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Ninive by Miguel

Bex 9 10 10 10
CC 8 9 9 9
Cuqui 10 9 10 10
Dimpfelmoser 7 6 10 9
Doug E 9 9 9 10
Fairy Godfather 8 8 9 9
G.Croft 9 9 10 10
Gerty 7 8 9 10
High Priestess 10 9 10 8
Ivan 10 8 9 10
JayJay 8 8 8 8
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 5 7 8 7
Kristina 10 9 10 10
Loupar 10 9 10 10
MichaelP 8 8 9 9
Mman 8 9 8 8
Momster 9 8 9 9
Obig 9 8 10 10
Pam 9 10 10 10
Petaludas 8 7 9 8
Phil 10 9 9 10
RaiderGirl 10 9 10 10
Ravenwen 9 10 10 10
Ryan 9 9 10 10
Sash 10 9 9 10
Scottie 8 9 9 8
Sherry 10 9 10 10
Treeble 8 9 9 8
Whistle 10 10 10 10
Xenutia 8 8 10 10
release date: 31-Dec-2002
# of downloads: 153

average rating: 9.06
review count: 31
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file size: 64.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"Really enjoyed this trle..good music , good gameplay , good vibes.. Didnt enjoy some placed u could get stuck, a puzzle u should jump to 3 tiles so a platform could raise(no indications in these tiles), didnt like some places u could reach the 'sky' and couldnt jump or climb, no secrets (or i didnt found any), limited grappling gun usage, couldnt kill turrets.." - Petaludas (12-Dec-2021)
"I had the wrong impression all along. I'd known these were four levels and as such expected a lenghty adventure. Granted, I followed the walkthrough to make sure I'd reach the end, but these days you get single levels that take much longer to beat than all of these combined. The first three levels take place in urban and modern settings, and were quite well done in my opinion, especially the museum which works despite all the restraints imposed by the engine itself. Then, the last level takes things to a more traditional temple setting. There were some issues such as the door bug in the last level, but otherwise these were fine and solid levels. I guess gameplay could get a little predictable as whenever you see a dark corner you know there's something there, be it a pickup, a lever or a crawlspace. Failing that, be on the lookout for something to shoot (shooting a switch was rather odd, and then later on a statue head made me smile). Speaking of which, the last level also features briefly the Grappling Gun, always a plus in my book. Extra props for the excellent audio track selection. 120 minutes. 08/20" - Treeble (03-Aug-2020)
"Miguel, you have created a great game. You need to keep your eyes open for sneakily hidden objects and things to shoot. The sound added a lot to the experience. Lara looks pretty in both outfits. Very good!" - Ryan (16-Apr-2016)
"Wow, I stumbled across this in the featured level search which I often refresh to see if anything takes my fancy. I hadn't realised just what a vast level set this was but just as I thought I had triggered the end, I found myself in another diverse location. Fabulous! There are few levels that I want to play until late into the night or indeed wake up to with the strong desire to get chores done so I can continue playing and this was one of them. Technical merit I cannot critique in any depth like others because I am not a builder and therefore have no knowledge of the inner workings of the Level Editor. I did find there was quite a bit of backtracking but a degree of that was not necessary - it was me getting lost after a few hours rest and losing my bearings :D Usually when I see lava pits I avoid the download but the jump across the lava pool with the swinging cups was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I did need a lot of help from the walkthrough but this didn't make me feel any less achieved at the end. I am just downloading the sequel. What can I say? Sensational effort. There are a few shortcuts that I found that were not mentioned in the walkthrough - not to avoid anything but easier ways to get to an area than getting stuck, say, between two Landrovers. In spite of the gun turrets and baddies I was able to go for ages without a medipack - something I never know when to take because my games play in a window on Win 8.1 so frequent saves for this reason are essential. 10/10 for sheer enjoyment!" - High Priestess (01-Jun-2015)
"So good the first level looks like, the horizon is quite unambiguously a blunder. Or to be precise he is virtually absent and, unfortunately, one can see only the sky. This is no problem when the buildings are built in such a way that one not noticed the missing horizon, but here one sees it wherever one goes. Another problem is that Miguel has hidden two important Items, a key and a part of the car jack, in dark corners. Without the WT I would never have found both things. Moreover, one or two camera hints more would have been very helpful. Actually was the camera work good, but sometimes one had to guess what this or that lever has caused. In spite of these evident weaknesses and a few stretched textures this was quite an entertaining level. The second level offers a lot for the eyes. Particularly the central hall looked very good. However, the invisible lever in the small library was absolutely superfluous. How should one find as a player such a lever if there is no hint which there could be such a lever? Otherwise one could play through the level fluently. The third level was good to play and I noticed nothing negative. The fourth part was quite unambiguously the best in the whole game. Very good riddles and no annoying to and fro.
