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The Experiment by Bojrkraider

Aims 8 8 9 9
Akcy 8 8 7 7
CC 9 7 10 9
DJ Full 8 10 10 10
Dougsan 8 6 8 7
eTux 8 9 9 8
Gerty 7 8 9 7
Jay 9 10 9 9
Jose 6 7 8 8
Kristina 8 8 8 9
Loupar 8 7 7 7
Magnus 4 5 5 4
manarch2 6 9 8 8
Markus 6 8 8 8
MichaelP 7 8 9 8
MigMarado 6 8 7 8
Miguel 8 9 8 8
Mman 8 8 7 6
Moonpooka 9 10 10 9
Obig 8 9 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
QRS 8 10 9 7
RaiderGirl 8 6 7 7
Ryan 7 8 8 7
Samu 8 8 8 7
Sash 7 7 9 9
Torry 8 9 9 9
Treeble 7 9 8 8
Whistle 6 6 8 7
Yoav 8 8 9 9
release date: 15-Feb-2003
# of downloads: 139

average rating: 7.91
review count: 30
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file size: 262.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Playing the 'Full Version' (prev. #1212). I have mixed feelings towards this level now I've played it. On the one hand, it's a pretty interesting and engaging level from a more technical aspect, with lots of custom items and ideas you don't see much, with a lot of thinking outside the box, as it were, such as the chainsaw and TNT, both of which have their own preset animations when put into use, or hiding a key beneath a doormat. The objects are not always on the center of tiles on the floor and this creates a few intriguing setups, especially the floor lever at the mines. And this is where it falls short for me. Both levels are very confusing to navigate, even by following the walkthrough, and the second level in itself is essentially a series of mazes, which makes sense given the context, I suppose, but still doesn't make for much fun. All in all, worth checking out for the novelty factor (yes, I'm aware I'm nearly two decades late) alone, but if you do, keep the walkthrough close at hand. 60 minutes, 4 secrets. 03/22" - Treeble (27-Mar-2022)
"Firstly, let me say that the levels were challenging and entertaining as a whole. I really dislike mazes, so I was not a big fan of the second level, at all. I also think hiding one crucial element in a dark trap is kind of cheating. Some of the sloping elements tend to be slightly buggy. Still, these levels are part of a bigger adventure, which so far is convincing. It is the taste for adventure that drives Lara to this dig and this mine, so it is suitable that she should face serious trials to get through. I'm looking forward for the remaining levels, and will come back to rate those too, for sure." - MigMarado (29-Sep-2019)
"In the context of the set as a whole this also feels like somewhat of an intro segment, being a couple of relatively short transition levels. The design is again quite simple and a little heavy on stretched textures at times, the lighting outdoors is also somewhat flat. There is a sense of atmosphere to the mine, and a visual progression as the approach the entrance to the next part of the set. I also liked a somewhat creative use of fixed cameras later on. There's some unorthodox item usage and new combinations, but the main tasks are relatively simple (and there's a large area that feels kind of underused). The meat is in the mines that make up the latter half, which ends up being a large maze (although the clear floor split and occasional landmark does help), once you actually know where you're going the actual tasks are relatively straightforward though. There's a certainly creativity here but it only hints at the greatness of the following levels." - Mman (07-Jun-2019)
"This two part level set are in completely different settings but we must score as one level. The first part was fun and enjoyable whilst the second in the depths of the mine was frustrating and painful. I do not know how many times I retraced my steps here as it was so damn easy to get disorientated and lose the way. After floundering about for more than an hour I took a more methodical approach and although it took longer it did get me to the desired points to find the three fuses, (need I say Natla's mines),,dynamite and detonator. The Lara animation on blowing out cracked sections of the tunnels was inspired. Also liked the reward garnered on finding the two golden roses. There could have been a few more flares on offer early in the mine level when you needed them. Later there are plenty." - Torry (13-Aug-2018)
"I'm afraid I found this one a bit too tedious to get through. I couldn't get used to the rather clunky textures and general setting in the first part, despite the various neat touches like the use of a chainsaw to carve a piece of wood, or the little move required to get on top of the hills a little later on. And also, in the mines section, despite the use of elevator shafts to move between different tiers of the level and the atmosphere being quite spooky, I found it too gloomy and too gruelling to run back and forward across the maze while picking up different items and secrets. There's more neat touches here around the uses of dynamite, but I found the overall experience a bit too dull and slow for my liking." - Ryan (25-Jul-2018)
