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The Great Adventure by Ext

Andzia9 7 10 9 9
Anurag 8 7 8 8
bERT 8 7 8 7
CC 8 8 8 8
Dimpfelmoser 3 7 6 7
DJ Full 7 8 9 7
eRIC 5 8 7 7
Gerty 5 8 8 8
Jose 4 7 7 7
Kristina 7 7 8 7
MichaelP 7 7 8 7
Momster 8 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 7 8 6 9
RaiderGirl 7 8 8 7
Ryan 4 7 6 7
Sash 7 7 7 8
Torry 6 9 7 7
Treeble 4 5 5 4
release date: 22-Nov-2002
# of downloads: 67

average rating: 7.08
review count: 18
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file size: 92.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"An interesting plot in varied audiovisual wrapping, which would be very immersive if it wasn't dramatically ruined by notorious occurence of random stuff, and unfortunately it gets worse the further you go - I died at least four times too often because of lack of trap consistency, and gameplay applications like shaking camera and frequently abandoned jeep slow you down instead of making you able to experience true escape mood. In short, you can get a lot of nice vibes from this game but it's a real pity so much could have been done better." - DJ Full (04-Nov-2018)
"This had so much potential to actually BE a great adventure. In its current state, however, I got more and more irritated the further I went with this game for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the gameplay. There are unmarked spike traps at almost every corner in every level that it quickly became annoying. The walkthrough mentions how to avoid them but even then I died far too many times for my liking and they seemed like cheap shots to make the gameplay more difficult than it should be. Talking of unfair devices, the fixed cameras and the earthquakes were just unnecessarily used and hindered movement a lot. I had a slight bit of trouble with the dragon sequence too, although I made it through sheer perseverance and ended the game with relief and elation. With more consideration for the player, it could have been good, but now it's mostly hugely annoying. I can't really recommend this one." - Ryan (25-Jan-2018)
"It's funny reading comments from fellow players regarding download size, the TRLE truly is something from days gone... Anyway, this is a collection of 5 short levels which would probably have been a lot more profitable if all efforts were poured into a single, more cohesive unit. You have all sorts of styles here, but they all share similar traits, as in they're generally boxy, not exactly interesting and ultimately house more instant death traps than ideal. The amount of saving and loading is borderline ridiculous, and while I am a huge fan of both songs included, I'll be staying well away from Points of Authority for a long while -- lots of platforming around the dragon, with Lara's pathetic and infallible skill to be set ablaze, means you'll be saving and reloading every 5 or so seconds, and then the song starts over, and over, and over again... There were a few nice touches, I particularly liked the retextured Revolver, plus there were zombified boars. Ah yes, camera fly-bys to showcase the deadly trap corridors would often trigger while I was in motion, so for the vast majority of them I could just hear Lara being impaled repeatedly while having to wait until camera control was restored to reload. 80 minutes. 12/2017" - Treeble (31-Dec-2017)
"Great adventure? Well, not so great for me. All levels the same procedures: pull switches, pull switches and pull more switches. The only interest here is to see how to avoid the numerous traps. The worst were excessive unmarked spiked tiles in all levels, so be prepared for die and reload hundreds of times. I suffered a bug in the room where I found the bike; the camera always went to the previous room and I could only restore it if Lara draws her guns, but to mount the bike I needed to holstering weapons. Fortunately I solved the problem saving in that room, exiting and reloading again. In the third level there is a timed floor lever I could use only once (more reloads); and the very long earthquake in that level was no funny too. The fourth level was also tedious and boring; mount the jeep, drive a short distance and dismount to look for a switch to open the next door; and so on all the entire level. In the last level, more of the same, unmarked spike traps and again, the stupid one-tile hole in the corridor with the trigger for the spikes is in the next tile. I was reloading dozens of times here. Except for the retextured enemies, I didn't found anything interesting in this adventure (well, some traps are original though)." - Jose (15-Aug-2016)
"Not bad, but there is too many spike traps in this custom. Sometimes it was very difficult to avoid them. A little touch and Lara is dead. However there are great places with nice textures. Bloody enemies were fantastic idea." - Andzia9 (11-Oct-2011)
