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Infada Quest 1 - Little Escape in Cambodia by Ma.ximo

Aims 8 8 8 8
bERT 8 8 9 9
Dimpfelmoser 7 7 8 7
eRIC 8 8 9 8
eTux 8 7 9 8
G.Croft 7 7 8 8
Gerty 7 7 9 8
janachorider 8 8 8 7
Jose 6 8 7 7
Kristina 8 8 9 9
Loupar 9 8 7 9
MichaelP 8 8 9 9
Orbit Dream 7 8 8 9
Pam 8 9 10 8
Phil 8 8 8 9
RaiderGirl 8 9 9 9
Ryan 8 8 8 9
Samu 8 8 8 8
Sash 8 8 9 9
Treeble 7 7 8 8
Whistle 8 9 9 9
Xela 8 8 9 9
release date: 10-Dec-2002
# of downloads: 62

average rating: 8.11
review count: 22
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file size: 31.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a nice jungle level that captures the TR3 look and feel very well. My main complaint is to do with the tedious and excessive backtracking once you pull a switch that opens a door pretty much on the end of the map multiple times and this disrupted the otherwise fast paced and tense progression of the early parts a bit. I also wasn't a fan of the incredibly tricky giant snake sequence, especially because Lara had to climb a ladder while exposed to fireballs and locust swarms. Having said that, the jungle atmosphere is well caught and the environments are always well constructed and faithful to their TR3 inspiration. Recommended." - Ryan (03-Jun-2018)
"I'll admit I was a bit worried upon reading other reviews, mostly because of the supposed backtracking involved towards the end, but having now played through the level I can say they're much, much shorter than you'd think. They're still pointless, yes, but hey, levers operating doors on opposite ends of the map is what classic Tomb Raider is all about, isn't it? This was a fun jungle level, heavily inspired by TR3 and even using plenty of objects from that game as well -- which also includes the pick-up and push block animations, which become slightly off sync in the TR4 engine. A few other issues I noticed were a couple of wafer-thin walls, the door bug (which ironically happens right where the bridge is broken so you can't fall off, nor clear the gap for that matter) and at least one unmarked climbing wall. There are a couple of "hub" areas which require quite a keen eye, but mostly because you're looking for crawlspaces hidden behind the vegeatation, this I feel was more of a hindrance to gameplay than the alleged backtracking. I especially liked the plane crash setting. 50 minuites, 4 secrets. 03/18" - Treeble (04-Mar-2018)
"Well,i liked this level but it isn't great.for start the backtracking to go to a door that was in a place that you were just minutes ago,after that some objects from tr1 peru didn't fit and the textures are from india.i think the author should have used the tr4 cambodia ones.but apart from that the crashed planes the giant snake and the setting was good." - janachorider (17-Jun-2014)
"The look and feel of this level is superb -- very reminiscent of the first few levels in TR3, and I adored that section. Everything fits well here, from the music to the textures. There are a couple of annoying tendencies that the author displays here, unfortunately. Probably the biggest of my gripes is the continuous backtracking to pull a switch that you should have been able to pull minutes ago; it becomes needless padding. There are also a lot of weapons and ammo for seemingly no reason, though that's a minor nitpick. Still, I had a ton of fun with this level. If you liked India, then Cambodia is a great next stop for your tomb raiding adventures." - Xela (14-Aug-2013)
"A nice hour-long jungle level from the early years. It's fun and not too challenging to play, and the only complaint I have is the builder's tendency to have the player pull a switch to open a door somewhere far away, go there to perform some necessary task, and then come back to where you pulled the switch in order to continue. This happens more than once, and mainly near the end, and it tarnished an otherwise enjoyable adventure. The lighting is fine throughout, enabling the player to see everything going on around him. There were several TR3 reminders here, such as the pushblock animation and the appearance of the harpoon gun as a reward for finding one of the secrets (although you never really get a chance to use it). Relic Hunter has provided a comprehensive and readable walkthrough. Recommended." - Phil (07-Nov-2011)
"Not bad this jungle level, but not for my taste. I never liked things I can't see as invisible cracks. The level has some small defects as missed sounds, objects disappear before Lara can touch them with her hands, the big circular door is bad placed and you hit with an invisible wall at the end of the broken bridge, paper walls, cameras don't return to Lara until you press the "look" key or unmarked ladders. At the end the game crashes. I didn't like to take a long way to pull a switch, return the way I came to pull another switch which triggers something in the place where I came from; not a good gameplay. Climbing the ladder exposed to the fire shots of the dragon was very difficult too. Definitively, not a level for me to play, but playable for another kind of players anyway. The best for me were the enemies and the secrets." - Jose (23-Nov-2010)
