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Resident Evil (Demo) - The Raccoon City by Level Planet

Aims 5 5 4 5
Anurag 4 4 3 3
bERT 1 1 3 1
Blue43 3 3 2 3
Casual Raider 2 4 3 1
CC 2 4 2 3
Ceamonks890 2 3 2 2
eTux 2 3 3 3
Gerty 1 2 1 1
High Priestess 3 3 3 3
Jay 3 6 4 3
Jez 4 4 4 4
Jose 2 5 3 3
Kristina 3 5 5 8
manarch2 1 4 2 2
MichaelP 3 7 4 2
MountainDewNut 1 3 2 1
Mulf 1 2 2 1
Orbit Dream 2 6 3 3
QRS 5 6 6 5
RaiderGirl 3 5 4 4
Ravenwen 3 4 3 2
Ruediger 3 5 4 4
Ryan 2 3 2 2
Sash 1 1 1 1
SilentViper 3 5 2 3
Torry 1 4 5 4
Treeble 1 1 1 1
TrueRaider 2 5 2 2
release date: 04-Oct-2002
# of downloads: 81

average rating: 2.99
review count: 29
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file size: 16.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Over the years, several levelbuilders have come up with the idea of throwing hordes of zombies at Lara, and the realisations of this idea have always been underwhelming, mainly because throwing hordes of zombies at Lara was all there was to them. This minute-long numb nut of a level is no different and distinguishes itself from similar efforts mainly by its modified Lara skin. The modification is poor (the Lara stand-in turns blonde when shooting), but it’s the thing that the builder expended most of his effort on, as this little game isn’t so much a demo as a hastily thrown-together first version of a test level, in which you go from one poorly sketched street to another (which is an obvious copypaste of the first) and then leave this miserable place by Jeep.
As many reviewers have pointed out, objects were nicked from a better builder’s level (the Brazilian flag displayed on purportedly American ambulances might have tipped off some), and as Orbit Dream nicely illustrates, too many of the same were placed. There’s an invisible block in front of the door you’re supposed to open with a button; there’s also a wafer-thin floor; once you’ve gone up a flight of stairs you can’t go back down due to poor construction; and I spare myself the remainder of this litany. The dramatic flyby at the beginning is the best thing about the level. Near the end , there is also a fixed camera, which focuses on Lara through high-up windows but loses sight of her when she comes close to the wall. Some reviewers were so desperate for something nice to say that they enlisted this camera as a plus, but it isn’t one. Cameras, and fixed cameras in particular, need a valid reason to exist, otherwise they’re pointless distractions. This one hasn’t any, so it is one. It diverts attention to the spot where the camera is placed for no reason (there’s no-one there to creepily watch Lara, there isn’t even a place there for Lara to reach), and it hinders progression when Lara moves out of its field of view. Levelbuilders who fancy themselves movie directors are the bane of the TRLE world. Well, one of its banes." - Mulf (27-Feb-2021)
"Whilst I applaud the builder’s intent to try something different, unfortunately it’s just not very well done. Admittedly, I’m completely unfamiliar with Resident Evil but I doubt it would have helped in any way if I were. It’s a demo that turned out to be the builder’s only foray into level building. Perhaps the finished product might have been a big improvement, but we shall never know." - Jay (07-Oct-2019)
"Totally pointless level that is aimed at recreating the Resident Evil franchise and fails miserably. Five minutes of pointless game play. Sorry but whilst your underlying premise is good your execution, even for a demo, should inspire the player and this falls way short." - Torry (30-Aug-2018)
"Good work with the outfit and objects in this short level very easy to play and simple architecture. No much care with the textures in small surfaces, even there are untextured walls; the secret is not hidden, but the shotgun is useless in this level; not so the crossbow with explosive ammo. Only pull a switch, find and use a key and a short ride with the jeep is very few funny to give high ratings, even when it's only a demo." - Jose (19-Jan-2018)
"Apparently inspired by the Resident Evil game series, this has Lara morphed into one of the characters from the game, exploring an eerie street filled with zombies. This isn't that good to be honest. Plastered textures everywhere, the merest morsel of gameplay and that's it. Not recommended." - Ryan (06-Apr-2016)
"Inspired more by the awful film franchise(rather than the superior video game series), this homage to Resident Evil doesn't do a very good job at establishing a foreboding atmosphere, which is particularly shameful considering the source material, only managing to somewhat capture the bare essentials at best. And while that may not sound too bad to some, in practice its just flat out poorly executed(with flat lighting, bland texturing, disappointingly simplistic gameplay and a generally lackluster presentation not doing anything to help matters.) Better off playing the actual Resident Evil games over this. Not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (28-Jun-2015)
