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Temple of the Naked Women by Kjartan

alan 5 5 5 5
Anurag 5 4 4 6
Ceamonks890 4 4 4 4
DJ Full 6 5 7 5
eTux 4 3 3 3
G.Croft 4 3 4 5
Gerty 4 4 6 8
Gonxii 3 4 4 3
HaniHeger 2 1 5 7
Jay 4 6 5 7
Jose 3 5 5 7
Kristina 4 5 6 7
Kurt 5 6 5 7
Magnus 5 4 4 0
MichaelP 6 6 7 8
Obig 6 5 5 4
Orbit Dream 7 5 8 9
QRS 7 4 6 6
RaiderGirl 6 5 7 8
Ryan 4 5 5 7
Samu 3 3 3 1
Sash 0 0 0 0
Staticon 7 7 8 9
Torry 6 6 7 9
Treeble 4 5 5 0
Whistle 7 7 8 8
release date: 02-Apr-2001
# of downloads: 103

average rating: 4.97
review count: 26
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file size: 18.69 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I found this level very interesting in the visual, that is, not from the naked womans I assure, wich didn't appear so much anyway, but the textures,(when they weren't weird photos of people,naked or not) were very colorful and creative. It certainly created an interesting atmosphere with a lot of different patters and colors all over the place. With so much color around the textures, I found the lack of color in the light quite a bad choice. As for the shadows,well there was too much of it, this isn't the first level that I encounter having too much shadow around, enough for you to having to check every single corner in the room to see if you're missing something. Looking for the other way,the fact that the light and shadow were black and white all over the place with the so coloful textures,may have gave an certant atmosphere that colorfull lightning wouldn't. So I'll respect that as a choice from the builder. There wasn't anything new for the sound,wich may be expected from old levels anyway, the cameras weren't much used,but I liked when they were used. For the flybycameras though,I wouldn't call me a fan of these, I guess that I liked the last one,since it was quick, but not the other ones. For instance, there was a moment where an enemy appeared right when the flybycamera started,since my health bar was low,I ended up concentrating in shoothing the enemy,(even though I couldn't see it) Instead of paying attention to the camera, so that certainly made it useless. Now, about the puzzles, there was nothing challenging in this level, I'm not exactly a fan of hard levels but,there is a difference between easy and not challenging at all. At the end, you fall in a room that you had already past trough in the game,you then are obligated to remake all the path that you had done before, that part in especific was very boring and unwilling to do. As for the enemies, the red ninja from the classic TR would ALWAYS appear,at first its ok, but then he appears every damn time,and that become anyoning. All objects are from the classic TR so there's not much into it. The gameplay is ''broken'' throughout the whole level, play for yourself and you'll see lots of problems, Lara doing the animation for a lever in a button is just the beginning." - HaniHeger (12-Oct-2019)
"The textures in here are a bit of a mishmash of colour, but I thought the overall effect (aside from the controversial explicit images) was quite attractive. The gameplay, though isn't at all inspiring. The constant button pushing and ledge jumping gets repetitive real quick without anything to break the monotony and the backtracking throughout is exasperating, especially near the end where you drop down to collect a key then have to make your way all the way back again. The whole thing just didn't enthuse me." - Ryan (16-Nov-2018)
"What a weird temple Lara has visited this time. This level uses a weird combination of textures. Some are colors, others are drawings such as a tiger, others are pictures of the author with his dog, and the images of the naked women already mentioned several times in the other reviews. Gameplay became boring after doing the same things: pushing buttons and killing those red ninjas. Definitely not a level for children and not a level I'd replay. The author should keep his porn to himself!" - alan (19-Feb-2018)
"Wow, the textures are psychedelic - be very careful about lighting flares or you could be getting after images for some time. It's certainly an interesting attempt to do something different from the usual fare in these early levels, but it's a shame the gameplay isn't a bit more inspired. It's mostly just exploring and pushing buttons, with some swimming and jumping, plus shooting ninjas and crocodiles. You'll really have to grit your teeth over some of the backtracking too. The builder has included various photos throughout the level. I assume the man is probably himself and possibly that's his dog. So who are the young women - friends? What a shame they appear to be too poor to afford much in the way of clothing, lol. A bit of a curiosity this one." - Jay (20-Jan-2016)
"I did'nt like this level for two reasons. The firt one is that it has a boring gameplay, pulling switches and opening doors, in all the rooms. The second one is the pictures of naked women throughout the level. I don't think that is appropiate for a game everyone plays, even kids." - Gonxii (27-Nov-2015)