Summary: The camera work was generally good above all I have liked the Flybys. Indeed, a few camera hints were absent which door was opened by this or that lever. Sometimes was the constant to and fro a little bit annoying, but later it became better. The lighting was good, up to the exceptions in the first level where Miguel had hidden two important Items thus in dark corners that one could not find them. Now and again one could see some stretched textures, but it kept in narrow borders. All together this was quite a good level, but it was in my opinion not a top level." - Scottie (05-Jun-2011)
"In first level there are some important items throwed anywere in the darkness, so be sure you explore carefully all corners or you'll have to backtrack a lot many times. In my case, I missed a key for a door in the sewers and I had to go back to look for it; when I found it, I returned and when I arrived to the trapdoor it was deactivated, so I had to do the same climb, shimmy and monkeyswing three times. Near the end of the level, I realized that I forgot the carjack in the garage, so I had to backtrack a very very long way to the very beginning and return, forgetting the trapdoor bug, so I had to do the same tasks two more times (five in total). Second and third levels were tedious and bored 'cause I had to run from place to place finding dead ends dozens of times, triggering something here, going there, triggering something there, returning here... really a nightmare. In last level if you don't follow the walkthrough you'll find yourself with the jeep in front of a small passage with shallow waters, so you'll have to reload and follow exactly what the walkthrough says; evenmore, there are a lot of places where you can go and can't return. Definitively, another builder who didn't read the page 70 of the manual (Advanced skills > Puzzles and keys > A few general tips > second paragraph). Very bad. From the other side, there are good ideas, cameras and musics are appropriate and environment was correct. Sorry but I can't recommend it." - Jose (23-Nov-2010)
"A multi-level set based around infiltrating a museum, and then an "epilogue" (it's possibly the longest level, so not really) level elsewhere to finish the story. The detail is generally good; the museum interior and the second half of the final level in particular have good lighting and detail throughout. The final level had a certain surreal atmosphere that evoked Legio VI Victrix for me (although this obviously came before). The lighting is little drab at times in the first level, but the real eyesore is the start of the final level, the hot-air balloon is a nice touch but beyond that the lighting is flat and there are paper-thin walls and invisible blocks all over the place; thankfully it picks up a lot after the first area (presumably this was made before the rest or something).
The gameplay is a bit mixed. The first couple of levels in particular have a very dodgy flow, the worse moment is in the first level where if you miss something near the start you literally have about five minutes of backtracking at the end to go back and get it. Even beyond that nadir there are a lot of extremely vague puzzles (including a lack of camera hints at times), combined with non-linearity that makes missing one item or switch a major flow-stopper at times. Somewhere around the third level it picks up momentum and gets much better though; it's still quite easy to miss things but the flow generally gets a bit smoother, peaking at the final level which remains challenging but smooth throughout bar a couple of things (I got completely stuck even with the walkthrough and had to seek some help on the forums for the last level, but thanks to the help I found it was more a problem on my part). With the flaws I was close to giving gameplay a 7 but decided the the good-and occasionally almost inspired-moments just about balances it out. Worth checking out, but keep the walkthrough ready." - Mman (28-May-2010)
"This one's a bit of a mixed bag for me. I'm a sucker for the idea of exploring a museum, and I can't say I was at all disappointed by the magnificent look and feel of the levels. In terms of visuals, this is perfect. However I did find that some of the puzzles weren't terribly logical, leaving me baffled as to what I was supposed to do next because there didn't appear to be any obvious reason why, for instance, shooting a vase should open a door. There was also a little too much back-tracking for me, with much of the interior of the museum spent running backwards and forwards opening doors and then going back to them. There also weren't enough in the way of enemies for me, although I'm not always big into shootouts Š it just may have spiced up the door-opening a little bit. I hate to say anything negative about any level, because I realise how much hard work goes into them, and I noticed how many people reviewing had a thoroughly good time with this one. I guess the obscure puzzles just aren't to my taste!" - Xenutia (06-Apr-2007)
