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Little Tomb of Egypt by Dhama

alan 6 6 8 8
CC 6 6 9 8
Chris LP 7 7 7 8
Dimpfelmoser 6 4 7 7
Elpasodude 8 9 2 3
Gerty 7 6 8 8
Jay 6 6 8 8
Jbc21 8 9 9 10
Jose 6 6 7 7
Kristina 6 5 8 8
Magnus 5 5 5 6
MichaelP 6 6 8 8
Orbit Dream 6 4 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
RaiderGirl 7 6 8 8
Rich 9 8 9 9
Ryan 6 6 8 8
Sash 7 6 8 8
Staticon 8 9 9 9
Treeble 7 7 8 8
Whistle 7 7 9 8
release date: 28-Apr-2001
# of downloads: 153

average rating: 7.17
review count: 21
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file size: 16.12 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A pleasant and competently built Egyptian level that shouldn't take you too long to complete. There's nothing complicated or puzzling along the way in the gameplay section; you rather just keep moving forward in a linear fashion, but it's entertaining enough. There are plenty of mummies and scorpions around, but you should easily stumble across the grenade gun if you explore off the path a bit, and you can just use the pistols for the scorpions (the Shotgun is provided, but it's pretty much useless). There's a few dark shadows around too, but the textures and architecture are quite impressive and I liked the final room with the high pyramid." - Ryan (19-Nov-2018)
"Very nice Egyptian level. Better than many average ones. This one is well textured, the atmosphere is nice though sometimes a bit dark. But there are enough flares to collect. There aren't a lot of puzzles, but it's entertaining enough and not confusing. Recommended." - alan (13-Apr-2018)
"A pleasant and attractive Egyptian level that took me about 40 minutes to play. The gameplay is straightforward and within the scope of most players. Enemies are scorpions and mummies, but frankly you can choose to ignore them if you wish, although there is a grenade gun to be found. I liked the quirky idea of hiding mummies in those huge vases - I don't recall seeing that before. Some of the rooms are rather dark in spots, but overall the architecture is very appealing, especially the final room, so do take the time to admire the view." - Jay (18-Mar-2016)
"Very easy to play this small level where you'll find several traps and some floor levers to pull (no real puzzles except moving statues to nearby tiles). I found two ropes I never used, also the shotgun was unuseful if you don't want to shoot a couple of scopions with it. Environments are pretty dark, but I think the provided flares are enough to reach the end with no problems. The rooms are well textured, except the cave with water where I found the grenade gun, but many rooms are too dark and force yourself to use flares often. Anyway an egyptian level nice to play, you'll never get boring." - Jose (17-Nov-2015)
Very impressive looking level, right from the start. Yes, it's a tomb, with hands and cartouche to find, mummys and scorpions, just as you'd expect to see. It's probably the nearest a builder has come to the atmosphere of a real tomb, with some very dark areas. But what a joy to raid in this beautiful level. There are some small design hiccups like a gate that rises through a floor and some texture flaws. But who cares! Not much in the way of puzzles or traps, a lot of climbing (one high pole particularly), jumping, rope swinging, finding levers, easy to dodge boulders, and a small statue pushing task. It's a shame that it wasn't longer, with some interesting puzzles, but great atmosphere and looks. - CC (12-Jul-2005)
"Some gamers just don't like Egyptian levels. However, the environment doesn't matter that much to me if the gameplay is reasonably challenging and the surroundings are sufficiently lit and at least somewhat pleasing to the eye. This neat little level qualifies on all counts. You won't tear your hair out in frustration, but neither will you find this to be a romp in the park. In the very first seconds you're being chased by a spike ball, and the action never really slows down from there. It seems to me that the grenade gun should have registered as a secret, but instead of the familiar chimes I got an underwater explosion. Not sure if that was a glitch or not. Anyway, I had a fun time playing this level and would recommend it especially to beginning raiders who are ready for a little extra kick." - Phil (03-May-2005)
"This turned out to be forty minutes longer than I thought. It's a dark level with many flares given hands to find and mummies. There are no other enemies but the atmosphere textures and the whole setting in general is very nice. It's a pity there are no puzzles it could have been a great level. Lara is inside a tomb and has to push levers to open some doors swing with ropes and climb poles. The spike balls are easy to avoid since there is a danger sound as well we say that rarely lately. The big room with golden pyramid was nice but I lost much health climbing that pole with the spikes down. Take a look at it the rooms are great." - Kristina (09-Sep-2003)
"The highlight of this not-so-little tomb was definitely the exciting moves and jumps required to get around some of the rooms as well as the rope swings boulder traps spikes fires and mummies that try to prevent you from getting where you want to go. I found the grenade launcher but not until near the end so it wasn't much help against most of the mummies. The darkness of the tomb was very realistic but even though there were plenty of flares I would have preferred more light in most of the areas - it did create a spooky atmosphere though along with the cobweb filled doorways and the fact that often you couldn't see very much of the path ahead of you which keeps you on your toes at all times." - RaiderGirl (27-Nov-2002)
"Little Tomb Of Egypt is not that we can name a difficult level. But it's a correct one and the raiding in this dark temple is fun (but it kept me busy for short time - about 1 hour and half). I like how Dhama has built his temple with overlapping little rooms. Textures are good enough (taken for some from Title texture set) and lights that you can find too dark (exactly that we can suppose to find in a tomb) are correctly placed. Puzzles aren't so difficult but much more than we can usually see in a lot of levels using the same Tut1 wad. In the end of the adventure you find a room bigger than the others of the tomb. The jumps on platforms are fun but can someone explain me how rock lumps can be floating so easily in the air? I don't also know what was this room closed by a grate with a mummy behind for. By all means this is a correct level and you can have a short but good time in this Little Tomb Of Egypt." - Chris LP (26-Aug-2002)
