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Junior Level 1 by Xxenofex

Akcy 3 8 7 9
Andi Croft 10 9 9 10
CC 5 5 10 10
Cory 4 3 5 6
Cruzader 5 7 7 9
Dimpfelmoser 6 4 9 9
DJTch7 9 8 10 10
eTux 5 5 8 9
Gerty 5 5 10 10
Jay 5 7 8 9
Jose 3 5 6 9
Kristina 4 4 10 10
Magnus 5 4 7 7
Mannix 7 8 9 10
MichaelP 5 6 10 10
misho98 6 7 6 7
Mulf 2 4 5 6
Necro 5 6 5 6
Neso 3 7 8 9
Orbit Dream 2 3 4 6
Pam 7 7 6 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
QRS 5 5 7 7
Quentin 5 6 8 8
RaiderGirl 6 6 10 10
Ryan 4 5 7 9
Sash 3 4 4 5
Sutekh 8 8 9 8
The Aussie Adventurer 7 7 9 9
Tombaholic 10 10 10 10
Torry 7 6 10 10
Treeble 3 4 5 5
Wolfer 10 10 10 10
release date: 21-Jul-2002
# of downloads: 92

average rating: 6.95
review count: 33
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file size: 17.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Kids

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Reviewer's comments
"Although ostensibly geared towards toddlers, this seems to be catering not so much to actual children but to an adult’s idea of childhood. It comes across as not a little patronising (Orbit Dream) when overly helpful flybys interrupt the proceedings every few seconds to grab the player by the neck and steer them heavy-handedly towards the solution, or rather rub their noses in it, without giving them any credit for their capability of figuring it out on their own. It’s a string of three simple puzzles: an arithmetic equation to be solved by moving a pushable block on the correct tile; a small maze; and a gate that needs to be raised by two levers rather than just one. In the latter case even those who don’t otherwise object to explicit flybys might grow a little impatient, since this one features no fewer than three of them (for the gate itself and for each of the two levers; none shows the gate actually opening as a basic camera would). The setting is vaguely Egyptian, or rather a kindergarten version thereof, since the textures were modified with imagery courtesy of the expected franchises (some of them peculiarly German) and a bit of ‘Egyptian gods’ clipart. I have to give the builder credit though, for not only is the texturing clean and conscientious (the maze in particular is overgrown with foliage rather than simply textured the same all over and actually looks quite good), it’s also not the primary-coloured nightmare in Disney Village that I was expecting. The soundtrack, too, consists of well-chosen TR4 standards rather than selections from that horrid franchise where children sing chart pop tunes. Thus, although very short and very lightweight, it’s not an altogether unpleasant experience. Has any child ever commented on the oddity that you can’t climb the pushable block as you can all of the others, though?" - Mulf (04-Apr-2022)
"I played this out of pure curiosity because I saw that there was a kids section for TRLEs so I said "You know what, screw it, how does a level for kids look like?". Well, it's a very simple level with a push block puzzle (sounds a bit much to call it a puzzle but I sappose for a 4 year old it might be a challenge to calculate 3+2), there are a few levers to pull, a bit of swimming, some really easy secrets which wouldn't even be considered secrets in a normal TRLE because of how obvious they are however the slide jump shoot the breakable pot secret was interesting for a simple gimmick. The level is very short between 5-10 minutes. I don't really have much else to say other than the level is textured like a half-egyptian themed kindergarden with some clever use of some TR4 textures to make it look I said, kindergardeny (I don't know if that's a real word but I'll go with it). It's kind of hard to judge this one's gameplay considering it's target audience and also, this level is meant for children 4-6 however thinking of me personally TR4 was the second video-game I ever played in my life and I played it when I was 5 (although I didn't finish it at that age). I sappose you could give this level to a child to play or try it yourself just to play something chill and relaxing for a few minutes I guess." - Cruzader (20-Sep-2020)
"I really like these levels designed for young children – for one thing, it’s lovely to imagine new generations of tomb raiders and in any case I think all age groups can appreciate a smile at the bright colours and cartoon characters adorning the walls. Obviously, the action is gentle and readily accomplished, but sometimes that’s a good way to chill out. Utterly charming." - Jay (16-Apr-2019)
"This level would definitely make a change if you want something bright, colourful and lighthearted (and yes something for the younger raiders), but for us experienced raiders it doesn't have much actual gameplay to offer. There's just a few levers to pull, a very simple mathematical puzzle, a bit of swimming and a few vases to shoot to open your way through the level, then it ends after around 10 minutes. The surroundings were quite relaxing and the colourful textures are definitely pleasing to the eye, but I think children might find this more enjoyable than adults. For us, it may be a bit underwhelming." - Ryan (19-Jan-2019)
