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The Hall of the Adept by Trocinth

alan 7 7 7 7
CC 5 6 6 6
David 6 5 6 7
Dimpfelmoser 6 5 7 7
eTux 5 5 5 5
Gerty 7 6 8 8
High Priestess 6 6 5 5
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jbc21 7 5 8 7
Jose 6 7 6 7
Kristina 7 7 8 8
MichaelP 7 6 8 8
Momster 8 7 8 8
Mrs rjb 8 7 8 8
Mulf 6 5 5 4
Orbit Dream 8 5 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
RaiderGirl 8 7 8 9
Ryan 6 7 6 7
Sash 7 7 7 8
Sheevah 4 5 6 6
Torry 9 7 9 9
Treeble 6 6 7 8
release date: 10-Jun-2001
# of downloads: 103

average rating: 6.82
review count: 23
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file size: 22.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A nice short and straightforward level. You enter some dark caves but fortunately the flares were enough. There are boars, skeletons and crocodiles as enemies. At first I didn't see the gem underwater because it sort of camouflaged itself with the blue floor but after visiting that area again I found it. After using the gems there is a brief set of traps and then the level ends. A shame that there are no more levels from this builder as they would have been sort of good." - alan (28-Jan-2020)
"This is a jolly and brisk little trap- filled adventure. Quite well made, with plenty of boulder, steam and spike traps, plus some skeletons, crocodiles and warthogs to constitute the enemy quotient. There's also some interesting use of custom textures which may not always work in favour of the atmosphere, but it's unique in the early annals of custom levels nonetheless. A good choice for something relatively flowing and uncomplicated." - Ryan (02-Feb-2018)
"Hello. I come here through the recommendation of the esteemed Orbit Dream; not that I really needed one, having recently played the builder’s fine debut level Mercenary Depot. I have also recently played some really badly-constructed levels, so I was newly reminded of how those look and feel like. This is not one of them.
But it is not as cleverly constructed as the builder’s debut. For one, it involves backtracking. Not to an incendiary degree, mind; but still inexplicable in a level as short as this. For two, I had the displeasure of spotting a place where the room vertices don’t meet (and therefore no texture is displayed) on the roof of some structure. In retrospect it’s obvious I wasn’t meant to go there, but does this mean I’m overqualified for the Hall of the Adept? Should I apply to the Drawing Room of the Exceptionally Gifted? Probably not. There was a disingenuously extended ledge right next to the roof.
The level cannot be faulted for its gameplay, though it turns out to be surprisingly easy given its title, and seeing how Mr Dream was taken with it; then again, the game uses the Coastal wad, and its best scenes involve boulders. However, I’m afraid I have to headbutt with Mr. Dream once again over the subject of atmosphere, of which we appear to entertain wildly divergent definitions. According to Mr Dream, this level is atmospheric, even “extremely” so; in my opinion, it isn’t atmospheric at all. This is mostly because of the custom textures that are used and the way they are applied. Employing custom textures is, generally speaking, commendable; but in this level they are applied in an entirely random fashion, and do at no point gel into a coherent aesthetic scheme, nor are they evocative of any kind of time and place, historical, fictional or otherwise. Had the builder relied on them exclusively, the level would have been as atmospheric as Pong." - Mulf (06-Jan-2018)
"What a nice little 30 minute adventure. Nothing particularly taxing to accomplish but it flows along smoothly - skeletons, pigs and crocodiles for enemies, boulder and spike traps to negotiate, all in a coastal setting with the addition of some interesting custom textures. This builder hasn't released anything since, which I feel is a great shame as he had obvious potential." - Jay (11-Jun-2016)
"Not difficult to play this short level, made with small rooms and no puzzles. The shotgun and the grenade gun appeared too late; there are classic traps to avoid (boulders, spikes...) a couple of gems and a key to get and some enemies to shoot. The texturization is "odd" alternating colourful texture tiles in the wall panels with no much sense. Lights are well worked, and I missed more cameras, musics and flybys and not only the initial and the final ones. Nothing interesting but well playable. Take a try." - Jose (01-Dec-2015)
"Quite a short level (31 minutes for me as I had to backtrack thinking I had missed a crowbar). A few too dark areas but enough flares to get by and plenty of medpacks. An enjoyable little romp and quite a few different turns underwater but no mazes so not as easy to get disorientated as I first thought it might be. A few annoying skeletons but with one on your tail near a croc-infested pool, if you sprint and utilise your shotgun you can kill two crocs with two shots a piece (backflip if you need to avoind getting pushed in). Take a small medpack as another will appear in the lower pool and likely get a few bites in as you make a necessary pickup. As said the actual hall is a short finale and not too taxing with a few boulders and skeletons you can now kill with the grenade gun nearby in order to progress." - High Priestess (16-Jun-2015)