"This levels are not easy to play, at least for me. I found some interesting new features and also new moves for Lara, but not very enjoyable features too. Usually, there are hints with camera targets or camera shots, but in the first level it's quite difficult to find the torch you need without a hint. In the second level, running up and down through a huge labyrinth was not very funny too. I missed some more enemies to bring more action and not only the modified "locusts". The architecture is ok, but a bit rude; and the texturization is usually good. At least there is an useful map added to the walkthrough so you can get oriented in the mines area." - Jose (29-Aug-2016)
"After a intro in the office, Lara go to the site, I resolve some puzzle then I realize that I need the jeep, but the backtrack is impossible... Start a new game. ^^ The first level is short and can be finished quickly, that depends the speed that we'll find the key. The second level is a maze, fortunately unlike many mazes, the textures are not always the same. Several good things in this first part but despite the effort of the author, the game is not always very exciting (secrets 3/4)." - Markus (07-Apr-2013)
"I'm afraid that I didn't find this two-part effort to be a very auspicious beginning for a builder who would later become one of the very best ones out there. The first part was clunky and visually unappealing, although it had one of the builder's trademark neat touches - using a chain saw to carve a chunk out of a dead tree so you could progress in the level. And the fixed camera angles here are unnecessary and extremely annoying. The second part is longer and takes place entirely underground in a four-tiered mine. Although we have more neat touches here, notably the use of dynamite to blast barriers out of your way, I found myself wishing it would all come to an end long before I reached the finish trigger. All told, I spent about an hour and an half here, and although I can appreciate the effort and forethought that went into the building process, my raiding experience was more like hard work than having fun. The latter is why I play, but others may find the complexity quite exhilerating. Each to his own. Anyway, my scores are higher than they perhaps should be out of respect for the builder and his body of work." - Phil (21-Mar-2012)
"I am honest at some parts of this level I wanted to quit and give this game a flat 0, just because it was so annoying in terms of backtracking and areas where you didn't know if the thing you see in front of you was an corridor or a wall. But let's go to the different levels first:
Excavation Site (8-10-8-9) starts rather uninspired in a strange textured city-like area, but it all gets soon better when you step into the mansion and enjoy the great fixed camera with good texturing (look at screenshot 2 on the levelinfo page). The walkthrough claims this to be a short level, I thought, but I was completely wrong. After a nice elevator ride and a talk to the archaeologist(?) we get the keys for a jeep and another key that seems to have no meaning in this game. The jeep ride was very challenging, as you had to master few mountain rocks. Nice idea of losing the ignition key by falling into the river, but you somehow get it back. I also liked the idea of placing the key under the doormat, which you take with you, too. The idea for making fire was also great, the area was looking good, with some TR 1 textures included, and a nice built river. After some time you get to the real part of the level, the excavation site, where gameplay elements were rather slow, with a not-to-find block to climb on. The secret hunt was clever however, you needed the first to find the second. After too long time (50 minutes for such a small area!) I finally got to
The Lost Mine (5-8-8-7) which was a unpleasant ride through some absolutely non-squaric mazes, however with nice animations (I forgot to mention the cutting of a tree in the last level) like the detonator. The fuses were well hidden, as the secrets too, but I found the backtracking too annoying, as you get stuck more than once in this maze. There could have been some stairs for example to get back to the different levels, once you got to level 4. This was only confusing and if the maps weren't there I certainly would have quit as the walkthrough (no offence) was really really bad. In one sentence it is described you have to get back to the last level and search somewhere in nowhere for some hidden stairs never mentioned before, without real explanations. I had to keep on looking at the maps and forgetting the walkthrough as it only disturbed me further. It rather was pure luck I found all four secrets (not that the walkthrough mentions you need some runes to get a fifth, which is nowhere described.) which was an adventure for itself, but I really think the custom textures led to a nice non-squaric look of the areas which made things much better.