"Globally I agree with Dimpfelmoser 's review. This adventure that proposes a wide range of settings , jungle, catacombs, VCI base , and underground caves , is spoiled by a few bad ideas, like the infamous unmarked and booby spike traps. There was already a couple of them in the two first levels, and there is plenty of them in the 5th and last one. This one could have been the more interesting level of the set , as there was interesting challenges and a strong atmosphere , but it was really the worst to play. Not fun, not fun at all. The previous levels were rather short and in comparison rather pleasant , with straightforward progression , not a lot of puzzles , but a few good ideas along the way. The use of the bike in the Catacombs was really awkward and out of place though. On the opposite the use of the jeep in the 4th level was rather good, and this particular level was fun to play with a good atmosphere. The 3th level set in a VCI base was a bit unenventful but after the earthquake the escape from there turned out to be interesting. The author has added some rock music in this part and in the following level. He had also used some remeshed enemies to fit the storyline. My favourite was this lonely guy with a damaged leg , who was to weak to shoot at Lara." - eRIC (15-Nov-2008)
"Lara rockets through 5 levels killing SAS guards, mummys, bats and much more; the finale is good with the switches and mutant snakes. A great level." - Anurag (24-Jul-2005)
"Well I thought this was a good adventure through five different levels. There is one thing I'd seriously recommend that is constant saving even saving a few times in the same room because it's crammed with traps spikes shooting out of floors and fires and there's no indication where these will happen. A few times I jumped off my seat. The whole thing seems to be a death trap with every move. It should have been titled 'The Great Survival'. It can get so frustrating that sometimes it might be easier to take it in small doses. In other words after each level go off and do something else to regain your equilibrium. FOREST: Yes it's a jungle forest with some dimetrodons bats bugs and guards to get rid of bones to shoot (for what I don't know) and an interesting route to open the way into the . . . UNDERGROUND TEMPLE: lots of boulders to dodge nasty spike traps beetles fires ropes etc. One time I couldn't see how to get between two levers and two pillars which I knew were moveable and finally did it by jumping over the lever towards the pillar Lara just couldn't walk between them. I like that devious gem trap remember there are two. There's a short but very good bike ride and a gauntlet of shooting floor spikes. RAT BASE. Now in a high-tech base with those glass doors and VCI textures. The first floor lever opens the door behind you it's timed and I found it isn't re-settable so save before using it. This goes up to a room with four levers. They have to be pulled anti-clockwise from where you pulled up through the floor. You know it has worked when you hear the explosion and the door opens. More fires to get through and ahmets and guards to deal with with every now and then hearing a guard being attacked and killed. Eventually the whole place blows up an earthquake starts and it's a long run to get out through fires climbs holes guards levers falling debris and crazy music playing. I loved the little details of the cola machines and palm trees on fire. And eventually we fall into the basement . . . ESCAPE FROM THE DEAD. The escape is with a jeep but it's not a straight forward drive. You need to get out each time you come across a closed door and go find out how to open it. Clever little detail here of the block hiding a switch and I love the old-west style revolver. Enemies are skinned alive they're ghastly looking including our old foe Larson although if you get up on something to have a look at him he's quite funny. HARD TO SURVIVE. Even more deadly unseen traps and those rotating blades in a couple of places more enemies to dispose of and long before you reach the dragon you can hear it growling. In the dragon room run around just to the left to pull that switch first before the dragon gathers itself up to start firing at you. The other two switches are behind blocks and are easier. These raise a platform for you to get up to the top of this room and across ledges to escape. And finally I have Phil to thank for being able to play this at all. Without his help I would never even consider trying to get it. The size of the download no doubt has to do with the music and it really wasn't necessary at all except the one leading to the dragon which was good. The other one was a headache. I have no difficulty in recommending this level but only to experienced and patient players. Beginners will find it hard to deal with unless of course they use dozy and I wouldn't blame them if they did. I'm afraid it's lost a point in gameplay from me for that." - CC (17-Jul-2004)
