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Traps 2 by Renato Wanser

Engelchen Lara 9 9 10 10
G.Croft 8 9 10 8
Gerty 8 9 10 10
Jay 8 9 9 8
JesseG 7 8 8 6
Jorge22 6 7 5 6
Jose 7 7 8 7
Kristina 9 8 9 9
Leeth 7 6 5 6
MichaelP 8 8 10 10
Miguel 9 9 8 8
Obig 8 9 10 8
Orbit Dream 9 9 10 10
Phil 9 8 8 8
RaiderGirl 8 9 10 10
Richard Ba 10 9 10 9
Ryan 8 8 9 7
Sash 7 5 9 6
Treeble 8 9 10 8
Zhyttya 7 6 5 6
release date: 30-Mar-2003
# of downloads: 98

average rating: 8.18
review count: 20
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file size: 22.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is another fun older level and admittedly I would have been blown away by it way back when it was released but now, I was entertained but not overwhelmed. The TR1 setting is quite nicely put together but I found the rustic stone textures a bit too "samey" for my liking. I have similar feelings about the gameplay in general: nice traps to avoid, but it felt like they were too easy and didn't present much of a challenge. I didn't like having to collect keys while under constant fire from Pierre. Alright, this review sounds rather scathing, but I did enjoy most of it, I just can't quite rate it as high as others. The best part was the end scene - Pierre finally gets his comeuppance!" - Ryan (01-Feb-2017)
"Well this was a pleasant level to pass. Not the most pretty or the best of atmosphere but it was actually quite fun! The Pierre details were a really really nice touch. The puzzles war a bit basic but cleaver and fun to do! The textures were a bit on the "dull" side and it seem a bit to empty overall. The key names and the "random" keyholes were lazy but still, it doesn't spoil the game experience at all. Recommended to pass a bit of time if you want to give a laugh or two." - Leeth (07-Oct-2015)
"It was a very pleasant level at the end. VERY pleasant, yet simple. The puzzle itself was pretty easy throughout the level, nothing more but to find the right objects into the right keyholes, which were actually easy to find. The order to find the keys was well constructed, allowing a lot of amusement when passing the level. You keep progressing constantly but never will you get stuck or bored. As the name suggests, the level is a lot about traps. Traps consisting mainly of spike pits, and Pierre showing up to shoot you, triggering boulders and so on. Pierre's objective is to kill off Lara, and he tries it on various ways (as mentioned above) and when he shows up he's untargetable. Rising the difficulty and fun into the level. And of course, the final cut scene was really fun to watch (and considering the date of the release, it was fantastic compared to others levels). But unfortunately, the level lacked colors. It had a good level design but the textures used were almost the same, meaning that the scenarios were either repetitive or boring to look at. In other words, the atmosphere is very dull, it has a lot of grey rooms and little vibe colors to brake the ice (actually reminds a lot of level 1 on TR1 - Caves). But in conclusion, the atmosphere doesn't take away the fun that you'll experiencing. If you'll playing it now, don't be fold by it's age, it's an amazing level to play." - Zhyttya (07-Oct-2015)
"Lara had killed a friend of the bad guy in this adventure and now he's going to get revenge. Simple architecture and texturization, not bad gameplay with some interesting situations provoked by this guy so Lara will need avoid some dangers along the game. Empty rooms with very few objects, a lot of keys to look for and no very difficult tasks to accomplish. The best were the good animations once in a while and a good atmosphere. Near the end you can get stucked if you fall from the first floor in the final courtyard; also I don't know what the shotgun was for in this area (only to kill an enemie?). I thought it existed only a bad guy, but I killed him and he appeared again in the final cutscene. Entertaining, but not for throwing rockets." - Jose (11-Feb-2011)
"A 40 minute trip where Lara must avoid Pierre, who is seeking revenge for her killing Larson. The psychological aspect that someone with a personal chip on his shoulder is seeking you killed is the most interesting aspect of the game, and you will see him a few times before the end. Unfortunately I can't say the same about the gameplay in general, which is basically like this: find the first key, use it to enter a room with a simple task, return with the next (usually unlabeled) key, etc. Things get more interesting near the end however with some boulder runs. I was confused at the last cutscene where Pierre walks out to confront Lara, because I had just gunned him down in the previous room. The surroundings and lighting could use some work, but overall this level is a good step for the author that shows potential. I appreciated the use of custom animations used at the end, and I think overall the author has some good creativity that could go a long way with practice of technique." - SSJ6Wolf (08-May-2010)
"This level really impressed me the atmosphere and the level difficulty is a point that cannot be despised but what impressed me a lot was the author's creativity in relationship to the cut scenes they were incredible thing that had never seen before several stucks various enemies a harpie that is a vulture and a armed venge man that disturbed me a lot I can say that was a 30 minutes of enjoyment good for relaxing was a wonderful level." - Richard Ba (29-Aug-2004)