One really can see the builder has done a great job in making all these objects and textures, but this level could have been so much better if there would have been more clear tasks and not so big areas with only one little crawlspace hidden behind plants hiding the lever or key." - manarch2 (06-Feb-2011)
"Despite of being one of author's first levels, with yet unfinished work on texturing and lighting, after first three minutes of playing I knew I would recognize this work as Bojrk's even if it was unsigned: as soon as lara enters the office with Jean-Yves-like figure sitting behind his desk, characteristic music and dialogue appears to keep you amused and make an impression of everything here is done with devotion. This made me sure I'll play this level without a break. After taking a quick nap, I am starting playing now (5:55 AM) and writing in the same time. So this is LIVE review - let's see what results I'm gonna get. (5:58) Reached the mountains. Wow! He really knows how to create open space. (6:02) Now it appeared that the whole lower part of the ground is an illusion. Killed myself several times in search of secrets. (6:09) Ignored warning about falling stones. Good thing Bojrk wants to warn players about certain things. This is big advantage - some builders don't care about that. Nice trees... Appeared to be the whole forest. Several simple objects put together in clever way create fine environment, I must say... (6:13) Aaahh, a butterfly bit me! (6:18) Shotgun! Good to see Bojrk is one of few guys who don't place all of the pickups in the middle of the square... (6:21)...and he knows how to use camera effectively. (6:23) The author doesn't make secrets too easy. But I shot all the trees in this part of the forest to make sure there's no shatter. And there is no shatter. Players, don't repeat me. (6:26) The game absorbed me so much I forgot to save since entering the forest. Once again... (6:33) Watched first custom animation of Lara using an item. (6:39) Wall textures seem to be a bit underdone. But they didn't disturb me until now, so it's not a big oversight. (6:48) Noticed some disappearing textures... (6:50)...and some slopes neighbouring vertical walls, but they're not illegal - either you can't get on them or you slide away from a vertical wall. Good point the author thought about not dooming players who are on foot at the moment. (6:56) And he also didn't forgot to create a backtrack for such players, preventing them from losing the jeep. (7:00) In search of the secrets, I got beyond the game area and hit the end of graphics. No secrets found until now, anyway. (7:05) Got myself stuck in the middle of invisible object, that seems to be a platform to stand on. (7:07) Ducked and got out of the invisible object, that seems to be a platform to stand on. It's the only one way out of this bug. (7:15) When I opened my mind, spike challenge appeared yo be not so challenging. Anyway, it still requires opening a player's mind. I like it happens in this game. (7:21) Gameplay is improving. (7:27) Two ways. One of them requires a quite hard jump and there is a dead end. Is it the author's intention? I don't know so I don't rate it. (7:32) A secret! And some textures stretched in clever way so they imitate crystals. (7:35) Whoah! Now I realized I had to pass a whole huge area to get that secret I've just found! Now I'm getting back to take the main gameplay path. (7:47) Meanwhile, I got beyond the game area in search of the secrets again. (7:51) And found another one. Sweet. (7:52) Hit an invisible wall in the middle of game area. Not good. (7:53) Correction: it wasn't an invisible wall. It was an invisible slope. Man... some parts of the gameplay are total mess, some of them are nearly a masterpiece. This shows Bojrk's talent sprouting like a bean, yet covered by the ground. But when the bean gets out of the soil and looks at the sun, it grows rapidly fast. (8:01) Hit another invisible obstacle and this time I'm sure it is a wall. (8:12) I found one ledge that is very challenging. It seems I have to open my mind to a different view again. (8:15) I thought I found an access way, but I hit another invisible wall. Still searching. (8:24) Can't find a way up. I'm moving to the next level - there is an ability of jumping between the levels and if Bojrk applied it, I assume it is a gameplay element. Even if I am wrong, as long as we can go back, neither me, nor any other player has to worry we missed something, if we did so. (8:33) Holy coal! What a maze! It reminds me of these from Cain's customs I reviewed recently. Here, in the mine, climate definitely differs from previous level. (8:52) I got lost several times. Some players would be very disappointed in this place. But Bojrk gave them a map, so everything's OK. (9:04) I didn't know it's possible for Lara to stand on a slope! Thank You Bojrk for showing me this. (9:06) One raisingblock cuts off a part of the mine which I don't need to explore now. Good job. This makes a player concentrate on local puzzle and breaks the feeling of being lost. It is worth running through these gloomy corridors for some time to win this moment of relief. (9:16) Another custom animation! (9:32) And another fifteen minutes wasted for searching for the secrets. I learnt this part of mine by heart and found