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The Lost Mine by Pouco2

Akcy 6 5 7 7
bERT 6 8 9 7
CC 9 8 10 10
Dimpfelmoser 8 7 9 9
DJ Full 8 9 9 8
Dougsan 8 8 8 8
Drakan 9 10 9 10
Ekrixi 6 6 7 8
Engelchen Lara 10 9 10 9
eRIC 9 10 9 10
eTux 7 9 10 10
Freeman Porter 9 9 9 9
Gef87 10 10 10 9
Gerty 9 10 9 9
Ivan 9 10 10 9
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 9
Jose 9 9 10 9
Kristina 8 9 9 9
LePerk 7 9 10 9
Loupar 9 10 10 10
MegaGamer 9 9 10 10
MichaelP 9 9 9 10
Monika 9 9 9 9
Obig 9 9 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
RaiderGirl 8 9 9 10
Roylion15 10 10 10 10
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Scottie 10 9 9 10
SeniorBlitz 9 10 10 10
Sherry 9 9 9 10
Torry 9 10 10 10
Treeble 7 8 8 8
release date: 25-Sep-2002
# of downloads: 66

average rating: 8.97
review count: 34
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file size: 27.95 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A snowy level with many original TR rooms retextured. Half of me likes the tribute, another half finds it lazy, the final half was intrigued by what other rooms I'll recognize on the way. It didn't age the best, also there's no story but more like looting gameplay, however it's all executed rather nicely." - DJ Full (02-Aug-2022)
"Mixed feelings towards this level. On the one hand, I loved how, from the get-go, you can recognize so many different rooms from various official Core Design levels (I've spotted replicas from TR2, TR2 Gold, TR3 and TR5) and they're completely "remixed" so it doesn't even try to be a remake but instead it's a somewhat inventive mix and match approach to build something new entirely. On the down side, I thought gameplay was a bit uninspired, often resorting to the tried and tested formula of finding keys or remote levers to open doors and spotting the occasional fuse box. Blowing up the jeep to destroy a sentry gun was a nice touch (we don't see the helicopter often, and I think a jeep replacement might have happened this one time only). Definitely not a bad level and it's visually very cool and well done, but perhaps my impressions might have been more positive had I played it closer to release. 70 minutes, 5 secrets. 07/20" - Treeble (26-Jul-2020)
"I had never played Pouco2 level but it is really good (it was created in 2002 and already there are very big challenges imposed like the race with snowmobile). It is very well textured and lighted and I loved it." - Drakan (20-Oct-2019)
"This is definitely one to evoke nostalgia and certain areas do look very familiar. The gameplay is most enjoyable, varied and engrossing, and the atmosphere is excellent. Beautifully made and, although a two-parter, it certainly doesn’t overstay its welcome. Definitely recommended." - Jay (10-Sep-2019)
"A nice comeback level for me that didn't have the time to play a TRLE for a while, it has solid design with a pretty spot-on atmosphere, the music queues where a nice touch and lighting quite good, I liked how the author implemented past areas from the original TR games (like the chasm) really naturally into the level, though some puzzles can be a tad crypt sometimes, like shooting a random box to open a trap door, the second part also ends abruptly which left me wanting more, but, overall a really high quality package with a lot to like." - SeniorBlitz (13-Oct-2018)
"What a great double level and I'm surprised that I hadn't played this before. This is quite coincidentally the second Arctic level I've played in the space of a week and I must say that this was the more enjoyable one. There's a couple of homages to levels from the original Tomb Raiders but I'll let you find them out for yourself. There's also a rocket launching puzzle that is incredibly well executed. Maybe the minefield room could have been made with a little less reliance on luck, but that's a minor gripe in an otherwise wonderful experience. Recommended." - Ryan (16-Sep-2017)
"Alright, the lost mine: a level that was quite fun. My favorite things about this level was that textures and atmosphere. I think it really showed how real it looked. I felt like I was actually exploring this cool looking mine. I must admit, I really enjoyed the gameplay of this level. I also had a good time fighting some enemies that were in my way. The puzzles in this level were entertaining, and some secrets were well hidden. Recommended." - MegaGamer (29-Mar-2014)
"Well, this level wasn't of my taste. I usually like snowy levels, but this one didn't make me feel it. The enemies are not very challenging and the puzzles don't need a lot of thought. You mostly have to pay attention, than thinking. I'd like it to be more challenging and maybe a bit more beautiful. There were few good fights and some parts I enjoyed, but the ones I didn't were more." - Ekrixi (06-Nov-2013)
