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Return to Egypt by Titak

Blue43 8 8 9 9
ColeMoles 9 9 10 10
DJ Full 7 9 9 9
Doug E 6 7 9 8
Drakan 9 9 9 9
Duncan 8 8 9 9
Engelchen Lara 7 7 9 8
eRIC 7 7 9 9
eTux 7 8 9 9
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jerry 8 9 10 10
JoeTheCrazyGamer 8 8 10 9
Jose 8 8 8 9
Josi 8 8 9 7
Kristina 8 8 8 8
manarch2 6 7 8 8
MichaelP 8 8 8 9
MizzCroft 9 10 10 10
Nina Croft 9 7 8 9
Nuri 9 10 10 10
Obig 8 8 8 8
Phil 7 9 9 8
QRS 9 9 10 10
RaiderGirl 8 9 9 9
Relic Hunter 8 9 9 9
Ryan 8 8 9 9
Sash 8 8 10 9
Sethian 7 8 8 9
Treeble 7 9 9 8
release date: 11-Feb-2003
# of downloads: 120

average rating: 8.48
review count: 30
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file size: 31.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I thought I’d pretty much played all the decent levels that were released prior to my becoming a reviewer, but for some reason I don’t remember playing this at all. How wonderful, therefore, to find that even in her debut level, Titia was in full command of the level editor. I enjoyed this adventure and found it well rounded as to gameplay. Enemies are scorpions and ninjas, plus the occasional crocodile and the outside desert/coastal style areas contrast well with the indoor cave/temple areas. It’s well made and the fact that it was all new to me just came as a bonus." - Jay (15-Jan-2021)
"Two levels with a bright desert/canyon/oasis area and dark undergrounds, very well lit and good shaping of the blocks , noticeable is the harmonious texturing, in fact both levels are quite coherent. You go from one level to the other a couple of times and i must admit that at one point i was lost. Not a lot of puzzles and traps but exploration requiring all Lara's moves , the levels are not difficult. A few minor things i did not like : too many small scorpions ; at one point there is a flyby after you pick a piece of the Eye of Horus i guess it was to show the way and probably open the door as well but i already been there before so that was a bit confusing ; and finally the flares bug but only for a little while. Rewarding secrets , excellent atmosphere (you can even hear the blood.sfx loop not often heard) and great attention to details in general add to the enjoyment of this well made adventure." - eRIC (05-Nov-2019)
"This was an EXCELLENT Egyptian level until I got to the double rope swing at the 2nd level. Rope swings in TRLE are absolutely atrocious, and after 10 attempts I was forced to Alt-F4. Other than that, I absolutely enjoyed this level! It's held up incredibly well in 2019 too (considering it was released in 2003!!) definitely give this a go! I just get too frustrated with rope swings." - MizzCroft (02-Feb-2019)
"For a 1st level this level of titak is quite correct. Maybe some slightly stretched textures, a few dark pieces in orion's cellars, but apart from all these details, the whole is very interesting (already!). Titak already brings a minutia in all aspects of the game that it is a pleasure. Excellent." - Drakan (13-Nov-2018)
"You know by now not to expect anything other than the highest level of quality from Titak, and this, her earliest effort, is no exception. The impressive architecture and construction shows visible glimpses of her talent that would later be shown in its full potential in her later works. The second level was a bit too gloomy for my liking, but the atmosphere is excellent. You get a good mix of everything here including a nifty timed puzzle, plenty of exploration and route finding, and a couple of pushable puzzles. Ninjas are copious throughout, as are scorpions, but the shotgun and revolver are provided early on, so they're taking care of pretty easily. I got a bit tired of the backtracking near the end, but everything else clicked real well for me. Recommended." - Ryan (09-Aug-2018)
"The already very sweet debut level from a builder that shows early glimpses of her impressive talent already, the visuals (save for somewhat too bright outdoor sections) are quite a treat with almost flawless texturing and good lighting especially indoors. Yes the flare bug occurred a few times but it was really not so bad. The cameras and audio triggers are quite well done, only a few animation sounds like boulders and for one or two jumpswitches are missing. Enemies are very nicely placed; towards the end I had so much weapons and ammo that I waited for a large fight but sadly in vain. The only thing that really was standing behind a bit was the relatively simplistic gameplay. The first level is almost completely about finding ammo and levers to find two items, and things only start to get a bit better in the second level with more (easy) puzzles, some jumping and a little timed run series; all in all it somehow works so that the level is enjoyable, but not all too much impressive. The seven secrets are nicely hidden and I spent 50 minutes (about 25 in each level) to finish this game." - manarch2 (19-Nov-2016)
"This TRLE is super cool and having the One goal to collect 2 stars to end the level was a cool idea." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (07-Dec-2015)
