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Secret Valley by Commari

Engelchen Lara 7 8 8 8
eRIC 6 8 7 8
G.Croft 6 7 8 8
Gerty 6 6 7 8
Jay 6 6 7 8
Jose 6 7 6 9
Josi 8 6 7 8
Kristina 6 6 8 8
MichaelP 6 6 6 8
Obig 6 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 5 7 6 7
Phil 7 8 8 7
RaiderGirl 7 7 8 8
Ryan 6 7 7 7
Sash 6 5 7 8
Sherry 7 6 8 8
Treeble 8 8 8 8
release date: 26-Jan-2003
# of downloads: 76

average rating: 7.07
review count: 17
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file size: 26.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Alien/Space

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This starts out in a classic Nevada desert area and progresses to an alien environment, which certainly gives the builder a lot of creative fun with her textures etc. It’s a decent enough level and in parts perhaps slightly more than that, but overall I felt slightly underwhelmed. If alien environments particularly appeal to you, by all means give it a go; certainly there are far worse levels in the genre out there." - Jay (15-Jan-2021)
"Here are a couple of levels heavily inspired by the Area 51 levels in TR3. They're rather straightforward and pretty easy to play, perhaps the most difficult thing being a few pushable blocks which are textured exactly like the walls but for that we can always rely on flares. Still, what you get here is a fun and engaging experience and while the base side didn't look too impressive, I thought the valleys and ravines were pretty well done and held up rather well even nowadays. 45 minutes, 2 secrets. 09/20" - Treeble (27-Sep-2020)
"This is a 60 minute (or thereabouts) two-parter entailing Lara exploring sunny desert areas and an alien spaceship in search of a gemstone which resembles the Ora Dagger. I enjoyed the first part more than the second. The exploration aspects in that part were nicely enjoyable, enemies were nicely placed and the traps kept me on my toes. The second part was much simpler and indeed a lot shorter, mostly revolving around pushing blocks, shooting annoying Tinnos wasps and running through huge areas. Could have been better in a few places, but it's not bad." - Ryan (28-Mar-2017)
"Not difficult to play this couple of levels, with few backtracking, easy puzzles with moveable blocks and very well textured. There are some defects like the train with no colision, the stars don't appear in the inventory or the paper walls in second level, but nothing really important for the development of the game. Secrets not difficult to find, enough ammo for the extra guns but only in the second level, well balanced enemies, but poor cameras and sounds, even when the cameras are not really very necessary. Worth to play and entertaining." - Jose (22-Aug-2016)
"This is a two-part release, each segment of which requires about a half hour of playing time. The first half is a rather routine base-type raid, decent and moderately challenging but presenting nothing of particular note. There's a long swim you have to negotiate twice, and it's too long to make it without using some medipacks (unless, of course, you're playing in god mode). The second half makes a stab at an alien setting, but I soon grew weary of all the wide-open spaces with little to do in them. Gerty missed the lone secret in this part while writing the walkthrough. I started off with good intentions trying to find it, but I soon lost any incentive for taking the time to explore the vast colorful wastelands. You don't need whatever prize it may offer, anyway, since enemies are rather few in number and you have ample firepower to deal with them." - Phil (26-Sep-2015)
"A double feature with a fluent flow, despite some backtracking at the end of the first level. There is no great puzzle , and no great trap I can recall but this adventure is pleasant. Enemies are vultures , crocs , SAS, then workers and dragonglies. In the first level, Lara is exploring some valley with water (love the contrast between the reddish rocks and the emerald water) before entering a base where she must find two stars , that will allow here later on to enter an alien starship. In the second level, hangars and a pyramidal structure where the Ufo is hidden ; the textures in it are very well made, there is a couple of pushing blocks to solve before grabbing an artefact. A good adventure, not very eventful but entertaining nevertheless. 50 minutes." - eRIC (10-Nov-2008)
"This is a game of two halves. What starts out as a nicely paced exploration adventure in Level 1 turns into a bland and tedious quest in the second part.To begin with you're exploring rather attractive caves and desert canyons on the hunt for the usual secret Military Installation,and everything's flowing smoothly. There's quite a lot of atmosphere,plenty of baddies and a good attempt at story development;but then you reach the second level and it all fizzles out in a combination of unnecessarily huge out-door areas,bland interiors and mind-numbingly tedious block pushing tasks in a surprisingly dull Spacecraft. (If all alien life forms are as boring as the ones presented in this adventure,we may as well stay on Earth;we clearly aren't missing anything.) In general,though,this adventure provides around an hour of decent enough,straightforward entertainment; but you feel that (despite some pleasent imaginative touches here and there) it was a good idea somewhat wasted." - Orbit Dream (21-Feb-2007)
"A really nice not so long level. You start in a valley and have to find your way in to the base. The valley is Nevada-style very nice. Then you go through caves to the base. The enemies crocs scorpions some guys and big mosquitos are not so hard to get rid of and the things you need are not hard to find. The alien spaceship (I think that's what it is anyway) looks great but all the captured (dead) aliens gave me a sad feeling I don't think this is the way to treat aliens if they existed but it's just a game so it won't keep me awake. Anyway at the end Lara gets teleported somewhere and if you want to know where just play the next levels Marion made I know I will because I really enjoyed myself with this one." - Josi (03-May-2003)
"This level threw me a little as it starts out in an interesting outside area and ends up in a UFO spaceship. Her hidden blocks also had me running around until I realized what her game was. Nicely constructed however I agree with Sash that it did not get me really involved. High hopes for future levels." - Sherry (16-Feb-2003)
