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Temple of India by JMN

Aims 8 8 9 9
Dimpfelmoser 7 8 9 9
DJ Full 7 7 8 7
Doug E 7 8 8 8
Engelchen Lara 9 8 9 9
eRIC 7 7 9 9
eTux 6 8 8 7
Gerty 7 8 9 8
Jay 7 8 9 8
Jose 7 7 8 8
Kristina 9 9 10 10
Loupar 7 8 9 9
MichaelP 7 8 9 8
Miguel 8 9 9 10
Momster 7 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 6 7 9 9
Phil 9 8 9 8
RaiderGirl 9 8 10 10
Ryan 7 7 9 9
Sash 6 7 7 7
Treeble 6 7 9 9
release date: 17-Dec-2002
# of downloads: 90

average rating: 8.08
review count: 21
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file size: 26.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a nicely made, atmospheric jungle level, although you will spend more time inside the temple areas than hacking through the undergrowth. Gameplay is entertaining but unremarkable, with some fun platforming and traps. Worth playing if you’re fond of jungle levels, but it probably won’t linger long in the mind." - Jay (17-Mar-2020)
"A sumptuous and atmospheric jungle environment to roam around in, and actually the whole adventure is rather easygoing for the 50 minutes it lasts. The TR3 India textures are utilised very nicely and the garish, hot lighting in the indoor lava areas is very effective but unfortunately the gameplay is a little too reliant on lever pulling and running full speed ahead through the different rooms after only completing a couple of tasks. Also a couple of the outside areas seemed a bit underused and could have been used for a bit more gameplay, but the idea of locating perished explorers was poignant. An entertaining raid, if a little simplistic." - Ryan (02-Feb-2019)
"As I'm currently near the end of my umpteenth time TR2, I've been already looking forward to TR3 and this level hit that spot for me. The use of TR3 tracks helped develop even further the great atmosphere in this level -- the caves particularly had me blown away, although there was very little to do in them other than speedily race the quadbike to locate the Indra Key. I liked how this key is used several times, but I felt there was an abuse of doors and levers. Towards the end, gameplay is mixed up a bit, with pushblock puzzles, but otherwise it was a very straightforward and simple raid. Considering how it's a 2002 release, I was impressed with some of the customization, such as the tiger and shiva statues, but definitely felt young Lara's face on adult Lara's body was creepy as hell. 40 minutes, 5 secrets. 02/18" - Treeble (26-Feb-2018)
"Quite organic level despite of veeeery simple looks and those large patches of intense unicolor light I never llike. We get certainly varied and interesting gameplay except from basic pushables I would of course throw out or move to the beginning from prefinal approach where they are now. Also that quadruple combo switch could have some hint because all it takes is pull them all and the door opens. We get some flares but too late, when all the darkness is behind us. Same for the bazooka, not only harder than secrets yet not being one, but also useless since all the enemies are already defeated and the final ones are immortal. The conclusion is nice, I imagine it being quite impressive back then to slide down to the artifact room and realize you must figure out how to grab it the way other than the familiar bossfight... and here I would apply something else than luck. SUMMARY: Not bad as for the first effort." - DJ Full (01-Mar-2017)
"This is a nice little older gem that took me almost an hour to complete. The builder has provided his own walkthrough that helped me minimize my playing time. There's nothing here that you haven't seen before, but it all fits together quite nicely and provides a moderately challenging raid with a low frustration factor. There are a few devious traps where a door slams behind you as you enter the danger zone, forcing immediate action and a likely reload. The builder leaves a pushblock puzzle for you to figure out yourself, but it's not a complicated one. A worthwhile raid in the India setting. Recommended." - Phil (27-Oct-2011)
"Another temple in the jungle Lara can explore. Huge rooms with few furniture, easy gameplay with no many difficulties, few enemies and many switches to pull. The best I liked were the TR3 musics and the help of the cameras. Lights and textures were good too. At the very end I was looking for a system to kill the dragons, but I only had to run through the exit door. Entertaining, but don't you wait for something special." - Jose (23-Nov-2010)
"A spirited run through a very well-crafted Jungle Temple environment; but it's too linear for its own good. Very rarely do you get the feeling that you're in a fully homogenous location (unlike many other Jungle adventures out there), as you rarely re-visit the same area twice but instead dash from room to room, chamber to chamber and cave to cave in a basically straight line, to the detriment of believability. The Gameplay, likewise, is disappointingly basic, with only the occasional moment when you need to stop and ponder a while. More the pity then, as the level has atmosphere in spades but doesn't seem to know what to do with it. There is many a likely opportunity for a puzzle but, more often than not, you simply run into an impressive locale with the sole objective of pulling a switch and making a quick exit through an adjacent door. Even the impressive enemies can be felled with a couple of shots. The idea of locating explorers instead of secrets was lovely, though; especially as I only uncovered four. Despite all my quibbles, I recommend this adventure for its atmosphere and comparative ease of gameplay, which provides for fast-moving enjoyment." - Orbit Dream (17-Jun-2005)