"The third of Kjartan, and the author finally used a whole different custom texture pattern. Even though it still tends to feel random, the placement starts to gain some logic. I again like the builder's autoirony in the room containing both the referred women and the pictures of the author looking at them, a kind of 'what can I do' expression. There are even some writings in Norwegian so I had to use Google Translate, but I feel sorry for the first players who didn't have it back then in 2001. The first question would be: WHY at all Lara needs to visit a temple of naked women? I would assume it's just one of many Hindu temples but the texturing says no. If this was my game, I would push it further, set it as a goal - for instance make a completely textureless Lara search the place for a new skin, because I noticed it's another world of this builder that we leave without any treasure (we could at least pick up Lara's butt to stay in tune with the topic). I also missed some secrets, which should be progressively challenging and correspondingly rewarding, for instance secret #1 - a regular naked woman changing the theme to Pacific, secret #2 - a skinless woman changing the theme to Atlantis, secret #3 - a skinless AND fleshless woman changing theme to undead, finally secret #4 - a skeletonless, ghost woman truly defining an erotic horror. Heck, possibly this is another game which deserves a solid remake. Here it's just simple, I could stay focused on my basic instinct, the irresistible and passionate sniffing for switches to open subsequent doors, and thankfully the exploration and platforming was extended enough to reduce the feeling of repetitivity. The variety of tasks is slightly increased in comparison to the former levels, so the puzzles require more effort and feel more important. Unfortunately, in one point of the game, we are brutally forced to repeat the most challenging part of the level because there is no quick ladder back from the Guardian Key pit - one mistake to ruin 1/3 of the game, and again the brilliant usage of sound, cameras and fires makes the last question just like the first: WHY all the other aspects of this builder's levels can't be equally decent? SUMMARY: I wonder what this author smokes, and it's no joke - some textures clearly indicate he does. Unless he pictured some friend he didn't like and therefore wanted to embarass in front of completely unrelated people. I don't remember any of the pictured women, nor the dog - either my memories or the pictures are too blurred. So I would classify this game as Mystery or Fantasy/Surreal. Recommended except that insane backtrack." - DJ Full (16-Aug-2015)
"There is an effort with the psychedelic and colourful textures, but that's all. The level was longer than I supposed, but mostly for the continuous backtracking, sometimes 'cause you've missed a button in the darkness, and another times 'cause the author forces you to retrace your steps and repeat the tasks more than once, like the unnecessary very long backtracking when getting the penultimate key. I was also surprised with the grated floor at the very top of the multi-level room (was it a trap? was it intended?). The environments were often nice, well ornated and lightened, except some rooms with too hot coloured tiles hurting my eyes, but the gameplay is tedious and boring, except if you like the jumpings: press a buton to open a door, press another button to open the next one, and so on till the end of the level (well, there are a couple of timed runs too). Definitively, I didn't enjoy it. Not recommended." - Jose (16-Jun-2015)
"Ignoring the questionable nude content within this level that so many other reviewers have brought up in the past, this has got to rank as one of the most dull experiences that I've played in a while, with texture and lighting utilization handled so inconsistently, to the point of almost feeling like Lara's on a drug trip of some sort, leaving the atmosphere feeling respectively lacking. Gameplay on the other hand is equally as bland, as you traverse through some more lifeless environments for your standard mcguiffin objects required to progress, with tedious backtracking and boring combat scenarios not really helping to keep the average player engaged, in the slightest. Overall, a step back from 'Palace of the Ugly Sphinx' in practically every regard(if that's even possible). So save yourself the effort and don't even bother wasting your time on this one." - Ceamonks890 (04-May-2015)
"I think the buzz around the naked women in this temple has been somewhat blown out of proportion. So yes, there are 2 or so rooms which have the random (blurry) picture or two of women sans the majority of their clothing, but they're hardly pornographic (though I suppose it's a matter of definition) and in my opinion not the biggest problem of the level too - though I'll be able to agree with others that they're no redeeming factor either. The colorful textures are very eclectic and didn't really add much to the level as I found them distracting and not helping to form an overall sense of the style the level intended to convey. There are some interesting gameplay elements in form of a couple of fun jumps and such but nothing out of the ordinary really and bar the traditional Karnak wad enemies - the ninjas and the crocodiles there's not much else to keep the action going through the 30 or so minutes it will take you to get to the end of the level. If you're afraid your eyes will pop out of your skull when seeing the infamous pictures (because you find them degrading, or because you find them tasteless, or maybe because you've never seen a naked woman before? Up to you to come up with a pretext) give this a miss - but since that's sort of the main attraction of the level, I'm not sure what else you might be looking here for if you want something out of the ordinary (maybe for the psychedelic looks, or the undoubtedly cute pictures of the dog?) - but up to you to make the decision depending if the rest of the review convinced you or not." - eTux (06-Mar-2007)
"I'm with a handful other reviewers against this level. I've only seen two women, but none should have ever appeared to start with. The occasional odd photo as a secret or a reward is nice, but built a whole temple for them is just off. The other textures do look a tad colorful and they don't really set any sort of mood for this level. Progression is rather linear with the exception of one of the last guardian keys which require quite a lot of retracing (intentionally or not, another excuse to have to run through the naked bottoms hall). 35 minutes. 02/07" - Treeble (24-Feb-2007)
