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Return to Colloseum by Andrew McGrath

Akcy 1 2 1 3
Bex 1 1 2 2
Ceamonks890 2 2 1 2
Dimpfelmoser 1 1 3 2
DJ Full 1 0 1 3
eRIC 0 1 1 2
eTux 1 1 2 3
Gerty 2 2 3 3
Jay 1 2 2 2
Jerry 1 1 2 2
Jose 1 2 2 4
Kristina 4 4 6 7
manarch2 2 2 3 3
MichaelP 2 1 3 3
Momster 1 1 3 3
Mulf 1 1 0 2
Necro 3 4 7 6
Orbit Dream 2 1 2 2
RaiderGirl 2 2 3 3
Ryan 2 2 1 2
Sash 1 1 2 2
Scottie 2 1 2 3
Sherry 1 1 2 2
The Aussie Adventurer 2 3 1 3
Torry 2 4 2 3
Treeble 3 5 2 3
Yoav 3 2 4 7
release date: 23-Nov-2002
# of downloads: 38

average rating: 2.22
review count: 27
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file size: 14.89 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Yep, it’s another one for upping the review count. Firstly, it’s either Colosseum (literate spelling) or Coliseum (American). Secondly, the permaquake is a thoroughly bad move that cannot be excused; and while there is a finish trigger, it can’t be reached because there’s no trigger for the door in front of it.
Now, let’s assume that at the end of the dead-end crawlspace, there was a button to open that door, and that you could get there via the monkeyswing that’s out of reach—which is presumably what the builder intended, but was too lazy to implement. Would that make the level any better? Technically, it would have to count as a full adventure, as Lara has to perform a few simple actions in order to acquire a prize pickup and then leave the place via the obligatory dead end slope; but I doubt that I would have rated it any higher regardless. Finish trigger or not, it’s a simple test level which would have been perfectly at home on the builder’s hard drive, and which nobody else needed to see." - Mulf (18-Jun-2021)
"Sadly, the best thing to be said about this level is that it’s short. I might have been inclined to give it a 2 for gameplay if not for the gratuitous and nausea-inducing earthquake – something no level needs. The fact that it’s not actually possible to finish it either really just emphasises the whole mess. Steer clear!" - Jay (17-Feb-2020)
"Very short level with a Roman appearance, but only the texture set. Lineal, easy to play until you reach the room with the trapped spiked floor. I checked the walkthrough and it seems that there's not a way to go through without cheating so I exited and sent the level directly to the recycle bin. The continuous earthquake is not very "atmospheric" too. A pain." - Jose (21-Jan-2018)
"An unfinished debut level with gameplay scenarios involving golden skull collecting and platform jumping over a pool of lava for a Pharos Knot artifact, that are rendered entirely pointless by a lack of a proper finish trigger. And combined with the non-stop earthquake effect that can easily make one sick & disorientated(alongside the generally empty environments and unappealing presentation), ultimately makes this release an easily skippable one overall. Wouldn't recommend whatsoever." - Ceamonks890 (17-Oct-2017)
"Ooh, the earthquake... Felt a bit queasy afterwards. This is a very short level, containing a jump sequence and a few golden skulls to collect. You can't finish because a monkeyswing is placed too high and even if you use DOZY, you can't open the door so you're trapped." - Ryan (06-Apr-2016)
"A rather short and uninspired debut that even while exploring every corner should last 10 minutes highest. The overall texturing wouldn't be so bad if some streched ones would have been changed, and I nearly felt a kind of atmosphere in the first area. The earthquake was a real annoyance though. Also cannot see the reason why the builder never actually played the level himself - he would have noticed it actually has two areas where you cannot move on, a too high monkeyswing (use DOZY if you want) and shortly after a missing trigger for a door (no way further). All in all fairly boring. Not recommended." - manarch2 (30-Aug-2012)
"This level should fall at least 50 places down, to get among unfinished projects without any puzzles, gameplay comprising of proceeding from one room to another, with no enemies or true secrets, with objects placed only in the first and last rooms, constant lighting and average texturing. SUMMARY: I know even if I gave 4 x 0, it wouldn't have pushed this custom where it should be, so I decided not to foolishly let off steam and rated this level fair, giving it as many points as the project IMO deserves. But honestly, I still think this game is at about two times overrated. I cannot recommend it like I recommended some similarly rated customs." - DJ Full (26-Oct-2010)
"If you like a Roman setting with the Coastal ruins atmosphere, you may think you are at the right place. Problem is this level has not been beta-tested , and evidently not even played by the builder before release. Place a finish trigger you can't reach because the door just before has no trigger. Apply also monkeyswing squares , but design the ceiling too high for the player to grab the bars. And you get a zero in the gameplay category. There is a couple of locks to shoot , a lava room with a few simple jumps to perform , and a never ending earthquake once Lara has grabbed what she was looking for here." - eRIC (27-Jun-2010)