"Here's a fun little jungle level. The story is that 5 explorers were searching for the legendary lizard artefact. One day they all disappeared and never returned home. Friends and family decided to search for them but at no avail. Lara discovers an article on this and decides to carry on their journey and find the artefact. The level's environments changed quite a bit. There was the main jungle like TR3's then there was a mini temple that looked mostly like TR4 's cambodia level Angkor Wat and there was a room with a lava lake. You get to ride on a quadbike through a very dark passage to get a key so the ride's only short just a quicker way than walking. The puzzles weren't too difficult a fair few levers to pull and some not so bad jumps such as jumping over invisible platforms to reach a lever and going over the lava by sliding and jumping. Not many enemies either it's more of a puzzle level. I like the end with the giant dragon from TR4 made to look like a cobra - very clever he wasn't too hard just remember to run as fast as possible! lol a nice level recommended to jungle fans or anyone really." - Aims (04-Jun-2004)
"A wonderful Tr3-similar India level with a lot of challenge and old friends....Good Atmosphere Quadbike Sheevah-Statues which really move and fight Jump combinations Lava nice Spikerollings (never seen before) Pushing blocks Teeth spikes Spike walls Climbing Diving ...Yes indeed has all you will expect of a good Temple adventure. One hour of good gameplay with nice ideas." - Miguel (17-Jul-2003)
"This jungle/temple level has a good atmosphere good graphics and a fluent gameplay. Some good movable blocks puzzles jumps in a room with lava a zip line the quad a corkscrew trap and a timed spiked descending ceiling are some of the ingredients that can be found in this one hour Indian adventure. Finding the secrets is maybe too easy and the enemies are few (there is only 2 Shivah statues 2 tigers and a vulture and 2 giant cobras at the end which pose no threat). I hope to see one day a jungle level with the quality of SURVIVOR a TR3 custom level made by EMOO with a fluent but challenging gameplay." - eRIC (09-Mar-2003)
"A nice level to enjoy. Not difficult but with some unexpected traps. Five 'explorers' to find as secrets in the darker places. I've loved to see again the Shiva statue even though it was easy to kill. I think it's impossible to get stuck because the gameplay is quite linear; so you have to find the next lever to open the next door: no puzzles. All in all a good work." - Loupar (06-Mar-2003)
"Well it seems as though I must have seen this 45 minute level through very different eyes than most everyone else. For me this was a too easy lever pulling level that had a couple of good moments the attacking Shivas giant snakes at the end and the two timed lowering ceiling traps one with spikes and the other with corkscrews but otherwise this was a straight forward almost ridiculously easy level. I am also a little confused at the 5 secrets which are actually skeletal remains of old explorers my confusion comes in when you have no choice but to find some of them as one is laid out next to the quad bike and another at the bottom of a ladder you have to climb why these weren't hidden a little better I'll never know. I did enjoy it however but to me it's a very middle of the road level." - Sash (10-Jan-2003)
"Temple of India was one of the best jungle levels I've seen in a while and I was reminded quite often of the India levels from TR 3. This was almost as professionally done as those original levels - textures and cameras were well used and everything was well designed from the caves with the motorcycle to the inside of the temple itself. Highlights for me were the Shiva (!) the five fun secrets the motorcycle ride the timed switches with spikes and cork screws the lava jumps the giant snakes the beautiful outdoor areas with waterfalls and the transparent floating blocks. My only complaint would be how hard it was for me to pick up the last artifact. It's one of those puzzles where you have to pick up something that has deadly lightning over it and you have to wait for a long enough pause in the lightning to pick it up. You can't really tell it's a long pause though till it's half over and then it's too late. I think anyone who liked the India levels from TR 3 will really enjoy this one." - RaiderGirl (29-Dec-2002)
"How considerate from the author a little story and a walktrough. I didn't need it as I finished it without a hitch but it is a nice thought though. A jungle level and a very nice one at that. Straight forwards and the few puzzles that were in this level weren't that hard. There is a cave system that looks spooky and you have to find a key there. I even found 4 explorers (secrets). Block pushing (you can see the blocks) invisible block jumping (you see the blocks) some other jumping over lava and of course the levers pushing. Apart from the key getting three artifacts is the main goal here. There is even a battling Shiva great! The dragon in the end I dare not to wait if he would flame poor Lara I let the girl run for her life. 18-12-2002" - Gerty (22-Dec-2002)
"This level for me seemed to start a little slowly with Lara being amongst the trees. Then it picked up pace and quickly became very good indeed. There was an amusing bird thing that just sat there and was more than happy to be shot at! There was a quad bike that I managed to impale against a rock face but after that the game was great. I jumped a bit when a statue came to life and attacked. Very good. There was a good rolling spike trap to contend with. The lava room and the descending spiked ceiling was very very good. The block puzzles in this game were well made and a little unusual. At the end there were two hissing snake things that tried to fry Lara's butt. Well worth playing!" - Doug E (22-Dec-2002)
"Another new level builder with a very nice debut. As the others have already stated quite linear and lots of levers in this jungle but still and all entertaining gameplay. The enemies fit well and the jungle and rooms all nicely done. The shiva scared me out of my skin when it came alive and this alone impresses me about this budding author. The 3-block puzzle was not so obvious and had me scratching my head for a while. The zip line you didn't really need to use but is always a nice touch and the spike room and swirling blade room weren't terribly difficult but as stated before I'm suitably impressed and look forward to this author's next offering." - Momster (22-Dec-2002)
