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Green Base by Gary

CC 2 2 4 5
Ceamonks890 2 2 3 3
Dimpfelmoser 3 4 6 6
DJ Full 3 3 2 6
Gerty 2 2 3 3
Jay 3 3 3 4
Jose 5 5 6 8
Kristina 2 3 3 3
Magnus 2 1 1 3
MichaelP 2 3 4 6
Momster 2 2 3 4
Mulf 3 2 2 3
Orbit Dream 1 2 3 3
RaiderGirl 3 4 5 5
Ryan 2 2 3 4
Sakusha 4 3 2 3
Sash 3 5 4 5
Sheevah 1 2 2 2
Treeble 2 3 3 4
Xxenofex 2 2 2 2
release date: 14-Aug-2002
# of downloads: 41

average rating: 3.13
review count: 20
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file size: 15.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Yes it is. Green. Very green. Possibly trying to indicate eerie goings on, since there’s a UFO in the place. Despite the alien presence, this remains a rather pedestrian affair, with not much to do other than run around shooting guards and bypass Sophia (who turned up late) to exit and finish the, mercifully, short level." - Jay (14-Jul-2019)
"‘This level is basically green’ is what I said about a different level in an earlier review; perhaps I should have reserved the phrase for this one, as it is, as others have pointed out, basically, and irrefutably, green. I wasted a lot of time in this picking up ammo for a weapon I never found "I missed the MP5, not expecting it could be acquired so early, and had to complete the level with pistols only, which proved to be a bit of a health drain. Having thus gone above and beyond the call of duty even in the face of the builder’s aggravating fixed-camera angles, I thought it was only fair to treat myself to the revolver by using DOZY the second time around, and thus equipped, allowed myself to fully appreciate the antics of the armed contortionists, and also to fool around with Sophia for a bit, whom I had simply strolled past on the earlier occasion. This proved to be time well spent, as in addition to being a terribly ineffective adversary, she would occasionally utter some rather masculine noises and, after a good dose of revolver bullets, collapse, her last word being ‘no!’ in Japanese." - Mulf (25-Jan-2018)
"Certainly I found some defects in this level: the wrong animation for the buttons, the flybys without music and running out of the world, the paper walls, the outfit... But even so I'm not agree with the low ratings. Indeed the gameplay is not marvellous, but fluid and entertaining enough; the secrets are well placed, but perhaps there are too many enemies, even with all that ammo and provided weapons. I missed more medipacks and flares, so don't waste them. The best were the convincing environments with well worked texturization and lighting. The harmless Sophia is not a good touch too, but for me was a level worth to play. Take a try." - Jose (18-Jan-2018)
"This is a bit of a mess of a level. That being said, I found it (probably unintentionally) hilarious. The guards are buggy (especially the ones wearing masks), Lara's hips are missing (I'm surprised the poor girl can stand) and the switch animation. Not a good level by any means, but it gave me a laugh. And yes, it's green." - Ryan (05-Dec-2016)
"While the lighting and texturing are passable enough for this VCI-style level, the amount of bugs and beginner mistakes on offer here(which range from minor issues, such as some missing meshes on Lara's model or incorrect animations to more serious issues, such as poorly-done camerashots and an inaccessible security card required for progression), are simply far too unacceptable in their frequency, for me to honestly recommend this to anyone. So ultimately, while this may provide a number of laughs at the builder's expense, you'd be much better off playing something else over this any day." - Ceamonks890 (06-Dec-2014)
"The lighting is something that I like the most in this game (maybe I just love green, I don't know). IMO it is nicely mixed with pretty good texures. Anyway, I was often curious what is behind the next door, and it means I felt the mystery. So I give 2 points for the atmosphere. Nice thing with the 1st secret - it's easy to assume where it is, but some special skill is required to get it. Also, I didn't expect platforming outside the building in such a small level like this. For the objects - they look nice. For the enemies - I agree they are buggy, but there are five kinds of them, and none of them appears from nothing. For this one guard stuck in the wall: kill him from inside the UFO, get out, go around it and grab the swipe card thrown out of the spaceship. SUMMARY: Many little things I like. Many little things the others dislike. It's me who recommends this level, but it's you who choose if you wanna play it or not. So it's an optional/recommended custom. But in my humble opinion this game is a little bit underrated." - DJ Full (02-Nov-2010)
"This is one of those levels that's unintentionally amusing,as the author made so many mistakes and included so many bugs that it's ultimately no more that a curiosity for those with a morbid fascination for inept levels. The final Boss can't be killed (but is harmless anyway);animations are incorrect;the enemy guards are hilariously buggy;fly-by's are dreadfully constructed. It's worth a quick chuckle;and you certainly can't deny that the Base in question is irrefutably green." - Orbit Dream (11-Jul-2009)