"A nice ride through a russian base in the pole (or Siberia?). Lara must find five artifacts, but she can finish the level without them so you can lose part of the gameplay. Soldiers, sentry guns, raptors, wasps... it's a good idea to keep ammo and medipacks 'cause there are few pickups. A dangeuros ride with the snowmobile and a lot of tasks to do to reach the misils launcher near the end. Good atmosphere with a lot of cameras to help, nice texturing and some special effects I liked a lot. Recommended." - Jose (20-Aug-2010)
"This time is Lara in the extreme east of Russia. In a mine near the Bering Sea were found supposedly four artefacts, among other things the Infada Stone and the Eye of Isis. This is of course exactly right for Lara. But of course the arrangement is tightly guarded by mercenaries with submachine guns. And of course stand there still three Sentry-Guns. But such a thing was never an obstacle for Lara. Then after about one and a half-hour playing time is Lara at the level end. And on this occasion she still finds a big submarine. And here once again I stand with a laughing eye and a crying eye. Since on the one hand this is a really good level, but then is after one and a half hours again end of work. But these one and a half hours were bulging with great riddles and very good Gameplay. There was no situation in which one did not know any more further and one had always enough ammunition to fight against the opponents, to whom also several small and a big dino belonged. If you have no more desire on the desert and your sense stand after cold climes, you must absolutely play this level." - Scottie (27-Jun-2009)
"I suppose it's just coincidence that I selected these two older levels to play at the same time, but I saw a number of similarities between The Lost Mine and Justin's Atlantis 2. Both are two-parters that last a little more than an hour, both have elements of a base camp setting, and both offer extended rides on a vehicle (the snowmobile in The Lost Mine, the jeep in Atlantis 2). On balance, however, I have to say that The Lost Mine is the superior offering by reason of the stimulating and varied gameplay. The atmosphere is well-nigh perfect, with just the right mixture of spookiness and high-tech surroundings. You can't go wrong with either one, so play 'em both again if the details have faded from your mind over the years." - Phil (24-May-2008)
"The beginning of first level made me wonder if it's a remake from TR2gold. There are certain similarities though, it's far from the same. Lara is in Siberia, at a soviet missile station, and she dressed for the occasion as well. The puzzles aren't too difficult, but I think some things could be easily overlooked if you're not watchful. The store areas, the office, the generator, the underground tunnels all made a real feeling of the place. The launch and the snowbike were good fun of course. The enemies can be handled easily, except perhaps the flies, they always attack where not much space to manoeuvre around, like on the roof. The tigers made a few pickups problematic for me, because naturally, I refused to kill them. Only the dinos disturbed me, they just do not fit. Due to the size and complexity of the first, the second level is small and easy. It's the overall atmosphere I liked very much." - Akcy (05-Jun-2005)
"This is a great set of levels and I was only sorry everything had to end just after the sub... Well we're warned to keep a savegame for a possible future installation... I say we all make a demonstration somewhere in France to put pressure on Lionel to really deliver it. I wouldn't like this to be one of those part ones without any subsequent parts. Very solid graphics perfect balance between action and exploring and the intelligent winking eye to TR2 and TR2 Gold (TR3 too with a little more imagination). I love all those rusty metal structures and the snow with a lot of snowbike riding along the portions of land Lara has to explore. The baddies were great too and so were the dinosaurs. The amount of time I spent shooting at the T-Rex (directly imported from TR2) until I finally understood I simply had to outrun the dreaded beast! And all the time I spent running around the whole place times and times uncounted after finding a place to use a valve wheel when I couldn't find any anywhere... What thing had I overlooked which thing hadn't I shot at? I won't tell you in order not to spoil the game... or am I being sadistic here? What I can tell you is there's a lot of exploring to do here and it's brilliant. And I may add that since you're forced to do so much exploring you'll end up finding a lot if not the whole lot. I ended the game with five artefacts and four secrets out of five - where on earth was the fifth? The level was a lot of hard work but fun hard work. I know this is very classic tomb raiding with little room for amazing originalities... but that's precisely what I fell in love with in the first place. Lionel I'm craving for the continuation!" - Jorge22 (23-May-2004)