"It's amazing how you can stumble upon levels you had no idea it was possible to find out there; sometimes you just gotta love that random level feature. This one in particular seemed interesting for its employment of custom textures before it was considered the norm. Some of the psychadelic ones seemed to be applied patchy and didn't really fit in that well, in my humble opinion, but the more down-to-earth ones were really well done. While the level is brief, there are a couple of nice tasks too, mostly involving boulders in some shape or form, though the final gauntlet with the timed trapdoors was a nice touch too. It's also not a very complicated level, you basically just go for the gems and a key underground, blow up the skeletons to get your portal guardian and then you've reached the said gauntlet. At least it was somewhat well structured, though I did expect a bit more from the final rooms once I got there. I didn't mind the final fly-by as much as it was paced rather nicely, though the author could've used some more sophisticated features to get to the sign he so desparately wanted to highlight in the end faster. It's a fun little level while it lasts that has good moments both in looks and gameplay, but it has that retro feel to it to, so if that's something you're looking for, give it a go." - eTux (25-Jun-2010)
"The last couple of weeks have been almost like being on vacation. I'm playing some of these older levels for the purpose of writing the walkthrough, and I'm experiencing some nice little gems that can be completed quickly and with a minimum expenditure of sweat and tears. This is one of them, and one that I can unreservedly recommend for beginners seeking to hone their gaming skills. A lot of fun for about a half hour." - Phil (22-Aug-2005)
"The initial impression given at the start of the level is of a bright cheerful game with lively textures. The waterfalls underground river and caves the internal rooms and passages are interesting and varied. The colours are bright in the relevant areas and lighted flares reveal all in the dark corners. The game has no 'human' adversaries but the warthogs/minipigs and the crocodiles provide good target practice. The skeletons are dispatched by use of the shotgun and suitably placed water but use of the revolver with its attached laser sight was much more difficult. Towards the end of the level you find a grenade gun ... and ammunition ... a most satisfying and efficient way of dispensing with the last of the skeletons! The route to collect the Horseman's gems to open the first gate that you see involves some interesting jumps runs and puzzles and the satisfaction when the gems open the gate is definite. The one disappointing thing about the gate is that it has a lock which it is reasonable to presume would be opened by a key but it isn't. This applies as well to the gate guarded by the last of the 'skellies'. It is opened by an interesting device left when the 'skellies' are more than dispensed with by the grenade gun. The very end of the level is a real pleasure with a 'thank you for playing' message and a superb fly-by which revisits some of the places in the game. A different scenario is that at the end of the game gates opened during it were still open and other situations were as you had left them ...rather than being reset. A good game with much to recommend it." - Mrs rjb (08-Dec-2004)
"I have a feeling that all this would have worked a lot better if the author wasn't so enthusiastic to wow us with all those new textures and all the routes just came across as blocky straight and square i.e. in the caves. There's a very good but unnecessary flyby at the end to show all this to advantage. Having said that the new green textures in the water in the Hall of the Adept looks lovely. But enough is as good as a feast and the whole looks more like 'how many textures can I squash in here at the one time'. The task is to find two gems and keys to enter the Hall. There are two lasersights one of which you will need to shoot a gate to let a boulder roll down. A couple of good boulder traps happen but that's about it in the excitement department. A short level to leave aside for when you need a breather." - CC (22-Nov-2003)
"Gameplay wise I found this rather nondescript while the texturing had a distinctive patchwork quality to it that didn't work out so well though I liked the psychedelic patterns. A few boulder traps warthogs that run into walls two laser sights medi packs you never need some skeletons and two gems that are placed rather listlessly. After a little less than 30 minutes you're through and there is an excruciatingly long fly by at the end. But what the smeg it's easy and the boulder hop was quite exiting so you might want to have a look." - Dimpfelmoser (08-Sep-2002)
"The textures in this level seemed like being self made but they didn't always fit seemed a bit mixed up somehow. The lighting was okay except for some dark places. Your opponents are crocs and skeletons the latter a bit annoying first until you find the shotgun and near the end the grenade gun too. Two blue gems must be found one key and the Hathor Effigy. - A level for players who like short levels (35 minutes) and many colours used." - Sheevah (21-Aug-2002)
"This is quite a nice level to play recommended by Ian. Although it is straightforward there are a few areas to explore. Enemies are boars skeletons and crocs. I don't know if it was my download done ages ago but Lara wouldn't monkey climb she just floated. Boars and crocs were stuck into walls that made it only easy to kill them. Find two gems to open the Hall of the Adept and later the grenade gun and do use that gun or else you will miss the thrilling boulder and timed trap door and a great fly by at the end. There were some different textures used in some rooms and I found two lasersights. All in all a nice level to play. 03-08-2002" - Gerty (11-Aug-2002)
