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The Temple of Five by Tabsdad

CC 6 5 6 5
Drakan 6 6 7 6
eTux 4 5 4 5
G.Croft 6 5 6 6
Gerty 7 6 6 7
Jose 5 7 6 7
Kristina 4 5 6 6
Magnus 4 3 3 4
MichaelP 7 6 6 8
Obig 7 6 6 7
Orbit Dream 5 5 6 6
Phil 7 7 7 7
RaiderGirl 6 5 6 7
Ryan 6 6 6 6
Sash 5 5 6 6
Tombaholic 6 6 7 7
Treeble 6 6 7 7
Xela 6 5 6 5
release date: 31-Mar-2003
# of downloads: 55

average rating: 5.85
review count: 18
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file size: 15.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Level quite short and easy with a lot of levers to maneuver. I had problems with the 5 levers at the beginning that did not work, even following the indications of the solution. Many textures stretched or badly put but otherwise it's a nice little raid with enough ammo to get rid of enemies." - Drakan (26-Nov-2018)
"This isn't bad at all, although I felt it ended a little too abruptly for its own good (with Lara hurtling towards a dead end. The gameplay is fairly simple, although I enjoyed avoid the blade traps and trying to outsmart hordes of beetles. Short and very sweet. The level is called The Temple of Five, but I scored it with a... six." - Ryan (07-Nov-2016)
"Compact level nice to play without interesting features. Good design but no puzzles and too many switches to pull, I missed more musics and some flybys to create a better atmosphere. The only puzzle I found was the 5 switches puzzle, but something strange happens when you pull the switches; first time I pulled one-by-one to know what fires were triggered, but once you pull them up they don't work the same way. I never found an use for the rope in the room with the demigod; the croc dropping keys is a bit odd (well, we all know that crocodiles can eat all kind of things!) and in the room with the receptacles for the 4 stone keys, could be better that the keys open nearby doors. The enemies were well placed, but I never found a real use for the secret grenade gun (well, perhaps launch some grenades to the pool with crocs inside the pyramid before you drop down from outside). Anyway, a well playable level with no much complications." - Jose (10-Sep-2016)
"Simple yet enjoyable, is probably the easiest way to sum up this level. It's your standard Egypt fare: go through some rooms, pull some levers, fight an occasional baddie--the works. However, as you might have guessed, there isn't much that makes the level really stand out. Most of it is plagued with boxy rooms, tight corridors, and scarce lighting, which don't convey much atmosphere. But there's nothing appalling or detrimental to the design. An enjoyable 20 minutes with relatively little impact--and that's enough." - Xela (16-Jun-2014)
"Well, I'm sure the number 5 is delighted, now that there's a temple devoted to it! I couldn't see its correlation with story or anything in the level itself, but that doesn't influence a lot of what the level has to offer neither for better nor worse. It's a fairly linear ride through some familiar settings, that are textured mostly ok, if lit in a somewhat non-spectacular fashion, and provide a nice 30 minute distraction from your every day duties. The fire puzzle was a bit obscure for me (though I did solve it), but there are a handful of other neat moments to make your stay here worthwhile - which for me were the debris breaking the ceiling open in the beginning and the dead-end-trapdoor-leading-to-secret-passages among others. Overall - it doesn't challenge you too much on the whole and doesn't offer any novelties to the well known settings, but is an enjoyable raid all the same if you're in for something simple." - eTux (17-Mar-2008)
"This is one of those eminently playable little levels that,while perfectly solid on all counts,will never score particularly well due to it's all-round 'averageness'.This is not a bad thing at all,but the rather linear and straightforward gameplay (it's rather hard to die or get more than momentarily stuck)coupled with the plain and occasionally lucklustre texturing all ensure that this never aspires to being anything more than an entertaining run-around;but,when you get right down to it,is that not the essence of TR? A few rather fun flipped rooms,a large climbable pyramid and a couple of giant scorpions enliven the proceedings;although quite what the barely perceived Demi-god was all about is anyones guess,and repeating the 'dead Indiana-Jones skeleton' gag was rather pointless (it's been done many times before in other people's levels anyway).The title of the adventure was puzzling,as was the completely arbitrary ending;nonetheless,this passes 30 minutes pleasently enough and is just the sort of thing to play before heading off to bed. Nighty-night." - Orbit Dream (28-Feb-2008)
"This is a short, engaging, and not too difficult level. There are some nice touches, such as a wall that rises to bar retreat when you cross an unseen trigger. The level is shorter and less complicated than The Crypts by the same builder, and I would recommend this to a newcomer as an entertaining introduction to raiding. The lighting is good, the enemies are varied (including a demigod who apparently doesn't have to be engaged in a death battle), and the puzzles at the end are well conceived but linear. I spent a pleasant half hour here." - Phil (31-May-2005)
"Another cute little level by the author. It lasts for just over fifteen minutes and offers easy linear raiding. The texturing isn't that good though. The gameplay mainly revolves around opening door after door after door but it never gets frustrating since the level is so easy. Once again you get more ammunition that you'll ever need." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"A better name for this level might be 'Temple of One Half'. Half the room design and texturing was quite good the other half not so. Half the gameplay was fun and entertaining while the rest was simple switch pulling. And when you are just getting warmed up the level ends abruptly and unexpectedly. Half a level. Another promising level from Tabsdad that doesn't quite reach its full potential." - Tombaholic (21-Jan-2004)
"I am still wondering about the title of the level and the best conclusion I can get is - Five is not a number but a name. The biggest problem of this level is that it is too much linear. Gameplay is pretty simple due to that and all you got to do is to push lever past lever. The texturization of the place is nice though and so is the illumination although a few more details and lights would have enhanced the feel of the level. Don't mess with the big scorpions and they won't come after you. 20 minutes." - Treeble (25-Dec-2003)
