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Tibet Crash Site by Psxsaves

Blue43 5 4 4 6
CC 6 6 8 8
Dougsan 5 5 7 7
Gerty 5 7 5 6
Jose 4 6 4 7
Kristina 7 8 7 7
MichaelP 7 7 6 6
Obig 6 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 4 3 6 6
Phil 6 7 6 7
RaiderGirl 7 7 7 7
Ryan 5 6 5 6
Sash 4 7 5 6
TombExplorer 6 5 5 5
Treeble 4 4 4 5
Whistle 6 5 6 7
release date: 17-Mar-2003
# of downloads: 49

average rating: 5.88
review count: 16
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file size: 15.04 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This review will be a bit difficult to make.
From one side, we can consider this an unfinished level. From another, it seems like a test level.
Trying to sum this level up, it is a very big area separated into sectors.
Graphically-wise, lighting is very "strong" and the textures are often stretched or misplaced. At times they are even missing!
Gameplay-wise, there is not much to talk about, it is almost non-existent. One of the main things I disliked at example, is that some times were "death tiles" but they were not marked.
To enjoy this game, I had to "invent" gameplay for myself, and in fact I had a lot of fun exploring the whole level and trying to get all the secrets around the spikey geometry and messy areas.

Overall, an unfinished level that can grant some fun if you want to play really casually.

Recommended? No, but could be fun if you want to play really casually without paying much attention to the game, exploring the big random areas you can see in this level.

Difficulty? Easy-Medium.