nothing. I understand every person looking for secrets. Unfortunately, I must say rather than secrets they will find hidden anger inside themselves. Even if there are some hidden pickups in this mine, it's too little to balance the frustration. Shame. Very, very bad mistake, the most serious for now. (9:46) Finally, I got 3rd secret. I feel a bit better now, but still tired. None of Cain's mazes has exhausted me as much as this Bojrk's one. (10:16) I had no idea what kind of an adventure I has taken on. It's so braining... training... brain-training! (10:24) Got the fourth one. Getting back to the surface for a bonus... and some air. Distance travelled so far: 16344 m. I think if a player uses the map, it divides in 5. (10:34) Got the bonus secret. At first glance is a bit disappointing, because it seems to be the whole bonus area, and I found several items only... but then I looked on the wall and understood Bojrk rewards patient players with a hint, making the final fight much more easier. That changed disappointment into satisfaction. (10:39) Sharply outlined, heavy, basic shapes make me feel like locked under pressure of a massive, dense mountain hanging above Lara's head. This claustrophobic place lets some air in and I can take another breath, like in that moment when I resurfaced for bonus items. It seems I'm approaching the end. (10:46) It appears the water makes this fresh feeling. I am passing the underground pool that makes me feel safe in the same time when I still have all these rocks above my head. I've never seen such a beautiful lighting. There is nothing but the same rude shapes, basic textures... and the light. The light, which does everything here. I don't want this game to come to an end. (11:01) And now the end is here. Another disappointing thing - despite of the thrilling note found in one of the rooms, telling about something dangerous lurking beneath me, there is nothing like that in the end. Lara just falls into a pit and if I don't play Experiment 2 now, I'm gonna feel the presence of something unfinished in my life for some time. I don't like it. SCORING REASONS: Enemies, objects and secrets get 10 - nearly all the objects are customized, some of them have custom animations, bats aren't enemies only, but they also indicate dead ends in the mine, so a player remembers where it's useless to go a bit better. Atmosphere, sound, cameras, lighting and textures... I told you so many great things about them You all know what I give here. Now, for Gameplay & Puzzles section - I'm gonna divide this category in two semi-categories, of total capacity 5 points both. I give 5/5 for puzzles - so complex one of them takes up the whole forest - and 3/5 for gameplay. I think the last score is fair, as for one half of playing time I wanted to give 5/5, but another half was inclining me to give 1/5. So let both halves of playing time speak, giving Bojrk both scores, which resulting in arithmetic mean of 3/5 for gameplay. After adding Gameplay part to puzzles part we get totally 8/10 for Gameplay & Puzzles section. SUMMARY: What can I say in one sentence after 5,5 hours of writing? It's 11:33 AM and I'm a bit tired - not exhausted anymore, as the last part of the game has awaken me a lot and I don't think I missed the time I spent in front of the monitor, and no-one who will play "The Experiment" is gonna think it was a waste of time, because, apart from being a very solid beginning of one of the most respectable projects ever started in Lara's custom world, The Experiment 1 is an unique level itself, which - despite of making one tired - keeps everyone amused and proud of themselves if they manage to complete it without a walkthrough, taking their time, NOT WRITING STUPID REVIEWS (CONTAINING ONE-SENTENCE CONCLUSION THAT, EVEN IF IT SEEMS TO END, IT CAN'T COME TO AN END AND IT LASTS LONGER THAN IT CAN LAST ITSELF) IN THE SAME TIME LIKE ME, but rather paying attention to the game, so that should result in two things: not getting lost in the mine, and an unforgettable raiding experience, that will probably make you reach for next parts of the whole series, that is truly remarkable and... CAN'T COME TO AN END LIKE THIS SENTENCE, but its story still develops in one of the most creative minds here, keeping players can't wait for the 4th part, even if no-one knows what "The Experiment" it is all about, and, if I remember correctly, there were NO "The Experiment" in the whole series until now, and I wrote this whole neverending sentence for you all to know how it is to wait for next Bojrkraider's game, you just dream about it like now you are dreaming about me finishing this freaking endless sentence, which is being written for 45 mins already, it's 12:18 PM now and I wouldn't be surprised if Bojrk manages to release 4th part of his game before I finish it, because I have written so much I feel like I've just built an epic level, at least as good as I reviewed... so THANK YOU BOJRK FOR THIS LEVEL, and for this feeling... and I'm saying goodnight to You! Zzzzzzz...." - DJ Full (28-Aug-2010)