"Well frankly what did I expect of a level named Traps II? Perhaps more and better traps. Perhaps more creativity. I'm not certain. Unfortunately this short level didn't thrill me much. The textures are quite vulgar and the plot is uninteresting. Furthermore the level wasn't properly tested... Just check it out for yourselves in the room with the waterfall. You can quite easily just climb a wall and proceed to the next part (the room with the wall spikes coming while Lara has to push four buttons to open the gate to escape while Larson shoots his gun all that made difficult only by the fact that the fixed cameras are omnipresent here) without having to go through the trouble of getting yourself a gem to open a gate. Or you can choose to climb up the waterfall and admire the astonishing vision of the black floor and paper-thin structures you're standing on. Apart from that the level isn't badly built just sadly boring without much soul. You won't find anything special here. And on top of it all as you near the end you reach a room where you have to perform awful almost impossible jumps more than once - read repeated. Oh my! One good thing though: the use of animations for Larson (Lara's enemy throughout the level) and also for Lara in the end. Well you may say I'm being too tough on the level but am I really? Whenever I've found something genial artistic really good I've clearly shown it. But this is definitely not the case. Sorry. One should be true when writing a review so here's my personal truth my opinion in any case... (June 4 2004)" - Jorge22 (05-Jun-2004)
"Here's another good, entertaining, workmanlike level with lots to keep the experienced gamer occupied. The difficulty level is medium to high, mainly because of several tricky jumps that the novice raider may have trouble mastering. However, the author has graciously left the flycheat enabled so that everyone can make it past the tough spots. There's also a wicked room with a sliding spike wall, where you have to push four buttons and make your escape before you get skewered. An especially nice touch is the animated sequence at the end, where Lara puts the last baddy to bed (so to speak) before making her exit from the level. Many thanks to Dutchy for his walkthrough. Highly recommended. (5/04)" - Phil (13-May-2004)
"This is a Level which gave me a Deja-Vu a la TR1. The ambience the sound and of course a lot of situations that are good for making a player a little bit nervous....Really impressed I was with that good line in relation with the enemies and the built animations. - (how did he do that?) One time I really was so surprised that I nearly let fall down the keyboard - yes indeed that man knows how to make tense.... and let it grow up step by step. But also gives us space to relax a little bit - but only to prepare for the next action....That is pure gameplay - we have to give all credits to him - a real TR-Adventure. Until the last second a thrill! - a must for players..." - Miguel (25-Feb-2004)
"Larson died in the first one and now it's Pierre's turn to seek revenge for his friends demise. Does he succeed? Well you'll just have to find out for yourself. Following the same theme as the first Lara finds herself being hunted down by her French foe as he unleashes not only wolves but also boulders and bullets at her. There are a fair few traps in this 45 minute level but they aren't paramount instead the search for mainly keys and other crucial pick ups is this in the end is not a hard thing to do and I would probably say go and play a much better level if it weren't for the end cut scene that sees Lara come face to face with Pierre with dire consequences. Very cool!" - Sash (18-May-2003)
"This level is worth playing just to see the cut scenes with Pierre; how he's pushing a boulder down a slope and stands on his toes to see it go and not the least the last scene - brilliant. I found the first part of the level a bit boring running around finding keys and no enemies but that changes towards the end with Pierre hunting Lara all the way while she tries to avoid all the traps he set up for her. All of this because Lara has killed his friend. There are still a lot of keys to find but now there is a challenge involved. Great!" - G.Croft (27-Apr-2003)
"I liked Traps 1 a lot and this one is even better in my opinion. Apart from the beautiful flybys (yes plural) there are some very nice traps that had me reloading a couple of times. The gameplay was also very fluent and that is such a big plus. There is even a story so what more can you ask. Don't despair if it seems that there is no progress just look very good everywhere and sometimes do try a jump as that worked for me. There are gems a knot and guardian keys to gather and later more keys a lot of them. I found the shotgun and I killed Pierre at least he fell but that is not in the script as I found out as in the end he confronts Lara again LOL. What an ending and it was over too soon. 07-04-2003" - Gerty (13-Apr-2003)
"The location is a bit depressive here and there but this is a good level. You should be very careful of the loss of health as there are only some medipacks and Lara can get wounded easily. The added sounds are great and the textures fit well to the environments. Certainly you have to be witty at some places - eg running in front of the spiked wall avoiding the rolling balls while Lara is being shot and you can't hurt the enemy till the end of the level. You have to collect keys Guardian Keys and Gems in the level using the least health as possible. In the end I was seriously worried about my medipacks but I still had two of them for the first play. I didn't find any secrets in the level or rather the statistics didn't count any but I think collecting the small medipacks were the secrets. I can recommend this level to anyone who isn't novice although this level is also a great opportunity for practicing. :-)" - Obig (10-Apr-2003)
"With some well done cut scenes and clever ideas by the author this level tells a great story and just wait till you see the ending. Pierre discovers that Lara has killed his good buddy Larson and tries to get revenge by setting spike and boulder traps setting wolves loose to attack her and shooting at her whenever possible. The settings and gameplay reminded me of the earlier original games with the textures from TR 1 and the fun traps and puzzles especially the spike wall which was very well done. Lara finally manages to get a few shots fired at Pierre before he escapes again but all Lara has to do is follow his bloodstained path before she finds him. You just have to play this and see all the clever ideas that the author had!" - RaiderGirl (07-Apr-2003)