"This double set of levels starts out with Lara in what reminds me of the Nevada Desert levels in TR3. Your objective is to get inside the mountain where the government has a secret facility that is being used to study aliens. Once inside the lab/base type environment you'll find the shocking truth - not only does the government have the bodies of many aliens that they have been dissecting and studying they have an actual spacecraft in their possession as well! Not being smart enough though they have been unable to figure out 'the pushing of the blocks' so they can grab the big prize for themselves - the alien artifact. I really enjoyed this set of levels especially the new baddie - guys in orange coveralls wielding a large wrench. I'm starting to worry a bit about Lara's reputation though. How is she ever gonna get a date if she doesn't quit shooting every guy on sight?" - RaiderGirl (08-Feb-2003)
"I liked the outside areas and the first level with the rocks. At places it's a little dark and that underwater tunnel the long one made me think that I will never find an air hole. It doesn't have much puzzles two stars with the first one being a little tricky to get your hands on and moving blocks. The two levels seemed very different with one reminding caves and the next alien looking. Bodies floating in tanks and crocodiles big insects as enemies and a few ninjas retextured as working men but quite aggressive. The rooms at the second level are empty and apart from the moving blocks and the star easy to get on a wall there is nothing else to do. The level ended after an hour for me and with the artifact in Lara's back pack." - Kristina (07-Feb-2003)
"It starts off with a slide into a lake and some waterways to find the crowbar. Enemies to battle are crocodiles one had me jumping in my chair a scorpion and some vultures. Later you meet some SAS men. You need the star (Sun Talisman) to proceed to the next level. Going underground into a base there are some aliens floating in a tank. There are some blocks to push and some levers to pull. Opening the last door you get to the next level. The main enemies here are dragonflies and the whole place once you are inside looks very futuristic and even a bit eerie. There are block here to push as well and get your hands on another star. Rooms are big and there is hardly anything in them. I loved the textures very alien looking. The last Artifact will send Lara to... no-one knows as she just disappeared 27-01-2003" - Gerty (01-Feb-2003)
"Made up of two very different connected levels this 50 minute jaunt started off nicely with some cave exploring but soon turned weird as you find yourself in a spaceship and a very empty multi leveled spaceship at that. There isn't a great amount of puzzling to do here although you will find a couple of movable block puzzles but other than that it is more just progressive. Enemies are also fairly light on with a few SAS and giant mosquitoes. I have to say there is a certain appeal about this level but it also lacked that certain something that just draws you into a level and makes it a great fun experience." - Sash (31-Jan-2003)
"Not bad these two levels are I don't know how many secrets they have I found only two. The Uzi and in the later part of the second level some ammo behind a block in a corner. The TR3 environment is interesting it reminds me of Nevada and the Area. The puzzles aren't hard and the atmosphere music is good. The levels may be a bit short. I really like the textures of UFO area. Walktrough isn't necessary just use the binocular with night vision to notice the moveable blocks their color looks a bit different that way." - Obig (30-Jan-2003)
"Lara starts out in the mountains with a lot of water around and enters a kind of cave. Here she needs to find the crowbar. Some diving and simple puzzles. Had to look twice though sometimes to know which block to move. ;-) Enemies are not many. Guards mosquitoes crocodiles. In Level 2 Lara enters a kind of base. The texturing here was very good and cleanly applied but some rooms seemed very empty. There were more pushable block puzzles to solve. You find two Golden Stars and at the end Lara grabs the artifact. Very enjoyable to play :-)" - Engelchen Lara (29-Jan-2003)
"Rather a strange adventure but I guess intentionally so. What you get here is a nice start in an emerald lake surround by rocky caves which I quite enjoyed as a setting (despite the 'end of world' issues). Found the only secret (Uzi) almost right at the start. Then it turns into an inside adventure with base warehouse sewer environs and after the inital vulture crocodiles and scorpions you now get a few SAS and workers to kill. Commari likes movable blocks and they are well hidden so light flares to spot them. There is a nice moment when you see the Aliens in part 1 for the first time - great choice of music there. So get your star and on to part 2 after 30 minutes. In the second part which is even a bit shorter you venture past a train (?) with no collision set so you can actually walk into it (quite funny) and then reach the outside and the alien ship which subsequently you get to explore. Well and it is just how I would imagine exploring an alien ship would be - it is a vast spacious construct with little inside and little to do other than pushing a few blocks around to open doors. Wonder what those mosquitoes were doing here though. Nonetheless the texturing of that alien ship did give it an eerie feel and I enjoyed roaming around there. Get a second star and an artifact and you're out of here." - Michael (27-Jan-2003)
"Easy straightforward gameplay in this two part level. The first part is a lot better I think. You start off outside finding your way into the secret valley and into a secret base where you meet baddies guarding the poor desiccated aliens. In the second part you move on into the alien spaceship but it consist mostly of large empty rooms with very little to do - some movable blocks and a few giant wasps to shoot. Along the way you have found two stars which open the final door into The Artifact. A humorous touch was the name of the secret company......;-) A lot more effort has been put into the architecture than into the gameplay but it is still good raiding for about 1 hour." - G.Croft (27-Jan-2003)