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Enchanted / The Quest by tombrdr

bERT 6 6 8 8
Dimpfelmoser 7 7 8 8
Gerty 6 6 8 7
Jay 7 8 8 7
Jose 2 5 6 4
Kristina 7 7 8 7
MichaelP 6 8 8 7
Momster 8 7 8 7
Phil 9 9 9 7
RaiderGirl 8 8 8 8
Ryan 6 6 7 6
Sherry 8 8 9 8
Torry 9 8 9 8
Treeble 5 6 6 6
release date: 26-Oct-2002
# of downloads: 79

average rating: 7.16
review count: 14
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file size: 33.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Definitely an improvement over the previous offering I've played from this author, but still plenty of issues such as wafer thin walls, enemies popping out of thin air and a generally unnecessary darkness all around (mostly on the first level, fortunately). The first level takes place in a swamp while the second goes a bit more traditional with a Cleopatra's Palaces style, including the search for black beetles to unlock the mechanical scarab. Towards the end there was quite an overkill with demigod enemies in a row, as I had plenty of medipacks left I decided to just race to the finish instead. 80 minutes, 9 secrets. 07/20" - Treeble (26-Jul-2020)
"Whilst this is still Debbie very much still honing her skills, her individual style is beginning to show, especially in some of the textures in the first section of this two-parter, giving us a taste of the quality that was to come. This isn’t bad, although, be warned, it’s very gloomy in places, but the gameplay fails to catch fire. There are quite a lot of enemies (demigods, skeletons etc.) but firepower is amply provided so there’s no real challenge. Simply put, entertaining enough, but to appreciate this builder at her best, play her later stuff!" - Jay (24-Oct-2019)
"I rarely have occasion to say this, but I thought that this two-level set was quite overrated. Maybe José was rather harsh in his gameplay score, but I understand where he is coming from. The gameplay here really just boils down to exploring huge areas, taking down enemies and looking for the next switch or key item that will allow you to progress to the next area, and then do the same thing, pretty much the entire way through. Once in a while, you have a trap sequence or some sort of acrobatic manoeuvre to overcome, but mainly it is just that, and it is really underwhelming. There's also some extremely tedious labyrinth areas that only seemed to be there to extend the playtime unnecessarily. The enemies are well enough placed, although they consist only of skeletons, demigods, harpies and a couple of warthogs and there's more than enough supplies to dispose of them without much hassle. Texturing is rather crude and badly applied and I encountered a few thin walls as well. I also found the darkness a bit overdone. Overall, it's not the worst game I've played (and I do like Debbie's later levels) but this really wasn't to my taste at all. Maybe those who don't expect much will enjoy it more though..." - Ryan (15-Jul-2018)
"Again very surprised by the very high ratings, 'cause this levels are pretty bad. You can notice this issue from the very beginning, where the author place very important items like the keys or the crowbar in a very very huge area lying anywhere. Also you can advance even without important objects and never can go back to get them; example: in the second level, if you miss one of the four scrolls in the pyramid area, go to the exit and slide down the long ramp, you'll get stucked forever (reload and replay again). It seems that this author doesn't evolve when time goes by, or never read the comments from the reviewers in the forum, 'cause this levels have exactly the same defects than the previous: paper walls, doors with the invisible block, elongated or stretched textures, too long ladders, etc. The gameplay was not good for me, 'cause there are not puzzles and I only needed to explore very huuuuuge areas with nothing more to do than look for the switches or the artifacts to open the exit doors and, of course, get hundreds and hundres of pickups you'll never need. Sometimes it's necessary to discover secrets to advance. The best, the musics and the camera shots showing important locations. Of course, not recommended in any way. Sorry." - Jose (12-Aug-2016)
"It's ironic because although I enjoyed this two-parter perhaps more than any of the others so far I have my first real criticism of one of Debbie Overstreet's creations. I'm all for atmosphere but I also like to be able to see what I'm doing. Parts of these levels are entirely too dark particularly near the end of Enchanted where you're making your way past the skeletons toward the exit. This relatively minor wet blanket aside I thoroughly enjoyed spending the major part of a laid-back Sunday evening navigating my way past harpies demigods more skeletons than I care to count while picking up a lot of scrolls beetles and stars along the way. The deadly traps were sprinkled about here and there just to keep the gamer on his toes. There was a delightful variety of environments to savor while progress was being made and I have to rate this one near the top of Debbie's output to date." - Phil (18-Aug-2003)
"A huge double level that really is not interconnected but two stand alone levels which will take the better part of two plus hours to complete. The first level 'Enchanted' really did make me feel I was meandering about a magical forest and the area you need to explore is huge. The forest itself the lake the treetops when you finally manage to get up there a dry lakebed and all these come with traps and pitfalls. There are many keys to locate but really if you follow your nose you will trip over them. One or two places were very dark but the flares worked thankfully and gameplay continued unhindered. There were a few tiny gaps between textures but nothing to reduce the pleasure of exploring this level. In your travels you collect a knapsack full of stars and I had one left over when I finished so I kept it as a souvenir. 'The Quest' took on a different atmosphere entirely with the search moving to indoor environs. There were some very well hidden jump switches and all the more galling because they were hidden in plain sight. This level is a marathon as you are on the search for no less than 4 black beetles 4 music scrolls 3 horseman's gems and finally a Pharoh's knot. However these items are jealously guarded by an army of demigods with their pet harpies and you will be grateful for the extra firepower you will find in the 9 secrets that are available. All in all a really really good double level set were you need to keep your eyes open and your wits about you. Well done Debbie." - Torry (23-Feb-2003)