"If you enjoy large and non-linear jungle adventures,well-textured and full of atmosphere,then this is the one for you.If you enjoy some smart timed spike traps then this is also the one for you. If you don't enjoy laborious (and,quite frankly,excessively convoluted backtracking)then you might want to deduct a point or two from the Gameplay (as I did) as this almost completely spoils the momentum of the adventure which was cleverly built up in the first 20 minutes or so (especially via a truly nail-biting timed spike challenge). Some of the chores needed to accomplish were a little cheaty (invisible shimmy cracks in walls;health-draining locust attacks) but the atmosphere never fails to be anything less than compelling,and the technical standards are everywhere high.Recommended." - Orbit Dream (11-Jan-2008)
"I think there's nothing really outstanding in this level but I found it still very enjoyable. The jungle environment looks very nice including TR3 textures and good lighting. Traps are used also pretty nicely to make game hard. Objects are chosen well too despite there are some egyptian objects that don't fitt well in jungle setting. At all events this was a nice game and really worth playing." - Samu (13-Apr-2007)
"Here's a nice jungle level from Maxime. Nice settings and textures. You are trying to reach little temple hidden in the Cambodian jungle to acquire the lizard artefact. You start off in a small jungle area and travel through small temples which leads to new jungle areas. The first has a plane wreck and guards (who are your friends) wandering around it is rather dark but you don't stay long here. You need two serpent stones which take you to the main jungle that is where you get access to the artefact. There are some tough timed runs and puzzles in the game. To access the ledges above the lake you need to go through a tough run to open the door leading there. You start off with a dash to the hole opposite with spike walls coming in very quick then you need to pull levers and open a door behind a pushable block with another spike wall descending. This was the hardest part for me I think. After that you get a key. Another tough bit was when you needed to reach a room high up above the lake with a keyhole. There is a big round stone blocking a passage to the artefact (the same stone is in tr4's first level). Once you move the stone a giant cobra appears and makes things difficult. Not so much at first when you go into the passage but after when you return to the lake where he is. There is a ladder that you must climb right near him so it is hard especially with him shooting fireballs. Other than that it wasn't too bad if you time yourself right it shouldn't be too hard. All in all a fun little level more for the advanced raider or those looking for a challenge." - Aims (04-Jun-2004)
"Little Escape in Cambodia is a rather complex level; secrets are well hidden there are many different tasks to accomplish and the scenery is sometimes a bit confusing. The lake area with the sunken airplane and the platforms is great and the underwater lever very difficult to find so I was stuck until I found it. Gameplay is as funny as the second level (Edinburgh Castles) which I played before. The main faults IMHO are some animations that didn't work well the fixed cameras that sometimes were annoying and the absence of sound when Lara activated some switches. A nice level and not really hard very entertaining." - Loupar (10-Nov-2003)
"You can go back in time with this level to the beautiful jungle of India in TR 3. It was just wonderful to play a new level like that. It has everything a jungle level needs: the jungle sounds with all the birds and other creatures the fog that gives such a realistic feeling of heat and dampness the tricky moving spike traps and the right music. Combined with a few new objects like the huge snake it would fit right in with the levels of the original game. Finding the harpoon also brought back good memories. You get to proceed mostly only after you have completed an area which is nice you don't feel like you've missed something. And don't shoot the soldiers like I did I felt really bad when I found out they were friendly. The cute little monkeys even showed me a crawlspace I had missed before I swear! One of them just kept going in and out of it. I always like seeing them in a level. The game is just as good even if you don't have to shoot everything that moves. There were some places I got stuck. At the bridge for example it looks as if there is no way to continue. But it is ok that the way is not always obvious. What use would be the stuck-forum? Or once I saw a crawlspace that I just could not get into. It drove me absolutely crazy. Later I came back though that very same hole from the other side very sneaky! It's a very pretty challenging and yet very well playable level." - Pam (09-Apr-2003)
"This well done jungle level was fun to play - there were few enemies so I was free to explore. I had to do a lot of that too as some of the crawlspaces and switches were very hard to find. In the large room with the place wreckage and dazed pilots wandering around there's a crawlspace that's very difficult to find in one of the corners and in the large main area there's an underwater switch that took me forever to find. There are two gems and a key to collect along the way and a few puzzles to solve including some tricky boulder traps and a room where spikes come down from the ceiling and you have to push a block aside AND pull a switch before they get you. Also a few times you enter an area only to have the door close behind you making you believe you've been locked in - just look around for a crawlspace or some kind of trigger. The huge snake in the water was cool but I got tired of the locusts pretty early on plus there were a few tigers bats and a skeleton. As soon as you pick up the artifact at the end the level ends - hopefully we'll see another level by this author. Secrets found: 3" - RaiderGirl (14-Feb-2003)