"A level aimed at children. Some floor levers to pull and nothing more. The only interest here is about discover the secrets. No enemies to shoot and a good work with the childish textures. Only recommended for children." - Jose (25-Jul-2016)
"Fun and colorful textures with easy gameplay with its highlight being a mathematical puzzle right in the beginning. Other than that you use some levers, you swim in a nice looking pool and before you know it it's the end of the level. Finished in 10 minutes, it's nothing special but it's still entertaining, calming and perfect for kids." - misho98 (25-Dec-2015)
"The download screen says this level is only for those 4 to 6 years old, so this review is geared to that standard. I played this level a long time ago and wrote a walkthrough for it (got one pickup wrong, see if you can find out where I did that), but never got around to reviewing it. It's easy, linear and enemy-free, but as I noted in the preamble to the walkthrough you need to keep your eyes open if you want to find all three secrets. Easy on the eyes, well lighted and perfectly suited to get your youngster hooked on Tomb Raider. Takes about 10 minutes if you use the walkthrough and don't dawdle." - Phil (28-Jun-2015)
"This child level is quite short but it's very exciting, there are a few fun puzzles, this is a level that relaxes you, there is no enemy and the atmosphere is convincing. If you go fast enough, the game can be finished quickly in 15 minutes. (or less)" - Quentin (05-Apr-2014)
"I decided to test Junior levels from Firstly I saw that level series. Impressive work from the author : new textures, new objects. Not very difficult, it's a good first attempt to play the game for youngest people. No way to die, except drowning in the water. I spent 10 minutes, but I suppose children may spend much more. Unfortunately, the game is only provided in German. Funny^^." - Neso (08-Aug-2007)
"Nicely textured children level, with very basic gameplay as it should be, perhaps too easy, even for kids. And way too short, although playing it together with the followups, they offer extended enough game time. After getting the LaserSight don't try to save, because when loading back a bug won't let Lara move." - Akcy (15-Apr-2007)
"Oh dear, what to say, 10 mins of a short bit of swimming a puzzle that gives you the answer and a maze. I hate mazes in levels and being only a few years out of the agre group i think the children do to. Run in, pull a lever, run out, pull a level and so on. The flyby to the puzzle didn't need to show the answer because most 4-6 year olds should know. Pick up an item and then the level ends, the was a camera of a vase and i got the lasersight but i didn't shoot it because i didn't see where it was. I hope levels 2+3 are better than this." - Cory (08-Oct-2006)
"This level was a little too short for me as I completed it in just under 10 minutes but I do see the appeal to young children who this level is obviously designed for. I liked the part at the beginning with the maths sum. I have played a few levels designed for kids but this is the first that has tried to mix education with it. A good idea to get kids learning. After that, it was a run through a maze, then some underwater tunnels before coming to the final chambers. I did like the textures which give it a childish theme and I also thought the changes to the title was a nice touch." - Necro (28-Aug-2006)
"Hmm what a nice level for the kids..and for me :) A really easy level (should be!) with nice and fine envoirement. A lot of flybys to find your way and I really like the textures on the walls hehe. Reminds me of my own childhood!" - QRS (12-Dec-2005)
"Hi Kids! This level is a very nice idea. It is made for the youngest of us. But even adults can enjoy it, as I do! The gameplay is created without violence and easy to play. The player finds himself in a world that looks like a huge nursery. The walls are full of figures, that children know from comics and television. So I would better call the level 'Mouse and Friends'. The tasks are moving blocks, finding a way through a maze, looking for levers and shooting some vases. The nicest room for my opinion was the amazing blue swimming pool of Arielle. There are 3 secrets to found. The award is a tasty gingerbread at the end of the game. I found the level so nice that I wrote a walkstory devoted to Xxenofex & Juttae the level builders: " - Mannix (11-Mar-2005)