"If one likes jungle levels then one is served well with this level. The atmosphere was crafted very well. Above all the caves that Lara investigated were well designed. Lara goes around even with a quad bike where one easily missed a secret if one does not look closely ;-) Would have altogether 5 secrets found. Textures were processed well cameras were not used that often but that was not an issue because the path was easy to guess. The puzzles were not difficult very fluent progression just a little thinking here and there. :-) Lara must find 3 golden serpents to get to the artifact. At the end Lara encounters 2 cobra snakes for once something entirely different than dragons ;-) Can only recommend it." - Engelchen Lara (21-Dec-2002)
"The setting here is really great with the jungle the waterfalls the caves and I thought the enemies did fit in quite well too (tigers a vulture fully working shivas and the utterly hilarious though harmless 'snakes' at the end). As Dimpfelmoser points out so nicely the gameplay does fall a bit short as it is really very straightforward rather linear and more than 20 levers along the way in this 45 minutes adventure. An Indra key and the three serpents are your puzzles to get to the lizard artifact before you get out. There is some diversity here with movable blocks a quad bike (underutilized) a zip line spikes and corkscrews from the ceilings flame blowers lava lakes and I just loved the three baboons. Enjoyable and not too strenuous - try it out!" - Michael (20-Dec-2002)
"I loved this level can't you tell. I am just in for jungle levels and textures from TR3 they are very appealing at least to me. Everything is well placed and the connection between the rooms is great. It's very straight forward and quite dark I ran out of flares soon enough but if you make it a little further with the pistols the flares are just in the corner waiting for you. Generally it has switches doors climbing walls a bit of swimming and a key you will use more than once. Three serpents are the last puzzle items you will collect and at some point this level reminded me of Theresa's level 'The river of sacred beetle'. The waterfalls and the high level you begin with just brought back memories from when I was discovering custom levels and playing her level I thought it was perfect. Anyway back to this one now it's just very good tigers a condor active shivas and the quad bike to drive through the caves. I dare say that I like this better than 'Deep in the jungle'. I know too much reference to other levels but when you have played so many of them it's just inevitable. I found all five explorers the author named secrets like that. They are not hard to find at all as they are just pick ups ammo and weapons. Finally I got the lizard artefact and passing by the anaconda or cobra depends how you look at it the level ended with me wanting more. A must play and we eagerly waiting for the author's next level of 'The New Adventures' as she has already pronounced." - Kristina (20-Dec-2002)
"This is a nice small level which was fun to play for the time it lasted. Some parts were not very original (the floating invisible platforms the movable bock puzzle to access 2 switches) but were nice to see again. Also this all was more based on pulling switches so mostly was not very inventive and unfortunately the quad bike ride was a bit short. Finding the dead explorers was fun but a bit too easy and the enemies were not a big threat either but my heart still beats faster when I hear the Shiva coming towards Lara. The textures were applied nicely and I liked the cave surroundings but I personally don't like the mix of Angkor Wat and India textures and the lighting was not very good too. All in all a nice level and you'll like it even more if you like jungle levels." - eTux (20-Dec-2002)
"Lever mania in the jungle. This extremely linear and fairly easy adventure took me 55 minutes to finish but I reckon you can make it in 40 minutes as I was exploring all areas despite the route being so obvious and I spent a long time pushing blocks around to look for secrets (which weren't there). I just couldn't believe that it was as linear as it seems; but it is. It's a pity that there are so very few puzzles and challenges as the setting is really great with a spooky jungle atmosphere to start with and then a mysterious temple to romp through. You even get a cut scene every time you push a lever to show you where to go next. I'm usually in favour of this but here I actually wished you weren't always pointed in the right direction. If only all the doors had been timed it would have been an excellent level. But still it's great fun and there are some really outstanding elements to be found. This features the first fully animated Sheevah but it's a pity that it is completly harmless (though it looks quite scary) as are the giant snakes that you run past shortly before you reach the end. Apart from that there is only one vulture and two tigers so the two Desert Eagles you get seem a bit wasted. There are two fairly easy block pushing puzzles a short ride with the quadbike one descending spiked ceiling a couple of jump combinations and a corkscrew room but apart from that it is mainly a spirited run from lever to lever. Near the end you have a movable block a funny coloured tile and a nearby gate. I assumed that you had to push the block onto the tile in order to open the gate. To do this you have to drag the block an awfully long way and the door didn't even open. In fact I got stuck this way as the funny coloured tile is a trapdoor and once I got it to clank open the movable block wouldn't let me progress. But as I had suspected something like this I had kept an earlier save game. So don't bother to drag the block all the way through the room. Just push it once so that you can progress to the right." - Dimpfelmoser (20-Dec-2002)