"A four minute romp with some textures from Thames Wharf high up near the chains. Not much to do or see aside from Lara's fluctuation between dark and blonde hair but every girl worries about what best accompanies a red dress. Oh and a very short jeep ride which ironically is where I took the only damage in this short level - by waiting for a zombie cluster to approach said jeep in the hope of them dying permanently by making contact with it. Sadly this didn't work but you can kill them with the explosive ammo which leaves the area looking even more eerie and deserted." - High Priestess (29-Apr-2015)
"The vast majority of the objects here come from Jesse's Lara's Clone, so please, help yourself to that level instead. The only thing this level has going for it is the outfit (inspired by Alice from the first movie) - and even that falls apart when you use your guns. Quick and effective way to boost your review count though. 5 minutes, 1 secret. 09/14" - Treeble (26-Sep-2014)
"Actually this is more like an object showcase rather than a serious level, but all those demolished cars were at least nicely designed and there were some other rather good objects too. The zombies don't pose much of a threat but even the secret doesn't help - they stay immortal. Texturing is fairly rushed though roughly fits the city environment and there's a bit of work on sound and cameras. Oh well, the gameplay is pretty non-existent, with a jump over some chains being the only real task, and even the car ride at the end doesn't offer much of a change - but the objects were nice, at least. 4 minutes." - manarch2 (25-Aug-2014)
"Very short level. I liked crashed and burning ambulances. And Lara has quite nice outfit. Otherwise it's rather dull gameplay with poor qaulity textures. The idea could be nice if atmosphere was better and architecture of level more detailed and worked on." - Casual Raider (27-Apr-2014)
"Since Halloween is close I was looking for another Zombie themed level and ran into this one. The title makes one expect a lot, but this (demo) level is rather a disappointment. The TR4 zombies are lame, as we already know, so there is not much to expect but I was hoping for a good atmosphere and a bit of game play but unfortunately this is lacking both. There is not much to do than dodge the walking dead, find the car keys and drive the jeep into a barrier to end the level. The texturing is a bit repetitive and unfortunately the lighting is non-existent which makes"Lara" look completely 2D. Easy and simple shooter for in between or when you need to kill some time while waiting for answers in a stuck level thread. (8 min, 1 secret)" - Blue43 (27-Oct-2011)
"I came across this level while browsing the database and decided to give it a go, because it's a 'Resident Evil' one. As it turned out though, it doesn't have much connection with the RE atmosphere. Considering that this is a brief demo, it's expected that it has flaws, like random and dull texturing, as well as lack of details that could give it a feel of uniqueness. There are some interesting features like the upturned cars or the zombies (although the latters pose no particular threat), but personally I'd expect to have a much more claustrophobic, creepy and dark setting for a Raccoon City reconstruction. There is a jeep for the finale, but unfortunately the ride is extremely short." - Ravenwen (13-Sep-2007)
"A rather small level, has not much to do with RE, but anyway I found it good. Cars crashed in the roads, zombies roaming here and there; this is your last chance you have to avoid the zombies (can't kill them) and race to the Jeep and make your escape." - Anurag (24-Jul-2005)
"Ok, this is a demo, so I'm not going to rate it as a full game. I would have given it less points if it had been a full game. I love RE games just as much as the TR games so I had to try this one :) I must give credit to Tertio for creating cool looking enemies and a taste of the RE feeling in a tombraider game. The downside is that it is too easy and there are no really scary moments (A must in a RE game!) I have to admit that it will not be easy to create that feeling in a TR game though.. no matter how good you are as a builder I think. As a demo version I think Tertio did a good job though. For a full version I would like to see more atmosphere and scary moments. A darker environment and better graphics. Also, the bug with Lara's hair has to be fixed! 2005-04-30" - QRS (01-May-2005)
