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Small Adventure in the City by Damian Knurowa

CC 6 4 7 7
Dimpfelmoser 3 3 7 7
Dougsan 4 3 8 6
eRIC 5 6 7 7
G.Croft 5 4 5 6
Gerty 8 6 7 8
Jay 6 6 7 8
Jose 5 6 5 8
Kristina 4 6 7 8
MichaelP 4 4 7 7
Momster 5 4 5 5
Orbit Dream 6 6 7 8
Phil 6 6 7 7
RaiderGirl 6 6 7 8
Ryan 5 5 6 7
Sash 6 6 7 6
Torry 7 6 7 8
Treeble 5 5 7 7
release date: 31-Jul-2002
# of downloads: 57

average rating: 6.06
review count: 18
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file size: 27.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"It’s certainly well named. As it’s in three parts, you may be expecting a longish sort of a raid, but each section is so short that the entire game only takes roughly 30 minutes to play. It’s easy, almost soothing gameplay in attractive settings, comprising coastal, library and, in particular, those lovely ‘It’s a Madhouse’ city scenes. I actually thought it was rather sweet." - Jay (11-Jun-2019)
"The previous reviews have adequately summed up this raid. You have a sandwich of sorts, two mini-levels placed in between two Coastal segments. Total playing time was about 26 minutes, but the real meat is found in the Library level that consumed about half that time. It's also the most visually appealing and the most comprehensive in terms of gameplay. Harry Laudie's walkthrough documents a fifth segment where nothing really happens, but my game crashed at the end of the second Coastal segment. Nothing fancy, but certainly playable." - Phil (01-Oct-2018)
"Small, indeed. We should not base our thoughts solely on the length of a level, but rather on the quality time we spend in it. In this case, we have three very short levels, but it's safe to say both "City" levels are merely an introduction for the Library level in which the bulk really is. You get a rather simple and quick quest for four stars. Lots of standard elements are present, such as the music harp, and everything is working as expected. The two city levels were rather empty however, so that may have detracted from the experience as a whole, but ultimately this was a rather nice raid. 20 minutes. 03/18" - Treeble (01-Apr-2018)
"A very small adventure indeed, but I did like the different appearance of each level (City, It's a Madhouse and a Library setting. It's simple in gameplay terms, although I enjoyed the search for the four golden stars, Pharos Pillar and Horseman's Gem, along with a wraith chase and crisp bike ride. I would very much like to play an expanded version." - Ryan (16-May-2017)
"Very short this levels but at least they are linked and form a nice adventure. Fast gameplay with easy tasks, I only was disoriented when I found the high star I couldn't get at that moment. Well placed enemies, but not enough ammo for the uzis to shoot them all; also I found shotgun shells but never the shotgun, it could be very useful to fight with the warthogs. A very short ride with the bike, no secrets to find, I missed some cameras and musics and also some flares for the dark areas; the best were the lighting and the well applied textures. Enjoyable." - Jose (26-Jul-2016)
"City 1: a cute little village (ala Madhouse) and I suppose it's a case of the animals escaping the zoo because there are warthogs and crocs in the streets. Main thing here is to get the crowbar (in the deep dark pit) which let's you access the route to the bike a short jump and you're into the second city level City 2 which is even shorter. BTW look for that crawlspace near the gates. Now onto the third level a lovely Library. Straight away you get a crossbow and lasersight so no prizes for guessing that you have to target things here finding stars gem scroll (Lara places the scroll and plays the harp) globe puzzle and a knot to bring back to City 1. Good looking levels that are very easy to play. Even die-hard raiders should have fun playing this miniest of mini games." - CC (08-Aug-2003)
"In this three level game a very short game just thirty minutes for all three of them there isn't much to do. You have to kill or avoid crocodiles wild boars and a couple of SAS guards find a knot which turns into a pillar after placing it stars and end the levels. Although the new levels screen doesn't show it you will jump from one level to another that is from one city to the other and finally to the library and back to the first one to place the knot. At some corners is very dark with no reason at all as there are no switches just one lever very visible. It does have nice textures but not much game play. Choose this if you have nothing better to play." - Kristina (05-Aug-2003)
"This set of three ultra short levels is a neat idea and I wish the author had of expanded this theme as even though short it was thoroughly enjoyable. The two ultra short city levels are only a conduit to the library where all the action takes place but in the city you need to locate the crowbar. If you get to the library without it go back my friend. In the library you are on the hunt for a horseman's gem (which is still attached to a horseman) the knot the music scroll and four stars. There is a neat little flipmap puzzle to get one of the stars and a fire wraith to ward off. Once the stars are placed you return to the city to place the knot and there unfortunately the level ends. However like I said I really did like the idea of the interrelationship between the three levels and for this I give you extra points." - Torry (26-Jan-2003)
"This would have to be the shortest multi leveled game out there three levels that took me only 35 minutes to finish. The first in a small dark city the second being a short bike ride and the last set in a library where you then return to the city for a mere minute and finish. Game play in these levels is a little light on and I had a crashing problem with the connection between the first and second level (and yes I did start with the right city level) but I still found myself enjoying them and you probably will too just don't have high expectations." - Sash (02-Dec-2002)