"Enchanted (6/8/8/8 60 min. 4 secrets): It is actually a neat idea - a big forest that starts out nice and cosy in coastal style atmosphere and becomes spookier along the way with added swamp fog and a hilarious battle with tons of skeletons near the end which is lots of fun as the collection of the secrets provides for the required weaponry. But there are quite a few things I did not like about this part: the area to explore is vast and it becomes tedious to find the necessary items (crowbar many keys golden stars). You can reach the end of the world a door is placed two clicks too high some of the enemies (crocodiles skeletons) appear out of thin air you can be stuck if you open the wrong door first I hate booby traps without any indication and there is an annoyingly long climb into the treetops. The treetop jumping was fun though. The Quest (6/7/8/6 60 min. 4 secrets): What a relief after all the searching in part 1 this is a rather straight and linear run from one room to the next. I liked the outfit and a few times spent quite some time to locate the crucial next jump switch. More action here than in part 1 too as you have to battle about 50 enemies (skeletons harpies and demigods) on your quest for a portal guardian three gems a knot four scrolls and four black beetles. I liked the extensive use of music on entering each new area and the dark cave looked very cool. Bottomline 2 hours of decent raiding fun despite a few small gripes. " - Michael (27-Nov-2002)
"I don't know how Debbie puts so many levels out and still manages to make each one better than the last. Though the first one was my favorite both levels were fun to play and involved quite a bit of exploring some good jumps and rope swings and plenty of baddies in the form of skeletons demigods banshees and even a few beetles as you search for the mechanical beetle a few Golden Stars the Portal Guardian some gems and a knot. There seemed to be a large amount of the demigods and banshees so I was glad to find nine secrets and plenty of pickups along the way. With all the objects needed there is quite a bit of exploring and my favorite area was definitely the forest that you start the first level in. After running around for a while you start realizing just how large this forest is then you see that you still have the tree tops to search. Don't miss the very last room either - a room filled with windows and you can see lightning outside almost wrapped around the building. Very well done!" - RaiderGirl (27-Nov-2002)
"As I haven't played the other levels from Debbie yet I didn't know what to expect and by and large I was pleasantly surprised by the original style though there were quite a few things I didn't like that much. Gameplaywise I think it revolves too much around finding the crucial items. I guess I was lucky and only needed the forum to lead me the way to the first crowbar. However I found it somewhat illogical that shooting a wooden box would make the pharaos's pillar pop into existence somewhere else. Apparently you can play these levels on their own as you get the crowbar and crossbow twice whereas I thought that all the pick ups you get in the first part should prepare you for the health hazards of the second part and indeed there is a killing frenzy at the end but nevertheless I left the game with 40 grenades and 9 big medi packs. Enchanted starts in a spooky forest and after a short detour to a coastal torch/boulder room you climb up the trees and embark on a rather straightforward course with many stars and keys to pick up. There are quite a few skeletons near the end but by that time you have picked up enough explosives to deal with them. You pass many different areas and most of them looked good to me especially the dried out lake but it would have been even better if there was more to do than to shoot a single warthog and pry yet another star off the wall. The second part is sourced from the Cleopal wad with the well known enemies and items. Fortunately the environment is not very Egyptian but rather a very unique mix of Debbie's own design. All in all a rather entertaining couple of hours to be had with nothing too demanding and apart from a few frustrating searches a very fluent gameplay." - Dimpfelmoser (10-Nov-2002)
"This is Debbie's fifth level I played but I wasn't that much enchanted about this one. True to what she did before this is also a big level. And at places too dark even with the flares that are provided are enough the rooms where dark green texture is used are simply too dark. Must have been my lucky day as I stumbled over the crowbar and a set of keys but like I normally do I went the wrong way. That was too bad as after opening another door several miles further I couldn't go back so had a go at it and see how far I could go. Well I could finish the level and started all over to see what the other doors held. More ammo and secrets so I didn't miss that much. From the enchanted forest you have to go into the trees. There are some traps and at a certain point it was skeleton galore. Loads of skeletons harpies demigods a boar or two and even some beetles. Finding Stars Scrolls Keys the Hathor Effigy and Blue Gems and even a Knot oh and the 4 beetles and the mechanical one plus winding key. There is a nice underwater mirror room but apart from finding (again) the revolver and some ammo that was it. Swimming climbing and even some nice jumping rope swinging and running is what you have to do. Jumping levers that will give access to doors. Watch out for burners and spikes. There is a major horizon problem and waferthin textures. The outdoor area looked like it wasn't finished properly. Don't even know how many secrets I got but some of the chimes were very illogical. 28-10-2002" - Gerty (09-Nov-2002)