"I'm with bERT I love a good jungle level and that's just what I got here. For a debut level the creator tapped right into my exploratory nature with some extremely well hidden crawlspaces and shimmy cracks making for great progression he also made such a beautiful job of constructing a lush environment complete with a couple of crashed light planes. Maybe the gaming could have been a little more diverse but with the absolutely thrilling timed spiked wall and ceiling trap and the heart pounding trek back past the giant fireball spewing snake it made for an hour of wonderful fun. In the end I found 5 secrets and can do nothing but highly recommend it to those of you who haven't played it." - Sash (14-Jan-2003)
"Good level for searching and working out your route. Look carefully for 'natural' entrances. Plenty of baddies to shoot at and some you just have to avoid those dratted locusts and a fireball-breathing dragon towards the end. Once in the second area avoid jumping onto the large wheel you slip behind and pre-maturely end the game. You need to find a gem (Anaconda type) in each of the levels and a 'key' in the second level. Beware then 2nd jewel is a pain to get at if you don't spot things first (a rather obvious statement but needs stating for a hint - see threads). Lots to find and pick up and you will need a few medipacks to get through the finish avoiding the dragon and walking through spikes etc. The atmosphere set was good but some of the textures as in the wheel lack somewhat but overall a sound level. Well worth an hour or so of anyone's time with plenty to do." - Whistle (05-Jan-2003)
"A fine jungle adventure even if a bit strange at some points. There are so many interesting things to do it will never get boring! You might get stuck because of the many well hidden crawlspaces and shimmy cracks and one hard to spot underwater lever in the main jungle area but with the thread in the forum you will never be stuck for too long and will be able to go on soon. I liked the masochistic run through the spikes with spiked walls coming from both sides and the escape from the room with the lowering ceiling to get the Shivalinga key quite a lot and actually wished for more parts like that. The giant cobra near the end always kept Lara moving but made me use the save reload trick more than once and I really think the author of the level should've credited the Cowboy for making the cobra. The few weird things are the TR3 animations which don't match that well with the level editor and also the shotgun looked very colourful and I don't think that was made on purpose. Nevertheless this is a level well worth playing if you find the hour to do it." - eTux (27-Dec-2002)
"Set in Cambodia this jungle level has mainly the India textures of TR3 with some of Angkor Wat and the doors of Vilcabamba. The lighting is quite good. If you think there is not enough enemies (4 tigers 4 skeletons bats) you can shoot the two soldiers for good measure. Plenty of TR3 ammos weapons and more than 20 medipacks. It was fun to shoot the bats with the harpoon! 4 secrets found there is certainly more of them as I did not find the Uzi and the grenade gun. The pace of the course is pleasant and rather slow things get spiced at the end with a timed run with spiked walls and one descending spiked ceiling and when you need to climb and jump while being attacked by fireballs spitted by a giant snake. Average difficulty except for a couple of places where finding the way is not obvious. A couple of minor bugs (an underwater monkey and some thin walls) but there is enough good looking areas and entertainment to justify good marks. Not the ultimate jungle level of course but it gives more than one hour of good exploration. Plus you have the feeling to be back in TR3." - eRIC (23-Dec-2002)
"Quite an impressive jungle level starting with a nice flyby. I like the funky shotgun and wondered about the incorrect pick up animation as it looks a little weird. There are boulders spikes crawlspaces well hidden crashed plane pieces swinging blades shiva statues and I found three secrets but missed at least one I think. Enemies are a few monkeys guards tigers skeletons and bats and of course the very pesky dragonsnake near the end. You need to find two Anaconda Stones and the Shivalinga Key to progress and get to the lizard artifact. The moving spike wall gauntlet is a great thrill and the music fits the setting real well so if you like a decent jungle this one is a must." - Michael (22-Dec-2002)
"This level left me feeling that I missed something as the minute I picked up the artifact the game crashed. As I was playing it on the Mac I was glad to hear from Matthias that on his Mac it was the ending of this game indeed. Even if it wasn't I was not planning to play the game all over again on my PC as there are some devious traps. I like the jungle look and there is some exploring to do. Seeing a plane that crashed in the jungle and two soldiers guarding it is the start. Then you need a gem to open some doors. I should have known that there were some walk-trough walls as I spotted one but couldn't enter. You will however use that later in the game. Watch for climbable walls as they are a bit hard to spot. I still don't know what that area with the waterfall did but I guess that it is a red herring as you can climb out of it in case you get swooped away with the current. Then there is the dragon what looked more like a big jungle snake and the locust are very hungry indeed. Luckily the pick ups consisted also of medpacks so I did all right. I think I got 6 secrets but before writing this review I played more games as I was waiting if indeed the level ended when my game crashed or not and forgot to write that down. 16-12-2002" - Gerty (22-Dec-2002)