"I heard this is the first custom-level of Titak, so I thought I MUST play this.....And I was surprised! [Pha! It's the first custom level of someone, so it's definitely something little and senseless.] But when I played the whole level, I was convinced by the opposite. It's not a short, boring level, it's great fun. I would advise to play this custom level." - Nuri (12-Jun-2015)
"While outdoor areas look really too flat and are only textured above average skill, indoor lighting is almost mastered and painted the way leaving just several spots I didn't want to explore carefully. Willing to take time in those places resulted in not skipping any of 7 secrets, most of them possibly proud of being stored in places like even a human being would want to be buried in - and that unexpectedly large amount of killed baddies will probably find their final resting place down there. This is it. Secrets must be rewarding and useful, and those are indeed. About that rollingball killers... yep, I didn't learn ANYTHING since HM and both pickup traps squashed me. At that spot I noticed spikeballs (and several more things as it later appeared) have missing sounds, however not that disturbing. What is the REAL problem is a test trigger forgotten to be removed, which might cause an irreversible gamestopping flipmap which locks a crucial pickup zone before the item is obtained. Fortunately only 10 minutes were lost after I realized I missed something, and I could return to exploring, pushing, grabbing, jumping, swinging, placing and whatever else in its great diversity awaited me, not disturbed by such unfortunate errors again... but I found something nice instead - the cartouche trigger is multi-shot, so You can pass through the Orion's temple entrance again to see the lava flipmap (yep, that irreversible one) from behind-the-scenes view. SUMMARY: Everything except the door mistake and quite flat canyons is fluent and purely enjoyable. Good and highly recommended." - DJ Full (08-Oct-2013)
"After an unfortunate experience with this talented builder's Jungle Fever (too dark, no flares, binned after five minutes), I decided to play her inaugural release. It appeared to be right up my alley - an Egyptian two-parter of the Old School. Indeed, the first segment was fun and crisp, challenging in spots and brimming with ninjas and scorpions. Completed in just over a half hour, it whetted my appetite for more. The second segment was far more complex and challenging, but I was still enjoying myself immensely as I neared another hour of gameplay. Things started falling apart for me with the earthquake that changed the topography of a lava room that had already been meticulously explored. I managed with effort to find my way back to the level change that returns you to the first level, and when I realized that I would then be required to endure yet more backtracking, all the way to the beginning of the level, in order to finish, and having forgotten much of the route by that time, I enabled the flycheat to conclude quickly what by then had become an ordeal. Although the game starts off remarkably well, I found that it finishes poorly. I can only recommend it to those players with the patience of Job who aren't put off by the replowing of old ground." - Phil (16-Jul-2011)
"First level was quite good for me, 'cause I liked the well-builded natural environment and it's luminous, but soon you realize that you need two hands, and one of them will be underground in second level I din't like specially 'cause it's too dark and all tasks were about pulling switches here and there. Even so lights are well worked, and textures very well applied, but I missed some more musics though. Not a masterpiece but recommended this good work from one of my favourite builders." - Jose (19-Jan-2011)
"This is the debut level made by one of the famous builders and consists of 2 main levels, which are connected through an underwater tunnel. I played this in a completely different order than the walkthrough so I played some areas twice, like the big cave that leads to the end of the level. Lara must find several artifacts (which are also necessary to progress). Although I know nothing about building I can tell that this was made with the standard TRLE program and it shows that an awesome level can be built just by using standard TR4 textures and without any custom designs. I enjoyed every part of this level but specially the lighting and atmosphere. The game was not too hard so it would be also recommended to not so experienced raiders. Finished in 2 hours 40 minutes, but only found 3 secrets registered. According to walkthrough it should have been 6." - Blue43 (14-May-2010)