"I am getting to be quite a fan of Debbie's. She makes entertaining levels provides lots of pickups (and at the right time) and comes up with some creative ideas. The Enchanted level was very enjoyable with large areas lots of villains and an interesting spooky forest. As the title suggests I was 'enchanted' by this level. The second part 'The Quest' I did not enjoy so much. I encountered a couple of bugs and too many baddies although she provides the weapons and ammo needed. I found this part overlong and got weary towards the end. But that being said Debbie is a very good level builder with lots of interesting details. I hope she builds many more." - Sherry (05-Nov-2002)
"I think Debbie's levels improve with each new one she builds (not always the case with level builders) and this is no exception. The first part 'Enchanted' is set in a very spooky forest with differently textured segments which will leave you wondering how on earth to proceed? I was lucky and happened along the crowbar early and was on my way. A little dark in some areas and still a few spots with the 'black out' effect but still most impressive by her former standards. Finding golden stars to advance progress is the key to this initial part and sometimes dangerous locating and at other times as simple as turning around and walking back from whence you came. I really enjoyed my sojourn in the treetops although I think the skeletons were a bit overdone not only here but throughout. And I passed one door that needed the lock shot off that I didn't get opened. In part 2 'The Quest' upon entering you are almost blinded by the lightness after the dismal atmosphere of the forest and trees. As you look out over a huge expanse of barren land you wonder where to go but you soon find your way. This part is more in accordance with her previous efforts and seems large and almost boring although there are some things to figure out to collect the 4 music scrolls you have come here to find. I find the author's use of water improving but she still likes to use that 'black' and 'cobwebbie' room which I don't care for and I did have a bit of trouble in that room as a few of the water pits looked deadly although they were not. In the final minutes I had a huge amount of trouble locating the winding key and it was there in plain sight (but at least I wasn't alone (lol)). Still I had fun playing this level and think it's worth a look and look forward to even better things from Debbie as I know she's capable of them." - Momster (30-Oct-2002)
"Spooky spooky spooky. I am talking about the first part 'Enchanted' the player has to pass through a very dark forest and find some keys and most importantly the crowbar which made me search forever for it. The whole game is about finding keys and stars getting the guns and blast a lot of skeletons although I did spot some crocodiles too. There is a very nice tree house above but nothing more again rather than keys to find and a lot of pick ups. The thing I really liked was the many flares I got although it is black dark and I had some trouble finding a way out from an underwater room with a secret at least you get plenty of those. Looking above towards the sky you see something like branches and leafs and some kind of flowers a nice view. Getting to the second part there is a surprise waiting for you someone would expect the same dark atmosphere but that's not the case it's brighter and you need to collect four beetles and four scrolls to finish the level. There are way too many demigods all in one place most of the time but I guess that's why you collect so much ammo in the first level. Huge rooms and long climbable surfaces make it a little boring with a few traps here and there. A portal guardian gems and a mechanical scarab are a few items to help the player proceed but the picture remains the same Debbie's levels have the same style they all look the same. Well if you played some of her levels before you might as well give it a go with these two." - Kristina (29-Oct-2002)
"Two part level of which the first part made me think of Ridley Scott's 1985 movie Legend. Certainly looks as good as that movie: spooky fairytale atmosphere with a nearly brilliantly created high reaching forest fantastic tree house created of dark red wood and a great sequence with skeleton shooting high up in the trees with damp rising out of the floor and walking through webs that look like the Scream mask out of the movie series with the same name. But these levels do share another thing with the movie Legend and that is that it's rather tiresome/boring for lack of real tension/gameplay and such: it's extremely linear. The second part does not really fit the first part: big rooms here as we're used to get from Debbie and some tiresome seeking of especially two necessary parts: the scarab key and the pharao's nuts...sorry knot. The first room of the second part though still breathes some of the atmosphere of the first part. Technically it looks as if Debbie is not completely accustomed to the level editor: in part one for instance you don't need the torch to burn the rope: as soon as Lara walks without the torch by the rope with the white rock the rock just drops strange... And again we're treated with the 'secret' sound in one instance where you also have to hang on a lever to progress so...not really a secret now is it. To conclude: a first part you HAVE to see and go through other than that well it's a Debbie!" - bERT (28-Oct-2002)