"Since this level is meant for kids, I simply asked my seven years old what she'd thought about it. So what follows is her review and the ratings are hers as well. 'It was a bit difficult, except for the calculation puzzle which was way too easy. I especially liked the maze and the secret in it, and I loved the little song at the end. I am not sure I could have completed the level if I had never played Tomb Raider before because some of the tasks require a bit of experience. I generally liked it and I'd advise other kids to play it as well.'" - Sutekh (21-Feb-2005)
"Hi there. I kind of find it hard to review kid levels as I am not one but still like to play them none the less. In this level there are no enemies and very easy puzzles. The textures are appropriate and suit the level well. The nice cartoon figures on the walls look nice and give the level a kiddish feel which the author intended. Adults will still enjoy this level but might be detured because of the simplicity. Camera work was great and the sound although not the greatest was good enough. Kids should definitely try this level as it is fun to play. If I had to give this level a grade I would give it a B+ a higher distinction." - The Aussie Adventurer (22-Jan-2005)
"I'm really a great TR-Fan and since I'm connected to the Internet I've discovered the world of custom-levels and it's really like a new dimension for me! The best of all in my opinion is that Xxenofex and Juttae had the idea to build some levels for children because my little son Marvin (he's 6 years old since June 2004) is a great TR-Fan too and he adored these levels! It was a great experience for me to discover these lovely rooms with him and to see how proud he was as he reached the finish trigger after nearly two hours in this wonderful world made especially for children! Thanks to Xxenofex and Juttae!" - Wolfer (13-Nov-2004)
"This is a delightful level. I just loved the Junior Tomb Raider idea and the redone title flyby excellent. And scoring it the same way as the other 'adult' levels is pointless it must be seen from a child's point of view. Beautifully textured rooms with cartoon characters. There are no enemies to shoot but plenty of vases no traps to kill Lara unless of course she swims for too long and drowns. And a little learning going on here too like adding numbers to solve a single block pushing puzzle. I've seen what passes as games for kids out there (I don't mean TR) and there's no way I'd let my son even look at them they're too horrible even for me. But this with an adult sitting by and guiding a child through the level is perfectly acceptable and I've no doubt will be a fun experience for the parent as well as the child. And the kids can smash all the vases in the levels with abandon knowing they're not allowed to do so in real life. Children are not stupid. On the other hand . . . some adults . . ." - CC (07-Mar-2004)
"I have no idea how to rate this level. It's a great level for children around the age of five but I believe that most Tomb Raider-players are a little older than that. Not much else to say really. The new textures are very fitting but the lighting could have been better (not that I think many children will care about that though). I finished the level in just over five minutes (finding three secrets) but I had a good time while it lasted just because of the cute feeling this level has." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"All right this isn't an ordinary level and the game play is poor so I had to rate it accordingly. But who cares the whole atmosphere and textures are wonderful there are cartoon characters in every room the bear an elephant a mouse and the little mermaid I used to watch that cartoon and I loved it. That reminds me I haven't seen a cartoon for so long yeah I know I am too old now but I won't tell anyone if you don't lol. I was smiling throughout the fifteen minutes it took me to complete it. There are just a few levers to push and open doors and by picking up the cartouche you get a scene with an Egyptian mouse hilarious. It's just right for kids so if you have one or more let them take a look at this just hide all the vases in the house afterwards. Play it and you will see what I mean." - Kristina (26-Feb-2003)
"A definite child's level which not being a child makes it a little hard to judge fairly so some may want to take my scoring with a grain of salt as it is given from an adults perspective. This 10 minute level has a very simple format with some easy tasks no enemies and a couple of secrets to find this for me was quite uninteresting but for a very young person may be a hoot what does make it a little interesting is the use of cartoon textures but still this didn't really grab me either. Hopefully the second in this series will be a little more challenging as even children have quite good dexterity and can achieve more than given credit for." - Sash (02-Dec-2002)