"Well, this is the first level ever released by one of the most famous and successful TR builders, Titak. She didn't experiment at all here, so we encounter textures, objects, puzzles and enemies we already saw in The Last Revelation. Although Titak was a beginner here, we could already notice the power of her imagination. The game is not so hard, but it is immensely interesting and thrilling at the moments, with a lot of surprises, although she never used a single custom object. There are a lot of dead ends (which has always been a good thing in the world of TR), sometimes there are more than one way to reach to the other side or to accomplish a certain task, the overall ambiance is so realistic that it is even better than the ambiance in the original TR. The game has a lot of glitches and bugs. For example, you can climb or jump to an area that wasn't supposed to be reached at all, but only if you are persistent like me. I guess that this game wasn't tested so thoroughly, and that these glitches occur due to that. Default game bugs are also there: holster bug, corner bug, the most notorious flare bug when your flares don't shed any light, but that's due to the Editor, not due to the author herself. Later she used TREP to fix most of these bugs. Still, she did a great job designing the open areas. Although she didn't use TREP to fix the drawing distance range, nor did she use the distant fog to avoid drawing distance, not once can you see the objects or buildings disappear in distance. She gave her best to fight against that really big problem with TRLE. I was astonished at the way she designed the open areas, especially the mountain. Even then, at the beginning of her carrer, it was obvious that she has a great talent for designing. Folks who build custom TR levels should learn from her how the mountains and the open areas are supposed to be built and textured. Even the authors of the original TR have something to learn from Titak about this. Despite all the flaws and glitches, these two levels are amazing. There is a lot of action, climbing, puzzles and switches, and Titak included some of the hardest TR4 elements in her game, like jumping from one dangling rope to another, for example. Her timed runs in this game was not so merciless as they are in her newer levels, but still they are hard enough to be rated as nothing less than excellent. The game flows smoothly, you can hardly get stuck in a level, and that's also a good thing. These two connected levels are perfect for beginners, since they are not too hard, but still, not so easy either. There are a lot of custom Egyptian levels available, but this one is definitely the best, especially because Titak used only the object packs that comes with the original TRLE. You think you really need custom objects to create an original and interesting level? Well, think again. Titak proved that it is not so necessary after all." - Nina Croft (10-Apr-2010)
"What can you expect from Titak other than very good levels? This two-parter is no exception. It is about 6 years old, but all the more it is amazing what can be done with the standard equipment that comes with the level editor. This level can easily stand comparison to levels from nowadays. Architecture, texturing and lighting are just great. Gameplay is varying with collecting items, avoiding traps, killing enemies and first of all exploring huge areas. There is one timed task which is very fair. The only thing that put my fun down a bit was the unavoidable backtracking. There are different ways to go and chosing the wrong one means going all the way back to check out the other one and then go all the way back again. It's a pity that the crossbow was to be found so late in the game, a few steps before the end, when there were no enemies any more." - Jerry (04-Mar-2009)
"While this is quite an old adventure bathed in an Egypt setting, this does happen to be quite a well done Egypt setting utilizing the rather underused [i]Valley of the Kings[/i] and [i]Burial Chambers[/i] settings of TR4, and it still proves to be a well crafted, entertaining raid. Titia's attention to detail is splendid and even in her debut she brings forth unique, organic environments, seemingly a trademark of all her levels. The use of lighting is pretty splendid too - bright in the outdoor areas, and dimmed in smaller indoor spaces, and darker in the subterranean reaches of the second level, but never becoming frustratingly dark. Another great quality has to be the placement of objects and enemies to full effectiveness. Scorpions crawl out opportunely from the rocky valley and caves further on, and ninjas jump out well enough to warrant a surprise factor. Pickup items are also placed in ways that reward some exploration without them becoming easy secrets. On that topic, secrets are placed quite well and warrant a satisfactory challenge to the secret hunters out there. Throughout this double-level, the gameplay flows fluidly and one is warranted to rarely ever become stuck if he or she takes the time to explore the areas. Overall, I had a wonderful one-hour trip in Egypt, and the environments perfectly recapture the professional atmosphere of TR4. Definitely worth playing!" - Relic Hunter (23-Feb-2009)