"I enjoyed this level series very much, and it is among my all time favourites; and I think it's Miguel's best work so far. Lara is looking for a valuable treasure and for this reason, she explores several places, starting off outside a museum, and you have to find a way to sneak into it, as it is heavily guarded. I had a bit of a hard time trying to find a necessary key - in plain sight, yet so well-hidden at the same time (pay special attention to the street lamps ;)) but as soon as I did, everything started to flow. Once inside the museum, there is a series of theme rooms waiting for you (except for the Egyptian themed room, which is a separate level on its own), and from there you are trasported to the Palace section where the treasure you are looking for is hidden. Exploring all those areas is a great challenge which also offers visual pleasure - and in particular, the Egyptian room and Palace sections are artistic masterpieces. The last one also happens to be my personal favourite: it features a green-eyed Lara, dressed in a bright purple uniform and looking as if she escaped from a sci-fi movie, and driving an awesome pink jeep (incidentally, the rides you have to make with it are just amazing). The settings in all the sections are masterfully textured and constructed; the gameplay is very enjoying and although extremely challenging at some points, it never gets tiring because everything is so clever and inspired that the whole experience ends up being totally fascinating. The puzzles are very good and they involve rope swinging, torches, scarabs, raising blocks, and there is a lot of action and mystery feel. The atmosphere is great, matching each section in the best way. A fantastic level series, that I would gladly replay any day!" - Ravenwen (29-Jan-2007)
"I've had this level on the desktop for ages. Why I didn't play it before is beyond me. I think it was because I thought this might be a long Egyptian desert level, which is not my favourite type of level. Well today I decided to play it. And what a surprise! Right from the very start this is a visual treat. Not a grain of sand in sight in the first three levels, but a lovely, well-built city. The attention to detail is amazing. Lighting, textures, layout, objects, and Lara herself looks lovely. I loved all the TR2 textures. There are four levels here, starting with... OUTSIDE: The city. Apart from dealing with the dogs, oversized crows and guards, we are mainly looking for keys to open doors, switches and levers, finding the carjack, handle in the well designed garage, and the crowbar, all extremely well hidden. There is a fair amount of to'ing and fro'ing going on here, but it was not tedious. Got stuck for ages in the sewer before I read about the high up valve to shoot, to turn off the electricity in the water. I liked this great sewer system, turning valves, shooting things, monkeyswinging, and emptying a huge tank. INSIDE THE MUSEUM and GET THE PRISMA: A very well laid out museum interior, with again, more sneaky hidden pickups and objects. We visit beautiful ancient Roman, Indian and Chinese rooms in the second level 'Inside the Museum', and Egyptian rooms in the third level 'Get the Prisma'. If I didn't read about the wall blocks I would never have found them, unless of course I ran around with a torch or flare constantly in hand. And there were plenty of these hidden blocks. And how is anyone to know that a switch was there if they couldn't see it! Some unusual target shooting going on here, and a good torch puzzle that almost lasted the length of the level. The block pushing puzzles are excellent, but there seems to be a bug in one room - when I shot the mummy statues the block rose, when in fact I was supposed to pull three wall blocks out first. I did it later on, and thankfully it didn't cause any problems. This is a well protected part of the museum. We need a mechanical beetle to get through spikes, and luring the real beetles out to die in the pool was fun. We open coffin doors, shoot vases, rumage in cupboards, keys to find, and burn a rope to let a boulder fall. One puzzle was hard to figure out, where we need to step on parts of a floor to raise a block so we can use a lever. I thought it was the patterns on the floor! The walthrough says the 'darker' tiles - didn't look any different to me. In the end I just followed the walkthrough step by step. SENAQUERIB'S PALACE: Lara acquires a hot air baloon to fly to this fortress, and then a pink jeep to drive around. Her yellow/green eyes were a bit of a shock, but her red outfit is gorgeous. We use this jeep in a fun way, up slopes, crashing through the floor, and into a base where I spent ages targeting machine guns, only to realise they couldn't be shot. We need to find a way to raise screens around them. We also need to find a battery to blow up a dangerous floor, a grapling gun to lower a rope, a star symbol, more hidden crawlspaces, pushing barrels and crates, and shooting lots of objects. This seemed to be the longest level, more rooms, and a lot more going on. These include a room where we have to find a route across ledges in mid air, jumping to avoid skull blocks slamming down; using the grapling gun to lower a rope, so we can swing across to columns, then find a monkeyswing to get to the other side; Swinging flame cauldrons over lava; an outside room with a hammer wielding minotaur; and further on a good block pushing puzzle on two levels. Lara finds shells to place, shoots demon dogs in a dark chamber, bones to shoot, uses an elevator, and lots of things to set on fire. I brought the lighted torch with me everywhere, but had to reload a savegame at one stage because I brought it too far onto invisible ledges in a tall dark room. We come back to this room later, followed by cool looking luminous beetles that glow in the dark. And lots more fun things to do.Lara eventually finds the crown and escapes. I'd like to say, yet again, that it's always a pleasure, and a surprise, to play these old levels. I can't believe that this one is over three years old! Well worth the download, and an excellent level to play." - CC (18-Apr-2006)