"This was one of the first levels I played when I got the editor. I think what drew me to it was the fact it was based on RE. You play Alice from the RE movie. Some people weren't sure who she was but it is her hence the short blonde hair red dress and boots. You start off by an outside cafe then head into the street for a flyby of lots of zombies. The game ain't too hard seeing as there is a crossbow and plenty of explosive ammo. You go through a few small buildings blowing up zombies so you can escape the town via jeep. There are vehicles on the road on fire too. There are a few bugs the rats sound like Von Croy and Alices hair changes when you shoot! I didn't know where the keys were first time round but 2nd time I found them round the corner! Not a bad level if you want an easy 10 minute long level then have a play." - Aims (05-Nov-2004)
"The title says it all. Lara in Resident Evil wearing a red dress high heels and short hair. Her change of hair colour when shooting was something that I suspect was unintentional. The game play is straightforward and I was disappointed because I was looking forward to running over some zombies in the jeep. It was a laugh and a little bit different. It will be interesting to see if the author will be expanding on the theme. It was only ever claimed to be a demo after all." - Jez (14-Mar-2004)
"I know there is a game called Resident Evil I've seen screenshots in game magazines about it and I've no intention of ever getting or playing that game. I don't know what I'm talking about here but it seems to be just gore blood killing and gore. But I did want to see how an author treated this theme in TR fashion. Resident Evil must be about zombies because that's what we see and I thought it good the way they rose up from the ground. I also thought it good that the rats are the proper size but they attack Lara. Lara herself is well done if that's who she is in this level has a red dress shorter hair and black boots. And for scenery we are in a city with crashed ambulances and taxis. Gameplay is opening doors (about three) finding keys (two) and a black jeep run. That's it. The only thing worth noting is the camera view looking out of the window at Lara running past. I have no idea what Raccoon City means perhaps the players of Resident Evil know." - CC (27-Nov-2003)
"Since this was released more than a year ago already it seems 'demo' is an excuse again for starting a level and then not getting it finished? I liked the grey sky the re-textured mummies (now zombies) and the objects (trees chairs burning cars) but Lara's Outfit was not working correctly (when she shoots she turns blond!). The atmosphere was no match at all for the chilling RE3 which I played on PS1. Well it was a try at least even if it didn't succeed." - Rdiger (08-Nov-2003)
"I have heard of the game but never seen or played it so no comment on that one. For the rest is an easy very fast playing game. The secret in here was rather obvious to find so no fun in that. The zombies well that I liked as they were laying for dead and came to live although one popped up out of thin air almost at the end. 28-09-2003" - Gerty (05-Oct-2003)
"I am constantly surprised at the lengths people will go to take what Core provided and modify it to fit their preferences. This level is a case in point: the author has taken the Lara Croft model and changed it to that of Jill(?) from the RE games as well as transforming the old mummies into the Walking Dead. And a very good job he's done too. It then becomes abundantly clear that having achieved this he has absolutely no idea what to do with these newly acquired elements. Hence the label 'Demo' which of course handily exonerates the author from a multitude of sins (mostly involving incomplete construction and poorly devised gameplay). Still it's fun for a short (and fairly refreshing) blast; and you have to marvel at the unerring inability of every Raccoon City Pizza Delivery driver to avoid crashing into Ambulances." - Orbit Dream (25-Sep-2003)
"Considering that this is merely a demo I will give it chance to improve. But even from this taster I have issues with the gameplay and atmosphere. First of all it is supposed to convey a chilling spooky and scary atmosphere but not once did I feel that. I don't think the lighting is too bright I just don't think there is enough individual lighting. A few coloured lights here and there such as red ones to convey the heat of the flames and other normal ones to light up the paths and darken the buildings like in the game. I hope the author sorts out the textures and perhaps includes some original ones perhaps with bloodstains. After all the best part of the games was the atmosphere and I just didn't get the feeling I was in an isolated city infested with zombies. Also all the games which had racoon city in them began with lots of enemies in a huge bloodfest then quieted down with puzzles and the occasional jumpy moment but with consistent atmosphere. It would be a real shame to let such a devoted level become a disappointment." - TrueRaider (06-Mar-2003)