"This great level takes place in a Lost Mine lots of snow and buildings. It has clearly been inspired by the first levels of TR2 Gold. But this is better. It has a great look and atmosphere. There are a few minor technical problems missing sounds compacted textures and errors in the snow mobile animations but they're easy to ignore. The gameplay is reasonable fun without but not too difficult. I almost finished before I realised I need the second wheel and had some trouble finding it because I didn't know about those electrical box you can shoot but once I figured that out it was all good. Well built good-looking level with some interesting ideas and good gameplay this deserves its place in the top 50." - LePerk (13-Mar-2004)
"As I went through this level I kept thinking I've seen this architecture before but retextured to suit the theme of the level. Parts taken from the original games i.e. Rome Great Wall X(something) Mines etc. This isn't to say that it's a bad thing it just means Lionel has used what's already there to create a whole new game. And he's done a brilliant job. Basically it's a base in Siberia with tracks in the snow going in different directions to different areas such as huge ice cave where you meet a TRex (odd!) that I couldn't kill despite the suggestions on the forum and to areas where there are rockets and storage buildings. The second level is similar to the first and you go back and forth so it's better to treat it as just one big level. The jeep is treated the same way that the helicopter was in City of the Dead; methinks it looks more spectacular here. The final part of Lara swimming through tunnels and out to where a submarine left me with the idea that the only way to go was swim over it and into the next tunnel being chased by sharks and the level ended. This was a strange ending. Anyway I got four of the five crystal artifacts the fifth one I presume was behind that single shutter door I never go to open in the first level! Well worth the download highly recommended." - CC (27-Nov-2003)
"This is a very good level of 2 parts. The story takes place on an old Russian base full of with pictures of Stalin. I had to think over the things at some places. It was especially hard to find all 5 Secrets as e.g. beneath the coming off floor which didn't come off for me first. :) On the 1st level you must find 3 Artifacts 2 Valve Wheels they will be needed on the 2nd level. Anyway the levels aren't linear you can choose your way differently. The smashing box is a good idea which destroys the automatic machine guns. The Revolver and the Laser Sight are important as you will have to shoot aimed later several times. The Crowbar is also essential. You have to find 2 Shaft Keys and their receptacles. On the second level you will start the rocket but before leaving the level find the 2 other Artifacts. You will also need the Fuse and place the Valve Wheels too. The enemies are different: armed men dinosaurs machine guns huge wasps panthers sharks and even a T-Rex which can be easily destroyed by a single shoot beneath his belly. In the end the wreck of the sunken ship is beautiful surrounded by sharks. The added sounds are also great. I recommend this superb level to all of you don't miss it! Find walkthrough pictures and savegames here: " - Obig (25-Nov-2003)
"What a great level and you need your wits about as there is quite some exploring to do. Even the snowmobile ride was not that bad. Finding two Shaft Keys one is really hidden and evolves a jump to the left near the thumping T-Rex. Stupidly the part I was stuck is a simple trapdoor I overlooked for quite sometime. The other thing you need are two valve wheels and for that you need the crowbar. Do look everywhere as some items can be overlooked. Found all 5 artifacts but only 4 secrets. The atmosphere was great in the first and second level as well. WOW at the showers that was a great surprise as Lara had to swim through some nasty looking water. No wonder that some raptors and giant mosquitoes are roaming around with all the warnings you get about hazardous waste. What I didn't like are the mines in the room with the chains as that involved a lot of reloading on my part. Play this you won't be sorry. 11-05-2003" - Gerty (18-May-2003)
"When I began to play Lost Mine I thought that the copy of rooms from original TR games was a big fault of the level. After some minutes of playing my impressions were different because the perfect match of all these rooms in an original game. The gameplay is very logic and some objects are very difficult to find: I got five artifacts and five secrets because of this in 2 hrs of net gaming. The secrets are REAL secrets... I'd like that Pouco would continue this level the sub in the cave is one of the best scenes I've seen in a TR game. Please give us a little more of this adventure." - Loupar (06-Mar-2003)