"This a very good level one of the finest. Very confusing too with a lot of backtracking and sometimes wondering what on earth a certain lever has done and where to go next (not that there aren't cut scenes). In a word it's one of the toughest puzzlewise. I didn't always like the added music but most of the time I thought it was very agreeable. And I got pretty stuck a couple of times. For example I didn't know how to open the cabinets (now that's one thing I'd never seen in a custom level just as Lara crouching to get or start a fire - congratulations!) since I always came close to them (as in Chronicles or any other game in general) and nothing happened. Why did we have to find out the way was to make Lara step back once and then press control? In the block puzzle in the Egyptian room I also had to check the walkthrough - having to pull the blocks only once when there was so much space available and possible places to get them to although the simplest of things probably wasn't the most obvious solution. So you see I got stuck with very simple or maybe not so simple things... Thank God for the walkthrough! Another thing when you light the candles in a room in the Museum level and you listen to the clock striking what's that for? I mean is it supposed to do anything? (I often get confused over a couple of things like that) Or is it simply an effect? Well I loved this set of levels as you might imagine from the four tens I gave it. It is solid and offers a lot of what Tomb Raider is all about. I just wouldn't advise it to people who aren't very patient - it's not just the backtracking it is indeed going back and forth and back and forth without the slightest idea on what to do next throughout most of the game. No complicated jumps or anything - you simply have to pay a lot of attention to the slightest details... My favorite levels were the Museum level and the Egyptian level (still inside the museum). Very interesting. Miguel you've done an excellent job which I can only compare to the very best. I'd love to see some more..." - Jorge22 (29-May-2003)
"This is about as good as it gets. What we have here are several linked levels that demonstrate the variety characteristic of the highest rated offerings. The level of difficulty is moderate and the only place that caused a significant problem for me was near the end where you had to swing off a rope and grab a climbing surface to avoid being instantly marinated in a toxic pool. (Man do I ever hate ropes.) The excellent walkthrough helped me to avoid major heartburn in the less difficult areas. Others have commented favorably on this author's effective use of music but I must admit that I didn't go to the trouble of converting all those mp3 files to wav files. There's a limit to what I'll put myself through to lock and load a TR level and converting music files crosses the line for me. But I still had the cowboy sounds of The Quick and The Dead on my hard drive and the game used many of these so I don't think my experience was musically-deprived. The gaming here was fun throughout and I certainly hope that Miguel is working on a sequel." - Phil (06-May-2003)
"A great series with a very strong storyline. Very enjoyable! I played it twice actually and the net gaming noted here is from the second run with the walkthrough so expect more time for exploration in a first go. Outside (7/8/9/9 30 min.): As in all four levels of the series you are welcomed with a flyby and some nice music. What stands out here is a variety of objects that spice up the overall architecture. You need to find (and use) the car jack and a few keys as you explore the streets and the sewers. Enemies are only a few dogs and birds. I don't particularly like the way how Miguel uses dark spots to place crucial items (such as the crowbar). A few blocks to push doors to shoot and underwater levers to find. And the room with the burners steam and sprinkler was nicely done. Definitely a lack of cut scenes in this part. Inside the Museum (8/8/9/9 30 min.): This is where the real fun begins. You explore a museum and step by step open up the whole area with the help of several keys. The atmosphere is really good and I loved the way the 'themes' are represented in the various sections (Indian Chinese Roman ...). Again jump switches in dark alcoves hurt the progression a bit and I probably never would have thought of shooting the head of the poor soldier statue. Also the invisible book switch was not funny. Much better work in cut scenes here. You get a torch puzzle as well (almost a trademark in Miguel's levels) and some of the block pushing and vase shooting did not seem to have much logic for me. Enemies again few - a bunch of guards and a dog. The lights-on-effect was neat. Get the Prisma (8/8/9/9 30 min.): Enter the Egyptian section of the museum and find and use the mechanical scarab a few keys and for a very short ride at the end the Jeep. This nicely carries on with the story as well as the style of gameplay. Another torch puzzle with the boulder some beetles to avoid a rather enigmatic puzzle with a raising block and a switch rather few cut scenes and unfortunately a few climbable walls that are not textured as such. Shoot vases and push blocks around to eventually get to your prize: Senaqueribs Prisma - and make your escape past a couple of guards. Senaquerib's Palace (9/9/9/9 45 min.): For me this was definitely the best part of the series. Lara has finally arrived in Ninive and changed into another great outfit and the green eyes of hers look almost spooky. The balloon and the first flyby is great. More enemies around here and very suitably placed (baddies who die very cool the hammergod panthers and a shark). I liked the way how the sentry guns were 'disarmed'. You need to deal with a minefield find a Temple Star two sea shells and the second prisma. Gameplay is more linear but a little more action oriented and somehow I liked the textures better in this part. One of the floor platforms Lara crashes through with the Jeep did not crash for me (the Jeep just fell through) but that did not interfere with the progression. The swinging cauldrons were new and well done as was the return of the rope gun (not ideal but works). In the first areas it is easy to get to places where you see the end of the world or hit the invisible ceiling but only if you explore a lot. Good variety here with the small boulders cut scenes ropes an elevator a zipline a torch puzzle of course and my favourite was probably the room with the transparent blocks. All in all a very nice series not too tricky and more for the explorers. Definitely not to be missed." - Michael (03-Mar-2003)
"Great atmosphere when playing and driving jeep. Lara looks so pretty there. Some tricks were for a lot of walking and at last when I solved was great experience to play. Was little trouble to solve scarab and but when I was made this continue to next part of playing. Good level and recommended!" - Ivan (26-Feb-2003)
"Beautiful couple of levels with excellent music to match. Gameplay once you know what is expected is fluent. And that is also the hitch. As a for instance the vase you have to shoot stands on a different colour tile so you can figure out that something is amiss. Harder was the statue to figure out that you had to shoot cause he looked 'paler' than the rest (?). Also had the same problem as Matthias with the darker tiles one has to hop over as I couldn't see it as the colour on my Mac was the same. And I had also a hard time to find that switch on the bookcase. Very sweet of Miguel to explain that one book is purple and that is the switch as the other bookcases apparently don't have purple coloured books but that is water under the bridge now. There are not many enemies and I didn't even miss them as I was running so much back and fro in the museum level. There were camera shots but too few for my liking. Am I getting spoiled or what I think so. The jeep ride (and I hate driving vehicles) I couldn't make and I had to ask my buddy to help me out here. Best part was the museum with their different rooms although I didn't like the running back and fro you had to do a lot of. Lightning and textures were great in every level and it is nice to find items in dark corners at least that is where I would hide things. No secrets as far as I know. This was a hard level for me to give points to as although I liked it very much afterwards I was mighty frustrated at times while playing it. 07-02-2003" - Gerty (09-Feb-2003)
"This author has now entered the higher realms of level building with this very fine level. I especially liked the first part which had wonderful atmosphere. This was my second attempt to play this level as I got off on the wrong foot when I was able to lift the manhole near boxes in the fenced area. This took me to the entrance to get into the museum but without playing the necessary areas. Naturally without the pickup of the laser sight I could not continue and ended up frustrated. So thank you to the person who provided the walkthrough it got me on the right path and from there I had a wonderful time. I have nothing negative to say about this level it was thoroughly enjoyable. Very well done." - Sherry (07-Feb-2003)