"I must confess that I find this level, actually, quite good. Well, the lighting is improvement-worthy, but, at least, there are hardly stretched textures. I have liked the lava space still mostly. Pity is which this level has the quite described Dead-End. I would like to play the rest. Another problem is of course the too short playing time. Even without Dead-End it would probably have been longer only for a few minutes. However, I am not sure to me, because I have flown with fly-cheat about the spikes to the other side. There was nothing except a long crawlspace. And the closed door was closed furthermore. And the permanent earthquake after I grab the Pharos Knot was quite irritating. Hmm, if I peruse my Review to me once more I come to the end, that this level was not so good as I thought first. Well, to err is human." - Scottie (09-Jun-2009)
"I was intrigued by the high number of reviews which seem to be a contrast to the low average rating the level has received. Now after playing I still wonder. I think there is nothing left what has not already been said bei other reviewers: Badly textured rooms, no lighting effects, everywhere the same brightness, a pigtail that does not fit to Lara's head, an annoying and never ending earthquake and the impossibility to finish the level are the most (and only) remarkable points. Thankfully it's over after less than 10 minutes." - Jerry (03-Mar-2009)
"This is a very short level and one I could not finish. I could go everywhere except the monkey swing over the spike pit. The designer did not lower the ceiling enough but after looking at a prj file, there was nothing across it anyway, and the finish trigger was behind a door that cant be opened because it isn't even triggered by anything (unless this is a trigger that was "retained by Lara" when loaded in the editor). However, this looked like it could have been a nice level, there isn't much in the gameplay but the scenery was well done." - Necro (20-Nov-2007)
"Somebody had free activity in computer class, that's the only explanation I can think of for this level." - Akcy (10-Oct-2007)
"Whoa! Who dipped the palm trees in tar? Who hid the collosuem I never encountered in the level? Who denied this level some decent beta testing? Who robbed it of its finish trigger? Who's idea was it anyway to make the second half of the whole level a never ending earthquake? Who put the monkey bars so high that Lara can't reach them? I guess all those among other questions will remain eternal mysteries, as there has been no activity from this builder since the release of this level. A half-hearted effort that could've been turned into a decent level with more initiative from the author's side, but as it is - you're not really missing much." - eTux (10-Oct-2007)
"Before I start, let it be known that this level cannot be finished by normal means. There's not much really to say about this level except it has a constant earthquake affect which could trouble some people. Items are randomly placed and so are the weapons. The rooms looks ok at best but don't provide much. And that's about all I can say... Take a look at this level only if you think you can finish it, but not too sound too harsh, stay away from this level. If I had to give this level a grade I would give it an E+, a fail mark." - The Aussie Adventurer (03-Mar-2005)
"When giving name to a level at least make it meaningful too coz there is no Coliseum in this level! Easy and simple couple of objects to pick up not hard to find them they are on the way. The textures look good and this is the only nice thing here." - Yoav (02-Mar-2004)
"Due to a never ending earthquake this level gave me a headache for the rest of the day and the morning of the next so I can't really recommend it. However if you know that that there is no way to cross the spiked pit with the monkey bars no way to open the nearby gate and no finishing trigger you might as well quit there and then and are spared the noisome after effects. It's only 18 rooms with not much to do so this has a distinctive demo quality to it. Atmosphere lighting textures aren't that bad actually but there is simply not enough of it to give high marks. Apart from that it doesn't exactly look like the Coliseum." - Dimpfelmoser (01-Jan-2003)
"Coliseum? Where??? I am a big lover of both Coliseum levels the TR1 and the TRC ones and I was really disappointed while playing this. 16 rooms that show you nothing but a few lava rooms with easy jumps to do an earthquake that would last forever and also a strange outside area with grey instead of green trees. The unique thing I really liked in this level was the use of a Mountain Dew Nut as a Medipack because that object has been around since importing DXFs was possible and that was a long time ago." - Treeble (21-Dec-2002)