"I really thought this was going to be a corker of a level at the start there is a very cool 5 lever puzzle that extinguished fires but to get them all out takes a certain combo I have to say I didn't fully work it out but got enough fires out so that I could jump across some but from here it seemed to just lose any steam it may have had. There is a certain charm about this temple level but it doesn't hold up to the end which came after 30 minutes what I really hate though are those hideous stargates you have to precision time jump through and this had a fair few. My main disappointment with this level is I never got to fight this one rabid hate filled croc that was insanely intent on chewing Lara's legs off till they were bloody stumps of gristle but as the gate between us never opened I left a very unsatisfied woman. Writing this I just found an unintentional ironic twist I scored The Temple of Five with 5.5 hmmm spooky!" - Sash (18-May-2003)
"Very easy straight forward 30 minutes gameplay. Start off by sliding down a ramp picking up the crowbar immediately which you need to get two shaft keys. Pull levers no puzzling nor timing just pull to move on. A bit later you come to five levers which you have to put in the right positions to put out some fire. Later on you come to a small pyramid climb it to find a hole down into it find a jump-switch and pooff - it ends. This was supposed to be a fifth level of twelve of 'Tombs' but they couldn't be linked together - anyway as a part of a bigger game it makes more sense.....looking forward to the rest!" - G.Croft (04-May-2003)
"This is a lazy walk taking some seconds with a few crocodiles ninjas huge scorpions bats and the hated scarabs. There are countless goodies in the level which sometimes are unnecessary. There are no hidden things nor new puzzles. This level is good for an evening relax (what you actually need is total a small medipack and 10 Shotgun shells). The textures are great and the level has an atmosphere like the Catacombs. There are no added sounds in the level. It's interesting that one of the keys can be found at one of the crocodiles. This level is probably a bit easy one but is good for entertaining mostly for the beginners.:-)" - Obig (26-Apr-2003)
"This level was over before I knew it. There is a lever galore in the beginning but with some nice camera work you don't need to worry trying to find out what is going on. The author uses slicer dicers and blade traps. Had a bit of a problem getting Lara into the shimmying part but apart from that everything went smoothly. Don't ask me what I did with the fire puzzle as I just pulled all levers and pushed some of them back looking every time if the fire was out. The search for the four stones of Kepri Maat Atum and Re was rather nice and yuck at the beetles. Still waiting for those crocs behind bars poor beast must have been starving and they are still locked up. Finding two Shaft Keys is also required. Getting to the pyramid with beetles on your heels I was rather surprised that one lever I found at the side let them disappear completely. You need to get up on the pyramid and some ninja's are shooting at you. There are also some crocs and some very pesky bats and almost at the end two giant scorpions and I didn't use the grenade gun at all. Heard a demi god but never saw him strange. 09-04-2004" - Gerty (13-Apr-2003)
"This starts out so very promising, using one of my favourite texture sets and progressing nicely and easily with a few slicer dicers, blade traps, a bit of a lever frenzy at the first part and then an interesting room where you need to find and place the four stones of Khepri, Maat, Atum and Re. After that it gets a little worse with the pyramid area where the texturing is not as good anymore and then all of sudden after 30 minutes it just....ends!? It almost felt like the second half of the level was missing as you get to use two shaft keys along the way and usually there are four around. Not sure about the name either - the only 'Five' I came across were the five ninjas killed along with some bats, crocodiles and the two giant scoprions. Found one secret (grenade gun) and wished this had been a longer level." - Michael (07-Apr-2003)
"Though quite a bit shorter at only one level this reminds me of the authors first level - none of the puzzles are difficult but the half hour I spent here was very enjoyable. There are a number of small puzzles to solve to collect some keys and a switch puzzle to turn off some fires plus a small pyramid to climb. Along the way you run into some crocs ninjas bats and finally some giant scorpions; and as in Tombs the rooms are all quite attractive - well textured and lit making the level fun to explore." - RaiderGirl (07-Apr-2003)
"Shades of Guardian of Semerkhet here. A short compact level. You don't have to 'travel' too far. You get the crowbar at the start which you need it to get 'star keys' off walls. Not far into the level you climb into a room with water holes and 5 switches that turn off the fires in an adjacent corridor. Hint hint - can be pulled down and up. After placing the jewel crosses in another room I got stuck never occured to me to just jump into the water hole in the middle of this room. Actually getting these jewels was very easy too easy. Everything else including the underground maze is very straightforward. Lighting good textures reasonably good enemies are - ninjas crocodiles bats giant scorpions and the dreaded beetles that come after you if you enter the 'gold' alcove in the maze. I may have missed some stuff. In the 'jewel placing' room a crocodile was gagging to get out from behind one gate and there were two others closed. About an hour should get you through it." - CC (05-Apr-2003)
"Somehow I expected the next level to be better than the first but it wasn't. Two shaft keys the stones of Maat Re Kepri and one more I don't remember its name. Some switches ninjas crocodiles and big scorpions. Just some fires to turn off that looked interesting but it was an easy puzzle after all. A crocodile dropped some keys go figure. The pyramid looked nice but the whole level was missing puzzles and had a poor setting. I am sure the levels will improve as the author just started level building." - Kristina (02-Apr-2003)