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Lara never has a rest 4 - The Spirit of the Past by Garfield

CC 7 6 8 7
Dimpfelmoser 7 6 7 7
Dougsan 6 6 6 7
eRIC 7 8 8 7
eTux 7 6 6 6
G.Croft 7 7 6 6
Gerty 7 8 7 7
Jay 7 7 8 8
JoeTheCrazyGamer 9 9 8 8
Jose 6 7 7 7
Kristina 7 7 7 7
MichaelP 6 8 7 6
Momster 7 8 7 7
Moonpooka 8 8 8 8
Navi 8 8 9 8
Orbit Dream 7 6 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
RaiderGirl 7 8 8 7
Ryan 7 7 7 8
Sash 7 8 8 8
Scottie 8 7 8 8
Sys 7 8 7 7
Treeble 4 4 4 5
release date: 31-Aug-2002
# of downloads: 67

average rating: 7.15
review count: 23
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file size: 21.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"My second coastal level in a row and a nice little trip it is too. All the classic coastal elements are in place, including the Egyptian Adventure section. There are plenty of the usual enemies to deal with, but pickups are generously supplied so it never becomes too stressful. Pleasant and undemanding, you may just fancy a holiday by the sea." - Jay (18-Jul-2019)
"This is the best level in this series, it has fun puzzles and has alot of well hidden pickups and a good number of enemies, and i found 4 secrets (I dont know if that is all of them) but they are well hidden." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (23-Jun-2019)
"Before I begin, let me first admit I was playing this level while "in a mood". I was looking for a simple raid for a relaxing time and I found it here, but there were so many little things that bothered me way too much. For instance, I never liked how many shots a boar needs to take before it's down, and here you have about two dozen of them. But what's worse, every room you walk into here seem to spawn not one, but two skeletons. On the flip side, as I'm playing this as a series I walked in with a crossbow and well over 50 explosive bolts, so they were no threat. Just annoying. Very much so. Other issues I had with this level is how the water textures aren't animated, some inventory objects are missing, the end of world is right within reach in one of the outside areas, and lastly, there's an overuse of audio tracks. As you play you will undoubtedly cancel one track into another and into another, as the triggers are mere squares apart. Maybe don't play this if you're having a bad day, like I did. 30 minutes, 5 secrets. 02/18" - Treeble (18-Feb-2018)
"This is the fourth segment of a larger series, and from what I can see, it's the highest rated of the set. I haven't experienced the other levels yet, so I have no basis of comparison for this one. But this little Coastal level is nice enough to stand on its own. You get some swimming, traps to avoid, skellies to obliterate and a couple of vital artefacts to collect, in pleasant surroundings." - Ryan (10-Mar-2017)
"This coastal level is not hard to play, one of that levels you never need to use the walkthrough to finish it. There are variety of tasks and enemies too, with all kind of extra weapons and enough ammo and medipacks. No wsitches to pull, your goal is find some artifacts and use them in their receptacles. Sometimes when you do it there's a flash camera (you can see nothing) and some ramp surfaces under the stair-objects are not textured, but nothing specially important. There are also several areas you can miss losing parts of the gameplay(easy secrets) but not needed to finish the level (usually it's lineal). The author placed many sound tracks, some flybys and the texturization is not bad. Not a masterpiece but nice to play." - Jose (04-Aug-2016)
"This fourth part or the Lara never has a rest-Series was the best one up to now. The textures looked good and one could hardly see once a stretched texture. Apart from the fact which was a sun absent in most of the rooms, so that Lara looks more like a real person, the lighting felt well. One had to do a few made good duties and the opponents were not too numerous and were well placed. However, I had the feeling, that Emoeke here something had forgotten, because one could see a door which one had to open with a star. However, I had found neither a star, nor the crowbar. But maybe it was even a Secret. Since I could also finish thus the level. The sound felt well, indeed, it would have been better if one could have heard something else than the sea rushing within the buildings. However, all together this was a good level." - Scottie (04-Mar-2010)