"This is a great level. Yes it does remind one of earlier Tombraider games but that adds to the fun. I loved the atmosphere and the hunting required for the objects. The only thing I would have left out would have been the T-Rex and the raptors. I think they were out of place in this Arctic environment with the Cold War atmosphere. Play it you will enjoy it." - Sherry (10-Feb-2003)
"All in all The Lost Mine was fun. There was nothing that felt new. There was nothing that felt exciting. Four of the five secrets gave themselves up easily. One or two of the automatic machine guns blew themselves up without my shooting at them (stray bullets from an enemy?). The game progressed very well and I always had a sense of where I should be going next. I did get my knickers in a bit of a twist by not using the snowmobile the first time through (use it you do need it). The design is interesting and the layouts though not original are fun and very attractive. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the 'possible continuation.'" - Dougsan (21-Jan-2003)
"Great and huge and massive and jumbo levels:)) Nice atmosphere with snow area and very well made driving snowmobile. I really enjoyed when playing these two levels. Only thing I did not like is that the second level was too short. Waiting for continuation...." - Ivan (06-Jan-2003)
"If you've played any of Lionel's levels you'll know to expect hours of exploring a large and confusing but elaborately built and very realistic environment that is just wonderful to look at. The first level is a cross between the gold levels of TR 2 and the mine levels of TR 3 and all the train car tracks and underground mining tunnels are something you just have to see. There are two valve wheels and two keys to collect along the way a T-Rex to run by as you collect one of the five ancient artifacts a snowmobile ride and a room with land mines that had me reloading more times than I care to say. In the second level you explore a large underground room with raptors many levels and rooms off to the side to find a fuse and then use it and the two valve wheels to start a few rockets. This allows you access to the two submarines that are buried in a deep icy underwater cave. The way it ended left is open for a sequel so hopefully we'll see another level by Lionel soon." - RaiderGirl (02-Jan-2003)
"I am reviewing this as one level as you can go back and forth between both levels once you find the Shaft Key 2 and the second part is quite short in itself. It is yet another brilliant Arctic setting by Lionel (as he created one before in X-Zone). I thought the Siberia feeling works really well and the rail tracks make it look very real as does the icy wind blowing throughout. Basically you need to find five artifacts: Ora Dagger 1 and 2 Infada Stone in Part 1 Eye of Isis Element 115 in Part 2 but they are really optional as you can finish the level without them. You do need to find the two shaft keys (plugs) in Part 1 for progression and the two valve wheels in part 1 for progression in part 2. The snowmobile ride in part 1 is great fun there are fuse boxes to shoot mines and sentry guns to eliminate/avoid swinging chains a T-Rex white tigers many guards movable blocks etc etc. All in all I spent 1:35 hours in both parts with a lot of exploring but it never really gets boring and if you look carefully you won't get stuck as it is not all that complicated. I did only find one secret in each part though so missed three more. Cameras and sound effects are used well and the fire test of the rockets in part two is quite ingenious. Part two also offers a few more enemies (raptors and mosquitoes) and the level ends as you swim past a huge submarine and a few sharks. Great entertainment - one not to miss." - Michael (01-Jan-2003)
"These two levels kept me and my Lara pretty much on our toes. Especially the first level the mine itself was very realistically designed and my Lara felt very much at home here. There is much to do altogether one needs to find 5 artifacts and this is not easy as you must think quite a bit. Pull levers and pass a giant dino... in the second level they were smaller ;-) ...and guards. But Lara had found good weapons like Ak 47 Desert Eagle and ammunition as well as medis. I have found only 4 out of 5 secrets. The atmosphere pleased me very well. There was a tension as to what would happen next often created using sounds. I like it all around so my Lara awards full score ;-). At the end Lara dives once again through an underground cave past some waiting sharks ;-) but you only had to get to the submarine. Very much recommended :-)" - Engelchen Lara (22-Dec-2002)
"When playing this level I had a deja vu feeling at times cause there are some areas that are very familiar to some parts of the original games (the start of 'the great wall' 'the cold war' a part from the training route in the 'Streets of Rome' and more). I liked the first part a lot better than the second one cause there was more to do and it also reminded to me why I loved Tomb Raider 2 so much. The icy atmosphere the illumination the textures - no fault in that it actually was too good to be true but this adventure was somewhat incomplete since I never visited the T-Rex area still don't know how to get there! I found 4 artifacts and I guess the T-rex guarded the one I missed. Nevertheless thanks to Pouco for this nice double level I enjoyed it a lot." - eTux (02-Dec-2002)