"Great story, very original movements and objects with a couple of WOW moments, as Lara cuts the tree, and dodges from the explosions, that looks a bit clumsy though, but still nice and funny. Texturewise it's alright, but nothing special. I'm not a found of fixed cameras, although atmosphere was good. Also didn't like that the author just suggested to use additional sounds in the readme, and then I even had to figure out how to extract them from TR3, that 10 or so MB would've been downloaded sooner. The mine is quite dark in some places, lots of flares can be found yes, but only after we have explored most of it, and once we get ourselves familiarized with it, flares not really needed. There is bug, if took the short way down and found the uzi, (the crossbow was there in the earlier version) the corridor is blocked after the slope down, behind the door opened with the roses. All in all, an impressive debut level, from a creative author." - Akcy (16-Feb-2007)
"The Experiment adventure really starts with this part. At the beginning you meet an archaeologist whose call leads Lara to a mine. He gives her the keys for the mine and also a car to get to the location of the dig. On the first level you have to get to the dig, and during the ride you have to find another key for the mine, because the original is lost. On the second level you are wandering through a mine. Your task is to start the elevator that blocks the way. For this you also have to blast at some places. The mine is in fact a labyrinth, but some hours of exploring will make you know the whole place by heart. The author also attached a map of the mine for the package, so this can be also helpful. There are no real enemies, but you will meet some toxic butterflies and bunches of bats. You are unable to shoot them; your only weapon is patience, so wait until they move on. You can pick up four secrets during the adventure; as we got used to it from Bojrkraider, they are not simply ammunition or other items, and we also get some extra if we get them all. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (20-Dec-2006)
"Great set of levels with a lot of exploration. The mine is very well done and thankfully is also well lighted. I only had serious problems to find the last crawlspace at the stalactite cave, it was very difficult to find that took me few days until I did it. I found all four secrets in two hours. It's a very entertaining level." - Loupar (20-Mar-2006)
"This game which contains four levels is quite nice. The first level is city level and kind of introduction to the story. The location of second, third and fourth levels are in Alpian mountains and there you have to solve nice and well planned puzzles. Final level is a big underground labyrint and completing it was sometimes a bit frustrating to me but in a whole it might be the best level. Puzzles are quite good but the levels don't seem very good and lightning and textures are also worse than many other things. However playing this was a nice experience for me." - Samu (12-Mar-2006)
"What I really liked most in this level is the new and creative puzzles and new objects. The author has taken a lot of time to make things that fits the envoirement (like the log, the paper in the forest etc) Also some new animations in the second part. I was laughing out loud when I saw Lara dodge the blast in the mine area LOL! Great stuff. The gameplay, however is good, but not anything special. It consist mostly of finding a few things in the first part and trying to understand where you are in the second maze part j/k. The lighting and textures and ok but as I said earlier, the idea of the level, the objects and atmosphere is great!! This is a great start of the experiment serie and not to be missed." - QRS (11-Dec-2005)
I am so glad Elvis kicked my butt into trying out the later Experiment levels again, because it led me to this first level by Bojrkraider and I wonder how I could have possibly missed it. Lara starts in an office building, and has a chat about what's been going on in the mines. No one is happy so she grabs the mine key and jeep keys then makes her way over boulder trapped mountain tops to a small wooded area beyond. On arriving at the wooded area, Lara drops her key and you see them float gracefully away over the top of a water fall Oops! There are lots of new items to find and use. For instance in the wooded area you will find and use a chainsaw, and without spoiling too much I'll leave the rest for you to find out. No exhausting enemies as such, you will meet a few bats, and some butterflies that look rather pretty, but don't get too close or they nip at your health. Keys and crowbar are needed to proceed through the excavation site and into the mine maze. Hmm, I am not a lover of mazes but this felt different. Maybe the use of the mine textures gave it some atmosphere, but I quite liked it so that was a first. I also had the map in hand and really did need to use it a few times. Anyway, you will need to find a fuse here, some dynamite and detonator/key, then to blow your way through to find the final two fuses needed to move on to the stalagmite rooms. Next, finding a lever and a small floor tile puzzle will set you free. Some spike traps litter the level and a few tricky jumps too, but all in all this was a fabulous level and I'm really glad I didn't miss this adventure. - Moonpooka (12-Jul-2005)