"Truly impressive hour long adventure with a difference. Renato presents us with a great storyline in a very authentic environment which nicely picks up the idea of the prequel and develops it into even more perfection. Be prepared for cinematic flybys and an opponent that will keep making your life difficult because you killed his friend but Lara's time will come at the very end with a fabulous little cutscene. Very originally done! Apart from that you are busy along the way with finding two guardian keys two gems a knot and 9 keys but it is all rather obvious if you manage to spot some of the items in sneakily hidden places. Excellent use of the movable block becoming solid and climbable. And yes there are the Traps as well that give the level its name: steam boulders spikes and especially the moving spikewall sequence is quite a thrill. Enemies are only a few dogs and condors but the story will grip you anyway so you won't miss them. Excellent fun - a must play!" - Michael (05-Apr-2003)
"I've been eagerly waiting for this one as I knew it was coming since Traps 1 was finished. This time Pierre wants to kill Lara because after all she killed Larson in the previous level. The level goes in the same way Pierre trying to kill Lara in many ways as possible (pushing boulders releasing wolves activating many traps...). There are several cutscenes such as the one where Pierre pushes the boulder down hill and the one where he's lying on the floor and shoot the boulder so it comes rolling over Lara. The whole thing was well worth waiting and man what an ending. The first time you kill Pierre don't be surprised (I thought I shouldn't have killed him) but later you'll see blood on the floor and surprise. He appears for a final attack and Lara won't kill him with pistols. I am amazed with this level. It's just a pity it misses lighting (there are very few light/shadow bulbs). Anyway well worth the download!" - Treeble (05-Apr-2003)
"Absolutely superb gameplay something different with great ideas :-). Lara does not have it easy here because Pierre gets in her way all the time. She has to watch out to evade some of the traps and the sound in some places is excellent and the cutscenes show a lot. Lots of keys to find for progression and a few artifacts. Don't want to give it all away here but you have to see it for yourself. Textures are well done enemies are only a few dogs and bats. Clearly Pierre is the main character here. The atmosphere is like Tombraider1. At the end Lara finally gets rid of Pierre - serves him right you should not mess with my Lara :-))) Great - can only recommend this one." - Engelchen Lara (05-Apr-2003)
"Nice intro - could that be our old friend Pierre? You will need to keep a sharp eye out with this level Renato is very good at hiding crawl spaces etc. The title is something of a misnomer. It's not so much a case of traps more leaping about a lot and looking for various items to open doors. Actually ambush would have better described this level as Pierre is constantly ahead of you taking pot shots and setting off boulders (nice touch that). The textures are largely from TR1 which always gives me a nice warm nostalgic feeling. Pick ups are not generous and given that there are times when you cannot avoid losing health more medipacks would have been welcome. In fact I had to give myself some extras or I would not have made it through. An interesting level with the most spectacular ending. I enjoyed it and I think you will too!" - Jay (05-Apr-2003)
"There is one unfortunate gameplay error in this level (and I won't say specifically where as I don't want to inadvertently spoil people's enjoyment in case they didn't notice it) whereby Lara can pull up and jump down into an area way too soon in gameplay terms thereby missing out a whole section of the adventure. It's such a shame because if it weren't for this I would surely have rated the gameplay 10 as I thought it was quite inspired. The level title is a bit of a misnomer really as there are rather few 'traps' as such (and these are fairly easy to overcome) whereas the bulk of the gameplay is spent searching observing and reacting. And it's bloody brilliant too. From the opening title sequence to the brilliant scenes of the baddy reacting to the wonderful and vivid outside areas to the use of the TR1 textures and sounds to the lovely custom additions (did you spot the trail of blood?) that help tell you a story to the lateral-thinking observation puzzles to the marvelous cut-scene (yes a proper one!) at the end; this is simply as good as it gets. Renato has risen to the challenge and produced a level worthy of the best of them." - Orbit Dream (03-Apr-2003)
"This is a great level. The author's idea was brilliant he placed Pierre to give Lara some trouble. The setting is simple but well down both indoors and outdoors textures and lighting everything looks good. At first it might seem like it's an ordinary level that you will be in and out before you know it and you will be picking up a few items along the way. It's not so. Sure there are gems a pillar guardian keys keys from other TR games does that sound boring well wait until you meet Pierre. Actually the level starts by seeing Larson's body and Pierre wants his revenge for loosing his friend by Lara there is something written in one of the walls further in the level. So he is shooting at her without Lara being able to catch him pushing boulders onto her releasing dogs to chase her and so on. Maybe some will think I overrated the level but in my opinion it has original ideas and I had so much fun I wanted more in the end. The enemies aren't many in fact just some bats dogs and Pierre shooting. I won't reveal if he gets killed or not because the end is amazing. I enjoyed every minute of the hour it lasted. You just have to play this level." - Kristina (03-Apr-2003)