"This is a double level worth lusting after. The enemies alone make it worth playing from the beautiful snow leopards to the T Rex down in the chasm they were oh so wonderfully done. Touches like the portraits of Stalin emblazoned on the steel walls just added the right atmosphere and all throughout this two hour long excursion into the depths of the mine you will be amazed at what a bit of imagination can do. The gameplay is rather perplexing with the route never being obvious and it is easy to miss things. A few hints. Look on the desks look at the ceilings and look up high on the buildings for things to shoot. In the first level you need to locate and collect two valve wheels (although there are three that you can in fact get) but you only need two of these in level two. In the second level you will also need to locate a fuse and the end object is to fire off some missiles once you make the system live with the fuse and place and turn the two valve wheels to open the firing boxes. Now to get there you will need all the abovementioned items plus collect the five artifacts. The Orca Dagger 1 the Orca Dagger 2 the Infada Stone the Eye of Isis and lastly the Element 115. These are the objects of Lara's excursion into the depths of snow and ice. Once launched you swim out to safety passed a huge ice locked submarine and some hungry hammer head sharks to exit the level. A very well done set of levels and one that any raider worth his or her salt will not miss." - Torry (01-Nov-2002)
"This game was built as a Tutorial level for the French level site TRO-Online. But the result is more than that a very good game. In some rooms you will get a deja vu Lionel has taken some original rooms of the TR games and has designed them new well done. A typical search and explore level while searching for 5 artifacts in a snowy area Lara meets some unfriendly soldiers drives some rounds with the snow mobile eliminates with one shot on a crate a jeep and two sentry guns and explores the whole big area. In a valley the T-Rex is waiting but Lara runs fast to get away from him. In the second part Lara has to set free 3 buttons which ignite the big rockets to melt the icy floor. A diving tour follows to a very large u-boat Lara also meets some hungry sharks in the water until the level is over. The graphics are well done the non-linear gameplay sometimes is a bit confusing but the game is great fun with brilliant atmosphere and well built in sounds. I have found all 5 artifacts but one secret in the second part I missed. Playing time about 2 and a half hours difficulty between medium and hard. Recommended!" - Freeman Porter (13-Oct-2002)
"I think that this is a beautiful arctic level taking place at the Strait of Bering Siberia. The environment is changing from brighter icy outsides to sinister looking insides. Lara met some good-looking soldiers but they didn't behave nicely. There were a T-Rex in an ice cave tigers raptors giant mosquitoes and at the end a few hammer sharks. Riding the snowmobile was fun for me. I didn't find the game too difficult and not boring at all. It had some tricky parts like for instance the room with the swinging chains. Getting over the gap and through the breakable ice wall with the snowmobile took me a little while. The main thing was to look carefully around and looking up should also be done regularly. Personally I liked part 1 better then part 2. I couldn't really understand what raptors and giant mosquitoes were doing up in Siberia. I found 4 secrets and 5 artefacts. Playing time 2:25 (statistic)." - Monika (01-Oct-2002)
"Lionel has made a professional work to create a very original adventure with a lot of new things and a lot of others which are not often seen in custom levels. Lara is here to infiltrate a Russian base to retrieve the five artifacts from TR3. She has found them all but only 3 of the 5 secrets to disposition. The texturing is very well done the lighting is perfect and the camera work very helpful for the player. The atmosphere and sounds are quite convincing I think there is some missing background sounds in some inside areas though. About the setting it is really beautiful and original even if I felt a bit at home in some places as some areas remind me of familiar places of the official games from Eidos (TR2 gold in the first level the first level of TR5 in the second level). Retextured soldiers white tigers raptors a T-rex a few giant wasps 3 sentry guns and a deadly room with swinging chains and mines have cost some small medipacks to Lara. In the first level which is completely not straightforward a lot of exploration and observation is necessary and I want to thank my fellow raiders of the forum to have helped me to get through it the second level is shorter and easier. I want to conclude this review by saying that this is a very enjoyable raid with a snowmobile put to good use and some good puzzles and a very fun gameplay. Pouco is also now breaking new ground with each of his work in The Lost Mine there is new animations for Lara (animations of TR5 when Lara inspects the bookshelves or turns the valves) and I have decided to reward this in the objects category. Download this level now do not expect too much challenge though but a very enjoyable moment." - eRIC (01-Oct-2002)