"With this 4th episode, the author had reached a new step, as everything is much more solid than in the previous episodes , the setting is better, even if there is still textures that should have needed more attention and a couple of doors not placed in portals. It is very pleasing by moments, there is a few new textures to create 'windows' or for some ladders and I like these railings on the top of this building in the midst of the lake. The gameplay is also satisfying , with a good sense of progression , yet there is a couple of"puzzling moments" which adds to the interest , a challenge with alternative timed trapdoors , some enemies well placed , rewarding secrets which are not difficult to find but add a few more rooms to discover. To expand the gameplay a bit, it would have been good if the two stars (one for progression , and for a secret later on) would have been not placed in the same spot, and the same thing can be said for the secret with the boulder , rope, and fire , as fire , torch and boulder are placed in the same room. A few boring crawlspaces to get goodies you don't really need. I would suggest to play this episode independently of the previous ones , for the first skeletons give then more of a threat." - eRIC (06-Aug-2009)
"Oh wonderful stuff. Seven secrets to find and I got them all woohoo. This is part four of the series and a wonderful job at keeping us busy. Set in the coastal environments you will be searching for Stars, Hathor effigy, coin, the knot and a Gem. Skeletons and crocodiles are rife, so make sure you find that cross bow. The rooms were nicely done, well lit and easy to navigate. I didn't get lost or have to search high and low in all directions, its pick up and run time which I really do welcome these days, TR customs are becoming far too complicated for my liking. Ok I am getting old, but give me this sort of level and I'm a happy bunny. There are a few traps and a timed hatch bridge, but your biggest peril is those skellies. Most of this level is about searching, so if you like nosing around and less of the mind boggling puzzles and traps then this is a level for you. A really nice adventure and I hope to see more levels like this coming our way." - Moonpooka (11-Aug-2005)
"This was a good, fun, middle-of-the-road level that didn't present any major gameplay obstacles. I'm not sure what causes this phenomenon, but when I started the level there were what looked like long umbilical cords from the sky attached to the crocs. But when I reloaded from a save, they were no longer there. Anyway, I found five of the seven secrets and had a good hour of fun playing this level. Recommended." - Phil (06-Aug-2005)
"Well this definitely was the best so far - liked the rewarding secrets fun tasks like the timed trapdoor run after the gem the target shooting and such. There were far too many enemies for my liking but they were easily disposed of cause I found much ammo in the 3 levels before this one. The setting is standard coastal one and I didn't see a lot of innovation here also I could reach the end of the world easily at the start and later on. Can't really say something the others didn't - fun while it lasts but nothing you won't have seen before worth the enjoyment it offers thorough the 30 minutes it lasts." - eTux (16-Jun-2004)
"Apart from getting inexplicably stuck near the start I found this to be an enjoyable and fluid adventure. The Map has been very well thought out and the gameplay itself is full of variety. Only in the final stages does it become rather tedious with many pointless rooms full of unnecessary pick-ups. However the setting is well crafted and the level of inventiveness pretty high. Without a doubt the best of the series so far." - Orbit Dream (15-Dec-2003)
"I managed to play all five 'Rest' sequences together. Each took me about 90 minutes of play time which I got through in five days from Sunday through Thursday. I would not have known '...Rest 1' was a first effort if not for the comments of other reviewers. I highly recommend any and all of the 'Lara Never Has a Rest' series for beginners who are tired of getting stuck a hundred times or having Lara die every ten minutes. The gameplay is not challenging nor are the puzzles. But the games are fun. Expert level players might find the games a bit too simple but I think we all like to give our minds a rest every once in a while and just play a nice simple game. These games can be enjoyed by the expert who doesn't want to be challenged but just wants to have a little fun. The author did a good job of taking existing environments and with minor modification (sometimes major) developing new areas. I spent a lot of time thinking '...isn't this ...' which I enjoyed (I have a terrible memory). The author's story skills do improve by game 5 and her feel of the flow improves quite a bit also. The puzzles remain at a less than challenging level and an oddity or two remains. (Lara pried four beetles off walls and picked up a beetle but she ends the level with 3 beetles -- 2 black and one mechanical. What happened?) I enjoyed the games and recommend them." - Dougsan (22-Nov-2003)