"Here is the first part to the experiment series. The story of this is that whilst Lara is relaxing on holiday she receives a phone call from an archaeologist who along with his excavator's discovered a hidden mine in the excavation site they are working in which is located behind the mountain range of the Italian Alpes. There is something odd about the mine though a strange presence which has caused many of the workers to feel ill and fear whenever they are near the entrance. So they have closed the mine. Knowing about Lara's past adventures he asks her if she is willing to explore the mine and discover what is behind it and of course she accepts... I liked the way the level started Lara is at a nearby office and a man behind the desk talks to her about how to reach the mine which was clever. Then you take the little trip through the mountains to the excavation site. There were some clever ideas and moves in this. Such as using a chainsaw to chop the fallen tree's blocking the path (which the office man mentions!) and the clever animation for Lara using the dynamite to blow up walls in the mines; Lara does a series of flips and an amusing dive out the way before pushing the detonator! Also losing the key in the mountain stream she is meant to say in the audio file 'the key' but it sounds nothing like that more like a gurgle! lol you don't see her drop it; which would have been cool to see a little cut-scene. The outside area was a mix between TR1's caves and Natla's mines as did the mine but it had a TR3's RX Tech feel. I liked the excavation site crossing a bridge over the river and the little huts with chairs and tables in. The mines were interesting too with mine carts along some tracks and a little elevator room with dynamite and machines for fuses. The mines were quite confusing but I had the help of a map otherwise I would have pulled my hair out! But once you have been round a few times you get used to them. So all in all a fun set of levels; a good start to a great adventure! Took me about an hour for both levels I have played the 2nd part of this series as well so I look forward to the 3rd part!" - Aims (04-Aug-2004)
"Well this certainly was something different from what I've experienced before in a way - with the biggest credit for that being the new puzzle objects and (a bit jerky) animations the diagonal walls and off center pickups and levers - probably due to the fact that this was built with the unofficial level editor interesting. Otherwise this would be a pretty standard double-level with rather simple progression and its quirks flaws here and there. Mentioned most what I liked already but the atmosphere of the mines deserves a special mention - quite amazing and I was actually grateful that no enemies were lurking here but some bats whom you can avoid as I would've freaked out if something had attacked me - after finding the page in one of the 2 secrets here anyway! The main flaw would be the confusion at times when a helping camera would've been helpful - for example when looking for the torch or at the end in the stalactite caves where I was running around mindlessly till I found the yellow pillar for which I had to backtrack a bit after activating the lever. At least the author had put in some cameras in the places where you had to put the dynamite (would like to disagree with another reviewer who said the placement was illogical as I found it to be quite logical). Also the fact that the second level was a multi-layered maze was not to my liking though with the provided map which I used I found it quite ok. Another minor gripe would the lighting in level 1 which was not done as well as it could've been done but that's all. Quite different from the other levels out there so definitely worth a try." - eTux (07-Jun-2004)
"A level for hardliners - without some hints it was not possible for me. Rooms so dark - Secrets never seen....But the Builder gives a lot of effort in this work - nice butterflies for example. Some goodies surprising us - ... lets give them a look. And there are a lot of Irish-Dance -Places - maybe Lara likes it so much ;-) One of the last rooms is really good - ambience and light deep down there..I would recommend this one to all who think there comes nothing new for us in building - but beware of long nights and frustrating scenes...With help I needed about 2 hours - without will be an eternity." - Miguel (03-Apr-2004)
"Searching for things. Annoying fixed cameras. A maze. Sounds fun? Then by all means play this level. Personally I hated it. It starts out quite okay but after having spent hours searching for a torch in an ugly little forest I lost my patience. And it didn't get better when I reached the second level. It was a maze. A big confusing maze. You had to get some spikes to retract in order to proceed. Don't ask me how though. After that I got stuck once again because a fixed camera made it impossible to see where I had to go. And the levels don't look very impressive. In fact I found them very ugly. There are also invisible walls in a lot of places. So isn't there anything I liked about this level? No I'm afraid not. I pretty much hated it from start to finish. From what I've heard though other people liked it. So you might want to give it a try. When I finished the level the statistics showed that I had been playing for thirty minutes. But I spent much longer running around getting angrier and angrier. This was not my type of level." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"Two levels with various textures from TR3 which give to these levels good atmosphere. Personally I love this. The gameplay is in a long mine look-a-like maze with good camera work. Interesting levels." - Yoav (26-Dec-2003)