"As he other reviewers wrote this level is definitely unfinished. It looks good or at least interesting at the beginning but getting the crossbow and laser-sight right away without any hard enemies only dogs seemed pointless. After you push a button and pick up the knot it starts what starts well a horrible earthquake that gave me a headache not to mention the dizziness. Not only it can't be stopped but you can't finish the level as the monkey bars can't be used and the door nearby can't be opened. Pity it looked promising." - Kristina (13-Dec-2002)
"This combination coastal / colloseum level looks like someone's first attempt at building and is a good first try with a lava/jump room, a few attack dogs and a spike trap that's already claimed a few victims. It's short at only five minutes but I got to a point where I couldn't get a door open so I may have missed part of it. Good lighting and use of textures though and at least three golden skulls to find." - RaiderGirl (07-Dec-2002)
"When I first saw this level listed I thought 'goodie right up my alley'. However it did not live up to any of my expectations and I finally threw in the towel at the monkey bar area and deadly spikes. Why? - because I was getting extremely nauseous from the earthquake plus I wasn't having any fun anyway. I hope this author tries again but unfortunately my recommendation has to be 'do not bother' downloading this one." - Sherry (04-Dec-2002)
"A five minute run through that seems to have no end well that is unless you class being spiked to death an end and really no real thing to do besides collect 3 skulls lying around a knot or pillar and shooting a couple of door locks. This should not be classed as a level as a fair few others I have come across and I just implore creators to take note of this fact and to actually give a level some game play not just show us that they could create a couple of rooms and string them together." - Sash (02-Dec-2002)
"Another unfinished level. Why these ever get released is beyond me. Here you get three golden stars a pharoh's knot start an earthquake and marvel why you cannot get passed the spike pit. Six minutes of useless gameplay. The ONLY redeeming factor was the health packs in the form of Lucozade drink bottles." - Torry (01-Dec-2002)
"Oh dear. I really hate to sound discouraging especially on a level-builder's first effort which this obviously is. But unfortunately I don't have much choice here. This level was almost unplayable for me due to a nauseating earthquake which never seemed to end. Actually I could have ended it a lot more quickly if I had simply exited the game before I did. As it was though I stood there and endured a good 15 minutes of queasiness trying to figure out how to end the game properly - if only I had known at the time that you can't (or if you can I never found out how). I really hate to sound so negative and I'm sure that the author will come up with something better next time around." - Bex (01-Dec-2002)
"Such a pity a promising title that goes nowhere. Kill a couple of dogs shoot a couple of locks and pick up a knot and some skulls. End at a monkey swing you have no hope of reaching (that leads to nowhere anyway cause I dozyed to check) and you are left standing scratching your head in puzzlement." - Momster (27-Nov-2002)
"16 rooms with two dogs to kill two locks to shoot three Golden Skulls and a knot to pick up and a button to push before you trigger an earthquake and marvel as to why you cannot reach the monkey swing over the spikes leading into a deadend crawlspace. I guess the slope behind the door that never opens is the end of the level. 8 minutes to get there. An unfinished effort." - Michael (26-Nov-2002)
"By starting up this level I was pleased that it was bright not fair I know but you get that after playing a very dark level. Finding the crossbow and laser light I was surprised that apart from some dogs I only had to shoot locks. There are some golden skulls as well and even a custom made small medpack in the form of a bottle. Jumping over lava and pushing a button and collecting the knot the earthquake begins and never lets up. There is another room you can visit but it will be your death at least I don't know what to do there or even how to get back without dying well you can but you'll loose a lot of health. Then there is another door that wouldn't open so I gave up. 26-11-2002" - Gerty (26-Nov-2002)
"Well I don't know. I really don't. Did I miss something? I hope so; in which case I'll submit a different review. 16 rooms (reasonably well-textured). You'd think it wouldn't be too much to ask to be allowed to visit them all; but I couldn't for the life of me work out how this was possible. Added to this a nausea-inducing earthquake and un-grabbable monkey bars and you have a level that could only be of use to someone who wanted to rapidly increase his review count by playing quick and easy little adventures. So not bad at all really." - Orbit Dream (24-Nov-2002)