"I'm not familiar with Resident Evil but I did like Lara's new outfit and could see some cool things happening in this level. It had a spooky setting with rats running around and dead bodies standing up and then following you around as mummies. The game took place on a city block and in a few buildings but was a bit too brightly lit for the kind of atmosphere I think the author is trying to achieve. The finished product needs more puzzles and more things to do including more places to explore. This will be great if it doesn't end up being another 'find-a-key-use-it-find-another-key' level. Hopefully too it won't end up being a copy of 'Lara's Clone'." - RaiderGirl (18-Feb-2003)
"The level was a little to bright for a Resident Evil style level. The level should be dark with street lamps providing the illumination (with an occasional broken light). The objects were good but I didn't see any credit for them. There needs to be more of several things not a ton of a few things. This level really has potential and I hope it reaches it." - MountainDewNut (14-Feb-2003)
"As soon as I saw this one announced a few days ago I immediately downloaded it because I'm a sucker for Resident Evil style games. Of course this could not be but a disappointment which it is. Ok it's only a demo but just spreading zombies around well no that doesn't do it for me. But that camera view from through the windows up above creates at least a bit of atmosphere: more of that please. But this view still needs a lot of work because when Lara moves too close to the wall you don't notice her from that camera view. Up to now (12 February 2003) only Jesseas succeeded in creating some real Resident Evil-style shock-scenes in his Lara's Clone level." - bERT (13-Feb-2003)
"8 minutes 1 secret and a 20 second jeep ride. Other than that you find yourself in a city area that is very reminiscent of Lara's Clone as it uses the same objects with a whole lot of useless zombies slowly following our heroine like tortoises on valium. And speaking of our heroine check out the unintentional magic act when Lara shoots her weapons and suddenly turns into Marilyn Monroe." - Sash (11-Feb-2003)
"I did not think I would ever say that but this level is too brightly lit. Yep - you heard right. It is supposed to convey an eerie atmosphere but just does not have the lighting for it. The use of objects and enemies was well done (overturned cars zombies rats) and Lara's dress was at least interesting and the way she did change her haircolour when shooting was a good laugh. Gameplay though is only pressing a button getting a key and driving a jeep around a corner so it's all over after less than 10 minutes." - Michael (10-Feb-2003)
"As this is a 'first' level I would say it is good for such one but it is too short with only 5 minutes gameplay and always the same puzzles and only opening doors searching keys and driving away with a jeep the only thing that has to do with this level is the fact that there are zombies but there are ONLY zombies which does not make it a Resident Evil level as the famous guns and some new objects and enemies are missing and sometimes the whole texturing hope to the see the full-version will be better as this is just only a demo." - SilentViper (10-Feb-2003)
"I liked what I saw in this five minutes demo. Of course as expected there are no puzzles except a key to open a door and the keys to ride the retextured jeep. Lara is wearing a red dress with shorts I believe underneath and her hair is short and black but when she fires with her guns you see that she is blonde. It's a city no doubt with zombies and big areas empty though. I am sure this is going to be a good level if it doesn't have the luck most of them have never to get finished." - Kristina (10-Feb-2003)
"Well I'm not a big fan of these changed characters and (bad) attempts to make sections of other games with the LE. If I'd want to play Resident evil I wouldn't load up a TRLE level for that. All respect if the author really creates a fantastic level worth a play but there's a lot of work needed to reach the 'very good' level for this level here. It's a demo so I didn't expect much anyway. The textures were mostly stretched applied badly at some points the street was like cut off from the rest of the world creating an end of the world bug this way mostly there were only minimal changes to the lighting if any at all and the gameplay revolves on finding 2 keys - one in a crawlspace one on a pedestal one for the door the other one for the jeep. Most of the objects were ripped from Lara's Clone 1 and the author of this demo didn't even bother to give credit to Jesseas for making them! There was one (or maybe 2?) flybys which was nice and the camera watching Lara from the window was a nice touch too. I liked Lara's outfit and her Mila Jovovich look but why did she turn into a blonde when shooting? A nice try from the author but it's really recommended to learn much more about the level editor before starting a serious project." - eTux (10-Feb-2003)