Duration? Approx. 30-90 minutes." - TombExplorer (17-May-2021)
"Obviously an unfinished level. The level design is quite unusual, with plenty of slopes and pits, and even what looked like an upside down building, and most of the gameplay boils down to locating hidden buttons on random places. I was following the walkthrough somewhat closely in order not to stray off into unintended shortcuts (plenty of opportunities as you play) and one of the gates was closed on my end, but it was no big deal as I could simply jump past it through a small opening on the side. Missing sound effects, the end of the world is very much present, a secret that does not register (poor Harry, the lenghts he must have gone to when he wrote a bazillion walkthroughs back in the day), and plenty of illegal slopes. Sometimes you get unmarked death tiles, and some of the traps didn't seem to hurt Lara at all, but generally speaking the snowy textures were nicely applied. If only the whole thing wasn't as surreal as it is, this might have been more enjoyable... 35 minutes, 2 secrets. 08/20" - Treeble (30-Aug-2020)
"This is an older level from a builder who never released another after this one, but despite its flaws it provides a pretty decent raid. Much use is made of the snowmobile (dubbed "the Skidoo" in Harry Laudie's walkthrough), and in fact you end the level by driving it up a series of ramps into the unknown. Enemies consist of a few sharks, tigers, guards and yetis, and pickups are few and far between. The game map is fairly compact but divided into several distinct sectors. Still quite playable after all these years." - Phil (29-May-2018)
"A pleasant enough TR2-reminiscent level that had potential to be even better. The high points are the nicely crafted environments (a few minor issues), the nice climbing sequences and the use of the optional snowmobile. However, there were a few missing sounds (using key items and the snowmobile engine, for example) which ruined the atmosphere somewhat, some "in plain sight" shortcuts and a gunman who mostly pushed Lara around. I would recommend use of the walkthrough to avoid skipping sections if you want to experience all of this level." - Ryan (16-Apr-2017)
"A level too no-lineal for me to like. There are a lot of huge outside water areas with many buttons to pull and evenmore, there are not cameras to show what you're doing; example: what happens when you place the star? What happens when pressing the buttons in the area with the sentry gun? I liked the architecture, and the texturization is decent too, but it's a pain all that numerous missing sounds ruining the atmosphere. Where are the extra guns to deal with the enemies? Where are the puzzles? Also you can finish the game prematurely. If you are a pure explorer perhaps you like this level; if not..." - Jose (08-Sep-2016)
"This cold and snowy level from the archive does have a bit of a TR2 look and feel and offers a large open map with wide and roomy areas. The game play is rather tedious since there is a lot of running back and forward, although one can save some time by using the snow mobile. Once in a while there is a button to push and a pickup to be found here and there, but other than that it is just plain running around in a vast area, a long monkey swing sequence with additional climbing and some swimming in some big pools of icy water. There are a few gunmen, two sharks and also some yetis. Unfortunately there aren't any sounds for them and other than the background loop and Lara's footsteps the level was completely silent. The whole look of the level was rather boxy with minimalist textures, but one can tell that the builder did try to make it more interesting by applying colorful light sources here and there. All in all this level was rather uninspiring and I was glad when I found the finish trigger where the level finally crashed to the desktop. (36min, 2 secrets found)" - Blue43 (27-Sep-2011)
"This is a rather odd offering. I never knew where I was or where I was going. The goal seemed reasonably obvious; find the way to civilization food and warmth. Why that required the steps Lara was put through never became obvious since the exit was next to where the game began and did not require the Skidoo. I can't say I enjoyed any aspect of 'Tibet Crash Site' although it has been attractively rendered. There are bugs galore and strange happenings (who set up the machine gun why are there no entrances to any of the cabins etc.). Sorry psxsaves but I can't recommend 'Tibet Crash Site'." - Dougsan (12-Jun-2003)
"I so want to like this level but there is one big no-no that makes me dislike it quite a bit. Firstly the good points of this level are the interesting arctic areas the brilliant chest pounding yetis some flying sharks (obviously a bug but quite a funny shock when you think you are standing on safe ground) and some cool skidoo moves but the thing I can't overlook is that the progression is all up the crapper. You can get to places by foot and skidoo when you shouldn't and in the wrong order so that when you work out what you are supposed to be doing you realise you've been playing the game partly backwards this made the game just confusing and not fun at all. When I got to the end the right way I had played the level for 40 minutes but I can assume that if the route was playable correctly without unintentional diversions I could probably shave half that time off. Play it though because those new chest pounding yetis are worth the price of admission!" - Sash (18-May-2003)
"Well I think unfortunately this is a bit hastily level. Although I like the icy and snowy area the yetis the mutants and the sharks. You can complete the level riding on your snow-mobile or simply on foot. Many times the enemies are triggered only when Lara is riding on her snow-mobile or when she reaches a certain point of the level (e.g. at the sharks - I think it would have been better to put the targeting to that point where Lara jumps into the water). I found 2 secrets: the Amulet of Horus and the Golden Tulip but unfortunately I didn't manage to discover the third one. But I still have 2 Cartouches named Load as I didn't find out where to place them. And the grate leading to the Gate Key is still closed. However I jumped over next to the grate but I think it was just a bug." - Obig (31-Mar-2003)