"It's a wonderful level that reminds me of the ambiance of older Tomb Raider Games. Very amazing the use of snowbike. I like this. You must be very observant to find all the objects and the five artifacts in the two parts of the level also five secrets to discover. Very good!" - Gef87 (01-Oct-2002)
"Two straightforward levels a bit of a dejŕ vu (textures and stuff from TR3's underwater levels) but some pretty 'neat' stuff too: two rather impressive moments both in the second level: a gigantic explosion and the underwater sequence with the embedded submarine. The latter one was quite impressive when you enter and suddenly you're surrounded by three hammerheads (shows you what talented people can do with let's face it what's become a very basic editor nowadays): Hollywood stuff. Other than that you get to see the T-Rex once again slide through snow with the snowmobile and there's no real purpose to find the 5 artefacts they are just a bit of a secret although you don't hear the secret chime. Worth to check it out." - bERT (01-Oct-2002)
"A quite easy but fun level. Well designed with snowy areas mine fields and a T-Rex that thing is huge no matter how many times I see it - still amazes me. Many enemies and a few sentry guns made me loose a lot of health I barely made it at some point.Having to find a fuse and five artifacts all together plus some keys makes this enjoyable enough. I did blow up the jeep but I have gone to the trouble of shooting first the sentry guns with the revolver so it was a big surprise when I figured out that 'trick'. Not much to say here the kalashnicov was nice and the desert eagle one of my favourite guns. There were raptors also easy to kill as you know. I think it is incomplete it could use some more puzzles. I had fun with it though and I am sure you will too." - Kristina (28-Sep-2002)
"This starts as homage to TR2 but quickly turns into a classical Pouco2 level that seems to pick up where X Zone ended. You have to infiltrate and explore deep into the arctic mine and find two Valve Wheels that you'll need in the second part. Throughout this mine you will come across some artifacts that are not vital for progression but getting them is half of the fun. There are fuseboxes to shoot sentry guns to neutralize a minefield to cross quite a few guards to battle (who are dressed like Lara so when I encountered the first resistance I thought I was in a mirror room) the snowmobile to ride and two shaft keys to find and use. I really liked the non linear gameplay but as it is with those levels you can progress without noticing that you've missed something along the way so you better make sure you have a good look around. The setting is a brilliant and brings back fond memories of the mine level from TR3. Textures and lighting are brilliant throughout this 100 minutes adventure. I'm not so sure about the enemies though as the raptors and giant dragonflies seem oddly out of place in such arctic surroundings. After you used both Valve wheels you can finally launch two rockets and then access an underwater system that brings you to a huge area with a very impressive submarine. Unfortunately there is no way of entering it you just swim past and hit the finish trigger which seems a bit of a waste. Still I had a great time in the Lost Mine and if you like a bit of exploring in the cold you should definitely have a look at this." - Dimpfelmoser (28-Sep-2002)
"This is a new level by our friend Lionel alias Pouco2 this one takes place in Siberia in the strait of Bering. Still one time it is splendidly made a success because the author in used by the landscapes covered with snow as well as quite a lot of original objects coming from older Tomb Raider games as Tr3's artefacts T-rex raptors as well as huge mosquitoes of Tinnos but also particularly skillful Lara possessing all the TR5's animations to search objects into cases and as well some other exclusive objects of Tr5. One will note the use of the perfectly functional snowbike thus an ingenious scenario and a particularly funny gameplay the level is not too difficult altogether but requires quite a lot of observation to find the 5 secrets and 5 artefacts. A continuation would be possible. The level consists of 2 interconnected parts but that should be considered as a whole. Please precipitate you on this new opus it is very great!" - Roylion15 (28-Sep-2002)