"I really think that this level is overated and the title reveals what kind of level this really is. I really don't understand why the author of this level has used pictures of naked women on the walls. Other textures are quite bad too. There are red, blue, green, yellow and almost every colors in every rooms. This is absolutely too colorful level to my taste. All you have to do is to battle against enemies and find some switches that aren't even hard to find. This means that there's almost nothing to enjoy in this level." - Samu (12-Aug-2006)
"Well, first of all I don't really understand all the talk about adult pictures in this level. I found 3-4 different pics of more or less naked women that you can find in (as staticon says) the news paper ;) Actually I don't care about it and I would not rate it lower, nor higher due to these pics. And I would not have been bothered if there had been naked men in this level either. However, I don't think it is needed to have either in a tombraider level, because it should be all about raiding, not sex IMHO! The gameplay is not bad in this level and I liked the weird psychadelic textures. Sometimes I got dizy by looking at them but in some weird way they are nice. Secrets and enemies are not so good..just a few ninjas here and there. The flybys are sometimes good, sometimes not but you get a nice atmoshpere during the level. The map layout was really good." - QRS (19-Jan-2006)
"An addition to the series of stupid mindless levels. Some bad textures and buggy gameplay." - Anurag (24-Jul-2005)
"You all know about the naked women - it's even in the name of the level. Because of that I don't think I even have to tell you why I rated textures with a zero. A level with pictures like that doesn't deserve a higher rating. Well enough about the pictures (even though they ruined the little fun I had in the level) the level itself isn't that good. Just pushing buttons in one room and walking through a door in another room. That's pretty much all you do for twenty-five minutes. There are only a few more interesting things to do and even those aren't that much fun. There are quite a few enemies but I didn't bother killing most of them. After all they didn't pose much of a threat. Overall I didn't like this level. And with the... pictures this is a step down from the author's previous levels. That says a lot." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"I did enjoy this level. I have for some time been considering revisiting my own Psychedelic Caverns level but it looks as if someone has beaten me to it. This is almost what I would have wanted Caverns to be like - the bright surreal textures and overall atmosphere are excellent. I would not have used the few nude pics though as I do not feel a need to create an adult rated level. Although having said that the pics aren't that much worse than the ones in my daily newspaper. Still as there are no children at my house it hardly matters. Gameplay was reasonable and there were not too many enemies. I enjoyed the puzzles and the climbing/jumping structures. The only thing I disliked was being forced to do the floating block jump followed by the slide and jump over fire pits puzzles twice. They caused me enough problems the first time. But on the whole I found it most enjoyable. I see that this is the third of four levels by this author. All four are in the .DAT files and on the strength of this one I am currently downloading the other three parts. I'll let you know what I thought of them once I have played them. :-)" - Staticon (16-Aug-2003)
"It's very disappointing when an author thinks that absolute crap like inserting pornographic images into a level that is played by some under aged people is just a great idea. Now as a former sex worker I am not a prude by any stretch of the imagination but as one of the two different women that are naked in this 'so called level' looks possibly under aged herself it is just ridiculous that this is allowed to be left on this well respected level list. Or have we all forgotten about the previous level that was stricken off for similar reasons! Even Kjartan's image is found ogling one of the female pictures from below....just pitiful!" - Sash (18-May-2003)
"What a let down. Just a lot of butts and only one full frontal. Apart from the odd nude piccie and the interminable message "Kjartan var her" the level itself was quite colourful with unusual textures but the gameplay itself rather bland. I think he was forced to put in the nudies to garner some interest in someone actually playing this. The level consisted of the old routine of find the switch open the door find the next switch and open the next door and so on. Nothing to get excited about folks. I suppose as an oddity it will remain in the list." - Torry (01-May-2003)
"This is not a particularly difficult level you can get it over easily. The enemies are only some ninjas crocs and scorpions. In the end it's a bit annoying to get over the half of the level because of the Guardian Key. There are no added sounds and I don't like the textures. I think it doesn't fit to Lara's world at all. I didn't find any secret but I had both the Shotgun and the Revolver." - Obig (10-Apr-2003)
"Gameplay not very difficult and involves lots of backtracking including a very long one near the end. If you like lots of jumping then this is a level for you. One jump sequence near the end is over a black 'void'. Enemies are a few scorpions and ninja. The atmosphere is good graphically but more could have been made of the sound. Lighting and textures set a good mood and for those voyeurs who think a few 'good views' of the title are on view then all you get are some fuzzy piccies." - Whistle (09-Apr-2003)