"This set of levels definitely deserves to be in the top 50 in my opinion. Not only is the atmosphere realistic down to the very small details but gameplay is fun and exciting enemies are varied and well placed while not distracting from the levels and the textures and lighting are just about perfect. You start out in a small section of a city complete with streets parked cars mailboxes and even a garage. There's also a museum and your objective is to sneak down into the sewers and make your way into this building to steal you a few artifacts. The second and third levels are where you search the museum complete with a visitors question center and rooms that show off the artifacts from different cultures and time periods. Finally the fourth level starts with a great jeep ride though tricky with those sharp twists and turns and then ends soon after picking up the last and final artifact. I have to say how great looking these levels were; it's obvious that the author put a lot of time and effort into them and the result is a great game that I would recommend to anyone." - RaiderGirl (03-Feb-2003)
"Expectations were high for this one and settingwise I think it's absolutely marvelous. However the gameplay left me somewhat bored especially in the first three parts. If I remember correctly there is not a single jump sequence or anything of that sort and inside the museum you don't do much more than run to and fro find and place keys push levers and search for the doors that might have opened. This is made all the more tedious by unmarked movable blocks a hard to spot switch in a bookshelf and a rather enigmatic placement of items. But it's pretty ingenious how the rooms interact and I liked the idea of an Ethnology museum with many sections dedicated to all the various TR environments. The best part for me was jumping across the rafters in the main hall; unfortunately there is nothing to find up there so you don't have to do it really. The third part features too many levers for my liking and I would never have guessed the Raise-the-block-in-front-of-the-lever-Puzzle. The walkthrough tells you to hop over the darker tiles. Maybe it's just me but there weren't darker on my Mac. The final level was definitely my favourite part of this foursome; great jumping neat fly bys a more mystic atmosphere and a less search based gameplay. Funny thing I missed the ammunition for the rope gun but could make progress without it. As my understanding of it there are no secrets which is a pity as there are so many corners where Miguel could have placed them. But you certainly don't need more medi packs or any fancy weapons as enemies don't play a major part here; if memory serves there are none in the first part and later on you only have to put up with the occasional guard a few stray dogs and cats a friendly shark and the dreaded Hammer God. Maybe I've put off raiding for too long but I got stuck far too often for my own liking; but seeing that the Stuck-in-Nivine thread is in its third incarnation by now I guess I'm not alone. There are a lot of little details that endeared me to this three hour epic like the funky jeep the return of the car jack the green vermin or the little fish that swim in the shark infested waters. On the other hand I was really disappointed that one could not destroy the sentry guns and I'm not so sure about the music. Bottomline: A great environment with an imaginative storyline but too much fruitless searching and not quite enough action packed tasks." - Dimpfelmoser (03-Feb-2003)
"What a level?? Definitely for the experienced player. Gameplay at times very exacting and you really have to get the 'grey matter' into top gear to think your way out of situations. All you expertise from the 5 games will be called upon to solve the problems. Enemies vary from dogs guards a shark and one of those unkillables. In the 3rd section you are led to believe every thing is becoming easier think again. Best advice is to look in dark corners. Graphics are stunning and vary widely to fit the scenes as does the lighting. All this gets the mood to fit the section you are in perfectly. The only downside I encountered and this seems to be nit picking is that the flybys from the block puzzles to the blue door stuck on too long and the 'ins' key was needed. Best level played in ages." - Whistle (01-Feb-2003)
"What a wonderful looking set of 4 levels this is. You get to venture through city streets a museum and then a desert base come palace. There's also loads to do as well usually concerning shooting things and things you don't always suspect moving objects and objects you don't always suspect and lighting things with torches and things you don't alw....well you get the drift. What I liked most about these levels was that each lasted just the right amount of time all up 160 minutes and were of a difficulty that made them interesting without being annoyingly hard or simplistically easy although you will most likely have to visit the forums a couple of times to get a hint at what to shoot move or burn. I really recommend this set of levels but I do have one gripe why weren't there any secrets!" - Sash (31-Jan-2003)
"A great work Miguel! I've enjoyed every minute (plus 5 hrs.) of the game. Is very well balanced in exploration and enemies; they are always in the unexpected place. I love specially the Museum level and the Get the Prisma. Senaqueribs Palace was a bit confusing but not really difficult; it's just to explore every corner. I like specially the texture work the new look of Lara (with green eyes) and the flyby/cameras in the game. It's one of the most original levels I've played the story and the locations are among the best. Download it now!" - Loupar (30-Jan-2003)