"The Valley of the Kings and Tomb of Seth/Burial Chambers settings are some of the more underutilized ones in custom levels from what TR4 had to offer to us, so who better to pay justice to the excellent scenarios they can offer than Titia, in her debut effort nonetheless! There may be a squashed texture here or there and some missing textures closer to the end, but the looks fully live up to what you can expect from a level of this author no matter through which other level you were introduced to her works, and I guess that makes it even more so impressive. I was also really impressed by the idea to make a prequel to the original Tomb of Seth level, as that's surely a concept that, at least to my knowledge, hasn't been explored before or after this release! And while technically Core Design did explain how Lara found the tomb, I could without a doubt buy this as a possible interpretation as well. I pretty much never got stuck when playing this, and the tasks, while offer a challenge or two in form of a few rope swings, a room with succeeding timed runs and more, are never too hard to figure out, thus perfectly suited for players of all skill levels! The game isn't entirely problem free though. Closer to the end you will encounter the flare bug, which is always an annoyance, but worse than that - in Orion's Caves it's possible to miss out on the second Eye piece, return to the main area only to never be able to return for it and be stuck for good (I guess Titia forgot to delete an extra trigger for a door before releasing). So a warning to all playing - if you reach the 2 ropes, but don't have both eye pieces by then - turn back! If you never encounter that, it can be a fairly smooth 1 hour raid - and definitely worth a try for the great atmosphere that's faithful to that of the original levels. Found 5 of the 7 secrets." - eTux (09-Aug-2008)
"This is a nice little set of two levels that remind me a lot of TR4. Even though one would think we have enough of the standard Egypt levels, this is still an enjoyable experience. I like the different take on the opening to TR4, and how it almost seems as if we have to 'rescue' the Guide from the mercenaries before we proceed to the Tomb of Seth... and we all know what happens then. The gameplay is very simple really... just a lot of switch pulling and door opening, and is very exploration based. A lot of hidden caves and crevices in the desert that hide pickups that one would think are Secrets, but aren't even Secrets yet. The enemy placement is also great, and adds a lot to the gameplay. Tonnes of scorpions, which is nice because this is a fun easy enemy to have around a lot. The atmosphere is stronger in the second level, due to the darker rooms and lighting. The lighting is quite flat in the first Desert Oasis level. Both levels however give a great representation of reality, especially in the desert a lot of smooth slopes are used to create winding passages and cliffs. It also feels like a big open area, and the Oasis village looks very big and believable. Also, in the second level, I think the lava Titak has made is probably the best-looking lava pools I have ever seen. A nice fun simple Egyptian level to play as long as one is not tired yet of all the tr4 textures and Hands of Orion, Sirius, Cartouches, and Eyes of Horus :)" - Sethian (27-Dec-2007)
"(Oasis: 9/9/10/10) You enter this 2 level epic with a beautiful flyby, continue on and shortly you come to some amazing rocky caverns, carry on and come to a coastal type place with lots of diverse baddies and lots of fun running around a small town, in here you find half of a Crouce piece and one of the hands you need. (Orion Cave: 10/10/10/10) An absolutly amazing place, open the door after finding the second Crouce piece and combing them, then come in to an absoluly wonderland of lava caves, puzzles and fun jumping, grabbing and shimmying, lots of puzzles, timed puzzles and a very nicely laid out spike and boulder traps, things to get from this level is Crouce piece, 2 halfs of an eye, and another hand, lots of fun in this place. (CONCLUSIVE OVERVIEW) Never had so much fun playing a 2 level epic than i have here, this was lovely titia's first level, and i think that she must have spent so much time building this, absolutley amazing atmosphere and textures that actually made me feel like i was there, well done titia! highly reccomend the download if you wanna spend a few hours in amazing scenery and fun gameplay." - ColeMoles (24-Dec-2007)
"The author has gone on to greater things, but this first two-part level shows just what a talent she is. The gameplay is not difficult, and it flows well. The settings and textures are lush and well-done. In fact, this may be as good as it gets with the original textures. As it is visually gorgeous and fun to play, any raider should enjoy this level." - Duncan (18-Jun-2005)