"Let me first get this much expected gripe off my chest; this mania for enormous Custom Level downloads is my current pet gripe (that and G.Bush's political machinations). If a download is as high as 70+ MB it had better damn be worthwhile. In this case despite the adventure being perfectly entertaining it simply is not and as such only serves to prejudice any reviewer. So level builders please keep in mind the size of the download when submitting your endeavours; the smaller it is the more favourably it will be regarded. As to the level itself I have to say that I was rather enjoying it all until the last stages of the final level when Mateusz has the gall to confront us with a huge maze where a wrong turn doesn't just result in a blank wall but a death from unexpected spikes. Indeed the 'unfair spike attack' is this adventure's single greatest weakness; it's so predominant in terms of gameplay construction that it almost feels as if the level is homage to the aformentioned spikes; and that for me was the final straw. Anyway level by level I was otherwise well inclined. The Jungle outing was rather fun with a generally convincing setting and well-placed secrets. The Temple was a very brisk action-packed jaunt through familiar Catacomb territory while the Base segment was pretty much as expected but none the worse for that. The Jeep level was frustrating in it's layout as I seemed to spend most of my time parking the thing and going off on foot; and the Finale was as I have already stated unfairly frustrating. However there were many aspects I greatly enjoyed. The re-modeled foes (some of which were actually cleverly non-threatening); the gradual build-up of activity throughout the 2 hours; the occasionally briliant gameplay which included some really superb 'now get her out of this!' moments; and especially the really well worked-out distribution of pick-ups. I had just enough to enable me to get through by the skin of my teeth which is always satisfying. Ultimately though it would be hard to recommend this to those who's downloads take up precious Internet time. 10MB or less and I would no doubt feel differently; but in this particular case perhaps you would indeed be better advised to look elsewhere." - Orbit Dream (16-Oct-2003)
"There is no doubt this level has a hell of a lot to live up to because of the astronomical size of the download and the question is does it? Well in my opinion it doesn't. But that is not to say I didn't like it at all as I did. It is obvious that the creator put a lot into it to give the player a versatile environment to play in through 5 levels with forests catacombs bases and caves to venture through which lasts almost 2 hours ending in a boss like scenario against a deadly giant serpent he also added diversity through those levels with one being a jeep level another where the bike is necessary for a while and the last being trap infested. What let these levels down was the pure and simple fact that there seemed to be hardly anything you could class as a puzzle besides a four lever combination puzzle that had a lot of people thinking it was a bug and a few easy timed runs that could be negotiated second time round if you missed them initially. I do however think that if the creator releases these levels without all the unnecessary audio files which would reduce the size enormously then I could recommend them but as it is the download is just ridiculous." - Sash (07-Feb-2003)
"First of all don't be put off playing this by the fact that it's five levels. It only takes about an hour and a half to get through - well actually add another hour to that counting reloads. If you read the story that comes with the download first you'll expect the mutants that show up more towards the end and the levels don't blend together that well but it's sufficient to tell the story. Gameplay is mostly pulling switches but with all of the spike and fire tiles timed doors flame emitters and boulder traps you have to be careful with every step - and save often!! I don't really see why this was a 122 MB download - I only noticed new music twice: in the third and then the fifth level during the final showdown. Otherwise everything seemed pretty normal. The last room is great with the fire breathing dragon and two reptiles after you while you try to pull some switches and have mutants and sheevahs watching you do it. The newly retextured mummies and wild boars are very cool as is Lara's new outfit." - RaiderGirl (15-Jan-2003)
"The Forest (5/7/8/7 15 min.): Good use of music initially as you dive into this Great Adventure in a rocky jungle setting. Very easy and linear progression in this part (as in all the others too) and a few simple traps to avoid and annoying booby traps to grumble about. Found only one of the two secrets as I could not open one door I guess. A few SAS bats and rather cool prehistoric crocs to kill along the way. Underground Temple (7/7/7/7 20 min.): Now in Catacomb style the start is great with the flyby of the mutant hovering over the wounded SAS. But again spikes without warning and a few not so tricky boulder traps. You need to collect the two pieces of the 'wand' and the raising block puzzle and the 'action sequence' were kind of fun. Then you get to the bike for a bumpy ride and a spike gauntlet. A mutant scorpions SAS beetles and wasps are your enemies and there is also a blue gem