"Dhama states in the readme that this is his first foray into Egyptian styled levels and I can say that he definitely captured the dark eerie feel that you should expect when raiding tombs using brilliant lighting and other small touches such as doorways draped in cobwebs. He also used very apt enemies mummies and scorpions that suited the environment perfectly but as we all know they don't hold immense threat and were more a distraction than anything although I thought it was a great move to have some mummies placed inside large vases where you would never suspect them. The only downsides I felt were that there could have been some more pick ups but I guess they wouldn't have been necessary so it wasn't a designing mistake I just would have preferred it and also the level was just too short at only 30 minutes otherwise this was a very enjoyable but not so hard level." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"A classical Egyptian style level which according to the author was built next to creating the Tower Bridge Incident. While it is flawless in its design the gameplay is very straightforward and turns out to be 'Lever-mania' in its progression. It has taken me a little more than 30 minutes net game time in sometimes-dark corners and what I liked about it is the fact that you can practice many of Lara's moves along the way. Nothing special but entertaining nevertheless - try it." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This is one of the few Egyptian levels that I loved to play. Lara simply has to find her way through this tomb that is not so little as the title may suggest. The level is easy without hard jumps this time and takes around 30 minutes. The final room with the pyramid style was the best room of the level. The texturization and lighting are excellent creating a very good environment -- just as Core's TR4 levels. There were few enemies but I don't mind about it ;) If you are a fan of levels set in Egypt download this level: it IS old but it still worth the download!" - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"Well the only comment I can make is that this is really a "little" tomb of Egypt. Had it been longer this level would have been my favourite. Textures and cameras are great (I liked the camera following the falling ball). Ok puzzles are a bit easy but if you take your time enjoying the setting and the decorations you won't get bored. One word to the author: Very good job... but now make it longer!!! ;)" - Jbc21 (21-Jun-2002)
"Very nice but straight forward level. Only drawback... it was too short. Ok Dhama we know you can build levels and you know we like to play them so keep them coming. There were some unnecessary dark corners although you will find enough flares but in my opinion didn't serve a purpose. All in all a very well done Egyptian level." - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"Little. Tomb. Egypt. Well that pretty well sums it up; this is a small tomb of course in Egypt. Even though the level is very short it's still fun but there isn't anything special in it. The texturing is good and the lighting too. Of course since this is a tomb it's also rather dark. The level is very easy without anything really challenging and there are only a few enemies (mummies and scorpions). What impressed me the most was the last room although I probably didn't spend more than two minutes in it. I ended the level in 15 minutes and it's worth a download for the few of us that still aren't tired of Egyptian levels." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"This level had the #1 classic TRLE no-no: It took place in Egypt! There are hundreds of these levels! The puzzles were great but the textures! Oh the humanity! Why can't people just let this whole Egyptian custom level thing die in peace? Why does this have to keep coming up? Well if you like this kind of level then give it a try. It has great puzzles and everything but it sure ain't anything original! Apologies to Dhama: He is the king of the LE he just didn't do well on this one!" - Elpasodude (21-Jun-2002)
"A short level shorter than the author states. Through the dark tunnels avoiding the undead and a few scorpions sets the scene to the Egyptian level tombs very aptly. The main puzzles are the route itself to use the numerous levers (These could have been more varied in type) and sliding statues around. The end room was graphically stunning looking down for the entry platform but contained relatively little to do except get down have a little swim and go back up. Hope to see a more developed level in the future. If you want a quickie try this one" - Whistle (21-Jun-2002)
"This levels most outstanding feature is the lighting which is dark and shimmery and which occasionally helps to cover up some rather stretched textures. The rooms are on the whole big and bold and quite colourful which makes the level a visually interesting one to play. Gameplay wise the whole thing's very straightforward and never leaves the player in much doubt. Those looking only for a challenge would be best advised to look elsewhere." - Orbit Dream (21-Jun-2002)
"I thought it was really a good level on the same scale as the last revelation levels. I especially thought the graphics and textures were outstanding. Not so many enemies but lots of fun to play." - Rich (21-Jun-2002)
"The Little Tomb Of Egypt is a delightful little level beautifully textured and lit with some excellent jumping puzzles a number of switches to pull keys to find and use and some lethal traps to avoid. Along the way I was pursued by a bevy of pesky mummies and stung by scorpions. But all of this was worthwhile just to see such well-designed and decorated rooms. The immense room with the pergola in is breathtaking. A lot of people these days are fed-up with Egyptian levels but I still find them a joy to play so long as they are well done and this one is. A most pleasurable hours diversion." - Staticon (21-Jun-2002)
"Here's another lever feast of the tutorial persuasion that revolves around finding Hands of Orion and a cartouche. The compulsory scorpions lurk everywhere and the burping and groaning of the mummies follow you for most of the game. Atmosphere Textures and Lightning are no match to Ego's In London: Big Church/Underground so rating Dhama by his own standards it would be generous of me to give him 2 points. Only I can't bring myself to do it. I guess I missed something here as the author informs us that this should take at least 50 minutes to complete and when I reached the end after half an hour there were still a few doors and gates unopenend but really what's the point?! You push a few statues do some jumps have the occasional dip into the water and though the last big room is great fun to get down and climb up in you're eager to get this over with and start with something more challenging. Like well to pick something at random Ego's In London: Big Church/Underground." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)