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Sophia's Bunker v2 (Christmas Director's Cut) by Psxsaves

Akcy 3 5 4 7
CC 4 3 5 4
Dimpfelmoser 3 3 6 5
Dougsan 6 5 5 8
eTux 2 3 5 5
Gerty 3 5 5 5
Jay 4 5 5 5
Jose 2 6 4 7
Kristina 3 8 5 5
Lady Lara 4 4 4 5
MichaelP 4 8 5 6
Orbit Dream 3 4 5 7
RaiderGirl 4 5 6 7
Ryan 4 4 5 5
Sash 3 6 5 6
sonnyd83 4 5 4 5
Treeble 2 3 3 3
TrueRaider 7 5 5 5
release date: 22-Dec-2002
# of downloads: 41

average rating: 4.69
review count: 18
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file size: 17.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"It’s not radically different from the first Sophia’s Bunker really, other than playing as Kurtis. If you enjoy shooters, you may get some satisfaction from a little mayhem. I must say the looped music was driving me to distraction, although I suppose it did make up for the lack of sound files elsewhere." - Jay (05-May-2020)
"I usually don't mind playing pure shooter levels, but this one tries too hard to be something else with it and ultimately it's just not fun. For starters, the author has set the main theme as the background track, so you hear it looping over again and it gets quite tiresome. Along the way there was an unmarked climbable wall, too. My main issue is how it tries to be nonlinear so you're never sure whether you're on the right path or not, and even backtracking past the three or so sentry guns doesn't yield any results as you can't find any differences from your prior visit to these areas. Plus it feels as though as it's an unfinished work, as the area with the helicopter allows you to freely explore the Matrix-code blocks. Perhaps that's the idea? Instead of background buildings they're actually a glich in the Matrix? This might possibly have been Kurtis' debut in the TRLE scene, and one word of advice: avoid looking into the armored soldiers eyes lol. 20 minutes, 2 secrets. 02/18" - Treeble (26-Feb-2018)
"I got stucked near the end so I was forced to take a look at the walkthrough, but even so in my game the doors pointed there never opened so I had to abandone. Anyway I read that there's not a finish trigger so almost is the same situation. The design is good, and I liked the texturization, but the gameplay is dull, always advancing only to shoot more and more enemies. There are also some traps, but nothing really interesting in all the entire level. Not very enjoyable for me." - Jose (22-Jan-2018)
"Not much to say, other reviewers have said it all. What you get here is a mediocre dash through a VCI environment, shooting guards and picking up ammo and weapons and you have to get to the roof, where there is no finish trigger. Only play this if you want to play as Kurtis Trent (who curiously has Lara's voice and movements)." - Ryan (13-Aug-2016)
"I thought I'd play some older levels. This is a shooter type of game and reminds me of levels I used to enjoy making back then. There's no artifact hunting and the whole point of Tomb Raider is to find artifacts. The texturing is actually sort of ok but the usual misshaped ones make their appearence. You start in a TR5 office setting, shoot a few baddies, press a switch or two, jump over some toxic water then avoid some machine guns, and eventually end up on the roof, where the floor seems quite eneven for an office building. Sound is non existant and Kurtis has Lara sound effects. Also, since this came out in 2002, but TR AOD came out in 2003, how is Kurtis even around?" - sonnyd83 (29-Apr-2012)
"Can't remember the first version as I played that seven years ago but either I am sorely spoiled or very jaded but my marks this time around are much lower than the one I gave seven years ago for his first effort. Sounds were not up to scratch and roaming around in somewhat darkness also spoils the fun. There are a couple of times that I ended up somewhere and there was no way to go back or continue, so back to an older save was the only option. Running though a small staircase and later on the helicopter as well says collision trouble (or lack of it). Another notch on my belt." - Gerty (18-Oct-2010)
"This is not a Christmas level, so don't let the title mislead you. It's a remake of the author's first level, only this time we go with Kurtis. It was nice to use him for a change, but the auhor did unfinished job, as he still has Lara's voice and movements, so a good idea was ruined by careless implementation. The names of some pickups which were nice in the first installment, now go by their original names of their slots, like Gate Key, also careless. The end trigger is gone, well, at least we can get up the strange structures and kill Sophia. I would have liked to see the errors of the former corrected, like the missing sounds, but they still not there. Imho creating a remake comes by the intention of improving it, but here it became worse. Design and gameplay basically the same and as short as the former level, there were just a few new rooms. The readme says we should obtain a certain song and convert it into wav to hear it while playing. Yeah right, shoudn't we build the level itself too? I deducted a point for this. It would have been better if the author build something new instead, if you have already played the first version then it's not recommended. If you haven't, you can still give this one a chance." - Akcy (04-Dec-2007)
"I admit I only played this because Lara is a guy. It was OK as far as gameplay was concerned but it kept causing my computer to crash to the desktop. Playing time ran 25 minutes or so. Textures were decent enemies had some sounds missing and the male body/female voice was funny. Worth playing for that alone. Otherwise it didn't thrill me even the timed run part." - Lady Lara (15-Oct-2004)
"Psxsaves appears to have a problem putting the finishing touches to his levels; they can either be completed too abruptly (his first version of Sophia's Bunker Underwater 1); can be shortcut unintentionally (Tibet Crash Site) or seem incomplete (Church and House). Sophia's Bunker 2 belongs in the last category: it has bizarre animation that simply doesn't fit the character; a most peculiar transparent maze area at the end and (most importantly) no Finish Trigger which always leaves me feeling deeply unsatisfied. Yes it's an improvement (duration-wise) on the earlier level and you get to play as a different character but there's little else here to recommend." - Orbit Dream (04-Nov-2003)
