment when the skeleton walked through the walls made the level well worth seeing. The enemies were ghostly ninjas skeletons flying demons salamanders a ghost bear guardians and for the grande final - the dragon. The music for this level was brilliant was triggered in the right time and helped a lot in making the atmosphere. Even though it is an excellent level unfortunately it's not 100% finished in my opinion. There are a few bugs like the missing sounds for the dragon the strange rotating for the sun talisman and also the gameplay has a few flaws (that's why there is no 10 for the gameplay) like the not so obvious to find timed run and some items necessary for progression in the level (the vraeus for example I'd never guessed it is in the water if I hadn't read it in the forum). Also more camera work should've been there since I still don't know what some of the buttons did. But if you can live with that you'll enjoy this level till the last moment of it so get it and enjoy it and maybe we'll get to play part 3 of the Doomsday adventure soon ;)" - eTux (15-Jul-2002)
"You did it again Tina! 'Castle Doomsday 2' isn't Resident Evil but it's very scary and creepy with an atmosphere that deserves an Academy Award because it's brilliant... more than brilliant actually! It follows the same atmosphere of 'Castle Doomsday' but the style is new. 'Doomsday Dungeons' is very different from 'Castle Doomsday' only the puzzles are a little similar. But everything else is new: new enemies new style of architecture some new textures new use of lighting (that's nothing else than spectacular!). I also loved the soundtrack. Download it now!" - Leandro (14-Jul-2002)
"This game cost me 2 pounds because I had to buy some more pants because I had so many skid marks in them ;) The gameplay is excellent with some fantastic spooky sounds. There are some invisible enemies dragons bears. The Lot. This is so much better than the first Doomsday and I hope Tina will release a good 3rd version of the doomsday sequel. This should be Game of the Year. Some good hard puzzles just like the first one and even more hard baddies to kill ;) 1 hour and 35 minutes to complete but add about 10 minutes on to look at the lovely set scenery. Very good Castle Theme!" - TombRaiderFan (14-Jul-2002)