"I have to admit the title of this one got me :) (and lo and behold there ARE naked women in it well posters of them anyway). Quite a colorful level with good texturing and room design... as for the gameplay well it was a little weak no multiple choices basically a room-to-room format. Not overly long or difficult but fun none the less." - Kurt (07-Apr-2003)
"Actually the pin-up-girl textures that you come along in this level rather hurt the overall impression than help it and most certainly the dog is much more cute anyway. But I guess level designers try a lot of things to make sure their level is being played and don't they always say 'sex sells'. Actually though what you get here is 50 minutes of a fairly straight forward level with plenty of buttons to press to open yet another door some rather pointless flybys a few crocodiles ninjas and scorpions and you will need to pick up and use two canopic jars and three guardian keys. There is an easy timed run a tricky rope swing and a timed raising cage. The highlight for me was clearly the texturing though - very funky and psychedelic and even though it hurts the eye in places it was a nice change from the norm." - Michael (05-Apr-2003)
"Of course one get curious of a level with such a name but it feels like a cheap trick to get people to play the level to give it this name and put a few porn pictures in it. (Beautiful pictures non-pornographic of naked women would have been preferred). The gameplay is very easy button pushing no puzzling straight forward with one boring loop you have to do all over again. Enemies are a couple of ninjas crocodiles and some scorpions. The texture is very colorful and surrealistic. I guess the only mission here was for Lara (!?) to see those pictures but I'm not sure she was amused......." - G.Croft (05-Apr-2003)
"I liked the look of this level - there were some bright fun textures with wild colors and designs and some interesting rooms to explore as you search for a few hard to see buttons two canopic jars and two guardian keys. It took me about half an hour of climbing and exploring to get to the end dodging a few ninjas crocs and scorpions along he way. There are pictures of a few different people in these last two levels released by Kjartan so I'm not sure which one is the author but everyone's very good looking." - RaiderGirl (05-Apr-2003)
"Nice to know there is a Temple for us women better yet us naked women. Question is if it is for us or for those men that like to peep at them. Whatever the naked pictures in this level don't add anything at all to the game and although the title does say it I still don't see what extra those picture will give us. Also bearing in mind that there are children out there I would say to the author is that all you can come up with? If you have played the other levels by this author I have to say that I had more fun in the Ugly Sphinx level. This one jumps out by the use of textures. Although it is a mishmash in my opinion it looked rather nice. Finding 2 canopic jars and 3 Guardian Keys with a lot of buttons to push in different rooms. There are 2 timed runs both manageable. Not many enemies but I was glad to find the shotgun and revolver as at a certain point the ninjas are a nuisance. Watch out for that rope jump as sliding all the way down doesn't cut it. There are some jumping involved traps and feast your eyes on all the textures that are used. 02-04-2003" - Gerty (03-Apr-2003)
"Those of you who know me well will be aware that I work for a very well-known Adult entertainment corporation (and those of you who didn't know that will know it now) so you can imagine that the name of this level was the equivalent to me of a red flag to a Bull. And a very enjoyable rather cheeky level it was too. Not too much sophistication in the gameplay but lots of amusing textures and surreal rooms. Some of the effects were over-ambitious (the all-black room where it was too easy to see what lay 'behind') and rope swings which went through walls; but the location of the final key pick-up and naturally enough the naked women more than made up for these." - Orbit Dream (02-Apr-2003)
"This is very inappropriate. As you might have guessed from the title this level although starts like every other level at some point has pictures with naked women on the walls. Even if someone could bypass the 'behinds' I think no one can ignore the pictures showing a naked woman from the front in a game like this. First of all personally I don't mind the sexy outfits many builders insert in their levels although others might not agree but I believe this time has gone too far. Let's not forget that young people are playing this game even kids so we have to be more careful or at least warn the players about the content and the title is a big hint but not that big. As for the gameplay this is a forty minutes level with guardian keys and many buttons to push. There is a cage raising that's timed and also a timed door both not hard to beat. Ninjas and crocodiles occasionally are your enemies and one rope gave me some trouble. You have to swing and grab a ladder but the rope's end is quite low for the ladder so swinging is difficult. The best way is to climb a little on the rope and swing about four times then as usual jump forward to grab the ladder although in one occasion Lara grabbed air and climbed to the floor weird things happen sometimes. Other cartoon pictures are on the walls and peoples pictures men to be more specific one of them might be the author's. I think out of curiosity everyone will play this level but just be very cautious if you have kids playing." - Kristina (31-Mar-2003)