"Well these are very cool levels and they have become one of my favourites. So I hardly can say any wrong of them. It was stopped only two places for a while. The first was in the first level the key next to the entrance of the Museum was very hard to find. And in the level #2 I didn't discover for a long time that I have to shot the Chinese Soldier's head. Finally its different colour was a bit suspicious. And I didn't know what is the Chinese Scroll used for. I didn't find secrets in the level at least it haven't counted any for me. The enemies aren't too difficult to overcome but there's no problem with it. But the texture is great various and witty. I love the audio and the puzzles are cool as well." - Obig (29-Jan-2003)
"Very fun... I enjoyed the puzzles.. quite hard for me though! Excellent use of textures and lights. The jeep ride was a blast also. Highly recommended to anyone." - JayJay (28-Jan-2003)
"Another fantastic level! There's been a lot of them lately (Jan 2003) and that's great! The task here is to find the two Prismas of Senaquerib and two shells to be able to get your hands on the treasure and Senaqeribs crown. The architecture of this level is marvelous. First the outside area the sewers especially the museum with all its different rooms (like the Chinese room the Egyptian room the Babylon room and so on) and at last the palace of Ninive. The gameplay is pretty hard mainly because of the new objects and the new use of old objects and the lighting (always look into the dark....;-). It is a big download but it gives you 3 5 hours of fun!" - G.Croft (22-Jan-2003)
"This is a 3-4 hour mini-game in a set of four levels. A lot of creativity went into this starting with the special music which needs to be converted into wav. files first but I thought it was well worth doing that. I always like to get into the story and here Lara has this mission of stealing an artifact from the museum and place it where it came from; of course to save the world. At dusk she makes her way from the streets through the sewer system into the museum. Once inside the museum she explores the different exhibition areas where this sneaky level builder even sells us the oh so boring Egypt atmosphere as something really interesting. It's like taking a forbidden tour through a deserted museum outside the nighttime thunderstorm sky. It all seems very real. I even stopped at the glass cases to look at everything. The gameplay is very challenging and confusing at the same time and even makes you tear your hair out sometimes. But really no mean timed runs or jump sequences that could not be managed. Sometimes there is a lot of backtracking to do for a switch or a key. But in this wonderful atmosphere it's fun if it takes a while to make it through. Especially the last part I found very tricky. The moving blocks puzzle kept me busy for a while because I had left that area too early and of course could not find anything else to do. So I figured to do it again and voilą- the correct gate opened. Then everything just falls nicely into place. So expect the unexpected. I could not find any secrets but you know what? This whole thing is like looking for many many secrets because switches moving blocks keys and other items are sometimes really very well hidden and finally getting hold of them makes you feel like a kid on Easter Sunday. So see for yourself I just loved it. Pam" - Pam (19-Jan-2003)
"What a brilliant level this is. The textures are first class and are some of the best I've seen. Rusty metal in the water areas and green slime at low level--superb. Steam emerging from the walls gives a great feeling of being there. A couple of times I wasn't sure what to do because of a shortage of fly bys but apart from that it was a very enjoyable level. Full credit to Miguel for this little gem." - Doug E (15-Jan-2003)
"I'm stunned. Yes I am. I expected something good because Miguel has already created two of my all-time favourite levels (Mona Lisa and Pyramid of Chichen Itza). However excellent though both of those levels are they pale in comparison to Ninive from a gameplay perspective. 'Ninive' personifies everything that's good about Tomb Raider from start to finish. Miguel has a rare talent - he knows what makes gaming FUN without making things so frustrating that you end up bald I haven't enjoyed a set of levels so much since Piega's 'Sanctuaries' and Luis Martins' South America series. Miguel also has another rare talent - that of finding perfect custom music for his levels. I remember 'Chichen Itza' as much for the great music as I do for the gameplay and Miguel has once again excelled himself in his choice of audio for 'Ninive'. Yes it's a big download. So what. I'm on a 56k modem but the download time was worth it because the game is really enhanced by the extra audio files. This set of levels is pretty difficult to summarise because you get to explore a variety of different environments which range from museums to Egyptian-style tombs and everything in between. A keen sense of observation is a must. I almost missed the crowbar right near the start and one of the keys you'll need near the beginning is just lying on the floor but is well concealed by shadow. Miguel is very sneaky with the way he hides things like this - there's a torch