"Now let me see. If I push down this finger and this finger that is three left then I put up this finger and this finger on my other hand and that is *insert thinking music* yes got it so how do I get the block oh yeah. Hehe the door's open. What a great little level for the young tackers on their first raid. The colours and objects were delightful. I loved the balls lying around and that skateboard was obviously left by that bully Mikey he NEVER picks up his things. The little mermaid in the pool was great and it was just such a wonderful concept. I think the reviewers who scored this level low either have no children or have forgotten the wonder one sees through young eyes. Now the object of this is to find the golden cartouche and yes sirree I dood it. I can't wait for episode 2 'The Grouch Returns' LOLOL." - Torry (01-Dec-2002)
"This is a cute little level I enjoyed quite much. It only lasts for ~10 minutes that's the main reason why some of my ratings are so low but it's worth playing it cause it's unique with the modified textures and with the nice feeling when playing this level. I did like the blue elephant texture cause it reminded me of a blue stuffed elephant toy I had when I was younger and still have. Most people wont find this level anything special but it is very good for the audience it was meant to be (even if I think you should spend more time outside at that age at least)." - eTux (27-Sep-2002)
"I acknowledge that this is indeed an original and inventive concept but question severely whether a) Tomb Raider is the appropriate game of choice to introduce 4-6 year olds to and more importantly b) whether 10 or so minutes of gameplay (irregardless of the target audience) is enough to justify the label 'masterpiece'. IMO it is not. Gameplay is patronizingly simple (the only thing that constitutes a 'puzzle' as such is an arithmetical problem where the player is blatantly shown the answer without first being given the opportunity to work it out for themselves) and non-existent; the level consists of a few overly large rooms (thus causing the vanishing horizon issue) and one maze; there are as expected no enemies yet Lara is still encouraged to fire her guns? Surely a far better idea would have been to use the Young Lara (who has no weapons in the first place) in an Egypt setting involving fun but harmless jumps gentle timed challenges and the occasional (non-spoilered) puzzle with a gameplay lasting at least 30 minutes? After all my youngest kids can quite happily watch 'The Simpsons' for hours on end before their attention span deteriorates!" - Orbit Dream (03-Sep-2002)
"Although I am a strong opponent of letting kids play TR -because I think you have to have a real life and know who you are before you start playing these games- I think this is a really well made level. Forget about all the boring textures that we have seen so many times. Colorful new textures from Sesame Street Jungle Book Arielle and the German 'Maus' are all over. In the first room kids have to solve an easy math problem before the next door opens and they get to pick up items like the compass binoculars medpacks and lots of flares. A lever-puzzle and lots of shootable vases make the level fun for kids. There is even a little maze (well to me it was a maze because I got lost again). A few things I believe could be improved: it was stated in the read me that there are no enemies in the level for kids not to see Lara die but there is a pool part where Lara could die drowning (and we all know that is not a pretty sight!). And the background sound could be more suitable for children instead of the typical scary 'tomb'-sound. So just be aware of that when you let your (4 year old?) child play this. My ten year old son got to play it and of course loved it. My six year old son didn't get to play it (or watch). I would say: kids age 8 and up will have their fun with it (parental guidance suggested). 3-6 year old kids should not play this. But it really is a fun idea a beautifully designed level and my son and I are looking forward to the sequel!" - Pam (01-Sep-2002)
"I really don't know what on this level can be so good so it's rated as it is (8.0+). I did NOT like it. Maybe it's because I am very old to play this level if I was a child of 5- years I could enjoy this level but I obviously would not be in front of my PC while I could be having fun outside with my friends. However I believe it's a novelty so credit shall be given to these two guys." - Treeble (19-Aug-2002)
"This level is definitely one of a kind! Normally I wouldn't let a small child play TR but this is an exception. The textures were brilliant (there's some characters there that American kids might not recognize) the length and level of difficulty were just perfect for a kid's game and - from an adult point of view now - the overall atmosphere had me smiling from start to finish!" - DJTch7 (17-Aug-2002)