"I really liked this level for gameplay and the way it looks. We're at the coast now plenty of water and well made buildings. I like the way one is half submerged in the water. Lots of crocodiles warthogs and skeletons. I burst out laughing when I saw the pharos knot and the portal guardian in rubbish bins. Well I suppose what use would animals and the dead have for these things anyway! There's a little town and the interiors of the buildings are huge where you find crawlspaces pools spike traps and one dark interior has a timed trapdoor over spikes that's easy. We have the target gallery to get the coin to climb the rope beside the snake charmer to get the crowbar. We have the old rope+boulder torch burning as well. I thought to myself when I came to that long long swim that I'm not going to make it but I did - it was the end. A highly recommended series of levels for sheer fun. My personal favourite is the Seth Tomb with the guide." - CC (19-Aug-2003)
"The last level is based on the regular coastal-environment and I think this could be my favourite in the whole series...Perhaps it still doesn't have as good - easy but fun - puzzles like the 2nd level had but it's a good place for adventuring and sight-seeing a lot around the coastal. The Secrets - there are 7 in this level and it's worth to find them all - are much better than in the previous levels especially the 3rd and the 4th. Lara has to find the Horseman's Gem the Crowbar a torch two Golden Stars a Portal Guardian a coin and a key a Pharos Knot and a Broken Beetle; some of them are optional. All weapons and the LaserSight are foundable in the level and only the Grenade Gun is hidden in one of the Secrets. The enemies are crocodiles wild boars and skeletons and there are so much of them (good point) although the powerful weapons like the Crossbow with Explosive ammo make them all a bit waste in the level. It was fun for me when I 'put' two skeletons into the water by using the Shotgun in the room where the currents were in the water (near the resting place of the Pharos Knot): while Lara was swimming in the underwater tunnels the nasty skeletons were chasing Her under the water! :) The best parts are definitely the Egyptian Adventure and later the city-like areas with the 4th trapdoor-Secret...I found the level-design far better than in the previous levels although it still has small bugs (just a few of all): so much 'unreachable' areas are reachable some texture-bugs (stretched wrongly textured non-animated and so on) and some bugs with the crocodiles (they got stuck into the rocks sometimes) for instance. But there are rather more positive things I think: as I remember the level has only one flyby but that's not 'drunk' this time; I enjoyed the lighting especially the sunshine-effects; and the see-through windows were also very good things. Well it's a bit odd for me that this level is not Emoeke's newest if we see the release dates of the levels (perhaps She just did some minor changes on the 2nd later than She released this)...So finally... The levels were very easy but I liked them all mainly because I adventured a lot in them. I finished the game with all 22 Secrets and spared so much ammo. But it's not a problem at all because Emoeke promised that there will be around 6 levels in this series and some of them may need more powerful weapons and ammos for some tougher enemies. The 5th level's name will be perhaps 'Gone With The Water' but it's not fixed yet. It's based on the catacomb-environment and it needs Lara to swim a lot; there are some preview-pictures on Emoeke's webpage about that. Well will see and I'm looking forward to it..." - Sys (23-Jun-2003)
"Yes it has been said before and you might have guessed it from the average score this is the best part of the series. The puzzles are more complex the fly-bys smoother and the setting uses the Last Revelation Coastal environment merely as a vague reference point. There is target shooting a lot of swimming some exploring and even a row of timed trapdoors. Now everyone went wild about the abundance of secrets but I must say that the plethora of pick ups became more pointless by the minute especially if you happened to play this in a row with the first three adventures; I did and end the level with 14 big and 14 small medi packs thus rendering all the enemies completely harmless. But that's not going to take the fun out of the fast paced gameplay that kept me entertained for nearly an hour." - Dimpfelmoser (01-Feb-2003)
"This is the last and in my opinion the best of the four levels released so far by Emoeke hopefully we will be seeing more from this author. This one takes place in a well built coastal area where there are a number of artifacts to collect while solving some interesting puzzles and dodging wild boars crocs and skeletons. It's best to play all the levels together I think as you can carry your ammo and weapons on to the next level and all the secrets that are found in the series really added to the adventure. Very well done series and quite fun to play." - RaiderGirl (13-Jan-2003)