"Wow! After playing a lot of Egypt levels I must say that this is THE Egypt level! The best Egypt atmosphere I have seen in so far in a custom level. For being the first level from Titak I'm really impressed! The first level with its outdoor scenes and the dark claustrophobic feeling in the second level adds to a nice mixture of gameplay and riddles. What did impress me most though was the map layout and the atmosphere! Overall it was two easy levels but they were very well done. It took me 1h31m to finish them with all 7 secrets. With more harder puzzles/secrets etc I would have given this all tens. I'm on my way to try the next game from Titak right away! Great job! 2005-05-28" - QRS (31-May-2005)
"This definitely is a must play for everyone that consider them to be a Tomb Raider fan! Titak surely put a lot of effort on this two-level set and it is worth every second it takes. The first part is set in this place which definitely has a clear inspiration from the Valley of the Kings, from TR4, and it is really confusing because the area is HUGE (and I mean it!) and there will be a lot of walking to cover the whole area. Eventually you'll find the Oasis and then you can enter the Caves Of Orion, which reminded me a lot of The Tomb Of Seth, but it was... more challenging! The game doesn't offer you puzzles, at least, I don't remember facing any, but finding the pieces is quite challenging because the levels are very large and the texturing makes the place so unique that it doesn't let the game down. Normally I would have rated gameplay a little lower for its lack of real puzzles, but since the textures and the atmosphere were so well crafted I just couldn't. It was never boring and, if I may say so, very exciting! If you liked The Last Revelation, then these levels are for you! And as I understand, the level ends EXACTLY where your adventure in TR4 begins, running down to the Tomb Of Seth, even the guide is there! Bravo, Titak." - Treeble (23-May-2004)
"Great levels set in Egypt. You set out in a very nice outside area, a desert, and soon you find a big room with doors that need two hands to open. Finding those hands will take some time but take you through beautiful places, first outside, later in caves. You'll encounter some enemies like ninja's, crocs, scorpions and mummies. Back in the room where you have to place the hands you will find the guy with the torch still waiting, so he can guide you where ever you have to go next. I could have used his help in the caves, because the flare bug appeared, but he didn't want to come with me. I had a real good time with this game, never got stuck, so if you are looking for a not too hard level, play this one." - Josi (13-Jan-2004)
"With such an inconspicuous title this double leveled game just blew me away with its fantastic atmosphere, lighting that was right on, great construction, and extremely interesting progression through canyons to a small desert town and then into an underground temple only to return back to the canyon to finish, sadly all too suddenly after 90 minutes. If that wasn't enough for me I also got to find 7 secrets with most of them placed in their own secret rooms. Now I'm not saying this is perfect as it could have done with a little more puzzling but there are some levels out there that are just so involving even without any major puzzles that you don't really miss them and in fact they may even get in the way of the flow of the game, although don't get me wrong this does have some nice puzzles. I highly recommend this to everyone out there who loves a real raiding adventure." - Sash (18-May-2003)
"With its realistic atmosphere, great texturing, fun puzzles, well placed enemies and exciting traps this was an amazing set of levels! It starts out with you exploring some cliffs and canyons deep in the desert where you soon discover the mission of the levels - you need two hands in order to get a set of double doors open. You soon come across a small city to explore and here you'll find a few things you'll need - one of the hands and half of a cartouche. Swimming through an underwater tunnel takes you to a well built underground temple where you'll need to find the other half of the cartouche, the two eye pieces and finally the next hand. Then you can take both hands back to the first level and use them there so that you and the guide can enter another underground area. I'm hoping that this will lead to the sequel because this was a brilliant set of levels that was very professionally built and textured and were a lot of fun to play. These look so good that I have a feeling that the author put a lot of time and effort into them and it really paid off. The secrets were fun to search for too - I found five." - RaiderGirl (21-Feb-2003)
"This is a two-part level although you play the first part two times. The first level reminded me of Nevada and I like it. Lara gets the first hand of sirius there. In the second level you have to go to underground to get the second hand of sirius. In the first level you will collect the cartouche piece #1 while the cartouche piece #2 awaits Lara in the second part. You have to get two eye pieces from underground. The underground was a bit depressing for me 'cause I don't like dark places. The enemies aren't so dangerous: beduins, crocs, scorpions, ninjas and mummys. During the second play I didn't need any medpacks in spite of I used pistols right through. It's true once I used the gateway between the 2 levels. :-) The textures fit well with the level but unfortunately there are no added sounds. I like the alteration followed by the earthquake. Unfortunately I found only 5 secrets - 3 in the first and 2 in the second level - so these will be in my walkthrough, too. I found two crossbows, two shotguns and one uzi. I didn't manage to find the grenade gun, I suppose it would have been collected from one of the secrets." - Obig (18-Feb-2003)