"Well what can I say - I loved it. Especially the mouse and the blue elephant reminds me of the days that I looked at German Children's TV. Only shooting here you do is at vases a lot of vases. I'm a sucker for greenery and I loved the flowers and the pictures to brighten the place even a bit more up. Secrets are not so hard to find and some of them you need. Found a load of flares and wondered if this level was dark but it's just the opposite. Funny how you get used to walk around with the pistols drawn here you don't need that. 25-07-2002" - Gerty (28-Jul-2002)
"Note: This review is from Ian Age 5 : 'I got stuff. I shooted some glass buckets with a gun. I liked the pictures of the cartoons on the wall. She swimmed and it was cool because there was tunnels. There's the 'Little Mermaid' picture under the water. That's all.'. Dad's comments: Normally Ian is not allowed to play or even watch Dad play TR so this was a fun opportunity to share it with him. I had actually hoped that the guns had really been replaced with bouquets of flowers (as seen in the load screen). At least the shooting is limited to porcelain vessels which is completely appropriate for the age group the level is designed for. So nice work guys! We're looking forward to level 2 (and hey. Ian is very generous with the 10's so..)" - Tombaholic (26-Jul-2002)
"What a fun level! This would be great for a kid's first Tomb Raider experience - or anyone for that matter. The rooms are bright and cheery which I just love after all the dark tombs I've been raiding lately. I love well-lit levels and they get harder and harder to find. The textures are almost all new and are just amazing - you have to see them for yourself. The rooms were beautiful and fun to go through - the blocks ball and skateboard were a nice touch and the blue underwater textures with the fish were gorgeous. The puzzles are simple and there are two health packs to find that you won't even need but everything was well done including the flybys and sound. I found three secrets including a neat one in an area that changed a few times. I was sad to see this end after only 15 minutes." - RaiderGirl (26-Jul-2002)
"This level you must see with children-eyes. The textures are perfect for children. Many figures I see from a lot of disney-movies and series on television (Sesame Street The Mouse). I like the textures in the water from Arielle. The sounds were nice but I think children-songs must be better but it is lots of more work. The objects I found were health-packs and flares. The revolver with laser-sight - I think no child is shooting the vase. The puzzles are not hard and the way is easy. I must pull some lever and use a movable block Lara can not die only in the water or by one jump by chance. There are no enemies it is good. This is a great level for young and old. All children do like this." - Andi Croft (23-Jul-2002)
"This has a really jolly feel to it and since it is aimed at kids from 3 to 5 it's a bit pointless to complain about the easy gameplay. I'm really not sure how to rate this. Some general thoughts first then. I don't really believe that children should be introduced to computer games at that age. They should be outside and get their knees bloody and whatever happened to the 'Raupe Nimmersatt'? Also from an educational point of few I'm not sure if it is advisable to have Lara shoot so many vessels. I don't envy the parents shall their offspring find out about the power of the sling afterwards. Texturewise you get a spirited run through all your pre-school heroes and I'm not a big fan of this institutionalized imagery. However 'Die Maus' dressed up as Nofretete is just too good to be true. I reckon it doesn't really matter how I rate this as the whole thing is quite unique (i.e. out of competition) and the audience it is aimed at won't understand this surreal rating system anyway. And as I said I'm not completely sure if this is what the world needs but you definitely have to go there cause after all it is a rather original and well executed approach." - Dimpfelmoser (23-Jul-2002)
"This is soooo cute! A fantastic idea by Juttae to (jointly with Xxenofex) create a level for the really young kids and I loved it - the textures are great the atmosphere works really well and what a treat to be 'dancing with Balu the bear' and 'swimming with Arielle'. Also a great idea to start with a 'learning puzzle' excellent use of cameras throughout and also the three secrets are more an education which I guess will turn out as a useful learning in later levels of this series to come. Maybe a few too many vases to shoot without much reward? Of course it is only 15 minutes that will not be taxing the experienced elderly raider (thus the ratings in the first to categories) but have a look at this one for a few happy smiles and especially if you have kids - let them play it!" - Michael (22-Jul-2002)