to find - well two actually. RAT Base (7/6/9/8 25 min.): Change of venue as you enter a VCI style base scenario with electricity buzzing around. Lots of levers SAS and navigating around the burners was a little tricky. Never got the star on that wall and while I thought the earthquake scenario was well done with debris falling fires rising and suitable music it just lasted a bit too long and of course the flare bug showed up here. Escape from the dead (6/8/7/7 15 min.): A rather short Jeep ride here with four stops to get to levers that open the doors which allow you to proceed. There is a movable block some SAS wasps and funny 'spiderman' mummies and warthogs. That Larson guy gave me the creeps. Hard to Survive (7/9/8/8 30 min.): Definitely the best level of this series with some very spooky effects nicked from TR5. Boulders and spikes and deadly tiles everywhere (unfortunately often without warning or hint). Rotating blades a timed door darts burners and another spike gauntlet before you reach a maze (follow the green light) a nice skull structure and a grande finale with the dragon. Warthogs mummies ahmets SAS wasps a plenty help make your life more difficult too. Bottomline a little under two hours of diverse net gaming sadly for an unnecessary huge download as most of the files are part of the level editor CD which I reckon most people have anyway." - Michael (20-Dec-2002)
"The are a few absolute no-no's as far as custom levels are concerned and one of those are unmarked pop up spike tiles in a maze. As you get them in the fifth part I left this series not feeling very favourable about the whole adventure. But there are a few other things I found highly irritating. The whole thing is liberally peppered with unmarked death tiles and I can't emphasize it often enough that this truly takes the fun out of the gameplay since you save every other step for fear of getting fried or spiked. In the third part you get a never ending earthquake and as I tend to develop a headache from this my enjoyment was seriously hampered. I know it's just a matter of taste but I thought that the soundtrack was awful and highly inappropriate. Bearing in mind that big parts of the download where sound files I completely agree with Bert that those music files should be an optional download. The only thing I really liked about this two hours ordeal were some of the more weird rooms and the retextured animals. Especially the boars and crocodiles looked great. Gameplaywise this is a very dull and linear run from A to Z with heaps of levers in between and an odd mix of enemies to kill. You start in a boxy forest where the tree trunks are designed with half solid shrub textures which looks a bit strange. In the second part you get the motorbike in a catacomb environment which seems all wrong. Never was the motorbike less fun as you constantly drive into some fire or get stuck in a corner. Part three takes place in a VCI base and I couldn't really see any connection between the different parts but I guess it is explained in the readme. There is more base setting in level four with a jeep ride that is utterly pointless as you have to stop every few yards to flick some lever. Part five is aptly named 'Hard to survive' and the way I see it you just get unfair trap after unfair trap which ruined what little fun I had so far. Putting impossible to spot traps in a level isn't really challenging it's just downright annoying as it results in lots of tedious reloading that you can't prevent no matter how cunning or experienced you are. I think that in order for the level to give you the illusion of reality it has to be theoretically possible to make it through the whole thing without dying once. Not in a month of Sundays with this one. More than once was I tempted to dozy my way to the end (especially in the last part) because I was so fed up with the constant reloading. If you have a slow connection I would think twice before downloading." - Dimpfelmoser (12-Dec-2002)
"Generally it's not a bad level divided in smaller levels. The huge download though due to the audio files isn't worth the trouble as this level has nothing out of the ordinary except the enemies that are all retextured. There is a custom title but unfortunately the name of the level and author are partially visible because of a mistake in the flyby I believe. Starting in the forest with the textures somehow mixed they are not applied very well and many times the tiles are upside down you find yourself to a base then underground and so on. As you proceed you get to fight SAS guards mutants crocodiles a few bats and zombies. The puzzles are few a gem a portal guardian and many switches and levers. It has at least one bug in the area with the four levers and the timed doors there was no way I could pass that point. I even used DOZY to see what's going on and the doors never opened so I got a savegame from our dearest Cheryl and I had to use the savegame editor to take away the unlimited items and guns I haven't picked up yet and play the game properly. Throughout the levels the traps are many spikes boulders fire and especially the last part the title says so anyway 'Hard to survive' the traps are everywhere. It took me two hours to complete it and I am disappointed I was expecting more but nor the atmosphere nor the puzzles captured me at any time. If you don't have a fast connection don't bother." - Kristina (02-Dec-2002)