"The Oasis (8/8/8/9, 50 min., 3/3 secrets): Starting out with a nice flyby you enter a rather impressive canyon. Initially this is a rather linear adventure as you make your way towards the oasis. Many scorpions and ninjas to kill and a few crocodiles later in the waters of the oasis. Once you get there the setting changes more into Coastal Ruins style and the gameplay branches out a bit as you need to acquire half a cartouche and one hand. Getting the secrets is built in as nice little sidetracks and a lot of fun to get them. Orion's Caves (8/7/8/9, 45 min., 3/4 secrets): Now underground you first need to pick up the other half of the cartouche and then dive into a series of well connected and beautifully designed lava caves to find the two halves of the Eye piece and eventually the second hand which will allow you to leave the level back in Part 1. The puzzles are more diverse here with a few timed sequences and a sequence of several levers to pull. Again, the secrets are worth mentioning as being quite special to get to. Near the end the flare bug kicks in, but it does not really interfere with gameplay. All in all, a nice surprise as this was an entertaining, if not overly difficult, set of levels. Definitely worth a play, especially if you have not had an Egyptian level in a while." - Michael (16-Feb-2003)
"In this two level game, you need to find the two Hands and also the two pieces of the Eye of Horus. Set in a rocky desert you travel outdoors and later underground. I liked the concept, finding one Hand in the first part and the second one in the second level. There is some jumping and shimmying to do to get where you need to go. Later there is also swimming. Be aware to convert the levels one after the other (and not together at the same time) or you'll never get to the second level. Not that many enemies, scorpions, ninjas and some mummies. There are more than enough weapons to find as I found twice the shotgun, twice the revolver and an uzi. There are some traps, not that hard and a quake that will alter water into lava. At that time the flare bug kicked in, but although the level is not that bright, you can find your way. Found 3 secrets. 13-02-2003" - Gerty (16-Feb-2003)
"This starts out in a very splendid canyon. The details are the best I've seen for a while. This leads you to different parts of the level and there are a few tricky jumps to negotiate. Some of the damp walls give a really good impression of being there. You need to find a couple of hands, 2 halves of a cartouche and an eye piece to end the level. On a slightly critical note I found myself in a couple of places where I needed to have something from somewhere else and I found it a little annoying to have to go back and play elsewhere. There were some good spiky boulder traps and some switches that had to be pulled in sequence. A good level to while away a couple of hours." - Doug E (16-Feb-2003)
"Well yet again another level that started outside and continued in total darkness. I liked the first level with the rocks and it reminded me of the valley from TR4.I thought it would continue like that but no such luck, as soon as you kill some ninjas, scorpions and crocodiles and get a hand which I forgot the first time around plus one piece of cartouche you swim to the second level. You place the cartouche here and it's very clear from the start that it is very dark. Ah! I miss Mantua's Squares the entire levels were as bright as could be. Anyway you get to jump a lot and navigate through darkness to finally get the two pieces of the Eye of Horus and pick up the second hand. Getting back to the first level and place the hands gets you soon to the end, I wonder what the guide was there for. I found five secrets and it lasted two hours, a fun level." - Kristina (15-Feb-2003)
"Lara starts out in the desert of Egypt and needs to find two hands (Orion and Sirius). In the first level you meet a few baddies and ninjas. The puzzles in both levels are rather easy, even though there are a few timed sequences. Other than that there are many levers, a few jumps, a bit of diving and rope swinging. The architecture is put together well. I found even five secrets and the crossbow twice ;-). Textures and lighting were nicely added and quite a few good cameras. I liked the atmosphere, it almost seemed as if I had played these levels before??? It certainly reminded me of something :-) Enemies are baddies, ninjas, scorpions and a few crocodiles. It was really relaxing to play these two levels - also for in between. :-)" - Engelchen Lara (15-Feb-2003)