"This was a fun series of connected levels that has you exploring a cute little city to find the entrance to the underground library where you will battle three tin men and search for various objects including the Pharaohs Knot which you then take back to the city and use to open a door. The author has done a great job making the areas attractive and believable and has a nice mix of enemies and puzzles that are easy enough for anyone. I only wish these levels had lasted longer as I really enjoyed playing them. Hopefully this was only the appetizer and the author is working on the long level right now." - RaiderGirl (05-Nov-2002)
"What a nice surprise this was. I loved the lay out and the look of these three levels although two of them were very short. You start in a city and you'll meet a couple of warthogs and some crocs. They did scare the beejeeves out off me. Find the crowbar and note the receptacle of the Pillar as you'll be back here. Then you have a very short ride on the bike and after pulling a lever you enter the City Library. There the fun begins as this is the larger of the three. Finding stars a blue gem the scroll and some planet pushing to do and you get back to the first level to place the Pillar. Where is the next one? 14-09-2002" - Gerty (16-Sep-2002)
"All right these are pretty short levels but I happened to enjoy them. The city environments are fairly well realized (although there are no roofs to any of the houses) and the Library was rather well crafted. Returning to the first level at the end was a nice touch and you even get a short motorbike ride. No masterpiece by any means but surely it deserves to do better?" - Orbit Dream (15-Sep-2002)
"Small indeed but the almost non-existant gameplay is put into a rather nice setting and you get to enjoy three levels in less than 30 minutes of net gaming time even coming back to the first to place the knot. There are some warthogs and crocodiles and a crowbar to be found in the first part then a few SAS a short bike ride a crawlspace and a lever in part 2 before you get to a bit of fun in the library where you need to find a gem a scroll four stars and the knot shoot brass balls vases and tinmen and move two planets to their spots. I found it remarkable that Lara actually plays the harp here as you don't get to see that often. Play it for some short fun." - Michael (13-Sep-2002)
"This is a very simple but somewhat entertaining 40 minute level which takes you through 2 different cities and a library. A few guards a fire wraith 2 crocodiles and some wild pigs along with of course some of the tin men are your enemies. The hardest part of the level not surprisingly is locating the crowbar. do you do that? You are basically just exploring the areas to find 4 golden stars a blue gem which a tin man coughs up and a pillar. The 2 city portions are quite short and uneventful and library segment is by far the most entertaining." - Momster (13-Sep-2002)
"A very linear and straight on level once you start the right 'city'. The level menu isn't quite clear and I started the second 'city' and could not for my life find the crowbar (since it was in the first 'city'). So you start in a small city find your way to an underground library shoot a couple of tinmen pick up four stars and a pharos knot which is the key to the exit. The End after 30 minutes. No clear mission here and very easy gameplay." - G.Croft (12-Sep-2002)
"3 levels: You must begin this adventure by choosing in the menu the first City level (based on the Coastal wad) to do this raid in the right order. City part 1 (8 minutes): Lara arrives in a village with textures from Venice and from the Zoo and explores this nice village killing some wild boars and crocs to find the crowbar and the door leading to the next part of the city. City part 2 (3 minutes): A very short level with a very short ride with the motorbike some SAS to shoot and one lever to pull and Lara finds the entrance to the underground library. Underground library (20 minutes): The most interesting level of the set a typical and nicely designed library with some tinmen and a fire elemental. Some exploration to find a gem a scroll 4 stars and the knot needed in City part 1. I like the atmosphere of this level and the puzzle with the globes and the raising block to pick up one of the stars is good. City part 1 (2 minutes): Lara comes back with the knot kills some more boars and opens the last gate. Conclusion: The title describes very well this simple raid it is a nice adventure for beginners." - eRIC (12-Sep-2002)
"Small Adventure in the City is certainly small but that is what I expected. There were no puzzles that I remember and the enemies were obvious and easily killed with nothing more than standard pistols. I think it took me -- not a goo Raider -- about 30 minutes start to finish. But I enjoyed Small Adventure in the City. It flowed from stage to stage. It wasn't a challenge at all but sometimes the brain wants a simple outing. The game was TOO DARK with NO FLARES. But the look in the visible areas was attractive. I did not find any secrets but then I didn't look for any either." - Dougsan (12-Sep-2002)
"These three installments are mere sketches and I guess they should be played in a row but the script is not very clear about it. The coastal part is just a bit of exploring and animal killing the city intermezzo consists of 11 rooms that let you do a short motorcycle ride and an even shorter crawl while the library experience is by far the most demanding part of this adventure. It also features a bit of gameplay and a really annoying wraith. However it seems to me that Damian just wanted to demonstrate that he can create a believable setting rather than come up with a full scale level. Well mission accomplished next time I want a bit of a storyline." - Dimpfelmoser (11-Sep-2002)