"Was it worthwhile this huge download? For me - not really I think. Don't get me wrong texture-wise this level is looking great. Even the added sounds were good. And more than enough different sort of enemies like (I think) re-textured crocs nasty stinging bees SAS men ahmets and of course the dragon. There are also custom made weapons lots of custom made extras put in. So why am I so hesitant you may ask this is not the gameplay I prefer. There are too many nasty traps mostly spikes coming out of nowhere I hate to die just like that ALL the time that does hinder my gameplay. The gameplay on itself was fluent never got stuck in the way of not knowing what to do next so that is a big plus. A shame as the author had to put so much work in it and it doesn't pan out. I found also a bug in this game in the last level there is a slope and a door halfway under the slope is a lever and by pulling that Lara dies because spikes appeared. By reloading I heard the spikes and went for that lever and viola it worked. Of all the levels this mini game has to offer I liked the first one best. The nasties peeking through the bars almost at the end were very dangerous looking luckily the only enemy I had to deal with is the dragon and believe me that was more than enough. Found only 3 secrets. 28-11-2002" - Gerty (01-Dec-2002)
"For a five level series that took 12 hours to download yet only two hours to play I do not see value for money. It comprised of five of the shortest levels I have come across for a total in game time of a tad under two hours. These levels had many of my pet hates. Spikes that appear from nowhere simply bursting forth from every day looking tiles as well as the identical situation with the fire tiles. The earthquakes which were rampant in some sections were decidedly out of place and the overall gameplay was unimaginative. The only saving grace was the great ending with the dragon and the final escape. Many players came across a bug with the 4 lever puzzle but after many tries I found a combination that worked so believe this was not a bug at all but a 'pull the levers in a specific order' puzzle. The jeep ride was bothersome as you needed to dismount every ten meters to find a switch to open the next door so that you could progress. Health packs were very limited and enemies numerous." - Torry (28-Nov-2002)
"Well I wouldn't say it's a GREAT adventure but I did enjoy it especially the quite difficult ending. I'm at a loss on the big download it's not that terribly long even for a 5-parter. And for the most part it's fairly straightforward although I must confess to being stuck once or twice and for having to dozy over a fire trap after spending more than a couple of hours trying to get by it. Most of the time you are left to explore but when you get enemies you really get them. There are crocs mummies guards dogs some wonderfully re-textured wild pigs and ditto for the mutants. There's some very different music and I haven't decided if I liked it or not but I do know that at times it got to be repetitive and I hate that. Another thing I absolutely abhor in levels is the earthquake that goes on and on and on. But this was still an enjoyable level and a GOOD adventure which kept me occupied for a couple of days and over 2 hours gaming time." - Momster (27-Nov-2002)
"Five part adventure that is entertaining due to the fact that - though sometimes just linear - it's so diverse in textures that it's never boring. Best of the five in my opinion is the first (The Forest) and the one with the jeep ride. The author keeps you constantly in a state of terror with signs signaling for danger and foremost with life threatening choices for example 'Shall I take the headstick on the left or the one on the right' only to're dead for taking the wrong one. Only these choices should not be overdone. That's were some annoying bits enter when for instance there's just too many spikes being put against your bottom for my liking. Some instances get you in a stuck position be it either due to editor related bugs (go for the head first and then the stick in the Underground Temple level or you will not make it) or just not enough testing (illegal slopes in the arena with the fire breathing dragon). But credit's due where credit's due: the escape routines with an earthquake going on where quite fun as the arena with the already mentioned barbecue dragon (first time I see this one in a custom level). Question level builders should ask themselves: is it worth it to include so many non-TR sound files: this is the biggest download I ever did and I think the rockin' soundtrack was not necessary. Maybe a 'lite' version should be made available because the level is certainly worth it." - bERT (24-Nov-2002)