"This is obviously a first effort, but the architecture in some places shows there is a good imagination here. Bugs galore! Lara's 'butt' is missing, wrong animations at cupboards and switches, wardrobes turn black after we've opened them, texture problems. Hilarious guards that I presume are supposed to be robots. I am guessing they are retextured gorillas, judging by the way they dance about. Two of the flybys are ok but not necessary. Then there's one that loops which had me on the point of dumping this level until I realised that if I keep the look button pressed I can walk Lara out of it. Weird! We find a spaceship at the end, or at any rate it was the end for me. I could only shoot the guard inside the ship, even though I could see his feet and hands from the outside. He was stuck in a block (not the first guard to do this), and I could see the card he leaves behind under the ship. I was actually able to crawl under and manoeuvre Lara in to claim the card, but then she became stuck forever too. So that's as far as I got. If DOZY were available to me on the mac I might have been able to fly Lara out of her predicament and use the card to see what's behind that door. I'm off now to have a look at Gary's latest level, with fingers crossed." - CC (18-Apr-2006)
"This level is full of bugs. The enemies don't work properly (especially the soldiers) there is an incorrect animation (in order to get items from the cupboards) a part of Lara's body is missing a flyby is looped there are a few paper-thin walls and a card that I couldn't reach no matter how hard I tried. However I appreciated the retextured crossbow ammunition which makes it look like ammo for a real gun and the effort the author made in order to create a level with the VCI wad and VCI textures. The difficulty of the level (due to the limited amount of medipacks it's pretty hard to survive) added an extra point to the 'Gameplay and Puzzles' category. It's obvious that the author is a novice because it's possible to get rid of the flybys by simply pressing the 'look' button." - Sakusha (30-Jul-2004)
"Bugs. There are a lot of them during the summer but even when you play Tomb Raider you won't get away from them. I've just replayed Tomb Raider 3 and the strangest bug I saw was flying piranhas. This level doesn't have any flying piranhas but it's filled with other bugs instead. The first one you notice is that Lara doesn't have any hips. I don't know how she can run or even stand but she doesn't seem to take any notice of the missing hips so why should we? The second kind of enemy you meet (the first kind was an enemy? Well at least they became unfriendly after a while) seems to have some serious trouble. It's hard to keep a straight face when you see how they jump around and attack. After that you'll get into a room with an annoying fixed camera which makes it almost impossible to see the enemies. The real downfall of this level came when there was a key lying on the floor which you couldn't pick up - instead you had to open the cupboard which of course had the wrong animation. After this it just went downhill with the strange enemies and the annoying fixed camera. Of course there are more bugs but listing them all here would take all night and even us reviewers have to sleep. In the end of the level you meet an old friend which you can only kill with two weapons none of which I found in the level (I cheated just to see if the enemy was killable). Don't worry though - the enemy can only hurt you if you run into it and then it uses some strange magic to make Lara fly up in the air and fall down dead. Strange to say the least. You know that there's something wrong with a level when the only positive thing you can say is 'Well at least it only lasted for ten minutes'. And that's just what I'll say here: Well at least it only lasted for ten minutes." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"Oh dear a base level with Lara missing a part of her body or so it looked like where I was sitting. Wrong animations and even that stupid guy I had to reload to get the code card from him as he seemed to be stuck in that wall forever. Shooting and pushing levers. Oh well one down still enough left for me to play. 16-02-2003" - Gerty (18-Feb-2003)
"This level is full of bugs. The doors are badly placed the walls are thin and the enemies are getting stuck inside walls. One of them had the card I needed to proceed and he died in a very difficult spot the card was in a corner of the object in that room and Lara could reach it after numerous tries but couldn't get out so I had to reload. The animation are wrong when Lara searches the wardrobes the enemies at some point lean back so much that I think their previous job was at a circus to be able to do that. Also Lara's outfit has a problem between the joints. This level has nothing to offer." - Kristina (15-Feb-2003)