puzzle later on that had me searching for hours for something to light. The solution is really obvious when I look back on it but that's where his sneakiness comes into play! Bad points? Well hardly any. OK so once I jumped on the 'elevator' without realising what it was and jumped off again only to find that the elevator traveled to its destination without Lara on board. The lava room where you use your rope gun can be deceptive because if you're inquisitive like me you'll head straight for the small bits of rock in the lava pool and will probably get stuck as a result. But at the end of the day these are small quibbles and I've only knocked one point off from a perfect score because of them. This set of levels is so diverse and in many places so ingenious that I am left hopping up and down in anticipation of Miguel's next level. This one is a sure-fire winner download it now." - Bex (15-Jan-2003)
"I must say this was one of the most entertaining levels I've played recently. Miguel has done some wonderful things and made it hard but not really terribly difficult although I must confess to have a little less hair now that I've completed it in no less than 3 ½ hours. You start out in a pretty ordinary outside area the usual stuff crates and dogs and things you must find including a well-hidden crowbar. The laser site is also tucked away nicely and we see the use of the car jack which hasn't made an appearance in a while. You'll do some swimming and shimmying monkey-swinging and jumping around below the streets in the sewers to finally make your way into 'The Museum' part 2. In here you have some interesting rooms Chinese Roman Egyptian etc in which you'll need to shoot some objects reveal and pull some levers and find and use keys and a torch. Great fun and quite intricate. You'll start seeing a few more enemies in part 2 also in the form of guards. You leave part 2 in a jeep and as you begin part 3 you acquire another jeep which has an always difficult for me twisting turning ride up some narrow ramps and I'm deep in debt buying new jeeps (lol) The third part of this excellent series of levels is by far the most difficult. Miguel has done some innovative and wondrous things here. I had to stop and post on the forum that it was 'way cool' the way the automatic machine guns become neutralized. And the use of the rope gun was just so new and fun. Our old friend the hammer guy makes an appearance but he is not much of a threat. Just a very entertaining and pleasurable level to play and one which had the stuck thread on our forum buzzing away. Even our Bexter was late leaving on vacation because she got so involved she forgot to do the laundry (heh heh). Well done Miguel and looking forward to more." - Momster (07-Jan-2003)
"Excellent series of levels. Great job! Superb textures and lighting. There are wonderful rooms and beautiful flybys. The game play is exciting and the sound amazing. New objects to find and clever puzzles to solve sometimes very tricky. I had a lot of fun driving the pink jeep. In Senaqeribs Palace I liked Lara's outfit. She looks very pretty and her eyes are green. Definitely brilliant. I want more like this." - Cuqui (06-Jan-2003)
"A superb series of levels by Miguel. Very interesting puzzles black balls dropping through tubes to fill a pool so that you can swim through a crawl and come back for forgotten items. This was a level to cause late nights and early mornings for the forum and many pages in the 'stuck' column. I liked this one. More please Miguel." - Fairy Godfather (05-Jan-2003)
"I found this level very tricky but excellent. I admit it had me going for quite some time and especially in the first part I was stressed out trying to find which door opened after a certain action but I got through it. Starting in an outside area with guards and dogs it requires climbing and keys to find no one can imagine what will follow further. The torch is used very often at least once in each level if I am not mistaken and the moving blocks are matching perfectly the surfaces you really can't tell if that's a wall or it contains a hidden area. Collecting various keys a roll and a trident the level ends. The second is pretty straightforward at least I thought so there are keys here too to find and the mechanical scarab. The third one has a jeep ride I enjoyed very much and here the difficulty is higher than the rest. There is a puzzle with moving blocks but also a torch that made me search for hours where to use it eventually the author was kind enough to point me to a small pot he is devilish clever so keep your eyes open sometimes the answer might be something very simple. The enemies here are funny looking with suits and a white mask on their faces. The guy with the hammer never was one of my favourites but it didn't cause much trouble. I loved the seashells I had to collect and the other custom objects. These levels contain some brilliant things like shooting heads and one of the things that made me say wow! was the way the sentry guns were neutralized so that you can pick up an item. All I have to say is that they are worth such a big download and mostly that is because of the mp3's contained in the zip. Highly recommended." - Kristina (05-Jan-2003)