"Not built with the LE editor I was wondering about this one. Couldn't play it properly on the Mac as it was buggy as hell so my adventure was stuck short. Played this on the PC and it went well (revised version mind you). The adventure start near a river and climbing those mountains is a must. There is a great jump sequence after you figured out how to do it as it was a tad confusing at certain points for me though. I liked the second level much better as the mines were done real good. Getting fuses and operating dynamite (great moves that girl makes). Downside was the lightning as I found it rather dark and I didn't like the maze but what the heck. The story on its own was a good one and even if it played in a mine but I still found it rather tedious to use flares most of the time. 17-08-2003" - Gerty (28-Aug-2003)
"There is much difference between the previous version of the level and this one. A lot of items are added and it begins completely different with additional sounds. Lara acquires the jeep and mine key and we listen to an interesting dialogue from what looks like Jean Yves. The jeep helps to jump the level and enter the forest after some dangerous driving with rocks falling around. I liked the idea of Lara loosing the key in the river but I would prefer a nice cut scene for that. I loved the chainsaw and cutting the wood to proceed that was very original so was the paper with matches. The rest of the level is about entering the mines and also finding two golden roses to access the secret room. I found four secrets in total within an hour of game play and the second rose at the mines level with the author's help. The dynamite is still there and the three fuses for players to find but this time the walls are hard to miss they have a distinctive mark on them. All the bugs from the previous version have been corrected and the area with stalagmites near the end looks good. I would like to explore further in that area so I hope there will be a sequel from where we left of. A good level and certainly entertaining." - Kristina (04-Jul-2003)
"A two parter the first finds you taking a ride through a mountain range bringing you to a clearing with a hut where you collect and use many things I have never come across before chainsaw mat matches and a piece of paper that you combine with the matches once through here you come to the excavation site where you must find the key to the mines as well as two secrets a crowbar and a golden rose. Onto level two. Here you need to make your way through a many leveled and very well built mine looking for three sticks of dynamite and a detonator so you can blow up three sections of mine wall complete with new Lara movements looking for three fuses these lead you to an even further under the surface ice cave and not long after the end. In this I found 1 of the 2 secrets a note from the mine owner and assume I missed another golden rose as in the first level you need to use 2 to open a door in an excavation pit. When I think about this level it comes to mind that the gameplay is fairly standard mainly just looking for objects but it doesn't ever feel that way and the exploratory nature of the level bumps my score up a notch where I normally would rate a little lower. This also is a hard one to score in the enemies/objects category as the only enemies I came across were a few bat swarms of which you can bypass and never meet and a few butterflies that I think took nibbles out of me but I can't quite be sure on the other hand the never before seen objects made this level feel really new and fresh and so I have to applaud their use. When it all ends after 75 minutes what I can say is that this is a level you really want to go out and play especially with the newly added section at the start for the revised versions because apart from being enjoyable it is revolutionary in quite a few ways." - Sash (01-Jul-2003)
"This is the revised version of the level with extra gameplay and bug issues sorted out. There's a very different beginning to this level - an actual cinematic scene with dialogue in an office between Lara and a man who has asked her to explore an excavation site and mine. After a short jeep ride in the mountains you arrive at the site and eventually make your way into the maze-like mine passages. As this level was not made with the level editor there are some unusual objects to find and use hence my high score in that category despite the lack of enemies. The forest setting is nicely done with pretty fish in the water and butterflies flitting about - a positive rest cure. The key to the hut is hidden in a most inventive (and logical) place and you get to use a chainsaw and some matches - told you it was different! Once inside the mines you can easily become disoriented as they are vast and labyrinthine. The atmosphere is excellent and some of the tunnels are infested with really vicious bats (which you can't shoot). After a lot of exploration you find dynamite with which you can clear blocked passages (another innovative action) and find fuses to provide your ultimate escape. I missed one of the secrets probably because I didn't return to the first area after I obtained the crowbar and I never did get to use the doormat much to my regret. I shall definitely be playing this one again at some point. 29.06.2003" - Jay (01-Jul-2003)