"The final in the series or is it this is definitely my favourite actually although my scores don't show it I really had a ball with this one. Like the last this is set mainly outdoors with lots of light in a coastal setting the enemies of choice were crocs and warthogs which felt right at home but the skeletons didn't seem all that natural in the environment but this is fantasy I suppose so who cares. What made me really enjoy this level I think mostly came down to one thing the secrets. Finding all 7 secrets was just pure fun and I played this 45 minute level in the end just to locate them the game itself was second in my thoughts and although maybe they could have been just a little more difficult to find I nonetheless loved collecting them. When I started this series I could have taken it or left it but I am sure glad I played them all as I can see not only that the creator's talent is growing but that with each level so did my enjoyment and I hope there are more installments." - Sash (09-Jan-2003)
"This fourth level has a bit more pace than the rest. The gamepflay is still easy as you run through coastal ruins shooting skeletons as you pass. Still a lot of pickups - I have for example after finishing the 4 levels 37 medi packs 97 explosive crossbow arrows and 990 uzi shots. I found a total of 18 secrets. Items to find is amongst others a Pharao's knot a couple of stars a coin and a beetle." - G.Croft (07-Jan-2003)
"This is by far the best of the 4 part series and uses the standard coastal wad which is my favorite. Plenty of action exploration and gameplay in this one and when you think you are nearing the end there's still more. Some more crocs here plus wild pigs and skeletons. I carried over a crossbow from the previous level and found 2 more in this one but I guess a girl can never have too much firepower. Here you have a timed trap door timed dropping trap doors a crowbar to find stars to dig out a blue gem 2 pieces of the portal guardian - it goes on and makes for an extremely entertaining hour + of raiding. I played the series all the way through and found it interesting that the author steadily improved with each installment. I spent nearly 4 hours playing these and found 12 of the 22 secrets. I look forward to more from our new friend from Hungary well done!" - Momster (07-Jan-2003)
"A classic coastal level. keys a gem a knot a portal guardian and two stars one of which I never got to use and I am sure it wasn't for a secret as I got all seven of them. Skeletons and wild boars will chase you around and be ware of the crocodiles in water. There is plenty of swimming here and climbing. There are hardly any traps except some darts and spikes which makes this level very easy. I still think that the second one was the best of them all but for the first try I would like to say that all of them are nice. It's better to play them all together as the weapons you will collect in each level will be useful to the next one. Waiting for more." - Kristina (06-Jan-2003)
"Definitely Emoeke's best level to date. A higher quantity of enemies (crocodiles skeletons warthogs) many artifacts to find and use (gem coin portal guardian knot broken beetle two stars) and some good platforming action timed trapdoors spikes and I found six of the seven secrets which are fun as they make up for a nice adventure on the side of this 50 minutes trip. The setting is quite well done in standard coastal style and even the flyby is much improved this time round. A few of the doors are placed the wrong way round (invisible blocks) and the 'end of the world' can easily be reached in places but other than that it is good clean raiding fun. Overall a good series that keeps you busy for a while and is not too hard to play through for the experienced raider. Looking forward to the continuation of this series as it seems that Emoeke is in tradition of Will Gell and Kevin Learwood trying to build a level by available editor WAD." - Michael (05-Jan-2003)
"This is the best as there is more - more enemies more artifacts to find and more traps. This time in a Coastal setting. The secrets are nice adventures on the site and I liked the timed trapdoor. Finding a gem stars a knot the Portal Guardian and a broken beetle are your goal in this level. This one needed a bit more thinking but nothing that hard. 04-01-2003" - Gerty (05-Jan-2003)
"I like the whole level series. All in all it is not a major challenge for my Lara but nice to play for in between. This time Lara's task is to find a few artifacts among them two golden stars and the crowbar is around this time too. Puzzles are similar to those in previous levels. Sound was a little more around this time and Lara met a few warthogs ;-). Die design of the environment was quite diverse. I found a total of 18 secrets in the four levels and Lara is always doing well." - Navi (05-Jan-2003)