"This is one of the best medium-sized levels I've played. It's a fun extremely atmospheric and quite non-linear level where exploration is all. There are very few enemies and all of those can be dispatched easily (I never needed a single medi-pack throughout this journey). The level is very well designed and beautifully lit and textured (although the author appeared to be showing off his custom textures a little too much in places). It does perhaps get a little anti-climactic at the end; the Hall itself isn't a particularly fearsome place and the last two puzzle pieces are dropped by some very considerate skeletons (which I killed the first time with the Revolver thus making it impossible to acquire them). But the final thank you makes for a humorous finale. A mini-masterpiece." - Orbit Dream (19-Jul-2002)
"What an enchanting level! Some distinct texturing made for an interesting adventure to find 2 blue gems this enabling entrance to the Hall of the Adept. This was great fund and nicely done with a little exploring a little swimming climbing and a few boars a couple of crocs and the ever-present nasty skeletons. In some instances you were able to blow them off a ledge with the shotgun. But for the most part you had to avoid and outrun as the grenade gun isn't acquired until almost the end which was good as when you blew up the last two they gave up the 2 pieces of the portal guardian. The ending is the most exciting part with a couple of adrenaline pumping runs and jumps to escape and witness the fantastic ending fly by." - Momster (16-Jul-2002)
"With wonderfully never before seen textures well not that I can remember mixed together to give this a great feel and look this level has you searching for a couple of gems underground to open the gate to the Hall of the Adept above ground where actually the least of the game is set. This is by no means a difficult level and not the longest at only 25 minutes although it felt longer but it was still a fun and slightly different one and different is always good!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Solid level that will provide you with half an hour of decent entertainment. Starting and especially Ending fly-by's are nice; Lara has a custom outfit which is becoming quite popular as I have already seen it in a few levels now; sounds and music are used well to support the atmosphere. In terms of gameplay there are quite a few areas to explore to find the two gems that will open you the door to the Hall and from then on it is a quick 5 minute thrill with a few falling/rolling ball traps towards the end." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This level is 25 minutes of classic Tomb Raider with wonderful textures great gameplay (not too hard). The falling boulder traps were well thought out and the opening and closing fly bys were terrific. It is just a pity the level is so short but this one is a definite download folks." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"Another level by Trocinth that takes around 30 minutes. Lara has to find two horseman's gems to enter the hall and they were hidden in nice caverns. Inside the hall is just straight forward with a very hard jump to do after a sliding and to avoid the rolling ball. The texturization was good and the lighting was improved in comparison with "Mercenary Depot". And you can't miss the final flyby very interesting." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"There is an effort to personalize this level with new textures but really they give such a psychedelic effect that the game is not credible and loses in interest. I remember the author being very generous in pickups but I didn't use a quarter of them. Also I didn't quite understand the purpose of it. Was it just a test level for being so short? However there are some really nice effects especially with the lights and the flybys. The ending camera is really cool. I would just say that the author has done better." - Jbc21 (21-Jun-2002)
"This level is a lot smaller than some others and as a result comes over as maybe a little simplistic. There are some nice ideas here but they are few and far between and on the whole it's a fairly unchallenging level. Enemies are crocs boar and skeletons but they're easy to avoid/ignore or kill. Some of the textures are quite well used and the lighting is nice.Not bad but not too involving." - David (21-Jun-2002)
"The custom textures give this level a wonderfully unique look and are quite interesting to look at. Some of them reminded me of the short story 'The Cocoon' by John B. L. Goodwin - pretty but somehow spooky at the same time. Gameplay was fairly easy except for a few traps and indeed my favorite five minutes were the last five with the timed platform and the rolling and falling boulders. The whole level was interesting though and had you exploring some well -done caves to find the two gems needed to open a door. There are a few well placed enemies such as skeletons and crocs but are fairly easy to ignore/kill as there are plenty of pickups often rooms have been built just for them and I found two laser sites. There is a small fly by at the beginning and another stunning one at the end that you won't wanna miss. I recommend this for a good half hour of fun." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"Short but the game play has a nice flow. The player needs two gems not difficult to get them and going for a short swim then through the tunnels to another level pulling up and one puzzle with a boulder falling it ends. I wanted more of it I liked the atmosphere and it had more sounds than most of them. Crocodiles and skeletons are the enemies and you get the revolver and the grenade gun. From outside going inside you won't be lost in there that's for sure the lighting is quite good so are the small rooms with the pick ups and the textures not so ordinary nice to look at. I found it sympathetic." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)