"This level shows promise using the different editor but the writer has gone overboard with long runs thro the tunnels with frustratingly exasperating times looking around. No enemies except tired legs and two secrets (roses). The general graphics gave a very good atmosphere but walls thin and quite a number of 'edge/slope traps' can catch you out. First section leads you to the outside tunnel section and ends really with a tricky jump to the top of the building via the trees. Down the mine itself and follow the rails here there and every where. Overall much too dark levels with the number of flares you get. I must repeat myself and say again it is a good experiment but a way to go on the story etc. and keeping ones interest going." - Whistle (26-Apr-2003)
"I'm waiting for an updated version of this level then I'll be downloading it immediately. Why? Because I couldn't finish this version and I was so disappointed. I came across invisible walls which prevented me from moving around the mines and I'm not talking about the fixed cameras to show you where to use the dynamite. Yes dynamite I can't wait I believe it's tremendous fun to watch. You start beside a fast flowing river and what looks like an excavation site. It took me ages to find that first crawlspace but when I did I was away. Found the crowbar. Jumping to that tree that I thought I could get to outside hah. Very awkward jumps but great fun. And eventually into the mine. I drew a plan as I was going along because otherwise I would have been totally lost. Found the dynamite and detonator but alas I couldn't use them. This was a great level. So hurry up Bojrkraider so I can play it again." - CC (20-Apr-2003)
"There are aspects to The Experiment that are quite interesting and the mines are very well designed. I like maze puzzles they are easy in principle but require discipline or you are screwed if the maze is good and the maze in The Experiment is good! The biggest problem is figuring out why you would place explosives were you must. There is no logic to the placement at all. If Lara is uncovering closed shafts (as we know she is) then it should look as such. But I did like the level and hope Bojrkraider treats us with another level. The story is good and his maze with all of its dead ends and traps was a good puzzle. A warning darkness prevails but the second part of the effort does take place in a mine and mines should be dark! There are plenty of flares." - Dougsan (13-Apr-2003)
"The first TR4 csutom level built with another editor than the original TRLE. I wonder if the rather interesting placement of diagonal walls and the eoff center positioning of levers and pickups come as a feature in that editor. Certainly a refreshing change from the norm. Excavation Site (7/8/7/7 40 min. 2 secrets): If you know where you are going and ignore the secret this can be completed in a few minutes. I took about 20 minutes to be lucky and find the mine key after a clever jump/crawl/jump sequence and then took another twenty minutes to find the crowbar (secret) after a trip through the caves and subsequently the Treasure Room Key and a rose in that room (secret). While the exploration is a bit tedious once you find your way the course is constructed rather cleverly. The Lost Mine (7/8/10/9 50 min.): The atmosphere here is nothing but brilliant with the rocky walls the rail tracks the mine cart and the elevator shaft which marks your way to the exit once you manage to lift it after placing the three fuses. Getting those fuses is not easy and includes a hilarious use of a 'new' Lara animation (placing the dynamite getting out of the way and using the Mine detonator to blow it up and open up a new path) - great stuff. I did think maybe a few more flares a little earlier would have been helpful and the running around in the maze of the mine was as tedious as a maze can get but still this was a very originial adventure and you should try it out just to experience it." - Michael (18-Mar-2003)
"This is actually a two level game and hopefully there will be even more later to continue the story. Lara receives a phone call from a well known archaeologist who while working on an excavation discovers a lost mine and manages to turn the lights on inside. His men are scared to explore the mine because of a bad feeling they get when near it so they call her to investigate it. The first level is mainly exploring the excavation site for the keys to the mine and the second level is where the fun begins. There are all kinds of mine shafts to explore some tunnels have been blocked off though so you have to find three sticks of dynamite to open up some of the areas. This is really cool because when you place the dynamite sticks then Lara automatically starts jumping away and dives for cover from the blast - not sure how the author made her do this. You're searching for three fuses that will give you access to the lower area of the mines so Lara can figure out the bad thing that is down there. Can't wait to play the next level." - RaiderGirl (28-Feb-2003)