"A short VCI-shooter level which has Lara in a catsuit with invisible thighs looking for a dozen of buttons to press and open doors and finding a card to battle Sophia. If only Sophia would work I would have awarded this level with an extra point but she didn't work. Those guards weren't functional at all too - the black helmet guards must have some kinda of problem to shoot like that AND run crazily into walls. Glad it last only 15 minutes." - Treeble (30-Jan-2003)
"Just another shoot 'em up with no real other gaming. The first half of this is spent in a green lit VCI like building and then you move to a more outer space area where you find a spaceship that you can actually enter. The only high point for me was watching half of the guards as they would act quite weird running wildly into walls following me under water bending over in odd positions and even what seemed like three of them joined together as they died all together after using only enough ammo to kill one. In the end you meet Natla but she isn't very dangerous and after a little over 20 minutes it's done." - Sash (03-Dec-2002)
"Oh dear! This is perhaps the worst level I've ever played. Not usually a fan of 'base' levels anyway this has really put me off them. I'm trying to think of something positive to say...nice color green oh and the rope grab was interesting. And that endless flyby good heavens! All you do in this dreadful level is run around pushing buttons picking up ammo and killing guys. And I could never get the last dude out of the wall to get the key card no matter how many times I re-loaded so didn't even get to finish...darn such is life." - Momster (24-Aug-2002)
"This is a unique military base with a greenish tint some deadly floor tiles an interesting mutli-leveled room connected by ramps and it even has a small space craft you can explore though I wish it had been a bit bigger. There were a few soldiers standing around that ignored me at first but then started shooting at me for no reason so I had to kill all of them and towards the end there were some bizarre men with black masks that ran around waving their arms in the air and then bent over backward at the waist when they were shooting at me. Plus there's an interesting 'enemy' at the end that is actually visiting from TR 3. There are a few secrets to keep an eye out for you won't want to miss all the pickups in the crawlspace above the fizz wizz cola machine and there's plenty of ammo lying around to take care of all the baddies - too bad that gameplay consists mainly of pushing buttons. If I had to think of one word to describe this level I guess it would have to be 'interesting' though you might be better off skipping this and watching 'The Young Ones' instead." - RaiderGirl (20-Aug-2002)
"Memories of Ice Man Kewl - this is a 20 minutes long level full of bugs which should really be fixed before releasing such a piece. As other reviewers already listed them I am not going to repeat which there were. In essence you get here a VCI style level with a greenish ambience at the start and even the use of UFO's excellent Blue Planet texture set in the second half does not save this from looking rather bland. Two dozen enemies to kill with an MP-5 that is named 'crossbow' in the script and also has the sounds of a crossbow. About a dozen buttons to push a key and a disc and that's pretty much it. At least I could find two secrets - nobody mentioned those yet ;-)" - Michael (16-Aug-2002)
"Oh dear! There are so many graphical bugs in this level! Lara's hips are missing; her animation while opening a cupboard is the wrong one; there are enemies who seem to be twisted somehow and totally wrongly animated. One of them who holds a codecard gets stuck in the wall so you have to reload and try again. There are two flyby cams the one seems completely wrong and showed nothing more than some graphical elements. So why building a level this way when there are so many things not working correctly? Level design and texturing aren't anything spectacular either. There are no puzzles to solve just a few buttons to push and one key and that codecard to find. No sound at all. After 25 minutes you're through - and you'll be glad about it!" - Sheevah (16-Aug-2002)
"Incredibly! How one can publish something like this today? In this Level nothing worked actually! Lara did not even wear pants one could simply see through her hips. The animations did not work at all neither with the objects nor with the opponents the cameras did not function correctly. A camera did not want to stop at all. To this level there is not even more to say than it was really bad and I simply wanted to stop playing it repeatedly." - Xxenofex (15-Aug-2002)
"This is a curious item cause this level has most trademarks of a beginners effort. Like a boring gameplay that sends you from button to button a lot of paperthin walls wild uncoordinated and pointless fly bys (one looped) enemies that get trapped in walls missing textures plus it's rather short. However this isn't set in a Tutorial tomb but in a -yep you guessed it- high tech base with very unusual textures. Speaking of which the textures that are missing are Lara's thighs which makes her look like Shirley Manson in that Garbage video. Well it spoils the effect of the kinky boots to some degree. However the greenish base environment has a certain novelty factor so you might have a look." - Dimpfelmoser (15-Aug-2002)