"PSXSAVES has chosen his/her name well. If you enjoy a level you developed then tweak it a little bit and reissue it. This will SAVE you a lot of work ;-) All kidding aside as the name implies 'Sophia's Bunker Version 2' is another take by PSXSAVES on his 'Sophia's Bunker'. I believe he has improved on version one. Having 'Kurtis' substitute for Lara is quite a trip. I put his name in quotes because I believe we are supposed to know him. He does look familiar. Having 'Kurtis' use Lara's voice (screams grunts etc.) and a lot of her movements rather strongly suggests he is effeminate and might be gay; a rather courageous action on the part of PSXSAVES. I salute him. I liked his way of handling the pistols ('hood style' sideways). Silly yes but different. The level is not a good level and I can't recommend it but for 'Kurtis'." - Dougsan (13-Jun-2003)
"No no I don't like this Lara is replaced by an effeminate male. OK top marks for originality. Unless of course Lara has disguised herself as a male for this particular assignment then 'her' sounds and movement would make perfect sense. I didn't play Bunker 1 so I don't know what happened there. This is a building of sorts in a city views of the city reflected in water out of the windows. There's a peculiar boxy effort that I presume was meant to be an island in the water which is repeated again at the end where the helicopter is and I spent some time jumping around these boxy things but found nothing. They are textured in see through green solid green some have city-skyline textures and one big one has Cola ads on top. A most peculiar experience. The only fun I had was doing that timed run." - CC (12-Jun-2003)
"Who would have guessed that all these years Lara has kept a deep dark secret from us. She's a Drag King! With binding strong enough to flatten down Dolly Parton and an Anna Kournikova tousled Enrique Iglesias wig our Lara sure is a puuuurdy boy! Seriously though this is Sophia's Bunker with a few new rooms added a timed door and the most obvious difference playing as a male though a male who sounds decidedly feminine and seems to have a wrist problem that only a good osteopath could fix. Yes this is better than the first but not by much." - Sash (09-Jan-2003)
"Quite the same as in version one but this time you're playing with Blind Intentions' Kurtis Trent skin instead of Lara. Using Lara's animations and sounds was not a wise choice cause he does seem a bit silly because of them. But there are even more weird things (!!!) - there is no finishing trigger there is a sun in the sky during a night and you can walk straight through the helicopter. Well play it to see Kurtis but otherwise maybe play something else..." - eTux (29-Dec-2002)
"I don't want to annoy the other reviewers but I had to give this level a 7 for gameplay as never has a level made me laugh so hard! I was practically in tears when Kurtis (or more like Lara who's just had a sex change) jumped and died. Kurtis looks great as a playable character but the author forgot to put in the more manly sounds to go with him. The objects are fairly decent however except the very annoying fire spurting sentry guns everywhere. And when I caught fire I saw a nice handy pool or so I thought turned out to be a deadly bath of some toxic substance or other! I greatly enjoyed it it's going to take me years to calm down after this one." - TrueRaider (28-Dec-2002)
"Except for a few changes this plays exactly like the first Sophia's Bunker. The biggest change is that this time you are playing as Kurtis Trent instead of Lara which is an interesting change. Some of the baddies are also different and seem to have Lara's eyes. Gameplay is exactly the same till you get to the end. There is a set of double doors that close behind you and a button that activates a timed door on the other side of the set of double doors. I had a problem with this because the double doors took a while to reopen so I always missed the timed door. By playing around with it I finally made my way through only to have the level end seconds later with the same cool helicopter flyby that's in the first version." - RaiderGirl (28-Dec-2002)
"Not much to say about the level itself as we have played and reviewed it before but what makes this version very remarkable is the fact that you play with a male character who actually looks a bit like Kurtis in AOD. The plenty of guards and few dogs to kill and the 2 secrets we already know what I found weird is that a level builder manages an innovative new character and then has several objects with collision problems in the level (e.g. the helicopter at the end). The short timed run and the helicopter landing sequence were probably the highlights of the 20 minutes. Not sure why I was able to happily jump around in blackness among the rooftops without finding anything - not even a finishing trigger." - Michael (27-Dec-2002)
"Another version of the author's first level as the readme says. A nice surprise is that Lara is replaced by a male guy not very attractive if you ask me but tastes vary only you hear him speak with Lara's voice which is hilarious. Other than that there are new guns enemies and the sentry guns plus the secrets which are tapes etc. out of the ordinary. A few buttons to push and end the level. If you played the first version play this one as well just to see the new guy you will be playing instead of Lara." - Kristina (23-Dec-2002)
"As far as I can tell this is basically the same as Sophia's Bunker v1 which in turn was more or less the same as Treeble's Bunker level so for information about the gameplay and setting you might as well read the reviews there. The main difference being that you lead a male character through the game. And this is where the trouble starts. As there are no new sound files he has the same voice as Lara when jumping or picking up things which makes him seem positively gay. Also the animations are still the same and this is the first time I realised that Lara drowns in a distinctively feminine manner. Quite interesting really. I never thought about it before. Furthermore the guy -let's call him Fritz for the time being- holds the guns Tarantino style which looks ok when he shoots but seems a bit awkward when he just holds them. But Fritz has to shoot a lot here. It also made me realise that TR is just not the same without Lara. I don't know about you but I missed her dearly. And even the timed run that I couldn't remember from the original couldn't make up for that." - Dimpfelmoser (23-Dec-2002)