"If you love ice and snow this is a level for you. If you love a tricky ride with a bike this is for sure a level you'll like. Although I did almost everything on foot first and later took the bike as you need it to hit the finishing trigger. You need a Golden Star and a Gate key to proceed. Found two cartouches an Amulet of Horus and a Golden Rose. There are hardly any sounds in this game but you'll read about it in the readme file. I found some illegal slopes and also textures missing in some parts of this level. Enemies some beautiful white tigers some yeti looking creatures and some soldiers. I also encountered 3 sharks and I jumped in my chair as two came out of the water and floated in the air. Funny sight to see them floating towards heaven literally. Nice touch that man sitting near the fire (more in the fire actually). Do get in the water as I found one of the 2 Cartouche there and a golden rose a Star and a Key. The latter two you need. Finding buttons to push to open gates that is all. Some nice snowball boulders and also burning floors to cross. There are some camera angles the author used to make it just a bit more difficult. On the whole the look was a bit boxy and the end of the horizon was present throughout the level. Last but not least you can hit the end trigger rather early as I found out but do reload as there is so much more to explore. 19-03-2003" - Gerty (23-Mar-2003)
"A very confusing level. Forget the snow mobile you don't need it beyond getting up one slope at the beginning. Game play structure lets you finish the level before doing half of it as you can miss out a long loop which can be accessed from both ends. Enemies are two very lazy sharks you can avoid abominable snowmen easily got rid of and the odd soldier which you may or may not see depending on the route you take. The game design could have been much improved with more pickups and making sure you do have to do all the level. Graphics standard snow/water scenes etc but many slope traps for Lara to fall foul of thin walls/surfaces along with only half sound did not make for a smooth and enjoyable level but a rather bland one. If it were to be tidied up a much improved level would result." - Whistle (23-Mar-2003)
"Snow yetis snowmobiles snowhuts ice bergs and that air force jacket yep very nice. Enemies are yetis guards sharks and for some reason there are raptor headed ski'ers!!! It's funny looking at them. Enemies are well placed and a couple of them made me jump. It's difficult at first to figure out what way to go this is a big sprawling level there are so many ways. I'm sure I did some moves the wrong way round! When I got the snowmobile and started up the snow slopes it went to a dead end (or so I thought at first) so do I jump in the lake and do stuff there? or will I go somewhere else first? It's not too difficult to get around the level I did most of it 'on foot'. There's an area with snowhuts and blocks with a lot of switches - what was that supposed to do? I was left with a cartouche piece that I didn't know where to use. So I guess I didn't get to do everything. I'd be interested to read a walkthrough just to see what I've missed. I'm sure there must be a logical way round. Good fun though clever use of textures I liked the moody sky but I didn't like the way the size of the level again made walls and objects disappear into the background but I suppose that's to be expected in huge rooms." - CC (22-Mar-2003)
"In this story Lara has just crashed into the mountains of Tibet and must find her way out by riding the snowmobile through some deadly jumps avoiding some baddies including the yeti! climbing up and down some icy caverns and getting around some burning snow and snow boulders. Many areas are reached after finding the next button but there are also a few objects to collect along the way including a few secrets. I came across an interesting thing along the way too - a man holding a gun crouching in the snow while a huge fire burned underneath him." - RaiderGirl (21-Mar-2003)
"Well sadly I had those required TR2 sounds missing which made the experience of repeatedly crashing the snowmobile a rather silent one. And I am quite impressed that Kristina and Ian finished in about 30 minutes as all the exploration in the icy environs took me almost an hour. It is basically about pushing a bunch of switches to open a few doors find a golden rose (useless) a golden star a cartouche (secret and there seems to be another one I did not get to) and a key. There are a few movable blocks and a few nice lighting effects and the yeti gorilla is hilarious. So overall it is a nice little exploration adventure with a few issues such as 'end-of-a-world' and illegal slopes and a few missing textures." - Michael (20-Mar-2003)
"A brave attempt to build an 'outside' level (which are by far the hardest to construct) but it doesn't really work. The expansive area is interesting and well lit (with a really beautiful ice lake) but there are an awful lot of 'idiosyncracies'; the enemies that only push you around; the 'end of the world' cropping up everywhere; and in particular the development of the gameplay. Permit me to elaborate on this last point. The aim of the level (it transpires) is to find the key to activate the snow-mobile located near the level's beginning. But the entire area can be traversed quite easily without it; and indeed as the player is asked to explore every nook and cranny it is more than likely (as happened with me) to encounter the end of level trigger long before the 'storyline' is complete. I can see what the designer was getting at (a really fun snowmobile finale) but it didn't happen that way for me. Still I had a pleasingly relaxed 25 minutes or so in these icy surroundings (with camera angles giving you a few good indications of whether or not you're on the correct path) and the level is certainly worth a look." - Orbit Dream (20-Mar-2003)
"Ice everywhere and Lara with her warm jacket but she must be freezing with those shorts she is off to explore. The snowmobile is important so don't leave it behind you but it's only good to finish the level as I covered everything on foot. A cartouche I never used a golden rose and one symbol I did use were the items found the cartouche was a secret although I think it must have been a mistake and the rose nearby should have the secret music but I suspect the items I didn't use might lead to other secrets. As the author warns in his notes many sounds are missing and especially Lara's climbing and others. I enjoyed those creatures that were something like mountain men with a bit of a gorilla lol because when Lara was shooting at them they were hitting their chests. Other enemies were sharks soldiers and those creatures I hate with the hook for a hand that are poisonous. Most of the level is about finding buttons to open doors riding the snowmobile on the icy slopes avoiding the water and the snowdrifts until Lara arrives to the final slope and with two more jumps the level ends. It was fun for the thirty minutes it lasted." - Kristina (18-Mar-2003)