"I plead guilty your honor for being biased towards jungle levels. Though different in approach this level kept reminding me of the first custom jungle level I played - Sacred beetle by Theresa. Joyful and nicely ongoing entertainment if you look carefully for those sneaky hidden crawlspaces can take a joke or two when the author tricks you and with a good laugh for things that were probably not intended. Like with one of those monkeys near the waterfall that goes off to sit nicely in a corner...underwater: hilarious! The settings in this level are realistic and yes we have seen airplane debris in other levels but here they are placed/arranged very well. Technically it seems that the editor handles imported TR1-stuff not so well: 1. when Lara picks something up it seems to zip away straight to her backpack as they disappear even before she kneels down; 2. the moving block animation is a bit weird. But can't deduct points for that: always nice to see the TR1-goodies again. In net gameplay this level could be done in one evening: I did it in...5 because of being stubborn and not being able to continue for not being aware I had to look for a crack (not hers) near the bridge. But I don't mind that if a level looks as good as this one. The 4 secrets I found were nicely done too though not too hard to find. Bird view camera's were good but in my opinion are always better off with a one-shot setting so that you don't get that view each and every single time you pass by again. Minor flaws (wafer thin wall heard no lever sound going down the waterfall a bit weird). Anyway very good entertainment in between hard-boiled levels." - bERT (20-Dec-2002)
"This level is set in a jungle surrounding. There are a lot of jumps and traps as you move along and many crawlspaces - high and low. Not many enemies but of various kinds - bats skeletons tigers and finally a giant cobra spitting fire balls at you. A good challenge for 1 hours but not too hard." - G.Croft (18-Dec-2002)
"This level reminds a lot of TR3. Lara is from the original game and all the textures are jungle-Scottish and the animations of course are from that game too. One thing though that's strange is that every time Lara picks up something you see it first in the right down corner of the PC seconds before she gets it while she kneels. Everything is well built it looks like one solid game. There is a shiva not active though friendly monkeys tigers skeletons and bats. Secret crawlspaces is the hint that will help you get through it the puzzles are a key and two red gems everything renamed all the items in the inventory is from TR3. Shooting vases will open doors and switches hidden spike wall traps and a dragon retextured as anaconda. I really liked this level and if it had more puzzles it would have been greater. Play it especially of you're a fan of original games." - Kristina (17-Dec-2002)
"Hey my flat mate is currently on a holiday in Cambodia. Bet you didn't know that or care about it. Us who we have to stay here in the cold can at least make a little escape in Cambodia. A jungle level with lots of exploring some traps the occasional jump and a retextured dragon (brilliant) near the end. I can't really say how long it took me to finish this as the net gaming time count told me nearly 3 hours but that's only because I cleaned the flat in between and must have forgotten to save or put it on hold. I bet Lara was pretty pissed off when she had to stand around in the jungle for ages with nothing happening. But then again it's a rather pleasant jungle with nice light effects a convincing atmosphere and those cute monkeys are fairly harmless if you don't shoot at them. What I found slightly confusing was that it looked as if you were supposed to reach a higher level in the trees but all those walkable branches are merely for decoration. There are some minor bugs a few paperthin walls and the locusts are as noisome as always but apart from that I found this an utterly enjoyable level. I particularly liked the way the gates usually fell back into place once you walked through them so you were not tempted to backtrack. Some things are cleverly hidden but as you search for them you come across all the medi packs which you might need later. Other bits are deliberately misleading but if you observe carefully you will see right through it. Not me of course but thankfully FG was there to come to my rescue. There is an unhealthy run through oncoming spikes the occasional tiger will jump at you when you don't expect it and there are some more exciting moments along the way. One thing that I find remarkable is that many animations (like pushing blocks or picking up things) seem slightly odd unfamilar even; so I guess they are taken from the early TR games and not from the Last Revelation. Well it's nice to have a bit of variation every once in a while." - Dimpfelmoser (16-Dec-2002)